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imnotevenhere9 · an hour ago
Sebastian Stan x male! reader Pt. 8
↳ Summary: Sebastian might not be as single and straight as everyone thinks...
↳ Word count: 589
↳ Warnings: really small mention of media not being supportive of LGBTQ+
↳ A/n: 
Masterlist  •  Prompts  •  S/o match ups  •  Taglist
Introduction • Previous part • Next part (coming soon) (whole series in Masterlist)
Tumblr media
Metal arm  - Sebastian Stan
America's ASS - Chris Evans
Cinderella - Anthony Mackie
Wiggly woo  - Elizabeth Olsen
Widow - Scarlett Johansson
Iron can - Robert Downey jr.
Spider boy - Tom Holland
Kangaroo - Chris Hemsworth
And 28 others
I'm Y/bastian team all the way
Wiggly woo
Me too! They would look great together 👀
Metal arm
Well, glad you think that
America's ASS
Hold up- 👁️👄👁️
Iron can
This is getting interesting-
Care to explain Seb??? 😃
Metal arm
Nah, not really xd
America's ASS
You're not getting out of this Seb 🙂
Metal arm
Geez not this emoji-
Iron can
Okay I think I need to get popcorn for this
I'll join you 😎
Is my ship alive or not? Sebastian please I need an answer 😭
Metal arm
I need to go bye
Wiggly woo
Iron can
So no popcorn-?
Sebastian, you
What's up?
Would you be mad if I told the cast that we're together?
Not at all, why?
I said something that might make them think that...
I really don't mind you telling them, I'm fine with them knowing about us
Really? Because they will probably annoy you on social media too if I tell them. And they might want me to add you to the group chat...
Yeah, really it's fine! I mean, we agreed that we have to tell our fans that we're in a relationship, so maybe telling your cast might be a good start!
Yeah that's true... I will tell them now, hopefully they won't be mad for not knowing
It will go alright, don't worry!
Yeah... I love you, bye!
I love you too, bye!
Metal arm  - Sebastian Stan
America's ASS - Chris Evans
Cinderella - Anthony Mackie
Wiggly woo - Elizabeth Olsen
Iron can - Robert Downey jr.
Widow - Scarlett Johansson
Spider boy - Tom Holland
Kangaroo - Chris Hemsworth
And 28 others
Metal arm
Alright I'm back
America's ASS
Now start explaining 👁️👄👁️
I want to know if my ship is sailing or nah 👀
Let's not forget that I'm the captain of this ship, not you 😎
Iron can
I think that as a mother of this group, I should be the captain
America's ASS
I'm the only real captain here, it's my role 😌
Metal arm
Your ship sailed a long time ago
Wiggly woo
Iron can
*Our ship
Anyway, Sebastian you kinda broke them-
Metal arm
I'm aware of that xd
Me and Y/n have been actual together for a few years now
We just didn't wanna make it public because you know, media weren't really supportive about it back then
America's ASS
Alright so are you guys dating or...?
Metal arm
We're married
Spider boy
That's great man!
Well thank you for sharing that with us ✨
So I get that you don't want us to make it seem like you are together, right?
Metal arm
Well, we don't exactly hide our relationship, so you don't have to keep it a secret. Just you know, don't say directly that we're together I guess?
Iron can
Alright, got it
But we can follow him and interact normally, right?
Metal arm
Spider boy
Maybe you could add him to the group chat if he's alright with it!
Iron can
That's a good idea tbh
Yeah it would be cool!
Metal arm
I'll think about it xd
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floosies · 3 hours ago
For So Long
Prompt: Decisions are harbored under the circumstances that create them. Harper has to face the truths and their outcomes.
Pairing: OC!Character x AU!loki x AU!bucky
Warnings: mentions of mental illness, sadness, violence, angst, fluff, and cursing
taglist: @lex-the-flex @indecisivedolly
Tumblr media
A Fool to Want You
New Asgard was built on the edge of a cliff in eastern europe created by those who survived the tragedy of Ragnarok. Harper had started helping create all kinds of wonders in the new home of the asgardians. Homes, gardens, small useful things. Loki fawned over her as she worked her magic.
His brother was fond of the pair, happy that Loki had found someone who cared for him the way he always had since childhood. However, truth be told, Harper saw the former prince as a friend and not so muc as a lover. She had tried, but now knowing what the future had in store, she knew what would have to happen.
That night in Loki's home the two sat and talked about the hardships of the day. Both were trying to ease into what they had to say. Neither could bare it much longer, Loki not wanting to waste any time or have it be pushed aside, finally spoke, "I think you should live here. In New Asgard. It's become like your second home." His voice was filled with hope and urgency, of what? That she would run into his arms in agreement.
Instead she sat there, looking at him with a sense of guilt. A smile could not hide the sadness in her gaze, "Loki," she said gently. He knew what was coming, "no." He wasn't going to accept defeat. She reached for his hand, but he didn't waver. Standing from her seat to meet his gaze, she explained, "they're my family. We're connected even in this different life. I thought I lost them," his gaze never leaving hers, "we tried this...but I just cannot fall in love with a stranger. We're merely if anything friends." He was taken aback.
Jealousy, it consumed him, denial and embarrassment. He wasted no time in beginning this fight, "they have pitted you against me." She shook her head, "they have and you've let them." She sat again, her hands covering her face from him, this was not what she wanted. He was acting like his old self, he knew it and so instead Loki knelt at her level, "darling please don't do this. Think it through, think of us, love can flourish with time." He was truly desperate, "if you simply stayed we would have all the time in the world." Her eyes were near spilling over, but she held him in an embrace.
He'd fallen asleep quite soundly, she took advantage and left. The portal opened and she was back in the compound where it was still day time. She needed time, she needed help and she figured it was best to not let her parents know the severity of things right now.
Natasha was more than happy to spend time with her. She figured they could use more time away from the compound and work. The city was always busy and its where they went off to. At a rooftop dinner Harper poured out everything while her considered aunt listened. When she finished Nat spoke, "he sees you as his guardian angel. You're meant to help save him, but you can't." Harper sighed, "you don't even love him. Harp, you care and that is the best trait you could have, but if you have to tread lightly its better to not walk into his path at all."
That night Harper stayed at Nat's place in Manhattan. Wanda and Vis agreed that it was fine as they were still in Jersey working on the designs for the home. As she slept soundly, at the compound there was something going.
Loki had figured it'd been enough time for her to come to her senses, he needed to see her. He looked all through the damned compound for her. When he ran into the sergeant. Bucky wasted no time in letting him know she wasn't there, "I guess she finally saw how crazy you are." The arrogance would not be tolerated, "take care of how you speak to me, I'm a god. You," he laughed, "you're nothing but a broken shell of a man." Nearing the former prince, Bucky took his drink and aimed it for the wall beside him, "I was nice because she asked me to be, but she's not here. She's avoiding you and your crazy ideas. You really think she would be stupid enough to leave her family simply because you asked?" The two stood at a width's length from each other.
"She is not from this universe, you aren't her family. They aren't her parents, if she realized that simple truth, she would be free from caring for any of you wretched beings." He'd had enough, he pushed Loki away from him, "stay away from Harper or i'll make you stay away." A wicked smile formed, "a threat? Well once a killer always a killer-" "you act like you don't have blood on your hands either." There was a slight pause, "she'll forgive me for it. Besides i'm the one who didn't have any quarrels about taking her." More anger, "she doesn't love you. She told Nat you're just a friend, she can't bring herself to love you." The final jab, it stung, but denial was much more approachable. Loki ended the fight, "when I find her she'll see she loves me and you'll only be able to watch as I take her where she is destined to be." Bucky only repeated himself, "try anything and i'll rip you apart."
The tension could be felt all through the place as Harper came back to the compound. Bucky didn't avoid her but he was cautious, she wanted desperately to break their trust for even a second, just to know the truth. It was a frustrating time, but after some days things seemed to ease up. Training didn't feel like a race to the end of the day.
A free day had come and she was spending it making a scrap book from recent outings she'd had with her new extended family. Bucky was helping her choose photos and trinkets to stick onto the pages, he had a soft smile on his face, "ya know Steve is better at this than me. He was the artist back in the day," she laughed softly at the comment, "I'm sure you got an artistic bone in there somewhere," he cringed before shaking his head.
The silence was nice, but it was still prevalent in her mind. She needed to know what happened while she got some time to think. With nothing to lose she asked, "how bad was it when I was gone?" He sighed sitting on the couch, "he's a narcissist Harpie." She didn't want that answer, but he needed her to know, "I get you see some good in him. It's not what he wants though, he just wants to lock you away-" There wasn't a second spared, "as I said love, they pitted you against me and I can see it happening once more." Bucky stood up.
Here it was the ultimatum, standing like school boys, two men fighting for the affections of one stranded young witch with everything on the line. Harper with a gentle voice spoke, "please don't start anything. Loki we should talk somewhere else." No, because Bucky knew, "anything he says out there he's already told me the truth." Loki sent him a glare nevertheless he continued, "he'd said you have no connection to us or your parents. That you would learn to love him with time, far away from here."
How dare a mortal with nothing to his name try and defy a god? Loki made his way to him, "you have done nothing but become a block in my path. You chose to deny what you felt for her, even more so you denied her from reading your thoughts which may have spared you. Do not try to intervene when you are nothing more than coward, your pathetic threats mean nothing to me." No would believe that both of them pulled knives out on each other, but they did.
The innocence of a once young and naive Harper had died with her former versions of her family, in the rubble of the other world. Here now holding up two men by their throats with ease, was a witch who'd had enough of the nonsense. Her mother stepped in before it got worse and the nightmare ended for that moment.
In a letter, she wrote asking of Loki for friendship, for a platonic affection between two survivors. She had no choice but to face Bucky, who admitted it all true, his real feelings and his shame of feeling less than. By then it was too late, New Jersey and the family home was ready enough to finally stay in.
He wanted to wait for her, he was willing to wait for her. A sad gaze was all he saw. She made him promise that if he found someone else in his waiting game to be smart and go after them, she would do the same.
The family left in the late summer, with promises of being only a call away. In the fall her mom and dad gave her the good news. She was going to be a sister again. The winter came and with it a letter from her old flame and friend, he'd gotten married with a asgardian who took his breath away, she was happy, he found love. She was helping a nursery with her parents in the mornings and at night looking through that old scrapbook.
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stucky-my-ship · 3 hours ago
So I went to a sushi place last night and I forgot to post this:
Seem familiar to anyone?
Tumblr media
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diorbucky · 4 hours ago
What actress Y/n y/l/n eats in a day while on set
Pairing: Chris evens x reader Anthony Mackie x reader Sebastian stan x reader (platonic relationship)
Word count: 2.2k ish
Tumblr media
“Hi Im Y/N and this is everything I eat in a day on a normal day on set.”
“Okay, so the first thing i do when I wake up, and I hate to admit this, I check my phone. Well actually that's not true I pee, and then I check my phone.”
“Okay ummmm, whats the app, i’ll probably check instagram. I know its so bad but one of my goals this year is to set aside 30 mins in the morning to meditate or do yoga, which is actually really hard when you have to be on set by 5:00, so actually it's not my fault, it's the russo brothers.”
“I’m not a breakfast person, but I am a coffee person, which isn’t very good, because if I don't eat in the morning then I probably won't eat until like 1:00-2:00ish. I keep trying to get into tea, I feel like it's very official and like adulthood, actually one of my friends Tom (hiddleston) brought me a bunch of teas and a tea set for my birthday which is still probably setting in the back of my cupboards collecting dust. But, umm how do I say without offending british people.”
“Its boring, I-I-I ahhh ummm no offense, maybe I’m just doing it wrong, maybe i'm just drinking the wrong types of tea, but I’m trying I really am. But ohhh coffee I love it so much morning, night, afternoon I could drink anywhere, anytime, but I get really excited about coffee in the morning. And I like having a lot of creamer with my coffee, but i’m slowly making my way down to black coffee, because lord knows how much sugar I’m having in the morning, but you know what it really gets me going, especially if you have to spend a whole day on set with the most annoying and egotistical men on earth.”
“Maybe if I ever feel like I have enough energy the night before (which never happens y/n whispers towards the laptop). I would set an alarm for 3:00AM and go for a run. Actually recently i bought a treadmill, I would usually run for an hour-ish 7inclimb and around a 10 speed. Then I’d obviously shower, blah, blah, blah.”
But on my way to set I’ll definitely stop at starbies for my 2nd cup of coffee;)
“The typical lunch for me, that would depend either on how much time I have, if we have like an 2 hours I would usually go out to some cafe or eatery with the cast or if you are the chosen one of the week, we like to call it, you can have lunch with the Robert Downey Jr in downey town. But umm if we would have to stay on set that would vary every week because there's a different food truck each week form tacos, pizza, sushi.”
“The thing about being on set you cant snack during scenes, mainly because we don't have any time. You just go from one scene to another. But i could probably squeeze in another coffee or two in there somewhere.”
Chris, Anthony and Sebastian walk into your trailer.
“Oi Y/N we’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
“I’m doing the Vogue what i eat in a day, oh and by the way i’m on set rightnow between scenes and these are the egotistical men i was talking about before.”
“Thats a lie, we are not egotistical.”
“Yeah sorry not Seabass, only you too.”
“Ohh” Anthony places his hand on his heart pretending his broken.
“Can you guys go now please?”
“Nah we’re fine, we’re very comfortable on this couch, aren’t we guys?” chris asked
“Yes very.”
All 3 men started laughing while Y/N rolled her eyes.
“Any ways you should ask my parents ‘does Y/n get hangry?’, well actually you cant ask them anymore, you cant really ask them anything, because well you um you know??”
“Jesus christ La Rue.” chris said while anthony and sebastian were snickering in the background.
“Okay sorry for that awkward moment, continuing on though, when I was younger, my dads would literally  have to carry around snacks for me, the seconds y/n turns hungary, it was game over, and i still to this day get hangry, but im lot like screaming and crying anymore, but i cant focus, i cant talk, i get irritable, actually im pretty sure
theres a video out there on the internet of me having a temper tantrum when i was younger.”
Anthony jumps over the coffee table and sits next to you, giving you a fright
“Jesus christ Mackie, you almost knocked over my coffee.”
“Oh no not the coffee!” seb yelled
“I have a funny story of you being hangry on set.”
“No go away Mackie we’ve all agreed not to talk about this.”
“No they agreed i just listened and said nothing”
You put your head in your hands, face already turning red knowing theres no way you can stop anthony now.”
“Okay so there was this scene we were filming a couple of days ago, it was like 3:00 in the morning, everyone was tired and hungry. And Chris kept on fucking up his line and everyone was get pissed off at him especially Y/n. And all of a sudden you just hear this big loud scream. And everyone is just looking around wondering where it came from. And y/n.”
Anthony looks at you and you're shaking your head.
“You just see her walk up to him and she says ‘you know i love, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST SAY THE FUCKING LINE, IM HUNGRY AND TIRED AND I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!’ and you can just see the pure anger in her eyes.”
All 3 of the men just burst into laughter
“Im just happy the Russo brothers called it a night after that, because it could’ve gone so bad after that.”
“Yeah i had to strain myself from slapping you across the face.”
“Moving on to dinner, if we didn’t have a late night shoot, I know its bad but on my way home i’d probably go to Mcdonalds or Taco bell, from McD’s id probably go for the happy meal as well as chickens nuggies, then when i get home i’d probably pour a glass of wine and eat it in the living room.”
“That just screams that your going through a divorce.” chris says earning a glare from you for interrupting you again
“Hey Chrissy why dont you go ask your wife what she did going through her divorce only to marry your dumbass.” you said looking pissed at him
“And i believe this is our que to leave you to it La Rue.”
You looked at sebastian giving him a thankful smile and he returned while pushing the 2 out of your trailer.
“Now since theyre gone lets talk dessert, depending how I feel, I would have coffee ice-cream, fruit salad or I would make up crepes, ohhh but another option would be the ben and jerrys dairy free chocolate fudge brownie, if you haven’t tried it you need to, its a game changer, kinda, well not really theres still alot more sugar in it.
Scarlett walks into your trailer seeing that youre filming something she gestures to her watch.
“Anyways thank-you for listening to me talk about everything i eat in a day, but im needed, bye.” you said waving your hand at the camera and smiling.
You and scarlett walked onto the set while the joe russo is explaining the scene. Robert walked up behind you placing his hands on your shoulder saying,
“We’re filming that scene that Chris kept fucking up.”
“It wasn’t my fault.”
“It was one line Evans, one line, only 7 words.”
“Hopefully we wont be here till 3 in the morning again, for Chris’s sake.”
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primasveraas-writing · 8 hours ago
Hello! When you have time could you do a ship for me with Star Wars, Marvel, and Lotr?
I'm a shy introvert. Female, Taurus, 5'5 with hazel eyes and brown hair, a little curvy. I spend most of my days working, sleeping and playing video games. I am a baker. Friends would call me smart, creative, kind, organized, hardworking, stubborn, empathetic, and a great listener. I've never had any relationship before. I do have social anxiety and a bit of depression. I take time to warm up to people, and even then I'm still quiet. I tend to wish/ day dream I was somewhere else on an adventure than focusing on where I am. I am also procrastinator and perfectionist. I'm not one to baby sit children, and I am not a good teacher to others.
I'm really interested in what ever you come up with. Thank you for your time. Also sorry for the randomness, it hard to come up with how I want to explain myself.
Star Wars-
I ship you with... Luke!
From a young age, Luke has been chided for his daydreaming and stubbornness. When he finds these same things in you, along with your compassion and determination, it feels familiar- like it was meant to be. Luke is soft-spoken when he needs to be and always sees the best in you, even when you struggle with that yourself. Because Luke is such an optimist, and outgoing, he gently pushes you outside your comfort zone, but never goes too far. He always puts you first and is there for you when needed.
I ship you with... Peter Parker!
Peter is ready to take you on in whatever video games you play, as well as listen to progress updates on your latest creative enterprises. The two of you are a flurry of ideas, even if people tend to underestimate you at first. However, you and Peter are both headstrong, with your head in the clouds, and perfectionists. Peter admires your empathy, drive, and compassion- you make him feel at home and he strives to follow in your footsteps. As a couple, you make each other better people and represent the goodness in one another.
I ship you with... Frodo!
You and Frodo would admire each other from afar long before a romantic bond formed between the two of you. It takes some time for you to truly open up to each other, but once you do, it feels like you've known Frodo forever. He's quietly stubborn, too, and he knows what it's like to long for adventure. Together, you would enjoy quiet evenings, just in each other's company, exchanging creative ideas and enjoying the peaceful things in life.
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caseyjarmes · 10 hours ago
Hey, weird rant about something no one else cares about
I hate the credits in superhero movies. Superhero comics are collaborative processes over decades with dozens of writers contributing and changing things. Yet movie credits always single out the single creator. Like Infinity War, an adaptation of a story by Jim Starlin featuring characters created by a dozens different writers and developed by countless more, just says “Based on characters by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby”. And yeah, they created a few of the characters, but it’s bullshit that so many other writers get left out. Batman movies in particular piss me off, because it always used to be “Created by Bob Kane”, completely forgetting Bill Finger, who made the damn character, and the countless other writers (for example, Batman Begins is an adaptation of Year One by Frank Miller, but doesn’t say that in the credits). And they’ve started crediting Finger, at least, but not the other writers.
I’ve been rewatching FATWS so I can make a video essay and I was genuinly shocked when the credits not only point out that Captain America was made by Kirby and Simon, but that Falcon was created by Gene Colan and, shockingly, that Bucky’s redesign in 2005 was created by Ed Brubaker. It still isn’t perfect, for example there’s no mention of the fact that US Agent and Flagsmasher were both created by Mark Gruenwald, but I hope its the start of things getting better
Of course, mentions in the credits are a minor thing. The real issue is that Marvel doesn’t pay royalties and that Ed Brubaker didn’t see a dime for a series named after a character he for all intents and purposes created.
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littlebird616 · 12 hours ago
PART 46: Original part before tiktok took it down <3
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musicalburrage · 12 hours ago
is seb stan okay?
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winterrskywalker · 13 hours ago
Kind of like a part 2 to ‘touch starved’ but playing hide and seek with Bucky?
sorry it took me some time to reply, i had a pretty bad day and i wasn’t feeling like writing something ! i really like this idea, thank you for sharing 🥺 i battling myself because it doesn’t convince me that much, but here it is.. finger crossed it doesn’t sucks too much and i hope you’ll like it !!
N/A: requests are open !! plus i’m working on my taglist so stay tuned if you’re interested ♡
WARNINGS: language
READ ME! english is not my first language, sorry for any possible error. please be kind!
Tumblr media
“I’m coming!” You screamed from the kitchen.
You and Bucky decided to play hide and seek while the team was on a mission, so the compound was completely silent. Bucky was winning, but didn’t gave up.
You started looking for him and scanned the living area carefully, you noticed some pillows were on the floor but Bucky was nowhere to be seen. You sighed and left to look in his room, but it was empty too.
“Motherfucker didn’t know how to play… he lied.” You muttered while looking at the gym, pissed off because he lied. The gym was empty too. You have just 10 minutes left and you had no idea where Bucky was hiding.
You quickly run towards your room and looked in the closet and under your bed, but you couldn’t find him.
“Maybe he’s in the armory.” You whispered and run over the armory, looking everywhere for him. “Fuck!” You exited and came back to the kitchen, angry at him. “Fuck you, James! I know you can hear me!” You sat on the counter and waited for Bucky to appear.
“You didn’t search into the lab, doll.” You jumped when you heard him, too focused on playing with your t-shirt. “I hate you.” You declared, looking at him. “You can’t win, accept it.” He showed you his tongue and you rolled your eyes.
“Last round. Come find me, human machine.” You smirked and waited for him to turn around and start counting. You quickly run towards the stairs and almost slipped while trying to reach for the lab, looking for a place to hide.
You heard him saying he was coming and your heart started beating even faster because you weren’t hiding yet. You swore under your breath and then exited the lab, careful to hear his footsteps.
You quickly reached the stairs and reached your room, you inside your closet and prayed he wouldn’t hear the doors closing. You tried to calm your heartbeat and froze in place.
You made him promise to avoid using his enhanced hearing but you started doubting he listened to you.
“Doll, you finally learned how to hide properly!” He mocked you, laughing. He was close to your room, so you put your hand over your mouth and tried to no make a noise.
“I have 5 minutes, maybe you can win baby!” He said loudly from the corridor, your heart betrayed you and you heard the door of your room opening. “Or maybe you can’t.” You knew he was smirking, taking his time.
You swore you were going to kill him right there.
Bucky opened the closet and when he met your eyes you kicked his legs hard, making him laugh at your attempt to make him fall down to the floor.
“Fuck you Bucky, you’ve been cheating since the beginning.” You pushed him from your way and walked out of the closet. You reached your bed and sat there, showing him you were angry.
“I’m not cheating, I was hiding at the beginning, but I got bored so I started following you.” He explained, coming closer to you. You looked at his face and narrowed your eyes. “I missed you?” He leaned towards you and cupped your cheeks, caressing your skin. “We were playing.” You whispered, trying to hold a smile.
“I know, but I just can’t get enough of you.” He quickly kissed you, then gripped your hips and you squirmed in surprise when Bucky lifted you from the bed as if it was nothing, holding you in his arms. Your legs quickly circled his hips and your hands were holding his broad shoulders.
“I love that you’re so needy.” You chuckled and kissed his nose, making him smile. “I love you.” Bucky started leaving kisses all over your face, then lowered you on the bed and was quickly beside you, cuddling with you. “Touch starved.” You muttered when he hid his face into your neck, as usual.
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skyeisawizard · 13 hours ago
Wild Child - Chapter Five
Y/N Stark was a wild child. Vandalism, drag racing, that kind of thing. She was untamable, filled with sarcasm and nothing else.
Her undeniable love for crackers leads her right into the man who would fix her, love her.
Chapter five: Steve you beautiful blonde idiot you
A/N: THANK YOU FOR 1K! Also, i don't Know Why my posts are saying replies have been turned off, they haven't and its bullshit (also this would’ve been out a lot sooner but I got super busy yesterday and that shitty depressive slump isn’t ending)
Tumblr media
Throughout Y/N’s recovery, Bucky stayed by her side. It didn’t matter how much Tony protested, didn’t matter how much he forbid their interaction or complained to Steve, they were always by each other’s side. If you had one, the other was never too far behind.
During the day Bucky found himself in charge of her pain medication. He was constantly following her around to make sure she didn’t injure herself further. The stairs were a no go for Bucky and her time outside had to be monitored. He was like an overbearing helicopter mom at a soccer game.
Not that Y/N was complaining. The added time with her favourite super soldier (lets maybe not tell Steve that) was welcome. Laying with him on the couch while he let her pick a movie and fed her popcorn was welcome. Long slow walks around the compound were welcome.
For a man who didn’t seem to speak much around the others, Bucky was a great story teller. He told her all about the war, things they wouldn’t have in textbooks and things they wouldn’t have told her in school. He told her about the golden retriever he wanted as a boy and the runt of a boy he had to take care of instead (not that he saw Steve as a runt; Bucky just wasn’t sure how else to describe that period of his life).
The topics stayed away from Y/N’s childhood, of the woman she grew up with and what happened to her. Bucky was curious, he just wasn’t sure how fresh the wounds were to her. Y/N never brought up her mother and Bucky wasn’t sure if she wanted to.
One night, after Y/N had showed Bucky her favourite Christmas movie and cuddled with him on the couch, she fell asleep. It had been a long day; they’d gone for their walk around the compound, made lunch together and read books until Steve came back. Y/N fell asleep halfway into their movie, cuddled up against Bucky’s side with her foot propped up against the coffee table.
“Shouldn’t you take her back?” Asked Steve as he leaned against the arm of his sofa.
Bucky nodded to himself and brushed her hair out of her face. “She looks so peaceful, Stevie. Can’t we just let her stay here?” He asked and brushed his thumb over her cheek in a soothing manner. Y/N snored against him and snuggled closer.
Smiling down at the pair, Steve shook his head. "You know how much Tony will worry if she doesn't come back," he whispered and pushed some hair out of her face. Y/N had been in his life since young adulthood. Steve had watched her grow from an awkward rebellious teenager to an awkward rebellious young adult.
Steve didn’t think before saying his next words. “Aren’t you worried about relapsing with her?”
Beside her, Bucky stilled. He froze up, not even a breath leaving his lips. He shifted uncomfortable, almost pushing her away. “I wasn’t worried,” he admitted, looking down at her with a grimace. “I haven’t thought about relapsing since I met her.”
He suddenly stood up and Y/N’s head smacked against the hardest cushion of the couch. “Son Of a snake headed bitch!” She groaned and moved to sat up. “Okay, Mr. Robot, what the hell was that for?”
But Bucky didn’t answer her. Instead he walked out of the room, leaving her with Steve. As soon as he had turned the corner, Y/N looked towards the blonde. “What did I do?” She asked, sounding smsller than Steve had heard her before.
“It’s not you, sweetheart,” he mumbled as he came to sit beside her. “He’s just afraid of what he might do if he loses control.”
Y/N leaned away from him, her brows furrowed. “What did you say to him, uncle Stevie? He was fine when we started the movie and he just went and did that.” Moving her foot from the table, she struggled to stand. It was only once Steve grabbed her was she able to steady herself. “I wanna go and speak to him. Steve, help me.”
“Y/N, just listen to me-”
“No! You really fucked things up for us and I want my own chance to think it. I left my crutch upstairs now help me to his fucking room!”
With slight fear in his eyes, Steve placed her arm over his shoulders and helped her to hobble out their living area. They moved down the hall until they made it to Bucky’s bedroom.
Y/N knocked her knuckles against the door and called his name. “Open up Anakin! I wanna talk to you!” She shouted, pressing herself against the wood of the door. (Steve let go of her and retreated to his own room, keeping his door open just in case she needed him.)
With Steve gone, Y/N dropped her head against the door. “Please, Bucky. Please, I need you,” she whispered, eyes closed, vulnerability slipping through her words.
Bucky pulled the door open and caught her in his arms. He steadied her and stepped back, turning away from her. “Bucky,” She hobbled towards him. “Look at me, please!”
Finally, Bucky turned to her. His eyes were red, and Y/N didn’t ask why. “I don’t know what in the hell Steve said to you but it’s all bullshit! I want you back by my side, I can’t stand you ignoring me!”
She took another step and swayed. Immediately Bucky grabbed her shoulders and sat her on his bed. “Calm down before you hurt yourself.” His hands slipped away from her but Y/N grabbed him, keeping him close. Her hand moved to his cheek and she swiped her thumb over his cheekbone. “Don’t leave me again,” she whispered.
Bucky looked down where her hand held his metal one. “You wanna know what Steve said to me, Doll? Do you really wanna know?”
“He asked if I was worried about relapsing, becoming The Winter Soldier around you. And now I’m terrified of hurting you in some way. This metal arm can do you much and I don’t want to be burying you as Bucky for something he did.”
Y/N kissed him. It was slow and she waited for some response before pulling away from him. Her hands held both of his cheeks. Once she was done, a small smile gracing her lips, she pressed her forehead to his. “You’re not going to relapse. You’re done, you’ve let that part of your life behind and you can be Bucky Barnes, the war hero, for once. And, you got me to help you through it.”
His hands were on her waist, pulling her towards the end of the bed. “Promise me, if he comes out, you run like hell and you don’t look back.”
She kissed him back, this one being only quick. “I promise.
They stayed like that for a long time, foreheads pressed together, holding each other close. Y/N never wanted to let go of this moment, never wanted to let go a Bucky. (Actually, there were many things she wanted him to let go of her for, all of them filthy and impossible with her injuries).
Her head fell against his shoulder and she kissed his cheek. “Could you help me get back to my floor?” She asked somewhat sweetly, a side of Y/N Stark Bucky had yet to see.
“I’m starting to think you’ve been leaving your crutches up there just so I’ll have to help you around,” he teased, scooping her into his strong arms.
She tapped his nose as he carried her out of the room and towards the elevator. “You couldn’t be wrong, Buckaroo.”
The ride in the elevator was silent, but not uncomfortable. Granted Bucky was thinking about how he probably should’ve been kissing her and Y/N was thinking the exact same thing, but their silence didn’t leave them wanting to fill the space. More like they didn’t know where to go from here and were in no rush to take it any further.
The elevator dinged and Bucky walked out. “Which one is your room, doll?” He asked, walking past a gobsmacked Tony Stark. The pair of them ignored him, continuing on to Y/N’s room.
“I’m only telling you this so you can come visit me up here and I don’t have to keep forgetting my crutches to spend time with you,” she mumbled against his shoulder, pointing to her room.
As the door swung open, Tony Stark shouted from behind them, ”leave the goddamn door open! I don’t want grandkids yet!”
They ignored him. Bucky placed her onto her bed and sat down beside her. “Don’t forget tomorrow,” he reminded her. “I’ll be here around nine to take you down there,” he said.
“What are you, my keeper?”
“Might as well be, doll.” Bucky stood up, ready to leave the room.
But she called him back. Y/N grabbed his flesh hand and pulled him back so she could give him one last kiss before she let him go.”
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Tumblr media
imsebastianstan via instagram story 13/06/21
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macarenaandrad3 · 17 hours ago
Maybe NSFW
Tumblr media
Commission I did for @afstory1988 about their fanfic that you need to check out. So click here.
I had so much fun drawing this. Look at those colors and this content!! Love this AU!!
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f,marry,kill : zemo,bucky,loki
MARRY ZEMO I mean come on...what did you expect 🥰
Tumblr media
FUCK BUCKY 🥵 though I am looking respectfully 👀
Tumblr media
And probably gonna KILL MYSELF... because I can’t kill the sexy God of mischief. He can stab me and will still say thank you daddy. 🙇‍♀️
Tumblr media
Thank you anon for asking 💞
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Tumblr media
Request for @maximeevansblog​. I’m sorry it took so long, I’ve had a lot of problems at home to deal with, I hope you like it 💜
Warning: just pure fluff ✨
Word count: 860 🌙
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Requests are open 💫
Tumblr media
It was a Saturday morning in sunny New York. You and Bucky had a rare day off from your superhero duties, and what better way to make the most of your rare day off than to pamper yourself.
You got ready, grabbed your purse, and made your way to say goodbye to Bucky before you left, knowing it gets extremely worried if you don’t.
“Bye Buck. I’m off to get my haircut, I won’t be long my love.” You kissed him softly on the lips, as you turned around, he gently grabbed your wrist to get your attention.
“Can I come with you? I’ve been thinking for a while now, and I think it’s time.” He looks at you, a small smile growing on his face as one grows on yours.
You grab both of his hands and looked at him. “Are you sure, Buck? Like are you one hundred percent sure?”
He nodded, “I’m sure babe. I’ve thought long and hard and I’m ready. It’s time.”
You gasp, making him flinch ever so slightly as you wrap your arms around his neck, with his arms going around your waist. “I’m so proud of you.” You whispered in his ear, kissing just under it, feeling his arms wrap around you a little tighter.
You let go, looking at him again as he nodded. You give him a nod and grab his hand, guiding him out of the compound and to your car.
You both arrive at the hairdressers, and you look back at Bucky who seems nervous. You smile softly and gently grab his hand. “It’s okay if you don’t want to do this, baby. This is your decision and your decision alone.” You clarified, as he let out a deep breath and shook his head. “No, I need to do this. For myself.” He let out a shaky breath, hands starting to shake as you lead him to the seating area.
When it was your turn, you looked at Bucky and he nodded his head for you to go. You gave him your phone as you knew he liked to do crosswords on it, hoping it would keep him distracted long enough while you got your hair done.
Once you were finished, you paid the lady and thanked her. Walking over to the waiting area, Bucky had his nose stuck in your phone. Kneeling down in front of him, and gently placing your hand on his knee so you didn’t startle him, to get his attention. He looked up, doing a double take as his mouth hung open.
“Doll, you look beautiful.” He trailed his eyes, taking in every new detail from your new hair style/cut.
“Thank you, babe. Are you ready?” you asked softly, as he nodded. Standing up, he placed your phone into his pocket and grabbed your hand, linking his fingers with yours as you made your way to the barbers.
When you arrived outside the barbers, Bucky stopped and took a few deep breaths. You waited patiently, waited until he was ready to go in.
He nodded and walked inside, thankful that he was the only person there.
You both took a seat and waited.
The barber called Bucky arm, he froze for a second, repeating in his head “I can do this.” as he sat in the barber’s chair.
He told the barber what he wanted, and the barber set to work.
You were looking down at your lap, flicking through a magazine that was on the table beside you when you heard a small voice.
You looked up, taking a double take, and standing up, not being able to take your eyes off Buckys new hair.
“Do you like it, doll?” he looked at you, waiting for an answer.
“Baby I love it. But you know I also loved your long hair. But as long as you are comfortable, that is all that matters to me. It’ll grow again.” You grinned, as he blushed and giggled.
That’s right, the big bad winter soldier giggled.
You went back to your car and made your journey back to the compound.
When you parked up, you can sense Bucky was nervous.
“You ready to show everyone, babe?” you asked softly, him looking up at you.
“I’m ready, lets do this doll.”
You both got out of the car and walked towards the elevator to take you up to the common area.
The first one to spot you was Steve.
“Looking good, Bucky.” He grinned while he hugged him, as Bucky hugged back.
“Thanks, Stevie. I feel good.” Bucky smiled, as he walked into the common room with you not far behind him.
You watched from the door frame as Bucky got compliments from the team, sighing happy to yourself, as you can see this haircut was what he needed.
He will never be able to go back to James Barnes, but he doesn’t care.
He has you now, and that’s all he’ll ever need to help him through anything.
And of course, Steve and the team, but they don’t need to hear that out loud, they will never let him hear the end of it.
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