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#mcu humor
wanderervenom14 hours ago
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latent-thoughts3 days ago
So here is Loki, just casually using his magic, but I paused at this bit-
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It reminded me of something else...
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Tumblr media
I apologize unreservedly. 馃憖
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uh-leck-see3 days ago
I just KNOW that Wanda Maximoff listens to death metal & some like, Sokovian black metal & it鈥檚 not up for debate.
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funnyincorrectmcu4 days ago
Pepper: What do you guys say when you answer the phone? Harley: What up? Peter: Who this be? Morgan: No, he鈥檚 dead. This is his daughter.
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iamnmbr36 days ago
ok but imagine if odin died earlier and hela came back while loki was still ruling in disguise
and for some reason he ended up having to keep pretending to be odin so as not to arouse her suspicion while frantically trying to work out a solution聽
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merlinsupermarvel6 days ago
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Steve: Bucky please.
Bucky: I鈥檓 sorry Steve. It鈥檚 the only way.
Steve: Please Bucky you don鈥檛 have to do this.
Bucky: *shakes his head*
Bucky: It鈥檚 already done
Steve: Bucky no...
Bucky: *puts down draw four*
Bucky: Uno.
Steve: ...
Steve: Jerk.
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It just occurred to me that for聽鈥淭he Marvels鈥, our main trio consists of a boomer (Carol), a millennial (Monica), and a zoomer (Kamala). That is, unless Carol was born in the latter half of the 1960s, which would make her a gen x鈥檈r. I expect at least one joke about their generational gaps in the movie.聽
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another-crazy-fangirl11 days ago
Omg I just watched infinity war and Thanos looks like the "french Gordon Ramsay" but in less kind I'm dying 馃槶
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Tumblr media
Please I-
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jajafilm15 days ago
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Sometimes I create covers for other authors on Wattpad.
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thedevine66617 days ago
Sitting here missing that sweet Proxivus content - my longest lasting OTP I miss them so freaking much (my brain has no personally decent fic ideas for them)
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