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#mcu asgard
mandonnan · 6 hours ago
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 - 𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢
pairing: loki x reader
the last time you kiss loki, inspired by a sad taylor swift song
warnings: heartbreak, angst, mentions of smut, frigga and loki bonding time
Tumblr media
your name, forever the name on my lips
he had never had a reason before, to feel as human as everyone wanted him too. He loved his family, but they adored their other son so much more, or so he had thought.
It wasn't until he met you that he began to see beyond the disdain and resentment he had grown so attached to. he heard your name, the first name to ever cross his lips that felt right. It felt so right that he needed to hear it again and again; he visited you on Midgard whenever he could get away.
His little secret; you were what he fled to when he felt isolated and alone. He showed you some of his magic, smiling as you giggled and begged him to show you again. He showed you the stars on freezing nights beside a fire, pointing out every constellation and their history to you as you listened in awe. He never talked about his family, only that he was from a beautiful place called Asgard, where the stars shone ten times as bright.
He kissed you, and promised that you would see it one day, with all its glory and riches. You were something he didn't want to share with his brother, nor feel guilty or ashamed of by his father. You were something he wanted to cherish and never let go, because you made him feel real.
You made him feel like so much more than the shadow behind his brother, he felt alive and in the sun with you. He was a fool; falling in love with a mortal who would die in the blink of an eye in his lifetime.
But he loved you.
When you kissed him, giggly and handsy in ways that made his head spin-- he felt alive; the purest forms of affection would spill from your mouth as you climbed into his lap. Your hands wound into his hair, rubbing and touching and moaning-- completely in love. It wasn't until you both were half naked, panting and chasing each other while at a standstill that he finally said it-- "I'm in love with you."
You had grinned and tackled him, peppering his lips with kisses and more happy giggles. He had never stopped smiling, even as you both fucked until the light of dawn bled into the room.
When he woke up, you were snoring softly beside him. He had retreated to Asgard and left you a note, saying he would be back in three days time. He left you a single rose from the garden, red and sweet and alive.
"Loki?" Frigga greeted him when he arrived back, worry on her face. He smiled at her and swept her in a hug. He was overjoyed, in love, and it oozed out of him liberally. "Where have you been?"
Loki was hesitant to tell her, but he couldn't resist. He had a soft spot for his mother, and he trusted her with everything. "I was on Midgard, I-I met someone. I've been with her all this time, she makes me feel so alive!"
Her face creased, the worry reaching down to her lips. "Does she know of your lifespan? Of your destiny?"
"I thought maybe if I visit so often, make time to go there and be with her, maybe she could come back with me and live-" He broke off, looking at the pain in his mother's face. She was worried.
"She is not made for this world, and even though I would give anything to see you happy, she belongs there-- you belong here."
Deep down he knew you belonged on Midgard, Earth, your home. He couldn't ask you to leave it for him, he wouldn't. He thought of staying on Midgard, but the look in his mothers eyes held worry. He loved her, and the thought of leaving her heartbroken pained him.
"My sweet boy." Frigga held his face in her hands, watching as tears welled in his eyes. "She is a mortal, her love for you is temporary, but the heartbreak you will feel when she leaves you will last forever."
He knew she was right; you would die and he would break in two. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how he would survive it.
He appeared in three days, eyes red and raw from anger and sadness. He appeared to you, black suit and eyes cold. You saw him and vaulted into his arms, inhaling every aspect of him as you smiled. "I missed you so much."
"And I you my dear." He pulled away and laid a hand on your waist, holding you to him. "Kiss me."
You grinned and complied, lips so sweet and soft and yearning for him. He kissed you, knowing it would be the last time he ever did. A tear escaped his eyes, falling down to where your tongues clashed.
You pulled away, worried as you saw him avoid your gaze. "What is it?"
"I can't see you anymore. We don't belong together. It has to stop."
He would never forget, as long as he lived, the way your heart broke in front of him. He watched your eyes well up, tears spilling down your cheeks as you cried. Your hands were still in his, and he raised one to his lips, kissing it as you both cried. You wanted to ask him why, but somehow you knew. He laid a kiss to your forehead, memorizing how your skin felt, before he detached from you. He was not out of your arms for a second before you spun to find him again.
But he was gone.
you told me you loved me, so why did you go away?
your name, forever the name on my lips.
He was gone.
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thricethechrises · 7 hours ago
So are we all agreed that the tva is not exactly “good”?
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thepilotanon · 7 hours ago
What parts of Loki's body are the most sensitive to touch? (Not necessarily sexually) and which parts are hard for him to except touch?
This is an interesting thought. Thank you for asking! I'm not sure if this really answers the question(s), but these were just on my brain while thinking:
Hands. I say hands go both ways for Loki, both good and bad. I once saw a post about someone noticing how Loki keeps his hands closed in fists, and how it means he's constantly guarded and has a hard time trusting others and his surroundings, and I thought it was a really good observation for his character and body language. I personally think Loki wants to open up and be able to hold hands - and I think he can, it just takes patience and honest communication - and hold hands with those he cares about. Loki likes the idea of someone's warm hands holding his, letting him know that he's safe and he doesn't need to worry. I could probably talk all day about Loki and his "relationship" with dealing with his hands, honestly.
Scalp/Back. Somewhat similar to his hands, but the fact that Loki can constantly feel tension and knots in his back and pressure on his temples and head throbbing. While he could most definitely benefit from loving head massages/scratches and gentle rubs and caresses while falling asleep...Loki fears being stabbed in the back (metaphorically and actually). While I think it may take him a long time to trust anyone, he would definitely love being touched on his back or have someone ruffle his hair in a tease or telling a joke.
Pretty Much Any Artery Area. Yeah, no touch there. Not unless you're like...someone he knows for close to a hundred years or so, you bought him drinks and get along with him REALLY well to the point he can trust you enough to sleep nearby with you present. Just those areas in general are no-no spots for him, out of practical protection of himself (even if you guys have a healthy relationship) and the fear of just something going wrong, should anything happen. While he has plenty of scars from various battles that he doesn't mind being on display, I feel like he had this issue since he was fairly young and was taught as a child of weak points on the body.
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builder051 · 11 hours ago
Happy Starbucks Sunday! :) Glad to hear you’re doing somewhat better.
For prompts: While battle/violence is something that is very important and venerated on Asgard, I hc that it’s not something that comes naturally to Loki as it does to other Asgardians. So I always imagine that after his first battle or first time killing someone in battle he would have been shaken to the point of sickness. That’s the prompt, hopefully I explain okay. Obviously feel free to bypass it if it doesn’t strike your interest though!
As the body falls to the ground in front of Loki, a chorus of cheers erupt behind him. Loki hadn't realized anyone was watching him, and his hackles go up, forcing his shoulders toward his ears. His helm feels about six times heavier than it usually does, and the balance seems off.
Thor comes up behind Loki and claps him on the shoulder. "Good work, my brother," he says.
Loki struggles to think of when Thor made his first kill. Was it months ago? Years? It's not something he uses the brain power to track.
"How do you feel? There shall surely be a feast in your honor tonight!" Thor spins Loki around and shows him off to their friends, their capes whipping around their ankles.
Ill, that's how Loki feels. He swallows hard against a lump in his throat. "Um," he starts, but the lump continues to rise. "No," he mutters. "No, no."
Loki takes off running and tries to get distance between himself and the onlookers. He trips over the corpse of his kill, splashing blood over the knees of his armor.
Loki lands in a curled ball, eyes and nose streaming. He gives a small heaving hiccup and bile spews out onto the grass.
"Brother?" Thor's hand appears at Loki's shoulder.
Instead of taking it, Loki bats it away. "I've done wrong. I wish to be alone."
"You're going to be trampled." Thor pulls Loki up by the shoulders and steers him in the direction of the palace.
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donaweasley · 11 hours ago
Rain and Fire
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
Our Avenger Loki is here again! Sam and you had been teamed up with our favourite trickster to derive data from an old HYDRA base, and take it out.
Everything goes well, until the weather starts posing problems of its own. But as they say, some blessings come in (stormy) disguises!
Warnings: An annoying Sam, and maybe a cliché plot?
Read time: ~22mins
(I'm sorry, I went on scribbling, and had a hard time trying to pull the brakes!)
Tumblr media
“How much farther is it?” Loki had to shout to get heard over the deafening sound of the wind and the rain.
“GPS says it’s 28 minutes away,” (Y/N) shouted back.
“Did no one check with the weather guy?” Sam sounded more pissed off than the Asgardian drama queen.
“Apparently, they did”, (Y/N) quipped “and they presumed that it would be the perfect day for a little romance with the bad guys.”
Sam, Loki and (Y/N) had successfully executed their mission, and had ever since been trying to reach the safehouse. The original plan was to have the Quinjet ready as soon as they gave the green signal. But with the recent twist in weather, there was no way that it could be deployed.
So, here they were now, trying to find their way to the safehouse which was a decent 15 kms away from the location of the mission. If exhaustion wasn't enough of a barrier, the storm definitely was, easily making their destination seem double the actual distance.
After seemingly a millenium, they reached what looked like the flimsiest buildings of all time.
“I’m not staying in there,” Loki declared as soon as he set eyes on it.
“Me neither,” Sam echoed the trickster’s thoughts.
“I’d rather stay out-”
(Y/N) never got to finish her line. A bright violet light filled the neighbourhood, instantly followed by an ear-splitting crack.
The close proximity of the thunderclap made her scream and jump involuntarily, only to earn a chuckle from Loki.
“What? I didn’t grow up with the God of Thunder!!” she snapped. “Okay, I-I’d rather die of that roof falling on me than be charred by another one of those.”
“There’s no way I’m goin’ in there!” Sam stood his ground.
Another crack shattered the air.
“Fine, I’ll accompany you. But only to make sure that you stay safe,” Sam stated nervously as he darted behind her into the house.
“Are you going to stay here and have a chat with your brother?” she looked over her shoulder, and shouted at Loki.
“Well,” he sighed, “guess I’m not really a fan of that either. So...” he shrugged.
“Yeah,” Sam smirked, “I know you’re dying to get inside,” he finished with a wink, earning a tight-lipped glare from the God.
Once inside the “safety” of the house, the three of them stared at their shelter for the night. If the roof falling in was what they were initially worried about, they were now concerned about being suffocated by the horrid smell engulfing the place.
“This is the filthiest safehouse that I’ve ever seen!” (Y/N) scoffed.
The floors were damp and creaky. Thin trails of water leaking from the edges of the ceilings had left their stains on the walls. The way the wind fought against the windows, it seemed unlikely that they would be able to sustain through the night. The wood in the fireplace was home for wild mushrooms. And a pungent smell of damp and rotting wood hung heavily in the air.
How the place had been holding itself over the years was a big mystery.
“Are you sure this is the one?” Sam looked at the place with disgust.
“You wanna cross-check? Feel free to do so,” she hissed. “What are you doing?”
Her attention was diverted by Loki who was staring at the fireplace intently, with one hand extended towards it. Just two seconds after the question, a blazing fire appeared out of nowhere.
“You’re welcome,” Loki offered a “benevolent” smile at his companions.
(Y/N)’s lips fought hard against a grin that threatened to spill out. She was not only grateful but was thoroughly impressed with Loki’s wide variety of skills. But feeding his already swollen ego was something that she preferred to refrain from.
This may also be fanned by the fact that she had been harbouring a steadily growing fondness for the God of Mischief. She hated to admit it even to herself; after all why encourage a dream that is eventually going to be crushed by reality? There was no way that he - a God, an Asgardian, someone with such refined tastes, an arrogant ass - would ever return her feelings.
So, instead, she decided to swallow all her feelings, and continue as co-workers. But are feelings actually that easy to swallow? Especially when you’re living everyday under the same roof?
“Yeah, thank God someone knows magic!” she rolled her eyes, and walked past him to examine the rest of the house.
“Oh, you don’t really have to thank me, mortal,” Loki grinned, and in the blink of an eye, he was completely dry as if he had never stepped out in the rain at all.
Once (Y/N) disappeared into the adjacent room, Sam nudged him in the ribs, and whispered, “Hey, care to use that same trick on me? By the way, that was one good move!”
“Don’t!” Loki raised a finger at him. “Either you stop your nonsense or I turn you into a goat! Your choice.”
“Well, I’m sure that’s not gonna impress her.”
“And why would I even try to do that?”
Sam simply gave him a sly smile and a you-can’t-fool-me look.
Loki’s ears had the faintest hint of red. “Alright, I have no idea what you’re talking about but hush. Now!”
“I will, if you just tell her.”
“Tell who what?” (Y/N)’s voice hit Loki like a whiplash out of the blue.
She eyed him up and down, and stated (more in frustration than in surprise), “You’re dry!”
For a few seconds, he stood frozen, scared that she might have heard more than what he’d like her to.
Sensing Loki’s comical state, Sam stepped forward, “Tell you!”
“Me?” Her eyebrows laced together in confusion.
“Yeah! He wanted to tell you how much he-” Sam’s words waltzed out of his mouth only to be stopped roughly by Loki’s loud voice.
“I DON’T THINK,” he noticed how he got her startled and instantly dropped his voice to a more polite range, “that’s how a lady should be...told.”
“Will any one of you sensible beings tell me what’s going on?” she was losing patience now.
And it wasn’t something to be blamed on her. They were exhausted from the mission, had to walk for over two hours in the storm, they were drenched and shivering, and what they got for shelter for the night was a rotting old house. The only food that they had were the few protein bars that she had packed while leaving the compound. When they’d receive any backup was absolutely uncertain.
“Well,” Loki responded with an uncharacteristically shaky voice, “I was suggesting that you could take the couch while Sam and I could rest in the other room.”
She narrowed her eyes and tilted her head. Was that all the fuss about? “Works for me, yeah. I’m sure any place here would be damp and filled with bugs.”
“That’s the point, actually. The couch can be moved near the fireplace, so you'll be warm,” Loki explained.
“Wow! You do care a lot about her comfort!” Sam exclaimed dramatically.
“That’s what a smart gentleman does, Sammy,” she defended Loki.
She defended him! Loki’s brain malfunctioned for a few seconds as it wondered if she really did compliment him or if she was simply pulling his leg. She was usually nice to him but when it came to shooting sarcasm and teaming up with others for a playful bully time, she seemed to quite enjoy her share.
“Well, good to see you two warm up,” Sam left the room with a sly smile, leaving both Loki and (Y/N) flustered.
Hardly a couple of seconds later, he returned. “Hey, use some of your witchcraft to dry me off?”
“No,” Loki deadpanned.
Sam shook his head and disappeared back into the room.
“Care to clean this bed?” His voice bellowed across the rooms.
“No,” the sorcerer shouted back.
(Y/N) chuckled at the banter. Surely, Sam had a way of pissing people off if he wanted to, and Loki was his latest toy.
Her amusement was replaced with awe as a green light appeared around her, and soon her dripping form was dry, just like Loki’s.
“I said I won’t do it for him,” he answered her silent question.
“Thank you,” she laughed at the silly way these two fought, “but y’know, I don’t think he should be left all drenched.”
“Maybe for another hour?”
“I know he pisses you off but...please? The house is already damp enough. Don’t want to add a walking piece of dampness to it,” she winked.
How could he refuse that face?
He sighed in defeat, “Fine! Just a few minutes more.”
She huffed and held her thumbs up at him.
Loki wasn’t a man of his word but he did keep the promise that he made to (Y/N). Sam was lying flat on his back, still soaked, but snoring softly, when he used his magic on him. Additionally, he also used his talents to make sure that his side of the bed was clean while neatly avoiding Sam’s side.
It was almost 3 AM, but sleep seemed to have abandoned Loki for good. The thundering was but only another means to keep him tossing and turning on the hard mattress.
Just as he felt like he was finally drifting off, he heard murmuring and the clank of something light from the living room. He quietly stepped out of the room to check on (Y/N).
He found her standing behind the couch with her hands on her hips, her back towards him. The top half of her suit was lying on the back of the couch along with her tank top and the utility belt.
Loki gaped at her form with boyish wonder: her hair was pulled into a messy bun on the top of her head, a black sports bra covered her torso, giving her a feminine yet strong look, while the leggings from her suit elegantly hugged her curves. The glow of the fire gave her an aura that Loki could identify with only something divine.
Either he had wondered something aloud or she had sensed someone because she suddenly turned on her heels, and froze. A distinct red tinted her ears and cheeks as she stood enchanted by the fire dancing in those green eyes.
Loki was the first to snap out of the trance that the rain and the fire had conspired in the room. He cleared his throat and apologised.
“I...I heard some noise, and so...came in to make sure that you’re alright. I should have knocked,” he spoke with his gaze focused on the floor.
Had it been any other team member, perhaps she wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable. But somehow the man managed to pull out all the deepest feelings inside her. That was something really unnerving.
Her hands instinctively folded in front of her chest. Shifting on her feet, she stammered, “Well, it’s my fault actually. I thought you guys had dozed off. So...didn’t bother locking the door,” the last few words were muttered under her breath, more to herself than to Loki.
“What were you doing anyway? Are you alright?” his voice was laced with genuine concern. His eyes, however, fleeted between her face and the floor.
“’s this back pain. It’s getting worse and worse,” she grumbled while reaching into her bag that was perched atop the couch. “I was wrestling with this,” she waved an analgesic spray in her hand, “but I guess my arms aren’t in their best shape right now.”
This time Loki looked directly at her. He took a couple of slow steps towards her.
“May I?”
“Ya, sure,” she nodded with a blush, and turned around after handing him the can.
“Right here...and here,” she pointed towards the affected areas.
She held her breath as the spray seeped into her skin.
“I’d warned you to leave that big guy for me,” Loki spoke softly as he carried on with his ministrations.
“It was fun,” she huffed, “and he had pissed me off.”
“And what about this?” Loki handed her the can.
“Part of the job,” she said as she turned to face him. “Thank you!”
“Any time!” Loki smiled.
He smiled, which was unusual because he would always be found wearing a smirk or a devilish grin or an exaggerated simper.
The awkwardness was gone. But the air was heavy with something else. It was comfortable yet overwhelming.
Loki slowly leaned forward. Her breath hitched in her throat but she did not protest. Rather, something inside her refused to protest. She liked it but was equally scared.
What Loki did made her heart swell. He reached behind her to get her tank top. Handing it to her, he turned to face away from her.
As she slipped into the garment, she wondered how somebody so arrogant and smug could be so gentle. She wanted to scream as her feelings for him reached another menacing level.
“You may turn,” she couldn’t afford more than a whisper.
Loki was beautiful, she had always observed. But the flames did something to that face, to those eyes. He really looked like a God now - mesmerizing and powerful yet gentle and loving. She felt like, at that moment, there was no way one could associate him with the title of the ‘God of Mischief’.
“Get some sleep,” Loki interrupted her thoughts, causing her to blink, “Call me if you need anything.”
“Actually, I can never sleep through a thunderstorm,” she confessed.
She no longer bothered if he’d make fun of her because something inside her heart assured her that he wouldn't, that she could confide in him her worst fears and her fanciest dreams.
“Yes, it’s rather disturbing. I’m not fond of it either.”
“Really? And I thought that you’d be quite used to it.”
“I’m used to it, yes, but not a fan of it,” he explained with a smile.
“Right,” she nodded. ‘Idiot, me!’
“So...are you going to spend the night sitting here?” he asked.
“Guess I don’t have an option,” she shrugged.
“May I join you?” The words slipped out of his lips before he could rethink about it. “If you don’t mind, that is.”
“Why would I mind? I’d love your company. A company,” she quickly tried to cover her slip up. “Not that your company is bad. It’s quite good, actually.” She sighed heavily, “Sorry, it’s probably exhaustion. Just-”
He laughed softly. “That’s okay.”
She shifted her bag to a table, and plopped down on the couch, only to feel slightly embarrassed by her own action as she observed Loki sit down gently, in a way that could have only been taught in palaces.
A few minutes passed in silence. Not an uncomfortable silence where one feels the urge to fill the space with meaningless words, but a pleasant one. Loki noticed the way she winced at each clap of thunder that landed somewhere nearby.
“My brother can be really annoying at times,” he remarked.
“Hmm? Oh!” She laughed. ”We both know that’s not your brother.”
“I can tell you it is. He’s really irritating.”
Her smile faltered as her eyes narrowed, and Loki could tell that she was doubting herself. He simply raised his brows at her.
“Trickster!” She leaned forward to hit him playfully on the arm but quickly settled back as a jolt of pain seared through her back.
“Why don’t you lie down? I’ll be right here,” Loki had lost his humour, concern etched on his features, as he gently held her arm and helped her to get comfortable.
“It’s okay. I’ll be fine by morning,” she nodded lightly. “And I’m rather enjoying this...” she gestured between the two of them, “conversation. Unless you’d like to...” She pointed to the other room where Sam was peacefully sleeping through the storm. She wondered how.
‘’He snores a lot,” Loki scrunched his nose.
Damn! All (Y/N) wanted to do was to reach up and kiss the tip of his nose.
“Yes,” she chuckled, “and pisses you off, too!”
“That, too!”
She noticed the way Loki’s lips pursed and...was it her or was he really blushing?
This time the silence was indeed uncomfortable.
“Umm,” (Y/N) cleared her throat, “About all that teasing...actually...”
“I’m sorry, I-”
“I’m sorry, it’s all becau-”
The words vanished almost as quickly as they were uttered. Each person stared at the other, thoroughly confused.
“You...were saying?” She raised a hand towards Loki.
The words seemed to be caught in his throat. “No, you go ahead.”
“Okay,” she nodded nervously and gulped. Darting her tongue between her lips, she began what looked like a confession.
“I know that Sam has been getting on your nerves lately. Others, too. I know it’s really annoying.” Her gaze hardly moved away from the flames.
Loki shifted in his seat.
“I’m sorry, it’s because of me,” she confessed.
His brows knit together as he leaned slightly forward, curiosity reeling him in.
With a fleeting glance at him, she resumed, “I may have accidentally said something during our latest girls’ night out. I was drunk, and eventually, they got to that stupid part where they were discussing guys, and they cornered me, and I...” the words rushed out like a bullet train, eventually slowing down to a whisper, “might have...well I did...slip something out.”
“Like what?”
A narrow - very narrow - ray of hope cracked through his doubts.
She observed the suspicious way in which he eyed her.
“That...that’s classified! tell me why you apologised.”
“I didn’t!” Loki tried to keep a straight face.
“Liar! And that’s a really poor one coming from the God of Lies,” her laughter came out in wisps of warm breath.
Defeated, Loki looked at his lap where his hands were fiddling with each other.
“I thought...” His hesitation only fed her curiosity. “I thought it was because of something that I had...well...confided in Thor. And him being the big-mouth that he is, he’d probably bellowed it across the compound, although he keeps denying it.”
“And...what was it that you’d confided?”
“There’s no escaping this, is there?” Loki sighed. His ears were a bright red by now.
She smiled and shook her head. It was either the dancing flames or her eyes really did dance with playfulness and curiosity.
“Please don’t get me wrong. I respect you a lot. You...your thoughts, your talents...I never meant anyone to make fun of...” He was practically stumbling through his own thoughts.
“Loki,” she held his hands in hers, “it’s okay. I trust you. I know that you’d never do anything that would hurt me.”
The sincerity in her voice and the warmth of her hands gently brought him down on stable ground. He weighed his options between telling her the truth and covering it up with a well-devised lie.
He chose to go with the truth.
What could he lose? If he really knew her, she wouldn’t misunderstand him. She wouldn’t sever their friendship. There was nothing to lose here, really, except for what he had already lost to her.
Looking into those eyes that anchored him down to Midgard, he finally spoke, “I’d told him that I...that I like you. A lot.”
A barely audible gasp escaped her throat.
When she did not flinch, he got the courage to continue, “I’d told him that I think too much about you to be considered normal. Or something like that. That I’m beginning to like Midgard, all because of you. Well, mostly because of you.
I’d asked him if this was what he felt for Jane. And I’d asked him a way out of this because...I cannot live with this odd feeling swelling up in my chest every now and then. Nor can I lose you because of anything stupid that I might have said just now.”
Neither noticed when their hands had slipped into each other’s.
“You’re not offended, are you?” he asked cautiously, searching her eyes for any sign of anger or panic, but finding none. Instead they were glistening with moisture.
‘Did I make her cry now?’ he worried.
“Sounds like the God of Chaos is going through a pretty chaotic time himself,” she chuckled.
Loki couldn’t gauge her reaction. So, he simply stared at her, speechless, waiting for her to unveil the mystery.
“At the night out,” she intertwined her fingers with his, intentionally this time, “I’d said that if I ever had to go on a romantic mission with anyone, it’d be you. I like you, too. A lot! As in, damn! You boost my heart rate every now and then. Like, right now, my insides are doing somersaults,” she chuckled nervously.
Whether it was the happiness shining on her cheeks, or it was the faint rush of blood to her face as she finally confessed her feelings, or it was simply Loki’s love for her, he did not know. But to him, she seemed to be more attractive than ever before.
‘She likes me. She likes me back. She wants to go on a romantic mission with me. She-’
“Wait, what’s a romantic mission?” he wondered aloud.
(Y/N) laughed. “Oh, it’s just a silly made-up thing. Gibberish of the drunken minds! It’s like, umm..y’know, the kind of silly plots that they show in movies? Like, where the guy and the girl are forced to stay together for safety, and all those suppressed feelings of love come flowing out...”
“Like taking shelter in an abandoned, old, rickety house on a stormy night?” Loki smirked.
“I guess so. And like staying up all night in front of the fireplace, confessing their feelings for each other? Yes. Sounds like it,” she added.
“Maybe not a silly gibberish after all.”
“Maybe not.”
“Tell me,” Loki’s voice had almost drowned to a whisper, “what happens next? Do they kiss?”
His hand moved up to gently palm her cheek. A pleasant shiver ran through her as she leaned into his touch.
“Usually they do,” she barely heard her own voice as they leaned in.
“May I?” his question fanned her lips.
“Yes, please.”
A buzz from his phone woke Sam up. Although it was pitch dark outside, the storm had ceased, leaving only a drizzle behind.
Not seeing Loki beside him, he tip-toed to the living room. The sight that he saw pulled a satisfied grin across his face.
He pulled out his phone to see the missed call, and dialled back.
“Hey Tony,” he whispered after a few seconds, “Yeah, thanks. I’ll tell them...Yep, they’re doing great. Just great! Tell the team to keep their bucks ready...Yeah, I won the bet. Oh, and tell Thor that it worked perfectly! The guy deserves a big treat.”
Putting the phone back in his pocket, he went back to bed with a large grin.
‘They’ll know when the Quinjet arrives’, he thought to himself as he turned on his side.
It was then that he noticed how clean the other side of the bed was. Although he wanted to give the sorcerer a piece of his mind, he decided against it.
‘Let them have their moment’, he thought. After all, the entire team had been waiting for this exact moment!
In the living room, oblivious to the weather outside, oblivious to Sam and his almost-interruption, Loki and (Y/N) were lost in each other.
Since the moment that their lips had connected, the world outside had become a blur, a muffled lullaby. The rain and the fire that had been witnessing them through the night, were now reflected in their kiss.
They had been looking for a home, and they had now found one when, ironically, they were forced under the roof of an old decaying house.
Loki had one hand on the nape of her neck and the other around her waist, wrapping himself as tight as possible around her. He felt like he had been thirsty for thousands of years, and had finally found water. He wasn’t letting her go. Never.
(Y/N) was seated on his lap, her legs wrapped around his slender waist, just like Loki had imagined when he had pulled her on top of him. Her hands now explored his chest and the night hidden in his hair.
They had waited for long, pined for long and now, at long last, they were on the same page. Nothing else mattered.
A whirring sound, gradually nearing the shelter, woke them up from their frenzy. It was the Quinjet, they realised with much disappointment.
“Damn!” (Y/N) breathed.
“I’d like to court you properly,” Loki whispered on her lips, his breathing erratic and heavy. “Will you allow me to?”
She rested her forehead on his, their eyes still shut.
“Of course, I will!” She whispered back, panting just as much as him. “Just for the record, you’ve already won my heart.”
A smile touched his lips. He opened his eyes. “And you have mine.”
Startled, their heads shot towards the source of the noise.
Sam was leaning on the doorframe that led to the inner room. Smugness dripped from his smile.
“Sorry to interrupt but we gotta go.”
(Y/N) jumped off Loki’s lap, and landed on the floor rather awkwardly. Loki was standing beside her in a split second. They both looked like deers caught in the headlights.
“ just...” (Y/N) scratched her brain for a random explanation. Just anything!
“Were making out,” Sam grinned. “I know. I came in before to tell you that back up was on its way here, but...didn’t think it’d be appropriate to disturb you two.”
The new couple’s faces were as red as tomatoes.
“That’s okay, we’ve all been waiting for this. The way you two looked at one’s a surprise that we had to wait for so long! Now, chop chop! The jet’s not gonna wait for us all night!”
As Sam walked towards the front door, Loki and (Y/N) glanced at one another.
“Let’s continue this at the compound, shall we?” Loki smirked.
“Most definitely!” she grinned.
With a chaste kiss, they gathered their belongings, and jogged towards the jet hand-in-hand, hearts racing at the prospect of the new chapter that just got started.
“Someone’s got spring in their steps,” Natasha called as they both stepped inside the jet.
“Just take us home,” (Y/N) blushed.
“That impatient? Fine!”
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 17 hours ago
Thor: So brother, you’re a villain?
Loki: I am, so what?
Thor: I’m telling mom
Loki, chasing him: NO DON’T-
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stevesmewmew · 20 hours ago
I have seen a lot of theories and speculations about Kang being the timekeeper and I was thinking if the TVA is an actual organization that helps maintain a sacred timeline or if it is a facade that wipes people's memories and uses them and that could be why Mobius cares so much about the nineties aesthetic?
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anonymousfiction211 · 23 hours ago
Loki’s game: 6
Tumblr media
First day on the new job
‘You’re late’ Loki grumbled, while not looking up from his book. You looked at the clock ‘only 5 minutes’ you replied. Loki was sitting at your desk in your office. Giving you no other choice than to sit on the opposite desk. He didn’t say anything to you or even looked at you. ‘So… what do you need of me?’ you asked him. Loki then looked at you with eyes full of mischief. ‘You, my darling, are going to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. files and find everything you can find about the Tesseract’ he said. It took a moment for you to register what he said. ‘No way, if they found out I will be put in jail’ you told him.
Loki gave you a wide grin. ‘Best not get caught then’ he said. When you didn’t move he sighed. ‘Tony, Bruce and Steve will back you up if Fury finds out. We believe there is something they’re not telling is’ he explained. ‘Fine’ you grumbled. It was going to take you the whole day anyway to get past the security. In the meantime, you could confirm with Tony about all of this. You got your laptop and turned it on.
‘Aren’t you hot?’ he asked, gesturing at your sweater
‘What?’ you asked
‘I asked if you weren’t getting warm? Since you’re wearing such a big sweater’
‘I’m fine’ you grumbled. You had spent too long doubting what to wear today. You had three options, wearing the shirt Loki changed for you, wearing a red shirt and piss him off or wearing a completely different shirt. To play on the safe side you had put on the dark green T-shirt but put a large sweater on as well. Hoping to cover up your outfit.
Loki just grinned widely at you. He got up and adjusted the temperature of the room. He sat back down and went on with his own research. You ignored it for now and got busy with your own work. Luckily for you the rest of the morning the both of you worked in silence. Steve came to get you for lunch, and you gladly accepted it. During lunch he was checking up on you, wondering how your first morning with Loki went on and if you needed some help. You checked with him about hacking S.H.I.E.L.D. and even he reassured you that you would not get into trouble.
You came back from lunch and your office felt like a million degrees. You went back to your laptop, but it was getting harder to focus. Sweat drops were beginning to form on your forehead. You looked at Loki who was studying some papers, really focusing. Hoping he wouldn’t notice you took off your sweater, revealing the green T-shirt. To your surprise Loki didn’t look up or even commented on it, so you went back to your work. A few hours passed and you were finally getting into the groove, you forget how much fun hacking was.
Suddenly you felt two hands grab your shoulders from behind. It snapped you out of your trance and you shrieked a little. ‘You look rather ravishing today, pet’ Loki purred right into your ear. Before you could respond your chair was pulled backwards and his hands were in your hair. He pulled it rather hard, making you hiss in pain. He pulled you up and bent you over the desk. His free hand started to roam and squeeze your butt. You whimpered as he touched and stroke you. He lifted slipped his hands under your shirt, his fingers leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever he touched you.
‘Loki, stop’ you panted. Hating how your voice came out wanton and needy. ‘Why? I bet when I slip my fingers beneath your folds I will find you wet and ready’ he mused. You felt his hands started to undo the button from you pants. You started to squirm, making him laugh darkly at you. He let go of your hair and pulled down your pants and underwear. You felt exposed, but somehow couldn’t get yourself to move. ‘Already so compliant’ Loki praised you. Two fingers slipped between your folds and the moan that lift your lips made you embarrassed. Loki let out a low growl. You heard his zipper pull down and he retracted his fingers. You didn’t have time to whimper from the empty feeling, because his hardened cocked slipped inside of you.
You were so wet by now, he met no resistance. His started a relentless pace. With every trust the air was knocked out of your longs. You felt your orgasm build up rapidly and cursed him for it in your mind. Loki grabbed your hips almost painfully to increase his pace. He was rutting into you like a beast. ‘When I saw you take your sweater off I almost lost it’ he grunted. Loki’s thrusts were becoming sloppier, and you felt your own orgasm getting closer and closer. With a loud grunt Loki came and you felt his seed spill inside of you. He stilted inside of you until his breath evened out. He retracted from you and fixed his clothes straight.
You were still leaning on the desk. Your orgasm was still close, but was slowly ebbing away. You were still wet, horny, and now seed was dripping from you pussy on your thighs. You slowly got up and turned around. Loki’s face showed the most sadistic smile you had seen so far. ‘W- w..’ you started but couldn’t form a coherent thought or sentence. The only thing you wanted right now was for Loki to start fucking you like he did a minute ago. He grabbed your chin and gave you a kiss. ‘If you want to come today, you can visit me tonight. You know where to find me’ he winked at you. And suddenly he was gone.
You blinked a few times before you realized he was really gone. You were absolutely furious. How dared he to use you like that, and then expected you to come begging towards him. You let out a frustrated groan, pulled up your pants and made your way to your own room. You threw the clothes in the hamper and got under the shower to clean yourself up. After a long hot shower, you still were suer pissed at Loki. You got even more pissed at dinner when Loki completely ignored you, he didn’t even look at you. It only added to your anger.
After dinner you got back to your room. You tried to relax but and up pacing around. You actual were considering taking him up on his offer. You needed a release and Loki knew how to get you there, fast. But if you did, you would be accepting the way he treated you today, and you weren’t about to do that. No, he needed a taste of his own medicine. You didn’t know what you would exactly do, but you needed to yell at him. So, you stormed out of your room and into his. If he was startled by you bursting into his room, he didn’t show it. ‘Ah, took you long enough’ he commented. He looked amused by your angry body language.
‘Listen, this stops HERE! We are DONE! Do you hear me? No more games, no more fucking it ENDS NOW!!’ you screamed at him. He quickly got up and in a few paces stood very close to you. You saw anger in his eyes, but there was also a twinkle you couldn’t quite place. ‘Why is that?’ he asked like he truly couldn’t think of any reason why you were so angry. You scoffed ‘You can’t be serious. I don’t have to explain myself. I was just letting you know’. You turned around to walk out, but Loki grabbed your wrists and pulled you flush against him. ‘What has gotten into you, kitten?’ he asked again.
‘You, I hate what you did to me’ you said accusingly.
‘You seemed to enjoy it at the time’ he purred.
‘Just, let me go’ you set while struggling against him. His grip only tightened around you.
‘Is it that you didn’t got to come?’ he said with an innocent look.
You felt yourself heat up and knew that you were blushing hard. Suddenly Loki grabbed you by the waist and threw you over his shoulder. You yelped in surprise and asked what he thought he was doing. He threw you on the bed and was on you immediately and pinned you down with his weight. ‘FINE, if you want to come that badly I’ll make you come until you beg me to stop!’ he growled. ‘And you know what I will do than?’ he asked you. He grinned so widely his teeth were showing. There was nothing remotely civil about him anymore, his look was full of lust. He looked like a feral beast and you were his prey. ‘N- no..’ you stuttered. He put his lips on your earlobe and his tongue licked it, making you moan slightly. ‘I’m going to ignore you’ he told you in a low seductive voice.
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worstloki · a day ago
Also can we talk about the best post-Ragnarok storyline, which is Everyone Is More or Less Fine Living in the Airspace Over Broxton Oklahoma? Also Loki Seduced the Hulk Originally to Secure Protection But Now He and Banner & Co Are Dating? News at 11
you are entirely correct and that's far better than whatever was up with new asgard. also, is it 11 yet? i want more about Loki and Bruce dating <3
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