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#maybe I鈥檒l go draw now馃槄
authenticcadence188 days ago
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heartbellamy3 days ago
Tagged by @ninappon @gansxythethird @infp-with-all-the-feelings hope you lovelies are doing well, thanks for thinking of me 馃挍
Rules: tag (nine) people you want to get to know better/catch up with
Favourite colour: I realized recently I鈥檓 drawn to in-between colors, shades between two, coral and turquoise and periwinkle, maybe it鈥檚 an appreciation of the pretty colors the world offers or maybe I鈥檓 just indecisive, who knows? For now I鈥檇 say a soft peach color.
Currently reading: I鈥檒l be honest, with BBB happening I鈥檓 trying to read as many of those as I can, so any book reading has been pushed back a bit!
Last song: Sun by Sleeping At Last I believe.
Last movie: I鈥檓 drawing a blank. 馃槄 The Vow maybe? Or Chaos Walking? Also could鈥檝e been LITWC for editing purposes, if that counts.
Last series: Derry Girls!
Sweet, spicy or savoury: So hard! I like a bit of all, if it鈥檚 in general probably sweet, but as for a current favorite thing to eat, my fave meal as of late is savory with a bit of spice. 馃槀 That sounds like cheating though so I鈥檒l go with sweet!
Craving: Haven鈥檛 really eaten anything so right now everything, lol. But a pizza sounds really good right now! 馃憖馃崟
Tea or coffee: Coffee.
Currently working on: Trying to get back into that part of quarantine where I picked back up things I enjoyed doing, drawing, writing, general creating, having the freedom to just create anything and not feel like it has to be perfect, creating just to create and ease my anxiety. Putting the joy back into them again is my plan!
Been a bit since I鈥檝e done one of these so I鈥檓 just gonna send some love 馃挅: @klarkegriffin @bellamyblakru @bellamyblake @iheartbookbran @lee-em-dee @togetherkru @moreflowersthanweeds @starsinyourskyes @immortalpramheda
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deyageka4 days ago
Community Garden AU Log Entry 6
(AU starts here) (Log Entry: 0/ 1 /2/3/4/5)
Oof it鈥檚 been a while, sry bout that! Anyway, the 16th of June is coming up and shit is prbly gonna go down in the lore, so have some fluff beforehand ( 鈥 w 鈥)/鉁ㄢ湪鉁
First off, The Egg is still an issue 馃槄
Tumblr media
*Sam built a back door to his base since Tommy has PTSD regarding redstone piston doors
(Also I think I have a habit of drawing people kicking down doors)
Tumblr media
What is this the breakfast club?
Tumblr media
Tubbo whispers to you:
Lol speaking of Tubbo鈥
Tumblr media
(More under cut 猬囷笍)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In this episode, Tubbo unleashes hell and gets arrested. Ah, our typical bee loving boy.
Meanwhile, Tommy picks a fight with a fucking bee ((yes Beeinnit is still alive in this AU cuz I said so >:E ))
Also poor Sam, it鈥檚 his day off and he still has warden duties (not to mention he gets harassed by Tubbo鈥檚 bee army adding to his injuries馃槅)
Tumblr media
And Tommy and Foolish start worshiping a pickle (yes, I鈥檓 making The Pickle a thing in this AU)
Sorry, no gardening in this episode, but here have a wholesome Fran and Clementine moment :3
Tumblr media
Lol the line art in this log entry took a bit longer than usual. Idk when the next update may be since my motivation is waning a bit, but in the meantime, here鈥檚 a personal playlist I made for this AU!
Cover art by me, icons available here (set 1 // set 2)
Tumblr media
There鈥檚 like 2 Kpop songs on there just fyi. Maybe I鈥檒l add more songs in the future, but for now this is the playlist I listen to when I鈥檓 drawing this AU
Support me on Kofi! 鈾ワ笍
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aquaticpal9 days ago
Thanks for the tag, @jenseits-der-sterne :) I don鈥檛 feel like these are things people鈥檇 care about me but I鈥檒l do it cuz you asked :)
rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better/catch up with!
Favorite color:聽I say purple, but I鈥檒l also go up and down the spectrum into pink and blue, depending :) All 馃帹 colors 馃帹 are 馃帹 beautiful!
Currently reading:聽Um, I鈥檓 supposed to be reading The Unspoken Rules: Secrets to Starting Your Career Off Right for a book club at work but I鈥檝e only spent like half an hour on it 馃槄
Last Song:聽Like鈥 Baby Shark or Baby Plane or Baby something鈥 parent life
Last Movie:聽Right now watching Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark, for the first time. Boy it is鈥.. uncomfortable鈥 in the year 2021鈥
Edit: We鈥檙e onto Temple of Doom now and boy鈥 this opening in 鈥淪hanghai鈥濃 lmao鈥 lmao (cryingly)
Last Series:聽Castlevania season 4!
Sweet, spicy, or savory: savory, absolutely (some spicy to go with that is good too)
Craving:聽sushi, or maybe fish overall. Also, heh, BotW2 news, heh (馃槶)
Tea or coffee: tea, usually green or red depending on mood
Currently working on:聽Oh I have my heap of WIPs鈥 but since I just finished the Governor鈥檚 Daughter illustrations, I鈥檓 kind of having a breather while deciding which to pick back up next. Maybe I鈥檒l keep my workload relatively open in case, you know, E3 compels me to draw something 馃槈馃槈馃槈
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classyfruit11 days ago
ClassyfruitbASKet - Part 1
Hello, you lovely bunch! 馃槝 As the list of my asks keeps getting bigger, I wanted to come up with a solution to a) answer all of your lovely asks but b) keep it very lean and tidy so that my reactions don鈥檛 overpower my art.聽 Thank you ALL for leaving asks and praise in my inbox! 馃挄聽 I cherish each and every comment and ask a LOT. It keeps me going and my creative juices flowing. And I ask for your forgiveness for taking so long to react to them! (The RE8 ladies are greedy when it comes to my time and attention. 馃槄) Today, I will stick to questions and requests concerning my art for the first 10 asks. I鈥檓 sure that鈥檚 the part you鈥檒l love to see the most. Please know that I read EVERY ask I get. So if I didn鈥檛 answer YOUR ask yet, just stick around until next Tuesday.
Tumblr media
Thank you VERY MUCH for your love and support, Anon! And as well for the delicious idea of a tied up Lady D. I will definitely consider doing something similar for my Twitter at some point! 馃構 I鈥檓 sure Mother Miranda would like to prove her superiority just like that. Much love to you and take care!
Tumblr media
Hey Anon, thank you for getting in touch and requesting something so cute! In fact I plan to do all of the four Lords as chibis at some point! Because we all need that in our lives! 馃挄 So STAY TUNED and you shall recieve!
Tumblr media
A very valid question, dear Anon! I try to switch it up and draw as many different pets for Lady D (and now Donna and sometime in the future maybe even Miranda), so that everyone gets their chance to daydream and relate. 馃挆 I鈥檓 unfortunately a very shy bean, so I鈥檇 not really be comfortable with sharing art that shows how I look irl. 馃檲 Thank you for your ask! 馃槉
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for your kind words and your love & support! 馃槏 I鈥檓 super glad you like my version of Alcina - I love to do our Tall Vampire Lady justice with my art. 馃挭馃槫 In response to your question concerning our best bratty werewolf dilf Heisenberg, I鈥檓 not opposed to drawing him (he can be seen in at least two artworks of mine that I can think of and he will make a comeback for a lot of my other projects) but as I鈥檓 a lesbean myself, my focus is definitely more on the beautiful ladies of RE8! 馃い Thank you for getting in touch, Anon, and have an amazing day! 馃尀
Tumblr media
@drippykiddworld鈥, hi!! Thank you for sharing your idea with me! 鉁 I hope you enjoyed my artwork with the three of our RE8 madames sharing a very willing sacrifice! 馃憣馃槍 And concerning me playing the game, I started out and went about as far as the Beneviento estate and then my time to play sadly ran out. I have been waiting to play desperately, I just can鈥檛 seem to find the time. 馃槄 But I鈥檓 not complaining, I LOVE spending my day drawing!
Tumblr media
*snorts* Don鈥檛 mind if I do, Anon! 馃槀 I love your mind, keep up the good work!聽 馃憦
Tumblr media
Hey there, @warmbloodinmarble鈥, thank you for sharing your awesome idea! I think Alcina would make a SPLENDID french woman to draw! 馃挄 I鈥檒l keep this idea on my list and draw it as soon as possible! Have a nice day and take care of your creative mind!聽 馃槝
Tumblr media
Very important question, my dear Anon! I鈥檒l still have to set it up but some time in the future, you will be able to commission me via my Ko-Fi page. Until I get around to doing that, you鈥檙e free to contact me via DM on Tumblr or Instagram! See you there! 馃挄
Tumblr media
Ugh, my heart!!! 馃槏聽 I would draw this in a HEARTBEAT, all Beauty and the Beast style. I NEED to do this. It really fits in with my plan to do more romantic artwork for Alcina and her pet(s). Thank you for blessing me with this idea, Anon, and have an amazing day! 馃槝
Tumblr media
Hi Anon, thank you for getting in touch and asking your question! 馃槝聽 As stated before, I try to vary everything about Lady D鈥檚 pets frequently so that everyone can belong and project themselves into our favourite fandom. Definitely go for it, if you鈥檙e planning to make art for reader inserts! The world needs more daydream fuel! 馃槏馃槏 _____ And that concludes the first batch of our new installment ClassyfruitbASKet! 馃崏 馃崌 馃崜 I hope you鈥檒l find it interesting and if you have a question yourself, feel free to DM me or send me an ask.聽 I can鈥檛 thank you enough for all of your support and the insane amount of love I recieve from all of you on a daily basis! Thank you very much, I appreciate each and every one of you more than words could tell! 馃槏 See you next Tuesday! Much love, Classy
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brooklynbxtchesa month ago
Can I request 40s Bucky? Just anything for him
I went in an angsty direction with this that I honestly didn鈥檛 expect myself to take. Lmk if you had something a bit more risqu茅 in mind 馃槄 This is based off the theory that Bucky didn鈥檛 enlist but rather, was drafted. (His dog tag numbers suggest he was drafted since the first number is 3 instead of 1)
Tumblr media
Warnings: none, really, besides the fact it鈥檚 a little sad
鈥淚 enlisted,鈥 Bucky says with a lot of bravado, leaning back from the kiss he planted on your cheek in greeting. His tone is a little too strong, a little too brave, and not much like the typical lilt he鈥檚 charmed you with. His hands are still on yours, and he鈥檚 close enough to you that you should be able to feel the heat radiating off his body, but instead, you鈥檙e suddenly very cold.
You draw away from him a little bit, perhaps instinctually. You school your features and try to relax, but something about the situation feels wrong; he didn鈥檛 talk to you about this, he鈥檇 never make this kind of decision without at least mentioning it to you beforehand. He wouldn鈥檛鈥 would he? You鈥檇 thought you鈥檇 spend the rest of your life with Bucky; imagined marrying him often, imagined what it鈥檇 be like to wake up with him every morning, imagined having his children, but now it all seemed like a forgone conclusion. Maybe you were feeling particularly unfair in the moment, but you entertained the vindictive thought that you鈥檇 always assumed if Bucky left you, it鈥檇 be for another girl, not the war. Steve鈥檚 the one who wants to run off and have an adventure; Bucky never seemed quite so keen.
You let your eyes rest on his chest for just a moment, not ready to look him in the face yet, before you force yourself to look in his eyes. Bucky is searching you just as much as you鈥檙e searching him, his usually crystal blue eyes just slightly clouded. His eyebrows are slightly furrowed, and he鈥檚 set his jaw like he鈥檚 ready to have an argument.
You鈥檝e been quiet too long, and Bucky fills the silence where you can鈥檛. 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 sudden, but I promise I鈥檒l write to you as often as I can, doll.鈥 He thinks you don鈥檛 notice, but his voice wavers just a bit when he uses that pet name for you, and you see right through him.
鈥淚鈥檓 going to鈥斺 he starts, but you cut him off.
鈥淛ames,鈥 you exhale sadly, 鈥淭ell me the truth.鈥
Bucky lets out a soft sigh at the use of his real name, and drops his head slightly. 鈥淚鈥檝e been drafted,鈥 he says, and looks back up at you, the silence between his words deafening as your throat tightens on a cry and you stifle yourself. 鈥淚鈥檓 sorry I tried to lie to you,鈥 he continues, 鈥淚t鈥檚 what I told Steve, too. I thought鈥 I thought if I could make it seem like it was my choice to go, you wouldn鈥檛 worry so much, and it鈥檇 be easier for you.鈥 His voice is so quiet by the time he鈥檚 finished speaking, like he鈥檚 in confession and he鈥檚 just told you his sins.
You鈥檙e taken aback by the truth for one moment; you can鈥檛 help but admire the sheer scale of his instinct to protect you and your feelings, even with his own life in potential danger, and you feel the hot pinprick of tears on your lashes before you rapidly blink them away. You know you can鈥檛 cry right now, can鈥檛 cry in front of Bucky and make this harder than it already is for the man in front of you. His hand moves to your face to cup your cheek, and you lean into him, trying to memorize the feeling of his hand on your skin. You鈥檙e not sure you鈥檒l ever get to feel it again.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about me, Sergeant, I鈥檒l be alright,鈥 you murmur, aiming for a light heartedness which you know sounds forced, even to your own ears, but what you say next is genuine; 鈥淚 love you鈥 just鈥 come back home to me.鈥
Bucky pulls you close to him and you bury your face against his chest, sending a silent prayer that you鈥檒l never lose him.
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enjinia0009 months ago
Tumblr media
SO...I鈥檓 still working on this, but it鈥檚 taking awhile. Partly because I kept procrastinating on it. 馃槜聽聽
I have 9 pages sketched out, 3 of them are done. Well the first page still needs some minor background work, but it鈥檚 done.聽
I work at a convenience store and since the pandemic began we鈥檝e been swamped with customers. This week my coworker (the one who ships Chris/Wesker) left to go see his brother, the rest of us had to cover up for him. I only had one day off.(鈹敩锕忊敩鈹)聽
I鈥檝e been wanting to do a webtoon about work, but each time I get around to sketching it out, I fall asleep.馃槴聽
There is a lot, I鈥檇 like to do. Comics, Animations, Games...I鈥檝e been learning and trying to do a lot of these things because I used to be afraid to do so. I guess afraid I wasn鈥檛 good enough? Maybe that鈥檚 my autism that get鈥檚 me like that...even now, but I鈥檓 toughing through it!!
That was a little personal, but I鈥檇 like to relate to others who may feel the same way. 馃構
I have something to admit too! I鈥檝e only played 3 Resident Evil games out of the entire series! 馃槄 I grew up poor and in a shelter(Homeless), you don鈥檛 have stuff like that there.馃槂 But I did mention I wanted to do gameplay videos on my YouTube channel; of the ones I haven鈥檛 played. It鈥檚 going to be awhile until then...but I鈥檒l let you guys know when I鈥檝e uploaded a video. For now, I have like 4? random videos on there?
I am happy though that people like my posts because most of these drawings just sit in my sketch book or desk never getting looked at by anyone, but me or my coworker or my grandma. My grandma did鈥檛 always support me with art, she still doesn鈥檛 really. An art teacher I had in high school told me once,
聽鈥淚f you do something you love, you never work a day in your life.鈥
And that鈥檚 what I use to give my worth meaning.馃槒
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adarafaelbarba9 months ago
You wanted to see what we could come up with? 馃憖馃憖 How about reader experiments with calling Rafi "papi" in bed and it turns out he really likes it 馃樁馃槄
Hey, lovely nonny! Sorry, this is super late! But now seemed like a perfect time to post this, seeing as my lovely friend, @thatesqcrush is doing Kinktober聽it just fit to post this now 馃槄 Hope you enjoy dear 鉂わ笍
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 ~~~
Pairing: Rafael Barba x reader
Fandom: Law and Order SVU
Warning: NSFW (not fully though). Some use of Spanish.
Requested: yes
Request: You wanted to see what we could come up with? 馃憖馃憖 How about reader experiments with calling Rafi "papi" in bed and it turns out he really likes it 馃樁馃槄 - Anon
Tumblr media
The door cracked open, followed by two bodies all but falling through it. 芦Fuck mi amor, you look amazing tonight禄, Rafael moaned, taking in the looks of his girlfriend in front of him. 芦Hmmm. Yeah?禄 she purred, pulling him back to her.
She drove him wild constantly. Every touch leaving a burning tingle on his skin. Her lips ghosting over him, teasing him to come closer, to wrap his arms around her and pull her close just so he could claim her lips with his. The way she said his name. In a low whisper at night before going to bed. Or how she moaned out his name during their intimate times together. The way she almost scolded him at work when they had to put up the facade that they didn鈥檛 like each other.
Cupping her butt he pulled her as close as he could, his lips working marks into her neck. 芦Rafi, baby, no marks. I won鈥檛 be able to lie a鈥攁bout them禄, she stuttered, a whimper following as he bit down on her exposed neck. 芦I don鈥檛 care cari帽o禄, he murmured.
He noted how she shivered at how he traced his tongue along her collarbone. She was so responsive to every touch, every lick and every kiss. It was almost as if her body gravitated towards where they were connected. Wether it was his hand on her waist or his lips on hers.
芦Let鈥檚 take this to the bedroom禄, he said in a low voice, his hands squeezing her ass slightly. 芦Lead the way papi禄, she purred, biting her lip at the feeling of his hands on her ass. It was as if he had been struck by lightning, she had never called him that before. 芦What did you say?禄 he asked, looking at her with a confused look. 芦I said lead the鈥攚ait鈥攄id that turn you on Rafi?禄 she smirked at the thought of her calling him papi had some form of effect on him. 芦Yes. Say it again hermosa禄, he murmured, smacking her ass.
Squealing, she leaned in closer, her lips ghosting over his ear, 芦papi禄, she whispered, nipping at his earlobe. 芦Dios m铆o!禄 he groaned, feeling his pants growing tighter. Leaning over the other side, 芦Papi禄, she whispered into his other ear, nipping at that earlobe too. 芦Princesa, you鈥檙e threading in dangerous territory禄, he murmured, his fingers ghosting over the straps of her dress. 芦What are you going to do papi? Punish me?禄 That drew out a moan.
芦Maybe I will.禄 he smirked at how she seemed to draw a sharp breath. Letting the dress fall to the floor, Rafael took her hands in his, pulling her with him. 芦Maybe I鈥檒l show you what happens to brats who tease.禄 From anyone else, that sentence would cause her to laugh, but somehow it just sounded alluring, sensual, sexy, coming from Rafael. 芦Yeah? And what would that be?禄 she was threading dangerously, but it didn鈥檛 scare her.
It wasn鈥檛 that their sex life was vanilla. Far from it. But did that mean she wanted to stop exploring? Hell no! She loved finding more ways to have fun, more ways to please Rafael.
Letting out a squeal as he picked her up, (Y/N) let Rafael carry her to their shared bedroom. 芦I鈥檒l show you hermosa禄, he growled, kissing her exposed neck.
Taglist: @thatesqcrush @sweetcannolicarisi @itsjustmyfantasyroom @meri-dawn @detective-giggles @rafaheadcanons @katierpblogg
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