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crispyimagines17 · 27 minutes ago
There’s no secret that you love powerful men; those who can give you the world at your feet and thinking it isn’t enough. You were currently dating a narco, and despite being all day at home surrounded by 6 foot men watching every movement you make, the trips to Greece or Italy always lighten up your mood. 
Expensive jewelry, designer clothing, cocktails, so he can show everyone you belong to him. Or so he believes... until you find your next victim. 
Tumblr media
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rae-gar-targaryen · 2 hours ago
Who wants to come talk to me about Angelitoooooo? Any of our Mayans bbz really?
Tumblr media
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crowfootwrites · 4 hours ago
Aaaand now we're caught up! June 13th! Click here for more June drabbles! ☺️
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13. Medicine:
You pulled the pink box out of the medicine cabinet with trembling fingers, examining it as restless thoughts swirled in your head. Taking a deep breath, you shoved the anxiety down and pulled out a pregnancy test.
A couple minutes later, you yanked the bathroom door open and pulled Nestor, waiting nervously on the other side, in to wait breathlessly for the results with you.
You never would have thought that two little lines could mean so much, but as Nestor wrapped you joyfully in his arms, you felt weightless. Finally, after two years, an end to the waiting.
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crowfootwrites · 4 hours ago
Here's the June 12th drabble! I know Emily is controversial (lol) in the fandom, but I actually kind of like writing her? Idk. See my June Prompt List for more drabbles!
Also, if you'd like to be notified when I post new work, you can join my group chat!
12. Stroll:
“I just feel like something’s off,” Emily says quietly as the two of you stroll through the park, Cristobal’s tricycle cruising ahead of you. “He hasn’t been the same since Dita died, and I understand grieving, but this feels darker than that, you know? Almost sinister.” She shivers and you squeeze her arm supportively.
The wind shifts ominously, despite the days’ cheerful sunshine. You remember Nestor’s presence several yards behind you, and you lean into Emily, masking your intentions as a hug. “If you ever need to run, I got you,” you breathe, watching tears form as she nods firmly.
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crowfootwrites · 4 hours ago
Ok, y'all! Big oops on my part - I went out of town this weekend and didn't get a chance to post my drabbles. But the good news is that you're getting three of them tonight!
So, here's the June 11th drabble from my June Prompt List!
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11. Watercolors:
“You wanna try?” you ask gently, sensing Coco watching intently over your shoulder.
Coco nods mutely and sits at the table beside you. You hide your grin, knowing he’s a little stoned. Sliding the tray of watercolors towards him, you hand him a paintbrush and a sheet of thick paper. You sit back as he experiments, swirling the paint on the page and watching dreamily as the colors seep across the water.
“Look at the colors move, ma,” he mumbles, and you giggle, deciding to add regular weed & watercolor days to your calendar, just to see more of this.
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reyeslut · 6 hours ago
can someone rec good love songs?? this bishop fic is SOFT and HORNY
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reyeslut · 6 hours ago
here's a lil sneak peek of the upcoming Bishop fic I'm currently writing (where Bishop serenades the reader and sings to her while making love)
'With every lyric you feel yourself start to float higher and farther until you’re sure you’re in heaven. Your eyes close, not because you’re tired, but because you’re calm, you’re happy. The rasp in Bishop’s voice lulls you into a state of serenity, you can’t think, all you can do is feel. Feel the love that’s palpable in the air, enveloping you both in its warmth. You can hear his voice and the tune he plays, but you don’t register it. The music has you falling further into your cocoon, and by the time the song ends, you hardly realize it.'
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drabbles-mc · 7 hours ago
Lo Siento
!This Fic Contains Season 3 Spoilers!
Taza Romero x David
Request by Anon: For the 'Touching' ask meme can I request #2 (running fingers through hair) for David and Taza because I'm a hoe for pain?
Warnings: angst, blood, death
Word Count: 900
A/N: This wasn’t originally going to be angsty I swear! But I am also a hoe for pain apparently so it still ended up going there. This is also my first Taza fic!
Join my group-chat here: (X) ​
General Mayans Taglist: @garbinge​​ @mayans-sauce​​ @thesandbeneathmytoes​​ @paintballkid711​​ @tomhardydallasstarsgirl​​ @queenbeered​​ @sillygoose6969​​ @sesamepancakes​​ @yourwonkywriter​​ @chibsytelford​​ @gemini0410​​ @behindmyeyes-insidemyhead​​ @plentyoffandoms​​ @georgiaaintnopeach​​ @twistnet​​ @themoonandthewicked​​ @bucky-iss-bae​​ @encounterthepast​​ @everyhowlmarksthedead​​ @rosieposie0624​​ @mylittlelonelyappreciationtoo​​ @mijop​​ @xladymacbethx​​ @blessedboo​​ @holl2712​​ @lakamaa12​​ @masterlistforimagines​​ @kkim120​​ @toni9​​ @shadow-of-wonder​​ @crowfootwrites​​ @redpoodlern​​ @punkgoddess-98​​ @black-repunzel99​​ @lexondeck​​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​​ (If you want to be added just let me know!)
Tumblr media
The ranch house was quiet. The only noise was the sound of the rain on the roof, a sound that was hard to come by in Santo Padre. Taza and David were both on the couch, watching their pair of puppies play-wrestle on the open floor in front of them. They were trying their best to growl, to sound intimidating to the other, but obviously to the two men looking on it only served to make them smile.
Taza’s arm was draped around David’s shoulders, his fingers wrapping gently around the man’s arm. David settled into the soft touch, leaning farther into Taza’s side. He pulled his legs up onto the couch, tucking them close to his body. Taza turned and silently pressed a kiss to the side of David’s head, causing him to let out a hum of approval.
As the storm continued to rage on outside, the two of them got more and more lost in their own little world. David rested his head in Taza’s lap, looking up at him with a dreamy look in his eyes. The two of them spoke softly to each other, whispering as though someone might overhear them. David idly toyed with the rings on Taza’s fingers as he listened to the man tell one story after another, always glad to listen and soak it all up while he could. Their days together never quite lasted long enough, after all.
“You know,” Taza’s voice was light, happy, “for one of the most talkative people I’ve ever met, you’re awfully quiet.”
David chuckled, eyes barely open, “I just like listening to you, that’s all.”
The sentiment made Taza’s heart beat faster inside his chest. His fingers made their way into David’s hair, gently carding through the long, dark locks. Taza felt him lean into the touch and he smiled, more than happy to keep his hands busy running over David’s head as he picked another story from his memory banks to tell him.
David’s eyes were completely shut, but he still smiled and spoke softly when the timing was right, clearly still listening despite the relaxation that was taking over his body. His body slowly became heavier against Taza’s, but he didn’t mind—David was his security blanket in the midst of a lot of chaos. To see the calm expression on his face, made Taza feel calm too.
“You going to braid it, too?” David’s voice was raspy, almost asleep but still laughing.
“Braiding is Laura’s forte, mi amor,” he chuckled, shaking his head has he continued to run the pads of his fingers through David’s hair, “not mine.”
“Well, whatever you’re doing,” he repositioned slightly, completely melting into Taza, “don’t stop.”
That day felt like it was a million lifetimes ago as Taza took in the scene in front of him. The air got stuck in his throat as he stumbled over to David’s body, sinking to his knees in the process because his body couldn’t support him through the grief.
He collapsed into a kneeling position beside David’s body, hands coming up to cover his mouth, to try and stifle the body-wracking sobs that were trying to fight their way out. There were a million emotions and questions flying through Taza’s brain, but he already knew all the answers that actually mattered. That was an extra layer of pain on top of the rest of it.
He did his best to take a deep breath as he truly took stock of what he was looking at. There was blood, so much blood. It was on the floor, on David’s clothes, now on his own as well. It stained the man’s neck, the trickles that were left led to the pools on the floor beside his head.
Tears streamed down Taza’s face as he reached forward and gently rested a hand on David’s chest, as if that was going to bring him back to life. There was no steady strum of a heartbeat that he was so used to, that he always found so much comfort in. He slid his hands up, past the slit that had been carved into his neck, until they were rested behind David’s head. Taza lifted him, resting his head in his lap like he’d done so many times before. He felt the warmth of the blood soaking through the fabric of his jeans but he didn’t care.
Tears fell from his cheeks down onto David’s as he “Lo siento, mi amor,” a sob finally escaped him, “I’m so, so sorry.”
He traced his thumb along David’s cheekbone before reaching and pushing the hair out of his face. He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to his forehead, lips trembling with barely-contained cries as he did so. He tucked a few stray locks of hair behind David’s ears, ignoring the blood that they left on the pads of his fingers as he continued to smooth the hair on his head. He repeated the motion over and over like it would somehow fix everything, like it would turn everything back to normal and David would just be relaxing in Taza’s lap the way that he always was. But he wasn’t, and it didn’t.
“Te quiero,” the words fell from his lips, too little too late, “Lo siento,” he leaned down and rested his forehead against David’s, fingers still tangled tenderly in the man’s hair, “Lo siento mucho.”
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asesinosdedios · 8 hours ago
Choose Your Mayan #2: The Beach Boys pt. 2
Tumblr media
Scenario: This takes place during the same beach outing, just in the evening/night time. The guys and their S/O’s welcome in the night with a bonfire and get up to their own respective activities.
Author’s Notes: This can be read individually for your specific Mayan or read altogether bc certain characters and plot point intertwine. I hope I represented the Mayan men that I usually don’t write for properly!
Ship: Reader Insert; Mayan x Reader
Bish is the one who decides that it’s time to start the bonfire and gets the younger members to take care of putting it together.  He supervises until you steal his attention. He is quick to give you his undivided focus because you are irresistible to him. He whispers his dirty thoughts into your ear as you sit on his lap and he’s caressing your thigh. A half smirk lingers on his lips because he knows that you’re blushing from his words. His mustache and beard tickles your skin with every movement he makes and he’s aware of this. The two of you cuddle by the fire until everyone is settled around it. That’s when he gets up and starts telling lively stories with his whole being. The smile on his lips genuinely reach his eyes and to see that against the backdrop of such a peaceful day, it melts your heart.
He and EZ take care of hauling the firewood to make the bonfire in a secluded section of the beach. Once everything is said and done, he slings you over his shoulder like it’s nothing and carries you to the fire. You sit between his legs on his bedroll. He pulls you into him and wraps his arms tightly around your waist. His laughter fills your ears as he listens to the the stories being told around the fire. He dips his head down to whisper comments into your ear to fill you in on stories that you weren’t familiar with. His beard would constantly tickle the crook of your neck, but you tried to not let that show because if Gilly noticed, he would take full advantage of that knowledge and tickle you relentlessly. 
As soon as the sun starts to set, he turns the kayak around to face the horizon so the two of you could watch it go down together. Once back on shore, the two of you are greeted by a raging bonfire. You lean into Taza’s side as the two of you sit on a piece of driftwood, warmed by the heat of the flames. He throws on a button down shirt, but only buttons up the bottom three leaving most of his chest exposed. Because Taza is Bishop’s oldest friend in the MC, Taza is the main subject of a lot of his stories. You learn a fair amount of new things about your man through Bish’s words. All Taza can do is flip his brother off when he mentions something embarrassing. 
You and Hank end up leaving early. You’re wine drunk and that makes you sleepy. He catches you dozing off in his arms despite the rowdy nature of the bonfire stories. The night is still young, but he knows that he’ll most likely see his brothers the next day. His main priority is getting you to bed and honestly he doesn’t mind calling it a night. He loves being soft and cuddly with you and it's easier to do that in the comfort of your own home. He carries you to the car before going back to pack up your beach gear. 
You and Angel make smores before picking a secluded spot to lay up on each other away from everyone else. He teases you over the mess you make with the chocolate and marshmallow. He leans down to lick the white, sticky sweetness off the corner of your mouth. This turns into a full blown makeout session. He cups the side of you face with his one hand and caresses your body with his other. He gets all touchy feely from the wine coolers that he drunk in secret from your stash. 
You and Neron fall into a comfortable silence. At first, he follows the stories being told around the fire, but as the group becomes more inebriated and roudy, he focuses more on you. He asks if you’re ok every so often, nuzzles into your neck, and squeezes your upper thigh to let you know that he’s still with you. The night is perfect to him: he has you, his brothers, the warm fresh air. The two of you drift off into your own world and end up having a deep conversation about life, leading you two to grow closer.
Later in the night when things settle down, Riz and Bish sing along, making up lyrics, to a string of random chords that Riz strums. His hair falls in his face and he just lets it as his hands were occupied by the instrument. You watch on and admire your man in his element while the flames illuminate his face just right. He catches your gaze every so often and winks to let you know that the words flowing from his mouth are for you. 
While you made smores, Coco lit another cigar from the flames of the bonfire. You ask him to teach you how to blow circles from the smoke. He usually uses it as a party trick around kids which you discouraged, but you were secretly impressed by the skill. Part of the night consisted of you slapping Coco over the head for exchanging crude jokes with Angel and him always apologizing with “My bad”. Other parts consisted of his arm being draped around your shoulder as you leaned into him and relaxed. With the hand hanging off that shoulder, he tapped you which was your cue to lace your fingers with his.
The two of you are the first to sit at the bonfire because he helped put it together. You sat hand in hand listening to El Presidente’s stories. As entertaining as that was, you really wanted EZ and did not want to wait until you got home. You whispered in his ear something about the group not missing the two of you. Quietly, the two of you sneak off and walk a long enough distance to make sure none of them would hear the both of you. 
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minimel-fics · 9 hours ago
Nowhere to Go
Tumblr media
Angel Reyes X Reader
He had hurt you before so what was causing you a little more pain now to avoid future hurt?
I’ve hit day 5 of 10 straight work days and the back pain is lethal!! I don’t know how I managed to work an 8 hour shift yesterday and write 5 fics... Creeper, Taza, Coco and Ez will be coming this week.
Warning: Slight season 3 spoilers
This wasn’t exactly how you had pictured this night going, sitting on the bed you shared with Angel unable to stop the stray stream of tears flowing from your eyes no matter how hard you tried. Stuff had been... Rough? Or maybe that was just a nice way to put it because life had been utter shit lately but you couldn’t bring yourself to actually do anything to change that.
Your day had started off well, your class of kindergarten students had blown you away with their meaningful art projects for their parents so when you arrived home with a full heart you had decided to take the chance of going to the clubhouse to spend a little time with Angel, most nights the guys were just sitting around drinking anyway.
There were plenty of people milling around the clubhouse when you had arrived meaning that tonight was a party night, maybe Angel’s mood would be looser than usual with all the drinks that had been flowing. You couldn’t spot Angel anywhere in the crowd but you had seen his bike outside so you knew that he was around somewhere, you had spotted his younger brother though. EZ was sitting by the bar, the last time you had been to a party he had still been a prospect but now as a full-patched member of the club, it was nice to see him able to enjoy himself. The smile slowly slipped off his face as he spotted you approaching him and the bar, he offered you his unopened beer and you thanked him with a smile.
“It’s been a while since you’ve come around.”
“I’ve had a lot going on,” You were quick to deflect the ache in your chest as the fact that Angel never invited you to parties anymore weighed heavy on your mind.
“I’ve got an announcement to make!” The booming voice of your boyfriend pulled everyone’s attention onto him, “We’re having a baby!”
The announcement was news to you, the even bigger news was the woman standing at his side that was not you. At first, you thought that maybe your brain was glitching, that this was all just a dream while you were most definitely awake but the gleam of a familiar ring on the woman’s finger caught your eye and the breath was knocked out of your lungs. The ring had once belonged to his mother and for so many years it was being promised to end up on your finger once the time was right.
“Y/N?” EZ’s voice sounded muffled in your ears as he gently squeezed your shoulder.
You were quick to shove off his touch, how long had he known that this had been going on? Did he not have the decency to tell you that your boyfriend was once again being unfaithful? “Don’t touch me.”
It was the shattering of the beer bottle hitting the ground after you accidentally knocked it off the bar top that captured everyone’s attention next. Angel’s eyes were locked on you as pure sadness swam through his eyes, the woman beside him looked genuinely confused as whispers began to overwhelm the clubhouse. All of the hushed voices rushed to your ears, the clicking of your heeled boots as you rushed through the door cutting through their words like knives.
You and Angel had met in your freshmen year of high school, becoming best friends and eventually dating in your senior year. You had stuck by him in Santo Padre through the death of his mother, the incarceration of his baby brother and his prospecting days. Things had been great until one day a little less than a year ago, a federal agent named Lincoln Potter had spilled the beans about Angel’s love child to you during an interrogation in hopes that it would help get you to flip on the Reyes brothers and the M.C, you did not of course. You could remember arriving home that night like it was yesterday, confronting the love of your life about his loyalty before he came clean about his entire relationship with Adelita. It had torn you apart but you kept telling yourself that you loved Angel and together you could get through this.
You entered your shared apartment, digging your suitcase out of the back of your closet and throwing all of your belongings into it. The dizziness hitting you like a ton of bricks as your emotions took control, you sat on the edge of the bed with your head resting in your hands as you tried to collect your bearings when it had dawned on you… the reason you had stayed with Angel the first time he had broken your heart and why you were hesitating now- you had nowhere else to go.
Your fresh sobs drowned out the sound of the front door slamming open, Angel desperate to find you in the now torn apart apartment. Even though he had failed you as a boyfriend the two of you had always been friends first, and if he was being honest he had no idea why you stayed by his side after everything that happened with Adelita- you didn’t deserve that and if you were not going to leave him yourself then he had just given you a reason to cut your losses and move on before he had the chance to cause you an entire lifetime of pain. He halted in the bedroom doorway, the last time he had seen you cry like that was when your grandfather, the man that had raised you passed away three years ago. You glanced up, attempting to wipe away your tears and the streams of mascara from your cheeks with the sleeve of your sweater.
“I have no place to go.”
Angel slowly stepped into the room, gently seating himself on the bed next to you as you cried. He threw his arm over your shoulder, tugging your head to rest on his shoulder as his own heart broke in his chest, he gone through with his plan to save you from future hurt but he had not anticipated all the other fall out you’d feel in the meantime.
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rae-gar-targaryen · 11 hours ago
Calling all Mayans Babes -- I am OFFICIALLY taking requests. Please use this prompt list (or if you don't see one you want to ask about, feel free to come up with one.)
I'm already working on one for the lovely @joannasteez so send, send away.
Pairings: Up to you! I'll write for any or our Mayans men, Rio from "Good Girls," and Diego Hargreeves. Maaaaybe Oscar Diaz I'd anyone asks? It can be a reader insert, a "Frida" insert. Whatever you want bbs.
Tumblr media
Tagging some lovelies just in case @belowva @calif0rnia-lovers @blessedboo @kijahslove @joannasteez @flightlessangelwings @the-purity-pen @themarcusmoreno @moonlight-prose @justanotherblonde23 @cinewhore
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utterlyhopeful-fics · 12 hours ago
Can’t or Won’t?
A/N: Pure word vomit quickly concocted from my ever angsty brain.
Angel Reyes x Reader
Word Count: 904
Warnings: my sailor’s mouth, break-up, a bit of heartbreaking angst (and by a bit I mean almost the entire drabble 😏)
Tumblr media
“I love you but I can’t marry you! I thought things were going just fine between us. What the hell happened?”
“Can’t or won’t, Angel?”
“Don’t be like that, mi amor.”
“Ah! Nope, no ya don’t! You can’t charm your way out of this one asshole.”
“I love you. Isn’t that enough?”
Her silence was piercing as an eerie thickness staled the surrounding air. Her breath quickened uncontrollably not entirely prepared for where this conversation was headed. But Y/N stuck her ground refusing to give in.
Her voice shook with uncertainty; “I thought so. I really did, Gel.”
He smiled at the sweet nickname but faltered seconds later. His gaze penetrated hers pleading to somehow understand yet remaining cool.
“What changed?”
Mounting pressure aided her anxiety slowly teeming to the edge right before overflowing; “I don’t fucking know!”
Sternness entered his tone next; “Yes, you fucking do. Just spit it out.”
“Why are you being this way?”
“What way?”
“All bastardly.”
“Thought that’s how you liked em?”
Her annoyance broke through biting back; “Don’t get snippy with me, Reyes. I’m just trying to talk and it’s like running full steam into a brick wall.”
“I never hide my agenda from you, Y/N. You knew my line in the sand and I thought you were okay with it. Wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong…”
“I saw you the other day.”
Her voice was clipped, disconnected, and factual. None bringing him a hint of comfort.
Angel’s head flipped so fast his neck popped; “So?”
“So, I saw you and her.”
His clueless expression persisted unbending; “Care to be more specific?”
“Nails. I followed you, I heard--- I saw the way you looked at her before y-yo—you kissed her. And then it all clicked into place.”
“What clicked?”
“You pulling away, ostracizing me at every available turn, and don’t even get me started on the last time we had sex.”
Her lips shut at the overriding echo of Angel. There wasn’t a distinct noise outside their rhythmic breathing. Each second intensified the charged room. Angel released a shuddering breath; “I’m not perfect. If there’s anything I can admit, it’s that. But I’ve never loved anyone like I’ve loved you and that’s not gonna change. When I’m with her, it’s like getting a fresh start. She doesn’t know any of the awful shit I’ve done or I can’t count the number of times I’ve made her cry. It’s unfair and fucked up.”
“I think that’s the first genuine thing you’ve said all evening.”
Angel fell to his knees kneeling before her. He’d never been one for begging until this very moment. Y/N’s shocked face startled him causing his smile to droop momentarily. Reality set in; she hadn’t been expecting him to fight. Angel wasn’t sure which made him feel shitter; that Y/N believed she wasn’t worth it or the resigned grimace she currently sported.
“Get up.”
He bounced from knee to knee finally finding a semi comfortable position. His hands guided to rest on her hips hugging her intimately.
“I choose you. I want our life just the way it is.”
Y/N didn’t dare meet his puppy eyes knowing how easy the downfall was; her chin quivered knowing it was time to make up her mind, to stay or go?
“…I don’t. Not anymore.”
Devastation clawed at his insides serrating his heart along the way.
Memories filtered through her thoughts remembering every single high, low, and in between.
“I t-think we should break up.”
“Over a fucking kiss?”
Y/N was again greeted with agitation by the impatient Mayan. Her head viciously shook in denial; “No, no.”
Her hands trembled slightly searching for the right words; “I don’t want to find it difficult to love you! I don’t want to keep accepting your promises knowing that you’ll never keep them. I don’t want to run in the same circles over and over again for us to sit across the room in tense silence. I don’t want a love that’s become painful and nothing else, yet here I am.”
Audibly exhaling, a calm sensation overcame her. Looking up to Y/N, Angel stared dumbfounded, realization sinking in.
His hands fell to his sides in defeat.
“I didn’t think---”
“That I’d have the balls to break up with you?”
A dry laugh aerated; “Si, si. Not just that…you’ve been my girl for so damn long. I honestly never pictured us endin. Not on my worst day.”
Y/N shot Angel a sympathetic gaze; “I was ready to be with you til the end of my days, Reyes.”
“You still can.”
Hope sprinkled his voice; “I can’t turn back now, A. As much as I love you, I love me more. And it needs to stay that way for a while.”
“You loved me as if I deserved it and I’ll be forever grateful for that, Y/N L/Y/N.”
Y/N stood on her tiptoes kissing him like so many times before; “You do deserve to be loved. Guess this is goodbye?”
“How bout a see ya later?”
“Until next time, Reyes.”
Y/N took her cue and exited leaving Angel alone sulking by his lonesome. But she couldn’t bring herself to glance back at the broken man knowing her resolve would dwindle. That was a luxury Y/N could no longer afford. So, she moved one foot in front of the other and continued her trek forward, only looking ahead.  
Tags:  @twistnet  @angelreyesgirl89 @carlaangel86 @imagineredwood @gemini0410 @mayans-mc @reaperwalking @prospectfandom @emmaveale123 @peaky-marvel @kind-wolf @scorpio4dayzzz @starrynite7114 @penny4yourthot @thegirlwhowritesfics @star017 @threeminutesoflife @woahitslucyylu  @summertimesadnesswithadashofsass @blessedboo​
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lemondrophoneydew · 12 hours ago
Didn’t know JD pardo was 40, Looking at his IMDb he’s been acting so long. its really a story of perseverance for PoC that he’s just now getting his big “break” .
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dallianceangel · 13 hours ago
Writing a music inspired fic is more difficult than I imagined.
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angelreyesgirl · 23 hours ago
Yo Te Quiero Chapter 9
Angel Reyes x OC
Warnings: swearing, cigarette smoking, sad Angel
a/n: took some time with this one because I was unsure where I wanted to go with Angel, but I think I got it😉 My dude definitely has some soul searching to do🙏🏽
Photo credit: Clayton Cardenas on FB/google image
Tumblr media
His chapped lips pucker as he slowly releases the nicotine from his lungs. He removes his sunglasses, no longer needing them as the sun has finally disappeared behind the mountains. All he sees for miles is desert landscape and it’s about as empty as his heart right now. Answers. That’s what she wants him to find, but where is he supposed to look? How is he supposed to know why he’s so fucked up? Does he even want to know? What if he comes across something he doesn’t like? What if he finds out that he’s beyond salvation? He needs answers, but all he has are questions.
Throwing the cigarette to the ground, he smears it with the toe of his boot before looking up towards the sky. He inhales deeply, releasing it slowly. “Whatever it takes,” he murmurs into the nothingness. Clicking the straps of his helmet together, he throws his leg over his Harley and starts the engine. One more inhale before he merges back onto the empty highway. He passes a road sign letting him know he still has 125 miles to go until he reaches Tucson. Ezekiel isn’t going to be happy with his decision, but it’s what needed to happen. He hopes his baby brother doesn’t see this as a betrayal and understands he’s doing this for the two people he loves the most; Mari and his daughter.
“He did what?!” Ezekiel shouts, slamming his fist against the Templo table. Bishop narrows his eyes at him in warning. Ezekiel has every right to feel frustration over being blindsided like this, but he won’t allow the disrespect.
“He said he needed some time away so he asked for a transfer to the Tucson charter.”
“It’s temporary,” he reassures the table before wrapping his hand around his gavel. “And it’s not up for discussion. The decision has been made and that’s final.” Before the sound of the gavel can finish traveling through the room, EZ is up and out of his chair. He angrily slides the Templo door open before grabbing his phone from the basket and disappearing through the front door.
“You two,” Bish nods towards Gilly and Coco. “Follow him and make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid. I’m sure he’s heading over to Mari’s apartment so make sure she’s all good. The last thing she needs is more trouble from another Reyes.” Both men stand, nodding their heads before following in Ezekiel’s footsteps. Bish pinches the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger while shaking his head. Just once he wishes he didn’t have to deal with so much outside bullshit.
He sits on his bike outside of Mari’s apartment building. He doesn’t want to bother her, but if anyone knows why Angel went to Tucson, it’d be her. The rumbling of a pair of approaching motorcycles causes him to hang his head. “Fuck.”
“What’s going on, boy scout?” Coco shouts over the roar of his engine as he pulls up next to EZ and shuts his bike off. EZ sees Gilly pull up behind him through his mirror and rolls his eyes.
“Let me guess, Bish sent you to check on me?” Both men shrug. “I’m not going to do anything crazy, you two don’t need to babysit me. All I want to do is ask Mari if she knows why Ange—”
Coco holds his hand up, cutting him off. “Just leave her alone, ‘mano. I’m sure Angel had his reasons. Besides, he’d never just up and leave the two of them if they didn’t have some kind of disagreement. It’s their relationship, none of our business.”
“She knows we are all here for her,” Gilly adds. “So unless she asks for help, it might be best to stay out of it. We don’t want to make shit worse. This is between her and Angel.” Ezekiel nods his head, reluctantly. He knows he should stay out of things that don’t involve him, but he can’t help worrying about those he loves. He’s always had an incessant need to fix problems. 
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”
“C’mon,” Coco leans over and slaps the back of EZ’s shoulder. “Let’s go to the bar.”
“It’s 10:30 in the morning.”
“Okay, and? We’ll get you a lemonade if you don’t want a beer like a man,” Gilly chuckles. EZ rolls his eyes before starting his engine again. He takes one last look towards the apartment building before pulling away from the curb and following behind Coco.
She releases the blinds as soon as the men make their way down the street. She was thankful for Bishop giving her the heads up about a possible visit from EZ. The last thing she wanted to do was get into a discussion with him regarding Angel’s whereabouts. If she’s being honest, she had no idea he temporarily transferred to Tucson until Bish texted her. The thought of Angel being that far gives her a slight pain that she quickly pushes to the deep recesses of her mind. She has to keep reminding herself that it’s for the best. Angel has a lot of issues he needs to figure out, without her. He can’t be the man their daughter needs if he has no idea who he even is and why he is the way he is. Felipe and EZ don’t hold the answers he needs, he has to dig deeper than that.
Marisol stirs in her sleep and it causes Mari to smile. She’d do anything for this little girl including sending her father away. She just hopes she wasn’t too harsh and that Angel actually comes back.
The front of the house is as he always remembered it. The weeds are more overgrown and the paint is chipping, but it’s the same. His eyes fall towards the cement steps leading to the small porch as his mind wanders to summers spent sitting next to his mother while she told him and EZ stories about days gone past. He shakes his head and the memory fades. He’s not here to reminisce; he’s here for answers. He didn’t pick the Tucson charter at random, there was a reason he chose this city.
“Angel?” The sweet timbre of her voice instantly causes his jaw to unclench and his muscles to relax. He makes his way towards her, stopping at the bottom of the steps.
“Tía Rosa,” he mutters as he shuffles his boots from side to side. It’s been a long time since he’s come to visit her. He feels guilty. She probably thinks he forgot about her, but it was just too painful to see his mom’s younger sister after her murder. He wants to say more, but the words fail him.
“It’s okay, mijo. Ven,” she coos, holding her arms out towards him. He takes a deep, shaky breath before he walks up the stairs and falls into her arms. As soon as they wrap around him, every emotion he’s been holding onto since the passing of his mother comes flowing out. She pats his back, gently, as he continues to unload the heaviness he’s been carrying. “You’re okay, mijo. Sshhh,” she comforts him until he calms. He pulls away from her, turning to wipe his nose with the back of his hand. “You’ve grown very tall since the last time I’ve seen you, my little Angelito.”
“Yeah,” he clears his throat. “Don’t let the height fool you, Tía. I’m still a messed up little kid.”
“Maybe we can fix that. Here, follow me.” Turning, she holds the door open for him to walk through. Sighing, he says a silent prayer before stepping inside. Please, Dios Mío, let me find the answers I need.
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