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#max ayshford
joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Max: I told Jake his ears flush red when he lies.
Harrison: Why?
Max: Look.
Max: Hey Jake! Do you love us?
Jake, covering their ears: No.
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joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Max: I trust Jake.
Chase: You think he knows what he’s doing?
Max: I wouldn't go that far.
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joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Max: If there's going to be a big dramatic scene, wait until I get back.
Jake: Of course. I can't flip this table by myself.
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joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Jake, whining: Can you guys just TRY to see it from MY perspective?
Maxi: *gets on knees*
Max: *crouches down*
Jake: I will kill you both in your sleep.
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joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Whippet: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Reidy: Oh yeah? You’re the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
Whippet, gesturing from Reidy to Jake: I’m leaving you, and I’M TAKING OUR CHILD WITH ME
Max, picking up the monopoly board: I think we’re gonna stop playing now.
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joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Whippet: How did none of you hear what I just said?
Reidy: I’ve been zoned out for the past two and a half hours.
Max: I got distracted about halfway through.
Jake: Ignoring you was a conscious decision.
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joshua-bradley · 4 days ago
Whippet: Who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat?
Reidy: >:O language
Harrison: Yeah watch your fucking language !
Jake: 'The fuck word'.
Max: Are you stupid? You guys use the f word all the time
Harrison: Oh my god, he censored it
Jake: Say fuck, Max.
Harrison: Do it, Max. Say fuck.
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joshua-bradley · 5 days ago
Harrison: Why are your tongues purple?
Max: We had slushies. I had a blue one.
Jake: I had a red one.
Harrison: oh
Harrison: OH
Maxi: You drank each other's slushies?
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joshua-bradley · 5 days ago
Harrison: Rules are made to be broken.
Maxi: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Reidy: Uh, piñatas.
Whippet: Glow sticks.
Max: Karate boards.
Jake: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Harrison: Rules.
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joshua-bradley · 5 days ago
Jake, standing with their back turned: I’ve been expecting you, Max.
Max: How did you do that without turning around?
Jake: ... To be perfectly honest, the first couple of people I did that to were not you.
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joshua-bradley · 5 days ago
Jake: *hesitantly moving bucket with deadly sea snake in because he’s absolutely terrified of them and is literally not having a good time*
Max: *does nothing to help and is just hysterically laughing at his friends misery*
[ time 2:30 on this video for context ]
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joshua-bradley · 5 days ago
Reidy, dramatically: She was poetry, but he couldn’t read.
Jake: His name was Jarred, he’s nineteen.
Maxi: When his parents built a very strange machine.
Jesse: Watch that scene! Dig it the dancing Queen!
Max and Harrison, together: AAAAYYYY MACARENA !!!
Whippet, clapping his hands together: Horrible job, everyone.
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joshua-bradley · 10 days ago
“your inability to learn difficult handshakes is tearing our friendship apart!!”
- young jake to young max, probably
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jennsmischievousmind · 10 months ago
Coming Up on Bondi Rescue - A Max Ayshford story part 2
It's not my thing to write drabble - I need structure - so here goes part 2 of Coming Up on Bondi Rescue -A Max Ayshford story
Tumblr media
Back at Bondi's beach couple days later Kyle's girlfriend, Jendayi joined the team, another teen to watch.
Playing Chicken Fight with the teens in the water, you find yourself carrying Ava on your shoulders, knowing her fierce character you knew Kyle's girlfriend wouldn't win. And you were right, Ava pushed her, sending Kyle under water and Jendayi tumbling into a wave. Fearing she might hit her head on a sandband you quickly grabbed her arm, she took the wave but at least didn't get hurt, no spinal injury today.
Ava got down your shoulders just how she got on, climbing down your waist and thighs. No wonder she was a good cheerleader.
"Oh my, look" she yanked at your hand, "the lifeguards!"
She reacted as any teenager would in front of cute guys. But it wasn't because she liked them, it was because she knew one of them had took interest in you. Max. At least she felt it, as she would say, even though she had seen the guy 5 minutes while you bid goodbye.
After Hazel's parents were found, Ava and Kyle came to fetch you out the lifeguards' tower, eventually meeting Max, Jake and Harries.
You pull your swimdress down a little since you had a ridiculous sunburn high on your thighs from a few days ago while you were skating in shorts.
She looked at you, her devious smile plastered on "Don't ..." you warned, and she run to the buggy. "Troublemaker" you mumbled
"Hi! Can we take pictures? She asked with no fear in the world. Kyle was staying by your side while his girlfriend and his sister started taking pictures with Max and another lifeguard named Jessie.
"Y/N, come!" She called out, then caught your arm almost throwing you into Max's chest.
"Sorry, hi," you cleared your throat, trying to not stare at his chiseled torso.
"How are ya?" He asked, while looking straight ahead at Kyke taking the photo.
"Fine, thks, you?"
"Great now" you both adored a shy smile.
Kyle frowned, handing Ava her phone. He was watching Max like a hawke.
"Hm, I'll be up in the tower in about," he turned around to Jessie grabbing his wrist to see his watch, "an hour. If you, and the kids," he remember they were here, "want to have a lifeguard experience."
"Yeaah, let's do it!" Ava obviously was thrilled
"Please, Y/N!!" Jendayi pleaded, Kyle on the other hand shrugged. You made a note to talk to him later.
"Ok, we'll come up in an hour then" you smiled, he offered the biggest smile you've seen from him so far making your legs wobbly.
"Tower to north rhino, you got a man struggling at the back"
"Copy mate" Jessie answered the talkie and Max ran into action, grabbing the board on the other side and sprinting to the water.
You watched him, barely stopping the drool out of your mouth seeing his ripped back muscles.
Get yourself together you internally slap yourself.
"I'm hungry, can we get back to the towels," Kyle grumbled
Ava crashed into you locking her arm around yours "Who doesn't want a lifeguard experience .." she chuckled
"Ava!" You gaped at her naughty comment.
"Kyle, what's going on with you and the lifeguards"
He brewed on his own in his mother's kitchen.
"He's jealous"
"What? Of who?" Ava didn't reply, munching on her pop-corn instead.
"I'm not jealous! He finally argued, "I .. I don't want Y/N to get hurt by another guy that's all!"
You were speechless. You'd never imagine he would be concern about uour relationship that much. He knew your abusive ex-boyfriend but ...
"I'm so sorry Kyle, that you took it up on you to worry for me, really I would have never thought.." you gave him a tight hug.
"Now I need you to stop worrying for me, okay. Live your teen life, I'll be fine now."
"So no more death stare at the Max guy" Ava spoke uo with her mouth full almost chocking.
"Max?" You wondered "Oh! Max...right. Yeah please don't scare him away." The three of you laughed it off.
You had broken up with your 3 years boyfriend after he once again took his anger upon you, yelling and accusing you of all sorts of things that were going wrong in his life. In the end he was just a loser. Thinking about it now, you never thought you could be one of those woman who doesn't escape the situation sooner. Hell he even didn't want you at the beach because he didn't want guys to look at you.
It had been about 6 month now, you were feeling so much better, and enjoying Bondi Beach as much as you could. He on the other hand was still harassing you from time to time, but you told yourself you won't let what he could say by text or vocal messages, keep you up at night.
You wanted to move on, you had take some time for yourself and meeting Max at the perfect timing, you decided it was time for you to start dating again. Now someone else could keep up at night for better reasons.
An hour later you were up in the lifeguard tower, Max was here, Harrisson a smiley boy, a tall blond named Maxi and Yatesy.
Max opened the door, before you could tell them to behave the teens ran up the stairs to see the view from there, the CCTV and else.
"If they break anything ..., I'm sorry," you told Max who was still by your side on the ground floor.
"It's alright, I'll take responsability, it's worth it"
Taking in his words you were trying to come up with somerhing, but in the corner of your eyes you saw Kyle eyeing the shark alarm. "Don't you even dare!"
Jendayi slapped Kyle's arm, she was keeping him in line, great!
You sight, "see, that's what I'm talking about," Max laughed leading you up.
About 20 minutes later, even though chatting with Max and the other lifeguards was great, you decided it was time to go you didn't want to abuse their hospitality, and they were working in the end.
"Go on!" Harrisson pushed him
"Hm, Y/N!" you stopped at the door "Yeah?"
He bit his lower lips, a thing you noticed he tend to do sometimes "We lock the tower at 6.30, would you ..would you like to go out for a drink tonight?"
Ava squealed behind you, Kyle grabbed her dragging her to the pavement.
The corner of your lips quirked up, "I'd love too." He beamed "meet you here at 6.30 then" you leaned in pressing a hand on his chest, going on your tiptoe to reach his cheek, leaving a gentle peck on his sharp jawline. The smile he had was lovely, never faltering, making you melt.
Taking a few steps to the main road you heard a sudden ruckus from the lifeguard tower, the door was still open, whooping with laughter erupting from the place, you chuckled to yourself. Ava talked about it all night during diner with their mom. She was almost more excited than you.
Tumblr media
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jennsmischievousmind · 10 months ago
Coming up on Bondi Rescue - A Max Ayshford Story
A/N: I've been a tiny bit obsessed with Bondi Rescue recently. Max Ayshford caught my eye, I had to ...
Let me know if you'd be interested in a 2nd chapter. Also available on wattpad.
English ain't my main language, I'm trying to get better at it. Tenses are the worst even in my own language.
Tumblr media
"Kyle, your mom said no more flat rocks, so don't get me started." The 15 years old teenager sighed, throwing his bag on the sand. His body was covered with old scars from the rocks at Bondi Beach.
He used to go there with his friends, and his sister used to follow so their mother asked you to "babysit" them. Maybe she thought they would listen to a young adult, and it worked, most of the time.
You followed them to the shore, making sure they were between the red and yellow flags and watched them from there, water hitting your ankles you smiled as the two of them start splashing each other.
Ava, the soon eighteen years old woman giving an absolute hell to her brother.
"Shoot!" Something touched your calve scaring you, thinking immediatly it was a bluebottle, until you heard a sweet babble. A little toddler with a white skeevy on clang onto your leg. Crouching down to her level, she immediatly climbed into your arms.
"Oh, oh ...hey sweetheart, what's wrong?"
She babbled again, not really alarmed or anything, playing with the little pompoms on your now wet dress.
Looking around you ask if she was with someone, none reclaimed the tiny girl so you stood up.
"Kyle, Ava," you waved at them but they weren't looking at you so you whistled, a loud whistle, they recognized immediatly. Seeing you with a kid in your arms, they frowned.
"A new babysit?" Ava strained her hair, walking out the water.
"I think she's lost, you go back to the towels, I'll go to the lifeguards' tower."
You saw Kyle grinned, already planning a trip to the flat rocks.
"You do not move from your towel or god save your ass!" the kid in your arms chuckled at your menacing voice. Kyle dragged his feet to his towel, defeat written all over his face.
"I'm being serious little one, you can't laugh" you talked to the baby while you make your way to the tower.
"No picking on the girls on the beach remember the rule, Max?"
"I know, I know ..."
"Why's so interesting about her, mate?"
He didn't answer his nagging colleagues' questions as he kept looking at the beach. Since an hour or so, he had been watching you, say like that it sounds creepy, alternating his attention between the sea, the swimmers, and you. Something he couldn't explain had pull his attention to you.
Few minutes later Yatesy chuckled beside him.
"Seems like your girl of interest is coming this way."
"Go open the door!" Jake teased him, Max refuses, his leg jumping with the sudden stress as he watch you come up the stairs.
Jake laughed at Max's reaction as he jogged down the stairs.
A smiley guy opened the door, greeting you.
"Hi, this little one is lost. She came to me on the shore. I couldn't find anyone knowing her."
"Oh alright." Jake leaned in, "Hey sweetie, you come with me?" He tried to get the little girl from your arms but she whined and tightened her tiny embrace around you neck.
"I don't mind staying until you find her parents." You chuckled at the kid's shyness, Jake lead you up the stairs, where two lifeguards were watching the beach.
"Yatesy, Max, get the ladies a chair."
Both of them turned around, greeting you, Yatesy more briefly as he turned back his attention to the beach, the one named Max on the other hand, stood up up his chair a bit clumsily sending this latter back against the desk. He looked around then slide another chair between Yatesy and him.
The man was tall and pretty handsome. You were not expecting that when coming up here.
"The little girl is lost, hm..." Jake looked at you for your name, "Y/N," you intervened. "Y/N," he glanced at Max "Brought her up."
"She came to me and doesn't want to let go since." You poke the kid's chubby chick.
Yatesy radio called the other lifeguards, saying that a little girl had been found and was at the tower if someone was looking for her.
"So, Y/N, you're here on holidays." Jake questioned, mostly for Max, as you took a seat between the two lifeguards.
"Nah I live here, it's been a while since I came to Bondi tho. I'm babysitting my neighbor's troublemakers teens."
Max looked at your features as you talked to Jake and Yatesy. You glanced at him as he was silent, the eye contact and the way he shyly looked at you made you slightly blushed.
Another lifeguard with a big smile barged in, his eyes landed on you and the little girl.
"Here comes the kid's favorite, hey Harries"
But the little girl seeing the big man coming all to jovial to her started sobbing.
"Oi, oi a child who doesn't like Harries."
"What's her name?" Harries asked from afar.
Max leaned in the little girl, holding out a red whistle to her as a toy, to try and calm her down. She didn't take it but stared at him.
"What's your name sweetheart?" He said as you brushed her curls away from her face.
She was about three so you assumed she knew her name at least.
Seeing she was hesitant, you pointed at yourself when she looked at you "Y/N," you articulate then pointed to Max, who was inevitably really close, he followed your "plan". "Max," he said pointing at himself, then pointed at her, waiting for her to say her name.
Still a bit wary looking at the smiley dark hair lifeguard, you nodded as she glanced at you.
"Hazel" she shyly mumbled burying her face in your chest, looking back at Max.
This latter smiled brightly sending a jolt into the pit of your stomach. Damn. His clear eyes on you, you melt a bit at his sweet demeanor.
"Looks like Max won the girl's heart!"
Yatesy cooed followed by the boys, he was talking about Hazel but mate, he might have won yours too.
Glancing at the handsome lifeguard, you selfishly hope it will take time to find Hazel's parents.
Little did you know, the green eyed lifeguard hoped the same.
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