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#matt casey x reader
fighterkimburgess · 4 days ago
You and Matt adjusting to your lives with newborn daughter Emma and your son Andy head cannon.
You thought that going from one kid to two would be easier than none to one. You were very, very, very, wrong.
Because while Emma is basically defenceless, Andy is still himself. And now that he knows you're at home on maternity leave he doesn't want to go to daycare anymore.
Matt still brings him, but it's stressful on both of you.
Andy was an easy baby, Emma's not. She's colicky and doesn't seem to want to sleep unless she's on a human. So then you're too afraid to sleep unless you roll over with her.
After a week of this Matt buys a rocking chair so you can try sleep in it. It works, but it's not exactly comfortable.
Andy loves Emma. He keeps trying to play with her, but just can't grasp that she can't really do anything yet.
But then when she's a couple of weeks old she grins, and honestly it makes the few weeks of newborn sleep deprevation so worth it.
You get regular texts from folks in 51 of Matt falling asleep in random places. Your favourite is in his turnout gear in his seat in 81, so if the bells go off he's in the right spot.
You never admit how much you love the "Where's Casey sleeping" photos.
After week four of Emma's colic you text Cindy Herrmann for advice. You're a doctor, you feel like you should be able to handle it! But sometimes you just need a mother of five who treats you almost like her adult child to make you feel better.
This time Matt's the one who gets the photo sent to him, you curled up in bed asleep, Emma in her bassinet beside the bed. And finally it feels like you're over the hump of it.
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allybaby19961 · 4 days ago
Hey Guys!
I'm coming back soon!
I've just been dealing with a lot lately and havent felt like writing.
So I'm bringing back one of my FAVORITE series I have wrote on here and that is Secret Voight. It's a Jay Halstead multi part one shot. If you havent read them, I'll be putting a hashtag that says Secret Voight, click on it and all the parts are in there.
Also a lot of people are asking if I could do a few more chapters of You Got It Wrong (Matt Casey). Initially, I was only to write it the way I did, if yall want me to do a few more parts, let me know.
So for new stories/one shots. I'm working on a couple of Evan Buckley ones from 911 and of course anyone I have wrote for in the past, I am still gonna write for. If you are wanting to be tagged in any of the upcoming stories, let me know. Also requests are open.
Lastly, I am working on a master list
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fighterkimburgess · 4 days ago
(is this specific enough) a H.C where you and Matt sit down and explain to Andy that he is getting a little sibling and he questions how the baby got in your stomach
As someone who’s never had children, and probably never will, I have a huge fondness for couples having kids and it being super happy.
You’d wanted to wait to tell Andy about the baby, but when you were eleven weeks and having to wear maternity pants you knew it was coming up on time.
So you sat the four year old down after dinner and explained that there was a baby in you and he was going to have a little brother or sister.
His first question was “did you eat a baby?”
When you told him no, he asked how the baby got in your tummy.
You’d thought you’d get away till he was eight or nine before even thinking about answering this question. But nope.
Matt swooped in with calling it a special hug, and you followed. It seemed to work
Until Kelly and Stella came over the next afternoon and Andy announced “mom and dad had a special hug and now there’s a BABY”
Not exactly how you wanted your pregnancy revealed.
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fighterkimburgess · 5 days ago
I wish you would write a fic where the reader and Matt try to get Andy to say his first word and she brings Andy by 51 to see Matt. While at 51, Andy's first word is a naughty word he repeats after Severide says it.
"Can you say Daddy?" You asked your son, who just babbled away at you.
"Dadadadadada. Mamamamama." You were trying to convince him to start saying actual words, but he was still babbling in baby talk. It wouldn't be long, but you were trying to encourage him.
"Let's go see Daddy? And see if Uncle Sevvy and Auntie Stella want to spend time with you?" Once you were loaded into the car he babbled away, excited to see the firehouse come into view.
You were walking across the app floor when a loud "Oh, for FUCKSAKE" came from your son's godfather, and you just rolled your eyes.
"Language, Severide. There's little ears in the house," you called, pleased when he at least looked sorry.
"C'mere, Andy, wanna hang out at the cool table? We'll turn you into a Squad guy, no matter what your Dad thinks." He lifted Andy out of your arms, settling him against his chest.
"Fu-sakes! Fu-sakes!" Andy said, and you couldn't stop the burble of laughter you let out as Kelly looked terrified.
"FU-SAKES! FU-SAKES! FU-SAKES!" Andy yelled with your laughter encouraging him, everyone else trying hard to stop their grins as Kelly stared at his godson.
"No, Andy, that's not a good word to say. C'mon kid, don't get me in trouble."
"Don't get you in trouble for what?" Matt asked, wrapping an arm around you as he took in the sight in front of him.
"Dada! Dadada! Fu-sakes Dada! Fu-sakes Dada!" Andy reached over for Matt, who bit his lip to stop from laughing.
"Seriously, Severide? My kid's first actual word and you make it a swear? You've set a high bar for whenever you and Stella have kids, you know that?"
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fighterkimburgess · 6 days ago
It seems there has been a trend for this, I wish you would write a fic or HC of how everyone on Squad, Engine, and Truck react to the text blast Sylvie sends out to stay out of the bunk room and Matt's office and to leave you alone.
(I know i said the last one was the last one, but this is far too fun)
When Stella's phone buzzed with a text from Sylvie, she was immediately concerned. Everyone was exhausted, forcing themselves to stay awake until a reasonable time after the last fire. She watched as other phones buzzed, and suddenly realised this wasn't Sylvie sharing memes and funny videos after a hard call.
Make sure everyone's out of the bunk room. We're coming in hot, and Casey is in Big Trouble.
It was like the entire room had suddenly had a five hour energy shot, everyone sitting up straight and looking around. Casey wasn't anywhere to be seen, and Joe Cruz came into the common room from the squad table.
"Did everyone get the warning text?" A hushed murmur came over the room. "What did he do?"
"He pulled them away from the fire, and forced them to stop triage. Casey pulled the Captain card so she'd no choice but to do it." Herrmann said, and Joe looked like he was about to go yell at Casey himself.
"But she's got...that's in a month. And he did that? At what's hopefully the final major incident before it?"
"TOUCH WOOD!" The call came from everyone, and Joe immediately grabbed the table, tapping twice.
"You know what I mean. She's actually going to kill him, isn't she?"
"Kill him or we'll finally have the tension between them disappear." Stella laughed at Ritter's comment, nodding herself. The familiar sound of 61's engine came into listening range, and Joe took a seat at the table.
"I want a first hand view to what's going to happen here."
Everyone watched as you came striding in, a woman on a mission on your way to the bunk room. The murmur of raised voices was heard, and Boden came out to see what was happening. Stella raised her phone to show Sylvie's text, and the Chief just shook his head before disappearing back to his office away from the drama.
When the noise finished everyone stared at their phones, pretending to not pay attention. But Stella and Sylvie noticed you use the second exit from the bunks, avoiding everyone. Sylvie stood up at that, about to head out to the rig.
"It's a keep away kind of day. She's not ok after what he did, give me a warning if he comes towards 61?" There was a nod of agreement as she went out to make sure you were ok.
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fighterkimburgess · 6 days ago
(we have never seen Severide act as the brains and knock some sense into Casey) I wish you would write a fic where Severide and Stella "talks" (more so yells) at Casey in the loft after shift for being an idiot at ruining your chance to take the AC exam
This is going to end up being a full length fic, isn't it? Cause honestly writing this has been very fun.
The mood in the firehouse was tense, to put it mildly. Stella and Sylvie had been keeping you away from Matt, making sure that he didn't run into you. Even when shift was finished, they sent you straight out to your car, grabbing your bag and bringing it out to you. Matt knew that he was in for it when he went home, so he delayed going back to the loft. It was, however, delaying the inevitable.
"You are an absolute idiot, Matthew Casey." Stella said as soon as he walked in, and Matt just closed the door behind him.
"I did what I had to do to keep my firehouse safe. I'd do it again."
"All three of us know that's bullshit, Case." He turned to Severide, sitting on the couch with a coffee in his hands. "You did it because you have feelings for her. But if I did that to Stella? She'd kill me, and she'd be within her rights to. Now she thinks you don't trust her, and she's taking her name off the AC exam list because how can she take it when the Captain of her house doesn't believe in her." The couple watched as their words sank into Matt.
"I told her why I did it, that I love her."
"You are a moron. You're worse than a moron! You absolute fool. You've been pining over one of my best friends for months, she's been pining over you for nearly as long, and in the space of about an hour you ruin her career ambitions and tell her you're in love with her? Seriously, Matt. What could ever make you think that was a good idea?" Stella was pacing around the loft as she spoke, her fury clear on her face. Matt just watched before pouring himself a coffee, staring into his mug as if it could tell him the secrets to the universe.
"Casey, you need to talk to her. You need to tell her to take the exam. You need to tell her you trust her. And you need to try get her friendship back before you even think about anything else. We played keep away with the two of you today, but man...she's not ok. You broke her faith in herself, and I don't know if that can be repaired."
Matt's mug hit the floor at Kelly's words, looking at his best friend while the ceramic shattered, spilling the hot liquid on the tile floor. The words spun around his head. How could he have done it? How could he have even made her think that she wasn't so qualified and perfect for the job?
"I've got to go." He went to stand, but Stella pulled him back.
"Clean up the mess, go to bed for a few hours. She'll be asleep. I told her not to take her name off the list before four so she could think about it. You've got time. But do not fuck this up."
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fighterkimburgess · 6 days ago
I wish you would write a fic (this is a part 2 to one of the 500 follower drabble) where Matt gets the reader a chance to take the ambulance commander exam again and goes to her place to tell her and hope they can be friends again
Oooooooh I like this! For those who haven't read it, here's the first part of this
When the knock on your door came, you nearly didn't open it. You were staring at your work email, trying to decide if you were going to send the email to take your name off the ambulance commander exam list. How could you be expected to be one, when your own firehouse Captain didn't trust your judgment? And then says he loves you? Your head was all over the place.
But you stood and opened it, wrapping your hoodie around you. And the very Captain who had you so unsure of yourself was standing there.
"Casey, please leave. I can't deal with you right now, ok?" You went to shut the door, but he held it open.
"I know I screwed up. I know I should have left you. And I shouldn't have blurted that out in my quarters." You laughed.
"You undermined me in front of everyone. You know Boden asked me if I wanted to lodge a complaint about your behaviour on that scene? That he didn't know why you did it? And then you tell me it's because you love me? If you really did, you'd have known that you needed to let me do my job."
Because you'd had feelings for Matt for almost a year. Your heart lept into your chest every time you watched him go into a fire. But you would never have stopped him from doing his job, what he's good at, what he loves.
"I'm sorry. I talked to Hatcher, I've taken full responsibility for it. It won't impact you taking the AC exam. I got scared and I screwed up, and I'm sorry. I need to make things right between us." He shifted his weight, and you looked at him.
"Not right now, and not today. I'm still too angry to even look at you. Lunch tomorrow, there's a deli nearby I like, I'll text you the address. We can talk and hash things out. And then we can talk about whatever our friendship is turning into." He smiled at your words, and your heart skipped a beat. He looked ten years younger, the strain leaving his face.
"Sounds like a plan."
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fighterkimburgess · 7 days ago
Three Years Later
Tumblr media
Summary: After having to prounounce your best friend dead, and then starting to fall for her partner, you decide leaving Chicago without telling anyone is a good idea. But when you return three years later, your past smacks into you nearly immediately. Matt Casey x Reader
Words: 1.7k
Warnings: Canon typical injury, grief, pining, angst with a happy ending.
Wanna join my taglist?
You took a deep breath. You’d had to call TOD on your best friend before, you could do this. You could get through the carnage.
“Newbie, we need you!” You followed Halstead into a trauma room, a firefighter on his gurney. From first glance you didn’t recognise him, but his face was badly burned and that didn’t mean much. You heard someone mention his name was Borelli and you could focus, it wasn’t anyone you’d left behind when you’d run away from Chicago before.
You forced all of your worries to the back of your mind in the hybrid OR, following Rhodes’ instructions and helping where you could with the surgery. It took longer than any of you wanted, but his sats were steady and he could be moved to the ICU. Connor didn’t want to leave him, so you offered to go out and tell his colleagues that he’d survive, but you weren’t sure about his job yet.
“We were able to keep him stable, he’s alive and he’s going to live. It’s still too early to say how much function he’ll recover, but he is alive.” You looked at the surprised faces seeing you there, at Gabby Dawson in a turnout coat, at Matt Casey looking more put together than when you’d left almost three years ago. Your heart soared at seeing him looking ok.
“Doc, you’re back? Seriously?” Matt wrapped you in a hug and you hugged him back, solid and whole under you. You’d been so terrified of seeing him again, of what would happen between the two of you for how you’d left. But he was there and he’d been one of your best friends and you thought you could get that friendship back.
“I started yesterday. Big second day, eh? Is everyone else ok? Is there anything I can do to help you all out?” They shook their heads and you nodded. “Ok. We’re moving him up to the ICU in a few minutes. Once he’s up there it’s family only, but I’ll make an exception so you can go in two at a time.”
You got stuck into treating people, sighing with relief when you watched Borelli’s gurney get whisked upstairs. Seeing everyone from 51 was too much.
“Want to grab food tomorrow when I’m off shift? Catch up? It’s been way too long.” Matt asked before he went upstairs. You nodded, smiling at him.
“Yeah. God, I’ve missed you, Casey,” you replied, getting wrapped in another hug.
“Missed you too, Doc. We need to catch up. I’ve the same cell number?” You nodded, watching him leave.
Finally your shift was over, and all you wanted to do was have an oh too hot shower and sleep. You put your coat into your cubby, grabbing your bag, when Will put an arm around you.
“So…how do you know everyone at 51? Usually they’re the worst when anyone has to be treated, but you kept them all calm. What’s your secret?” You wanted to laugh, but a tear fell out of your eye before you could stop it. “Crap, you ok?”
You wiped your eyes, blinking rapidly to stop more tears. “I’ll be fine. I left Chicago nearly three years ago because my best friend was murdered and they tried covering up her death with a fire. She was Matt’s fiancée. Or girlfriend. They’d been together for years and their relationship was more an abstract concept at that point. I tried staying, but after Hallie…and seeing how Matt was after her death. I couldn’t. It’s the first time I’d seen any of them since I got back. Today hasn’t been a good day.” You pulled out a tissue to wipe your face, but Will held you tight.
“C’mon, I’m buying you a beer. Are you ok with Molly’s, or do you want somewhere without memories?”
“Molly’s is good. I haven’t been able to make myself go back yet, it’d be nice to see how it is.”
Will gave you a lift to the bar, a smile on both your faces as you walked in. But the second you arrived in you thought it was a bad idea. 51 had been taken off shift, and so many of the people you’d left behind in Chicago were sitting there, staring at you walking in. You wanted to run out, but Herrmann gave you a smile so you went up to the bar.
“Long time no see! You’re back full-time now Casey was saying?” He asked, already getting a glass out for Will. “What’re you drinking?”
“Yeah, I needed away from Chicago for a while but it’s home. I couldn’t stay away forever. Can I get a Chardonnay? And put Will’s beer on my tab.” He nodded, making small talk with you. It finally felt ok, like you could breathe while speaking. The memories of tipsy nights with Hallie, of hugs and calling Matt and Kelly to pick the two of you up were filling your head, but it didn’t hurt as much anymore. 
“You doing ok?” Will asked as you sat at a corner table. The volume in the bar had begun to rise, people’s eyes off you.
“I will be. It’s surreal, you know? Actually you do, you came back here didn’t you?” He nodded.
“Yeah, after New York. Rhodes did the same. I get it, but it’ll get better.”
It was quiet between the two of you, a Hawks game on tv that you both got engrossed in. But after your one drink you didn’t want anything else, paying your tab and walking outside to get a cab home. You didn’t notice the door to the bar opening behind you.
“Hey…you ok?” You spun around to see Matt there, his blond hair in disarray.
“I guess? It’s a lot. I feel like I owe you an apology for just running away like I did. I didn’t want to hurt you…I just couldn’t stay. I got a job offer in Indianapolis for a year so I took it to get away. Then it kept getting extended so I stayed there.” You shut your mouth, not wanting to ramble anymore. Matt wouldn’t be interested in it.
“I wish you’d have said goodbye. But I don’t blame you leaving.” His voice was soft, and you smiled at him. “I went to your apartment and it was for rent. You didn’t reply to any of my texts. What was I supposed to do?”
How did you tell him that between the two months the two of you had spent together after Hallie’s death and the knowledge of what a decent person he was, you’d fallen for him.
“I guess I didn’t think. I figured you had Kelly, Gabby, 51. I only had you when she was gone, Matt. I couldn’t…I couldn’t rely on one person. So when the job came I had to take it.”
“But you didn’t say goodbye. We got pizza the night before. We were talking. I said I’d come over. And you were gone. God it felt like when Hallie died, you were just ripped from my life.” Your tears started falling then, unbidden and mostly unwanted.
“I didn’t know what to say, Matt. I didn’t know how to tell you. You were the most important person in my life, and I didn’t think I was important to you.” If you’d thought, you’d have made the words sound less cruel. But it was your truth and you needed to let him know, as little as you wanted to.
“That’s…I couldn’t have gotten through it without you. Ask Severide, I was a mess. And then when you left I was back as a mess.”
“Matt, I’d fallen for you. I was that stupid idiot who falls in love with her dead best friend’s partner. The one man I couldn’t have, because I know you never felt the same way. That’s why I left. It hurt to leave - it nearly killed me to leave - but it was easier than telling you that I have feelings for you when I knew you’d reject me.”
Your words hung in the air, and you wanted to rip them back. You went to turn away, but Matt’s voice stopped you.
“Hallie and I were done. We were still sleeping together, but she was going to Guatemala on a Doctors Without Borders trip two weeks after she died. We loved each other, I still love her, but we wanted different things. And then you came and it was like summer had come and removed all my worries and fears. I was falling for you too. I arrived at your apartment like an idiot to ask you for dinner. On a date.”
Your tears fell faster as you watched him speak, listened to the words. You were wrong, and your pride and ridiculousness had cost you everything. And even worse, the three years apart hadn’t stopped your feelings for Matt. They were easier to ignore, yes, but they were still there.
“I’m sorry. Look, I’m gonna go home. I’ll avoid Molly’s, it’s your spot. I’ll see you if you come into the hospital, but otherwise I’ll stay away from 51.” You walked down the street, determined to get away from him before you started sobbing. You’d just tip your cab driver extra for putting up with your sobs. It felt like a breakup and you’d never even gotten a kiss.
You made it six steps before there was a hand on your shoulder, turning you around, and Matt’s hands were in your hair as he reached down to kiss you. You paused in shock before kissing him back, the kind of kiss you’d dreamed about in the middle of the night but never thought could actually happen. It was Matt. Kissing you. And you were kissing him back.
He separated, breathing heavily before kissing your tear tracks, up and down your cheek. You smiled, looking up at his blue eyes.
“I’ve wanted to do that since you left Chicago. Please don’t leave again?” You nodded, his hands on your cheeks as he held you tightly.
“I’m not going anywhere, Matt. Plus, you promised me food tomorrow. I’m not working, breakfast sound good?” You watched the smile across his face as he took your hand, bringing you into the parking lot.
“I’ll bring you home, and tomorrow I’ll take you out for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner if you let me.”
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unmistakablyunknown · 11 days ago
From The Ashes {16}
Tumblr media
Chapter Sixteen: In The Eye of The Storm
[Previous] [Masterlist]
Description: As rolling storms and threat of a tornado batter Chicago, the action is non-stop for the Firehouse. With barely any time between calls, Andi and Kelly don’t get much of a chance to talk, until she realises why she’s been acting so off and the fall out afterwards.
Word Count: 3,101
Warning(s): mild language, mentions of canon-typical gore/drama, descriptions of past trauma/abuse, mentions of drinking/alcohol, comfort between characters, minor injuries, nausea and vomiting
From the moment she woke up, Andi had an unsettled feeling in her chest and as she drove through the torrential downpour to the Firehouse, it wouldn’t leave her be. The rain was coming down so hard she could barely see the road through the heavy spray that bounced back at the force of the rainfall.
Andi waited ten minutes in the driver’s seat when she pulled up to the Firehouse. The rain, wind and thunder didn’t stop or even falter. She counted to ten before opening the door and braving the run across the forecourt in the pouring rain. With her bag bouncing against her hip and her jacket held overhead, Andi ran to the apparatus floor door. Once safely inside, she lowered her jacket and shook the ran off of her body and out of her hair. A bemused chuckle off tot he side caught her attention.
“Morning,” Kelly greeted with a cup of coffee grasped loosely in his hand. It must’ve been cold because he was wearing his quilted bomber jacket with SQUAD embroidered on the back.
“Hey. Some weather, huh?”
“Yeah, bet Greece is looking real good right about now, huh?” he teased as she passed by and flicked rainwater at him in contempt. Together, they moved up to the lockerrooms and Kelly waited outside whilst Andi got changed into her uniform. When she emerged, wrapped in her own CFD fleece and with a beanie pulled down over her curls, Kelly chuckled and slung an arm over her shoulders as they walked through to the common room.
“So, I was thinking, maybe we could get some drinks tonight, at Molly’s, or anywhere, really. If you’re up for it of course?” For as much as she wanted to agree to the plans, Andi still couldn’t shake the discomfort that had followed her from the apartment.
“Ah… Y’know what? I’m really not feeling the best and I don’t want to be a party-pooper -”
“Oh, no sweat. Don’t worry about it, let me know if you change your mind though, yeah?”
“Absolutely. Thank you.” Kelly pressed a kiss to her cheek and headed back to the apparatus floor. Andi stopped in the corridor. Stunned.
Did that just happen?
“Hey, mornin’ Andi!” Gabby chirped as she entered the common room. Andi tried to present a genuine smile, though she wasn’t sure how well it passed. She went straight for the coffee pot and poured herself a mug, if nothing else it’d be a good hand warmer.
“Everything alright?” Shay questioned as she scooted onto the counter next to the machine.
“Yeah. I’m good. You?”
“Can’t complain. Make the most of the peace, we’re going to be spending most of this shift slammed with calls. It’s inevitable.”
“Thank you, Captain Sunshine,” Andi mused in reply before dumping two sachets of sugar into her drink and stirring it with a spoon.
Everyone was pretty much the same; wrapped up in their fleece jackets, desperate to preserve their body heat. As the storm raged on outside, a crack of thunder was followed by the flickering of the lights. Threatened to go out. Everyone shared the same concerned look before going back to eating, drinking and reading.
“Good morning, Fifty-One -” Chief Boden appeared in the doorway, hands on his hips in his trademark pose “- I wanna see you all in the Briefing Room in five.” Murmurs of understanding rippled through the firefighters that lounged in the Common Room. The despondent mood Andi found herself in dug itself into the back of her head. As everyone began to move out, she followed along at the back. Everything seemed sluggish and even the simple task of opening the door became an over-exertion of energy.
As she sunk into one of the nearest plastic seats, she made eye contact with Kelly, who had taken up a position leaning against the wall at the back of the room with Matt almost shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Kelly offered a slight smile and Andi tried to reciprocate, though it was blatantly half-assed.
Three hours into the shift and Shay had been right. Firehouse 51 had barely spent more than fifteen minutes in-house between calls. Andi was already starting to lag and she hated herself for it. The last call they’d come back from had left them all dripping wet and at their wit’s ends.
Andi wrung out her hair for the fifth time in as many minutes after she’d hung up her turn-out gear. Once she’d put it back in a low ponytail and secured her beanie on top again, Andi started to make her way to the Common Room. As she passed the Squad table, Kelly got up and began to walk over to her, a question on the tip of his tongue, when the alarm went off overhead again.
“All Companies. Housing collapse due to fallen tree -” With a frustrated sigh, Andi turned on her heel and jogged back to the turn-out room.
The ride was quiet. No one was in the mood for conversation as they rolled out of the bay doors and onto the drenched streets of Chicago. Mercifully, the rain was starting to ease off, but the wind had picked up considerably.
When they arrived, the situation they were facing looked beyond dire. A tree had fully been blown over and it had decided to land in the middle of the house’s roof. Everything looked one strong gust away from caving in completely. Matt began delegating jobs for everyone to undertake, though he was aware of how precarious the situation was.
“- Ramirez, Cruz, evac on as many floors as you can get to -”
“Yes, Lieutenant!” they barked in reply as they hefted their gear and headed towards the house. The ground floor was easy enough, there was a young-ish girl that Joe helped to the door and a cat that Andi ushered out with her boot, but no one was injured. Thank God.
“Fire Department! Call out!” Andi yelled as they reached the top of the stairs. Rescue Squad had also descended and were in the process of removing debris around the house to gain access to the basement.
“I’ll go left,” Cruz stated, but before he could walk away, Andi caught him by the arm.
“Be careful.”
“You too.” They parted ways briefly and Andi found the room the tree had made itself home in. Branches and leaves all over the place, water came in through the torn open roof in a miniature waterfall.
“Fire Department! Call out!” she repeated as she pushed further into the used-to-be bedroom. Below, she heard the sounds of Rescue Squad entering the building and doing a secondary survey. Kelly barked some orders and gave instructions to the rest of his Squad before he ventured upstairs.
“Ramirez! Is anyone up there?”
“Not in here! Cruz is across the hall!” she called back as she steadied herself against the tree. Andi had managed to get herself wedged between the tree and the wall. She was stuck.
“How’s everything looking up there, Ramirez?”
“All good, Lieutenant. No one else is up here. Cruz and I’ll double back ASAP,” she assured Matt over the radios and went back to figuring out how to get herself out of the room.
“Everything alright?” Kelly reappeared in the doorway and Andi tried to shrug it off.
“Totally -” The floorboards creaked and groaned. The tree dropped further and more water poured in from the roof. Andi got a faceful of rainwater and even more stuck than she was before. Her leg had become pinned between a side unit and a hefty branch.
“Andi, take my hand,” Kelly instructed as he shuffled closer, cautious.
“It’s fine! I’ve got this -”
“Now’s not the time to play hero, Ramirez! Take my damn hand!” he protested and extended his arm to her. The tree had her thoroughly pinned and Andi hated getting into this kind of a mess.
“Fine!” She reached, but there was still an inch or two of clearance between them. Andi strained to reach for Kelly’s hand. He shuffled closer to her but the floor threatened to give way and take them both with it.
“The floor’s gonna give - get outta here!” Andi exclaimed after failing to successfully grab ahold of his hand.
“No way!” The tree dropped again and shifted. Andi didn’t doubt the fact that there’d be a sizeable bruise left behind on her thigh when she got out.
“Alright - alright, I think it’s coming loose I can get out of it,” she verbalised as she regained the ability to move her foot.
“Okay, on three, you’re gonna come to me, yeah?”
“Yeah.” As another round of creaks and groans sounded, the sharp cracks of splintering wood joined in. More rain came in through the opened roof above them. Shivering and with rainwater running down the back of her neck off the rim of her helmet, Andi readied herself. She twisted her leg around slightly to get her boot out from the mangled mess of branches.
“I’ve got it! On three!” Andi confirmed with a nod of her head.
“One… Two… Three!” She jumped towards him and for lack of a better option as the rest of the floor gave way, let the momentum take her straight into Kelly. The two of them fell in a heap on the floor as the tree gouge out the rest of the house. Slightly dazed and breathless, Andi looked down and Kelly was looking right back at her.
“Thanks.” There was a long pause. Neither one of them could look away.
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah. Let’s get outta here,” she assured him and they pushed themselves to their feet and headed back out of the house.
Another six hours of community aid call-outs and the whole Firehouse was starting to feel the strain. Andi had been given the okay to continue working, but the black-ish purple bruise that stained her thigh ached and twinged if she moved too fast.
Currently, it was mid-afternoon, but the storm had yet to fully disappear. Winds and sporadic rain still battered the streets. As a result, the neighbourhood surrounding the Firehouse had experienced a series of blackouts. Andi was making her rounds with Gabby and Shay. Most of the neighbourhood was seeking refuge in 51 and things were beginning to get cosy.
Whilst handing out blankets and warm drinks, Andi’s phone buzzed in her pocket. She halted her efforts momentarily to check it. The notification had come from a text, from Jay.
On the app floor. Can’t stay long but need to talk - J.H
Andi made her way down to the apparatus floor, her hands pushed into her pockets to keep them warm.
“Hey, stranger,” she greeted as he came into view.
“Hey. You busy?”
“It’s been nonstop since this morning. We’re completely slammed right now. So what’s up?” Jay shifted his weight slightly foot-to-foot before he cleared his throat and spoke up.
“I just stopped by to give you a heads up that there’s been a bit of an uptick in looting and gang-related crimes since the storms hit. There haven’t been any incidents near the Firehouse, but you might just wanna keep an eye out, alright?”
“Absolutely. Thanks for the tip. Stay safe out there.” Andi pulled him in for a hug and Jay eventually turned to leave.
“And you. Keep in touch, yeah?”
“For sure.” He left with a wave over his shoulder and disappeared back into the rain and wind. Andi returned upstairs and relayed the information to Boden. Grateful for the information, he dismissed her with a smile. She made her way to the bunk room with the intention of getting some sleep. As she sat down on her bed and lay back, the alarm went off overhead.
“All Companies. Several car pile-up -” A frustrated sigh left Andi’s lips as she forced herself to her feet and followed everyone else down to the apparatus floor.
The ride out to the scene was nothing short of miserable. Morale was practically in the gutter and Andi began to wonder why she was feeling so horribly run down and despondent.
“Yeah?” Matt called back over his shoulder.
“What’s the date today?”
“The seventeenth. Why?” The realisation made Andi’s stomach twist with nausea.
“No reason, don’t sweat it,” she assured him as she swallowed bile and took a deep breath. They continued on to the scene and Andi couldn’t stop the tremble that took over her hands and fingers. The discomfort that gripped her turned into a stomach-churning, nauseating sensation. Her hands became clammy with sweat and as they rolled to a stop at the scene, she kept to the back of the group and rounded the end of the Truck.
Andi doubled over and threw up what little she’d managed to consume at the Firehouse. She narrowly missed her boots and could only spit the taste out of her mouth when she finished heaving.
“Andi?” She was quick to straighten up and rather unceremoniously wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. When she turned around, Kelly was stood just a few paces away, a concerned frown on his rain-soaked features.
“I’m fine,” she insisted and made her way past him to get back to Matt.
Eventually, the storm seemed to burn out and break. As their shift came to an end, Andi was all too pleased to leave the Firehouse. In the 24 hours she’d been on shift, Andi had barely said anything to Kelly. They’d been too busy to make idle conversation and after the - literally - sickening realisation of what the date was, she wasn’t in the right frame of mind.
“Take care, Andi, alright?” Herrmann called after her as she headed to the door, bag slung over her shoulder and her curls up in a loose and messy bun.
The drive back to her apartment was quiet. There was no music on the stereo, just the sounds of the rain outside. Thankfully, when Andi got into her apartment, the neighbours were quiet and the rain had stopped completely. The longest 24 hours were finally over.
Andi showered and changed into comfortable clothes. Music from her phone played moderately through her Bluetooth speaker as she made herself a simple breakfast of toast and orange juice.
The hours melted away and she found various ways to fill them. Sleeping, eating and refuelling. As the afternoon came around, there was still an unease in Andi’s stomach as she tried so desperately to distract herself. As she cleared away her lunch things, someone knocked on the door.
“Hey -” She swung the door open and was greeted by Kelly, in his leather jacket, with a paper bag in his arms.
“Hi, so I know you said you didn’t want to go out tonight, but I wasn’t sure what your situation was. I brought beer if you were up for drinking and ice cream in case you weren’t -” Andi stepped aside and let him in.
“You really didn’t have to.” Kelly softened with a sigh and set the bag down on the kitchen counter.
“Look, we haven’t seen a whole lot of each other today and amongst everything with the storm, all the call-outs, I just wanted to make sure that you were okay. I couldn’t go home without checking first.”
“That’s very noble of you, Kelly, but I’m fine. Really,” Andi assured him weakly but he wasn’t going to concede that easily.
“Something’s up. You can tell me.” Kelly shrugged off his jacket and moved to hang it up by the door before he returned to the kitchen.
“You sure? The last thing I want is to be that girl who just burdens everyone with her shitty trauma and even shittier coping mechanisms -”
“No, no, hey - Andi, listen. If there is something bothering you, without a doubt, you can tell me. No matter what it is.” Andi let out a sigh and wrung her hands together.
“Yesterday. The seventeenth. It was Josslyn’s birthday. I didn’t even realise and I’d been feeling shitty all shift and then Matt told me it was the seventeenth and I guess it kind of threw me,” she explained as she crossed her arms over her chest and let out a drawn-out breath.
“Right. You don’t have to tell me any more than that if you don’t want to - I completely get it.” Andi stepped forward and pressed a kiss to his slightly stubbly cheek. She rested her head against his shoulder and took a moment to compose herself.
“Huh - I never noticed that before,” he commented softly after Andi stepped away.
“What are you talking about?”
“This -” Kelly lifted a hand and brushed his thumb over the arch of her right eyebrow. Andi knew exactly what he was talking about the second she felt the pad of his thumb make contact. There was a slightly sparse patch on the arch of her eyebrow that seemed to split it in two.
“What happened?”
“Oh - a few years ago, I was getting ready for a party off-campus. I was at… her place and when I refused to change my outfit, she pushed me into the doorframe. I split the corner of my face open on it and had to get stitches. It hasn’t grown back right since,” Andi explained with a slight shrug and tried to fight off the lump that formed in her throat at the memory.
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be, it’s a thing of the past and I’m done caring about the scars she left me with. Most of them are covered with tattoos now anyway.” A brief pause in the conversation followed.
“Do you wanna stay? I was just gonna watch a few movies and order some food from my parent’s restaurant. Unless you have plans, that’s totally cool -”
“Yeah, I’ll stay. I’d hate to think of such a pretty girl spending a night off all by herself.”
“You’re just saying that,” Andi rebuffed, though a rosy tint had taken over her cheeks, neck and ears at his words.
“Not at all.” With a beer each and the ice cream in the freezer, Kelly and Andi moved through to the living room to get comfortable in front of the TV. Kelly sat with his legs outstretched against the coffee table, with Andi curled into his side, her legs draped across his lap.
“Thank you, for checking on me.”
“I was worried. Had to know you were okay,” Kelly stated simply as Andi flicked through the channels to find something interesting. There was nothing that took their fancy so she switched over to Netflix.
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abraodwaystateofmind · 13 days ago
Family Cookout
Everyone!Chicago PD x Reader
Tumblr media
The 21st District was having its annual ‘Summer Fun Day’ in the park, and to say it was fun was an understatement. There was food, games, activities, water games, family bonding; you name it, it was there. But being the newest addition to Intelligence, you felt as if you didn’t fit in well with the others. Although, they never made you feel like you didn’t. They’ve known each other for years and built up a family. You thought you were disrupting that family.
“What’s got you down, girl?” Kevin sat next to you watching the others throw water balloons to the others. 
“Just… taking in the moments while I have them.” Sighing, you continued to look at your colleagues.
“We love you. Voight loves you. You’re a great cop. You’re good police, Y/N. Don’t doubt yourself.” Kevin patted your thigh.
You smiled, “Thanks, Kev.”
You walked over to where Voight was grilling, asking if he needed help, to which he complied. 
“I heard you were having indifferent thought about the unit? What’s up?” You quickly raised your head, in fear it would get you fired if you said the wrong thing.
“Nothing sir, I-,” Hank gave you a knowing look. “I’ve been second-guessing my position in Intelligence.”
“Don’t. I’ve known you since you were a little tike. I’ve seen you in action, I chose you for a reason. Don’t doubt your position in my unit. I don’t make mistakes when it comes to my family.” 
An hour passed and the baseball game started. Station 51 headed over after their shifts to join in. The game was 6-5 to the firefighters in the 7th inning. Bases were loaded; Jay on first, Hailey on second, and Kevin on third. There have been 2 outs already and you were at-bat. 
“You can do this Y/N!!!” Kim shouted from the dugout. You stared down Casey. Squinting, but giving him a look of vulnerability. Knowing he would take it, he pitched to you; but knowing you could do it, you hit the ball as hard as you could. Dropping the bat, you ran, until you saw it go over Severide’s head and out of the field. Running around the diamond, you could hear the 21st going crazy. The moment you stepped onto home plate, you were doused in water. Cheering with your friends, you knew this is where you needed to be. You knew you were loved.
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midnightsconspiracy · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Cravings - @midnightsconspiracy
Summary: Sometimes the craving from pregnancy get too much, luckily for you though you have a god sent in the form of Matt Casey
Warnings: None
Word Count: 538
Requested: No
A/N: this is a repost as the tags weren’t working before :)
Being pregnant with Matt's baby had come as a surprise. A surprise that had cemented your relationship after having been put through so much, finally telling the people around you that you were serious. You'd been put through the wringer in the first year, everyone including yourself questioning Matt's loyalties to you, especially so soon after his split with Gabby. But each and every day he put those doubts aside, telling you he was just as committed as you were, no matter what anyone else thought. And he continued to show you how much through his proposal, the wedding and especially now that you were eight months pregnant.
The man was so committed that it seemed as though he was at your constant beck and call and it only intensified once you found out you were expecting. Most of the time you didn't really need him to do much, wanting to feel as though you were still independent despite the extra person you were carrying, but in times like this, it was fantastic.
As you laid in bed, listening to the sounds of your husband breathing next to you, all you could think about was pickles, specifically ones from your favourite fast food place. No matter how hard you tried to push the thought aside, you just couldn't, you're body deciding it wouldn't sleep until it got what it wanted. And the only way you would be able to fulfil that craving was if Matt, the man who happened to be sleeping soundly next to you, was to leave to get them.
Rolling over, you stared at him, debating whether you really should wake him, he looked so peaceful after all. But that nagging feeling was just too overwhelming, and so you started lightly shaking him as to not wake him too abruptly. After a minute or so, the man started to stir, tiredly rubbing his eyes before turning to the source of his awakening.
"Are you alright?" Sitting up to look you over, he checked to see everything was ok, worried for yours or the babies safety.
"Well not exactly, im really craving those pickles, you know the ones I like. I've tried to stop but my body won't let me sleep without them." As much as you wanted them, you also felt bad at having to make Matt leave the house in order to get them. And knowing him he wouldn't let you come with him to get them either, not wanting you to move a muscle.
"Ok I can go get them for you," he replied, smiling and kissing your forehead, proceeding to get up to change clothes.
"I can come with you?" Looking back at you he shook his head, giving you the exact answer you knew he would.
"No, it's fine, you and the baby should stay here and rest in the nice warmth of the inside. I'll only be twenty minutes." After dressing in appropriate clothes he finally kissed you goodbye, braving the cold to go get the love of his life anything you wanted. Because Matt Casey really was someone special, a dream man. Someone who would remain by your side through thick and thin, even when the times got tough.
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
a prompt where Matt tells you he is worried about being a dad because of his childhood and the way his parents were
You were lying in bed, curled up together. Matt had his hand on your tiny bump, gently rubbing it.
"I don't know how to be a parent." His words were quiet, and you turned to face him.
"Neither do I. We'll figure it out, Matt," you said, looking in his eyes.
"My dad...they weren't exactly role models. My childhood wasn't healthy. And I've done therapy, I've built coping mechanisms. But I'm so scared I'm gonna fuck up this kid. I don't want to hurt our baby."
You leaned in to kiss him, so proud of him for opening up.
"You won't. We've got so many friends who will be involved with this baby. It takes a village to raise a child, and we've got two of the strongest villages I've ever known. Between all the parents we know, do you think they'll let us fail? Cindy Herrmann's already invited me out for lunch so we can talk and I can ask her questions. I wouldn't have chosen to have a baby with you if I didn't know you'll be a fantastic father." You watched a small smile reach his face.
"Really. If Adam Ruzek can keep a kid alive, we can do it."
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
You and Matt both at Molly's with a sitter watching Emma and Andy where you learned that Matt passed his chief's exam, a prompt for the follower extravaganza
Ah this is too nice!
Matt was nervous, and you could tell. It had been four days since he'd taken his exam, and nothing you did was relaxing him. So you called Violet to look after her cousins, dragging him to Molly's for a few hours. Everyone had been warned to say nothing about the exam, and spending time with his friends had started to make him relax. You saw Wallace and Donna walk in, and Wallace gave you a nod. Results were in.
He stood in the middle of the group of firefighters and spouses, eyes on him.
"Herrmann, I really need us to get a round for everyone related to 51 so we can all drink to Battalion Chief Matthew Casey!"
You watched as Matt's eyes lit up, the words syncing in. The bar erupted in cheers, but he picked you up and spun you around, the same way he had when you'd told him you were pregnant, when you'd agreed to marry him. It was something he only did when he was the happiest he could ever be, and you just grinned as you held onto your husband.
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
you and Matt unsure what to do for the night as Sylvie and Greg took Emma and Andy has a sleep over with at Kelly and Stella with their son
You wandered around the house, almost confused by the quiet. For the first time in the eighteen months since Emma was born, you had a house without kids. Andy had waved off for a sleepover with Uncle Sevvy, Aunt Stella and David, and Sylvie and Greg had taken Emma for the night to give you a proper night. You'd watched her walk out hand in hand with the two of them, asking her Unca Grey if he'd bring her to his truck. It was adorable, but now you felt so lonely.
"I have the perfect idea for what we can do," Matt whispered into your ear, wrapping his arms around your waist.
"Yeah? What's that, Chief Casey?" You asked, leaning up to press a kiss to his jawline.
"You and I get into clothes that aren't easy to clean from kid spills, and we go out for dinner. Stop off at Molly's for one to see our friends, and then we get home by ten and have an early night because the idea of eight hours solid sleep is amazing to me right now." You laughed, but it sounded perfect.
"When did we become that old married couple who turned down a night of sex for sleep?" You asked, turning around and getting out of his arms so you could change.
"When we have two kids under six, and we finally have a chance to do what we want?" Your giggle echoed behind you as you went upstairs to change.
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
You and Matt going on your first date when it starts to pour as you guys are walking through the city, hand holding prompt 29, touching prompt 43
29: holding hands while running through the rain 43: giving them a piggy back ride
You weren't sure what you'd expected when you agreed to go on a date with a firefighter, but it hadn't been this. Matt had brought you to the aquarium, the two of you wandering around looking at the fish. He took a photo of you petting some rays, and a staff member took a picture of the two of you in front of a shark, grins on your faces.
The sky was darkening as you left, but the brewery you'd both picked for food was only ten blocks away, so you decided to walk it. After two blocks the rain started, Matt holding your hand tighter as the two of you ran, but he was so much faster than you you just slowed him down. After three blocks of that he bent down.
"C'mon, hop on," he said, and you wrapped your arms and legs around his back as he stood, running with you on his back through the rain in the Chicago streets, your laughter echoing in his ear.
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
You and Casey having a argument because he called you and Brett off the fire scene and you saying he disobeyed your calls as PIC, but he only did it because he loves you. you chose the angst prompt
Letting me choose angst? Oh, anon, you know me so well. Let's go with 36: "Do you understand what you've done?"
Sylvie could tell the rage simmering through your veins, and she didn't speak as you drove back to 51. She could tell there was about to be a very loud fight between you and the Captain of 51, and texted people to stay away from Casey's quarters and the bunk room when you got back. True to her texts, everyone was in the common room when you stalked through, looking for Casey.
"What the hell did you do on that scene?" You asked, looking at him sitting there so nonchalant at his desk.
"It was an uncontrolled fire, I pulled the untrained medics out of the fire. I don't know what you're expecting me to say." He stood, and if it was anyone else you'd think he was trying to use his height to intimidate you. But it was Matt so he wasn't.
"Do you understand what you've done, Casey? Really understand? I was the PIC in charge of the scene. I'm taking the ambulance commander exam next month. And you pull me off the scene and send me away when I'm trying to run triage? When I'm trying to run my scene? You are not my boss, Casey. You are not the person I report to at the beginning and end of my shift. How dare you act like I'm incompetent. You've ruined any chance I had for that job, I hope you're very fucking pleased with yourself."
You went to turn away, feeling the angry tears about to leak out. The job you'd worked for for over a year, the job he'd told you you'd be a perfect fit for, was now gone because he thought he knew better.
"I couldn't lose you." The words were strangled, and you turned to look. "I saw you about to walk in there, and all I saw was Shay and Gabby walking into a building that looked fine and then both dead because a bomb went off. I saw the Arnow fire last year when Otis died. I can't lose you. I wouldn't survive it."
You shrugged, looking back at him. "I'm a PIC, Matt. It's my job. And anything could happen to any of us at any call. I could get called out later and be shot, you know how many times Sylvie and I have been held at gunpoint."
He shook his head, as if to make your true statement false. "That's not what I mean. I'm in love with you. And I can't watch you go somewhere and not be sure you'll come out."
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
Matt taking you to meet his sister Christie and his niece Violet. hand holding prompt 23, holding hands under the table
Ah the cuteness!
You were fine. Totally fine. You were an ER attending who regularly dealt with mass casualty injuries, and had met your boyfriend when he was injured in a mass casualty event. You regularly stared down drug users who were desperate for a fix, and you dealt with violent injuries every day.
But you'd have rathered pull a hundred bullets out of children than be waiting for Matt's sister and niece to arrive at the restaurant.
"They're going to love you. It'll be fine." Matt grabbed your hand under the table, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand to soothe you. It worked, but when he stood to hug Christie and Violet your nerves came back.
Christie came over to hug you, surprising you. Violet nodded, and you took the win from the seventeen year old.
"Mom said you're a doctor in Med?" she asked, and you nodded.
"Yeah, in the ER. If you ever need to come in, ask for me. If you need stitches I can make sure you don't end up with a scar." She smiled at that, and Matt interjected.
"That's how we met, she stitched up my forehead. See, no scar." He pointed where you had six months ago sewed up his skin, and you rubbed your thumb against it.
The dinner went well, Matt holding your hand under the table if you were nervous. But when at the end of the dinner Christie and Violet hugged you, you knew it had gone well. And when six months later Violet was involved in a fender bender and immediately said she wanted her aunt there, it filled your heart with joy as you checked over your niece.
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fighterkimburgess · 22 days ago
touching prompt 25 and 44, you visiting and brining your husband, Matt, a lunch and seeing his new chief office as you are on your lunch break from Med
25: stroking the other's arm soothingly 44: sitting on the other's lap.
"Maggie, I'm taking an hour. Matt's on his first Chief shift, I'm dropping him lunch and making sure he's not too frustrated." The charge nurse nodded as you walked past.
It was a seven minute drive to 51 from Med, and you did it with ease, pulling up in a parking spot. You could see Matt's truck in the space that used to be Boden's, filling you with pride. As soon as you walked into the house the guys at the Squad table rose to greet you.
"Doc! What's my favourite non firefighter doing here?" Kelly asked, giving you a hug.
"Figured I'd bring your new chief lunch. How's it been?" You gave Kelly an eyebrow raise, and he nodded.
"He's gonna be fine. In his own head, like normal, but he'll be fine. He's in the office now."
You left the guys, waving to everyone in the common room as you passed. Matt's office door was closed, his name hastily written on a piece of paper and stuck over where Wallace Boden's name was etched. You knocked, listening for his come in.
"I thought you could do with a treat, I picked up a meatball sub." you handed over the bag to Matt, who grinned, pulling you in for a hug. You could tell the stress he was under from how tense he was, and you ran your hand up his arm.
"Thanks. I just feel like I've been thrown in the deep end, and I don't know what to do." He leaned into your ribs, holding you close.
"You're gonna be fine, Chief Casey. They wouldn't have let you pass the exam if they didn't know you can do it. C'mon, let me sit down to eat my sandwich." You went to separate, but instead he pulled you onto his lap. his left hand around your waist.
"You can sit here. I can relax a little bit more when you're beside me." You leaned against his chest, taking comfort in him being there while you ate lunch.
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fighterkimburgess · 23 days ago
I want to thank Liv for this because of her Hazmat Zach Chronicles on her page. Kelly teasing Matt on his crush his PIC of 61 and his reaction to when Hermann ask why you did not return to the apartment above the garage last night from your date with Hazmat Zach
that jealous Matt and Hazmat Zach was a prompt and it goes with angst prompt 32 and 37
Honestly like I love this and I'm tagging @unmistakablyunknown because I love how our anons are the same people now it's great. Throwing it under a cut for length
32: "Can you feel the blood draining from your body?" 37: "Is this how you thought your life would be?"
Matt watched as you ran into the house, later than usual. You were still early, but he'd come to expect you to arrive in with Herrmann at seven thirty, or by yourself by seven forty. Instead it was seven fifty five, cutting it close for briefing at eight.
He tried putting thoughts of you out of his head, failing miserably as you smiled at everyone before taking your seat in the briefing room. Focusing on Boden helped, and he listened to the usual reports. Finally it was over, but as he left the room he caught sound of Herrmann's voice.
"You didn't come home last night. Hot date then?"
"I thought you said my private life would stay private living there! It was a date, and it happened." Matt could hear your laughter and speed walked to the common room, grabbing a breakfast sandwich and sitting down.
"Is this how you thought your life would be?" Kelly asked, sitting opposite with his own food. "We saw it, did you feel the blood drain from your body when she mentioned she was on a date? It was with Zach, by the way. It's not serious yet, but you have to man up and say something before it is."
"The great commitmentphobic Kelly Severide telling me to get my head out of my ass? Seriously?" Matt swatted at his best friend, who just looked at him.
"Stella and I are solid, you know. And you look at the PIC the same way I did with Stella. Just talk to her, ok?"
Matt decided to take the advice, grabbing a sandwich when he realised you weren't in the common room. He found you in the rear of the ambulance, wiping your eyes.
"Captain! Sorry, did someone call me? I just needed a minute."
"You're fine, I wanted to bring you breakfast. Everything ok?" He sat on the bench, handing over your food.
"Yeah. Just Herrmann, he's like a dad sometimes, you know? My date wasn't great, I slept on Kim's couch because she was closer. I don't think we'll have a repeat of that." You noticed Matt watching you, and wiped your eyes again. "Is it obvious I've been crying?"
"No, not at all. But I was wondering if you wanted to get breakfast after shift in the morning? As a date, in case it's not clear." The smile on your face made it obvious how much you were looking forward to it.
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fighterkimburgess · 23 days ago
this is for the follower extravaganza and you can chose whatever prompt goes along with it but you, Matt, Kelly, and Stella spending the day on Boden's boat and you and Kidd trying to make the boys notice you in your bikini as they are too busy fixing Boden's boat
Oh I love this!
It was supposed to be a fun day on Lake Michigan. The two lieutenants at 51, along with their girlfriends, enjoying the sun and a nice breeze on a boat. The boys had bought fishing poles to try catch dinner with, and you and Stella had some ridiculous romance novels on your kindles, towels and suntan lotion. It was going to be a great day.
Until one of the guys did something and the boat engine, the patient sputter, just went out. You and Stella looked at each other, and your boyfriends, before rolling your eyes.
They were trying to fix it, and you were both bored. So when Stella asked you to put suntan lotion on her back, who were you to say no? Especially when she would return the favour. You were nearly finished when you were lifted away, Matt's arms around your waist as Kelly took over. The boat engine was back sputtering, and you laid down as Matt protected your skin from the sun and gave you a massage in one.
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