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#matt casey drabbles
gilbxrt-blythe · 2 days ago
Brettsey and prompt #78
I feel like I should clarify beforehand: I set this the morning after in 9x01, when Casey stayed over!
78. “I’m just looking out for you.”
He fell asleep at one point.
Matt had tried to fight it but his eyes fell shut slowly until eventually, hours had passed and he woke up to the birds chirping outside Sylvie’s window. What the hell happened to his plan to keep watch for Halleck? Why did he get so exhausted?
His back is stiff. It’s the first thing he notices when he sits up, processing the surroundings in Sylvie’s apartment. Her couch isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to sleep on, and he rubs his eyes tiredly to shake off any fatigue and discomfort so he can look around the apartment. She’s not there. She must still be asleep, he thinks. For a minute, Matt considers getting up to check in on her but decides against it. Instead, he moves to fold the blankets she’d given him back up and place them on top of the pillow.
He’s just about done, focused on the task (or too tired to focus on anything else), when Sylvie comes in. He doesn’t hear her at first; her footsteps are strangely quiet and muffled by slippers.
She’s in her pyjamas, a silk camisole and sweatpants. Her hair is straight but still has a wave to it from messing it up in her sleep. She looks less tired than he is but even through her minimal fatigue, she’s… beautiful. Even in the morning, when people are notoriously dishevelled and not at their best, she’s so gorgeous it makes his heart stop.
“Hi,” she greets him tiredly, running a hand through her hair.
“Hey.” He finishes stacking the blankets and pillows together and stands up, brushing lightly and the wrinkles that formed on his button-down during the night.
She looks him up and down awkwardly, then around her apartment. Her gaze doesn’t ever meet his and he’s not sure if it’s because he just looks like a mess or because she’s scared to. “Did you get any sleep?”
“A little,” he tells her. He’s not technically lying— he’d fallen asleep against his own will so he must have been tired enough— but he’d tried to stay up for most of the night. The chances that Halleck is lurking somewhere are small, but he didn’t want to risk it. Especially when it comes to Sylvie, his… well, his something. “How about you? Did you sleep alright?”
“Yeah,” she confirms. “And my landlord texted me this morning to say that he opened the door so I’m good to go, I think.”
“Good.” He nods, satisfied, and it makes Sylvie smile. He likes seeing that, even if it’s only been hours since he saw it last. It gives him energy.
“Do you, uh, do you want some breakfast or something? I can make something quick,” she offers.
“Oh, I’m alright. I can grab something once I’m back at the loft if I get hungry.”
“You sure?”
“Yeah, don’t worry about me,” he dismisses politely.
“Nice try,” Sylvie chuckles. “You’re one to talk after staying here the whole night.”
“I’m just looking out for you,” he protests lightly. “I hardly think making sure no one broke into your home is the same as keeping my stomach full.”
“Hey, if you get to worry about me the whole night then the least I can do is worry a little about you.”
There’s a quick tension that falls over them, if only for a brief moment. Sylvie moves to hold her arms to her stomach awkwardly, as if guarding herself from moving closer. Something catches in her throat as soon as she finishes her sentence and Matt feels his own breath get stuck in his throat too.
She worries about him too. It shouldn’t come as such a surprise to Matt, but it does. He loves it and yet it confuses him at the same time.
What is this thing between them? And why is he starting to think she might feel the same way?
“Right, okay,” he concedes with a grin, breaking the silence His heart feels like it’s tingling; like it’s on fire. “Well, uh… I should get going then. You’ll me if you need anything else, yeah?”
“Yes,” she nods, slightly amusedly, relaxing her shoulders a little. “But I’m fine, I promise. Thank you, again.”
“For what?”
She gives him a matter-of-fact look, as if he should already know the answer. But he does already know the answer, and she knows that with the warm (and slightly giddy) smile he gives her. Her expression changes after that, into something more soft but serious. It’s almost electric, and it sends a comforting shiver down Matt’s spine. “For everything,” she tells him. “I meant it, Matt. You’ve done so much for me and I just… Thank you.”
The second silence that falls over them is short-lived but much more comfortable. He sucks in a breath, letting his chest flutter at her words. It makes him want to stay here forever. It makes her want to kiss her.
But he doesn’t. The few feet of space between them that have been slowly shrinking as they talk remain intact, and Matt clears his throat to shake himself out of it. He’s already started to leave, he needs to stick to that.
“Of course,” he nods.
Matt heads out of her apartment soon after that, hobbling tiredly back to his struck. He thinks about everything as he drives home— about his feelings, the stiffness in his muscles from her couch, the shortness of breath he gets around her, the increased heart rate.
It’s the first time Matt ever sees love as being so symptomatic, so physical. And then, there, behind the wheel, he realizes his feelings aren’t going away anytime soon.
They’re there, in his very bones and tissues, and even though he doesn’t know where they stand with each other, he knows enough to know that Sylvie Brett isn’t leaving anytime soon.
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gilbxrt-blythe · 5 days ago
Brettsey + #13
13. "Who did this?"
Matt's office doesn't normally look like this.
He doesn't know what happened to it. He'd gone out for a pizza run with 81 for no more than twenty minutes and he'd come back to find his quarters completely made over. There's a quilt on his cot, the lamp on his desk has been replaced by a bigger, more colourful lamp, along with about half a dozen other small adjustments, and... is there a rug on his floor?
Matt stands in the doorway to his quarters, unsure of what to make of it. It's definitely a lot busier than it was before, and that's putting it gently.
He sees Severide walking past his quarters though, and gets his attention. Hopefully, he knows something about all of this. "Hey," he nods to his friend. "Who did this?"
Severide's brows furrow as if observing Casey's new decor for the first time himself. An amused grin spread over his face as he snorts. "Who do you think?"
"Right," he sighs. Because there's only one person who would do something like this as an attempt at the sweetest of gestures: Sylvie Brett.
"Nice rug, by the way," Kelly points out, giving the room one more glance over before leaving.
Ok. So maybe it's not his usual style, especially not for an office. It's not objectively bad, he supposes, it's just not fit for a Captain's quarters necessarily. Especially not his. Maybe that makes him a creature of habit, or too sentimental, but he'd liked everything the way it was before and wants it back. Badly. It's a nice gesture though, Matt knows that. How the hell is he supposed to tell his sweet, adorable girlfriend that he wants to get rid of it all?
He sits there while waiting for 61 to come back from a call, racking his brain, and decides there is absolutely no way to phrase it that doesn't make him sound like a total asshole and a shitty boyfriend.
He remembers a situation from last year though, remembers Cindy Herrmann insisting on redecorating the break room. At first, Matt shrugs and figures this is just part of the commitment to a serious relationship, but the common room didn't keep Cindy's stylings though. Herrmann, one way or another, must have convinced her to get things back to the way they were before. And they're still married which means he had to have done something right. It's stupid, but Matt soon finds himself searching for Herrmann and seeking out advice. "Hey, Herrmann."
"Hey there, Captain," Herrmann greets him while rifling for something in the fridge.
"So, uh, my office--"
"Oh yeah, Brett was raving about doing something to change it up in there, cheer you up," he recalls, cutting Matt off. It makes him wince even more at the awkwardness that's about to come. She really had just wanted to make him happy; to surprise him. Is he a dick for this? "I haven't seen it yet, but I always think hey, if it ain't broke then don't fix it, right?"
"Yeah, actually," he nods. "But, uh... hypothetically, if I were to tell her that I didn't like it, how would I do it without..."
"Without sounding like a horrible person?"
"Exactly," he sighs in relief.
"I had the same problem with Cindy," Herrmann explains with a wise nod that feels almost comedic. "And I learned that you've got to say one thing: I don't connect with the style."
"You don't connect with the style?"
"Yeah. Trust me, she'll eat that up and take everything away. That's how I stopped her from trying to turn our room into the Boho style, whatever the hell that means," he grumbles at the memory.
"Right, ok," Matt says. "Thanks, Herrmann."
"No problem." Herrmann gives a satisfied nod, glad to be of service, and then Matt heads out of the common room back to his office.
Ten more minutes pass by before ambo's back from their call. As usual, Sylvie makes her way to his quarters. He's waiting there for her, leaning on the edge of his doorway as he sees her from across the bunker room. There's a bounce in her step and her hair ruffles at her shoulders. She's unequivocally beautiful; it makes him dread what's happening next.
Matt just prays Herrmann's little trick phrase will help him a little.
"Hey!" She greets him with an excited smile. "You saw the room! I was going to surprise you but we got called out and I had to restock the ambo."
"Yeah, I saw it," he nods, gesturing to the room behind him.
"So, what do you think? You can be honest," she assures him.
Sylvie looks at him, a hopeful and expectant look in her glimmering eyes. God, she looks so excited; so happy. It's those doe eyes, he thinks. Disappointing his girlfriend is like choking the Little Mermaid with a bike chain.
"I..." he starts cautiously, looking between her and the room and sucking in a sharp breath. "I don't.... connect with the style...?"
His statement almost comes out as a question, and something about it makes something click in Sylvie's head as she arches a knowing eyebrow.
The expected heartbreak or anger doesn't come though. Instead, an amused grin spreads across her face. "You hate it, don't you?"
He scrunches his nose, not even bothering to lie to her. "A little bit, yeah," he nods.
"Yeah," she giggles. "I've heard Herrmann's 'I don't connect with the style' crap before. I bet he left out the part where Cindy went ahead and redecorated their room anyway, until Herrmann started sleeping in their studio apartment until she stopped."
"Of course he did," Matt huffs with a chuckle, rubbing at his temples. The one rule of thumb he'd forgotten about: never take advice from Herrmann. "I'm sorry, I didn't know how else to tell you. I just... liked my stuff the way it was before."
"Hey, you don't have to explain it to me," she assures him kindly, her hands flying to caress his face. "All of this stuff is totally movable, I can get it out of here in six minutes, tops. I just thought it'd be nice to make my mark on it, that's all. I know that sounds silly."
"Your mark?"
"Yeah. You know, like adding my own little pizzazz," she tells him. "Something you can remember me by when I'm out on a call, so you can know everything will be okay."
Because of course Sylvie doesn't want him to worry. She's just that considerate. He doesn't know why he didn't think of that sooner, but god. It makes his heart swell.
"I don't need a rug or a fancy lampshade to remember you, honey," he assures her, his hands moving to her shoulders and rubbing circles on the fabric of her CFD jacket. He grabs her hand with his, moving it over to his chest and right overtop of his heart. "I'll always remember you. You're right here, 'kay?"
She gives that adorably coy smile, gnawing at her bottom lip and nodding. "Okay," she replies softly.
Later, Matt and Sylvie move the stuff out of his room and into her locker to take back to her place. But Matt's mind still lingers on the sentiment behind the whole gesture, and as he's lying in bed with Sylvie in his arms that night, he gets an idea-- the idea to do something he should have done as soon as they started dating.
He comes in next shift and shows her his own take on the sentiment she'd been going for.
Sitting on his desk, in the space where his pictures of Hallie or Gabby used to go between the two other frames, lies a picture of them. It's a picture he's had for a while now, from Joe and Chloe's wedding. Technically, it's a group photo, but they'd been too busy talking to each other and blushing profusely to notice the camera had been taking snapshots. It wasn't the picture that made the final cut, but he had Joe send it to him anyway and cropped out everyone but him and Sylvie.
She kisses him as soon as she sees it, hard and tenderly, and he knows he'll look at it for years to come.
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fighterkimburgess · 5 days ago
I wish you would write a fic where the reader and Matt try to get Andy to say his first word and she brings Andy by 51 to see Matt. While at 51, Andy's first word is a naughty word he repeats after Severide says it.
"Can you say Daddy?" You asked your son, who just babbled away at you.
"Dadadadadada. Mamamamama." You were trying to convince him to start saying actual words, but he was still babbling in baby talk. It wouldn't be long, but you were trying to encourage him.
"Let's go see Daddy? And see if Uncle Sevvy and Auntie Stella want to spend time with you?" Once you were loaded into the car he babbled away, excited to see the firehouse come into view.
You were walking across the app floor when a loud "Oh, for FUCKSAKE" came from your son's godfather, and you just rolled your eyes.
"Language, Severide. There's little ears in the house," you called, pleased when he at least looked sorry.
"C'mere, Andy, wanna hang out at the cool table? We'll turn you into a Squad guy, no matter what your Dad thinks." He lifted Andy out of your arms, settling him against his chest.
"Fu-sakes! Fu-sakes!" Andy said, and you couldn't stop the burble of laughter you let out as Kelly looked terrified.
"FU-SAKES! FU-SAKES! FU-SAKES!" Andy yelled with your laughter encouraging him, everyone else trying hard to stop their grins as Kelly stared at his godson.
"No, Andy, that's not a good word to say. C'mon kid, don't get me in trouble."
"Don't get you in trouble for what?" Matt asked, wrapping an arm around you as he took in the sight in front of him.
"Dada! Dadada! Fu-sakes Dada! Fu-sakes Dada!" Andy reached over for Matt, who bit his lip to stop from laughing.
"Seriously, Severide? My kid's first actual word and you make it a swear? You've set a high bar for whenever you and Stella have kids, you know that?"
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write4life13 · 6 days ago
I got bored on my flight so I wrote a little drabble. I also wanted an excuse to write fluffy Brettsey so here’s a prompt from Pinterest. I hope you like it 🙂 Words: 383
Prompt: “I warned you.”
They had been dating for two months now. Each of them is comfortable enough leaving clothes at the other’s place for staying the night. After all of Squad made it safely out of the water, the CFD gave them the next two shifts off to recuperate. Though 51 was weird with an entire new floater group, they were relieved it was only for two shifts and not for the rest of their careers. During this time, Matt stayed more at Sylvie’s apartment to avoid “Nurse Stella” as he called her.
When Sylvie woke up, she didn’t feel the warmth of his skin touching hers. The smell of freshly made coffee and pancakes invited her to get up. “Good morning,” she rubbed her eyes as they adjusted to the sunlight streaming into her apartment, “I have two pancakes already made, you can have those.” Matt was focused on the pancakes so he didn’t see Sylvie slip behind him until her ice cold hands were under his shirt. “Jesus Syl, your hands are ice cubes.”
“It’s what happens when I don’t have my heater to warm them up,” she smirked, taking her hands out from under his grey CFD shirt. She dipped a finger into the pancake batter but Matt saw this and knowing her so well he dodged the first attempt of her smearing it on his face. “I wouldn’t if I were you,” Matt warned but he was too slow to stop the second attempt and the pancake batter ended on his nose before Sylvie backed away with her “come get me” smile.
“Oh it’s on now,” he said and quickly turned off the stove, “I warned you!” He laughed and made his way towards his girlfriend where he proceeded to pick her up as they moved to the bedroom.
An hour later they were intertwined in each other’s arms. Sylvie was rubbing her thumb against Matt’s cheek when he spoke up, “we should get away,” he shifted in the bed for a better view of her face. “We never did take that anywhere in the world trip we talked about. Severide and squad are fine so maybe next furlough. How does that sound?”
“It sounds perfect.” They stayed there for another minute before the rumble of Sylvie’s stomach made them both laugh.
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fighterkimburgess · 6 days ago
(we have never seen Severide act as the brains and knock some sense into Casey) I wish you would write a fic where Severide and Stella "talks" (more so yells) at Casey in the loft after shift for being an idiot at ruining your chance to take the AC exam
This is going to end up being a full length fic, isn't it? Cause honestly writing this has been very fun.
The mood in the firehouse was tense, to put it mildly. Stella and Sylvie had been keeping you away from Matt, making sure that he didn't run into you. Even when shift was finished, they sent you straight out to your car, grabbing your bag and bringing it out to you. Matt knew that he was in for it when he went home, so he delayed going back to the loft. It was, however, delaying the inevitable.
"You are an absolute idiot, Matthew Casey." Stella said as soon as he walked in, and Matt just closed the door behind him.
"I did what I had to do to keep my firehouse safe. I'd do it again."
"All three of us know that's bullshit, Case." He turned to Severide, sitting on the couch with a coffee in his hands. "You did it because you have feelings for her. But if I did that to Stella? She'd kill me, and she'd be within her rights to. Now she thinks you don't trust her, and she's taking her name off the AC exam list because how can she take it when the Captain of her house doesn't believe in her." The couple watched as their words sank into Matt.
"I told her why I did it, that I love her."
"You are a moron. You're worse than a moron! You absolute fool. You've been pining over one of my best friends for months, she's been pining over you for nearly as long, and in the space of about an hour you ruin her career ambitions and tell her you're in love with her? Seriously, Matt. What could ever make you think that was a good idea?" Stella was pacing around the loft as she spoke, her fury clear on her face. Matt just watched before pouring himself a coffee, staring into his mug as if it could tell him the secrets to the universe.
"Casey, you need to talk to her. You need to tell her to take the exam. You need to tell her you trust her. And you need to try get her friendship back before you even think about anything else. We played keep away with the two of you today, but man...she's not ok. You broke her faith in herself, and I don't know if that can be repaired."
Matt's mug hit the floor at Kelly's words, looking at his best friend while the ceramic shattered, spilling the hot liquid on the tile floor. The words spun around his head. How could he have done it? How could he have even made her think that she wasn't so qualified and perfect for the job?
"I've got to go." He went to stand, but Stella pulled him back.
"Clean up the mess, go to bed for a few hours. She'll be asleep. I told her not to take her name off the list before four so she could think about it. You've got time. But do not fuck this up."
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fighterkimburgess · 6 days ago
I wish you would write a fic (this is a part 2 to one of the 500 follower drabble) where Matt gets the reader a chance to take the ambulance commander exam again and goes to her place to tell her and hope they can be friends again
Oooooooh I like this! For those who haven't read it, here's the first part of this
When the knock on your door came, you nearly didn't open it. You were staring at your work email, trying to decide if you were going to send the email to take your name off the ambulance commander exam list. How could you be expected to be one, when your own firehouse Captain didn't trust your judgment? And then says he loves you? Your head was all over the place.
But you stood and opened it, wrapping your hoodie around you. And the very Captain who had you so unsure of yourself was standing there.
"Casey, please leave. I can't deal with you right now, ok?" You went to shut the door, but he held it open.
"I know I screwed up. I know I should have left you. And I shouldn't have blurted that out in my quarters." You laughed.
"You undermined me in front of everyone. You know Boden asked me if I wanted to lodge a complaint about your behaviour on that scene? That he didn't know why you did it? And then you tell me it's because you love me? If you really did, you'd have known that you needed to let me do my job."
Because you'd had feelings for Matt for almost a year. Your heart lept into your chest every time you watched him go into a fire. But you would never have stopped him from doing his job, what he's good at, what he loves.
"I'm sorry. I talked to Hatcher, I've taken full responsibility for it. It won't impact you taking the AC exam. I got scared and I screwed up, and I'm sorry. I need to make things right between us." He shifted his weight, and you looked at him.
"Not right now, and not today. I'm still too angry to even look at you. Lunch tomorrow, there's a deli nearby I like, I'll text you the address. We can talk and hash things out. And then we can talk about whatever our friendship is turning into." He smiled at your words, and your heart skipped a beat. He looked ten years younger, the strain leaving his face.
"Sounds like a plan."
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gilbxrt-blythe · 7 days ago
Prompt 89 for Brettsey 🙂
This fic is partially inspired by @katie-049's fic "Sprucing Up Chicago" (which is a very good thing because wow I'm obsessed with her AU seriously go check it out). Hope you enjoy this :)
89. "You're holding back."
Sylvie swears she isn't a violent or angry person.
It's three weeks after Julie's died. She'd cried in Matt's arms, been comforted by Stella-- hell, she's been comforted by her own damn parents. And it's helped, sure, but there's still residual pain left over. She's still processing the fact that she's gone. That after a lifetime of getting nothing, of always wondering who her birth parents were, Sylvie only got a month with her before she passed. It makes her angry.
People can't control when they die. Julie didn't mean to die, didn't choose to leave like this. But Sylvie deserved time from her, and she can't help but feel like Julie for dying before at least giving Sylvie a proper amount of time with all the answers she'd needed. It's not Julie's fault though. It truly isn't. So why is Sylvie still so heartbroken? And why is she mad?
Matt texts her on one of their days off though, tells her he wants to meet her somewhere. She agrees to it, not because he insists that it will help her, but because she really just wants to see Matt. He's always there for her when she needs it the most, to the point where she finds herself needing him a lot. Hell, who is she kidding? It's not just a need anymore. She wants him-- in every sense of the word, unfortunately.
But that's not the point of today. Today, according to Matt, is about helping her heal a little.
She pulls up to the address he'd texted her to meet him at and is a little surprised. It's some random, run of the mill house except it has tarps on its windows and the white picket fence is severely damaged.
"Hey," he greets her from the front porch of the house. He's in jeans an a t-shirt, which isn't out of the ordinary for Matt, but he's sweaty and there are subtle streaks of dirt on his arms and shirt. It makes him look rugged and messy-- and admittedly, very attractive.
"Hi," she replies in a mousy squeak. "What, uh. What are we doing here, exactly?"
"Right," he remembers, pointing back at the house while keeping his eyes on her. "Well, this is one of my projects for my contracting business."
"And you thought I'd like drilling things? Being a working man, sing a few Springsteen songs?" She guesses amusedly.
"No," he laughs breathily. "This house is being renovated completely. Come on, I'll show you."
What happens next is a terrifying, wonderful surprise. Matt motions toward the house with his head, then grabs her by the hand and leads her inside. His hand doesn't let go the entire time, even as he's opening the door. It's calloused and sweaty from the work she knows he must have been doing on the place, but it's warm. It fits perfectly into hers and it makes her heart skip a beat.
The moment's over before she can even register it though. He pulls his hand away when they walk inside the house and up to the series of bare walls and counters surrounded by tarps and sawdust.
What the hell is happening?
"It's demolition day," he explains to her with a slightly proud smile on his face. It makes her chuckle a little.
He picks up two sledgehammers and protective glasses off one of the counters. "I figured," he explains as he hands her one of the hammers. "This might help you blow off some steam. Normally, I take Severide on these kind of things but his life's not all that bad right now. You need this more than he does."
"Wow," she awes, looking around at the place. "I... I don't know, Matt. I'm not really one for smashing."
"It's a lot more fun than you think, I promise," he assures her. He hands her the second pair of goggles and she gives him a hesitant look for a minute. Eventually, she caves in. Who knows? Maybe this will be fun. She's trusted Matt before and has never once been disappointed, she doesn't see why this will be any different.
"Ok," she sighs amusedly. "Let's do this, Matt Casey."
Matt moves to inspect one of the walls they need to demolish and, when he finds the proper hollow spot through a series of knocks, he points at the spot and then backs away. "You can swing right there. Give it your best shot, Brett."
Sylvie giggles, moves to the wall, and whacks it with her hammer-- a little half-assed, if she's being honest. She's still adjusting to this lovably strange idea Matt had, so she isn't in the full swing of it yet.
"You're holding back," he points out, tilting his head to the side in mock disapproval. "Come on, hit it hard, Sylvie. I know you can do it. You're angry, right?"
"I'm not angry," she protests meekly, her eyes drifting off seriously. "You can't be mad at someone for dying, that doesn't make any sense."
"Of course it does," he counters supportively. "It's okay to be angry, that's part of the grief. Don't shy away from it. Own it."
"Right, okay." She nods, hyping herself mentally. "I can do this."
She stares at the wall intensely, until she locks eyes with the spot she needs to hit and sends the end of the sledgehammer through the wall with a loud, cathartic thwack!
It's a blur of rage. She whacks it once, then twice, three times. When she pulls away, there's a huge, gaping hole in the wall where a cluster of paint and drywall used to be. She stares at it in shock.
She hasn't done something like that since she was a teenager, helping her dad out with farm work in Fowlerton.
She hasn't done this whole "smash therapy" thing before. It's strange, but delightful. It helps the residual pain, anger, and grief flood away into the air along with the specks of dust. Eventually, she forgets the anger ever existed.
"Did I just do that?" She asks, pointing at the hole in the wall in bewilderment.
Sylvie turns to Matt and sees him staring at her with delightful surprise. "You did, yeah," he nods.
"I did that," she repeats, soaking it in. "I actually did that."
"How did it feel?"
"Ugh, so good!" She's ramped up on excitement and adrenaline and, before she knows it, she's practically slamming herself into Matt and wrapping her arms around him in a hug. He laughs, but it quickly becomes awkward so she pulls away. "Sorry," she apologizes after a while. "I got excited there."
"No need to be sorry," he replies bashfully, scratching at the back of his neck and clearing his throat. "I'm just-- I'm glad I could help."
"Yeah," she nods, smiling warmly at him. His gaze is intense and for a moment, she's reminded of just how much she truly cares for Matt. And, admittedly, just how much she wants to be with him-- even if she'll never admit it.
He really is just glad he could help. He means that. He always is.
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imaginingyourfandom · a month ago
Tumblr media
SUMARRY: Finding out Matt is cheating on you with Gabby, using prompt  35. “I loved you. I loved you so so much but you hurt me.” AND 36. “They warned me about this.” “About what?” “You.”
You should have known. Everyone had warned you about them but you trusted him, you loved him and you prayed that he loved just as much to not betray you like he did.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”
You shook your head, “I loved you. I loved you so so much but you hurt me.” You refused to look at him. You knew the moment you looked at him, you would break down and he did not deserve to see your tears and how much he had actually hurt you.
Matt sighed, “I don’t know what you want me to say.” 
“You don’t know what to say?! You not only betrayed me, you humiliated me. I trusted you, I trusted you both. I can’t even look at you right now. How dare you?!” You screamed.
Matt shock his head, “I never meant to hurt you. I never meant for it to go that far. I’m so sorry. I love you.”
You scoffed, “You don’t love me. If you loved me, you would have been honest with me. If you were having feelings for another woman, you should have told me, instead of making me think it’s my fault and that I drove you a away. You’re a coward Matt. They warned me about this.”
“About what?” He softly asked.
You glared at him, “You.”
“No words can make up for the pain I have caused you. I promise it was only the one time,” he spoke.
You shook your head with a laugh, “You’re still making excuses for what you did. I’m done Matt, nothing you say is going to change what happened or how you made me feel. I’m walking away because I deserve to be with someone that will love and appreciate me but clearly that’s not with you.”
“I’m sorry.”
“No you’re not.”
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farfarawaygirl · 3 months ago
Please post Vegas fic! That sounds amazing!
Here’s a line:
“I could see it.” Kidd says. “At the very least, the two of you are hot enough and dumb enough to get married in Vegas.”
If I didn’t love Sylvie and Matt, I’d ship Sylvie and Kelly so dang hard.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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imaginingyourfandom · 5 months ago
family - connor rhodes & matt casey
Tumblr media
fandom: chicago med
pairing: connor rhodes x reader, matt casey (brother)
warnings: none
request:  being matt's little sister and a doctor at Med. You and Connor are dating but have not told anyone. Matt finds out one day and you get into an argument. You have not spoken to each other until he is brought into the ED in critical condition.
requested by: anonymous
Tumblr media
“What are you going to do?”
The night had gone to absolute shit when Matt had pretty much barged into your apartment to find you and Connor making out on your couch. You loved your brother but he had no concept for boundaries. You knew all he wanted to do was protect you but you were a grown woman and you were happy.
You sighed as you snuggled closer to your boyfriend, “Nothing. As much as I love my brother it’s time that he realised I can take care of myself and I’m happy. You make me happy and he is not going to change that.” Connor didn’t reply as he held you tighter. He loved you and the last thing he wanted was to lose you because of your over protective brother.
You had gone a few days without talking to Matt and it wasn’t like he was reaching out to you either but you had not expected for your whole world to be turned upside down when he was brought in by paramedics in critical condition.
Goodwin had made sure you got the rest of the day off while you worried about your brother while Connor did his surgery. You knew he was the best they had but he also couldn’t stop thinking about how this was effecting you.
“How are you holding up?”
You turned to find Connor walking towards you. You had found refuge on the roof as you always did whenever a case went bad so it wasn’t a surprise that Connor had found you eventually.
You exhaled, “I’m scared. The last time we talked, we argued.”
Connor wrapped his arms around you, “He’s going to be okay. The surgery went well and you should go and see him. It doesn’t matter what happened the last time you talked, he is still your brother.” You hated that he was right but you knew you had to see Matt and you did just that.
“Well, you look like crap.”
Matt laughed before clutching his chest, “Thanks, exactly what I needed to hear. I’m sorry.”
“You’re welcome,” you replied with a cheeky smile before sighing, “I’m sorry too. You know that I love you but I’m happy and I can take care of myself. I know you want to protect me but Connor makes me happy, happier than I have been in a long time. Please trust me?”
Matt grabbed your hand, “You’re right. I should not have reacted the way that I did because you are a grown woman and you deserve to be happy. Connor obviously makes you happy otherwise you would not have fought for him like you did. I just hope you know what you’re doing. I would like to meet him, officially that is.”
“Thank you, you have no idea how much that means to me. I love you and I would love for you to meet Connor, he is great guy.” You gushed. 
“I’m sure he is but you’re my little sister and if he hurts you, I will hurt him.”
“I’d expect nothing less.”
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whumpkeys · a year ago
(Slight AU where after Otis’ death, it’s like after Andy’s death with Severide and Casey fighting again)
“Hello? I’m looking for my foster dad?”
Severide looks up, surprised to see a dark haired teenager, about fourteen or fifteen standing next to 81, a navy blue backpack on his shoulder.
“I think you have the wrong place, kid. Who’s your foster dad?”
“Who are you?”
Kelly flounders for a second, not expecting the sudden question. “Kelly. Kelly Severide. I’m the lieutenant in charge of squad.”
“Oh.” The kid shifts a bit, obviously uncomfortable. “You know what, I’ll find him myself.”
Severide stands up, taking a step towards the kid as he moves towards the doors. “You can’t go in there. What’s in the bag?”
The kid hugs his bag closer to him, trying to step around the lieutenant to get through the door to the common room. “It’s just my school stuff.”
“Let me see,” Kelly tells him, holding out a hand for the bag as he moves to block the kid’s way.
“No. It’s my bag. Why can’t I see him?” The kid asks, growing increasingly anxious.
Cruz, Tony and Capp had stood up at this, sensing that the kid was about to do something.
Sure enough, the kid suddenly darts forwards, ducking under Severide’s arms to get to the door. He makes it through just as Kelly tackles him to the ground. The kid cries out, squirming and trying to get away while Kelly pins his arms behind him.
“Severide! What the hell is going on here?” Boden shouts, coming out of his office at the sound of the kid screaming.
Casey appears behind him, staring in shock at the ground. “Ethan?”
“Matt! Matt, help!” The kid, Ethan, yells as Cruz opens his backpack, pulling out some books and a binder.
“It’s just school stuff, Lieutenant. Kid wasn’t lying.”
“Of course he wasn’t lying! Jesus, Severide! Let him go!” Casey yells, moving to pull the lieutenant off. Severide scrambles off the kid, watching as Casey pulls Ethan into a hug, glaring at Severide over his shoulder.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know I’m not supposed to talk to him but he wouldn’t let me see you and I needed to see you and he wouldn’t let me see you, Matt!”
“It’s okay, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
After a few more seconds, Casey turns his head, whispering into his kid’s ear. “Ethan, I’m going to get a friend to show you where my office is. Can you wait there for a bit while I get things sorted out?”
The truck captain feels Ethan nod against him and relaxes.
“Gallo, can you show Ethan where my office is?”
Gallo nods, looking at the obviously shaken teenager. “Sure thing, Cap.”
Casey watches until the two are out of sight before turning to Severide and the rest of squad, rage in his eyes. He steps forwards, snatching Ethan’s bag away from Cruz. “If any of you EVER touch my son again, there will be hell to pay.”
Casey turns towards Severide, interrupting him. “You don’t get to talk! You had no right to do that to him!”
“Why the hell isn’t he allowed to talk to me, Casey?!” Severide shouts, moving forwards.
“It’s not that he isn’t allowed to talk to you, it’s that I warned him to be careful around you!”
“Why the hell would you do that?!”
“You tried beating the shit out of me for pulling rank, how was I supposed to know you wouldn’t do the same to Ethan?”
“That’s such bullshit, Casey and you know it!”
Shaking his head in annoyance, Casey heads for his quarters, having said what he needed to say and not seeing the point in fighting with Severide again.
Ignoring Severide’s shouts, Casey pushes the door to his quarters open and is pleased to see Gallo and Ethan playing a game of cards on his bunk.
“Thanks Gallo,” Casey says, dismissing him with a nod of his head.
“Anytime, Captain,” Gallo says and with a wave to Ethan, leaves.
Taking a seat on his bunk, Casey looks to Ethan. “So what’s going on, E? Why aren’t you at school?”
“James in Mr. Trey’s class overdosed in the washroom and they sent everyone home.”
“Is he okay?”
Ethan shakes his head slowly. “No. He died.”
“That’s… wow. Are you okay?”
Ethan’s quiet for a second as he processes the question. “I think so.”
“It’s okay to not be, you know. Even if you weren’t friends, it can be pretty scary.”
“I know, Matt. I don’t really want to go home right now. Can I stay here for a bit?”
Casey nods. “Yeah, of course. I’ll just let Boden know.”
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whumpkeys · a year ago
Casey sits down at his desk, ready to start his paperwork for the day when something catches his eye. It’s a framed photograph that he had up for as long as he could remember.
Casey smiles as he remembers the moment it had been taken. Darden and Severide had planned a trip to Disneyland and had practically kidnapped Casey to get him to come along.
Altough he wasn’t very happy about the whole trip, Casey had started to warm up to it after they had visited Magic Kingdom. The photo was taken after they had gotten off Space Mountain - and Kelly had finished puking his guts up.
Casey was in the middle, a Mickey ears hat balanced precariously on his head and Kelly and Andy were on either side, one arm around him the other in the air. The three of them had gotten “I survived Space Mountain!” t shirts and were displaying them proudly.
He laughs as he remembers the events that had occured immediately after the photo was taken. The first in a truly unfortunate sequence of events was when Severide had tripped, falling into a small pond. After that, during Kelly’s apologies, a kids balloon had popped, startling Casey who had flinched, smacking Andy across the face and knocking him into a sign. Just when things seemed like they couldn’t possibly gotten worse, a seagull had flown by and dropped a “present” directly onto Severide’s head. The three of them had looked at each other and just burst out laughing, unsure of what else to do.
Casey puts the picture down with a small sigh and picks up his pen.
How had things gone so wrong?
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fighterkimburgess · 12 days ago
I do not know why but after reading the dad Matt Casey drabbles, I can see Andy walking into your guys room asking Matt to read a story before he goes on shift
It's because that is COMPLETELY a thing that would happen. And Dad!Matt is never gonna turn down the chance to read a story. We know this.
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herheroics · 19 days ago
five times kissed / sylvie and matt
send me five times kissed for a drabble about five times our muses kissed @chicagosfincst​
Tumblr media
        They had kissed once or so before but this kiss..this kiss had already felt different. Casey had said I love you and Sylvie...she knew she loved him, of course she did. She just needed a little bit to comprehend to what he had actually said. And although it had taken a night.. well she eventually did get to say what she felt. They were meant to be together. They were the one that made each other feel something but as Sylvie was cut off with a kiss when she was halfway through saying I love you, the blonde pulled away with a smile. “I love you Matt. And I think you should come to my place tomorrow night after shift and we can finally have our own time. Together.  Away from this house. To just be us.”
         Letting out a soft groan, Sylvie blinked once, then twice as she came to. She looked towards Mackay, taking note of the blood gushing down her face and Sylvie knew, she had a few of her own cuts and bruises. Her ribs were awfully tender and her head was killing her but all that mattered was they were alive. Within moments, she and Mackay were kicking out the smashed and Sylvie had gone first, just in case the shooter was out there. She had to protect Mackay. Helping the brunette out, Sylvie turned back around and stumbled on the ground slightly but was picked up by Casey. Her Casey. “Matt” Sylvie spoke softly as she dropped into Matt’s arms with a wince. She felt him cup her cheek before placing a kiss on her lips. “I’m okay, I promise.”
      Test results were something Sylvie did not like. Not in the slightest. Like with anything, it could go both ways. Either good or bad. But as she sat there, next to Matt at the doctors with his hand in her own, she just wanted him to be okay. She needed him to be okay. He just had to be. With their enclosed hands on her lap, Sylvie took in a deep breath as the doctor entered and sat opposite them, talking about his health. But as he spoke, Sylvie thought she was hearing it all wrong. Matt was okay. He was okay. Once the doctor had left, Matt pulled the blonde up into a hug and spun around, Sylvie squealing with happiness “You’re okay, perfectly okay.” Sylvie smiled as she cupped Matt’s cheeks as she leaned down to kiss them. He was okay.
       Feeling herself being squeezed, Sylvie opened one eye, taking note that she was currently curled up into Matt’s side. But it wasn’t their bed at home that they were sharing. Instead, she was curled up into his side on his incredibly small bed in his bunker. But she didn’t mind it, they were just pretty much in each other’s spaces and she was well, more so on top of him. Rubbing her eyes, Sylvie looked up at the man underneath her who seemed to have to with her movement. “I love you too Matt.” she repeated his sentiments as she shifted up slightly to press a kiss to lips that she could never forget.
       Like with anything that happens in a first responders life, nothing is ever straight forward. Nor is anything that is planned. But, for once in their lives, the one thing that seemed to go okay was today. Today was her wedding day. Matt was at the other end of the aisle, with Kelly and Boden on his side, whilst for her, Emily had just walked down the aisle then Stella. Now, now now it was her turn. Her turn to walk down her father. She began the walk down the aisle, blushing slightly at the attention on her but as she got to Matt, nothing else mattered because to her, it was just the two of them. Her mouth just seemed to go on its own because within moments, or so it felt, all she heard was you may kiss the bride. With a grin, Sylvie reached up to grab Matt by his tux, pulling him in closer “You better kiss me. I am, after all, Mrs Sylvie Brett-Casey now.” with a grin, their lips met to what would be their first kiss as Mr and Mrs.
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fighterkimburgess · a month ago
Cíara's 500 Follower Extravaganza!
For some reason, 500 of you wonderful people have decided to follow me, which is insane and amazing and oh so lovely.
To celebrate, for the next week (May 17th - 24th) I'll be taking prompts and writing drabbles for them, as well as headcanons for any of the characters or relationships I write for. These aren't the prompts that are already in my inbox, they're completely separate. I'll pop the prompt lists below, and hop into my inbox to ask me for some. Gonna tag some mutuals here, and below the cut you'll see the characters I'm writing for (with a new addition!) as well as the prompt lists. Or if you have an idea and want to send it in as a prompt with a character/couple, do that!
tags: @kim-ruzek @unmistakablyunknown @abbyscameron @morganupstead @burzekbrettsey @gilbxrt-blythe @ruzek-pearson @lezlieshay @thelittlepterophyllum @resanoona @agent-bash @captaincasey @roberttchase @gins-potter @redlipstickandplaid @redpoodlern
(also if you're looking for my masterlist that was my previous pinned post - it's here!)
Characters and Ships:
Chicago Fire
Matt Casey
Kelly Severide
Chicago PD
Jay Halstead
Adam Ruzek
Kevin Atwater
Hank Voight
Chicago Med
Will Halstead
Connor Rhodes
Law and Order SVU:
Rafael Barba
Sonny Carisi
Nick Amaro
Mike Dodds
Peter Stone
And the prompt lists!
Character headcanons
How do they feel about people shorter/taller than them?
Their sexuality?
Preferred weather?
What’s their sleeping schedule?
Favorite music?
How’s their cooking?
It’s movie night, what movie do they pick?
How would they hold up in a pillow war?
What’s their sleeping position?
Who do they go to for comfort?
Something small that they enjoy?
How do they feel about physical contact by others?
What is enough to bring them to tears?
Biggest pet peeve?
How well do they take care of themselves?
What’s something they like that may be surprising to others?
Do they consider others family?
Any bad habits that they have?
What’s their idea of a perfect vacation?
Do they get lost easily? Will they ask for directions if they are?
The strangest thing they have ever seen?
How well do they accept advice?
How much do they swear?
How do they take advice given to them?
Do they like being in pictures?
Is there anything they’re bad at?
What’s their morning schedule?
Any past injuries?
Something that disgusts them?
Hand Holding prompts
tiny hands in big hands
calloused hands in soft hands
cold hands in warm hands
hands with the perfect ratio to each other for hand-holding
platonic hand-holding
running their thumb over the other’s hand
dancing with their hands holding onto each other
squeezing hand for comfort and encouragement
holding hands across the table
happily doing everything with just one hand, if it means they don’t have to let go
not wanting to lose each other in a big crowd
possessive hand-holding
linking hands together during sex
grabbing hand to show them something
loosely holding onto each other’s hands, laying in one’s lap
only linking the pinkies together, not ready to let go completely
holding hands while skating
excitedly grabbing each other’s hands during a concert, jumping up and down together
playing with each other’s fingers
pressing the other’s hand against their cheek
holding hands while one is balancing on a small wall
grabbing the other’s hand to pull them back from something
holding hands under the table
only realizing it when they have to let go
standing in front of each other, holding both their hands
holding their hands above their head, fingers linked together
passionate hand-holding
grabbing the other’s hand so they don’t fall
holding hands while running through the rain
brushing against each other, linking fingers together for a second
grabbing their hand to grab their attention
not really paying attention, both doing something else, but still holding hands
bandaging the other’s hand and not quite letting go
holding hands while driving
grabbing the other’s hand to pull them back to them
unconsciously searching out each other’s hand while sleeping
not realizing they’re holding hands till someone points it out
swinging hands back and forth, skipping like children
holding hands in a museum to pull them to the next exhibition
letting go when there is an obstacle in their way and immediately grabbing each other’s hand again when they pass it
loosely holding onto each other’s hand
dragging the other with them, holding their hand
raising the other’s hand to their lips to kiss it softly
holding hands while jumping down from somewhere together
comparing hand sizes, then linking fingers together
Touching prompts
touching foreheads
running fingers through hair
hiding face in neck
caressing the other’s hand
feeling their pulse
patting the other’s head
holding hands
shielding the other one with their body
listening to the other’s heartbeat
spooning at night
laying their hand on the other’s neck
pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
nudging the other one
putting an arm around the other’s waist
hugging each other
massaging them
holding the other’s chin up
squishing the other’s cheek
high fiving
bandaging/stitching up an injury
kissing the other’s brow
falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
carrying the other one in their arms
whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin
stroking the other’s arm soothingly
kissing the top of their head
pulling the other one towards them
feeling for each other in the dark
tickling the other one
grabbing onto their arm
doing a pinky swear
caressing the other’s back
tasting their smile
washing the other’s body
kissing their bruises and scars
lifting the other one up
putting their head on the other’s chest
stroking their leg
leaning into the other’s side
patting them on the back
sitting close and knees touching
braiding the other’s hair
giving them a piggy-back ride
sitting on the other’s lap
feeling their temperature
linking arms with each other
touching their elbow to get their attention
dancing with each other
holding onto the other’s shoulders for support
putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
Angsty Prompts
“And that makes it okay?”
“Are you afraid to die?”
“What would you do if I didn’t come back?”
“Do you know what it’s like?”
“Hasn’t this addiction done enough damage already?”
“Why are your eyes so red?”
“How do you think this ends?”
“Why would I ever want to be with you?”
“Is that what you think of me?”
“Do you know what a gunshot wound feels like?”
“How am I supposed to go on?”
“Can’t you see how fucked up this is?”
“If I told you I hate you, what would you do?”
“Should you be drinking that much?”
“What if we just crash this car and make it all stop?”
“Do the drugs still get you high?”
“Am I the reason you cry every night?”
“When did you stop loving me?”
“Don’t you think you’ve done enough?”
“How did things go so wrong?”
“When did things fall apart?”
“Which part of me wasn’t enough?”
“How do I make you love me again?”
“How much does it hurt knowing you lost me?”
“We’re you trying to destroy us?”
“How do you want to die?”
“Is the weight of it all finally too heavy?”
“Are you okay with having blood on your hands?”
“How do you sleep at night?”
“Can you still sleep at night?”
“Is being high all the time worth losing everything?”
“Can you feel the blood draining from your body?”
“Do you know how it feels to wish for death every day?”
“Will you miss me at all?”
“Can I have one last kiss?”
“Do you understand what you’ve done?”
“Is this how you thought your life would be?”
“Did you expect this to turn out better?”
“Can you really blame me?”
“How could you do this?”
“Can you be the one to do it?”
“Does this mean what I think it means?”
“Are you leaving?”
“How do we fix this?”
“Would you hate me?”
“Do you want to die?”
“How many more innocent people have to die?”
“Can you promise me no one else has to get hurt?”
“Are you satisfied now...?”
“Do you even know what love feels like?”
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fighterkimburgess · 2 months ago
“Get Me” for Brettsey please! 🥰
Wanna join my taglist? Drabble Prompt list!
Warnings: Graphic injuries, canon typical injuries.
Sylvie watched as the wall fell into the burning building, her heart in her mouth. Matt had to be ok. He just had to be. Her eyes were focused on the doorway, waiting to see what was going on.
“FIREFIGHTER DOWN!” The call came, Severide screaming as Sylvie and Violet ran with the gurney. They were holding Matt, his forearm at an unnatural angle while his shoulder was obviously dislocated.
“Get him on the gurney. We’ll triage en route, we’re going to Med.” She strapped him in with Violet, passing the keys to the ambo to her partner. The crowd of firefighters helped her run the gurney into the rig, closing the doors behind her.
Sylvie was a practiced paramedic, but her skills were put to the test treating Matt. She should have drove, but she couldn’t leave him. There was soot in his windpipe and she put a mask on him, keeping an eye on his sats in case she needed to intubate. She cut off his turnout coat, then spotted where the bone was sticking out of his forearm, blood running down his hand. She stabilised him and strapped him how she could, finishing as they pulled up to Med.
Someone had gotten the news to them, because before she could open the doors Maggie and Will Halstead were there, grabbing the gurney.
“It’s Matt. 41, involved in a building collapse during a fire. Soot in the airway but O2 at 98 on mask. BP is 90 over 70, pulse 95. Open fracture to the ulna, and probable dislocated shoulder. We scooped and ran in the field.” Maggie held her back as they brought Matt into a trauma room.
“Stay here. We’ve got him from now.” Sylvie stood and watched as they reduced his shoulder, treating him where they could before calling down a consult. Will walked out of the trauma room and found her.
“He’s awake and on painkillers, he’s asking for you. We’re waiting on Ortho, he’ll need surgery for the open fracture but it looks good.” Sylvie waited until he’d finished speaking before rushing in, sitting on Matt’s good side.
“You’re an idiot, Matthew Casey. I nearly finished the job that wall started,” she murmured, her hand under his.
“But you love me, right?” Matt slurred, a soft smile on his face.
Taglist: @plala1 @brettsey-itsalwaysbeenyou @abbyscameron @brookerz122493 @redpoodlern @everythingaddictxx @write4life13
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fighterkimburgess · 2 months ago
Chicago Fire Masterlist
Tumblr media
Smutty content marked with **
Sylvie Brett x Adam Ruzek
Matt Casey x Reader
Kelly Severide x Reader
Stella Kidd x Reader
Head Canons
Multi Chapter fics:
What Happens In Vegas (Definitely Doesn’t Stay There) **
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bimbobuckley-archive · 5 months ago
i’d kill for some requests for mayans or one chicago rn. my only rules are:
i don’t write oneshots on request, only headacanons, preferences, drabbles and short imagines
all requests to be sent in asks
i don’t write for mouse gerwitz, will halstead, ethan choi, kelly severide & matt casey
i write for female characters too - pretty much all of them from all the fandoms and honestly, i prefer to
no pregnancy / hospitalisation of the reader
no “damsel in distress” scenarios
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writingdayandnight · 9 months ago
✦ SVU ✦
Never Really Over (Part Two) - Rafael Barba (*Blue Bloods Crossover)
Goodnight Kiss - Rafael Barba
Midnight - Rafael Barba
Sunday Dinner - Mike Dodds (*Blue Bloods Crossover)
First Time for Everything - Sonny Carisi
Hope - Sonny Carisi
Marry Me - Sonny Carisi
Family - Peter Stone
I Could Kiss You - Peter Stone
Sleeves - Olivia Benson
Protector - Olivia Benson
Untitled Soulmate!AU - Amanda Rollins
Paws - Squad
✦ Chicago PD ✦
Stubborn - Adam Ruzek
Ginger Ale - Jay Halstead
Pink Cheeks and Parties - Jay Halstead
✦ Chicago Med ✦
Pillow Talk - Connor Rhodes
Friend or Foe - Will Halstead
✦ Chicago Fire ✦
✦ Criminal Minds ✦
Coincidences - Aaron Hotchner (*SVU Crossover - kinda)
Heart Skips a Beat - Aaron Hotchner
Something More - Luke Alvez
✦ Hawaii Five-0 ✦
When We Were Young - Steve McGarrett
Romance is Alive and Well - Steve McGarrett
Admiration - Danny Williams
✦ Blue Bloods ✦
You’re My Home - Jamie Reagan
Lazy Days - Jamie Reagan 
Three Little Words - Jamie Reagan
✦ Misc. ✦
No Bishop Left Behind - Ellie Bishop (NCIS)
Sweet Pea - Chris LaSalle (NCIS: NOLA)
✦ SVU ✦
Jealous - Rafael Barba
Morning Routines - Rafael Barba
Having a Quiet S/O - Rafael Barba
Dating - Sonny Carisi
Dating While He’s a Baseball Player - Peter Stone 
Being Pregnant with Peter’s Baby - Peter Stone 
Being Married to Peter - Peter Stone
✦ Chicago PD ✦
Finding Out You Used to be a Cheerleader - Jay Halstead
Partners - Antonio Dawson
✦ Chicago Med ✦
Being Best Friends - Connor Rhodes
Connor Asking You Out - Connor Rhodes
Dating Will and Working at the Hospital - Will Halstead
Cuddling - Jeff Clarke
Being Best Friends - Jeff Clarke
✦ Chicago Fire ✦
Friends to Lovers - Kelly Severide
Having a Rough Pregnancy - Matt Casey
Work Father - Christopher Herrmann 
✦ Criminal Minds ✦
Having a Wild S/O - Spencer Reid
Dating - Spencer Reid
Getting Hurt on a Case - Luke Alvez
✦ Hawaii Five-0 ✦
Being Younger and Having a Crush on Steve - Steve McGarrett
Dating Danny and Working on the Taskforce - Danny Williams 
✦ Blue Bloods ✦
Dating Danny and Being Younger - Danny Reagan
Cuddling - Danny Reagan
Secretly Dating Jamie - Jamie Reagan
✦ Misc. ✦
Friendship - Peter Stone and Anna Valdez (Chicago Justice)
Riding Horses - Leroy Jethro Gibbs (NCIS)
Cuddling - Dwayne Pride (NCIS: NOLA)
Dating - Dwayne Pride (NCIS: NOLA)
One Night Stand - Chris LaSalle (NCIS: NOLA)
Being in a Serious Relationship - Harvey Specter 
✦ SVU ✦
Trapped in an Elevator - Rafael Barba
“What Are You so Happy About?” - Rafael Barba
“You’re Too Good for This World” - Sonny Carisi
Study Dates - Sonny Carisi
Always Be There for You - Amanda Rollins
“I’m Pregnant” - Nick Amaro
✦ Chicago PD ✦
Insecurities - Jay Halstead
✦ Chicago Med ✦
Secret Set Up - Connor Rhodes
“We Can Make it Through This” - Connor Rhodes
Ending Up in the Hospital - Will Halstead
Date Night - Ethan Choi and April Sexton
Injuries - Sarah Reese 
Labor - Will Halstead and Natalie Manning
✦ Chicago Fire ✦
✦ Criminal Minds ✦
Kidnapped - Luke Alvez
“I’ll Keep You Safe” - Luke Alvez
How Punny - Luke Alvez
Moved On - Luke Alvez
✦ Hawaii Five-0 ✦
Wedding Day - Steve McGarrett
Labor - Danny Williams
Proposal - Danny Williams
✦ Blue Bloods ✦
“You’re Jealous, Aren’t You?” - Jamie Reagan
✦ Misc. ✦
Partnership - Antonio Dawson and Laura Nagel (Chicago Justice)
“You’re Jealous, Aren’t You?” - Peter Stone (Chicago Justice)
Stay the Night - Peter Stone and Anna Valdez (Chicago Justice) 
Protective - Peter Stone and Anna Valdez (Chicago Justice)
We Don’t Have to Talk - Nick Torres (NCIS)
Comfort - Dwayne Pride (NCIS: NOLA)
Last Updated: 9/28/20
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anotheronechicagobog · 9 months ago
I have been asked the difference between a oneshot, a drabble, and an imagine, so I'm going to post my explanation for others to see.
Oneshot: is a fic that is only one installment
Drabble: is a very short version of a oneshot (a few lines or only a couple hundred words)
Imagine: is putting out a prompt with no story in the format "imagine..." Example: "Imagine if Matt Casey was your older brother and he found out you were dating Gallo"
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