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#matchup request
froggykinz · 5 hours ago
hi there! could I request a kin matchup for Genshin Impact, Undertale, and BNHA?
I'm a Taurus and INFP-T. My personality tends to fluctuate a lot, but usually I tend to be short-tempered, but reasonable and sensible when it comes to my friends, I try to be kind and help them when I'm able. When it comes to people or things I dislike though, I tend to be a little cruel and mock them to my friends as I use humour to negate bad emotions. I'm an introvert and a little awkward unless I'm in a position where I'm expected to be a leader or performer, of which I put on a different show and try to be an overdramatic and likable person. I enjoy hobbies such as drawing and playing video games as well.
I hope this is enough information! Thank you!
Tumblr media
Hello there! I think I’ll diagnose you as!
Tumblr media
Diluc (GI) Mettaton (UT) All Might (BNHA)
Mod Froggy - Snow White
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froggykinz · 6 hours ago
Hi! Now that requests are open I was wondering if I could get a kin matchup for Bnha, Ddlc, and Vocaloid please? I'm a Leo, Infp, and if it's helpful my enneagram type is type 7! I'm known to be very emotional, dramatic, easy to read, and very sensitive. Along with this I can be very affectionate yet awkward, loud and quiet at the same time, and also constantly swinging between thinking I'm amazing and thinking I'm absolute scum (sometimes both at the same if that makes sense). Uhmm I also enjoy baking (because I have a huge sweet tooth) but I don't do it often unfortunately- oh I also hate conflict and make jokes a lot to hide my insecurity... I'm not really sure what else to add so . I hope this is enough?? If not I'm really sorry! (>-<)
(Also sorry if the description is messy! I couldn't find a nice way to organize my thoughts and stuff)
Tumblr media
Hello!! I think I’ll diagnose you as!
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki (BNHA) Natsuki (DDLC) Len Kagamine (VCLD)
Mod Froggy - Snow White
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ookami-tsun · 9 hours ago
hi! i just found your account and was wondering if i could get a genshin (male) matchup? i don't mind if it's romantic or platonic :)
i'm a well-rounded person who is more introverted than extroverted. i still like to take a lot of responsibility and leadership roles within an environment though! i'm a female clocking a height of around 5'2” which is pretty short compared to the rest of my friends and actually gives me a little insecurity sometimes. apparently, i somehow look intimidating when people first meet me or see me in public. despite that, i get pretty comfortable and a even a little loud with people that i'm close to but i also try to seem respectful and confident at all times. i like to draw and play various instruments but i especially like playing the piano. i don't spend a lot of time studying for classes but i am pretty well-known for my intelligence. i don't necessarily like sports and i'd rather stay home than go out but i enjoy spending time with friends and family when i'm not busy with work. i really dislike it when people try to prove me wrong or force their opinions on me because i like to be in control of the situation most of the time.
sorry if this was really long but i hope these all help you! stay safe and happy writing <3
haihai, hmm i think i'll try out a platonic matchup for you. i hope you like the matchup (im sorry if it isnt good... stress + trash mental health + numb arm from vaccine isnt helpful for writing... im on term break which is 2 weeks long but like i still have 6 reports to rush cause its due right after the break... which makes no sense to me ? im sorry for rambling T.T)
Anyways.... I match you with Venti!!!
Venti :
I think that both you and Venti would get along great, both of you could have a jamming session or you guys could always go for classical tunes whichever floats you boat
Venti would definitely drag you out on an adventure whenever your not studying but if you really feel like staying home that day, venti wouldnt mind at all
Venti would definitely not force his opinion on you, i believe he would just let the wind lead so if you feel like having a jamming session, a jamming session you shall have
Venti would definitely find your height cute but he wouldnt tease you about it especially if it is one of your insecurities
Overall both of you would have a cute and wholesome friendship (im sorry if its really short and bad... T.T my brain cant function properly lately T.T)
Tumblr media
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ookami-tsun · 9 hours ago
Hey there! Can I get a romantic matchup? I'll take tsun as the writer. I am 25 year old female who prefers males. When you first meet me, I'm a generally quiet person. I prefer to examine what kind of person someone is before talking to them. If a person is interesting or finds me interesting, I initiate the conversation. I don't like small talk but more than willing to find a topic of interest we both enjoy. The arts and science (particularly multiverse theory) are my passions. Sometimes I get carried away but rarely oblivious if someone is bored/confused/annoyed. I love hearing other people's thoughts (if they're comfortable of sharing them) and then, compare and contrast them to mines. If there's a confrontation towards an opinion I value, I take a tactful approach to defend it.
My likes: tea, owls, rain showers // My dislikes: early mornings, when people compromising their values to impress others, personal space being invaded.
Konichiwa~ It’s Tsun (//0_0//)
Ah… I am someone who likes to say some random thoughtless things to get a reaction… I often get no reaction or get questioned on what I am talking about… Sometimes I talk in a strange way about some funny stuff, but Ookami forces me to explain T_T. “I love art too, but I won’t study on it because I have to study about it~” (it isnt my fault if your sentences have no head or tail as well as no context -ookami)
For your matchup…. I choose *drumrolls* Albedo!
Both of you are interested in art and science, which means that when both of you first meet, you two will be able to hit off with each other since there’s common topic, which in this case, topics that both of you are passionate with
Albedo has no interest in socializing as it seems to be very hard to maintain, however, since you are passionate about science, you will take the initiative to approach him to exchange views on them. Which leads to the two of you having a close relationship which is quite unexpected
Since you are generally a quiet person that dislikes making small talk, Albedo wouldn’t mind as he just needs your accompaniment as you observe his research. Well, slowly become his important and irreplaceable assistant (standing behind you and traps you between him and the table, he moves his hand around telling you how to proceed on the research, but how to focus when his breath is so close to your ears and his lips can touch it with the slightest movement?)
Wherever there’s some new contradicting views on a topic, you two can get really into really heated discussion and this could take one whole day or until someone manages to get both of you to stop and rest.
As for art… Well, he probably made you nervous whenever he starts talking about wanting to draw you. The last time he took to drawing you as a model might have scared you. He drew with so much focus and detail about you that it feels like he is looking right into your soul it is totally different from what others said... For example Kaeya. His excuse when you question him is that looking at you improves his mood
Whenever both of you go out with friends to have some fun and catch up, for some reason… Halfway through the gathering somehow others will always have something to go on. It is not because of how both of you often start to rant and discuss science as soon as some keywords related to you and his research, if it is not about science, it is about art. Especially since art is based on inspiration and which can be triggered even by the most random thing: “Hey look, it is a nice scenery with unique feel...This will make a nice painting” This happened so many times that you no longer question whenever others say they are leaving to do some last minute task
Tumblr media
Some people get interested in others due to passion and that is what's going on with you two. A passionate couple indeed
"Let's exchange some views, shall we?"
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ookami-tsun · 11 hours ago
hii! i read that we can request for specific characters with info that we give on the matchup post, if it's possible may i request for hu tao and yanfei (separately)? i just love them very much, i think they're neat :3
ive never done matchups with specific characters before i hope im not doing anything wrong aha (^~^;)ゞ
im a 5'2 girl with short messy black hair and blue eyes and my body type is a bit chubby :3
i enjoy taking walks but whenever i meet ppl i get so anxious and nervous it's hard for me to talk (sucrose kinnie moment)
im a huge introvert but when i warm up to someone im very lively and have no problem talking. i also like staying in my comfort zone
some things i enjoy are baking, taking care of animals and playing the flute!
i have a fear of loud noises, like hearing loud thunder makes me panic and cry a bit. im sensitive and sometimes overthink a lot like even the small things ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
whenever i get attached to someone i get clingy and protective and i enjoy physical contact like holding hands or hugging as long as they're ok with it
i hope this would be ok, i can't think of anymore rn haha take care and have a good day! (*´ω`*)
haihai, yes you can most definitely request matchups with specific characters (i know some people request matchups hoping to get their favorite character(s) so i wanna let those people enjoy the scenarios written too) im really bad with writing female characters (im act more like a boy, im not really feminine and i tend to hang out with guys so writing about guys is a bit more natural for me) but ill try my best for your request, i hope you enjoy my attempt for your matchups uwu
Anyways... You have chosen Hutao & Yanfei!!!
Hutao :
You're introverted, anxious and nervous... (you really are a sucrose kinnie, thats cute) I believe that Hu Taos cheerful and quirky personality would be able to nudge you out of that introverted shell
You enjoy baking ?? I believe that you and Hu Tao would start baking together when Hu Tao isnt busy with work (hopefully Hu Tao doesnt make a suspicious version... unless u like it)
You're clingy and enjoy physical touch ?? I believe that Hu Tao would be really happy and start hugging you and holding your hand whenever you'd like (Hu Tao seems like a person whose love language is physical touch)
Hu Tao would most definitely hold you close when ever there is a thunderstorm, she might even pull some pranks on Zhongli in hopes of getting your mind of the noise
Overall both of you would be extremely cute together (im sorry... T.T i ran out of ideas... T.T)
Tumblr media
Yanfei :
Yanfei would try to get you out of your introverted shell by bringing you along whenever she has to attend to her duties as a legal advisor, of course she wouldnt force you out of your comfort zone
I believe that Yanfei would bring back a few animals for you to play with so that you wouldnt be alone if she has to travel far for her job (assuming it is out of your comfort zone to meet her clients with her) if not the animals would accompany you guys on Yanfei's work trip
I believe that Yanfei's love langauge would be acts of service (im sorry if im wrong about this, im not in a really good mental state currently) but she most definitely wouldnt mind holding your hand or giving you hugs since she would find it cute how clingy you are
Whenever there is a thunderstorm, Yanfei would read or teach your some stuff about law to hopefully either put you to sleep or to keep your mind off the loud thunder (assuming you find hearing things about law and politics rather dry or boring)
Overall both of you would be rather cute together and Yanfei's clients might give you guys gifts or compliments whenever they see you (im sorry im really bad at female characters... T.T)
Tumblr media
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ookami-tsun · 12 hours ago
hey, can i get a romantic matchup for genshin? i’m a 5’4, pan, intp enby. i enjoy archery, art, martial arts, singing, writing, and listening to music. i play the kalimba, the guzheng, and the lyre; and i often compose my own music. i love horror, philosophy, psychology, and nature. if i had to name my aesthetic, it would be dark academia.
most people i know would describe me as calm, collected, reserved, intelligent and kind. i pride myself on my ability to stay level headed in any situation and make people feel comfortable. though i will not hesitate to (and take enjoyment in:) fvcking a bitcg up, emotionally, mentally, or physically. i have low empathy and have trouble feeling sympathy, but i am very compassionate. i also have trouble communicating my feelings and getting close to people. My top kins are kyouka (bsd) and zhongli (genshin.) fun fact: i’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie.
i have a preference for men and i’m a sucker for the ‘opposite personalities’ trope :)
haihai, your request got me in the first half (not gonna lie), i had thought of someone immediately in the first half then i noticed you said you were a sucker for opposite attract. but none the less i hope you enjoy the matchup uwu
Anyways... I match you with Childe!!
Childe :
I originally thought of Venti to be your matchup based on the first half, then i noticed you said one of your top kins were Zhongli and i think Childe is quite the opposite of Zhongli (plus i ship Chilli sorry im biased here... ehe... hope u dont mind... *sweatdrop*)
You love horror and psychology ?? Childe would be begging for you to join the Fatui (i was thinking of horror in more of the blood and gore aspect, so im sorry if i got that part wrong, to be a harbinger with him (although he would prefer if you were his subordinate since he would be able to spend more time with you)
Since you would not hesitate in f-ing a bitch up and you would take enjoyment in it. I believe Childe would be happily bring you along when his working, he might even let you f a bitch over all by yourself while he watches
Your an adrenaline junkie ?? That's great!! I believe you wouldn't mind a "friendly" sparring session with Childe...? Childe does after all he does live for the thrill of a fight and causing chaos (i worry for anyone who pisses either of u off... O.o)
You enjoy archery!? You would be Childe's savior (assuming he would like to learn tips and tricks from you) since he says he uses a bow since he is the weakest with the bow. If he does wish to learn how to be better at using a bow, he would probably ask if there was any weapon you would like to learn in exchange
Overall both of you would have an interesting relationship since it wouldn't exactly be those sweet, innocent fluffy relationships (makes me think of the song "Partners in Crime" by Set it off) and to whoever is on the receiving end of either of your wraths... RIP
Tumblr media
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o-tired-o · 16 hours ago
Can I have a matchup please 💕
I am very empathetic, always trying to keep the people around me happy (even if I'm not in the end) I hate disappointing people so I can over work myself sometimes. Mostly I am kind and polite, but a I get very sassy moments (I can also be very sarcastic). Im also kind of reserved when I first meet someone and it can take me awhile to show my fun, goofy, happy side to them I like reading books, writing, drawing, listening to music (mostly kpop). I also like to go exploring like in the forest or even abandoned places i play with my hands a lot, I have a really high pitched (idk sorta cute?) sneeze, I can be very clumsy (I literally tripped on air once😂) when I do something scary my hands shaky after I've done the scary thing (if that makes any sense) and I look like this
Tumblr media
Thak you, have a wonderful day ( ◜‿◝ )♡
Tumblr media
A/N: Wow wow wow, this has become my second favorite matchup I’ve written - because it’s not only with my favorite explosion boy, but also for you. I noticed the day you followed me and smiled and was really happy - especially because of your username hehe (I love Tsukishima). Anyways I hope you enjoy reading this.
Wordcount: 1.5k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You got Deidara
Why you got him:
- let's start with how you both like art
- Deidara has an explosive personality and I can see fitting good with a happy and empathetic person - that way he can learn from them and become more empathetic himself
- I feel like Dei is the person who needs to get out every once in a while - he stays inside a lot because of his art, but when he gets to go out he’s like an unleashed dog. So he would love to explore forests or abandoned places with you
- Deidara would learn through you how to be more polite and gentle to not hurt you (= and that would result in him hurting others less) - when he falls in love he falls hard, but won’t outright admit it. After he hurts you a few times with his behavior he’d try to change it - at least around you - because the last thing he wants is the person he loves to leave him or be unhappy with him
The things you bring him:
- a peaceful kind presence that he definitely needs
- sarcasm and sassiness - that are qualities he has himself and loves the fact that he gets to share them with you
- new art views and generally views on life which provoke his thinking and keeps him interested in you
- You also introduce him to the art of books and music which he really starts to appreciate after a while
The things he brings you:
- he teaches you how to be a bit more direct
- tries out teaching you how to sculpt stuff out of clay
- Deidara is a very affectionate lover and he’s definitely not one to hold back with kisses and display of affection
- If you get shaky and scared by his explosions he’ll hold you tightly to him so you can cling to him while listening to the crashing sound of his art
How you met:
It was a cold night and you were resting in an old building. You ran for so long and hoped with all your heart that you shook them off - yes, you were one of the strongest shinobi in your village, but even you can’t beat well over 100 trained and amazing shinobi at once. Finally, you let yourself relax and soon after drifted away from all the exhaustion.
A strong wind hits your body and you were moving around like in a vehicle - but it felt too light and windy for you to be on something on land, a boat perhaps. Your assumption was proven wrong when you opened your eyes. The first thing you noticed was that you were in some sort of animal's mouth, the strange thing was that this animal was not only pure white, but also unusually hard. You started shaking when you looked out of that animal's mouth: you were VERY HIGH in the air, hundreds of meters above the ground.
In a panic, you smashed the top of that beak seaming mouth with taijutsu and heard something or more like someone behind you.
“Rise and shine - you woke up sooner than I thought you would, hn”
You turned in surprise still unable to say anything because of the shock, but also because you saw a beautiful young man in front of you. His blond hair that was partially put in a poney tail waved in the wind - it was unusually thick for blond hair and made it seem like a lion's mane. His eyes looked like they were sculpted from ice and their beautiful blue poped even more out with the black eyeliner around his lids. The man’s hands were loosely hanging on his sides and he balanced on this giant white bird as if it was another Monday morning and your eye caught something that looked like... mouths on his hands?!
“Where are you taking me?! Why are we up in the sky?! And who are you?”
“I’m Deidara - an Akatsuki, you’ve probably heard of us - we are on one of my clay birds. Pein-sama, our leader whom you’ll respect if your life is dear to you, wants you to be part of our organization - say no or do something wrong and you’ll die, if you decide to work with us you’ll be just fine.”
“What makes you think-“
“What makes me think you’ll cooperate? Well let’s start with how your whole village is running after you to kill you and you have no shelter. The nights here are very cold and with the supplies you have it doesn’t look like you’ll make it for more than a month or two.”
You wanted to answer him - tell him that what he said wasn’t true, but he was right sadly and you had nothing to lose anyway. You started to ask Deidara questions and sparked a talk with the young man - he was a very strong-headed artistic guy with a lot of confidence.
Soon you forgot about the height and your shaking calmed down and talking to Deidara definitely helped you get your mind off of the height. You were still careful with him, but the feeling of him not being all that bad never left you.
After some time you were in front of a hideout in the middle of nowhere
“a good place to be, if you don’t want anyone to find you” you thought.
You walked past several rooms and other people who looked at you and you looked back at them with interest - Deidara told you who they all are except for one guy with long raven hair who you recognized right away as Itachi Uchiha. You reached a door and the blond knocked on it and opened it.
The tall black door revealed a man with ginger hair and multiple piercings who you assumed was Pein. The man looked at you and explained to you why you were here - he was able to answer all the questions before you even had the chance to asked them.
Before he let you leave, explore the hideout and see the others, you were informed that Deidara was going to be your partner - you were happy about that since you seemed to get along with him well, though you found it strange that you were THAT happy about it. You looked over to Deidara awaiting his reaction, but all you saw was a small blush creep up to his face and you smiled.
Yeah, this was definitely a good new start”
The beginning of the relationship:
- it’s a bit awkward
- Blondy is still a baby so he doesn’t have a lot of experience with dating
- but he is fond of showing his love through physical affection
- your first kiss won’t be long after you get together - especially since you’ll notice how Deidara would look at your lips and then back at you constantly until he actually kisses you
Deep/er into the relationship:
- you’ll be doing everything together especially since you both have unlocked your inner goofs now
- You see a side of Deidara no one gets to see: genuine soft smiles, tender kisses, sleepy Deidara hugging you even tighter in his sleep
- it’s hard to date being in the Akatsuki, but he can still make it special
- When he tells you that he loves you it’s a VERY special moment since you’re the first person he’d ever said this to and let himself be vulnerable enough to say to
The cute thing you do/ habits you have:
- sometimes the others wouldn’t even know that you’re home because you’d sit for hours just drawing/ sculpting in silence enjoying making art in each other’s presence
- Going on hikes and exploring - your missions take a few days longer every time than they should because of all the exploring you do
- Dei has this habit now of hugging you every time he falls asleep to the point where he can’t fall asleep without you - if you’re gone for a few days he hugs a pillow pretending it to be you
- Doing small art projects together started out as this small thing and now it’s become an every Sunday art date
- Deidara can get insecure about his hand mouths - he loves the art that he can make with them, but being called a freak for having them and similar things have risen some complexions in him. So when he’s sad or particularly insecure or stressed you take his hand and press a small kiss on his palm right above or under his mouth and tell him how much you love him - now you made Dei’s month and he’ll be very mushy and sappy for the next a few days
- It’s become also your thing now to have sassy matches of who can have the most sass
- also let’s not forget how every time you trip on air he pulls a night in shining armor move, catches you in his arms, and dips you - this is all topped off with a cheesy remark that will send you both into laughter
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lolita-pudding · 21 hours ago
Can I have a matchup? Please.
I am a girl and my pronouns are she/her and I am straight. I am brown-skinned and my hair is thin. I like listening to music, sing, write and read. I am an Army 💜. I am an ambivert. I trust people easily sometimes and I kind of have family issues, so I had to mature at a young age. I don't like sports, drawing. I am kind of touch starved person.
I would like a matchup from BTS and BNHA
Male matchup:
✨shoto todoroki✨
Tumblr media
-he is also very touch starved, so it would definintly to both ways, you would get so many hugs and kisses throughout the day. Sometimes he’ll just flat out pull you away from whatever you’re doing, and cuddle with you. He doesn’t care wether he’s the little spoon or the big spoon, cuddles are cuddles, and when it’s with you, everything is just perfect.
-he buys you a lot of little trinkets that you didn’t really need, but they remind him of you so he buys them anyway. Like plushies, or hoodies, litterally just any item in your favorite color. Also, prepared to be spoiled, he has money, you need anything? He already bought it for you. Hair products? Clothes? Music albums? Just everything.
-he also has had some family issues, so he understand where you’re coming from. He will never, EVER, belittle you about the topic, never telling you to just “get over it”. He’ll take you out to do things that both of you really didn’t have the opportunity to do as kids, like a theme park, or little bakery’s.
-he’s honestly super chill, and he doesn’t even realize he’s a yandere, for the most part he’s just super, duper, overprotective. Like not letting other guys even look at you, he punched mineta in the face for trying to lift up your skirt. And froze a guys head to a wall when they catcalled you in the streets, just the usual.he protects you from anyone of ill intent, knowing that you trust easily.
-pre endeavor redemption: you will not hear anything about his father, ever. You will meet the rest of his family after a few months of dating though, both fuyumi and natsuo love you, they also like that their little brother is finally learning to trust others, so you kinda have a few platonic yanderes lingering around.
-post endeavor redemption: you probably meet him again at the same time that shouto does, fuyumi had invited him to dinner with the rest of the family, so he had brought you along, he wants you to meet his family, but he’s also pretty scared. So you’re kindof comforting him just with your presence. Enji likes you, he would never Admit it, but he does.
-although he’s kind of straight faced, you’ll soon notice that he’s such a softy for you, you’re probably the one person he genuinely smiles at.
Male matchup #2:
Tumblr media
✨Kim seok-jin✨
-he thinks you’re pure, and he is the only one who can touch you. That being said, if anyone, and I mean ANYONE lays any of their dirty hands on you, with ill intent or not, they are getting splattered across the walls, doesn’t matter who. He’ll tell you to close your eyes and cover your ears, then he’ll lead you out of the disgusting room.
-your family issues do not go ignored, he won’t force you to say anything if the general topic makes you uncomfortable. But he is very good at comforting you, like he knows exactly what to do and what to say when you finally tell him. He is the most understanding person, rubbing your back while you speak, not interrupting you once, then pulling you into for a hug after.
-he’s kind of this mamabear, so yet again, we have another very soft yandere. He loves you, and you love him back, that’s all that truly matters to him. If someone were to judge you and him being together, like one of his fans, he would very much go full overbearing-mother-hen mode, snapping at them, and calling them out publicly.
-you’re probably going to be doing a duet with him at some point, just saying.
-he understands fully how trusting you are in other people, even when it’s completely unnecessary. This is probably one of the main reasons he feels overprotective, he knows how cruel literally anyone could be, and he doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of you, so he takes it upon himself to keep you safe.
-you get so much unreleased bts merch, he always gets it first, and he doesn’t wear it, but he knows you support him and the band, quite like them actually, so you get a lot of merch. You also get to review songs of his before they get released, he thinks it’s adorable when you are immersed in the music.
The first time you met the boys, none of them had known that the oldest in the group had a liver, like he hadn’t told them yet. So it was pretty funny to see their shocked faces, the both of you were bombarded with questions, eventually they deemed you “ a good girlfriend” and the entirety of the band gave you a group hug.
-you can bet that you become a part of their little family.
Tah I you for requesting! Sorry that it’s so late, I was procrastinating because I didn’t know what to do, mainly because I wasn’t sure if you wanted a yandere matchup or not, I ended up going with yandere.
Tell me if you want to change it! Thank you!
Have a good day! Goodbye!
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rpgmkinhelp · 23 hours ago
No worries about spoilers. I’m like a chapter behind you lol
Could I get a kin matchup from Omori, Arknights and/or Honkai?
Im ISFJ, scorpio and very introverted. I’d rather play video games than socialize and my favorite flowers are roses and sunflowers. I also love creepy stuff and stuff that has a darker theme like ghosts and skulls. My friends know that I’m trustworthy and can keep secrets, and as much as I may be annoyed by them some times that I’ll still be their friend
Ayyy behind on the Honkai train buddies
Anyway!!! I’ll assign you...
Tumblr media
Glaucus (ArKnights)
Tumblr media
Sunny (OMORI)
Tumblr media
Bronya (Honkai Impact)!!
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icepopkin · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ —— Somecandy asked :  4 a kin match up! i gave them mona , shuichi , and sayaka !
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faerienextdoor · a day ago
Hello there, can I get an aot matchup?
I'm a generally quiet person who enjoys observing other people and how they behave. If I find a person interesting or a person finds me interesting, I initiate the conversation. I don't like small talk but willing to find something we both enjoy talking about. I sometimes have a tendency of being intense with topics I'm passionate about. Although, rarely to a point of annoying someone. It's more like..."wow you really love x" reaction. I love philosophy, multi universes, language learning, and drawing. My likes are owls,tea, rainshowers. My dislikes are compromised values, early mornings, excessive apologies. My ideal lover is a man with strong convictions who can support me during bad and good times.
Sure thing anon!! This is my first aot matchup I hope this is okay!!
I match you up with.....
Armin arlert!
Tumblr media
He's quiet and observant like you, but doesn't read people the same way. You intrigue him and he honestly admires you and your mental capacity to read everyone with ease.
He's so grateful that you initiate the conversation, because he always finds himself stammering and stumbling over what he says when he's around you or simply meeting eyes with you while trying to avoid Sasha for stealing meat again.
When you talk to him, he's wringing his hands out nervously and his face is flushed a bright pink as he tries to help the conversation go somewhere. Because he doesn't like small talk either! He still frequently asks people how they are, simply out of his bottled up worry. And he's no different to you, despite your shared distaste for the awkwardness that might come along with
"how're you?"
When trying to find a topic you both like, he always tries to bring up the ocean and how amazed by the idea he is. But armin is also so flustered if you just let him ramble and he realizes you might not view it the same way or be excited for it the way he is. He's always so apologetic even if you might insist it's fine and that "you like hearing him talk". If you say that, say goodbye to poor armin because he has to turn away from you with his red his face gets. And his knees get weak following the onslaught of butterflies in his stomach.
But armin loves listening to you talk about what you're passionate about. He loves hearing you talk in another language or offhanded mention your interest in them. He's more than willing to teach you what french and German he knows! And he loves the quiet moments that come with sitting beside you as you draw and as he reads. Though he is absolutely sneaking glances at what's coming together on your canvas, I'm awe of your skill and your efortless style. He ends up marking his page and putting his book aside and asking questions about your art.
"when did you start drawing?"
"it looks amazing!"
"you're so talented!"
He's respectful though, understanding that it makes some, if not most, artists uncomfortable to be watched as they do their craft. He likes waiting for the finished piece anyways!
Hearing that you like owls, he reads up on them since he's never seen or heard one before. He gets giddy and excited talking to you about them and how sick they are. Or cool, in armin's words.
"did you know that an owls eyes are so well developed that they're more tube like than like eyeballs?" And he's so excited to share weird stuff like that he finds.
He's comforted by the sound of rain, having grown used to downpours and such during monsoon season that would hit shiganshina hard. When he notices it's raining, he goes to find you and would even wake you up from a nap to ask if you want to watch the rain with him, because he thinks it's romantic.
But what's more romantic, in his eyes, is laying in bed with you and being lulled into a shared slumber by the sound of the rain pattering against the windows and roof.
The one thing that made me a bit eeshed about choosing armin was the fact that: this boy is insecure. He'll apologize a lot and apologize more realizing that it bothers you. But with you, he works on his confidence. He starts saying sorry less, and smiles to himself when he realizes he didn't apologize in a situation he usually would, and turns to you with the happiest expression on his face.
He's strong willed, ready to do anything for those around him. And also protective, ready to protect his friends (and you, especially!) He's supportive and always there for you through thick and thin, knowing you'd do the same for him if he needed it. He adores you, every little thing <3
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froggykinz · a day ago
hello, can I get a kin matchup from vocaloid and YTTD, please? (I would prefer male characters, if possible,,) thank you!
I'm a very introverted person who's exhausted most of the time, but sometimes gets these random bursts of energy that only last a few seconds. I'm a virgo, chaotic good, Slytherin (hybrid house is Slytherdor) INTJ, melancholic, 4w5 and my tritype's 496. I'm cynical, distrusting, quiet, reserved, aloof and hold grudges 'till the very end, but I'm also really loyal, kind, caring and protective to the people I love. I have a super low self-esteem, I'm self-conscious and tend to overthink a lot. I like to observe people and analyze the situation and I'm not outgoing at all. I'm quite smart, ambitious and hardworking. I tend to be sincere, but I'm willing to lie for the sake of my friends/family or to keep my very personal matters secret. I'm also pretty impulsive, impatient and have a short temper, but I do think ahead a lot.
Tumblr media
Hello!! I think I’ll diagnose you as!
Tumblr media
Alice Yabusame (YTTD), DEX (VCLD), and Kai Satou (YTTD)
Mod Froggy - Sayori
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ookami-tsun · a day ago
can i ask for romantic match up? id rather not disclose my age but i prefer the adult characters, im transmasc gay, im around 5'4 i think. as for my personality, im quite two faced? to ppl im not close to, im often cheerful and look sociable, however im actually reserved and closed off; often needing space bc i get overwhelmed with social interactions. i like to draw as a hobby (though i dropped it bc i lost inspiration) and i also tend to ramble about things im rlly interested in, thats all ty!
Konichiwa~ It’s Tsun (//0_0//)
Sorry if this is short… I don’t have much to explore as the information is not enough… T_T
I had a vaccination before I wrote this, so I feel really laggy… I'm going to do everything slowly…. Zzzz…. I going to post this hoping that I didn't write anything wrongly... Not sure if I can finish the story tomorrow when my arm starting to feel the numbness... Wish myself luck ughhhh
For your matchup…. I choose *drumrolls* Venti
Venti is someone who believes in freedom, so he won’t be put off by how different you appeared outside and how you truly are inside. Everyone has a side that they have in front of others and a side that they show to people that they are close to or just for themselves. Knowing this, Venti hopes that you can one day show your true self to him, after all, it means that you feel comfortable enough to show the true you to him.
You staying true to yourself rather than becoming someone that lives as what others define you as made you really interesting to Venti, this created opportunities to become closer to one another as it is rare to have someone who will not be pushed down by peer pressures that forces one into accepting a type of “role” [You are a man and must like female/ you are a female and must act like one]
If you are in love, it doesn’t matter if you like the same or different gender they are both the same, it is about how you fall in love with someone unique. One pure soul wanting to get closer to another, a pure emotion. Those who judge others by what they like are different from the norm and are prejudiced about it are the ones that have impure thoughts of wanting to destroy freedom of others in love in the name of “right”, but what is “right” and “wrong”?
Knowing that you have a hobby of drawing, but you lost your inspiration, he will take the chance to bring you around to travel and become closer to you while using the excuse of wanting you to get inspiration to be able to draw again.
As he enjoys his alcohol that he managed to sneak out, he would often make you to talk as he can listen to your voice as if it is music and be drowned in your sound, it brings a sense of warmness to his chest, being able to enjoy 2 of his favorite at the same time: alcohol
He tries hard to hide his playful side as he wants to look more mature in front of you while he secretly continues to do his naughty side. But it would always fall on your ears, who made him one of the famous travelling bards and it is always easy for others to gossip about him especially when everyone knows that he is totally into you. Even though he is older, he looks young and childlike which is quite worrying for him when he heard that you like older people (It doesn't mean appearance right? right?)
As Venti glances at you who is looking towards the sky beside him, he brings out his lyre and plays, while the sun slowly sets making you turn towards him, you find that light has casted against his face, highlighting his features. Hearing him finishing his piece, you lean slowly towards his shoulders. He gave a soft laugh and set his lyre away to hold your hand as he sang instead. This made you drowsy and slowly made your eyelids drop. As you start to enter your dreamland, you hear him saying “have a sweet dream”... Sending you off to a sleep full of happiness.
Tumblr media
When one is born, one cannot choose one's birth background and it will be hard when someone judges when it. So, it is a trial on whether you can stay true to yourself and be strong against the adversary.
"To be true to oneself is the most important part of life"
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iwritesinsandsins · a day ago
hi, can i have a ohshc, bnha, and harry potter matchup plz(minor plz). my pronouns are he/they and im a demiboy. im bi but i prefer guys, im caught up in both animes, i know most of whats going on in the mha manga, and ive watched all the harry potter movies.
Appearance: im 5’4, kinda chubby, im black but more brown skinned, and i have short curly hair its like a kinda grown-out fade ig
Personality: I’m somewhat quiet and reserved at first but once I’m comfortable w/ someone I can be pretty extroverted. Sometimes i get pretty mad but not super often. I like to think that I’m pretty funny lmao. I can be kinda rude sometimes, i make some mean jokes usually not even realizing and I kinda lack empathy but I think I’m a little more blunt than rude.
Hobbies: cooking, baking, art, witchcraft(baby witch), and just likes scrolling through tiktok
Likes: music, math, anime, horror movies, winter, and scented candles
Dislikes: prejudice people in general, hot weather, summer, alcohol, school, and reading
Fears/Worries: people leaving me, spiders, and snakes
Extra: My mbti type is Intp. i’m a virgo sun libra moon and taurus rising
Thank you!!
Thank you for requesting! Admittedly, I did struggle for like.. a whole day trying to figure out who to pair you with but I hope these matchups are okay!
Tumblr media
I ship you with Kaoru Hitachiin
I think you and the younger Hitachiin twin would make a sweet match. Kaoru is naturally chatty and is capable of picking up and understanding others' emotions in situations. This trait proves useful whenever one of your jokes may accidentally step out of line and he takes notice of the others’ negative reaction, apologizing in your place to hopefully diffuse the tension before things go too far. The twin actually does enjoy your humor and bluntness that others may not truly understand but he’ll let you know when something comes off as more rude than you meant for it to be. Though that doesn’t mean that Kaoru won’t crack a few jokes with you. Whenever he and Hikaru are scheming something, he will ask if you’d like to be a part of it with them. It’s his way of asking for some quality time together and also gives him the chance to show you what sort of fun ideas he can come up with. In turn, he’ll always offer his help whenever you’re cooking or baking. Even if you don’t, he’ll hang around often either playing music or talking to you only if you’ll allow him. Overall, this relationship would be filled with many adventures and new experiences. While it’s very playful, that doesn’t make it any less meaningful.
Tumblr media
I ship you with Eijiro Kirishima
I would pair you with Red Riot. Despite your quieter nature, he’s aware of the possibility that there could be so much more underneath what everyone else sees. This only makes him more determined to talk and get to know you but he would never push you in a way where you’re uncomfortable since he understands boundaries. Once he begins to notice how much more extroverted you are, he can’t look at you without wearing a dopey proud smile at the progress between you two. Kirishima is someone who loves seeing development whether it’s his own or someone else’s; when it’s yours, he makes sure that you know how genuinely amazed and happy he is for you. Whatever you’ve improved on and/or worked hard for whether it’s physically, emotionally mentally, or spiritually he is there to be your hype man and will support you all the way. You make him want to work harder too, to become the best version of himself that he can be as a Hero but also as your partner. Eijiro wants to be someone that you can turn to and rely on. Even if you have a difficult time expressing your struggles, he can read the situation and will let you know that you don’t have to force yourself. He truly wears his heart on his sleeve and will let you know that because he’s not going anywhere.
Tumblr media
I ship you with Fred Weasley
Personally, I would pair you with the older Weasley twin. Here, I’m going to be talking about Fred when he was still attending Hogwarts. He has no problem with carrying a conversation and loves to tease you just to get you to talk to him. Also a fan of hanging around you but if you reveal your more extroverted-self and sass back at him, he’s hooked. You’ll be able to level with each other which makes him want to share all his crazy ideas with you. He’s fully capable of understanding and loves to hear your jokes; they never fail to make him laugh and he doesn’t care about the odd looks he receives because of it. On the chance that you decide to go pranking with him and George, he’s beyond thrilled but would hide you and take the blame if you ever got caught. Fred is one that enjoys seeking out new experiences and adventures so there will hardly be any dull moments when you’re with him. Whether you know it or not, you’re his little good luck charm before every Quidditch game and he has a habit of seeking you out first when he’s on the field. It puts his mind at ease and makes him p;lay harder knowing that you’re there supporting him. Is the type that would wink at you while he’s in the air and make sure you get the best angles of him hitting the bludgers.
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angeldvst-amajiki · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
> 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐨 & 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐝𝐯𝐬𝐭-𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐣𝐢𝐤𝐢’𝐬 𝟓𝟎 𝐟𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧𝐭 !! please feel free to look at some of the special games being played today! to check out which fandoms you can request for, please click here !
Tumblr media
[ poker ]
> the main special: personalized letters from your favorite character! ( followers only )
to receive a letter from one of your favorites, simply follow the same guidelines when requesting a matchup/ship. tell me things about yourself along with what character you would like a letter from. an alternative can be, write your own letter to this character and i will respond back portraying this character.
[ blackjack ]
> matchups/ships!
to receive a matchup or a ship, simply follow the guidelines posted here !! send me a fandom, what kind of matchup you want, and information about yourself :)
[ roulette ]
> character playlists and moodboards!
to receive a playlist or a moodboard, simply just send me a character, a vibe, music genre, etc. follow the rules linked here !!
[ slots ]
> imagines. drabbles. one-shots. headcanons. scenarios. preferences.
to receive one of these, simply follow the rules here and choose a prompt if needed from here !!
Tumblr media
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rpgmkinhelp · 2 days ago
howdy, could i have a kin matchup for Omori and Corpse Party? I'm an enfp scorpio, to begin. I always try my best to be kind and helpful, but i have a lot of self doubt and sometimes i feel like i'm only making things worse. I've been described as the "mom friend", but i don't particularly like being described as that. I guess the voice of reason would work better, but i'm not afraid to go along with shenanigans if need be! I really like making friends and gaining connections, and i want to make art that reflects that! on that topic, i also enjoy analyzing art! i get a lot of joy through finding meaning in things like movies and music. I'm optimistic to a fault sometimes, often being a bit foolish. I do think of myself as a smart and creative person, though. I am very passionate about so many things, especially my loved ones. sorry that this is a bit long!
Hi hi!! I think I’ll assign you...
Tumblr media
Yui Shishido (Corpse Party)
Tumblr media
Mari (OMORI)!
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genesisrose74 · 2 days ago
(I'm sorry, I forgot to clarify) Christmas Eve anon here! I have a preference for a male matchup (and I lean slightly toward a DSMP matchup, but I'd also be very happy with a BNHA matchup. Whatever's easier for you! ^^)
Hi love! I just posted your matchup request right now on my page (you should be able to get to it with this link as well). Hope you like it!!
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spicyjaem · 3 days ago
hello! first of all, congrats on 100 followers and second of all, i’m here for the special event c:
i’m 5’1 (and still hoping to grow up to 170+ cm) light-tanned, and have chubby cheeks.
i’m asian american, aries sun, scorpio moon, and intj-t.
my personality is a “looks cold but warm inside”. (sounds cliche, i know) i like being straightforward and independent. however, i can also be impatient and judgmental. my mood switches up constantly - i can be cheery one moment and grumpy the next.
my hobbies are reading, watching youtube videos, stretching, and exercising.
thank you! have a good day and stay safe <3
note: ship requests are closed now. i’m doing all the past ship requests Thank you <33
I ship you with...
Tumblr media
Ni-ki!!! For starters, you must be young if you’re still growing! It’s great to be young; I hope you grow to 170+ cm! Idk if you care about height differences, but since Ni-ki is tall and still growing, you would look so cute with him!
Ni-ki is a sagittarius and you are an aries! Fire signs generally go well together. Also, I feel Ni-ki likes being straightforward and independent as well. Perhaps it may be easy to communicate since you’re both straightforward.
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pumpkinheadguyy · 3 days ago
Hi! I hope you’re doing well. I was wondering if I could get a kin haikyuu please?? I’ll put my description down below for ya!
So… my names Olivia and I’m 17. I go by she/her pronouns. My birthday is January 6th, 2004 and I’m a Capricorn Sun, Cancer Moon, and Libra Rising (my Mercury is in Sagittarius, my Venus is in Aquarius, and my Mars is in Aries if you wanted to know the rest). I’m 5’2, I have brownish-red hair and blue eyes. I spend a lot of time doing school work because I’m really driven by it and I’ve had good grades a majority of high school. When I’m not doing schoolwork I enjoy listening to music or going on a walk! I really like going on sunrise/sunset walks bc they’re always really pretty! I try to do community service in my free time because I really enjoy helping others out. If I were to hang out with a friend I don't really mind what we do, but I like going to the movies or even just staying at home and watching tv! I think I think that one of my fatal flaws is that although I appear kind and respectful when I’m out in public, I have pretty severe anxiety, depression, and anger issues so I struggle with that a lot. I also get really defensive and stubborn when someone says something that annoys me so i kinda never stop talking lol. To finish off I’m an ISFP and Enneagram Type 9v1. I hope you have a great day! Ty if you do this!
i kin match you with...
Tumblr media
> sugawara koushi! you two definitely share a lot of similarites, i especially noticed your desire to help others which is lovely! but i think suga fits the most out of the cast of hq!! i hope you enjoy your kin match-up <3
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icepopkin · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♡ —— Somecandy asked :  4 a kin match up! i gave them rarity , dusk , and barbie!
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