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#mask kink
creepling · 2 days ago
the shape of you - (smut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: din djarin x fem!reader
word count: 5.1K
summary: the mandalorian saves an intergalatic sex worker from a prison ship and brings her on board the razor crest. tensions begin to rise between the two as one night goes in a direction the other did not expect.
rating: EXPLICIT (minors dni) -- mentions of sex work/slavery, sexual dancing, oral (male receiving), masturbation (female receiving), doggystyle, begging, rough sex, breeding kink??, cursing.
a/n: this is my first time not writing in first person for a fanfic so sorry if it’s hard to read at some points!!
alternative link: ao3.
Tumblr media
Ever since you were saved by The Mandalorian from the prison ship, for reasons that are still unknown to you, a sense of relief and freedom coursed through your body. If only The Mandalorian knew about your fate, he may sympathize with you more. All throughout your life, ever since your adolescence have you been bought and sold by many throughout the galaxy, either for entertainment or pleasure. If the authorities had not raided the trading ship you were on board upon you were to be in the hands of Jabba The Hutt; a grotesque-looking crime lord you were certainly relieved to be rid from. But alas, luck then comes with its flaws and instead you were trapped in a cell in the nowhere realms of the galaxy -- beginning to wonder if your body would wither away and die in the cell for years to come.
You had never set eyes on a Mandalorian until that day, not even as a client. You thought them more mythical than their opposing Jedi Knights. The shine of his helmet and his strong arms whisking you to safety brought a sense of optimism into your world view. It made you realise that there are some good people in the galaxy. And once you were on board his ship and encountered The Child, the sight of something so precious gave you a nurturing urge. The Mandolorian’s protectiveness over The Child was so rare to you. It made you yearn for his protectiveness, for a man like him to defend you at every corner. It made you want to be noticed.
Once arriving to a planet, The Mandalorian promised to bring back supplies, one of them included fresh clothes to replace the revealing garments you wore. You asked if the lack of fabric was distracting, showing your natural alluring nature. To which The Mandalorian replied with a bluntly logical answer, saying the clothes will not be suitable for travelling. As much as you agreed, you wished that he loosened up with you a bit more, beginning to wonder if The Mandalorian was even finding your company pleasant.
That night he returned with a sack-full of supplies. He arranged supper for the night, feeding The Child first before it grew too tired to eat, shortly after putting it to bed in its shut-off container within the ship. You had requested The Mandalorian some spotchka if he could find any, to which you looked through the sack to see an untouched bottle full of the glowing blue liquid. A smile came to your face and you immediately poured two glasses of the liquid. When the Mandalorian entered the room, you held his glass with an outreached hand, beckoning him to drink it. Then you said some words:
“I wanted to make a toast, in celebration! To thank you for saving my life yesterday. I would have gone out and gotten the beverage myself, if you hadn’t forbidden me to leave the ship.” You said, a sweet smile creeping onto your face, feeling a little bashful as you stood in front of his towering figure.
“That’s very thoughtful of you.” He said, his helmet tilting down as he glanced at the drink in his hand. “But I shouldn’t drink on the job.”
“I only ask for one drink, Mando. Just for tonight. I’ll look away when you take sips of it.” You promised, hoping he will feel more at ease with that statement.
He gave a low hum in agreement, bringing a smile to your face. You wished you could see his smile, see his face. See how he reacts to your presence. You clinked your glass against his and immediately turned around, taking a sip of your drink. Your inner voice urged you to turn, to take a glance at his complexion. Yet, another voice also commented on how the mystery of his identity fills you with arousal. You shook the feelings burning inside and whisked the rest of the blue liquid down your throat, gasping in quenched thirst. You hesitated before turning, “Can I turn around now?
“Oh um- Yes. Thank you.” He assured. Oh my, he was so polite. Possibly the only gentlemen you have encountered with such manners. You turned around, pouring yourself another glass of spotchka to go with your supper. To save Mando some rest you prepared the food and served him by a small table in the corner of the ship’s small room, taking a seat next to him.
Once you cleared up for supper, The Mandalorian willingly sat with you for a few more minutes. He seemed to be curious about you, asking questions that you were obliged to answer, if you wanted him to trust you. You wanted to reassure him that you were not a threat.
“How did you end up in the prison ship?” The Mandalorian asked, trying not to allude to your clothes giving away that information.
“I have been a slave ever since I was an adolescence. When I came of age, I began to do dancing and sexual service for whoever bought me. I was on a trading ship to Tatooine when the New Republic raided and took prisoners. I lost count of the days, but I was roughly in there for over a month.” Telling your story felt hesitant. You wondered how he would take to you being a sex slave, as a lot of people frown upon it. You wondered if he was disgusted or sympathetic, it was hard to tell his reaction with his helmet on.
“Why did you save me? I am internally grateful, of course. But what made you do it? You seemed to be in a rush to escape.” You asked, your eyebrows furrowing in question.
“I have seen many women like you.” The Mandalorian said, “I have done bounties for crime lords who keep their own sex slaves. As much as I needed the credits, it always pained me to leave with those women trapped with that life forever. I recognised your clothes; it was the ones they wore too. I thought, if I save someone like you once in my life, I would feel less guilty.”
His words moved you. It is very rare to see someone talk to you as a human. Many treated you and other sex slaves like objects, like droids without feeling. They did not care what you liked or adored, they only cared about their gain. The work has taken an emotional toll on you as much as it was hard to admit. Every day you wished you could be free, live in a home on a peaceful planet, fall in love, raise a family. That is not hard to ask for, is it?
“Well, you have made one more slave happy.” You said, reaching your hand to place it on top of his. He stared into your eyes, entranced for a moment, before nodding his helmet and giving your hand a gentle squeeze before retrieving it back onto his lap. After a few seconds of content silence, admiring him for a moment, you spoke up.
“Want to see some of my dancing?” You said, trying to lighten up the mood. “Don’t worry! I won’t touch you or anything!”
“I um- I dunno . . .” Hesitation dominated his voice, the first time you detected emotion from him. He leaned back on his chair and rubbed the back of his clothed neck.
“Honestly, it’s not as raunchy as you think it would be. I know how to be graceful when I need to be.” You said with a hint of light-heartedness. Once your words convinced him, he let out a low sigh and nodded his head.
“Go on then. Show me what you’ve got.”
A smile erupted on your face and you rose to your feet, positioning yourself from a comfortable distance in front of Mando. You raised your delicate arms outward to begin your routine. A routine that you have memorized for years, one that showcases your grace and beauty for audiences. Counting mentally in your head, you begin to move your arms softly either side of you. Your hips began to sway, your head held high to show your face. You moved your feet to slowly turn around, showing all the lines and bends of your body. The fabric of your dress swayed with the motions and complimented your skin. You stepped from side to side, giving graceful twirls, lifting your leg in a cursive shape like a ballerina. Your arms still moved like a dignified snake, going from up other your head to around your waist and along the small of your back. A content smile lay upon your face and your eyes peaked towards The Mandalorian through your winking eyelashes; a habit you took up to intrigue watchers and make them bashful. Even without music, you fell into your element and became lost in your movements. When being a slave is a horrible life to live, the dancing made you have a passion.
The Mandalorian could not take his eyes off you. He sat content at first, until your movements made him shift in his chair as he watched how your body moved with such beauty. Under his helmet, he bit the inside of his cheek. Yet, his eyes stayed traced on you, knowing you would have no idea where his eyes lay from the blockage of his helmet. He could not stop the thoughts that flowed through his mind, thoughts relating to your body. How you were posed so perfectly from the core of your body to the ends of your fingertips. You never slouched or tripped over your feet; every movement was without failure. And your hips, God, he could not take his eyes off your hips. And when you would turn and expose your backside; your rich-colour underwear cloaked under the sheer fabric of your dress revealing your smooth skin. The deeper he got into his thoughts, the more he became out of tune with his surroundings. And when you stopped dancing, his eyes were still fixated on you.
“Sorry if that wasn’t the best, I’ve did better before.” You humbly said, oblivious to the state you have put The Mandalorian under. Your voice knocked him out of his trance and out of shock, he shot up from his seat so quickly it startled you. His armour clanked against the table clumsily and his body grew stiff to keep himself steady. The bewilderment in your eyes lingered as you observed his tall body towering over you. You looked so petite next to his stature.
“Mando- Is everything okay?” You asked, a shiver running down your spine as your eyes trailed down his body. Only now did you realise how tense he was, noticing the fabric of his uniform clenching to his toned body. You could see how strong his arms were, your eyes darting from either side. If only you could just reach out and touch them, fall into his embrace. Your legs grew weak at the thought of being so close to him. Yearning for the proximity between you to come to a close.
The Mandalorian feared to move, until a sensation ran through his body like moments before. His face grew worrisome under his disguise and he slowly looked down. That is when he noticed the tent formed between his groins. A rush of fluster grew on his face and down his neck.
“I-I’m uh- I’m going to bed.” He called, rushing towards the door of his small chambers, leaving you dumbfounded by the dining area. His sudden goodbyes made you frown, and your head turned abruptly towards his door, only capturing the wisp of his cloak and the door closing shut. Suddenly a wave of anxiety flew over you, convinced that you offended him. As you were desperate to state an apology, still naive to his situation, you marched towards his chamber door.
The Mandalorian marched in panic up and down his small chamber. A situation like this has never happened in a long time, at least not in front of another individual. He unbuttoned his trouser bottoms in a panic, peaking the front of his boxers down to make sure the worst never happened. As he did so, he released his hardened cock as it popped out the removed fabric. Witnessing his erection made him sigh in frustration. He prayed that you would go off to your bunk and call it a night so he could deal with the matter. However, as you appeared in his mind once more, his erection pulsed and twitched and Mando let out a low moan from his lips.
“Mando- please open the door. I’m sorry if I offended you, it wasn’t my intention.” You called, loud enough in hopes he could hear your voice. You knocked gently on the door, getting a clank of metal in response. As the silence deafened you and left you impatient, you looked to the control panel and pressed all the buttons in hopes one opened the door. Once the metal door came flying open, you were greeted with The Mandalorian once more but in a position, you thought you would never see him in.
He stood there with his head flung back and his gloved hands stroking his member. Once he heard the door open, he flinched and attempted to hide his erection. It was already too late; you had seen what you needed to see. Your mouth lay gaped in shock, your hands grew tense beside you and a wave of embarrassment engulfed you. Mando began shaking his head, backing himself up against the wall, his massive, gloved hands guarding your eyes from his exposure.
“I’m sorry- I’m so sorry-” Mando kept repeating. “Why did you open the door? Why didn’t you knock?”
“I did knock!” You exclaimed, “I wouldn’t have opened the door if I knew you were doing that!”
“Okay, okay. I am really really sorry. Let’s just pretend this never happened!” Mando said, looking anywhere in the room that was not you. As your breath became heavy, the sight of The Mandalorian became your focus. He looked so vulnerable in that moment, seeing him in an act so sexual caused a wave of arousal upon you. You wondered; did I do that? Was your dancing so mesmerising to him that it excited him to this point? Is this why he left the room? My stars, you felt guilty for being so turned on in this moment.
Your feet began to take steps and approach him, your movement making him tense once more. He beckoned you to not get away closer, but you could not hear his words. You were drawn to his arms again, the ones that looked so defined-- even under his clothes. This time, you had the courage to touch them.
The Mandalorian fell short at protesting against you. He observed your small, soft hands gliding against his arms. Your touch bewitched him, making him bite his lip to contain noises of pleasure. Your eyes drew up to his gaze, his helmet blocking the intimacy. He was so mysterious, the thought of whatever facial features being under that helmet creating a sense of sensual excitement within. As your eyes left his gaze and looked downward to his hardened cock, you felt the burning sensation muster in between your legs.
“Won’t you need help with that?” You asked, the glint in your eyes growing promiscuous as you looked back up into his gaze. The Mandalorian was shocked, even if you were probably an expert in all things sexual matter. As much as he tried to protest his thoughts, he could not help making an image within his head of your lips wrapped around his cock. 
“Are you sure that is a good idea?” He asked, a hint of taunting in his voice. A smirk came upon your face and you shrugged your shoulders, your hands trailing up his arms, across his shoulders and slowly down his chest.
“I’m willing to do it if you want me to.” You beckoned. Not only were you willing, but you were also begging. The dirty thoughts running through your mind became fuel for your desire. Imagining his large cock pressed into your mouth, blocking your throat; his fingers entangled in your hair. As the Mandalorian gazed down at you, he gave a sign of approval by nodding his head timidly.
Instinct caved in and you began lowering yourself to your knees, your hands trailing down his abdomen. Slowly, Mando shifted his hands away from his cock, the release of pressure causing his member to spring up once more. Your eyes fixated on his length, gulping back excess saliva as you wondered if you could take his length without feeling any pain. You bit your bottom lip in thought, looking up towards Mando for reassurance. You observed him slipping off his gloves to reveal the skin of his hands. His olive-skinned tone becoming the first exposure to you. His fingers crawled under your chin, cusping your face, admiring the position you were in. Stars, you were so beautiful.
Your fingers curved over his cock, your sudden touch letting a shuddered moan escape The Mandolorian’s mouth. His free hand pressed against the wall to keep himself balanced, the other one continuing to cradle your face as your hand began to move up and down his cock, peeling back the foreskin to reveal the tip of his cock lubbed with precum. You caught the precum that fell underneath with your tongue and entered the head of his cock into your mouth, wanting every ounce of his seed in your mouth. The Mandalorian let out a ragged moan, the feeling of your warm saturated mouth upon his member sending shoots of fulfilment up his body. His strong hand motioned along your jawline and his fingers combed through your hair, resting at the nip of your neck. You began to close your eyes in satisfaction and slowly easing his cock into your mouth, every inch deeper causing him to tighten his grip on your hair. As you opened your eyes The Mandalorian could not help but notice the lust in your eyes, your stare becoming vacant. Your left hand guided itself upwards to his abdomen as the other had a grasp on his thigh, your fingers massaging into the fabric of his clothes. The softness of your touch soothed The Mandalorian into submission, his hips slowly bucking towards your face as he longed for the feeling of your warm tongue running along his shaft. Feeling his desire, you closed your eyes once more to indulge more into his length, cockwarming him as your nose reached near his lower stomach and stayed in place. A gasp left Mando’s mouth, his other hand reaching towards your face as he gained more grip of you, holding your head in place to have his cock bathe more into your warmth. When he heard a light choke conjure up your throat, he quickly released his cock from your mouth to give you access to air. The sudden release made him look down to admire your face, clocking the string of spit connecting the tip of his cock to your bottom lip. My stars, that image was now burned into his mind and sending his instincts into overdrive.
“What name should I moan while you pleasure me, Mandalorian?” You asked, your voice airy and deep with lust. You motion your hand to his cock once more and pleasured him. The Mandalorian hesitated, still drunk with your touch, his mind becoming cloudy and unresponsive.
“Din -- my name is Din.” He managed to conjure up. This new information was so subtle, but you cherished it. Having his name roll off your tongue while feeling extreme waves of pleasure, the thought of it gave nurture to your pulsing heat.
“Nice to meet you -- Din.” You hummed. Vocalizing his name made his breaths much heavier, the sound of your soft tones interwoven into his name giving him even more ideas of what he could do to you. As primitive instincts commenced, you suddenly felt his strong arm wrap around your waist and lift you off your knees. He held you at such a great height that you were able to wrap your legs around him, your arms clasping around his neck for support. Din suddenly pressed you against the wall and held you in place, his hands grasping onto the back of your thighs. He now had the high ground, lifting you as if you were as light as a feather. The tip of his cock was perfectly aligned at your entrance, feeling the friction between you as he grinded his hips towards you. Your skimpy underwear was soaked with arousal. In all your years of sex work have you never been as titillated as you were now. No credits in all the galaxy could satisfy you as this moment did. Your legs wrapped tighter around Din as you beckoned his body closer to yours, your hips grinding against him -- begging for his cock. You noticed Din’s fingers inching closer to your heat, his fingers shifting your underwear to one side and exposing your swollen clit and dripping walls. Then, his fingers nudged at your entrance. His sudden cold touch made you gasp for air and cling tighter to him, your head pressing back onto the wall. Din rested his bulky helmet onto your shoulder as he motioned his fingers towards your clit, drawing light circles around. The stimulated sensation shot up your stomach, your legs lightly quivering. The tip of his cock still poked at your entrance in a teasing manner, and you could not help but grind against Din’s touch.
“Oh my God . . . Din.” The sound of you gasping his name sent tingles down his back, encouraging his fingers to put more pressure onto your sensitive clit, his moves hitting all the right spots. The sensation began building within you, convincing you were near your climax. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.” Your words encouraged, sending Din’s actions into overdrive as he pinned you closer to the wall and his body. His rhythm picked up pace and low grunts escaped his mouth. As he your legs secured around him, he let his free hand grasp onto your breast. His touch stimulated you further, a giggle leaving your lips at the sheer pleasure.
Suddenly your climax began, and an uncontrollable moan escaped from you, your legs turning to mush as you clung onto his body. Din admired your reaction, seeing your eyes turn vacant, his fingers roaming your vulva before taking his hands to hold your delicate thighs, sensing you grow weak from overstimulation. Your eyes trailed across him, leaning your forehead on the cold shine of his Baskar helmet. A subtle smirk drew across Din’s face as he exalted your complexion, noticing an ardour glow come upon your face. 
It did not end there. At this point, Din felt edged on. Basking in your presence, he also bucked his hips closer to you. One hand clasped your warm cheek softly, a sense of gentleness soothing you into submission. You could sense his eyes staring at yours and at the intimacy, you had a sudden urge to kiss him. However, you knew there was no type of charming in the galaxy that would convince him to remove it. Until you got an idea.
“If I promise to close my eyes, will you kiss me?” You asked through heavy breaths, your fingers resting either side of his neck. Din thought of your offer, hesitating for a while. No living being should be able to see his face, not even in the heat of desire. Yet, if you close your eyes like promised, his oath would technically not be broken. Even if he just lifted the helmet up a little bit . . .
“You promise?” Din asked, grasping onto both your hands, interlinking his fingers into yours. You vigorously nodded your head, a smile on your face.
“I swear by all the stars in the galaxy.” You promised, pressing a little kiss on the tips of his fingers. You began to close your eyes shut, giving Din the clear to proceed and guide you to his lips.
Din slowly raised his helmet to expose his lips, guiding your legs to fall to the ground. Your feet landed on the floor, hands grasping his shoulders for stability. You never opened your eyes, keeping your word. Din slowly leaned down, pressing his lips against yours. The surprise to his touch inched you closer into him, deepening the kiss. Hesitantly, your fingers reached up to the nip of his neck and played with his hair. Din stiffed up, but softened just was quickly, tasting the flavour of his cock in your mouth. He grabbed your ass and you moaned into his lips. Your hands then reached back down his cock, stroking his member that was still hard as before. A growl left Din’s mouth, vibrating against your lips and he leaned off the kiss. Quickly dropping his helmet back into place, he lifted you back into his arms. The sudden movement made you flash open your eyes, noticing the helmet back on and Din carrying you to his bed. 
As the bunker bed was too small for the both of you, Din took your hands and placed them on the bar between the two bunk beds. Keeping you in place, he began to expose your backside by rapidly pulling off your dress and underwear. Din’s sudden dominant actions formed a flutter in your mind, putting your thoughts into what was to come. My Stars, you wanted him to fuck you hard. So hard that it knocks all common sense out of your brain. The sudden fleeting shift of how he handled you said so.
That is when he began to enter your cunt, stretching your walls as they tightly pressed back against his cock. The feeling of him filled you up instantly, a light whimper fleeing your mouth as you handled his length. Din had a similar reaction, his grip tightening on your waist as he felt drowned by the feeling of your insides. The tightness of your cunt encouraged him to get into motion, pumping his cock out and back inside.
“Din -- fuck me.” You breathed out, your grip tightening around the bars. You prompted one leg up onto the edge of the bed, so he had more gateway into you, which aided his full length to fill your pussy. Din leaned forward, pressing his stomach into your lower back so the entirety of his cock was inside you. In measurement, you knew that once he started moving, he was big enough to hit your g-spot without a doubt. Excitement engulfed your senses, and you began to beckon him.
“Fuck me, Din -- fuck me hard.” You granted permission. His name mixed into your vulgar language made him flustered from arousal but smirk mischievously.
“You don’t have to tell me twice.” He groaned into your ear. And with that, Din did not hesitate to begin fucking you. Just like you wanted it, hard. His unrefined thrusts in and out of you sent your thoughts into hyperdrive. Your vision unfocused, basking in the pleasure. Just like you anticipated, the tip of Din’s cock knocked your G-spot with every thrust. Din watched as your ass jiggled from the friction, encouraging his hand to fall and smack against your backside. You gasped at the pinch of pleasure, biting your lip hard to contain yourself from screaming. Din detected your muffled sounds and was displeased. He wanted to hear you from for him. Beg for more. Say his name and plead for more pleasure. So, his hand gripped the front of your neck and seized you back, pressing your body against his. His thrust never stopping.
“Fucking beg for it.” Din demanded, “Tell me how much you want this.” He did not know what came over him in this moment, and you did not either. But you would be lying if you said you did not like this side of him.
“I- I want this so bad, Din. I need you to fuck me like this.” You choked up, feeling intoxicated as his grip around your neck lightly tightened.
“You want me to fill you with my cum, huh? Or should I cum all over your pretty little face?” Din taunted, another hand crashing down against your ass cheek which made you whimper again.
“Oh God -- come inside me. Please.” You begged, tears collecting in the corners of your eyes as all your feelings conjoined into one overall feeling of complete smut. Your mind felt like a mess, like you could pass out from enjoyment. Never in all your life of service have you felt so much pleasure.
When Din’s primitive instincts deemed you pleads redeemable, his thrusts became faster as he felt his climax coming. The sound of his skins slapping against yours became a dominant sound in the room. He still held your body close to his, his hands roaming over your body, gripping your breasts, smacking your ass, wrapping his fingers around the small of your waist. God, the way he held you was stimulating enough, every touch completely possessive of your body. Din was engrossed in the shape of you, how every inch of your body fit perfectly against him. How tight your walls clenched around his cock, enchanting him to fuck you harder with each thrust.
“I’m gonna come.” Din exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum in your pretty little cunt. Got it?”
His words excited you. “Yes -- please fill me with your cum. Please, please, please.”
Din could not hold it any longer. When he felt his release, he held your hips in place and deepened his cock into you, letting your slit cockwarm him until his climax came to a close. His body collapsed onto yours, causing him to shift your body on top and sit on the edge of the bunk, placing you gently on his lap. You rested your exhausted head on his shoulder, a smile of approval appearing on your face. Din wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a gentle embrace.
“Um -- Sorry I was so rough. I dunno what came over me.” Din apologised, his tone a little bashful.
“Don’t apologise. I’m sorry I enjoyed it so much.” You teasingly said, reaching your hand under his helmet to cusp his scruffy jawline. Din leaned into your touch, pressing a small kiss on your thumb.
“Now’s a good time for you to change into those clothes, huh?” Din light-heartedly said, causing you to chuckle and playfully nudge his side.
Tumblr media
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rexsjaigeyes · 2 days ago
Just want to be double teamed by Fives and Echo while both of them are wearing their ARC trooper armor including the helmets pls and thank you
YES PEG, YOU GET ME!! When I see men in armor and helmets I go 🥴🥴
But also peg you have impeccable timing because I'm about to post my Echo x reader x Fives fic in the next hour or so 😏
They might not be in their armor this time but... maybe next time that might be a possibility.
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a-dorin · 12 days ago
I know you'll understand cause you simp for a lot of weird people (no offense) so..
Thoughts about Darth Bane 😳😳
i had to look him up for this ...
and i am....
very pleased with this.
Tumblr media
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delightfulmercy · 15 days ago
I will go on and on about my vanity of being attracted to characters because of their personalities and then I'll look up a character and they are not even remotely human looking like honey what else is there
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armoreddragon · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Radical. Totally tubular. Out of this world. Anachronistic. Part of a complete breakfast. Transmogrified. Taken off the air for causing seizures. Super soaked. Released with a full line of action figures. 
Yes I made a vaporwave pup play muzzle with the Jazz/Dixie cup swoosh design. I did it because once the idea came to me, I physically could not prevent myself from manifesting it into reality. (And because my favorite thing is mixing genres and aesthetics that were never meant to go together.)
Would you like to adopt this pup? Favorite hobbies include cosmic bowling, Blockbuster and chill, and chewing on your drinking straw. Call the number on your screen! Operators are standing by!
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yetanotherhoeforpedro · 16 days ago
Sinfully Armored
Chapter 3 - What happens on Kashyyyk… 
Chapter Index
A dull bump ended your slumber abruptly. You scrambled out of your cot and reached for your lightsaber out of reflex, though it was highly questionable as to how your weapon could help your ship. Another impact hit you and almost threw you to the ground, but you quickly steadied yourself and headed for the cockpit.
“Shit,” you exclaimed as you stared out of the cockpit and looked upon an asteroid field. R2 was already doing his best, steering you clear of the worst. Not daring to waste another second, you climbed into the pilot’s seat. The Force is with you, it will guide you, you tried to reassure yourself. Another hit. You cussed. While you were a decent pilot, you never had to maneuver through an asteroid field as tight as this one. You took a deep breath. “Let’s do this, R2,” you said with the bravado you had left and began to steer the ship deeper into the floating rocks.
The door to the cockpit slid open and while you didn’t dare to avert your attention from your task, you didn’t have to turn around to know it was the Mandalorian. “A bit more to the right,” a modulated voice commanded you. “I know what I am doing,” you gritted through your teeth, just as you felt a small impact from the left. For some reason, he didn’t rub it in, instead, he simply sat down into the copilot’s seat and looked ahead. “Down,” he warned you and this time, you listened to him, barely avoiding another hit.
It went on like that for the next minutes until you were clear again. You were about to say something to him, perhaps words of praise, but your mysterious passenger simply got up and left. You shrugged and decided to get a little more rest as it was still quite early and you were a Jedi, not a droid.
When you awoke the next time, it was to a deep voice. “We’re there, Jedi,” it said and your eyes fluttered open. “Morning, Chatterbox,” you yawned, not thinking too much about your words. “Huh, Chatterbox. I like that nickname. It fits you perfectly,” you added and gave him a sleepy smile. He looked down at you, apparently not as pleased by the nickname. “Just give me a second,” you sighed and he left you alone, thank the Maker. You rose slowly, went to the fresher and gathered some supplies in your backpack afterwards. Apparently, you would have to eat breakfast on the go.
He was already waiting at the hangar with Grogu strapped to his chest in a pouch and R2 next to him. Why did he always have to look like a statue? He seriously needed to get this stick out of his butt. Without acknowledging him any further, you headed for the droid. “Morning, Artoo. What have you got for us?” R2 beeped and produced a map of the planet’s surface, you were on Kashyyyk. The map showed the path to a hut high up in the characteristic trees of the planet. Afterwards, he displayed the youngling and her name. A little Wookie, barely 20, which was young by the standard of the species. R2-D2 closed the image again.
“Thanks, Artoo.” You patted his head and turned to leave. Artoo beeped offendedly. “Oh, come on. You know we need you to stay on the ship. I’ll contact you if things go awry,” you promised and he ceased his protests.
Stepping out of your ship’s hangar, you took a moment to appreciate the stunning setting. Kashyyyk was one of the most idyllic planets in the galaxy and as you had visited it on a diplomatic mission with Luke and Chewie once, you came to fall in love with its enormous Wroshyr trees, tropical beaches and scenic mountains. You did have an unpleasant encounter with some Wyyyschokk spiders on that trip, but shit happens.
You focused back on reality and noticed the Mandalorian was staring at you. Avoiding his eyes, you opened the map and took a few steps towards the edge of the clearing your ship landed on. You turned around to your strange companion. “Are you coming or what?” Instead of replying, he just followed you, Grogu safely confided in his makeshift bag. The view was quite precious, you had to admit.
You spent the next few hours hiking through the forest mostly in silence, the only conversation prompts originating from you. You had no idea why you were still trying with him. At least Grogu seemed animated, marveling at the rich greens of the forest and trying to snatch some bugs from the trees around him.
At one point, you decided to sit down for a moment. The Mandalorian set Grogu free and he immediately waddled to one of those toxic Wyyyschokk spiders you were mildly traumatized by. You reached out with the Force to move it out of his grasp. Grogu shot you an offended look and tried to implement his own Force to pull it closer to him. “Grogu, no!” You sighed in exasperation. He didn’t comply. The Mandalorian was silently watching your exchange, as per usual. Grogu picked the spider up while staring at you innocently. “Put it away.” He halted his movement. “Good. Now let it go,” you said firmly. He hesitated. “It’s toxic, Grogu.”
The Mandalorian sprung to his feet and whipped his head towards you. “What? You let him near a toxic spider?!” You rolled your eyes. “Relax, Chatterbox.” But he was having none of that. Before Grogu could come to a decision, a blaster shot went off and the dead spider fell from his hands. “You idiot!” you yelled at him. “Now all of Kashyyyk knows we’re here!” He shrugged and settled back down. “Our rest is over,” you proclaimed, picked the little one up and put him into your backpack carefully before and slinging it over your shoulders. Not waiting for your companion – you knew he would follow if you carried the child, you continued making your way through the forest.
The sun was at its highest as you finally arrived at the beach. A couple of small Wookies who had been playing in the water stopped dead as they spotted you. You raised your arms and carefully took a step towards them. In the little words you knew of their language, you explained to them that you had come in peace. They seemed to relax slightly, though they still shot wary glances at the warrior behind you.
You asked them whether another stranger had come to their village recently and they exchanged looks that told you they had no idea what you were saying, so you inquired where their guardians were instead. They pointed to a hut in the trees and you quickly thanked them before turning back to your companion.  
“We have to get to the hut up there.” You gave a sharp nod up to the tree, squinting against the blinding sun. The Mandalorian simply nodded and pulled you to his chest without an explanation. You had to crook your neck to look at him and before you could question his behavior, he embraced you even tighter and took off. Suddenly in the air, you held on to him just as closely, too shocked to react in any other way. Before you knew it, you felt the ground underneath your feet again. For a moment, neither one of you moved, both of you clinging to the other like your lives depended on it. Well, yours did a moment ago.
Once you regained your wits, you quickly tried to move out of his grip and he loosened it slightly. You broke free, took a step back and shot him a furious glare. “Don’t ever do that again,” you spat while angrily jabbing your index finger into his beskared chest. He didn’t respond, only moved his visor down to you in a deliberate movement. You held his stare, hoping he saw the boiling rage in your eyes.
The tension was snapped by a growl behind you. You spun around, facing a gigantic Wookie with slightly greying hair. “I am sorry,” you said in their language, quickly recovering from the shock. “I did not mean to disturb you. I am a Jedi.” You pointed to your lightsaber. “One of your children is in danger,” you added, trying to give at least a rough explanation for your sudden appearance. At least you hoped that’s what you said, your use of their language was pretty rusty. The Wookie hesitated to respond, their eyes wandering from the silent warrior to you and back. “He is no danger to you,” you tried to calm the Wookie. At last, they signaled you to follow them inside and you gladly obeyed. However, they kept the Mandalorian from entering and you gave him a half-hearted apologetic shrug.
Once inside, the Wookie guided you to a high table where a few other grown ones were already seated. You swiftly climbed up to the bench on the opposite side and took a seat, pulling your backpack with Grogu onto your lap. The Wookie briefly repeated what you told them and the others looked at you expectantly. In broken language, you tried to explain to them that a sort of Imperial bounty hunter – at that point you are glad the Mandalorian wasn’t allowed to enter because you had to explain that word rather embarrassingly in wild gestures – was trying to steal one of their children. You produced the image of the young one from your device and for once wished Threepio were with you as an incomprehensible discussion broke out between the Wookies.
After a while, one of them turned back to you. “What do you want here?” he asked you. “Are you here to steal her away as well?” This question threw you off guard a little. “Wha- no. I am here to protect her from the Empire,” you replied tensely. The Wookies exchanged wary glances and you couldn’t really blame them.
“We will not harm your child; we will only stay until the threat from the Empire is eliminated. The young one can decide whether she wants to become a Jedi later on,” a modulated voice interfered in perfect Shyriiwook. You turn your head to see the Mandalorian entering the hut. “So to get you to talk to me, I need to speak Wookie?” you teased him, but he ignored you, staring straight at the assembled Wookies. “What’s it to you, bounty hunter?” another Wookie asked him. While you sucked at speaking their language, you had come to understand it pretty well from all the time spent with Chewie, Han, Luke and Leia. “I am here because of my child.” He pointed to Grogu and the Wookies seemed to be even more confused. They began to chatter loudly once more.
“You can stay here, but we are watching you”, the first Wookie finally told you. “If there is truly an Imperial spy trying to steal our child, we will not be foolish and turn down your help. I will lead you to your hut.” You got up and bowed slightly. “Thank you. You will not regret it.”
Your hut was strategically placed with a view of the child’s hut. You wandered around the main room, taking in the exquisitely carved wood furniture and running your hand over it to fully appreciate the skilled carvings. “How do you know their language so well?” you queried with your back turned to the Mandalorian. He remained silent for so long that it surprised you when he did reply. “I - I have come around in the galaxy and if I learned one thing, it’s the more languages you know, the higher your chances of survival are.” At that, you faced him and crooked an eyebrow. “Didn’t assume you had to worry about surviving too much, what with the shiny armor and everything.” – “You’d be surprised,” was all he said in response.
“Well…thank you for saving my ass back there,” you attempted to lighten the mood. “I didn’t do it for you,” he retorted immediately. You scoffed. “Why is it that every time I try to show you a little kindness or gratitude, you push me away? Are you afraid that you’ll actually come to like me or what?” you confronted him, not willing to let it go this time. “I…I’ll look for some…some food for Grogu,” he said and went around you to pick the little one up from the bed you had placed him on earlier. “What are you running from?” you mumbled softly as he passed you again to leave the hut. He halted in his tracks and turned his head to you for a moment, as if he was contemplating something. Instead, he jerked his head back to the front and took off with Grogu in his arms.
It was late when he returned, the sun was almost setting. He was a fool. A fool who was not used to spending this much time with another human being, much less one who managed to get under his armor like you did. He didn’t know what it was about you that had this effect on him, but he had been trying to avoid you at all cost ever since he first met you. He knew then you’d be trouble for him, crouching in front of him with your laser sword drawn out, ready to attack. He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t been turned on by it. And that was exactly why he had to keep his distance.
Still, the sight of the empty hut sent a pang of disappointment through him, but what did he expect? That you’d be waiting for him all day, just sitting on your ass? It was a blessing really, that you were not here right now. The Maker knows what he would have said to you otherwise. Would he have apologized? Admitted that you were driving him crazy? Pushed you away again? He let out a heavy sigh and set Grogu down on the bed again. He was in some deep shit and for the first time in his life, he had no idea how to get out of it.
“Stop that!” you ordered, trying to fill your voice with the little authority you had left, but it came out amused above all. The Wookie youngling kept reaching out for your lightsaber with the Force, but you held it back. You sighed while suppressing your smile. How did you end up with two younglings to train when you weren’t even interested in instructing one?
“She likes you,” the mother of the force-sensitive child said and you looked up at her in wonder. “You think so? Right now, it seems like she’s trying to get on my nerves.” You gave her a small grin and she responded with a genuine smile.
Your wholesome exchange was interrupted by the sudden entrance of another Wookie. “Dinner is ready,” he said while eyeing you with suspicion. Understandably, most of the Wookies had not been too thrilled by your arrival. “Alright,” the female Wookie responded and turned to you: “Would you like to join us?” – “I don’t want to intrude,” you replied with a shrug. “You are not intruding. Come along.” Her tone left no room for discussion, so you followed her over the wooden planks connecting the trees after she picked up her child.
Dinner was a festive occasion, there was a variety of mouth-watering food spread out across a huge table in the main treehouse. As you took in the feast, you noticed how hungry you truly were. You let the Wookies go to the buffet first so you wouldn’t eat up their food and picked out a few delicious snacks afterwards. You took a seat next to the mother of the youngling and she tried to include you in the conversation as well as she could. You got to know the Wookies a little better and they seemed to warm to you a bit more. During the discussion, you managed to form a battle plan in case of an attack with them.
As dinner went on, you couldn’t help but wonder where your companion was. Had he even returned yet? Was he in danger? Was Grogu alright? For some reason, you couldn’t stop yourself from caring about this strange man who had been nothing but rude to you so far. Your focus kept slipping from the conversation until you excused yourself as politely as you could and went back to your hut.
The sight that greeted you was not what you expected. The Mandalorian lay, still fully armored, in the bed with Grogu next to him. He seemed to be asleep. A wave of pity overcame you. What a life he must lead, always separated from the rest of the world by a thick layer of beskar. Never allowing himself to be vulnerable in any way. He didn’t even seem to care about his own discomfort, sleeping in an awkward angle so that Grogu could rest as comfortably as possible. He probably hadn’t even eaten himself all day and had only fed the little one.
Before you knew what you were doing, you went back to the main hut. There were still plenty of leftovers on the table, so you picked up as many different delicacies as you could carry in your arms and went back to the sleeping warrior. You carefully placed the edible goods on a side table and went outside to take the first watch.
Mando jolted up when he awoke. Shit, he hadn’t meant to fall asleep, how long had he been out? He stretched a bit, as much as his beskar armor allowed, and got up, trying not to disturb the child. There was a bunch of food on the side table, he noticed with a grumbling stomach. He could think of only one person who could have put it there and he felt an overwhelming wave of affection at the sweet gesture. How had you even known that he hadn’t eaten yet?
The huts had been silent for the majority of the night, so the soft crunching sound alerted you immediately. You listened more intently and realized that it originated from inside of your hut. As you figured out what the sound must be, a soft smile formed on your lips. He was really feasting in there, your suspicions about his eating habits must have been correct. You continued your vigilance, satisfied that he had accepted your gesture.
After a while, you heard him approach. For a moment, neither of you said anything. To your surprise, it was him who broke the silence this time. “I…thank you.” You didn’t quite know how to respond to his sudden kindness, so you simply nodded, even though your back was turned to him. “How – how long have you been out here?” he continued. You looked up at the stars. “Probably a few hours.” – “I’m sorry I fell asleep, I – you should have woken me up so you could get some rest as well.” He took a step closer to you and you could sense the coldness his beskar radiated, sending shivers through you.  
“Why do you wear that helmet all the time?” The question was out before you could stop it, his proximity completely disheveling your thoughts. You felt him still behind you. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t –,“ you began, but he interrupted you. “It’s the Way of the Mandalore,” he disclosed and you slowly turned around to face him. “But it seems awfully restricting,” you blurted out, once again not considering your words. He met your glance and cocked his head to the side. “It is not a restriction; it is an honor to live by our codex.” His words were not filled with much conviction and sounded recited above all.
“How did you become a Mandalorian?” you pressed on; curiosity having gotten the better of you. “You sure ask a lot of questions today,” he responded coldly. “I would have asked earlier, but I knew you wouldn’t have answered any of them,” you admitted bluntly and earned a small chuckle from him. “I suppose that’s true,” he answered thoughtfully after a while and his helmet turned away from you. You raised an eyebrow at his honest reply. “Why are you talking to me now?” you inquired, not caring anymore that you were clearly overstepping the line.
“I’m not sure,” he breathed out quietly after a moment of silence. “Well, whatever reason, I’m…glad you are.” His gaze turned back down to you and you showed him a friendly smile. His visor shifted into the distance again abruptly and you silently cursed yourself. Had you been too offensive? You shouldn’t have made yourself that vulnerable.
“Our guests have arrived, Jedi,” he noted, sounding mildly displeased and as you followed his glance, your eyes widened. All of your banal previous thoughts vanished as you took in the four Imperial ships that were descending to the surface of Kashyyyk. “We have to get to – ,“ you inducted, but he was one step ahead of you. Grabbing you by the waist, the Mandalorian took off into the air and landed swiftly in front of the small Wookie’s home. “I told you to stop doing that,” you snapped at him, but without much force as you could still feel his firm grip on your waist. As he loosened it, you regained your focus and remembered your mission. You quickly turned your back to him and knocked on the wooden door.
The Wookie mother answered and her sleepy eyes snapped open widely as she took the both of you in. “They’re here,” you informed her gravely and she let out a roar to alert the rest of the villagers. They quickly rose and took their positions, some as snipers high up in the treetops and some ready to defend the huts in direct combat. All of them were hidden from plain sight and you could only spot them because of your training – and because you knew they were there.
In the meantime, the Imperial ships had landed on the beach. You stared at them intently, hoping to make anything out from the distance. The hangars of the ships opened in unison and you heard the Mandalorian take in a sharp breath. Out of each ship stepped rows upon rows of droids in mechanical movements. There were only two people among them, one of them a man from the meeting you witnessed earlier and the other a (insert species). You were surprised at the open display of their forces; you had thought this would rather be an incognito mission than an open battle. Did they know you were ready to fight? Were they just not taking chances? Either way, this was going to be a lot harder than you anticipated.
Someone called your name and ripped you out of your spiraling thoughts. You were even more amazed to realize that it had been your companion. He had never addressed you with your real name before. “We have to get to Grogu,” he breathed out, the worry audible in his voice. “Shit, you’re right,” you responded in horror. He was about to fly over again, but you held him back. “Wait. You can’t move, they’ll notice you and know we have something to hide. It has to be me,” you reasoned. He seemed reluctant. “Do you trust me?” you asked him, looking where you believed his eyes to be. When he didn’t react, you scoffed. “Seriously, Mando? Good to know.” Without another word, you left for Grogu. What was the deal with the Mandalorian? Why was he being kind to you one moment and cold as ice in the next?
You swiftly moved across the trees, careful to not make any noise. As you looked down, you saw the droids beginning to scramble up the barks of the trees to reach the huts. You whistled, almost having forgotten about the sign you were supposed to give and blastershots went off quickly.
Very few droids fell, the rest of them continued to ascend, seemingly not even taking notice of the attack. They were more resilient than you thought. You needed to get to your apprentice quickly, so you began to move with less caution.
You were only two huts away from Grogu when the world went white with an ear-splitting bang. The next thing you felt was your back hitting the bark of a tree and then the ground, your ears still ringing from the detonation. “Fuck!” you exclaimed, trying to get up and failing miserably. Your entire body was aching. This was not the time to be hurting, you needed to fight. You took a few deep breaths and slowly rose, testing your limbs. There didn’t seem to be any serious fractures, much to your relief.
You needed to get to Grogu immediately. Looking up at the tree, you saw a droid already halfway up. Fuck. You really had to hurry. As you took a step towards the tree, you doubled over in agony, spitting a patch of blood onto the ground. Okay, maybe you did have a few broken ribs. You straightened yourself and took another step, wincing at the stabbing pain in your side but moving forward nonetheless. If you could only get to that tree…
You yelled out in pain and surprise as your muscles quivered with electricity and you went down again. You quickly scrambled around and looked at your attacker. It was one of the droids, wielding an electrostaff.  You clutched your lightsaber just in time to deflect the next blow. You rolled aside as the droid took another swing, ignoring your aching side and scrambling to your feet.
The droid didn’t hesitate to strike again, but this time, you were prepared. Even in your injured state, it was no match for you. After circling it for a few moments in a defensive crouch, you picked out a weak spot and drove your blade home, separating it in the middle. Not taking any chances, you hacked its remains apart.
You let out a heavy sigh of relief and grimaced in pain as your lungs expanded against your fractured ribcage. Grogu, you thought in horror and spun to face the tree again. The droid that had climbed it before was nowhere to be seen, which was not a good sign at all. You considered the height you would have to pass to get to the hut. It was too far for a Force jump; you really would have to climb. Not wasting another precious moment, you dug your fingers into the bark and pulled yourself up.
You were only halfway up when your strength faltered and you slid down the entirety of the bark you had only just climbed. You yelled out in frustration. The battle in the trees was slowly subsiding, you noticed and you took your last chance. With all the muscle power you had left in your legs, you bolted for the ships on the beach while cutting down a few simpler droids in your path.  
As you got closer, you saw that the first ship was already taking off. Had they been defeated or did they get what they came for? You enhanced your speed as much as possible, but it was all in vain. You arrived at the beach soon enough to see the Imperial scum entering his ship with Grogu, but too late to stop his escape. All you could do was watch as he took off into the sky as well.
You sunk down onto your knees, not having it in you to react in any way or form. You had failed everyone. Luke, who provided you with a home and a purpose even after you had given up on yourself; Grogu, who trusted you to be a good Jedi Master to him; Yoda, who had saved you from certain doom all those years ago; your parents, who had given their lives for yours and Mando, who had trusted you with his child. Possibly you had even failed the Wookies in your quest to protect the youngling. You were absolutely worthless. A complete waste of life and resources. What was being one of the most powerful warriors in the galaxy worth if you couldn’t even protect those dear to you? You slumped down into the sand, embracing the stabbing pain in your rib as it made contact with the uneven, hard ground. It wasn’t enough to suppress the guilt and the self-hatred you felt though. Not even close.
In the back of your mind, you heard the other ships departing, but you were beyond the physical realm now. You couldn’t help getting sucked into the cruel depths of your mind, almost welcoming the voices that screamed at you in fury and reminded you of everything that was wrong with you.
Somehow, you felt your physical form vibrating, but it took you a few moments to return to it and notice the Mandalorian that was violently shaking your shoulders. You blinked up at him in confusion. “Where is he?” he demanded, over and over again. “Gone,” you responded, though your voice seemed to come from afar. “How could you let them take him? I trusted you to protect him!” His voice was so full of hate that your mind focused back on him. You didn’t answer this time, only stared at him intently and let him interpret it any way he would. It was good that he despised you now, you deserved nothing less.
Whatever he saw in your eyes, he didn’t say anything else. He simply let his grip on your shoulders go, resulting in you crashing back into your damaged ribs. Your lips drew blood from how hard you had to bite down to suppress your wince of pain. The last thing you wanted right now was for him to pity you and regret his harsh words.
As you dropped back down and the adrenaline from the fight began to leave your bloodstream, the pain worsened and you felt weariness overcome you. Your desperate attempts to stay conscious were completely futile and you realized you were slowly slipping away from reality. “I’m sorry,” you mumbled as everything went black.
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yetanotherhoeforpedro · 16 days ago
Sinfully Armored
Summary: After Din Djarin had lost everything: his ship, his child, his way, and found himself as rightful leader of the Mandalore, he’s glad when an opportunity arises to escape all of his responsibilities. Grogu doesn’t seem to adapt well to his destined life in the New Jedi Order and handling the little rascal is simply too much for Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, who has to rebuild the entire Jedi Order and help in the founding of the New Republic. As a last resort, he contacts the mysterious Mandalorian, who seemed to have formed a strong bond with the Jedi foundling, to help Grogu accept his Jedi heritage and finally let go of the past. What Mando didn’t know is that on top of being given the chance to escape his duties, he’d meet you.
Notes: see ‘Sinfully armored’ on AO3
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 - Strange Revelations 
Chapter Index
It has been the Maker knows how many days since you arrived at this desolate planet in the Outer Rim. The planets where you had to scout for Imperial Scum all started to blend into one after weeks and weeks on this expedition. The same dreary landscapes, shady people and shabby buildings on every single one. The Empire has left its dirty imprints throughout the entire galaxy and its people, including you.
The rundown bar you found yourself in right now must have seen better days as well. You swirled your drink lazily and scowled at the remaining dregs. This next part of your job was always the worst, impossibly done sober. You absolutely despised any kind of peaceful interaction with sympathizers of the Empire, even though you knew hate was not an emotion you should feel as a Jedi.
You drowned your glass in one big swallow and smoothly slid the it across the counter with a few credits. Before the bartender even reacted to your movement, you were already gone. The mud made an unsatisfying, squelching sound under your boots as you maneuvered through the narrow streets of Wakuda. Your nose scrunched at the mere smell of the place. Why the secret underground organization you were supposed to track down chose this of all places to build their base is beyond you, but you guessed it fit their morals.
As you neared the location you tracked the Imperial scum down to, you noticed a few snipers on the roof of the half-ruined building in your peripheral. Deep down you hoped they’d be skilled just so that you’d have a bit of a challenge as a distraction. They weren’t, since they didn’t even notice you until you were too close. Maybe their stupid helmets blocked their vision, you couldn’t even blame them. A quick swipe of the force knocked them out and you proceeded with your task.
Through a crack in the roof, you could spy on the meeting taking place underneath you. You leaned down a bit to get a better view and watched the scene unfold.
There were 6 people assembled in the room, but the woman at the head of the table stuck out especially to you with her glowing red hair. When she raised her voice, everyone went quiet. This woman clearly had an air of authority surrounding her. She began in a conspiring tone: “Fellow members of the First Galactic Empire, I have called you here today because troublesome news reached me. The New Jedi Order of Luke Skywalker keeps gaining more and more power. If the New Republic is backed by such a strong force of Jedi knights, our chances of rebuilding the Empire are slim to none.” The woman surveyed the room full of expectant eyes. No one dared to interrupt her. “So, we must take action. I have already contacted Grand Admiral Thrawn…”
The rest of her sentence didn’t reach your ears as you heard that name. As far as you knew, the notorious man died during the Battle of Endor with most of the other Imperial generals. If there was any truth to her claim that he was still alive, the New Republic and everything you stood for was in great peril. The old hatred started to boil up inside of you once again and it was all you could do to not jump down there and finish all of them in your fit of rage. To calm yourself, you reached deep into the Force as Luke had taught you. You reminded yourself that it was him and the Jedi’s goal of a peaceful galaxy you were doing all of this for and the discussion that broke out beneath you abruptly caught your attention again.
“That’s absolutely impossible! How would we even train those children? It’s not like we have a Sith Lord to train them!” a small man with shockingly pale skin exclaimed. “Leave that to me and the more experienced generals, we have everything under control. All you need to do is collect the force sensitive children from the systems I’ll send you out to,” the woman answered. The small man nodded once and the woman seemed satisfied. She pulled out a little device, flipped a switch and a holographic map appeared at the center of the table. As you glanced at the map, something pocked at the back of your mind. Why did it look so familiar?
But before you could observe it more closely and identify the feeling, the comm at your wrist vibrated. Luke always had such an unfortunate timing for someone so in tune with the Force. You cursed under your breath and accepted the transmission. After all, he wouldn’t contact you if it wasn’t important.  
“Report back to the Jedi Temple immediately,” he stated. “What? But I’m in the middle of a mission! I just made a discovery of great importance,” you protested. “Alright, but get back as soon as possible. May the Force be with you.” The connection snapped and you focused on the meeting again.
“Do not disappoint me,” the woman commanded. That was an obvious dismissal. After cursing Luke’s awful timing once again, you decided to track the leader of the meeting, which couldn’t be too hard, considering her hair was shining like a beacon. However, as you scaled down the building and looked down the street, she and her co-conspirators had vanished into thin air. How odd. But it was a blessing of sorts because you were eager to get off this planet and return to the Jedi Temple. Thrawn was alive?  It was all you could think about as you cut through the winding streets of Wakuda once again. The man who had taken so much from you had not been avenged? A sick part of you was thrilled about the opportunity to get revenge yourself, but it was outweighed by your general anxiety.
The sudden gleaming of a hull caught your eye and your pace quickened. As you turned around the corner, the magnificent ship arising before you obscured the view of your tiny, wreckage of an X-Wing. The rusty ship had accompanied you on many missions and despite its state, you had grown quite fond of it, but couldn’t be bothered to clean it. It wouldn’t matter anyway; it would just get dirty again in the next place you landed. You climbed into the cockpit and took off.
As you activated hyperspace, you tried to shake Thrawn off your mind and it quickly filled with other enigmas. You reconsidered the strange Déjà-vu you felt when you saw the map. You were sure you had seen it before sometime, but when and where exactly? Why would you have seen an imperial map? And how could they have left without a single trace? Who was the strange woman?
After pondering about these questions turned out to be futile, you began to wonder what could have been urgent enough for Luke to call you back from your mission. While you would have been jumping at the chance to finally leave these shitty systems under normal circumstances, the situation just got interesting and all you wanted to do was track the Imperial scum down and kill them one by one before they could do any more harm. But Luke had to lecture you on discipline far too many times and this mission was your chance to show him that he could trust you.
Still…How would you ever find out where they had gone now? You should have damned Luke’s orders and followed them somehow when you still could, what if they got to the children first? Shit, why didn’t you think straight? It seems like all of your focus and composure had left you once Thrawn’s name had perturbated your thoughts. All of the old grief and hate resurfaced again and threatened to drown you.  
You took a deep breath and pushed those emotions as far back as you could. The logical action right now would be to contact Luke immediately, he needed to send out someone else to stop the bandits. While you were short on Jedi, the New Republic would sure have someone to take care of the problem. If only you knew where they went, they’d be long gone if the Republic needed to investigate their whereabouts first. You sighed and called Luke.
“What’s wrong?” His hologram appeared in front you instantly. “A lot,” you responded dryly. “You’ll not be pleased about what I just discovered – before I was so rudely interrupted by you, that is.” He frowned at your sarcasm, this was obviously not the time for it, but you couldn't help it. It had become a sort of coping mechanism for you, a way to shield yourself from issues lest they touch you personally. “Grand Admiral Thrawn – or some doppelgänger of him – is still alive and in direct contact with the leftovers of the Empire.”
Luke was silent for a moment, his expression unreadable. “That is bad news indeed, I’ll need to inform Leia and Han so that they can alert our troops. Your assistance has been most valuable to us,” he replied finally, oddly formal. Still, you nodded curtly at the approval.
“Wait,” you intercepted as he was about to disconnect. “Unfortunately, there’s more. I overheard that they plan to rebuild the Sith Order, but on a far grander scale. I only caught a glimpse, but they had some map that directs them towards force-sensitive children all across the universe. While I have no clue as to how they would train them – unless they had a secret Sith Lord up their sleeves as well – we cannot let them take the children. The Jedi Order needs them.”  This time, Luke’s silence lasted even longer, to the point where it was almost painful. You forced the words forming on your tongue to fill the silence back – yet another nervous habit of yours – and mirrored his quiet. Until you gave in and broke it: “I did not disappoint when I warned you that I had some bad news, huh?”
Luke gave you a no-nonsense-look. “No, you did not. Do you think you can recall the map and lead us to the children?” he inquired. “Um…I’ve tried, but to no avail. However, the map looked oddly familiar. No idea where I could have seen it before, but I trust my instincts.” You shrug, though it doesn’t reflect your sentiments in the slightest.
“You said this map leads them to force-sensitive children?” he repeated slowly, more to himself. “Yeah.” – “In that case, I might know just where to look.” Before you could ask him what he meant by that he was gone. You let out an exasperated sigh. He took the whole mysterious Jedi image way too seriously, in your opinion.
You spent the rest of the flight dissociating in space, as one does. In a way, you were doing the meditation exercises Luke taught you. Time bent around you, it could have been minutes or hours until you arrived back at Coruscant. The blinding lights of the capitol made you snap back to reality as you swiftly descended.
You spotted Luke, facing the wall, quickly as you entered the council chamber, which was empty except for him. The few other “Jedi” seemed to be on missions as well. The “Council” consisted of a bunch of half-trained Jedi knights and one other survivor of Order 66, Master Vamora who appeared too fragile to still be an active fighter, but he was a stubborn old bastard. Not that it wasn’t an immense blessing to have at least one Jedi of the Old Order in your midst who was fully trained. He was extremely cranky and righteous though.
Luke turned back around to you. You did a double take as you took him in, seeing what the hologram had concealed. At first you noticed his eyes and the black rings underneath them, then the hollow of his cheekbones, his general paleness and crouched stance. He looked really exhausted, to say the least. Not being able to hold yourself back, you commented: “What happened to you? You look like you went through some shit.” At that, you earned a small grin from him that made some of the color reappear on his face.
Your heart jumped a little at the sight, you had to admit he was quite handsome, especially when he smiled. It wasn’t just ideological reasons keeping you in his Jedi Order after all, although you felt a twinge of guilt every time your stupid, horny brain produced these immoral thoughts. It was absolutely illegal for a Jedi to harbor such feelings, much less act on them, at least according to your set of morals. Luke himself had been conceived out of such an improper relation and since he did not grow up learning about the old set of Jedi rules, he had seen no use in implementing any such rule in his Jedi Order (much to the displeasure of Master Vamora, who had quite a lot to complain about today’s youth). You, on the other hand, had been indoctrinated the old set of rules from a small age on and you tried to stick to them in honor of those who saved you from your horrible fate and the sacrifices of those who had not been as lucky as you. But Luke did have a point. He claimed that love was not a crime or a weakness to be punished but rather a virtue that differentiates you from those who strayed to the Dark Side. Frankly, he was just a little too horny for his own good. He was well known for his bohemian lifestyle, sharing his bed with both men and women.
“That’s why I had to call you back here. I am being tormented endlessly by a little green monster,” he replied with a smirk on his face, pulling you out of your thoughts. You raised an eyebrow, but before you could inquire further, the door slid open behind you and you snapped around.
This day just kept getting weirder, or maybe you were extremely sleep-deprived as well. There was a Mandalorian with a little green creature that eerily resembled Master Yoda (if he were young and cute instead of old and wrinkly as he had appeared the last time you saw him) cradled in his arms standing in front of you. His armor was unlike any you had ever seen before, pure beskar and shimmering as it reflected the bright city lights. He looked exactly like the legendary warrior race of Mandalore you had only ever heard rumors about, straight out of a myth. Considering those rumors, didn’t they absolutely despise the Jedi? Suddenly alarmed, you pulled your lightsaber from your belt. The Mandalorian didn’t move, only cocked his head to the side. Even though you couldn’t see his face underneath the helmet, you felt like his eyes were piercing you. You stared right back at him, not moving an inch, thumb resting on the switch of your weapon, ready to activate it should he attack. Not that your lightsaber could do much damage to him, as he was dressed in beskar from head to toe. But what about the child in his arms? Maybe he wasn’t up for a fight after all. With a sick disappointment – how challenging would it be to fight such a legendary warrior? – you put your weapon back on your belt again. The Mandalorian kept staring at you, standing still as a machine.
This time it was Luke who broke the silence, as you were too entranced to say anything at all.  “There is the source of my eternal torment.” He strolled up to you in a relaxed manner. It was his calm posture and the underlying humor and fondness in his voice that kept you from attacking the strangers. The green creature turned its head and stared at you innocently with its huge, black eyes. You sensed it suddenly through the Force and did a double take in surprise. It reached its small arms out to you, but the Mandalorian took a step back from you rather than let the child closer to you. “This…this is why you called me back?” You shot Luke an incredulous, slightly offended look, to which he returned another wicked grin. “Yes.”
“Elaborate, please?” You didn’t even try to hide the annoyance in your voice. “This is my good friend…” He gestured to the Mandalorian. “Um, I actually don’t know his name, I just call him Mando. Everyone does.” He smirked at the warrior. “And this little fellah is Grogu, a Jedi foundling I took upon me to train.” The look Luke gave the child was so full of love that it seemed almost too intimate to witness. “Mando saved him from the Empire and took great care of him. Frankly, he cared for him too well. Grogu has formed such a strong attachment to him that it’s nearly impossible to train him. The little rascal is incredibly stubborn if his daddy isn’t around.”
A bit more enlightened, but still unaware of your place in this family drama, you waited for Luke to continue. “Since I have a ton of obligations, I don’t have time to train the little one and detach him from his savior.” Oh no. You hoped this wouldn’t be heading in the direction you thought it was. “You, on the other hand, have less responsibilities.” Fuck. "So, I decided that you should train him. And let his dad tag along until he can let him go.”
No fucking way. “I am not a damn babysitter! Neither do I care to get involved in this clearly complicated family structure! I have a mission, Luke. I need to get to those…,” you paused, suddenly all too aware that you had an audience, “…thieves and stop them.” Luke grinned at you, as if he expected that answer from you. “Isn’t it super convenient that our friend Mando here is a professional bounty hunter, eager to earn a few credits from the Republic?”
You shifted your gaze back to the silent warrior and the kid. “I am supposed to train this rip-off Yoda while on a mission? That’s just pointless, I won’t have time to teach him anything at all!” you pointed out. You were not interested in training another Jedi, especially not one that resembled Master Yoda and everything you lost so much. “You’ll have plenty of free time while traveling through space and he can learn a lot more in real situations than I could ever teach him,” Luke argued. “You want us to take him along on a hunt?” a modulated voice interjected. “No way, that’s far too dangerous for him as long as he’s untrained!” Luke wasn’t kidding about the bond, the man in armor clearly cared deeply for the child. Interesting.
“You need to stop being such a helicopter parent if you want him to live an independent life,” your Jedi companion retorted. You couldn’t help the small chuckle that escaped your throat and a visor turned back to you. “I don’t trust her with my child”, the Mandalorian stated curtly. You scowled at him. “You shouldn’t have brought him to the Jedi if you had a problem with him being in the custody of a Jedi,” you snarled at the intruder, suddenly not caring that you didn’t even want this child in the first place and simply wanting to disagree with him. “It’s not the Jedi I don’t trust, it’s you and your attitude.” – “Is it because I called him a ‘rip-off Yoda’?” You flashed him a sweet smile.
“I see you two’ll get along just fine,” Luke said, the corners of his mouth quirking up slightly. “You could leave for the first child tomorrow.” At that, your attention snapped back to him. “What do you mean? Did you find the map?” – “Of course, as it was our map they stole in the first place.” Now your Déjà-vu made complete sense and you cursed yourself for not having come to this conclusion earlier. Obviously the Jedi had a map with the locations of force-sensitive children – possible new Jedi. The situation was even graver than you expected. “Get some rest now, you seem to need it almost as much as I do.” Luke winked at you. Accepting defeat for now and realizing how exhausted you truly were, you gave Luke a short nod before departing from the room and retiring to your chambers to finally get some well-deserved sleep.
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Dude!! I loved Bakugan as a kid, Masquerade was my love
Oh my god YES 😩 Masquerade was the first antagonist I fell for, and I think I proceeded to fall for the villain in every season after that because I absolutely watched every season religiously 💀
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