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pandapple1999 · 21 hours ago
can anybody post top surgery give me a realistic account of how debilitating it actually is and for how long, etc.. because its something I rly want to pursue atm but after watching my partner go through it and experience pain for months (and I cant touch it a lot without him hurting 3 years out) it's really driven me away from wanting something that I feel like I need...
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mischieviousorcacalf · 21 days ago
getting cosmetic surgery is almost always cringe anyway but shit like ab etching or calf implants are just pathetic like go to the fucking gym you loser
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dk-thrive · 25 days ago
Time heals, but healing isn’t tidy.
— Gina Frangello, Blow Your House Down: A Story of Family, Feminism, and Treason (Counterpoint, April 6, 2021)
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greebledgoblin · a month ago
its been a while since ive been able to do any in person healthcare activism but the more i think about it the more i hope its more common to demand not only trans access to surgery, but access to revisions. idk why i read so much about surgeries since i have medical phobias but surgeons can definitely fuck up intentionally or unintentionally and as long as theres a possibility of that there shouldnt be any barriers to revisions
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lupanari · a month ago
Mastectomy surgery has now happened!
I’m a little sore and tired but it went great. No regrets. Massive relief to have it done and out of the way. The last month has been a massive stress build up leading to the surgery.
Looking forward to the next 5 weeks off work to recover. Still hoping to take advantage of that time to get back into some old projects and start posting my own content again. Whether that be Lets Plays or art, we’ll see.
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greeds · a month ago
girl the plot twists in dead to me....fuck this womans dead husband
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lupanari · 2 months ago
An April Health Update
To all my Jewish followers, I hope you’ve all had a safe and wonderful Passover holiday. To all my Christian followers, I wish you all a Happy Easter. And a joyful day to everyone else who celebrate neither.
So I don’t know how many people will actually see this, but I figured I may as well post about it since it’s such a massive event that’s about to happen to me.
So, I got diagnosed with a genetic condition called Li Fraumeni Syndrome at the later half of 2020, via the TP53 gene. This means that I’m at a much higher risk of getting certain types of cancers, including breast cancer. And so, after several months of various appointments to set it up...
I’m getting a double masectomy at the end of April!
It’s purely cancer-preventative, since all of the scans so far have shown no signs of breast cancer, which is great. My hope is to keep it that way. I’m hoping that everything goes right and I recover without a hitch.
I don’t know what condition I’ll actually be in, but my hope is that, based on my mom’s own recovery to her masectomy, I’ll be able to use the leave time I have off work to get back into some personal projects that my doctor’s appointments have kept me away from. Seriously, I have had so many doctor’s appointments the past few months. So many. Even the nurses I talk to are asking me “Why so many?!”
Now I just have to hold onto hope that my uterus/ovaries won’t turn on me before I can get a hysterectomy to get them out...
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introvert-rat · 2 months ago
Hello everyone,
Happy day of trans visibility !
[This is gonna be a promotional post for my go fund me so you can skip if it make you uncomfortable :)]
I am a 19yo non binary human and I wish to get a surgery to remove my chest, it is quite heavy (enough to give me back pain all the time and to be able to still have one visible even when I wear a binder) and give me a lot of dysphoria
I wish to be able to do that the faster possible, but It is not cheap and I soon have to live on my own, I have little money with me (not even 1000€ on my bank account) and I still need to pay for my car license/car/car insurance, house cost starting September, phone bills, medical insurance, groceries and all that stuff adult ™ need to pay for.
I am pretty sure I will not be able to finance my operation (around 5000€ without being reimbursed) before YEARS and my dysphoria is getting worse day after day
The goal of the go fund me is so high (7k) to be able to cover the full surgery as well as the other cost (trip to the doctor for pre surgery, the cost of the travel to the doctor as well as maybe hostel if I need to stay a couple of days, the stuff to buy for after surgery) as well a help for me to be able to finance all the cost I already talked about earlier, the school I want to do will also cost me money even if it's little and I want to be sure I will not end up in financial trouble !
If you could help me out I would love it, even one euros would save me
If you send me a screenshot of a donation no matters how much I will be glad to draw you a little something as a thank you !
That was all, please have a nice day even if you skipped through all that aha
And again
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batz · 3 months ago
ive been using my chest pillow as a normal pillow its so damn soft
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hrina · 4 months ago
cass, i am tired of having boobs. this shit is exhausting
if i could cut them off i would
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hawkeyetoo · 5 months ago
To start off 2021 how I mean to go on: 
Gender is made up, there is nothing about me that means I HAVE to be a girl, and I hate every physical thing that makes me biologically female. The fact that i’ve debating this for a while and haven’t come up with a reason not to say this is evidence enough for me.
So yeah i’m pretty sure i’m non binary. Every time Phoebe calls me ‘sister’ or says ‘you’re a girl’ i feel really uncomfortable, in the same sort of way I do when people use my full name and not ‘Beth’.
I’m still fine with she/her cos i’m used to that, but they/them is fine too. I’m not overly fussed. 
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glucose--guardian · 5 months ago
Should I start a gofundme for my top surgery or no
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magicalboytransition · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oct. 12-Dec. 12
3 weeks to 2 1/2 months comparison
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cancer-n-champagne · 6 months ago
My adorable #twin at thanksgiving performing a turkey radical #masectomy 2yrs from when I had mine to remove my second fight w #cancer #sarcoma - radical mastectomy is when all breast tissue etc is removed - unable to do implant bc no support to hold it in place unlike mastectomy where a little is left to form breast:hold implant. 75% of my chest muscle aka pectoral muscle was removed. Recreated my left chest with stomach tissue. Have to find humor bc can’t let it get to me I have fought so hard and never let it get to me maybe that is the #athletic mindset I have had growing up playing #sports
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magicalboytransition · 8 months ago
Just got to see my nipples for the first time. It’s bizarre. I still don’t think my brain has processed it yet. Been putting vitamin A and D ointment on them, but the sutures are already out. Just gotta wait for the adhesive to eventually come off the incisions which they said it should over the next week or so.
The image below does contain some blood, bruising, scabbing and the incisions. It’s definitely jarring so here’s the warning with a read more.
Tumblr media
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