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#marvel x teen reader
x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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mellowavengersstuff · 2 days ago
The Beast Masterlist
series summary: You are offered a chance to join the avengers initiative when it was put into action to help defeat Loki Laufeyson. The catch? You don’t want to go gallivanting around with superheroes.
"That moment is when you feel that something is wrong here. The avenger’s initiative was supposed to be scrapped and it never had anything to do with you or Tony. The facts that you had gathered are all adding up wrong. Maths is not your strong point, but you have heightened senses. That is enough to be counted for. "
The Beast - A knock at the Stark tower's door and suddenly your life is upside down.
The Beast Part 2 - The one where you meet the Asgardians, and the star spangled man with a plan.
The Beast Part 3 - The one where you find out why you’re really here, and you get a glimpse of your past’
The Beast part 4 - The one where you remember. ( Please heed the warnings.)
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mellowavengersstuff · 2 days ago
I have a request, please could u write about Tony adopting an unruly teenager xx
Hi lovely, thanks so much for requesting. I hope you like it! (Keep the requests coming I love them sm lol)
Broken bits and pieces
Warnings: Self deprecation, anxiety, the foster care system, being adopted by tony stark? getting into trouble at school.
Summary: You’re broken bits and pieces. So why in the world does Tony Stark want to adopt you?
Have a look at my masterlist and my taglist posts if you liked this :)
Tumblr media
               Tony Stark has a habit of picking up broken bits and pieces as he goes along. A scrap piece of metal here, an ancient broken record player there. It’s presumably the creative in him – wanting to make something great out of everything that is not, always looking for ways to improve things.
That still doesn’t explain why he wanted to adopt you.
You remember it clearly. The day after the “adoption activity day” your centre held every once in a while. You had been called to the adoption centre to be met with Tony fricking Stark sitting in sweats and a bobble hat at your social worker, Kelly’s, desk. You had gawped. Not like the cute kind of gawping, with the slightly parted lips and adorable wide eyes. The kind of gawping that consists of a mouth dropped to the floor unconsciously, panicked sweating and a slight buckle of the knees. (Not that you let anyone see, of course. You’re too smooth for that.)
Kelly had explained that Tony fricking Stark was looking for a kid to adopt, that he passed all the usual background tests. Good residence, sufficient pay (at which point she winks at you) and a happy home. He had chosen you. Been matched specifically with you. You were confused. Why you? You have … a mischievous streak, to put it lightly. You have many flaws. You’re a teenager. That in itself should be an off putter. He could’ve chosen anyone else. Hell, he could’ve been matched with a sweet young kid, maybe four or five, easy to love, sweet to be around. But you weren’t about to pass up the opportunity. You would’ve been stupid not to. Like you said.
Tony fricking Stark.
So, you said yes. The next two months consisted of packing up your things and getting to know Tony ... better. You had a few phone calls with his wife, Pepper Pots. She seemed sweet, asking what colour schemes you wanted in your room, what kind of things you liked; telling you about herself and Tony. You liked her. You’d also had lunch with Tony every other day. The first lunch meeting, he asked what you liked, and you’d told him that you don’t mind, whatever he likes best. At which point he smiled and lowered his sunglasses and said, “Kid, I know you want to choose. So, what’ve you been craving, huh?” You found that unsettling in a sort of … comforting way. Like he knew you, even after spending such a short amount of time together.
So, every other day, you would eat at the small sandwich joint around the corner, and he would ask you about yourself. You told him the normal things, that you like art, music, physics. You’re going through an anime phase. Your favourite colour and that you like going to the same corner shop that you’re sitting in now with your friends – just to catch up. The usuals, nothing special. But you could never bring yourself to ask him why he chose you. He would told you about the avengers in return, how they always bicker and they’re not as cool and collected as they look. How they’re a family, and you would be part of it as well.
(That made you sniffle a bit.)
Now, you’re lying on your new bed in your new room in your new home; first night. And thinking about how your covers are so soft, like a marshmallow and that you love the pale, baby blue shade of wall like Pepper had gotten for you. And wondering, why me?
The next day, you wake up relatively early for you. Around 7:00; you suspected it was the nerves. Y’know, meeting the avengers, new environment, new… what do you call him? Carer? Guardian? Parent? ……. Father? no, much too soon for that. You’ll settle with guardian.
You padded over quietly to the kitchen after getting dressed, not wanting to disturb anyone. First impressions are irrevocably important, you’ve come to realise. The hallways are large, classy. Easy to get lost in; as you do a few times, walking past endless corridors and fashionable doors at least three times each before you make it to your destination. When you get there though, you are to be surprised.
Before you even reached the doorway, the sound of echoing laughter and teasing reached your ear. You weren’t expecting anyone to be up this early. Peeking your head just past the archway, you were met with the sight of Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson, the latter poking the other in the ribs like a child and Bucky retaliating by trying to smack him in the side with a water bottle. They were each trying to keep a straight face, bursting out in outrages snorts every once in a while; each trying to trump the other.
Suddenly, Bucky stopped; held out an arm for Sam to pause. He beckoned Sam closer and whispered “I can hear a heartbeat. Accelerating. Close to us on this floor. You think it could be a threat?”
You sucked in a sharp breath and clenched your fists in your stress, fingernails digging into your palms. This wasn’t how you had imagined this encounter.  So just as Sam was about to open his mouth and say yes, you sidestep into the centre of the doorway swiftly and say “Hi?”
(It wasn’t meant to sound like a question; your voice just adopts a slight upwards lilt when you get nervous. Smooth, Y/N, smooth.)
Bucky’s big blue eyes softened immediately, and he leant over the kitchen counter to get a better look at you, smirking slightly at the sheepish look you wore. “You must be that kid Tony adopted. I’m Bucky, nice to meet you.”
“Sam, welcome kid.”
You walked forwards to shake their outstretched hands, offered a sheepish smile. “Y/N, likewise” They pulled out a chair for you next to them and you sat carefully.
Sam wiggled his eyebrows at you from across the kitchen, fixing you a bowl of cereal. “So, talk to us. What’s your story?”
“Uh, nothing special. I just spent my life in foster care up until now.”
“Just that, huh?” quips Sam, brown eyes full of mirth.
“Well yeah, I mean I wasn’t really crashing hellicarriers into D.C. I was on a different roll.”
Bucky chuckles. “So, you uh any good with pranks?”
You frowned a little. “I dunno, it depends on what you want me to do.”
Sam pulled out a little sheet of paper, full of messily drawn mind maps and diagrams and leant in conspiratorially.
“Me and Bucky are teaming up, and we want to get the parker kid. You know him, right? Tony told us that you guys go to the same school.” He whispered.
“yeah, I guess-”
“Ok that’s fine. Anyways, Tony also told us that you’re a little bit of a… trouble-maker-”
“Yeah kid, he never shuts up about you.”
“Hey, I was speaking-”
It felt nice that Tony didn’t shut up about you, you thought over their squabbling. That he was remembering details about you. Like a warm, fuzzy feeling in your tummy. Like butterflies, but more pleasant. A strange feeling, one that you weren’t very well accustomed to.
“Yeah, I can do certain jobs.”
That was underexaggerating it. You were practically a mastermind; you had told Tony in one of those rare moments when you let your guard down that you almost got expelled because you had found a way to hack into the school governor’s email and produced a whole sequence of events and meetings and conferences that produced a loophole, essentially scrapping the dress code and the school’s policy on girls’ clothing. The only reason you didn’t get expelled was because you brought the class averages higher, in terms of scores. You had immediately regretted telling Tony, but he didn’t give you any reason to worry, instead he threw his head back and laughed, said “you know, I hacked the pentagon once on a dare.”
Sam and Bucky grinned at you, eyebrows lifted and cheeks smiley, and said in unison, “You’re in, kiddo.”
After that, Sam and Bucky became fast friends with you. They said they liked your genius, and you said you stuck around for the entertainment. A fun, light-hearted relationship. It was the first bond you made within the avengers.
Still, it is hard to enjoy things when you feel like you don’t deserve it. Why should you? You’ve not done anything particularly special or worthy of attention. In fact, you’ve done quite the opposite.
And still, you can’t bring yourself to ask why.
You have to admit, you were a slight bit worried. You had heard tales of the Thor’s endeavours, his crazy stunts, his impeccable agilities, his thirst for war; all rumours rippling through busy school crowds. You were to be pleasantly shocked by what you found. Walking into the kitchen with Pepper on that second day, you saw the giant of the man sitting on the counter, a mega pack of pop tarts in his arms. He was groaning as he tries to prise the packet open, a funny look of frustration on his face.
“Do you…uh, need help with that?”
Thor looked up, blonde eyebrows raised and sweat running down the side of his face.
“Ah yes.” He grumbled. You must have the strength of a Bilge snipe to be able to free the delicacies from their ghastly imprisonment.”
You giggled and pried the packet open with your nails. It opened with a slight pop. Thor looked at you in wonder.
“Sit here, young one. I can tell that you will be a glorious warrior.” He said, patting the space next to him. You hopped up and stared up at him, wide eyed. “I will teach you all the traits of a good warrior and you will lead into battle gloriously as my ward!”
Pepper laughed under the guise of slight panic and pat him on the chest. “How about we take it easy for now, Thor. They’ve only just got here. We’re just about to watch an episode of friends though. Would you care to join?”
“Yes, yes. Duly noted. I shall watch this “Friends” with you.”
And so, you did. You spent two hours eating pop tarts and watching friends with pepper and Thor and motioning at Bucky and Sam when they come to you with stacks of paper, not now because I’m busy bonding, sorry.
(And also still wondering why me, why do I deserve this, but that’s a given; a pesky little bug in the back of your mind that just wouldn’t, still doesn’t, leave you alone.)
It was comfortable and soft and happy. Your guard was down, and Pepper couldn't enough of you bursting into laughter at the screen; eyes crinkled, laughing at your giggles.
Later that day, you were shown to the training area. You found that you liked the environment, liked the smell of sweat and sawdust and punching bags, liked sound of fists smacking surfaces. It was reminiscent of everything your life had been composed of until then.
Tony sat you down on the floor, patted your shoulder and said “Watch”.
Natasha and Clint were sparring in the ring. Natasha was winning. She was almost graceful in battle, limbs moving in perfect coordination as she took Clint down. Legs wrapping around his neck, flipping him over; a punch to the side, elbow to the kneecap and he’s down. It was swift, clean, quick. You supposed you shouldn’t expect anything else. Clint got up from the ring, groaning and made his way out with a wave and a “how’s it going” to you and a nod to Tony.
Natasha beckoned you over. “Come over. Let’s see what you can do.”
You gave Tony a nervous look, but he sent you a wink and said you’ll be fine. You stood in the ring, stance unsure, waiting for her instructions.
“Ok, we’ll just go one round. I wanna see what you’ve got down.”
“I, uh, don’t really know much-” you started to say but before you can finish, Natasha lunged towards you and pinned you to the ground before you managed to wriggle out from under her grip and get back up.
“Rule one: confidence. You can’t do anything if you aren’t sure of what you can already do. Again.”
And so, you start again. This time, you were more confident, sure of the quick jabs you could deliver to her sides, not that they were much use. One thing you could do well though, was getting back up again. Every time she pinned you down, or tripped you up, you would get back up again. You never stayed down for long. You tried and perfect your skill – a hit to the back of her knees, the elbows, targeting all her joints. It doesn’t do her much difference, but she looks impressed. The corners of her lips were turning up, but her eyes were focused somewhere behind you, frowning a little bit.
Nope, you were not about to look behind you. That’s a classic for God’s sake.
“Have a little faith, Natasha.” You said before she swooped in and floored you. Again.
By the end of the session, you were very worn out. Lying on your back on the mat, looking up at the ceiling is all you wanted to do for the next three hours. (“Good run kid.” Natasha had laughed at your blob like state. “You’ve got some skills”. You disagree.) Before you could shut your eyes, though, you saw a looming shadow above you, then blonde hair and twinkling blue eyes and the face that represents America appeared above you, smiling slightly at your state. You scrambled up.
“Oh my gosh, um hi Mr America, didn’t know you were watching” you smiled sheepishly.
(turns out there actually was someone behind you.)
Steve chuckled at your flustered being. “It’s alright. Nice to meet you, Y/N”.
“You too, Mr America.”
“You can call me Steve, by the way!” he called after you, as you jogged towards the entrance.
Your new life was going fine - better than fine. You had everything you wanted. You felt warm, fuzzy, safe.
In hindsight, you should have known the honeymoon phase wasn’t going to last. It was foolish of you to expect it to do so. You’re broken bits and pieces after all. Never whole, and it showed.
You had started closing yourself off, spending more time worrying, anxious about messing up. Going out more, playing more pranks, the worst of your troublesome nature peeking through. You’re unruly – unable to sit your arse down and follow the rules.
It’s the third time this week you’ve been sent home from school.  It’s always something minor, talking back, dress code violations, pranks you counted as harmless, until it isn’t. Until people in charge start claiming you’re “unrefined”, “defensive”, “Mouthy”. You guess Peter warned you to keep your head down.
There was always one thing though. No matter what you did, how badly the teachers would speak of you, how stern you were treated at school, Tony would never seem to get angry.
He pulls into the parking lot of the tower.
“Do you wanna tell me what it was this time?”
You look out of the window, even though there’s nothing to stare at apart from cold grey walls. “There was this kid. He was mouthing off to Peter. We got in a fight, he told people I started it.” You sounded cold, unemotional even to your own ears.
Tony sighs . “Y/N, you know you’re not responsible for Peter, right?”
You gulp a little “Yeah, I know.”
“And you know that you’re better than fighting right?”
You blink a few times furiously. “Yeah, I know”.
“And you know that you don’t have to prove yourself to me, right?”
The lump in your throat is getting harder to swallow now and your eyes are burning and it’s getting all too hard to breathe. “Yeah, I know.”
His voice is gentle now, becoming almost a whisper, his hand gripping yours. “And you know that I love you, right?”
And it’s like you can’t help but burst into sobs. The tears that your eyes are full of are falling fast and steady now, and you hold onto his hand like it’s a lifeline, breath hitching, shoulders shaking, curling into yourself. He wraps an arm around your shoulders. You keep crying I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry like it’s all you know how to say.
Finally, after your sobs have subsided and your post-crying hiccups have started to plague you, you take a deep breath.
“Tony, why’d you choose me?”
The surprise on his face is evident. “You could’ve chosen anyone else. Like maybe a sweet younger kid, or a pre-teen who’s easier to deal with, or a baby who’s had no life before you. I’m broken bits and pieces. Nothing special”
Tony sits back and takes a long, hard look at you. “You’re anything but,” he says finally. “You’re special. I knew that from the day I saw you. Smart, sharp as a tack, a wit like that.” He snaps his fingers. “You’re kind, and attentive. Don’t you think I see you make Bucky’s coffee every morning? Put Pepper’s pills on her desk? Pack Peter’s bag because he forgets every time? I’ve never met anyone like you. You’re unique and special. And broken bits and pieces have always been more interesting.”
By the time he finishes, you have dissolved into tears again. “But I’m not a good kid” you croak.
He rolls his eyes at that. “Who cares? Neither was I. Good kids aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.” He wipes your eyes, and You laugh a little at that. then he leans back and puts his vintage tracks on and closes his eyes. So do you.
Yeah, you’re broken bits and pieces. But whoever said that was a bad thing?
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har-rison-s · 3 days ago
protected, well enough: finale
rogers! reader x peter parker
request/synopsis: could you maybe write something about the  reader being steve rogers daughter, who’s very similar to pre serum steve, (polite, a bit shy, and artsy) and peter having a massive crush  on the reader? and ALL the avengers going full momma bear mode on the  reader bc of it. if you want to of course. i think it’d be interesting  to see something with the reader being a rogers instead of a stark, yaknow? thank you !!
also, this is an AU where everyone’s okay and no one’s a fugitive and everyone is friendly, like in other writings all over tumblr :)
please read !!! a/n: so, part of the journey is the end. woah, that gave me chills, but it's true. hi ! series finale, i can't believe a day like this has come. me finishing a series? since uh when !! anyways, um. this is a bit sad for me, and i'll have to say goodbye to all my pwe tagged people :') i hope you all have enjoyed the ride. i'll be holding a q&a in honor of this series' ending, but i doubt anyone will drop any questions because no one did the last time i held a q&a.... but you can ask anything about the series, about the finale, about possible sequels, about the writings process - whatever you wish. this has been great, everyone, i am truly happy with how this series has worked out and i hope you've had fun. remember, none of this would have been written if it wasn't for you guys. so thank you so much. happy reading and goodbye <3
main masterlist
mcu masterlist
series masterlist
warnings: mentions of stress and infinity war scenes and events :)
Tumblr media
‘i’ll be there in 20 mins, how far away are you :>’
‘just got on the bus :)) bridge in about two minutes’
‘okay, i’ll get some coffee on the way. want anything?’
‘hot cocoa?;)’
‘you got it <3’
Y/N smiles to herself as she slides her phone into her coat pocket, and keeps walking across the Washington Bridge. The sun is out today, which only amplifies her already perfect mood and its indestructability, and she feels like the happiest girl in the world. She’d even call this day the happiest day of the year, or maybe even her life, but it’s only eleven in the morning.
There’s no wind today, as well, and it only makes the weather all the more pleasing to Y/N. Wind gives her headaches and messes up her hair, and would only have been very inconvenient and uncomfortable with her outfit for the day - a floral dress. She loves it always, but it’s hard to manage in windy weather because it’s so flowy and gets stuck places or blown up too high. But today’s not a day of struggles, today is a windless, happy day.
Y/N’s proven to herself that she walks faster than she thinks. Crossing the Washington Bridge takes her only fifteen minutes, and she doesn’t even feel out of breath. Am I going to be the first one there again? She hates to always arrive early, it’s sort-of a bad habit of hers. But at least she’s got time to wait in line for coffee and Peter’s hot chocolate.
Oh, Peter… Ever since that faithful day, Y/N thinks she’s thought of Peter than anything else she usually thinks about. Their first kiss happened barely two weeks ago, and they haven’t seen each other since, but have been feeling more head-over-heels in love than ever. And they miss each other. Y/N misses Peter so bad sometimes she can hardly stand it. Missing him creates almost a physical pain in her chest. Yet when she reminds herself she’ll be seeing him soon, and today’s the day, she almost wants to jump so high she’ll hit the ceiling from excitement.
Excitement or happiness? They’re really the same thing when you’re their age. Y/N is buzzing with electricity while standing in line to get their coffees, her fingers are shaking at the thought of seeing Peter in probably less than half an hour. MoMA is just across the street from her now, and she can’t wait for the moment for when she walks up to Peter and hugs him again. Should she kiss him once more? Would that be okay? Oh, now she feels awkward.
The Starbucks worker takes Y/N’s order and tells her to wait while he makes it. So she does, she sits on a small table next to the cash register. Her chin rests in her hand as she looks past the TV on the wall, instead watching the busy life of New York through the window. She sits with her own thoughts, completely in her own world, a smile across her face. You could tell she’s in love by just looking at her.
“What the hell is that?!”
“Aliens? Again?!”
She hears the gasps and exclamations of surprise all around her, and she looks around to see what everyone’s making a mess about. The customers’ and staff’s attention is drawn to the TVs in the café. Y/N has a clear, straight view on it, and she puts on her glasses to see better. Breaking News is written on the banner at the bottom of the screen. A staff member turns all the TVs’ volume higher.
“A foreign aircraft is seen in Greenwich Village just now, creating mass hysteria and destruction to the buildings and vehicles around it.” A news man reads. “Please, do not attempt to engage, we do not know what this aircraft contains, we advise everyone to stay indoors and keep away from Greenwich Village until the situation is handled.”
Y/N covers her mouth with her hand. An alien spaceship in New York? Again? She doesn’t even notice the barista putting down cups of her orders next to her, though he himself seems to be in awe of what he’s seeing. The aircraft looks like a vertical donut, it has wind all around it, and chaos, from what the broadcasting provides in terms of visuals. Cars and buildings are destroyed, that’s true, people are running around, running away from the donut.
Then Y/N notices familiar faces on the screen. Tony and Bruce, along with two other men, unknown to her. Then the camera pans to…. what even is that? Is that meant to be a person? Or to resemble a person? Some creature—oh, no, two—are standing before Tony, Bruce and the other two. Rather, opposite them. Some big guy that resembles the Chitauri aliens from many years ago has a weapon in hand. The other guy, who looks more human than his accomplice, is levitating above ground, however, and he holds an angry expression on his weird face. What the hell is going on?
Y/N breaks out of her daze and looks at her phone. Where’s her dad? She notices her order made, standing on the table, takes the two coffee cups and exits Starbucks. Everyone on the street seems to be walking normally, acting normally as if nothing’s happened. Y/N pushes her dad’s name in her call list and then presses her phone to her ear, with a bit of struggle, mind—she’s holding two coffees in her hand, as well. The line beeps, and she impatiently waits for her dad to answer her call.
“Come on, come on, pick up.”
“Dad! Oh, my God. Um… Have you seen the news?”
“Yes. We noticed a breach in the atmosphere, so we decided to round up everyone. We’re on our way to get Wanda and Vision out from Scotland.”
“Scotl—oh, right, their holiday.” Y/N unknowingly distracts herself from the main issue. “Um, I, I’m crossing the street to MoMA right now. God, I just—I wanted to call you to make sure you’re fine cause I didn’t see you with Tony and Bruce on the TV… I don’t know what to ask, dad, I have so many questions, I’m just…” Y/N shakes her head.
“Sweetheart, it’s alright. I’m safe, you’re safe, too. Just stay inside for now, okay? Wherever you can. Museums are safe.”
“Yeah, against people, not whatever they are. Do you even know what that is in Greenwich?” Y/N’s heartbeat picks up pace.
“No idea so far, but looks like aliens. You stay at MoMA for now, okay? I’ll come get you as soon as I can. They don’t want anything from you, that’s for sure.” Steve assures, at which his daughter sighs. She now sits on the entrance stairs of MoMA, head in her hands, the coffee cups standing by her side, waiting to be drunk. “You will be fine. I would come get you right now, but all of us are on the jet and we better get Vision somewhere safe. Word is, whoever they are, they could be with Thanos.”
“Yes.” Steve sighs into the phone. “I’ll get you as soon as Vision is safe, alright?”
“Oh-okay,” Y/N nods, “y-you’ll come get me as soon as you can..” she repeats to herself out of anxiety.
“Yes, I will, I promise, sweetheart. I want you by my side, so you’d be safe.”
Y/N chuckles. “Well, that’s not always the right place to be in terms of safety.” She says, and to her relief, she hears her father laughing at the other end.
“True enough.” Steve says and pauses. “You have to stay calm for now, honey. I know it’s—I know you’re scared right now, but keep a clear head. Try, at least.” He tells his daughter.
“Yeah, yeah, I’ll—I’ll try.”
“As soon as we get Wanda and Vision, our next stop is you. We can pick up both you and Peter. That sound good?”
“Yes, yes, absolutely.”
“Okay. I’ll let you know when we’re close.”
“Yeah, okay. Be safe.”
“I’ll do my best. Love you, sweetheart. See you soon.”
“Yeah, bye-bye.”
Y/N ends the call and stuffs her phone into her purse. Her elbows on her knees, her head in her hands, she feels shaky, nervous, afraid. Why hasn’t Peter’s bus arrived already? Her eyes cautiously scan the skies that she sees around her, but they’re clear—no other alien donuts visible anywhere. Y/N blames it on her paranoia, but she feels like she can hear the whirring of the alien aircraft from here. That’s impossible, she’s miles away from Greenwich, plus there’s tons of cement blocks called buildings between her and Greenwich. But they’re aliens, and maybe the noise she thinks she’s hearing is actually real. Who the hell knows?
She decides to drink her chai latte, try to ease herself with something warm, and as soon as she’s drank almost half of it already at light speed, she sees the yellow school bus coming towards where she sits. She takes both coffee cups in her hand and raises to her feet. The bus stops directly in front of the entrance and as Y/N steps closer to it, she searches for Peter’s familiar face in the pile of students who are getting out of the bus. She doesn’t see him. Not yet, at least, she doesn’t know where he likes to sit in the school bus, anyway.
She spots Ned, though, and he sees her soon enough, too. He immediately smiles and waves at her, his face alight with relief and delight to see her. Y/N comes down the steps and jogs up to meet Ned. With her coffee cups in hand, she hugs him tight with a relieved smile on her face.
“Hi, Y/N,” the boy greets.
“Hi, Ned.” She returns the greeting. “Gosh, I’m glad to see you.” She says once they’ve pulled apart and have a chance to over-look each other closer. Ned still has that same optimistic smile and look on his face that Y/N loves and is so envious of. She almost wants to boop his nose. She’s missed him.
“Did you see the spaceship?” He muses. Y/N nods.
“I saw it on the news.”
“Oh, we saw it closer. From the bridge.” Ned boasts and Y/N gives him a small smile.
“It looks pretty scary.” She says. Ned agrees with a nod.
“Yeah, for now,” he says, “I bet Mr Stark will have no trouble in taking it down, though.” He admits, and they both chuckle. Y/N’s chuckle is strained and awkward. She’s fearful and anxious, and she can’t avoid asking the burning question any longer.
“Where’s Peter?” She softly asks Ned as they now go upwards the entrance steps of MoMA. Ned’s optimism falls. He knew she was gonna ask him that, I mean it was obvious, but he wasn’t prepared to give her the answer.
“Um, well…” he trails off, and that only amplifies Y/N’s worries, “he told me to cause a distraction. And then he disappeared.”
“What?” Y/N gasps. Disappeared? Did the aliens take him? “Wh—Did he—Where—Maybe they—“ possibilities and questions race through her mind like Formula 1 cars in races, and she kind of wants and kind of doesn’t want to hear answers to them all.
Ned stops them both from walking further and turns to face Y/N. “This certainly won’t make you less scared, but I think he went on that ship. Maybe we can call him…” He tells her, concern and worry painting his face a certain color. Ned can see Y/N’s heart dropping to her toes and her spirit leaving her body. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything…
“But he—Oh, my God, no,” Y/N squats down again, head in hands, lungs collapsing, heart beating a hundred miles per hour. She can’t even care about the cup of hot chocolate for Peter, she can’t care for it having gone cold now. She’s having a panic attack, “no, no, no, he can’t be. Peter can’t be on that—that thing.” Her world feels turned upside down. Her fingers are smearing sweat over her forehead, yet they feel cold against the skin of her face. Her lungs feel to be growing smaller and smaller with every breath she tries to take. Y/N feels like fainting.
Her eyes are blind, her ears are deaf. She can’t see Ned sitting down in front of her, she can’t hear him calling her name and trying to calm her down, she can’t hear the incoming call from her father to her phone, she can’t even hear the usually insane New York traffic to her left. All she can hear are her own panicked wheezes, she only sees red and can’t feel nothing but panic and fear to the point of losing unconsciousness.
If Peter is on that spaceship right now, who knows what happens next. If he’s on there, she’s lost him. And for how long? She doesn’t know. They were so close, and all the time they’ve spent together already still feels too short. She was so close to everything with him, and now she’s got nothing. Peter’s gone.
series taglist (i can automatically add you to my mcu taglist, guys, if you want!!): @headheartbellarke​​​​​ @pan-ini​​​​​ @matchat3a​​​​​ @ep-the-penguin​​​​​ @theliterarymess​​​​​ @simpleboox​​​​​ @sunflowerbecca​​​​​ @juliannaamonroe​​​​​ @isabellamur​​​​​ @namoreno​​​​​ @officialfictionalwreck​​​​​ @fandom-life-12​​​​​ @mangobangi​​​​​ @ifilwtmfc​​​​​ @ohashley101​​​​​ @jswessie187​
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rendevousz · 4 days ago
req: i was wondering if i could request a natasha x teen daughter reader where the reader has really bad social anxiety please? maybe where the reader was in the red room with natasha but given to hydra once the red room was taken down and natasha has been looking for her ever since she left the red room. on a mission to take down a hydra base natasha finally finds reader, and it's super emotional for the both of them and they're just happy to have each other back. natasha knows about readers social anxiety from when she was younger and sees that it's only gotten worse now, so she's super sweet and understanding. she saves the reader from the base and comforts her the whole way home because she's scared of all of the new people also on the jet (the other avengers). the reader lives with natasha at the compound with everyone else and natasha is just great about her social anxiety and never pushes her out of her comfort zone and comforts her when she has panic attacks. sorry if that's a lot, but thank you so much! i love your fics sooo much, you're such an amazing writer!!! 💖💖💖
mother figure!nat x fem!teen!reader
summary: nat finally finds you after years of looking.
word count: 4083
notes: i didn't make them peers in the red room because then they'd have to be around the same ages but i made them meet at the red room. also i didn't know how to write about her having social anxiety so i hope you don't mind that i didn't 😓 hope you like this <33
"stop," madame b's authoritative voice commanded and all of you stopped dancing. all of your peers seemed to be struggling to stand still on their battered feet, some breathing heavily but who could blame them? you had all been instructed to dance for hours now. you had to dance until you couldn't anymore.
your head faced madame b but your eyes landed on your best friend, veronika, for a split second. she seemed in pain and you vowed to check on her after whatever announcement your supervisor had for you. you stood tall, clenching your jaw in order to not show that you were in pain or out of breath.
madame b's gaze flickered to you for a second, her lip lifting up on one side for a brief moment before her face hardened once again.
"i have someone special here today. she's here to observe your training and if necessary, teach what you girls lack. she has long graduated this academy, please welcome miss natasha romanova."
you jolted awake, panting hard at the memory that just played in your dreams. you looked around you, seeing the same cell wall you had been put in for the past three years. after the fall of the red room academy where you were from, another organisation came and swooped you in, not wanting to waste your skills. you were the only one they took, having heard much about your abilities and reputation in the red room.
the girls stood all around you and veronika, watching the two of you spar tirelessly after hours of endless ballet. natasha and madame b watched the match closely, eyes trained on your techniques and movements.
after natasha had introduced herself to all of you, madame b had instructed her supposedly two best students—you and veronika— to demonstrate a true spar between skilled assassins.
while you were reluctant to attack your best friend, she had other plans, one that included impressing her idol who stood mere metres away from her. you were shocked when she started attacking you. never had she obeyed a command against you so quick.
you had to put away your initial shock to start attacking back in order to not get hurt by the hands of your own best friend. the look in her eyes was different, almost animalistic. it wasn't like the one she had when you two were laid in your beds side to side at night, handcuffed to it while you talked about your deepest struggles being in the academy. it wasn't the same one she had when you reassured her that she was doing okay whenever she said she would never be as good as you were at this whole assassin thing. it wasn't the same innocently surprised one she had just moments ago when she was addressed as one of madame b's best students.
this wasn't your best friend. this was a girl blinded by her desire to impress. she wanted to show natasha that she was the better one out of you two. your heart broke when you saw her desperation. it was obvious in the way she fought you.
it wasn't long before you had her in a chokehold, the girl struggling to get your grip off of her. your face visibly faltered, eyes tearing up slightly when you heard her whimpers. natasha took notice of this.
your lips were quivering when you turned to madame b. a simple nod from your trainer had you whispering a strained 'i'm sorry, i love you' in her ear before you broke her neck. the girl fell limp in your arms, dropping down to the mat, dead. you panted heavily as you stepped away from her body.
"good. this is what i expect of all of you," madame b turns to your peers, the stone cold look back on her face. "one thing you need to perfect though, y/n, is your emotions. don't get emotional over things that don't matter. i saw your inner conflict. veronika would have no reluctancy to end you if you were the one in the chokehold. she was more mentally prepared to be a ruthless assassin. you're lucky you're more skilful than she is. she would have no hesitation to kill you, close companion or not."
you swallowed that lump in your throat, biting the insides of your cheeks to prevent crying right then and there. "you have a lot of potential, y/n. don't let your emotions ruin it. i have high hopes for you." she spoke once again, before dismissing everyone.
you left the room with a heavy heart, turning to look at veronika's body one last time before leaving quickly so you could break down where no one else could witness.
you rushed to the staircase where you and veronika would sneak away all the time when you were supposed to be having lunch. you two would always sit under those stairs, talk about anything and everything you could. your tears were now freely rolling down your face.
"hey," you heard a voice say and you quickly wiped your tears away. you looked up and saw that it was none other than natasha. "miss romanova," you breathed out, scrambling to get up before she placed a gentle hand on your shoulder, the woman seating herself next to you on the floor, under the staircase.
"that must've been hard for you," she spoke after a few seconds of silence. "i remember my first time killing an actual person in training. they had me shoot targets and i consistently got the bullseye every time. then they switched out the targets to an actual person and i had a hard time doing that. i can't imagine how it must've been for you. i heard you and veronika were quite the inseparable duo."
you didn't move to show that you were shattered over the current events but the millions of tears silently streaming down your face said otherwise. natasha turned to you, reaching to wipe your tears away before gently caressing your cheek.
"you're a strong one, y/n. you remind me of myself when i was still in training. i can see myself in you." she told you truthfully. she had no idea why but she felt a strong connection towards you. she felt that you and her had so much in common. she had a strange inclination to protect you even though she knew damn well you were capable of doing so yourself.
since then, she always dropped by to help train all of you but you and her developed a relationship so strong that she even told you of her plans to get you out of that hellhole. at that point, it had been a few months since she'd turned good but she kept coming to the academy for your sake. she felt a sense of responsibility over you, like a mother would over her daughter.
she would with the other girls too if they had shown at least a bit of humanity but it seemed that the red room had ruined them beyond fixing. despite being the best student of the academy, you still weren't inhumane like the rest. you would hesitate to hurt others, only doing so when threatened and even that, you still weren't as heartless or cruel.
madame b would always berate you over this but natasha would pick up the pieces every single time. you loved her. she was the best thing in your life after veronika and your heart broke when the red room fell and you were taken away. away from the mother you never had.
you awoke with a jolt again. it was the second night in a row you were reliving your past memories. you touched your face and you felt the tears on it, wiping them with your sleeve as you sat up in your cold, uncomfortable bed in your cell. you sighed, bringing your knees up to your chest and hugging them.
you couldn't help but think of nat again. what could've happened if she managed to get you out before you were taken away? could you have a nice life with her? would you never have to hide under the stairs to have emotional exchanges with the woman? would you finally have been able to be who you were, not influenced by the evil around you?
you never knew what it was like having a mother but you imagined it was what nat had been towards you during the times you spent together at the academy. you two were more mother and daughter rather than trainer and student.
all of a sudden, alarms blared through the building and red warning lights flickered in your cell. you stood up, peeking through the small glass of your cell door to see guards rushing through the hallways in a frenzy.
you assumed that the facility was under attack and no one was coming to save you. you didn't even try, walking back to your bed to return to your position of hugging your knees tightly to your chest.
you could hear the chaos outside but opted not to pay attention to it. it didn't involve you and if no one was coming to save you from whatever was attacking the place—not that anyone in that place would, you were merely an asset to them—you wouldn't bother worrying about whether you were going to live by the end of the night.
a loud bang interrupted your thoughts and you looked up to see your cell door had been forcefully thrown open by a large man in stripes, holding a circular shield. you immediately stood up, getting ready to attack him when he spoke.
"i'm not here to hurt you." he said, holding out a hand as if to tell you to stop whatever you were about to do. "we're here to save you. you can finally leave this place now." he says gently. you frown at him, still in a stance ready to attack him.
"cap, is there someone in this room?" a familiar voice spoke and your head immediately turned to the door, where the owner of the voice stood, mouth dropping open at the sight of you. your face softened and a tiny gasp left your lips at the sight of her.
"y/ that you?" she breathed out, walking towards you and not stopping when she saw that you weren't alarmed or anything. "nat.." you choked out, tears starting to form. how crazy was it that you had been having flashbacks of her for the past two nights and suddenly she was here to come save you?
"y/n!" she exclaimed, pulling you into a tight hug. you knees buckled but she held onto you tightly, sniffling as she caressed your head gently. you buried your face in her shoulder as you took in the familiar feeling of being in her arms once again.
more tears started to form in your eyes now. never had you thought you were actually going to see her again. you lost the hope of seeing her again two years ago. but here she was, standing in your cell and hugging you like there would be no tomorrow.
your hugging session was cut short when steve sheepishly spoke up. "sorry to uh, interrupt this reunion but more guards are coming, i think it's best if we leave now." he picked up his shield, leading the three of you out of the facility safely and back to their quinjet. the whole time, nat held onto your hand tightly, as if letting go would lead to another few years of being apart once again.
once you reached the quinjet, nat led you to the seats in the back where you two would have more privacy. the team watched the two of you in confusion before turning back to steve for an explanation as he was the one who was partnered with nat for this mission. all the captain could tell them was that you two knew each other way before this and that all of them would have to wait for an explanation from nat herself if they wanted to know what was going on.
when you reached the compound, nat led you to her room where she lent you her clothes and let you shower before tucking you into her bed. when she was sure you were comfortably asleep, she left the room quietly to go grab a glass of water only to find the whole team sat in the common room instead of back in their own rooms.
she looked at them, confused. "guys, it's like almost the crack ass of dawn and we just got back from a mission, why aren't you asleep? or were you debriefing? in the common room? did i miss it?"
"no, you know debriefings for late night missions are the next morning. we were waiting for you actually," steve spoke on behalf of the whole team. "me? for what?"
"nat, c'mon, don't act stupid. you know what we're talking about," clint makes an unimpressed face at his best friend. nat sighs, taking a seat next to him and the team look at her expectantly. she cleared her throat, preparing for a whole story time.
"you know how i was from the red room?" she asked them and they all nodded, urging her to continue her story. "well, after i graduated, i was asked to come help train the younger ones in the programme. during that time, i met this girl. she reminded me a lot of my younger self and she didn't seem completely brainwashed to the point where she lacked emotions. i grew close to her and after i met clint and joined SHIELD, i vowed to get her out of there because she went through a lot in that hellhole and i could tell she didn't want to do any of the things that the other girls were fine doing.
"she had a good heart and i didn't want it to be wasted. she was the best in the academy and i knew they had big plans for her. but i didn't want her to be programmed to kill. she was much more than that. so i made this whole plan for her escape. i kept going back to the academy to come see her and share my plan with her. clint, you always asked me where i kept disappearing to when we first started becoming friends. it was her. the people there didn't know i was already under SHIELD at that time—nobody did—so it was safe for me to keep visiting and keep planning an escape for her.
"but three years ago, the red room fell. i rushed over because i thought i could finally leave with her without anyone knowing. but apparently she'd been taken away. she was the only one of the girls who was taken. by who, i didn't know at that time. but i knew it was because of her skills and abilities. if the red room had big plans for her, i knew other organisations must've already heard of her too.
"i never stopped looking for her. i don't know why i never thought of HYDRA. but it doesn't matter anymore. i finally found her and i'm never letting her go. i hope you guys don't mind that she lives here now. if not, i'll move out and find somewhere for us."
the team seemed surprised that nat told them her story. they were very much expecting her to, well, not tell them because this seemed like a very personal story.
"no, no, of course she can stay. i'll even set up another room for her." tony says and nat nods gratefully. "what's her name?" wanda asks.
"y/n," nat tells her, smiling at the thought of you as she stands up. "alright, i have to go back to her. see you guys in the morning. maybe you'll get to see her then."
she bids them goodnight, leaving after grabbing a glass of water for you in case you woke up in the middle of the night, in need of it. she wasn't wrong because when she got back to her room, you were up, hugging your knees as you cried.
"hey, hey, hey, what's wrong, sugar?" she quickly puts the glass of water on the bedside table, sitting on the bed and pulling you close to her. you look up at her all teary-eyed and she feels her heart break.
"i–i thought i lost you again," you croaked out, burying your face in her shoulder. "oh, sugar, you'll never lose me ever again. i'll never let that happen. you're safe here with me. now sleep, i'll be here when you wake up." she stroked your hair gently, laying down next to you on the bed before you two fell into a blissful slumber in each other's arms.
true to her words, she was right next to you when you woke up the next time. she seemed wide awake and you felt bad because she probably had been up hours before but didn't leave you because you were scared.
"how'd you sleep, sugar?" she asked as you sat up, stretching. "the best i have in years. thanks to you, nat." you smiled at her, still not believing all of this is real. that you're finally reunited with the woman you thought of as your mother.
"do you want to meet my friends? they're dying to meet you," she tells you and you bite your lips nervously. "do you think they'll like me?"
"are you crazy? of course they will. and if they don't, i'll make them." she threatens playfully and you laugh, missing how protective of you she is. you smile, agreeing to her suggestions to meet her friends after you got ready for the day.
"hi, sweetie, you're y/n?" a man with fancy silk pyjamas greeted as you entered the common room with natasha. you nodded timidly, scooting closer to natasha. it was weird for natasha to see you this nervous. after all, you were the best student of your batch in the red room. but she understood that years with no actual social interaction does that to people.
"i hope you'll like staying here, i already have your room setting up as of right now. when you move in, you can tell me if you don't like anything and i'll change it for you. oh, i forgot, i'm tony," he extends a hand towards you and with an encouraging nod from nat, you hesitantly shake his hand. he smiles at you before telling you both he has projects to finish down in his lab and to tell him if you needed anything.
"hey, nat, not gonna introduce your friend to us?" you heard a voice from behind you and you two turned around to see two men and a woman. you recognised both men—one of them was the one who broke into your cell last night and the other one you had seen him a lot from pictures nat would show you during your secret meetings in your red room days. he was her best friend. you didn't know the woman but the kind smile on her face was enough to reassure you that these people weren't bad.
"y/n, meet clint, the idiot who i call best friend," she points to the shorter man. the name nat called him must've offended him because the face he made was hilarious that you let out a little giggle. nat smiles at this before proceeding to introduce the other two.
"this one's steve, he's an old man stuck in a young body—literally— so if he says things you don't understand, just smile and nod." you nod at nat and steve gives her an incredulous look, as if not believing the audacity she had to introduce him like that.
"this one's wanda, she's the least annoying person in this whole place and she can cook whatever you want so i think you two will get along really well." wanda smiles at you and you return it shyly. you smile at the other two before nat drags you away, telling them she still had others to introduce you to.
when you entered the kitchen, you saw a man reading a newspaper on the kitchen island while another man, whose skin was red, stood beside him. they seemed to be discussing something very intelligent because you didn't understand a single word they spoke.
"bruce, vision, i want you to meet someone." they turned their attentions towards you and nat and you immediately felt like hiding once again. "oh hello, steve told us you brought back someone from the mission. is this her? hello, i'm bruce," the man sitting down introduced himself.
"wait, is this the bruce?" you asked nat, smirking teasingly at her and she smacks you gently on the shoulder. the man seemed flustered at what you're insinuating, scratching his neck awkwardly.
"bruce, vision, this is y/n, i've known her for a long time and i finally found her after years so i hope you two won't mind that she'll be staying here from now on," nat tells them. the two of them didn't come on the mission last night so they were the only two who didn't actually see you until today.
"it's nice to meet you, y/n. i'm vision, i hope you'll enjoy your stay here." the man with the red skin greets formally and you turn to nat with a confused expression. "he's an android, he does things a bit weird here so don't mind him." she whispers to you and you nod understandingly.
"it's nice to meet you two, i hope we'll be good friends." you say awkwardly, hoping to get this whole introduction thing over with. how many people do you have left to meet?
speaking of the devil—or should you say, devils—, two annoying voices rang through the kitchen, interrupting the peacefulness that it was before they came in.
"i'm just saying that if you hadn't eaten my last bag of chips last week, i wouldn't have taken your cookies last night. it's all about fair play, man."
"and i keep telling you that it wasn't me! i don't even like those stupid salty ass chips from that brand,"
"stop lying, i saw you eating that brand the other day! just admit you stole my chips and go,"
"guys, are you really having another one of your stupid arguments now?" nat cuts them off and they immediately turned to you, finally noticing all of you.
"oh hey! y/n, right? it's nice to meet you, i'm sam. if you wanna survive in this place, you better hide your snacks because if you don't, this winter warrior here will snatch 'em all before you can even stash them in the cupboards. don't ever trust this guy here when it comes to your snacks. you heard what happened to mine," the man fakes a cry and you held back a laugh at his long introduction. you only wanted a name to match the face but he gave you much more. you didn't mind though, he seemed like a fun person.
"hi, doll, i'm bucky. don't listen to eagle right here, i do not steal snacks. i simply let people have a taste of their own medicine. you steal my snacks, wilson, i steal 'em back. you think i don't know you stole my oreos too last month? that's why i stole your damn chips last week,"
"so you did steal them!"
"so what if i did?! you stole my oreos first!"
"oh my god, guys, you're really embarrassing me in front of y/n. these are really the people i was excited to introduce her to," nat face-palmed and you couldn't help but laugh. "don't worry nat, these people seem amazing. i can't wait to get to know them better." you assured her and she smiles, pulling you close to her. "buckle up, sugar, because living with the avengers is gonna be a wild ride."
you were excited for what was about to come. it seemed like everything was finally falling into place. you finally got nat back and you didn't have to worry about losing her again because you had a feeling these people weren't going to let that happen.
taglist <3
@amourtentiaa @rqmanoff @abitofeverythinggg @andreasworlsboring101 @cay-writes-fan-fiction514 @teenwonder @sevenmorningstars @fleurlovesbucky @marauvdersfate @bestillmystuckyheart
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mellowavengersstuff · 4 days ago
Besties for life
Sebastian Stan x Anthony Mackie x Reader platonic
Summary: Breakups are always hard. Luckily, you have friends to sort you out.
Warnings: Tough breakup, heart break, breaking up by text, cheating if you squint, fluff, being best friends with Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie.
Tumblr media
You had really loved him. Thought he was the one, as foolish it sounds. You know that you’re young, and reckless but it just seemed…. magical. He was attentive, kind, listened to you. Never pushed you to anything you don’t want to do. Sweet and caring, the dream boyfriend for the year you’d been together. An angel in your eyes – he could do no wrong. Of course, you’d had your little spats; small arguments that all partners had; you’d believed. But you’d always come back together, reunite. Unable to be apart for too long.
Then comes the text. The text that broke your heart, cold and empty: “sorry, babe. I don’t think this is a good idea anymore.” Then you were blocked. It was so insensitive, austere. Not him; not the boy you’d loved for a year. You couldn’t believe it. The next day, when you walk over to the park you usually hung out hoping to speak to him, just to ask why, you were met with the sight of him making out ferociously with a girl in your class, whom you’d always be wary of. But he’d always give you the soft, crooked smile that you fell in love with and say “don’t worry, babe. You’re the only one I want. Not her.” Your heart was shattered. Broken into pieces. It was almost a physical sort of pain; deep pangs in your chest, you’d noted as you hurried home not bothering to wipe your tears. It hurt. A year down the drain.
That was a whole month ago.
(You’re still not over him)
You had started filming for the new avenger’s movie in the space between the incident and now. You still smiled, enjoyed yourself on set with your friends after not seeing each for so long. But everyone could tell something was wrong, even though you are an actress by nature. You spent longer in your trailer, joked less, wandered off into thought more. You didn’t like that.
Now, in your trailer where you are laying on your couch-bed swaddled in blankets and sniffling pitifully to yourself you contemplate the though of relationships. Why have them. True love doesn’t exist. Life is pointless. Relationships are pointless. You should just become a tree. Trees are nice and tall and leafy and free. They don’t have to have relationships or interact with people. They’re just trees. Nice, green trees,
(You’re not ok)
Suddenly, the door of your trailer is bust open, and the sound of rowdy teasing and laughter fills the space. “Y/NNNN, where are youuu?” You hear Anthony sing.
“Here.” You groan half-heartedly. Sebastian’s head pokes through the doorway, followed by Mackie’s. They both form the exact same expression on their face when they see the state that you’re in. Furrowed eyebrows and comically down turned mouths. You feel bad for taking their smiles away.
“Hi guys.” You snuffle and give them a weak watery smile.
They give each other a cautionary look before they lower themselves on either side of you, sitting upright and cross legged next to you, the burrito.
“Hey kid. You . . . you ok?”
“Mhmm” you hum, trying to hide yourself by burrowing yourself deeper into the little nest you had made for yourself.
“That’s a lie.” Mackie says, not taking any crap.
“Tell us what’s wrong kiddo.”
You take a sharp breath. It was always that line. “what’s wrong.” That line never fails to break people down. You clenched your fists, trying not to let the tears fall down your cheeks. Alas, to no avail. The power of what’s wrong.
“Sorry” you sniffle “It’s just – he broke up with me by text.” You manage to croak out painfully.
You can hear the frown in Mackie’s voice. “Who? That kid you’d been seeing. I thought you were together for ages.”
You laugh without humour. “Yeah. Not to him. And then I saw him snogging that girl I told you about the next day.”
Anthony and Sebastian lean in from either side, engulfing you in their arms until you are in a sandwich of sorts, sitting on the couch-bed. It was comforting, you felt better than you had in a month.
“Aw kid. Why didn’t you say anything? We could ‘a helped you.” Sebastian said quietly, rubbing your back.
You cry even more at his words, tears falling faster, cheeks burning up. “Sorry, it’s just I don’t understand why. Like, there must be something wrong with me because-”
Anthony cuts you off abruptly “Hey, it’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. It’s his loss, honestly, look at the sleaze-ball breaking up with an angel like you by text. nasTAY.” sighs Anthony.
“I know right! Ewww, imagine doing that, that’s so embarrassing for his life.” Adds Sebastian.
You manage to crack a smile and giggle a little bit, eyes less cloudy now.
“Look bottom line, it’s his loss and he’ll come running back to you. Sure, it was a year, but at least you learned something, huh?”
“Yeah” you chuckle shakily, leaning into their embrace and wiping your tears. They laugh as you blow your nose loudly.
“How about a movie and some Pizza?”
Your smile is wider now, teeth showing. “I’m down for that. Thanks, guys”
They grin at you. “Besties for life, right?” They say in unison and the three of you break into laughter.
By the end of the night, you feel better. Like he’s not plaguing you anymore. Like you can move on. Maybe. We’ll see.
Besties for life, after all.
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raineydays411 · 5 days ago
My Father's Daughter pt 4
Summary: Chaos ensues at the Stark Tower and some difficult decisions are made by the Stark family.
Hi guys! thanks for reading again. Sorry if it seems a little rushed but I've been super busy lol. But tomorrow's my birthday so I get some time off!! yay!! lol. Anyway, thanks for reading again and thank you all for the support, it means so much to me!
Tumblr media
Tony really didn't know what to expect when he went into that kitchen.
He hoped that Pepper had just messed up dinner but of course was proven wrong when he got a fist to the face.
He could hear Pepper fighting as hard as she could, managing to take out a couple of intruders. He wasn't as worried, as he knew his family was very much capable of taking care of themselves.
He activated his suit, allowing him to see through the smoke that covered his kitchen.
He could see at least ten men through the smoke. Two of them fighting with Pepper, and three coming his way. The rest were heading into the hallways. He shot the two that Pepper was dealing with, and turned his attention to the three approaching him.
"So, here to talk to me about my extended warranty?" Tony asked in a bored voice.
"We're here for the girl Stark."
Tony's blood ran cold.
"She's a little young for you, don't you think?"
The man he was talking to threw a punch.
"You can't hide her forever. We will have her."The two behind him tried to smash a chair over his head but ended up getting blasted. He turned to the one that was talking, only to get a chair smashed over his head.
"That hurt." Tony said in a bored voice, then shooting him, "Not."
He then turns to Pepper, "Hi honey."
"What did you do."
"Why is it that you always think I did something"
"Cause you always do something!" Pepper shouts
They stop their banter when they hear shouting from the living room.
"Oh no" Tony says making his way to the commotion.
In the living room, you were ambushed by five men. They were chuckling as their leader cornered you.
"So, this is the little Stark. What a pretty little thing~"
You cringe at his coos as you back up more, " You know, I don't think you're my type."
And with that you punch him in the face, taking advantage of his surprise. Then you swipe your foot, knocking him over and kicking him unconscious.
There was a brief moment when the remaining four looked in surprise. They were told that this would be an easy grab once Tony was taken out, but it seems that they were mistaken.
"You can't win this Stark. Just come with us."
They all rushed you at once, but you just smirked. You dodge the closest one to you and punch the second one in the gut. You're grabbed from behind, but you headbutt him, causing him to let you go. You shake off the pain that bloomed in the back of your head and swung your leg up, kicking him in the face.
"Come on boys, put up a bit of a fight would ya?" You laugh.
The three men left looked enraged as they jumped at you again. You wrap your body around the one who pointed his gun at you, using his outstretched arm to maneuver yourself, wrapping your legs around his throat and throwing him to the floor with a hard thud.
"Huh..Aunt Nat made that look so much easier."
"You little BITCH"
You turn seeing the two men left running at you. You run at them, kicking in one mans leg hearing a sick crunch and his pained screams. You then dodged what looked like a stun bullet that was aimed at you, letting it strike the man on the floor.
But before you could get the last guy, you hear the screech of your fathers suit and see the last goon fall to the ground. You look up to see your disheveled parents.
"What took you two so long."
"We stopped for some coffee." Your father replies," Are you alright?"
Pepper runs up to you and examines you, smushing your face.
"Ma, im okay really."
"Huh.. looks like you're staying in those lessons with Natasha."
You roll your eyes, letting your mother baby you.
"Oh my." You hear a voice say.
You all turn to see the Wayne family gathered at the entrance of the living room.
"Y/n did you do this?" Bruce asks, eyes calculating.
"Uh...yeah I train sometimes."
"Tony what just happened?" Christine asks.
"They wanted Y/n." Tony says grimly," For what I don't know...but they know where she was. What time she'd be home and what room she was in."
"So it's safe to assume that they have been watching your family for a while." Bruce adds
There was a tense silence
"So what? Are we going to the Malibu house?"
"No. No that address is easy to find. It's public information." Tony says with a frown, " We can't risk it."
"Dad, I can take care of myself. You saw that."
"I won't risk it." Tony says louder, " I won't risk you."
"So what?" You ask, " All our houses are public information. They know every place I might be."
Jason speaks up, " Well, not everyplace.."
You turn to him, " Excuse me?"
"I'm just saying, if you came back to the manor-"
"No way." You cut him off, " No way, I'll stay right here thank you very much."
"That's not a bad idea Jason." Bruce says, " I highly doubt these people would think you would be staying at the manor. Plus it's out of the city."
"Yeah and out of the question. I'm not going." You say stubbornly.
But then Pepper turns to you sadly
"You should go."
You feel your heart drop. MInd racing as you stutter out a
Pepper goes on, " If they watched us, they saw that Christine wasn't in the picture, it wouldn't make sense fo ryou to go to her home."
"Mom.." You say, feeling betrayed, " What are you saying?"
"I'm saying you need to go to Wayne Manor. Until we figure this out."
You look at your dad, " Dad, this is crazy."
But Tony only looks at you sadly.
"No." You say," No. NO. I can't leave you. Don't send me away!"
"Y/n, it'll be alright! We'll have a great time." Christine says trying to wrap an arm around you, but you recoil from her grasp.
"I don't care. I don't want to go to Gotham." You state, "Who voluntarily moves to Gotham anyway! There's some sort of disaster every week!"
"Hey the local law enforcement works very hard to keep it at a two week minimum." Jason says with a smirk, earning a slap upside the head from Dick.
"Y/n it isn't safe. Right now it's just us. The team is on different missions and what happens if I get sent on one?" Tony tries to reason, " I can't risk anything happening to you."
"I've been kidnapped before." You state.
"ANd that was the worst moment of my life. I won't let it happen again." Tony says softly.
"With her?" you ask, voice breaking," You've asked me for a lot of things dad. But this..."
You wipe a tear harshly, " I can't be around you right now."
And with that you push past a glaring Damian and Cassandra, making your way to your room.
Pepper sighs, "Let her go. SHe needs some time."
Then she turns to Christine and Bruce, " We should discussion this decision."
Then she marches to the messy living room. Not happy, but knowing this is something she needs to do for her daughter.
In your room, you're emotions are ineligible.
You feel angry betrayed, and just a mixture of negative emotions.
You couldn't believe what just happened. You couldn't believe that your parents agreed to make you go with her. You'd rather get kidnapped by HYDRA than live with her.
You stop your pacing to pick up your phone. You see a few notifications. One from Peter and two from Wade.
Knife Block
"Hey Starky, look it happened again! :)"
*1 attached image*
It was a picture of his severed arm with the middle finger pointing out. You cringe but you were used to this kinda stuff.
"gross man."
You sigh and toss your phone on the bed. Maybe Wade could be your bodyguard. That way you wouldn't have to live with Christine and her poor rendition of the Addams Family.
"Yeah like dad would ever let that happen."
You frown. WHy can't she just leave again. Everything was better without her here. And if she wasn't here, your dad wouldn't be making you leave.
"Hey Y/n, it's Dick"
You stay silent, refusing to acknowledge the man at your door.
"Look, I know that I'm probably one of the last people you want to talk to." He chuckles, " But I mean, mom wanted to come up here but I beat her to it so I can't be that bad."
You roll your eyes.
"Listen, I know this must be...difficult. I can't imagine what it feels like. But we're family now. You can talk to me about anything. I'll be more than-"
You had enough, so you want to open the door.
"Look. I get it, you're like the older brother right?" You ask, not giving him time to answer, " You probably had a billion similar talks with the Brady Bunch out there, but I'm not one of them. So cut the big brother schtick."
Dick deflates, knowing that this wasn't going to be easy.
"Y/n, I need you to understand something. Us finding out about you wasn't any easier on us. But, despite the hostility from Damian and Cass, the rest of us are trying." He frowns before tentatively placing an hand on your shoulder.
"I promise, that your stay at our house won't be as miserable as you think."
And with that he smiled, squeezed your shoulder and walked down the hallway. Leaving you to your thoughts and wondering what hallmark movie he thought he was in.
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Heyyyy!!! Welcome, super excited you want to make a request! But first, let me introduce myself.
I’m, Mo! Short for Monroe 🤙🏾
I am a black writer. I mainly write for African-American readers. There is a lack of that, inclusion, on Tumblr that I have found and I just want to be able to provide that for POC. Doesn’t mean you cannot make a request if you are not black, just that this is a safe space for me to put out my work that highlights black womenand also for other black readers to request. I will always specify for each one shot or series If the reader is black black reader or ‘neutral’ based on request.
Also, seeing as I write smut, it’s 18+ in these streets. There will be a warning when it’s included but that it. I’m also grown as fuck so I’m not about to warn people about language outside of… Right now. 
Fandoms I Write For:
Vampire Diaries
Fate Winx Saga
Teen Wolf
Peaky Blinders
Harry Potter
The Originals
If there’s something that you don’t find on this list that you like to request, feel free to ask! If I’m up for a familiar with the show or movie I definitely will
I’m really not asking for much. If you make a request all I ask is that you at least comment, like, and re-blog. Sharing is caring!
Also, if you’re not a black/person of color, please state that you’d like a ‘neutral reader’ otherwise I will assume you are, and what I write when fulfilling said request wellwill be for a black reader.
Things I Do Not Write:
- Headcannons
- Dark/Dom fics
- Specified and inappropriate/illegal age gaps. Example, an underage student and an adult teacher.
- Eating disorders, nd body immage issues is too triggering for me as I, myself, struggle with body dysmorphia on a daily basis.
- Day to day activity ( ex: reader is sad, reader gor their period, etc. )
- If there is something else that you may request that I don’t feel comfortable with, I will definitely tell you, they’ll be no hard feelings, and you’re free to request something else.
- male readers or bxb ( I feel like I’m trash at it )
If you’re OK with all those things feel free to send me a request!
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New Captain: Part 2
Steve Rogers x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader, Bucky Barnes x Teen!reader
Tumblr media
Warnings: Slight fatws spoilers (just a few mentions of Walker)
A/N: After doing some thinking, I’ve decided this is going to become a series with at least 3 or 4 parts
Your eyes scanned the headline on the news channel and they shot back to Sam, “What the hell did you do!” you shouted angrily. 
Sam stood up from the desk chair he was at and took a step towards you, “Y/n calm down. Let me explain to you why I did it.”
“No!” you yelled, “He gave you that because he trusted you. And you just hand it off to some stranger? How could you do that? To him? To me?” you turned on your heel and stomped out of the room, back to your own. 
Sam followed you and tried to go into your room but the door slammed in his face, “Y/n! Let me talk to you. Please,” this wasn’t how he wanted you to find out about the shield. He wanted to tell you once you were fine with everything, “Open the door Y/n.”
“No,” you spat, “You betrayed dad, therefore me. I don’t want anything to do with you, Sam. Leave me alone,” you walked from the door and to the bed, throwing yourself onto it. You buried your face into the pillows and once you heard Sam’s footsteps leave your door, you screamed into them. You yelled at Sam, you yelled at Bucky, you yelled at your dad, and you yelled at yourself. You couldn’t believe Sam would do this and you could never forgive him. 
After your small screaming match with your pillow, you rolled over and faced the ceiling. There were a few stains that had made shapes, reminding you of the clouds. You tried to make a story to try and calm down but it made you even angrier. The legacy your dad left was going to be ruined because of what Sam did. 
You sat up from the bed and went over to the closet. You didn’t have much with you so it wasn’t hard to pack everything back into your backpack and suitcase and slip out the window again.
Sam knew better than to try and force you to do anything right now. He knew he messed up by not telling you but if you knew, you wouldn’t have let him. He gave you a few hours to get your emotions in check before going back to your door, “Y/n are you willing to talk? I think we should,” he said. He waited for a response before knocking on the door, “Y/n at least answer me,” he waited again before sighing. He couldn't hear anything from your room which made him worried. 
He opened the door and saw your bed was empty and so was the closet. He noticed the window was open slightly and there was something on the dresser. He walked over to it and picked up the object, a small note attached that read, “If you care about us, come find me.”
You didn’t know your way around New Orleans but you managed to find a smallish airport and pulled the “Captain America’s daughter” card to get a ticket all the way back to New York, the place you knew best. 
It was only a few hour flight so once you reached the city, it was only starting to get dark. You knew it wouldn’t be safe out at night so you quickly found your way to a familiar apartment. You climbed up the steps and found the right door. You took a breath before knocking, awaiting an answer. 
Sam had tried tracking you down but you left the cellphone he got you behind and he knew you were capable of avoiding any type of security camera. The only person he could even think of calling to try and figure out where you were was Bucky, but he was a bit preoccupied. 
“Y/n what were you thinking?” Bucky asked as he paced back and forth in front of you. As soon as he had heard a knock on his front door, he was alarmed. He had no one in the city, you and Sam being the only people he knew and you two were in Louisiana, as far as he knew. When he saw you, standing there, he knew something was up. 
“You saw the news I’m sure. America has a new captain and it’s because Sam gave up the shield. I can’t live with someone who gave that up, Bucky. Dad wanted him to have it and he threw it away like trash,” you said. 
“I know and I understand. I’m mad at him too but you can’t be here. If someone found out, you and I will both get in trouble,” Bucky explained, sitting down next to you on the couch. 
“Why? I’m just here seeing a friend. I can do that can’t I?” you asked innocently. You knew you’d get in trouble if someone found out. 
“You ran away from Sam and I can’t be with you by myself,” he said, grabbing your hands in his, “I know you, Sam, and Steve trust me but they don’t and there’s nothing I can do about it right now.”
“So what? We break rules all the time. We were international fugitives for two years. What’s the worst that could happen?”
“I could go to jail and you could get put in foster care Y/n. I don’t think your dad wants either of those things to happen. Do you?” he asked. 
“No,” you said softly, “I just needed to get away from him. I’m angry at him. I’m furious and I don’t understand. I don’t even want to talk to him anymore.”
“I know but you’re going to have to,” Bucky said. He watched as you started to rub your eye harshly and he reached up and grabbed your hand, “You can stay here for the night but we have to tell Sam where you are. Why don’t you go and get some sleep now.”
“I’m not tired,” you said, “I just need someone to talk to. I haven’t talked to anyone since dad died.”
“I can tell you’re tired. You always rub your eyes when you’re tired,” he said through a small laugh, “You and I can talk tomorrow morning. How about that?”
“Fine,” you said, standing up from the couch, “Where do I sleep?”
“Right here,” Bucky said, patting the couch. 
You sat back down and Bucky stood up and went over to the small mat on the ground nearby, “You’re sleeping there? I don’t need a nightwatch.”
“I sleep here every night Y/n,” he said, “I don’t have much stuff here.”
“Oh,” you said quietly. Bucky shot you a small smile before laying down on the mat. You laid down on the couch and looked up at the ceiling. You waited a few moments, before speaking out loud, “Bucky?”
“Do you miss him?”
“Everyday Y/n.”
Bucky hadn’t been answering his phone and Sam was starting to get worried, not just about you but Bucky also. He was pretty sure the new Captain America headline had been seen by almost everyone in the country, including Bucky. Sam didn’t know how Bucky would react so he did what he thought was best and headed back up to New York. 
The next morning, you woke up to Bucky shaking you harshly, “Y/n wake up,” he said loudly. 
“Shhh,” you said as you sat up. “It’s too early for you to be yelling,” you let your eyes adjust to the bright lights before your eyes focused on two men in front of you, Bucky and Sam. “Oh,” you said. 
“Yeah, oh,” Sam said, “If you wanted to come here you could’ve just asked me Y/n.”
“Well, I didn’t know if you cared about what I wanted. Since you stabbed dad in the back and gave up the shield,” you snapped. 
“Y/n,” Bucky said in a warning tone, “Let him talk.”
“Fine,” you grumbled, sitting fully upright now, “What do you want to say?”
“Well I wanted to return this to you first,” he said, holding out your dad’s dog tags. You had left them on the dresser, next to the note, “Thought you might want them again,” he tossed them to you and you slipped them back around your neck. You watched Bucky’s expression soften lightly. He knew what those tags meant to you and knew you never took them off since Steve gave them to you. 
“Thanks,” you said. 
“I want to talk to you about the shield and why I gave it up, Y/n. I didn’t know it would go to someone else.”
“If you knew, would you have still done it?” you asked. That question seemed to have piqued Bucky’s interest as well. 
“Absolutely not,” Sam said, “If I knew that giving it up meant it was going to Walker, I would have passed it down to you.”
“Then why didn’t you just pass it down to her Sam?” Bucky asked, “If you wanted to, why not just do it?”
“I didn’t know if she’d want to,” Sam said, turning to Bucky. He then turned back to you, “I knew how angry you were with him and didn’t think you’d want the burden of the shield.”
“That shield,” you said as you stood up, “Isn’t a burden to me, Sam. To me, that’s my dad and what he stood for. And now that he’s gone, it’s one of the only things I have left of him and it kills me, to see someone other than anyone in this room using it.”
Sam looked at you for a moment before talking, “Steve would be proud of you for wanting the shield. You would have made a great Captain America.”
“Then let’s take it back,” Bucky said, “Let’s get it back to where it belongs.”
“If we’re taking it, I think Sam should have it,” you said, facing both men, “Dad wanted him to have it. Sam deserves it and we can’t let this Walker guy come in and mess up dad’s legacy.”
“If you want it Y/n, you can have it,” Sam said, “Steve would want it to be you.”
“If he really did, he would’ve given it to me in the first place,” you replied. 
“It’s yours Sam. Take it,” Bucky said. 
Sam looked between you and Bucky, taking in a breath, “Alright then, let’s get that shield back.”
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The Beast part 4
Summary: the one where you remember.
Warnings: fight scene, violence, being chased, flashback, crying, panicking, death of someone close to you, PTSD, very much angst, being held hostage somewhere by people who want to hurt you. :/
A/N: I dunno how to do fight scenes so I gave it my best shot lol.
* Disclaimers: the characters and main plot do not belong to me; they belong to marvel. The plot of the reader insert is all that belongs to me, and you belong to you, so there’s that. *
Tumblr media
You’re…………You’re not ok, that’s for sure. You don’t know how to respond. You physically can’t respond; you’re shook to the core. You expected something, but not this. Anything but this. And in your shock, you can’t do anything but watch Fury walk purposefully towards the lab.
Wait, no, he can’t leave yet, you need answers.
You rush after him, steps quick and hard in your urgency, calling his name. “Fury. Hey, FURY?”
Of course, he doesn’t stop. Nick fury doesn’t stop for anyone.
Bursting into the large, spacious lab, where you see the men standing in their respective positions, all glaring at Fury. Tony’s hand is on his keypad, hovering above “Phase two”, leverage that Tony is smart enough to know will make a difference. In the corner of the room, banner is standing in his slightly habitually unsure stance, crease on the forehead deepening and shoulders slumped, as if he is expecting something bad to come. But you guess that’s just Bruce. Cap is holding a … Hydra assault gun. His eyebrows are furrowed and he’s standing in the middle of the room, friend to no one and disapproving of all. His eyes are hardened, and they shift to focus on you when you burst in.
“What’s going on here?”
Nobody pays you any heed.
“Hey Fury- what’s phase 2?” says Tony, practically oozing self-confidence, a defence mechanism you know well.
Steve drops the assault rifle on the desk with a bang.
“Phase 2 is SHIELD uses the cube to make weapons. (TO TONY) Sorry, the computer was moving a little slow for me” he says and immediately the tension in the room is a real tangible thing; you could cut it with a knife. Bruce’s teeth are gritted, his fist clenched so that you can see his fingernails pressing hard into his skin. His breath his heavy and his steps angry, rigid enough to make you worried. You’re not stupid, you know what this means.
So does everyone else, as Natasha tries to remove him from the situation but to no avail. He is too stubborn, too angry to know any better. His fuse is lethal. And it’s short.
“I'd like to know why SHIELD is using the Tesseract to build weapons of mass destruction.” He all but yells and you can see tony give Fury a warning look, saying explain now, or you won’t be here to explain at all.
“Because of him. Last year, Earth had a visitor from another planet who had a grudge match that levelled a small town. We learned that not only are we not alone, but we are hopelessly, hilariously, outgunned.”
And suddenly, the tension snaps and chaos walks free and everyone practically leaps at the opportunity to jump into conflict. You’re yelling at Fury, fury is yelling at Thor, Steve and Tony are in some kind of standoff, Natasha and Bruce are diving aggressively into argument.
It’s almost laughable, really. This is no team.
Tony and Steve are pushing it, at each other’s throats. They’re polar opposites and you’re the one in the middle. There’s nothing that you can do. Helpless. Stuck again, after all these years.
“You brought a kid into a warzone, you’re every bit as irresponsible as you act”. Steve snaps
“It’s not like I had a choice!”
“I would like everyone to know that I do not want to be here.” You bark.
“Agent Romanoff, would you escort Dr Banner back to his…”
“Where? You rented my room.”
“The cell was just in case…”
“In case you needed to kill me, but you can't! I know! I tried!”
Now this is the explosion you’ve been waiting for. Bruce is an active volcano, and he’s spewing smoke and ashes, white hot lava. There is an unnerving kind of shocked silence. The kind that is so still in its alarm that it seems that everything has stopped moving.
“I got low. I didn't see an end, so I put a bullet in my mouth and the other guy spit it out! So, I moved on. I focused on helping other people. I was good, until you dragged me back into this freak show and put everyone here, including a kid, at risk.”
And in that silence, while Bruce is still erupting, and you are all too focused on the steam that is a steady flow out of his volcano of anger to see that he has gripped the sceptre and Fury and Natasha already have a hand on their guns.
“Dr Banner. Put down the sceptre.”
And before you can say knife, the hellicarrier is under assault the beeping of the computer rips through your cocoon of thought and has you ushered up where you can be of use.
Where you can fight, after a very long time.
Captain America is screaming at you while you claw a guy in the face.
“Go to the left!”.
You didn’t go to the left. You got socked in the stomach. Oopsies.
Clutching at your stomach where you had been hit, you swept your legs under the guy, tripping him up, kneeing him in the side, making sure he stays down. You spare a look at Steve. He’s breathing a little harder, taking shallow gasps as he looks for the next guy to beat up, golden hair mussed up. His forehead is only slightly shiny, covered in a thin layer of sweat. He’s almost elegant in battle, taking people down like it’s easy, a facile job that should be the opposite. A leg swooping over a man’s shoulder, a hand brought up to block a hit before he’s even turned around. You stare at him for a moment in envy. You’re not as good as him; never will be.
You’re just a kid.
Being lost in thought during battle is not a good idea. For anyone really. Especially you, a kid who has zero experience in the midst of an environment whose very description is hostile, unsafe. So really, it’s not a surprise when you fail to register the thundering of boots rushing towards you, hands reaching out to grab you, trying to claw at your face, reaching for your hair.
Why? No time to wonder why.
So, you do the only rational thing. (Except you’re not thinking rationally). You run. You run like you never have before. Boots slapping hard against the smooth glassy floor, strides long, adrenaline spurring you on. The thundering of the boots is getting closer and closer. You can hear the men screaming, screaming at each other to find you. You can’t do anything but keep on running, even though your breaths are shallow and you’re wheezing, struggling to breathe. Even though you can feel yourself starting to panic. Even though it’s all too reminiscent of when you were a child, running from men who were out to get you. Scared and alone. Even though you can feel that your cheeks are wet and your vision is blurry but you have no idea why.
Your abilities are in full effect now, you’re sprinting like a predator, senses heightened so you notice every little detail around you. The boots are following, fast. They’re not going to stop. You’re running towards Tony, where he’s trying to fix the engine, and the plan you have is a stupid one. Dashing towards the edge, you look down. The second floor of the hellicarrier is leaning towards the ground. You hold on to a metal bar and try to stand fast and wait for the thundering to reach you.
And reach you it does.
The men are within two meters of you now, and you can feel the exhilaration radiating off them because they’ve got you. So you let go, slip towards the edge and fall. You fall fast and free, the wind is cold on your face, drying your tears and the clouds are sculpted prettily beneath you and the sky is clear and blue above you. You think that if this were to be the end, if your plan failed, then it isn’t the absolute worst way to go.
Until your body is snatched out of the sky by a man in an iron suit who holds your shaking body in his arms as he lands on the now-stable floor.
Then the tears start again.
You’re five years old and running. Running so fast, out of breath and crying, a speed that most five-year-olds wouldn’t be able to reach without falling flat on their face. You’re running from huge men with guns, who are loud and scary. Men who want to hurt you and your brother, who’s dashing close behind you.
You’re barefoot, wearing thin, raggedy clothes; the scary men don’t give you a lot. Food and water, occasionally. There was one man who gave you a toy – a small, homemade teddy to play with. You didn’t see him again. You miss him. You duck into an alley and reach out an arm to pull your brother in. Except he’s not there.
You run out of the alley again. Eyes searching frantically for your brother; you won’t, you can’t let them take him, hurt him, again.
Instead, you hear a gunshot.
A man with yellow teeth and a thick beard leers at you, grabs you by the neck. Taking you back. You don’t struggle.
“You see? We killed him. We didn’t need him. It’s futile in the end.”
That night you’re back in your cell, sobbing, your small body shaking so violently.
marvel / avengers taglist 💗
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theblueprintshawty · 5 days ago
Rest is Your Best friend
Summary: (requested by @maximeevansblog) It's the reader's first film in Marvel with their father, Chris Hemsworth. When overworking and stress causes a hospital visit, rest is in order.
Pairing: Chris Hemsworth x teen!reader
Warnings: Fainting and Hospitals. I also think I used like one curse word, I'm so proud.
Word Count: 1,359
A/N: I altered the request a bit but hopefully I did it justice and you all like it! Also feel free to request. Check out my other masterlist if you want!
Tumblr media
Y/n/n - Your Nickname
Y/n dragged their feet towards the trailer they shared with their dad; half awake and half asleep. They swiped at their eyes trying to stay awake and get through the last scene. The last scene that was needed for Endgame was about to be filmed and they would all be home free. Y/n wasn't needed due to them finally filming the last of their scenes. So, they were on their way to get rid of the clump of makeup on their face. Sluggishly lifting their feet up the individual steps of the trailer they were met with the laughter of their dad and none other than Chris Evans.
The door shut behind Y/n and the attention was soon brought on to them.
"Hey, Y/n/n, done filming?" Evans asked, wrapping his arm around them. They subconsciously leaned more of their weight onto him, closing their eyes for the first time in a while. Evans eyebrows rose up a bit in surprise.
"Man you're that tired? I thought you had a small scene today?" He rubbed their shoulder and they nodded without a word and moved to their chair that was right next to Hemsworth. Their makeup artist, Courtney, walked up to them. They began helping them remove some of the makeup.
"Well I'll leave you guys to it, see you at dinner later though." Evans patted both of the Hemsworths on the shoulder and left the trailer.
Chris turned towards Y/n looking at how their head swayed back and forth; eyes closing and snapping open. He rested his hand on their shoulder and soon moved it towards their head to lift it up a bit.
"Y/n are you okay? You look absolutely drained." His hand rested on their face and they leaned into it closing their eyes again humming in content. They nodded slowly and spoke in a tired voice.
"Just really tired from today's shoot. When we get home I'll take a nap," Y/n turned away from Chris and he left it alone, still keeping an eye on them. Courtney had wiped the last of the makeup off with the wipe which revealed the already noticeable eyebags from earlier. Courtney shook her head, throwing the wipe out and starting to pack up her things.
"You probably want to put an eye mask on your face for those eyebags. I still don't understand how you have them, you've been getting sleep right?" Courtney asks, placing her hand on her hip waiting for Y/n's answer. Chris looked on confused at Y/n, he was never told that they were missing sleep. Without missing a beat though Y/n nodded quickly assuring that they were sleeping. The adults in the room were hesitant to believe them but they moved on.
"Okay, well my work here is done, good job again Y/n. You did amazing," Courtney rubbed their head and smiled at the Hemsworths before exiting the trailer. Y/n smiled a half-smile looking at themself in the mirror. They looked absolutely dead. They had become paler and their eyebags more prominent and they were surprised they had kept this from their dad for so long. They didn't want to burden him with all their problems that were recently going on.
Social media had been an absolute bitch.
Article after article had appeared on the internet about them and the new career. An upcoming actor with a mom and dad that both already made a big name for themselves in the industry. That's something big to follow in, especially when you don't know if you are really meant for it. Y/n had loved acting ever since being introduced to it by their parents. They couldn't see themselves anywhere besides where they sat right now, next to their dad filming one the most anticipated movies of the time. Well, that was until people had their doubts.
Do we really know if the kid can follow in their parents footsteps?
Another kid's career that is probably going to fall through due to false hope from their parents and fans.
Their first gig is in a Marvel movie? Either they are good or they got in with their dad's help.
Constant comment after comment judging and having no faith in their ability to act. They were 17 years-old and yet it felt like they were in Grade School again getting bullied. So, they worked harder, and with that work came the sleepless nights.
Staying up to re-read the script, even though they remembered it months ago.
Practicing how they would greet the directors and their castmates, yet they've known them for years because of their dad.
Hiding this all from their dad. Their #1 supporter and go-to therapist really. They could tell him anything but this felt like the hardest. Y/n felt like all their life had been just a constant use of their dad's fame, mostly from constant claims that they got their fame from their dad. Which was partially true but hell they were a great actor on their own.
Wiping their eyes with the balls of their hands Y/n finally looked away from the mirror. Moving their hands to the armrest of their chair they lifted themself up with a wobble, feeling lightheaded. Supporting their weight primarily on their chair they moved towards the couch that lay in one of the corners of their trailer. They started moving but slowly felt more tired and tired with each step. Chris had been watching their moments getting up after them going to grab their waist.
"Y/n are you okay?" To answer his question, Y/n fainted.
Tumblr media
Y/n peeked through their eyelids not remembering much of the events that occured. Lifting their head a bit they saw their dad on their left with his head back looking at the ceiling. Y/n cleared their throat and the older Hemsworth placed his eyes on them in the hospital bed. He sat up a bit more leaning over to kiss them on the forehead and rubbing the same area that he had just kissed.
"Please don't hide stuff from me again, you know you can always trust me right?" Y/n quickly nodded reassuring Chris.
"Of course I do, I-I just didn't want to keep asking you for things." Chris furrowed his brows and he slowly began to laugh. Y/n reciprocated his previous furrowed look and watched as he pulled a Happy Meal from behind his back.
"Guess I should take this back then," He held it out for them and they hesitantly took it, still confused.
"Why is this funny, am I meant to laugh?" They ask, genuinely confused. Chris just smiled grabbing their hand.
"I am your dad, you need to ask me things, I'm not doing my job right if you don't ask me things..." He gave a half smile, " could've just told me about the comments. I would've helped you deal with it."
Y/n cleared their throat sighing.
"I know but I don't want to always be dependent on you." Chris shook his head.
"You are under my roof, you can be dependent on me until you leave and buy your own house. With your hard owned money. With your hardwork and dedication. Then, I'm going to walk down your halls with my cane and fail back and look at all your awards." Y/n laughed, shaking their heads, smiling. They squeezed Chris' hand and shook it a bit.
"Thank you dad."
"Anytime, now let's eat. I've been waiting for you to wake up and you were taking forever." He opened his own Happy Meal and began to dig in. Y/n sat up a bit looking at him.
"What about the dinner with the rest of the cast," Chris looked at Y/n like they were crazy shaking his head.
"Uh no, McDonalds is cheaper and Happy Meals make me happy.'s just like the name," He smiled with a full mouth. Y/n shook their head laughing and grabbing their own food.
They were ready to spend the next few weeks like this, resting.
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Fatws: Rewrite
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Daughter!reader, Sam Wilson x Teen!reader
Series Masterlist
This is basically Falcon and the Winter Soldier rewritten with Barnes!reader
A lot of the stuff from the series is directly from the show. Credit goes to the show and the writers/directors.
Each part also contains major spoilers (obviously) so read at your own risk
New World Order
The Star-Spangled Man
Power Broker
The Whole World is Watching
One World, One People
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Love Outside of Sitcoms
Summary: when things go wrong on a mission you need the help of both Bucky and Wanda to help get you back on your feet (aunt Wanda)
Warnings: blaming yourself for something and tickling
Words: 1.5k
Pairings: talk of Peter Parker x reader
The dark sky of New York did not feel much different than the inside of your brain. Dark, and dull and just a little bit cloudy. You’re most recent mission hadn’t gone as well as you had hoped. It was supposed to be a quick and simple mission. Grab a certain person for intel from a warehouse. It was fairly easily accessed and you, Bucky, and Peter, managed to slip past their security without a snag. But as you were grabbing the man you needed for information, a rogue guard came around the corner of the door you were supposed to be keeping watch at. You panicked and he quickly flew up in the air before harshly hitting the ground. But as did everyone else in the room. Luckily, Bucky and Peter had quick enough reflexes that they managed to brace themselves before they hit the ground. But the agent you were there for was not quite as lucky, he was currently in the med bay, he would live, but he had several broken bones.
You had managed to avoid almost everyone so far the day of, and you didn’t feel much like seeing anyone today either. You knew you had let them down. But, you knew that eventually your hunger would take over, so you planned to head up to the kitchen when you were certain no one would be there.
Around two o’clock, you snuck out of your bedroom and into an elevator. You saw no one on your way up, and as you peeked into the kitchen floor you realized the coast was clear. You made your way over to the pots and pans to pull out a skillet, only to turn around and be face to face with Bucky. You went to whack him with the pan but you stopped halfway when you realized it was him.
“Relax I just want to talk,” he chuckled. You lightly set the pan down on the stove. You gestured for him to continue.
“You know it’s not your fault for what happened yesterday right?” he asked cautiously.
“How is it not my fault? I was the one who lost control of my powers, and made it everyone else’s problem,” you said solemnly.
Bucky sighed. “Y/n you can’t think like that, everyone makes mistakes. Besides, you just got your powers a couple months ago, you can’t expect to be perfect,” he pointed out. Bucky looked at you with such sincerity and worry, that you couldn’t look him in the eye. You felt your own eyes growing hot, but you refused to cry.
“But in order to not hurt all of you, I have to be perfect,” you argued.
“We will be fine y/n, your boyfriend has super strength and his stupid spidey senses, and I am a goddamn super soldier. You could probably throw us around like rag dolls and we’d be fine,” Bucky joked. You knew he was trying to make you laugh, but you weren’t certain you could even smile right now.
Bucky sensed that he wasn’t going to get through to you, but someone else might. He lightly patted your shoulder sympathetically, before heading down a hallway.
You continued making your lunch until Wanda walked in five minutes later.
“Sit,” she instructed as she let her magic take control of your cooking, and she pulled out a stool for you. You quickly took it.
“So Bucky told me that you’re blaming yourself for yesterday’s mission,” she started.
Of course he did, not that she wouldn’t have found out from you later, but you weren’t surprised. “Yes, but it’s hardly blaming since it was my fault,” you pointed out.
“Can I show you something?” Wanda asked softly.
You nodded.
She moved to turn on the tv in the kitchen and searched something on youtube, but you didn’t see what she was searching. She moved out of the way to show that it was a video of her. As the video played it showed her moving an individual with a bomb attached to him up into the air and away from the street. The bomb went off on the side of the building, which took out a floor.
“Why are you showing me this?” you asked.
“Because that was one of my first missions as an Avenger. I was doing what I thought would save people, but I made a mistake.” She then switched the video to all of the news coverage of when it had happened. It was all negative. People were calling her a terrorist, they said she didn’t deserve to be an avenger, and she was too much of a risk to be in public. The more videos you watched the more your blood boiled.
“But it’s not fair, you were just a kid trying to save people,” you protested.
“So why don’t you feel that way about what you did?” she asked as she turned off the tv.
You opened your mouth to speak but you closed it when you realized you didn’t have a response for that.
Wanda tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. “Don’t forget to apply the same love and patience you give to the rest of the world to yourself, that’s all I’m trying to teach you,” she said sweetly.
“But what if I hurt someone in the process?” Your voice cracked, and you could feel the water forming in your eyes.
Wanda tilted her head slightly, and her eyes almost seemed to warm. “Dear, the only person you’re truly hurting is yourself.”
“But what about the guy we were supposed to kidnap for information?” you reasoned.
“Well,” Wanda tossed her hair behind her, “honestly he’s a real scumbag so I think you did the world a favor.”
A small smile appeared on your face.
“And you made him a lot more willing to work with us, so I would say you are not only doing wonderful at your job but also at the S.W.O.R.D. investigations unit,” Wanda added as she playfully nudged your shoulder.
You finally let out a small laugh, as you felt a little weight finally fall off your shoulders.
“We are your family, which means we are here for you when you mess up, and when you succeed. I certainly didn’t master my powers in a number of months, so you shouldn’t expect yourself to either,” she advised.
“Thank you Wanda,” you said, as you dried your tears.
She smiled sympathetically. “Anytime, you know I hate to see you sad.” She quickly jabbed your side for emphasis. You let out a small squeak and scooted to the side.
You cautiously eyed her, “Don’t you dare,” you warned. But you looked up to see the sparkle in Wanda’s eyes, and you realized that her mind was already made up.
“Oh I think I dare,” Wanda quipped.
You quickly found that you could no longer move from your chair because of Wanda’s magic, or as Pietro liked to call it, her red wiggly woos. “I just want you to laugh,” she insisted as she squeezed at your side.
As much as you wanted to make a snarky comment, your lips stayed shut to keep your laughter from escaping.
“You’re really going to make me do it huh?” Of course, she did not get a response from you. “Fine, if you want to be difficult,” she tutted.
She squeezed at your hip bone and you were a goner.
“Wanda!” you screeched. If you could’ve moved, you would’ve fallen off of the stool. Your body was trying to spasm, but you obviously coudn’t, which made it ten times worse.
“What?” she asked innocently.
“Stop!” you giggly pleaded.
“Hold on, I just want to try this on someone,” she insisted.
She removed her hand for a moment, and you heaved a deep breath in. But you held that breath when you realized that Wanda was placing more of her magic on you. It seemed like the magic was moving towards your stomach. If you had thought her hands were bad, they were nothing in comparison to your stomach. The magic squeezed, and poked, and prodded all over your stomach. It didn’t exactly feel like hands, but that didn’t mean it didn’t tickle. You screamed with laughter, as your body finally gave into the sensation. Wanda released you after a couple seconds.
“Thahat was uncalled for,” you giggled.
Wanda shrugged with a mostly evil grin. “Maybe, but you’re smiling now, right?”
She raised her hands to shrug. “Well then my job here is done.”
She turned to walk away but you stopped her halfway. “Wanda?”
You barely spoke above a whisper. “Thank you.”
Wanda came back to where you sat and tightly pulled her arms around you. Your body felt a sense of warmth radiate around it. Wanda squeezed you tightly before letting you go. “Anytime.”
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Volunteer ~ MCU Cast x Platonic!fem!Reader
A/n: The reader is 18 years old. 
Request: @catsandbooksandsstuff 
Hopefully you like this! I had fun writing it. I’d love to hear your feedback. I’ve never been to comic con so I looked up a few blogs by the people who had volunteered to write this.
Y/F/R: Your Favourite Restaurant
Y/B/M: Your Birth Month
Words: 2.2k+ 
You were buzzing as soon as you had woken up. Usually waking up by ten in the morning would be a task, but today you had woken up at the crack of dawn.
Well because you were going to be volunteering at the comic con starting today! And since it was your first time, you weren’t sure what to expect. You just hoped you’ll be able to get your assignments done and not miss the panels that you wanted to visit.
Especially the Avengers one. You had always wanted to watch your favourite celebrities at comic con and being a volunteer, you hoped your chances would be higher.
You got ready quick enough, bid your goodbye to your parents and jumped inside your friend’s car, who had been waiting for you for the last few minutes.
Both of you jammed out to songs as you gushed about who all you were excited to see, having a mini breakfast of granola bars on your way.
As soon as you had reached the venue, you were surprised to see that a lot of volunteers had already started lining up causing both of you to hurry and pick up your pace.
Soon, you got your badges and went inside, finding the place to get your assignments and also looking at the timings for all the panels, making a mental plan on how to go about your day.
It had been quite hectic with a huge crowd everywhere but soon enough you found yourself enjoying the experience. You were able to make new friends as you went about the entire arena, not feeling bored even once.
It could also be because all of this was new and your excitement hadn’t dwindled down yet.
You got a call from your friend reminding you it was time for the Avengers panel which you had temporarily forgotten with the task you had at hand.
Seeing there was only a limited amount of time left for the panel to begin, you raced to the side of the venue it was taking place in and internally sighed that your friend was somehow able to save a seat for you. Or else you were sure you would’ve not been able to enter the hall.
The time went too quickly for your liking and the panel was over before you even blinked. Sighing, you got up to finish your remaining assignments before it got too late.
Your friend had to leave early as her mom had called her for some work, which meant you would have to take a cab or bus.
You never realized when it happened but somehow you ended being the last volunteer at the venue, excluding a few janitors who were cleaning up the place.
You were just about to submit your finished assignment list when a voice stopped you, “Uhm, excuse me miss, could you help us for a moment?”
You could recognize that Australian accent anywhere and mentally felt like you might combust. Taking a deep breath, you turned around to meet the one and only Chris Hemsworth.
You plastered upon a smiled, hoping you weren’t looking crazy or creepy in anyway as you mustered out, “Yes? How may I help you?”
You internally cringed at how nervous and formal you sounded but you reasoned out that everyone would be like this if they were to meet celebrities that they adored.
Jeremy Renner came up behind him to answer,” Hi. We were wondering if you could recommend a good restaurant for us to order food from? We’ve never been here before and we’d like to not regret our choices.” He joked as he pointed towards the rest of the marvel cast sitting at the scattered chairs.
They saw you and gave you a smile, which you returned genuinely this time before nodding at Jeremy, ”Oh yes of course! Is there a particular cuisine you want or is anything fine?”
“Well, I’m fine with anything but let’s ask everyone for their opinion.” Chris H answered before hollering to the group at the back,” Hey! Do you guys have a particular cuisine or is anything fine?”
When Chris H said to ask the rest of the gang, you thought it meant going over to them and asking. Not hollering from one corner of the hall to the other which only made you chuckle at their antics.
“Anything is fine Chris! Just get us food!” Scarlett hollered back.
“Yeah, we are starving!” Chris E added.
“Sorry, we are usually more civilized than this” Jeremy told you only for Robert to yell,” No, we aren’t!”
“If you can hear us so clearly, why are you yelling!?” Jeremy yelled back causing you to laugh as the yelling went back and forth for the next few minutes before Mark Ruffalo put a stop to it.
The casualness of the situation made you relax and be yourself. You still were over the moon that you were having private conversations with these huge actors but you felt proud about being able to show your true self instead of the screaming fangirl side.
Chuckling you went over to where everyone was, saying ‘hi’ to everyone once again,” Well, my personal favourite is (Y/F/R). They have one of the best cuisines in the city. And a wide range to their menu as well.”
“Alright, so let’s get some food y’all!” Anthony Mackie cheered.
“You’ll join us?” Elizabeth asked you as all of them turned to look at you hopefully. You were quite thrown off by the sudden invitation.
It would be foolish to deny this opportunity, even though it was starting to get a bit late for you. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity after all.
“Uh, wouldn’t I be intruding?” you asked, quite unsure of what to do, immediately met with them disagreeing with you statement.
“It’s completely alright. We’d love for you to join.” Sebastian gave that as a concluding statement after the entire cast had quietened down from their answers.
Smiling you nodded, “Would you like me to order for you all?” you asked, opening the app on your phone.
“Yes please. But we are going to be paying.” Chris Evans stated.
“Oh for sure. I don’t think I’d be able to fit all your appetite in my pocket” you chuckled but when you were met with utter silence from the rest of them, you cursed yourself for becoming way too friendly, “I-I’m sorr-“
Tom Holland was the first to break, chuckling, “Guys, I can’t. This is way too cruel.” Elizabeth, Sebastian, Chris E, Chris H and Scarlett following as they smiled at you, chuckling at how easily you had gotten frazzled.
“Oh come on! You guys ruined the fun.” RDJ whined at them.
“Let the poor girl be Robert. She wasn’t even wrong in her statement to be honest. We eat a lot when we are together.” Scarlett playfully chided.
“Kid, relax. We are a crazy bunch. You can be as sarcastic as you want here. We already deal with Downey over there.” Anthony nudged you jokingly before dodging a plushie thrown at him by the accused.
The conversations flowed easily as you ordered food for everyone, informing them that it would arrive within thirty minutes.
Elizabeth patted the seat beside her for you to sit,” So what’s your name?”
“Y/n Y/l/n.” you answered.
Chris E leaned forth on his chair,” How old are you Y/n?”
“I’m 18. I’ll be turning 19 this year in Y/B/M.” you smiled.
“Ooh, you are still in high school right?” Scarlett asked to which you nodded,” are you looking into any colleges?”
You nodded as you listed the few colleges you had been considering and the different courses that you felt interested you. All of them pitched you advices on the subjects and courses they had knowledge on and tried to help you have more clarity.
Never in your life had you thought you’d be getting life advices from the people who you idolized. They gave you a few contact references as well, to help you navigate more and choose which path you’d prefer the most.
“What’s it like being a celebrity?” you asked once the topic of your college had dwindled down. They looked thoughtful as soon as they heard your question and you wanted to elaborate more,” In social medias and basically the internet, being a celebrity is glamourized so much. But I never felt like that was true. So, I wanted to ask you.”
“Well, you aren’t wrong in assuming its not as glamourous.” Chris E mused, sighing.
“It’s…a hard life. Like any career, it has it’s ups and downs.” Chris H continued,” only difference is, everything we do ends up on the internet.”
“You know, it’s all fascinating and fun in the beginning. But as you go on, the harder and more annoying it gets when your privacy doesn’t get respected.” Tom Holland pitched in.
“It’s not all bad either. You get to meet a lot of talented people and learn through experience.” Elizabeth added.
“You just need to find a balance.” Robert concluded, getting nods from everyone,” Once you learn how to manage your private life and public life, it gets way easier. And more enjoyable. I feel it applies to all things in life too.”
You smiled, getting an insight from a completely different life,” Have you found that balance?”
“Oh, we are all still learning, I think you can never truly find that balance because the world keeps changing. Advancing. So, your balance would also have to accommodate to that.” Mark answered.
“And sometimes, it’s worth it. When you see people being impacted so deeply by your performance or when little girls look up to you because of how you played a certain character, giving them hope and strength. It’s the best feeling. Spreading love and confidence.” Scarlett smiled.
“Why do you always steal the good lines.” Anthony cribbed, breaking the somber atmosphere everyone had fallen into, everyone laughing as Scarlett stuck out her tongue teasing him.
“’Cause buddy, you can’t think of those answers.” Sebastian teased, getting smacked on his arm immediately after.
And the next second, you got a call saying the food had arrived and everyone had soon started digging in.
By the looks of it, it seemed like they loved it immensely. And it was confirmed when they started asking you for more recommendations for not only restaurants but also other places since they’d be staying an extra day in your city.
You excitedly gave them the names of the must-see places and in the end plucked enough courage to give them your number in case they needed to ask you something else.
They seemed quite gratified when you did so and said they’d be sure to call if the need ever arose.
Soon everyone was done and were packing up to leave. You were a few steps away from the rest as you arranged the chairs back to their position when Tom Holland approached the group with an idea.
You could hear them whispering about something but you tuned them out to give them privacy. When you turned around, you saw Tom standing there with a goofy grin.
“Do you happen to have a notebook and pen?” Tom asked as you gave a quizzical look before digging into your bag, giving them to him.
He quickly wrote something and passed around the notebook to everyone in the group, all of them writing something eagerly while you stood clueless.
When you got your notebook back, you teared up slightly and willed yourself to not bawl your eyes out right there because staring back at you were autographs along with personalized comments from your idols.
You tearfully looked up at them ,”I- Thank you.” You breathed out.
“You don’t need to thank us. We had a lovely time chatting with you” Jeremy said back, backed up by affirmation from the rest.
You got to hug all of them goodbye before parting ways.
As all of you were parting Elizabeth suddenly stopped you by asking,” How do you plan on going home?”
“Oh, uh I’ll probably catch a cab or take a bus.” You answered causing all of them to frown,” What?”
“It’s late and not safe at all. Let us drop you off” Scarlett asked, concern clear as day in her eyes. You quickly shook your head, not wanting to take up more of their time.
“Where do you live?” Chris E asked as you gave him your address. He GPSed it and found that the closest bus stop to your house was on their way to the hotel,” How about we drop you off at this bus stop? Your house seems to be really close by it.”
Seeing that they weren’t going to take no for an answer, you agreed.
When they dropped you off, Tom gave you his email ID on the insistence of RDJ, Scarlett and Chris H that you must somehow contact them to tell them you reached home safely or else they’d call for help.
You chuckled at their protectiveness as you promised you would email an update before bidding them your final goodbye, hoping you’ll be able to meet them again one day.
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For some reason I'm not able to tag a few of you, it says 'no blogs found' :((
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Homework (Sam Wilson X Teen!Daughter!Reader)
Characters: Sam Wilson X Teen!Daughter!Reader
Universe: Marvel, Avengers
Warnings: None
Request: Could you do a platonic sam wilson x teen!reader where she's struggling with school and he helps her?
Tumblr media
Sam looked over again from where he was making dinner, seeing you still doing the homework you had started over an hour ago, and from where he was, he could see you hadn’t gotten very far. “You okay Y/N?” Sam asked you, and all he got was a hum, which didn’t answer his question. “What class is that work for?” He asked you. 
“Math.” You told him. Sam checked the dinner to make sure it would be fine for a while before he left to go check on you. He came over, leaning on the table and looking over your shoulder at the work. You looked up at him, before looking back at the work. “I don’t get it.” 
“Have you asked your teacher for help?” He asked you. 
“Yeah, he told me to just read the textbook and I have but I still don’t get it.” You told him with a huff, resting your head on your arm, frustrated. “I don’t get why we have to do this anyways, who cares how fast John throws a ball?” You asked, and Sam couldn’t help but chuckle, knowing exactly where you got that attitude from. Sam used to have a lot of time to be domestic with his daughter after he retired from the military, but ever since good ol’ Steve called on him for help, he’s been swept into the life of the Avengers. Sam always tried to balance things fairly, making sure that you still got access to your dad whenever you need him, and also the Avengers had the Falcon, and he always worried that you’d feel lonely or upset since he was busy. Luckily you found the whole thing cool, and you used your position as his daughter to befriend several other Avengers, notably Bucky purely to annoy your dad who had a love hate relationship with the guy. 
“Well if you get good at it you can start making up your own measurements.” Sam pointed out, from which you sent him a baffled look. “If you can work out how much weight Bucky can carry, then you could in theory measure things in Bucky’s, like it would probably take 5 Bucky’s to stop a car going 60 miles per hour.” He suggested. For a moment, you looked at him a little surprised, before you started to laugh imagining it. Sam smiled, happy he was able to cheer you up. “But to do that, first you’ve got to understand the equations involved. Let’s have a look.” Sam pulled your work closer to him so he could have a look, and you let him. 
“You know that once this is done I’m going to actually work out the measurement of Bucky’s.” You told your dad, who just smiled to himself. “Since he has the serum, we can guess he can lift the same as Steve, and Steve managed to hold a helicopter down for a while, so…” 
“I’ll call Bucky over to let him be your guinea pig when you’re done. Alright, how much does the ball weigh?” Sam asked you, pointing to the sheet, and you wrote it down. Sam slowly coached you through the information, informing you on which information to use together and why, before you eventually got the answer. “Alright, did that help?” He asked. 
“Yeah, thanks dad. How do you know this stuff?” You asked him. 
“You make it sound like I’m not smart.” Sam insinuated as he got up. “Now try and get that done before dinner’s done.” Sam instructed, you gave him a thumbs up, before getting back to your work. 
Hope you like it! If you have any questions, please send them in!
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jabbagabba · 8 days ago
When We Fell
Series Summary: It was June when he met her, it was December when he fell in love with her and it was March when he loss her.
Series Warnings: angst, fluff, mature language, mentions of sex, death, grief, pre-bite Peter, pre- uncle Ben.
It was the middle of June when we first met. Six years ago next Sunday.
Woah, that long! Congrats to us, huh!
I don’t really remember much from that day, I mean aside from meeting you, obviously. See, this is why you were the writer...
The station was buzzing with noise, the kind that made Peter’s ears ring. The late evening traffic wasn’t something he could ever get use to, but he couldn’t really blame anyone but himself.
Fucking Harry
Harry Osborn was a new kid at Midtown. Peter couldn’t really understand why they were friends, and if he were to ask him, Harry probably didn’t know either. He was the only son of Norman Osborn and had a gold mine under his feet that would be his for the taking once he turned 18 in August.
He was charming and smart. The kind that Flash Thomson would proudly parade around the halls like a prized pig.
Peter could see it now, Collar around his neck, ‘property of Flash’ craved on its tag as he was pulled around on a gold leash.
“I’ve got an Osborn!” Flash would sing, prancing by with a goofy smile. “And you don’t!”
But instead - much to Flash’s horror no doubt - Harry slapped Peter’s back playfully, eyes gleaming with pride and glee. It was his first day and yet he treated him like a life-long friend.
“Parker.” He said. “It’s about time I met you.” Apparently Mr. Stark was quite a gossip around his fellow millionaires, proudly telling stories of his ‘genius apprentice’. It made him blush, but he couldn’t help feeling a little cocky about it regardless.
I’ve got a Osborn and a Stark, Ha!
The next three weeks went by rather quickly afterwards; Harry had glued himself to his side, dragging him along to fancy dinners with rich old men, though they usually only stayed there long enough for Harry to swipe a bottle of wine and sneak off to the roof of some neighbouring apartment complex.
Which led him to now, three hours late from his curfew and cheeks too warm for his comfort. Peter couldn’t really complain though, Harry brought out a side of him he never knew existed, a type of playfulness that fluttered inside him every time he saw him. Harry was the first real friend he ever had, and he knew whatever lecture awaited him at home was worth it.
He just hoped he didn’t miss the train.
Peter waited a full hour, choosing to seat on a bench that a business man scurried from to catch his own, and let his legs stretch under him. It had been a long night for all of them, each one just wanting to go home after a long day and start their weekends. There was a mutual understanding , the kind that only existed between exhausted travelers.
I don’t bother you, you don’t bother me.
Another hour went by and he was starting to get restless, texting his aunt that his train broke down before texting Harry that he should have taken his offer to drive him home.
The station was less bee like, the constant chatter around him now only in small sections when he finally heard the sound of his train approaching.
‘Finally!’ He thought. ‘Finally!’
He stretched his arms over his head, a yawn leaving him as his aching muscles tense under his jacket. He needs better posture. The doors open, a sea of tired people exiting from each, all in their own little bubbles as he moved forward in long strides.
Peter was just eager to go home, the warmth of his bed so inviting he almost pushed a girl straight to the ground, his arms grabbing onto hers when she gasped in shock.
“I’m so sorry.” The words spill out of both of them, hands fumbling as they tried to detangle from each other. She took a step back from him, finally upright and patted down her skirt.
“My fault.” She says with a huff. “Need to learn there’s other people in the world, I guess.” She sighs and eyes the doors behind him. “Well, I’m sorry but... uh, I gotta go.” He follows her gaze and nods.
“Me too. Queens.”
“Queens? Hmm, fancy.”
“Uh, not really.” He laughs, letting his hands rest in his pockets. “It’s okay.”
“Well, it sounds fancy.” They both giggle but the sound of the doors closing makes her panic. “Shit!” Peter doesn’t have time to reacted as she grabs his elbow and pulled him with her, feet stumbling as she ran. “C’mon, Queens!”
Manic laughter leaves her mouth, grip tight as she squeezes them through the narrowing gap. The doors close with a loud click and she smiled.
“We did it!” Peter can’t help but match her smile and raises his arms in triumph.
Never doing that again
Luckily, she let the moment go, choosing instead to take a seat against the wall. It was a rather empty train, ten maybe twelve people were scattered around him.
“Well,” She said with eyebrows raised. “You gonna stand there all night, Queens?”
“Oh!” He took her words as a goodbye, trying to to quickly pass her to a empty seat. “Sorry.” A grip on his wrist pulls him back.
“Sit here.” He does.
Lights pass by, the one above them flickering with every bump of the tracks. It was a nice and rather comforting contrast from the train station. Peter could finally relax. He was almost home.
“So,” Her voice is soft and he feels his palms sweat. He wasn’t much of a small talker. “Visiting a friend?”
“Sort of.” He replies. “It was a dinner, I think.”
“You think?”
“I wasn’t really paying much attention.” The light flickers again as he wipes his hands on his jeans. “It was my friend’s idea.”
“Hmm.” She tightens her hold on her bag strap, lip between her teeth in thought.
“What were you doing?”
“What do you mean?” He shifts in his seat to fully face her, eying the name tag pinned to her blouse. It was covered in little butterflies, a deep blue that matched her skirt. She looked his age and had the kind of eyes that made him feel woozy but he knew to play it cool.
“I’m guessing work.” She follows his eyes and sighs tiredly.
“Yes, work.” She says. “It’s good pay, though.”
“I bet it’s worth something for a hour train ride.”
“Hour and a half.” He scoffs in disbelief.
“Jesus, how much?”
“Not worth the ride, but I don’t mind.” They share a small chuckle.
“What about school? I’m guessing you don’t go to Midtown.” She says nothing and chooses instead to pick at a loose thread on her skirt. He had pried too far, he should have asked her about the weather... or something.
You idiot
As the light flickered again, he gave in to his tiredness and let his head fall to the window behind him.
“I use to go.” She startles him but he keeps his eyes closed. “I now go to a... different school. Nothing worth bragging about.” Her laugh is forced but Peter knows not to question her further.
Time faded into itself and if it wasn’t for the occasional shift next to him, he’d have sworn she had left him to sleep. After the first two stops, each only lasting five minutes or so, he felt her shaking his shoulder.
“Queens is next.” She says, phone clutched in her hand.
“Thanks.” He nodded with a small grin. “I’m a major lightweight.”
“What did you drink?”
“Some old wine from the thirties.”
“Woah.” Her eyes sparkled in amusement. “How’d you afford that?”
“I didn’t buy it.” Peter protests, a little too defensively and he’s quick to lower his voice. “I - well technically he stole it. M-my friend.”
“Oh! So... you’re a criminal.” The train stops, door opening in front of them and she sighs. “Well, looks like this is your stop.”
Peter wants to say no, he even thinks about staying until she gets off and walking the hour home, but instead he sighs as well.
“I guess so.” He pats down his pockets, making sure his wallet and phone are still there, and steps off.
“Get home safe, Queens!”
He watches as the doors close and gives her a little wave, the kind that makes her smile and wave back. It’s not until he’s halfway home that he realises something that makes his stomach twist.
I never got her name
I Don’t know a fucking thing about New York or how their subway works so please, to my New Yorkers, please just... pretend that this is how it works. Stay safe and hope you enjoyed!
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saturn-barnes · 9 days ago
Sambucky x child/teen!reader idea!!!
Reader is from another time line where Bucky is CA bc steve died before the 40s so Buck got the serum. Fast foward and Buck meets Sam and they get together. After a few years of knowing each other, they go on a mission to infiltrate a HYDRA basr where they find Reader, a young child (like 5) and take them in, raising them as their own. (Reader is the product of two super soldiers and is therefore a HYDRA experiment). Fast foward again (timeline is now after EG) and reader goes on a mission alone. Something goes wrong and reader is transported to OUR universe where their fathers dont know them. I haven't really thought of an ending or anything but I really like the idea.
If you write this, please tag me! I'd LOVE to see the way someone interperates my idea! 💓
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