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cinemafannotes · an hour ago
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Локи на обложке журнала
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superpoweredfancast · 2 hours ago
Loki S01XE02 Review
Loki Disney Plus Season 1 Episode 2 The Variant Mobius puts Loki to work, but not everyone at TVA is thrilled about the God of Mischief’s presence. The opening scenes of the episode are brilliantly misleading as renaissance music plays in the background and what looks like a ren faire is going on until it is revealed to be the 80’s. The Variant has lured another team into a trap and this…
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praxdesigner · 3 hours ago
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Loki - Disney+ icon & headers logo
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menervaloki · 4 hours ago
Tom Hiddleston. You are so cute 🥺💜
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rulethenight · 6 hours ago
Episode 2 of Loki does raise a lot of questions, but I love the style of this show. The genre feels unique, it is giving some new insights and I just love these characters! I really do wanna see how this builds!
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movietimegirl · 13 hours ago
While listening to this, I kinda thought about Loki. And I thought "What if I changed the lyrics up to fit Loki story?" I am no songwriter but here you go.
Oh, Loki, dear where have you gone?
So near, so far or out of time?
What have you done or what have did?
Loki, Loki, please, Loki!
Oh, tell us are you good or bad
Let's show you the past and onward
You have longs, longs ways to go
Loki, Loki, oh, Loki
How can you know the ways to go?
You choose the passage you choose the route
Perhaps you should be arriving back
Another day, another day
And time is quite what is seems
You’re yearning, are you wishing, oh, Loki?
(Oh, how will you find the way? Oh, how will you find the way?)
(Clear those tears away. Clear those tears away.)
So many timelines – how did you choose
So much to gain so much to lose
So many things got in your way
Not this time today, not this time today
Be careful not to get obliterated
Just think of what the Agent said…Loki!
Did someone hit you from the side?
How many lightyears to the Time Keepers?
Please tell us how to stop the variance
Loki…Loki…Oh, Loki
(Oh, will time ever be the same? … Oh, will time ever be the same ?)
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scarletgiselle · 14 hours ago
Loki: Ragnarok. Are you familiar?
Mobius: Yes. The destruction of Asgard and most of its people, I’m sorry.
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