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#marvel spoilers
lol okay so I dashed off most of this the day of and then kept not posting it because I kept thinking I needed to add stuff, but then I ended up adding more stuff mostly in reblogs instead (should all be under the “my meta” tag if anyone’s curious) and now episode 2 is technically coming out tomorrow night in my time zone so obviously I need to just post this. bullet points of disconnected thoughts, some of which are probably at least slightly outdated by now but whatever, here you go
seems very possible Mobius left the tape with him on purpose because he figured Loki wouldn’t be able to resist looking at it
would have to check the timing but I’m pretty sure he started looking terrified as soon as Thanos came onscreen without really knowing the context (aside from the very basic outline of “it’s been several years and he reconciled with Thor”), which at least underscores that they weren’t buddies--Loki knew something awful was about to happen the second Thanos showed up sadly this is not true, the clip he sees first is him trying to stab Thanos, so...yeah it stands to reason that he’d know it was about to end badly no matter what
other people have mentioned this but I love that we got to see Loki just like...existing?? like I know he’s never been the protagonist before and seeing him as the protagonist has always been one of the things that’s excited me most about the show, but now that it’s here I’m just kind of struck by how HE’S THE PROTAGONIST so we’re getting all these emotions and little gestures and moments when he’s alone that we only got in tiny, sadly easy-to-overlook snatches before (and it also occurred to me that I don’t think we’ve ever seen Loki eat anything, which is something else that might change)
also his projection is fascinating, and so is the fact that he explicitly turned it around on himself, which seems relevant to all the theories about a lot of his other statements (”freedom is life’s great lie,” most of what he said to Natasha, etc.) being things that were drummed into him on Sanctuary rather than stuff he just came up with on his own, so that seems to cover a lot of the stuff he says in Avengers and here
on the other hand it seems unlikely we’re ever going to get confirmation that Bad Stuff happened to him on Sanctuary aside from what we already saw in Avengers, which is frustrating, although to be fair I also wasn’t expecting to see Loki crying about his family in the first episode (and the most I’m really hoping for, still, is that nothing will explicitly contradict the idea, so...we’re good on that thus far, I guess)
so the first half of the episode was...ehhh, I don’t know, but the second half was amazing. I know some people didn’t like that part either, but I felt like...okay, I don’t love him being humiliated so I would’ve preferred different framing for some of this BUT a lot of casual viewers still see Loki as a cackling caricature without having picked up on any of the stuff that very clearly showed otherwise, and this show wants to treat Loki as a person, someone worthy of audience sympathy, so they kind of had to go in hard and fast on that aspect to get everyone up to speed. like, yes, fans who’ve been paying attention know that Loki’s a person, that he’s wounded, that he doesn’t hurt people just because it’s fun for him, that he feels things very deeply, that he loves his family, but somehow the mainstream perception of him has missed like 85% of that, and the show’s just not going to have much impact unless it gets everybody on board with those very basic ideas. in terms of story structure it probably doesn’t make sense for this to be his lowest point, but starting from the bottom and eventually getting somewhere better is fairly standard, so at this point I can imagine tons of ways things could improve for him
yeah I do hate the whole Sacred Timeline thing, see also my posts about how much I loved that Endgame canonically (I thought) established multiple timelines where everything was fine, so yeah I’m pissed about that because it means those timelines were canonically pruned
like I don’t...hate it as a storytelling device? I just hate it for fandom reasons, and I’ve hated it in other fandoms when canon did something that seemed to open things up to all this incredible possibility and then went “actually no, we’re boxing it up again into this one specific Way That Things Happened” and for fanwork purposes it doesn’t matter all that much, I don’t think it’s actually that much harder to do AUs or go “okay well in this universe the TVA doesn’t exist, whatever” (in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if AO3 quickly develops a new canonical “not TVA compliant” tag for basically all Loki fic), but it is annoying that it’s now like “canonically, every AU is Not Allowed”, and if that ends up sticking as the status quo with the TVA considered good guys or at least a necessary evil then yeah, I’m going to be annoyed
I don’t think that’s inevitable for a variety of reasons
this whole show is going to deal with multiverse shenanigans and so will Dr. Strange 2, so it seems completely possible that the end result could be a status quo of “there’s a multiverse actually and that’s fine” (...although yes, I’ll be doubly annoyed if the end result of this show is a restored multiverse of some kind and the end result of Dr. Strange 2 is condensing it back down to a single timeline)
the multiverse is a long-running comics tradition, which still seems to be the case even after...whatever event it was that collided a bunch of them and tried for a Highlander thing, look I wasn’t really following it and I know some characters ended up in other universes from where they started but I’m pretty sure we still have a multiverse of some kind
almost all the recent Loki-centric comics have focused on questions of fate and agency
Agent of Asgard in particular was about Loki eventually going “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” and forging a new path (and, okay, it does seem like runs other than AoA have been the most influential here but again we’ve only seen one episode)
Loki, specifically, is an agent of chaos and change, like that’s his whole thing going way back to mythology, because sometimes stagnancy is death and chaos is healthy, and of course myth!Loki (and earlier versions of comics!Loki) is always responsible for triggering Ragnarok, which isn’t just the end of the world but is also a natural, crucial part of a cycle of renewal, and yes the MCU already did Ragnarok but that doesn’t at all mean they can’t play more with those ideas
Tom Hiddleston has brought up this specific point several times in recent interviews, that sometimes chaos is the one thing that's really needed
also, on Jimmy Kimmel the day of the episode, he kind of...planted a seed about the TVA maybe not being uncomplicated good guys because seriously what gives them the right to make these decisions for literally everyone
so at the very least I think it’s completely possible that things aren’t quite what they seem, and that for instance we’re supposed to discover that Mobius is consciously manipulating him to turn him into the type of tool the TVA wants him to be
also “the timeline wants to break free” shows up on a lot of merch, which does seem to indicate a free will vs. predestination theme
I’m not at all familiar with comics!TVA, although I understand they’re considered villains (although to be fair, so were the Skrulls, and at least thus far that’s been inverted for the MCU), but their whole thing reminded me of a few other entities in a way that could be relevant:
the tape running out was like the Norns cutting the thread of somebody’s life
Those Who Sit Above In Shadow in AoA (and also maybe whatever was below the God Quarry in Infinity Wars although I’m less familiar with that)
the gods in Cabin In The Woods, who were also kind of audience proxies in that they really just cared about the sacrifice being entertaining, which kinda seems like the only logical reason for the Timekeepers to prefer any given series of events over another
my personal hope for the series: the Timekeepers are ultimately the Big Bad and the rogue Loki variant is ultimately right in trying to wipe out the TVA (because sure I realize it’s maybe dumb of me but I still don’t want any Loki to be completely a bad guy!!); the major named TVA characters realize they’re the baddies actually and team up with a whole army of Lokis to take them down and GIVE US BACK OUR MULTIVERSE
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spid3rgwen · 3 hours ago
TFATWS head canon 5/??
The Howling Commandos were a fantastic group of soldiers, from diverse backgrounds. They all went on after the war and told their kids and grandkids and great grandchildren stories about Captain America and Bucky Barnes. One soldier, whose last name was Walker was especially fond of telling these stories.
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infinitebuckys · 4 hours ago
Release - Loki x reader
loki x female reader
you and loki just have a stress release moment in the TVA.
warnings: smut, fingering, unprotected sex, slight degradation.
Tumblr media
You let out a soft moan when his fingers brushed on your panties, his lips leaving kisses and marks on your neck. Loki had you on your desk, with your legs wide open, barely touching you with his long, slim fingers.
He pushed the fabric to the side, humming against your skin when he felt the wetness on your heat. Loki slided a finger on you easily.
“You’re so wet,” he hissed against your ear, making you whimper again. “Your office seems truly boring,” he said, inserting a second finger.
“Oh- imagine how’s paperwork,” you bit back another moan as he pumped his fingers on you.
It was late and no one else but you and Loki were in the place. Since you were busy trying to catch the new variant, you kinda got close to him. You found him very attractive, but never dared to make a move first, you thought he didn't wanted you like you wanted him. Oh, how wrong you were.
Now he had you pinned against the cold desk, your papers and pens on the ground while you just waited for him to fuck you on the surface. That was all you could think of when the pace of his fingers increased, you whimpered loudly.
“Please, Loki,” you begged with a soft voice, feeling your walls clenching around his fingers and how your orgasm built on your belly.
“I love how you say my name,” he grunted, bitting your earlobe.
You came with a loud cry, feeling his thumb rubbing and putting some pressure on your clit. Loki pulled his fingers out to later lick the wetness on them.
A small moan left your lips, taking a glance on the dark-haired god standing between your legs, your hips bucking themselves to get some friction or his touch back on your skin.
“You seem so eager,” Loki teased.
“When you’re just a boring secretary, good sex is not something on your schedule, at least not here.”
“Let's get to action then, shall we?”
He flipped you around, so now your stomach was pressed against the desk, your breasts out of the half buttoned blouse against the cool surface. You felt his hands lifting up your skirt again, pulling your panties to the side to get a view of your wet pussy.
You heard his belt and the zipper of his pants, your hips aligned with his, pressing your ass cheeks against him. His hard dick entered slowly, making you cry softly on the cold metal surface.
Definitely it was a long time for you. Loki groaned, grabbing your hips with his hands and after you got comfortable for some time, he began to thrust his hips, making a filthy sound with your skin smashing against his.
You held back a loud moan, gasping to try and not to cry out loud.
“Such a precious little cunt,” Loki hissed, with a hand around your neck.
“Fuck!” you moaned feeling him hitting your sweet spot over and over. “Oh god- ah!” his hand spanked your ass again, leaving for sure a mark on your skin.
“Tell me how well I fuck you,” he ordered.
“You fuck me so well, please,” you begged between your breath.
Your second orgasm was building up on your belly and hit you fast, like a lightning running all over your body. Loki’s grunts and low moans echoed in the office, until he released inside you, your orgasm bringing his own.
He stayed still for a few moments, before pulling out and helping you to sit down on the desk carefully. Both of you catching your breath.
“You know, this kind of work is so stressful,” you said. “Can we do it again?”
“I don't think you need to ask.”
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taaroko · 4 hours ago
There have been much more in-depth Loki metas than this since last Wednesday, but my thing is I’m really glad Loki got to see all those big moments in his would-have-been future. Specifically, he got to see the best moments he would have with each member of his family, juxtaposed against Thanos murdering him. Considering that earlier in the episode, he assumed the Avengers had time-traveled to stop his own inevitable rise to power, it was really important for him to see who might want good things for him and who just wants him dead. This fresh off of trying to conquer Earth armed with the weapon and army Thanos loaned him, he probably needed that reminder. 
On a related note, I love that the TVA is all about their predestined sacred timeline, because it really turns Loki’s nonsense “freedom is life’s great lie” speeches on their head. Like, oh really, GOD OF MISCHIEF, you think you don’t like freedom? Here’s a seemingly omnipotent bureaucracy that agrees. Ready to change that tune now?
All that is great stuff to start an arc with the Loki who still has bruises from getting Hulk-smashed. Super psyched for the next one.
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I have seen a post saying that Peter Parker has been putting the "e" in dad since 1962 and I feel so bad for laughing lol
Tumblr media
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madam-o · 6 hours ago
Going back to the probable Nightmare connection in Loki, if the TVA has a Department for Nightmare then I'm assuming his realm contains something they need for their whatever creates the purple smoke in the Reset Charges? Or possibly the Dream Realm is the TVA's pass-through to reality. So what does Nightmare get out of this deal? Dreamers, one assumes. Perhaps he claims a percentage of the variant people from alternate timelines for his own use before that timeline is pruned. Or maybe Nightmare's powers are what destroy the other realities. The more I contemplate the clues, the worse it all sounds for the people in alternate timelines. 😓
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royaleflush · 6 hours ago
wait wait …did Bucky have money in the 1940s like we know Steve was poor but like Bucky was in a pressed suit so did he have money?!!!
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keenerkey · 7 hours ago
Now that we are talking about all the different timelines the TVA has stopped,
My brain of course goes to Harley (when doesn’t it) and all the timelines where he went up to New York to live with Tony for various reasons and every time he’s about to leave Rose Hill the TVA comes and stops him and resets the timeline.
You know Harley would have asked Tony at least a few times growing up and Tony wouldn’t say no to that
There has to be one time he tried to sneak his way to New York and he became a deviant and had to be reset.
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lex-the-flex · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Comforting Loki at the TVA would Include:
Contains Spoilers for LOKI
You’d accidently walk into Agent Mobius’ office to turn in some paperwork where you found Loki sitting on the small set of steps with his face in his hands. 
Trying not disturb him, you quietly set your stack of completed files and new paperwork down on the desk only to find the replica of the priceless Tesseract on the steps next to him. 
“Whatever it is, tell Mobius that he can have this bloody thing!” The man shouted, throwing the Tesseract in your direction, hoping it would break. 
The object landed at your feet and ricocheted off your pair of boots. This caused you to glance up at the man in desperation. So you decided to slowly approach the TVA’s newest detainee. After all, he was the most popular Variant in the building.
Extending your arm to the man, you held the Tesseract in front of him, offering the replica to him. 
Taking the object from you, Loki did his best to give you a kind smile, but he was too distressed. 
“Thank you. I’m Loki, by the way. Loki Laufeyson. But you probably already knew that.” Loki introduced himself. 
Sitting next to him, you left enough space in between the two of you, letting Loki remain in his personal bubble.
“Unfortunately, I didn’t. I work on the R.E.M. Floor, so I didn’t get the news.” You respond.
Looking toward you, Loki’s dark brows furrowed as confusion overtook his face. Then Loki did the unthinkable and fiercely flicked you in the arm. Earning a shocked and confused reaction from you, Loki couldn’t believe the sight before him. 
“I don’t believe this! I’m talking to an actual human! A real live human!” He exclaimed and rose up from the place where he was sitting. 
“Of course I’m real! As far as I’m concerned, I’m the most sane person here!” You replied, tenderly holding your arm. 
Standing up to face Loki, you snickered at his excitement, even though you had no idea what he went through in the past few hours.
“I’m Y/N. And I assure you, Mobius and I are probably the most decent people here, Loki. If there’s anything I can do, or if you just need someone to talk to, I’m here.” You say, extending your hand to him, returning the favor. 
“The pleasure is all mine, Y/N.” Loki replied, shaking your hand before the double doors opened as Agent Mobius walked in. 
Tagging ~ 
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bubbly-moonwarrior · 8 hours ago
Glorious Purpose...
I've seen all sorts of reactions for how loki is being portrayed in the series... honestly I am very excited.
This is exactly what Tom said it would be. All about identity. It's loki trying to find his place in the universe now that he no longer has Glorious Purpose. It's an existential crisis, it's a confrontation of the human condition, of destiny and free will and choice.
Loki is the protagonist and the antagonist. It's less about "this is loki" and more about "who can loki be". He can be the villain, the extremely dangerous variant. He can be the reluctant mischievous hero. He can be his own enemy. He can choose to be his own saviour.
Given all this new understanding of fate and his less-than-glorious purpose, given an opportunity to escape it, what will loki choose to be?
He certainly won't remain the same loki we have perceived so far and that's something that can be very upsetting to a lot of fans. But I think it's a chance for loki to rebuild himself and I love it.
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emptymasks · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
End of File. 
Still not recovered from episode 1, how the hell is it almost Wedneday again? But I'm so glad this show has gotten me so inspired. I haven't drawn a proper drawing that's not concept art or a portrait in a long while. Thinking of selling this as a print? I actually have a lot of Loki posters and pins dropping in my Etsy shop tomorrow, you can see more about it on my Instagram
❤️ reblog to support artists ❤️ ❌ do not repost ❌
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the-impossible-artist · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
"You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain, and suffering, and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best versions of themselves."
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