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#marvel soulmate
tokoyamisstuff · 3 hours ago
Masterlist: Burning Passion
Loki x Reader
Synopsis: The first thing your Soulmate speaks to you is written somewhere on your skin, yet you’re not overly fond of the man that directs those words towards you.
Warnings: Huge amounts of Angst, specific NSFW, Injury, Blood, Violence, Death, Mental Illness
Tumblr media
Noteable: Fem! Reader, Enemies to Lovers, Soulmate AU
Chapter Index
[Part 1] - [Part 2] - [Part 3] -  [Part 4] -  [Part 5] -  [Part 6] -  [Part 7] -  [Part 8] - [Part 9] - [Part 10] -  [Part 11]
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beyondspaceandstars · 15 hours ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 13
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: sad. this chapter is sad. Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier.
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
You were sitting at a stool in the compound’s kitchen when a familiar face walked in. Bucky had eventually explained to you that this was a sort of “headquarters” for the team. You felt a bit foolish having realized you never kept up much with these mighty heroes but you were eager to learn now. So far, you hadn’t encountered anyone you didn’t personally know on this famed team. Even now your eyes landed on the welcoming yet worried face of Steve.
“Morning,” you said, waving your fork before stabbing some of your scrambled eggs. Bucky had insisted on cooking for you despite your assurance you were fine but his cooking skills were....subpar. Still, nothing was inedible and you needed your strength back.
Steve reciprocated the greeting, saying your name with much excitement. “How are you feeling?” He added while making his way to the coffee pot. You chewed your eggs borderline viciously as you debated on an answer. 
“I’m okay.” You gave a shrug, staring down at your plate. Part of you wanted to let more out but you ignored it.
Steve came back around to the counter, standing on the other side across from you. He held his coffee cup firmly, nervously almost. You could feel him watching you. That excitement he had said your name with felt like it was evaporating from the room slowly.
“That’s… good,” Steve said. “If you need someone to talk to we have plenty of resources and - and I wanted to say I’m sorry.”
You peaked a glance at him, confused. You placed your fork on the counter. “Sorry? Why are you sorry?”
“I worry I led them right to you,” he explained, “like you two were separated for a reason.”
You frowned. You hadn’t thought about this - heck, you hadn’t thought about blaming anyone other than the disgusted men with such joyous evil looks in their eyes.
“Steve, I don’t think there was any way anyone could’ve prevented this.” You pushed your plate of food away. “They had their sights set. They had a plan, an optimism. It may have just been the soulmate experience in this case,” you sighed. Steve mumbled your name, shaking his head, but you continued, “And that’s fine. Love doesn’t come easy, right?”
“Being kidnapped is not part of being in love.”
“Yeah, well, you don’t have an ex-assassin for a soulmate.”
Steve’s jaw went slack. You were staring him down now, practically begging him to say one more thing. 
“It’s going to be okay,” Steve finally settled on. Ever the cool, calm, and collected star-spangled man. “You will recover and it’ll never happen again, we can promise you that.” His voice was serious as if every word ended with a period. You felt tears starting to well in your eyes. You wanted to say something, maybe ask for a hug or just… you didn’t know what, so you just sat there, slumped in your chair like a defeated puppy.
“Everything okay here?” A sudden voice made you jump. You and Steve turned towards the kitchen doorway where Bucky was standing, arms crossed, worry etched all over his face. It seemed to become his permanent expression now. Even when it was just you two, he always appeared on edge.
You nodded, turning back to collect your plate and take it to the sink. “We were just chatting.” You didn’t see the look you just knew Steve and Bucky were sharing.
When you turned back around to face the pair, Bucky had crossed the room, almost close enough to now be hovering over you. You flinched when he went to put a comforting hand on your shoulder. You didn’t know why as you clearly didn’t think he was a threat but hadn’t you seen how threatening he could be? You lowered your head, fighting off the thoughts. He wasn’t like that to you and he had proven it time and time again. Why was it suddenly different?
Before either of the men could comment on your sudden hesitation, you said, “I’m going to go take a shower.” They just nodded, letting you exit.
When you got out of the shower and back into the room the team had lent you and Bucky for the time being, Bucky was waiting patiently on the bed. You lingered around the space, picking out some pajamas to wear, acting as normal as you could. You took in the space, still amazed by it. It was fairly large with top-notch amenities, including a luscious bed, spacious dresser, and television from technology you weren’t sure existed for the general public. It even had access to your own grand bathroom, saving you some war flashbacks of the communal restrooms at college. 
You dipped back into the bathroom and got changed. While your intimacy with Bucky hadn’t been on the shy side, you weren’t in that kind of mood right now. Rightfully so, you would say.
Emerging once more, you noticed Bucky had made a sort of resting area for you on the bed. Your side was surrounded by blankets upon blankets and soft pillows. He even had a movie queued up for you two to watch. He laid waiting, his eyes practically begging you to come to him. After giving your hair a final wring, you gave in and crawled into the soft bed, letting all of you just melt into it.
“How are y-,”
“Bucky,” you sighed, turning towards him. He was laying on his side, staring down at your curled-up form. “Please don’t ask how I am.”
He nodded. “I get it, doll. I’m just worried about you. You seemed alright yesterday but today…” Yeah. You’d taken a dive. Your whole mood had shifted. Heck, your views on the world had shifted. As dramatic as it seemed, you were having a hard time snapping back. You weren’t even gone for over two days and yet the smallest thing...
“I think it’s just all settling in,” you admitted, your voice barely above a whisper. “Maybe it was just shock yesterday or something but realizing what all happened… Gosh, this probably seems so foolish to you.”
Bucky began shaking his head profusely. As gently as he could, he took your hand in his. You welcomed the action as you shifted under the makeshift mountain of blankets. “Don’t do that, honey. Don’t try to dismiss it or think what you’re feeling is foolish. You went through something so terrifying. You’re allowed to react to it.” He took a deep breath. “When we talked yesterday, I think I thought maybe they hadn’t gotten to you. That nothing had happened that would leave you torn up but you saw… a lot.”
You knew he wasn’t talking about just being exposed to Hydra and their twisted selves. “I did,” you hesitantly agreed. “And I fear it’s going to take a lot to recover.” Your words felt like you were delivering punch after punch to Bucky but where were you going to get if you weren’t honest?
“Anything you need, sweetheart,” he mumbled, his thumb drawing soft patterns on the back of your hand, sending shivers through you. “I’ll do anything to make it better.”
You nodded, averting your gaze to where your hands were connected. Your hand was so tense but you hadn’t even realized you were squeezing his. You relaxed it slightly and Bucky’s motions stopped.
“Bucky,” you mumbled, “can I ask you something?”
He hummed in response.
“What do I offer you?”
You could feel Bucky’s eyes staring you down. No doubt a concerned frown was playing on his lips. “What are you getting at here, honey?”
You shifted uncomfortably. “When I was… you know… the - the older man said that he didn’t understand why we would be paired together. They were determined to figure out what I offer you. What makes me so special.” A beat. “I really don’t know the answer.”
Bucky sighed, shaking his head. You glanced up at him again, his eyes now holding a different kind of anger. You felt bad for doubting yourself but the insecurity from the words of some random guy settled into your brain. 
After a thoughtful moment, Bucky spoke, “I don’t think you’ll ever fully understand what you give, not just to me, honey, but the world. You’re so fearless. You’re incredibly understanding. Not to mention how compassionate and bright you are…” His voice cracked slightly, breaking your heart a little. “You force me to remember that I’m not alone and I don’t have to be. And I just really hope I do the same for you.”
You could feel your own tears forming as you shifted just a bit closer to your soulmate. You weren’t quite touching but you could still feel his presence. It was as comfortable as you could get right now and Bucky seemed to respect that. 
“I hope I’ll be okay,” you confessed. “Eventually.” 
It quite amazed you how fast stuff could change within yourself. You woke up from being rescued with the more extravagant hopes and overwhelming relief of just making it out alive. But then you remembered the price of you making it out alive. What you had to witness to get there. And then the thoughts of actually being back in that position rushed over you. Needless to say, it was weird. Simply weird. Unlike anything you had encountered before. 
Bucky soon nodded, encouragingly. You hated putting anything else on him but he had become part of the memories now. It was one thing to see him in dreams and another to watch it just feet away from you. 
With a choking sob, he said, “Me too, doll.”
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squishneedsahero · a day ago
Holding Tight
Broken Things to Mend
Part 2 of 1
Word Count: 9746
A soulmate au where you have the first sentence your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body in their handwriting.
A/N: I had a need to do this all in one chapter so I apologize for the length.
Things are more than just a little bit awkward for you to figure out when Loki comes back for you. Firstly is the fact that Thor thought the both of you to be dead, second that Loki had somehow taken over Asgard and was pretending to be his father, third is the fact that you can just... do what you want. You want food? Yes you can have that, as much as you'd like too. You want to just vibe in a dark room, okay, you can do that too.
Out of everything it's probably the fourth thing that's the weirdest, and it's the fact that because Thor is off-world Loki lets you move into the palace with him, keeping some sort of illusion over you as you become healthy. You'd be surprised by how much just being a twig with grey skin masks your real appearance. Like, no one had any idea that you were the Wraith who had been in the dungeon a month ago, it made no sense so you could only agree with Loki that they must be idiots. Loki didn't really tell you much about what it was he was doing as 'king' and you didn't care enough to ask. The cover story he came up with for you was that you were a servant which was confusing but still, you knew nothing better, as far as you were concerned you were living the high life.
With Loki pretending to be his father and you pretending to be a servant the two of you kind of sneak around when you're hanging out together. That also isn't hard to do thanks to Loki's magic, most of the time is spent together in the library. He spends the time to patiently teach you how to read, and you absolutely adored it. You basically absorbed the knowledge held in those pages, taking anything you could get after millennia of knowing nothing about the universe.
You aren't anywhere near ready to do anything serious with Loki. Sure, the two of you had shared a kiss but that was in a moment of passion, relieving fears of having lost a chance with the other. You have your own suite to yourself, that allows you to figure yourself out along with every other thing that you're having to figure out. But, the two of you spend plenty of time together, reading in the library, sitting in the gardens at night and sharing meals in either his or your suite. So, you were becoming yourself. Healthy for the first time in your lifetime, no grayish skin, no longer just a wisp of a form, but how you had been each time you'd been in possession of an infinity stone.
Months pass and you grow close with your soulmate, first you got comfortable enough to hold his hand. Then it became shy kisses, as though you were a child with a crush though he was your soulmate. Eventually the both of you also discovered that from your centuries of isolation you were extremely touch starved, and Loki was as well, but as soon as you had discovered how safe you felt with his arms wrapped around you, you became a leech. That same night you'd started sharing a bed and you never wanted him to let go, every time he had to do anything as Odin you'd complain even if you still let him go.
So, yeah slowly but surely the two of you fell in love, and it was wonderful. For the first time in both of your lives you felt like you had someone you were safe with. You could be yourselves, say what you wanted and not having to worry about the other ever letting go. Pure bliss. Loki was the happiest he had been in his life, he never wanted to leave your side, to the point that he contemplated giving the throne back to Odin and running off with you. The two of you didn't get that chance.
Loki was out at one of his public appearances as Odin, keeping up the act of being king, you didn't like going out during the day so instead you stayed back in the library to read. More than surprised when he came back early, Thor following closely behind him, looking clearly upset.
"Brother what is this, take me to Father. I know he isn't on Asgard, so why have you brought me here?"
"Patience, Thor, I have some things here that I cannot just up and leave."
You look confused as they approach and Thor looks disgruntled until he finally looks up to find Loki's destination. You. His eyes widen and a smile breaks through the upset look he had been sporting, "Wraith! I thought you dead!? It is good to see you!"
Loki stops him from running to you, and instead allows you to stand up and approach them the rest of the way. You offer a small smile to Thor, and say, "my name is actually y/n."
You're close enough that Loki can't exactly stop Thor from pulling you into a hug, which shocks you more than a little bit and puts a sour look on Loki's face. Finally he puts you down and looks at you, setting a hand on your shoulder, "I'm sorry y/n, when Malekith had taken the Aether from you- you seemed dead. I apologize for leaving you on that planet."
You smile a little wider, "it's alright Thor... there was a lot happening, but Loki found me and brought me back here." You pause and glance between the two brothers, "what is it that brings you here?"
"My brother has let me think he was dead and has sent our father off to who knows where, Ragnarok is coming and Odin is needed here."
You nod, somewhat understanding but as said before you didn't ask about what Loki had done as Odin or why he had done it exactly, you just knew they had an extremely strained relationship.
"I am taking Thor to Midgard to find our father, and now with everyone knowing I am not Odin I thought it best if you join us."
"Midgard? Are you sure that is smart?"
"No, it isn't smart but it is the only option to get Thor to leave us alone."
You nod once again, "alright."
Getting to earth was more than a little weird, you held tightly to Loki as you went through the Bifrost and once you're on earth Loki changes into a suit and gives you a cute dress to replace your usual cloak/robe thing since that was a little obvious. You're surprised that the dress isn't as bad as you'd expected, it was a nice black dress, keeping with your usual vibe. Morticia Addams-esque is the only good way to describe it with its long sleeves, floor length skirt and the fit that hugged your body.
Following next to Loki he leads the both of you to a demolished building. "What is this?" Thor asks, still upset.
"I swear, I left him right here."
"Right here in this building or right here in this pile of rubble?"
Loki doesn't get a chance to answer as two girls walk up to Thor and ask to take a picture. By the time Thor is done he's forgotten the question he had asked and Loki didn't want to answer it. Nothing more is able to be said as a ring of sparkles sprouts around you and Loki, then opens up and lets the two of you fall into darkness. Loki quickly wraps his arms around you and puls you close to him.
"What is this?" you ask.
"I do not know, we will soon find out, though I cannot do anything to get us out of here."
You sigh gently, but the darkness and being held close by Loki was much preferred to the glaring sunlight you'd been in moments before. "At least we are together," you say.
This brings Loki back to the moment and he pulls you more tightly against him, "you know, Love, we could have some fun with this since we have nothing else to do."
His smooth voice flows over you and you lean into his chest, "we can kiss," you offer softly, having no desire for anything more.
"That sounds lovely dear," he says and pulls you into a kiss.
So, here's the thing, he kept suggesting things like this and though you knew what it was he was wanting you had no interest in it. Everything was so new to you that he didn't think much about it, but for you the more times he offered the more you realized that it was something you'd never want to do. The concept of it not being normal didn't occur to you, the idea that you should just tell him that didn't occur to you either.
So the two of you kiss for a while and try your best to cuddle as you free fall. Eventually and unexpectedly the two of you stop, crashing onto the floor, Loki taking the brunt of the fall with you landing on top of him. You sit up and find yourself in a somewhat compromising position but you're busy with Thor and the other dark haired man standing above you. You stand up, and Loki quickly follows, looking at the man and drawing some daggers.
"You think yourself a sorcerer? I will teach you to-"
"Okay, goodbye," the man says, and sends all three of you through another one of those golden portals.
You're a bit dizzy so it takes a moment longer to notice the man sitting on a rock over looking the cliff. Odin. You decide to stay back and let the brothers talk with their father, Loki doesn't let you do that though as he takes your hand for support and takes you along with him to see Odin.
"Father?" Thor questions.
Odin doesn't answer and instead says, "look at this place. It's beautiful."
"Father, it's us."
"My sons. I've been waiting for you."
"We've come to take you home."
"Home, yes. Your mother, she calls me. Do you hear it?" Odin responds and you keep your grip on Loki's hand, after all the stories you'd heard from Loki this was hardly how you had expected Odin to react.
"Loki, lift your magic," Thor says turning on his brother.
"Took me quite a while to break free from your spell," Odin stops Thor from punching Loki. "Frigga would have been proud," Odin pauses. "Come, sit with me. I don't have much time."
"I know that we failed you, but we can make this right," Thor says, desperately wanting his father to live.
"I failed you. It is upon us...Ragnarok," Odin says, ignoring Thor's pleas.
"No, I've stopped Ragnarok. I put an end to Surtur."
"No. It has already begun. She's coming," he says mournfully. "My life was all that held her back, but my time has come. I cannot keep her away any longer."
"Father, who are you talking about?"
"The Goddess of Death. Hela. My first born. Your sister," Odin gives the unexpected answer.
"...what?" Thor asks in shock, while Loki's only response is his grip tightening on your hand.
"Her violent appetites grew beyond my control. I couldn't stop her, so I imprisoned her. Locked her away. She draws her strength from Asgard...and once she gets there,  her powers will be limitless."
"Whatever she is, we can stop her. We can face her together."
"No we won't. I'm on a different path now. This you must face alone. I love you my sons," Odin says and with that he turns to a glittering mist that dissipates in the ocean breeze.
"Brother," Loki says, trying to prevent Thor from doing anything rash.
"This was your doing," the blond responds, electricity crackling at his finger tips.
You're ready to step in front of your soulmate to prevent a conflict, but you don't have too. There's a crackling sound behind you and you all turn to see a dark, smoky, portal open and a woman with dark hair and a slightly crazed look in her eye steps through.
"So, he's already gone," she clicks her tongue. "A shame, I would've liked to see that."
Nothing happens for a beat then Thor holds Mjolnir to the sky, calling lightning down which changes him into his armor. In the same moment Loki changes his clothes and yours to his armor and your usual cloak.
"You must be Hela, I'm Thor, son of Odin."
"Really?" The woman asks with a raised eyebrow, "you don't look like him."
"Perhaps we could come to an agreement," Loki steps in.
Hela then turns to him, not even giving you a glance, "you sound like him," she says in disgust. She pauses a beat before saying, "Kneel," another pause, "before your queen."
"I beg your pardon?" Loki questions the same moment that Thor throws his hammer at her.
She catches it. With one hand, something thats supposed to be impossible, and then she does something even more impossible. The hammer begins to quiver in her hand until it slowly shatters.
"Impossible," Thor murmurs.
"Darling, you have no idea what's possible."
"Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!" Loki shouts, wanting to get you to safety. Unfortunately he ignores Thor's protests to not do so but his arms are around you as you're once again sucked up into the Bifrost.
You think you're safe for a moment then you look below you and theres Hela, quickly growing closer until you goes to grab your ankle. Luckily you're able to turn partially to mist and avoid her, but Loki isn't so lucky. She gets ahold of his ankle and sends the both of you through the wall of the Bifrost and out into space.
Luckily, you were able to survive in the void of space, it was a wraith's natural environment after all. Not so luckily, Loki can't, for long at least. You pull him into your chest and look out into space, desperately searching for a nearby planet you can take him too.
"Y/n," you hear him speak in your mind, "Love, do not worry so much, I am able to breathe right here, your touch is keeping me alive."
You allow your shoulders to drop, the stress and tension leaving leaving you. You kiss the top of his head, "okay, darling, you hold onto me and I will get us out of here." Knowing that your soulmate won't die in your arms this day calms you, and from here you're able to take your time with finding a planet as Loki holds to you.
Well, you don't exactly find a planet right away. Instead you take him through a wormhole that is nearby. Why you do this you aren't sure but when you saw it, it seemed to call to you, its energy attracting you like a moth to a light.
It spits the both of you out on a planet covered in junk, where Loki is able to breathe. It's lucky that he can breathe because you had absorbed the energy of the wormhole, shielding him from it, and promptly passing out. In turn he shields you from the fall, and giving you a chance to wake up.
When you open your eyes you're on the ground, still in his arms. He gives you a gentle kiss when your eyes flutter open, "hello love, you did brilliantly back there."
"I am just glad I was able to keep you alive, I didn't know I was able to do that," you respond gently as you begin looking around. The planet is covered in junk, old ships, random things from different planets and different species of aliens. Something is off though, a ship quickly lands alongside both of you and someone steps out. Actually a few someones.
"Are you fighters, or food?"
"Neither," you answer.
"Then food it is," and they say as they ready their weapons.
You shake you head, "I just pulled us out of the void of space, got aren't going to kill us after I put in that much work."
Loki offers his hand to you in support but is willing to let you handle this. You'd only fought under the influence of the infinity stones before this, he was curious as to what your abilities were like on your own.
You don't know what you're doing, but you follow your gut instinct with it. Outstretching your hands, in front of you and towards the ground. Your skin grays for a moment as mist begins flowing from your fingertips. It goes slow, until it doesn't in a sudden blast it  shoots out around you in a wall, knocking all of them down and out. You then look at your soulmate then at the ship which had landed by the both of you, "shall we?" You ask with a smile, learning about the universe with Loki as your teacher probably wasn't the best thing for the safety of those around you but it worked.
"That was amazing, beautiful," Loki says and leads the way onto the ship, and takes the controls. It doesn't take the both of you long to find the main city on the planet and of course Loki takes it upon himself to find the most important building with the most important people.
The leader of the planet is a man who calls himself the Grand Master and Loki easily sweet talks his way into the man's favor. He gives you both a place to stay, and invites you to the extravagant parties he throws. For the first time they two of you aren't having to sneak around the public eye with your relationship and that means Loki takes you on real dates.
Sakaar is a weird place, so the dates are weird. You spend most of the time dragging him around to see new things you hadn't seen before. He finds it endearing, you're especially cute when you're learning new things. The way your eyes would light up like a child's, your smile covering your face, you were gorgeous.
The parties are glamorous, and you hate them at least a little bit, they're so crowded and and everyone is drinking and it's just a bit overwhelming. But they're something Loki enjoys and he always keeps you close so it isn't as bad as it could be. He teaches you how to dance, the two of you holding one another closely and moving in sync to the various songs the Grand Master plays.
"The two of you will absolutely love the contest of champions. The fighting, the maiming it's just wonderful. I cannot wait for the two of you see my wonderful champion he's absolutely terrifying," the Grandmaster says to the both of you one day.
"Yes, I've heard of your famous contest of champions I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful when we are finally able to watch," Loki placates the man so that he will leave the both of you alone. You hated him more than a little bit, he was always hitting on you despite the fact Loki was right there. Granted he was also hitting on Loki while you were beside him, and suggesting something called a threesome that you had the feeling you didn't want to learn more about.
Fortunately Grandmaster leaves, distracted by something else, leaving you to take a seat next to Loki. "How long do we have to stay here?" You ask softly.
"We don't have to put up with him for much longer, just until I get the codes to access his ships then we can steal one and get our of here," he says softly in your ear and allows his hand to caress your thigh.
"Good, cause I can't stand him... and it would probably be good to get back to Asgard and help your people not be killed by your sister."
You can feel Loki roll his eyes, "you're still stuck on that?"
"Yeah, I am, and you aren't changing my mind cause I quite like helping people. It's much nicer than trying to obliterate an entire planet."
"Alright, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to change your mind," he sighs. "Imagine, we could find another planet and rule over it together, you at my side as my queen. The Asgardians would never allow me to go back to being their leader."
"No, they wouldn't, but that's probably because you lied to them about being Odin," you respond with a sassy smirk. "Plus, maybe if you helped them they'd forgive you for that."
He gently pets the top of your head, "darling," he starts but you cut him off by placing a gentle kiss on his lips. You know if you let him keep going he'd just continue to demean himself, and you didn't want that.
His hands move to grasp your hips as he pulls you onto his lap and deepens the kiss. You lean back to look at him and softly say, "would you like to go back to our room?" You pause for a moment before continuing, "I have something I want to tell you."
His expression changes from something more lustful to his neutral mask to hide his confusion at your shift. Nevertheless he doesn't miss a beat as he says, "of course." He gets up with you and leads the both of you back to the suite the Grandmaster had provided.
Once there you pull him after you to the bed, where you sit next to him. "You know, I like to kiss and cuddle you."
"I do?" He says, allowing an eyebrow to raise.
"Yeah, but I wanted to tell you that I love you. I also wanted to tell you that," you pause attempting to make sure you find the right words, "well, when you keep offering to have the sex I don't want too," you end with a shrug.
Loki takes a moment to process your words before he says anything. "So you are asexual?" He asks gently.
"I am A-sexual?" You ask, confused by the words he had just said.
He smiles at you endearingly as he remembers that you don't know as much as he does. "Yes, asexual," he confirms while taking your hand. "It means that you do not feel sexual attraction, so you do not want to have sex," he explains to you.
You pause for a moment before responding, "yeah," you nod, "that's it. I'm asexual." A smile comes across your face as you say this, not having a single clue how this might be a bigger deal for many other beings.
Loki smiles at you, "thank you for telling me, love. I very much enjoy kissing and cuddling you as well, and we do not need to do anything more if you don't want too."
You put your arms around his shoulders and give him a kiss, "I love you." You pause for a moment and tilt your head, "why is it that you are acting so oddly about this?"
Loki caresses your cheek, "well, for many other beings it can be a big deal. For me it isn't a big deal, on Asgard such things are common, as for why I am acting oddly is because I wasn't expecting this and I am just taking a moment to process this, but I know that it doesn't change the love I feel for you in any way."
You squeeze his hand and take a moment to think before determining, "it shouldn't be a big deal. It is just how I feel and you are my soulmate do I thought I should tell you."
"I agree, it shouldn't be a big deal and for most it isn't but for some reason Midgardians frequently and confusingly get very caught up on the subject. For instance if they knew on occasion I prefer to present myself as a female there would be a riot," he says and pulls you into a hug.
"That's absurd," you say as you muse over this information. The rest of that day is spent with you and your love discussing the complexities of the universe and how some creatures can be so close minded. There's also plenty of cuddling, and kissing, it's very enjoyable.
The Grandmaster seems to have parties everyday so the next day the two of you find yourselves out and about. For once you choose to wear a dress with shorter sleeves, showing your soul mark and having confidence in yourself for once. It's alright that your arm has the word "Useless" on it, it didn't batter because it was a reminder of how far you and Loki had come with one another.
You feel Grandmaster's eyes on you as you enter, and you also feel Loki's arm wrap around you and hold you to his side. This gives you some confidence as you go with him to get some drinks and take a seat on a couch. Your peace doesn't last long though as Grandmaster comes over and begins to flirt with both of you.
You squeeze Loki's hand and let him do the talking. The being in front of you is on your nerves and probably has a higher dose of pissing you off than is healthy or doctor recommended. Luckily he isn't able to stick around as his assistant comes up and says one of his scrappers is in need of a meeting with him.
You lean against Loki once the other man is gone, "are you sure that we need his codes to leave this place?"
"No," Loki answers honestly.
You look at him, "okay then let's leave."
He gently rolls his eyes, "later, today I'm still trying to convince you to stay here with me."
You pout and kiss his cheek, "okay, but it's not happening."
Before Loki can respond to you the both of you hear a voice to your side, "Loki! Loki!" It is an attempt at a whisper, a very poor attempt but it gets your attention.
The both of you turn and look, seeing none other than Thor stuck in one of the Grandmaster's prison chairs. Without thinking the both of you are on your feet and at his side. "What are you doing here?" Loki hisses at his brother.
"This man who calls himself the Grandmaster has taken me hostage, says I have to fight for him- you both must help me get out of here-"
You and Loki share a look before he says, "no, we've made friends with the Grandmaster we cannot sacrifice our position now."
You and Thor both open your mouths and there's a few moments of awkward babbling as you try to figure out who will speak. It's decided for you both when Grandmaster shows up right behind the both of you and asks, "what you talking about here?"
There's another few awkward moments as they all try and cover and get him to leave you alone. Eventually he does but it's after Thor is sent away and Loki somehow gets him to leave the two of you alone so he can drag you off to your room instead of letting you go after Thor.
"I suppose there is even less of a chance for us to stay here now?"
"Yeah," you say and give him a sweet kiss. "I don't want to stay here, if you don't want to help you don't have too. But I'm getting Thor out then I'll go help free Asgard and you find us a nice place to live and I'll come find you."
He rolls his eyes, "very well, but can we not worry about it until morning?"
You look at him before shrugging, "fine, as long as you hold me." You give in on this, knowing nothing more is going to be done today or you'd end up killing Grandmaster.
The next day Loki isn't very helpful with trying to figure out where Thor is. By the time you make some progress the Grandmaster announces that he contest of champions will be happening that evening.
Once the man is gone you turn on Loki, "that's your brother being a dumbass isn't it?! And I'm guessing you knew which is why you've been less than helpful." He doesn't answer which I'm and of itself is an answer. "I'm leaving," you say turning away from him walking towards the door. "I'll be back later, don't follow me I need some time to stop being mad at you."
The door closes behind you and you just walk, out onto the streets leaving the building. You can take care of yourself anyways, plus the fact that he hadn't just said 'hey I don't want to help find Thor' instead of pretending to be helpful all day. Like sure, you could see through his magic and could tell most of the time when he was lying since he was the only one you'd ever had a real conversation with. Like, Loki, just say that, sure you'll be upset but it's preferable to you straight up faking wanting to help all day.
You're so upset that before you even make it out of the building you bump into a woman you'd seen around before. "Sorry," you mutter and go to keep walking.
She catches your arm and looks at you, "what are you?" She asks, as politely as possible.
It's at that point you realize your black mist is currently rolling off of you due to your emotions. "I'm y/n," you say.
"Uhm okay, I'm scrapper 142, but that doesn't tell me why you're," she looks you up and down, "dissolving."
You pause, "You're scrapper 142? Do you know where I could find the blond man you brought to the Grandmaster yesterday?"
"He's in the lock up." She looks over you again, and you realize she's checking you out, "but there's no privacy down there so you'll hardly be able to get your way with him, plus he's property of the Grandmaster so you'd just have to ask if you wanted him."
It takes you a moment to catch on, visibly wincing and gagging a little. "Ew. No. Gross. He's just a friend and his brother is being less than helpful with helping me to find him." She doesn't need to know more so with that you scurry off after a hurried thank you.
You're able to find Thor in an area that seems to be a bar. Well, he isn't in the bar he's in the room that is blocked off from the bar with a huge glass wall. He has a different haircut so it takes you a moment but you spot him and make a beeline over there. "Thor, what are you doing?"
"Ah, Wraith- I mean y/n," he corrects when you shoot him a glare, "it is the only way to get my freedom from this place. It is easy I will beat the Grandmaster's champion and be free."
You shake your head, "Thor, this is serious no one has ever survived the champion. I haven't seen his strength but the delight Grandmaster takes in his fighting doesn't mean anything good. You have to call it off, Loki and I are working on a way off of this planet-"
"Is that what he's telling you?" Thor asks with a face filled with sympathy.
"No that's what I'm telling him. I refuse to stay on the god forsaken planet a moment longer than I have too. I have also determined I will be helping you get back to Asgard. Loki doesn't want too but I cannot stand by when I can do something. I have a chance to redeem myself from the lies Loki has told them."
Thor presses his hand against the glass and says, "that is honorable y/n, how you are my brother's soulmate I haven't a clue."
You let out a gentle laugh and rest your hand on the opposite side of the glass from his, "I do not either, but I love him even if he is an idiot for thinking no one on that planet has place in their hearts for forgiveness." You pause and look around, "I should get going, I told Loki I would return on time for the fight. You make it out of this and I'll be sure you make it off this planet."
"Thank you," Thor pauses momentarily, "sister." The term of endearment sends a smile across your face as you nod and leave, finding your way back to the room you shared with Loki.
Once you arrive back to your suite you're in a much better mood, of course Loki picks up on this and asks, "so you found him?"
"Yeah, I found him," you say and plop on the bed next to him. "I'm assuming Grandmaster is expecting us to sit with him during the fight?"
"Yes," Loki says, his tone a bit cold. Why do you care so much about Thor? You hardly know him and yet you're willing to sacrifice living in this place with him, Loki, your soulmate, to help.
You turn your head to look at him, catching the slight inflection of his voice. "Loki, I love you and I know you know I'm telling the truth. You're the god of lies, you'd know in an instant if I was hiding anything." You pause and turn to gently take his hands. "I just want to make up for the horrors I committed under Thanos, the people I killed-" you take a shaky breath, getting emotional as you always do when talking of your time serving Thanos.
Loki removes a hand from yours to cup your cheek and make you face him. "Darling," he says gently, "that was all Thanos, not you."
You smile gently at him, "I know it was, but that doesn't change the fact that I helped and feel grief over doing so." You pause, picking your wording carefully, "when I know I can help and have the chance, I can't not take it. I spent millennia locked up without purpose besides being a bargaining chip. Protecting innocents from going through anything similar to what I did allows me to feel more value in myself... and if you gave it the chance I think it would do the same for you."
Loki shakes his head when you change the subject to him, "love, I am a monster in their eyes, irredeemable even if you think you can see good in me-"
You shut him up with a kiss. "Loki, I know I see good in you. You are my soulmate and we know each other better than anyone else in this universe. I cannot force you to help, and that is alright, but I have made my choice and you cannot force me to not help. All I can offer you is my support in making your own choice with this, and all I ask is that you do the same for me."
He stays silent, knowing you were right and that he had been being unfair to you. You pull him into another kiss and say, "now come, we are going to go watch your brother fight this champion Grandmaster will not stop boasting of."
With that you stand and move to change into an armored gown. It had a flowy skirt and and armored chest plate/ corset. It was impractical but offered more protection than anything else you had and seeing as you planned to keep Thor from dying you'd most likely need it.
You link your arm with your Love's and walk with him to the Grandmaster's sitting area for this fight. There's a small warm up fight before he announces Thor. Then as he began to announce his champion the crowd roared. Their volume drowning out the words Grandmaster says and presumably the crash when the stadium door comes crashing in, flying straight at Thor.
Your eye go straight to Thor, watching to see if he was hurt. He of course dodged without issue but his reaction to his opponent catches you and everyone else off guard.
"Yeeeessssss!" He shouts, silencing the crowd with his excitement.
You feel Loki's hand grip yours more tightly and you turn to look at who Thor would be fighting.
This was either good or very bad. It's quickly decided bad when Thor shouts that he is a friend from work and Hulk in turn sends him flying across the stadium. They both use all of their power to bring the other down, leading to an intense but short fight.
It seems Thor is going to win, until Grandmaster leans forward in his seat and Thor collapses to the ground. Hulk jumps, high above the walls of the stadium and goes back down to smash Thor. Your hand is shaking in Loki's as Thor's body is dragged off.
"Is he dead?" You ask Grandmaster, trying to keep your tone neutral.
"No, no of course not. It is more entertaining to have a challenger who can put up a fight with my Champion," he pauses to raise an eyebrow at you, "why? Are you worried?"
You shake your head, "no, I was just curious. He was going strong and collapsed so suddenly it made no sense."
You and Loki stick around for the after party. Drinking and dancing, you trying to assure him that you do love him even if you're too stubborn to budge on the fact that you're going to help Asgard. It's a long fun night, probably the most fun you've had on Sakaar.
The two of you sleep in until noon when you're awoken by a summons from Grandmaster. You and Loki are met by Scrapper 142 at the door and all three of you enter together.
Okay, so Thor escaped... with Hulk, and Grandmaster wanted the three of you to find them. Like somehow turns it into a competition and once again you're ticked off by him and just walk away once you're out the door. He and the scrapper can compete in finding Thor, you're just going to find him and help.
By the time you make it outside the people have flooded the streets and are celebrating in an attempt to draw out Hulk. You're able to find him before anyone else can though, and that is due to one simple thing. You know what he looks like when he isn't Hulk.
You approach the nervous looking man and set a hand on his shoulder, which makes him jump and you ask, "where's Thor?"
Fear overcomes him and he points behind you. You turn and see Thor with a dumb rag over his head, "Thor what are you doing?"
"I am in disguise," he responds.
You can only shake your head, "okay- how are we getting out of here?"
Your conversation is interrupted by Scrapper 142 coming up behind you. "What are you guys doing? It's really annoying having the Grandmaster threaten my love over your idiotic ideas."
You raise an eyebrow, "Where's Loki?"
"Loki?" Bruce asks.
"Why do you care? You and I are the ones who found them first." You shake it off, and she says, "come on I have somewhere we can hide."
Bruce speaks up, "who is she? She's beautiful, what are those things by her eyes? Are they people she's killed?"
The scrapper turns to him and says, "I feel like I know you."
"I feel like I know you as well."
The Scrapper is introduced by Thor as Valkyrie and she takes you back to her apartment.
"I have a peace offering," she states as she opens the door and sitting there tied up is Loki. You laugh at the sight of him.
Bruce looks between the two of you then to Thor, "are you sure it is a good idea to have them here? Can they be trusted?"
Thor throws something at Loki's head and it bounces off, then answers Bruce. "Yes, y/n has promised to help-"
You cut in, "Look, I'm here to help. I could tell you my entire sob story in an attempt to get you to trust me but that would take too long. Let's just say Thor trusts me, I helped him defeat the Dark Elves and I was manipulated into doing what I did to earth and I feel bad about it so I'm trying to help."
Bruce doesn't have anything to say to that, so he turns to Loki, "and what about you? Are you planning on killing us?"
"It varies from moment to moment," Loki responds ominously.
"He's not going to kill anyone," you say with a pointed look at him, to which he just rolls his eyes, knowing you're right.
"You really think you can control that psychopath?" Bruce asks in confusion.
Now you look at Bruce with a dead panned look, the look that you got when you were legitimately upset, complete calm before a storm. "Control him, no. Reason with him, yes." Thor steps in between you and Bruce, and you sigh at him before shaking your head and stepping back.
"Y/n may want to help us and my brother may be restrained but I suggest you watch your words Bruce."
"Why's that?" Bruce looks between the two of you carefully, slowly putting the pieces together.
"Soulmates," Thor says softly.
"Wait, the two of you are soulmates and you are completely fine with me tying him up?" Valkyrie speaks up.
"Not necessarily fine with it, but I'm somewhat annoyed with him at the moment so I'll leave him."
"Thank you Love," Loki says and you can hear him roll his eyes.
"You're very welcome, darling," you say as you stride over and stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
"So, to get out of here you'll have to go through one of the wormholes and in 12- 18 months you'll arrive in Asgard," Valkyrie says.
"No, we're going through the big one," Thor says and points out the window.
"The Devil's Anus?" Valkyrie asks irrediculously.
"I did not know it was called that when I chose it."
Bruce looks at the dark shape in the sky to which Thor had gestured and began analyzing it.
"My ship won't hold up going through that, we're going to have to steal one of the Grandmaster's and that'll need a distraction," Valkyrie says.
"You could always bring out the beast," Loki says unhelpfully
"You guys have a beast?" Valkyrie laughs.
"Loki, didn't you get those codes from Grandmaster? The ones to access his ships?" you ask.
"Yes," he says glaring at you over his shoulder, "I don't remember telling you I got them though."
"Just a guess with how helpful you've been the last few days," you respond and try to placate him with a kiss on the cheek. Then you turn back to the others, "Okay, then we can get a ship and go from there."
Now you look at Bruce with a dead panned look, the look that you got when you were legitimately upset, complete calm before a storm. "Control him, no. Reason with him, yes." Thor steps in between you and Bruce, and you sigh at him before shaking your head and stepping back.
"Y/n may want to help us and my brother may be restrained but I suggest you watch your words Bruce."
"Why's that?" Bruce looks between the two of you carefully, slowly putting the pieces together.
"Soulmates," Thor says softly.
"Wait, the two of you are soulmates and you are completely fine with me tying him up?" Valkyrie speaks up.
"Not necessarily fine with it, but I'm somewhat annoyed with him at the moment so I'll leave him."
"Thank you Love," Loki says and you can hear him roll his eyes.
"You're very welcome, darling," you say as you stride over and stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
"So, to get out of here you'll have to go through one of the wormholes and in 12- 18 months you'll arrive in Asgard," Valkyrie says.
"No, we're going through the big one," Thor says and points out the window.
"The Devil's Anus?" Valkyrie asks irrediculously.
"I did not know it was called that when I chose it."
Bruce looks at the dark shape in the sky to which Thor had gestured and began analyzing it.
"My ship won't hold up going through that, we're going to have to steal one of the Grandmaster's and that'll need a distraction," Valkyrie says.
"You could always bring out the beast," Loki says unhelpfully
"You guys have a beast?" Valkyrie laughs.
"Loki, didn't you get those codes from Grandmaster? The ones to access his ships?" you ask.
"Yes," he says glaring at you over his shoulder, "I don't remember telling you I got them though."
"Just a guess with how helpful you've been the last few days," you respond and try to placate him with a kiss on the cheek. Then you turn back to the others, "Okay, then we can get a ship and go from there."
The five of you part ways, you going with Bruce and Valkyrie while Loki goes with Thor. Nothing ever goes smoothly but things go as always. Valkyrie pilots her ship through the air and at this point Grandmaster has caught on that you're aiding Bruce and Thor and not finding them. So, you're flying around the city as she makes a distraction while waiting for Thor to show up.
As for you, you're hopeful that Loki will join you but not holding tightly to the thought. He didn't want to and just as he wouldn't change your mind you doubted you'd change his. Things in the air quickly grow messy, there's too many ships after you for Valkyrie to be able to shoot them all down. They're slowly but surely overwhelming her despite her extraordinary piloting skills.
There's that gut feeling again, you know the one when you have no idea what you're doing but know you can be doing more to help. The one that drew you towards that wormhole a few weeks ago. The one that had you pull Loki into your chest and save his life.
You don't take time to think about it before you're jumping off the ship, arms spread wide. Somewhere above you you can hear Bruce shouting at Valkyrie that you'd just jumped, but that doesn't matter. The wind whips your clothes around you and it feels amazing being in this free fall.
Free fall.
You're free falling.
Towards the ground.
At an incredible speed.
You don't know how to stop yourself.
The ground is approaching quickly and you're beginning to be able to pick individuals out of the crowd below you... Maybe you should stop listening to that gut feeling when you have other options. Yeah, you weren't making it out of this one, you close your eyes for impact.
You close your eyes for impact but the impact never comes. Slowly you convince yourself to open your eyes and when you do you're laying on the ground, black mist swirling around you. Okay... so you fell but didn't make impact... your hands are shaking as you you get yourself up and look to the sky.
There's many ships flying over your head zooming past and splitting off to try and catch Valkyrie and presumably Thor. You need to get back up there... so far that instinct hasn't lead you wrong. After all, you're still alive after jumping off that ship.
As you stand staring at the sky the black mist is rolling off of you in waves. The mist had always been a defense mechanism, you'd spent most of your life basically made out of the stuff and now that it seemed to be able to do more than just keep you alive.
As you continue to focus on the air the mist begins to spiral towards the sky, aiming towards the ships zooming past. You glance down at your feet and see that they're gone. As you look your ankles slowly dissolve into the mist and begin drifting towards the sky.
The mist is you.
You are the mist.
The spiraling mist overtakes you and you are able to fly towards the sky. As you focus you're able to move faster and faster, sending yourself rocketing towards and through one of the ships, sending it spinning towards the ground. It felt freeing. This was what you were meant to be.
You begin taking out other ships, protecting your friends. The ship Thor is piloting is obvious as it's the only other one being chased besides Valkyrie's. Bruce is shot up from Valkyrie's ship and into the other then a few moments later Thor jumps out and begins leaping from ship to ship sending them flying towards the ground.
Everything is flying everywhere. It's overwhelming. Then add on top of that Thor gets back on the ship you'd be taking to Asgard and fireworks go off as some music plays from speakers as Grandmaster's voice echos, "It's my birthday," I'm a sing song voice. It's horrible but it causes Grandmaster's right hand crashing into a building.
Valkyrie is the next one to board the ship and now that the sky were cleared you could as well. Sending your misty body into the ship where you are then able to materialize.
"Now that we're on the same side can I know what you are and why smoke is flying off of you?" Valkyrie asks.
"I don't know, all I k is is that I'm a Wraith by my name is y/n so just call me that."
"Buckle up everyone, we're about to enter the devil's anus," Bruce says from the pilots chair. Valkyrie takes a seat in the copilots chair and you and Thor brace yourselves on the doorframe. The ship begins to quiver as you enter the wormhole, you brace yourself and try to take the brunt of the energy but it doesn't work super well because this one is a lot more powerful than what you had been expecting.
Everything goes black.
You're lying on the floor when you come around again. Everyone else is already awake which tells you you had done some good in shielding them. When you stand up and look out the window there's a beautiful planet, waterfalls flowing off all the sides and a giant bridge extending to one of the edges.
Well, it would be a beautiful planet if it wasn't currently up in flames.
"There's heat signatures up in the mountains. That's where the people are and Hela is going right for them."
"Drop me off at the palace, I will distract her and the rest of you get the people out of here," Thor says.
"How are we going to do that?" You ask.
"I have a man on the ground," Thor responds.
"I'll go start helping them get to the Bifrost, the rest of you can do your thing," you say as you jump off the ship yet again. This time you will yourself to dissolve and fly towards the peak of the mountains where you land.
Okay, so they're in the mountain. You begin looking around for an entrance but instead you find yourself face to face with Heimdal.
"Y/n," he inclines his head.
"You want to lead the way? I'll bring up the rear, Thor is distracting Hela at the palace," you say, forgetting that he can see everything. The next thing that happens is an earthquake and lightning striking the palace.
"Asgard!" Heimdal announces loudly, "to the Bifrost." With that all of you quickly move down the mountain and to the rainbow bridge. As you are finally stepping on the bridge behind the people of Asgard loud noises draw your attention away. An army more ugly than the Chitauri coming up behind you.
"Go! Get out of here!" You say and begin turning yourself to mist, flowing in and through them, taking them down. But there's too many of them, and they push you back, further onto the bridge and into the crowd.
They've stopped moving, you turn to see why. And of course things only get worse. There's a giant wolf at the other end of the bridge. Then even worse as Bruce falls from the ship, that Valkyrie is piloting, and his limp body bounces on the bridge.
You turn your attention back to the immediate threat you could protect the people from. The army of undead warriors. The mist thing isn't working very well so you turn and take a sword from one of the nearby Asgardians.
You swing the sword at the enemy and thing you cut through one but no, you had totally missed. The monster you'd swung at grabs the blade of the sword you were holding and wrenches it out of your hands before chucking it off the side of the bridge. You hear Hulk roar behind you and the bridge shakes underneath you, as he throws the wolf off the bridge.
You step towards the monster and begin trying to fight them off. How had you fought before? The infinity stones had clouded your mind. You had no idea what you'd actually done only that you had done it.
Okay, what do you have? You have the ability to turn to mist. You can survive the void of space and keep others alive there too. You can absorb and contain the energy from infinity stones. You're powerful and were able to fight all of the Avengers at once. You can take out a few mindless zombies.
You throw your arms out and release a wave of mist, throwing a ton of them off the bridge, giving yourself a moment to think. You were tiring out quickly, already tired from your previous fight. That's when the idea comes over you.
Something had brought these things into being. Some sort of power, you begin to focus on the closest of all of them. A tendril of mist extends towards them and slowly lifts them off the ground.
You can feel the energy draining from them, all of that power flowing into you. When he goes limp you finally release your grip before moving onto the next one. As you figure it out you're able to begin moving faster and taking the energy from more and more of them at once.
The wolf has stopped shaking the bridge but you can still hear them fighting. Valkyrie's ship had crashed into the bridge and fireworks shooting into the sky. Things aren't looking good despite the fact that you're now taking the creatures down in droves.
Lightning is flashing and the entire planet is shaking. All of you are cornered onto the bridge that is beginning to crumble under you. There's five million things happening at once and you're overwhelmed, maybe you shouldn't have left Loki thinking you were upset with him.
"Your savior is here!" A voice cuts through the noise and you turn to see Loki. The sight of him captures your attention, he had come on a giant ship to rescue his people. His battle armor shines in the light and you can see him look at you.
His eyes widen and you can see him shout something at you, but before you have a chance to figure out what he's saying you go flying off the side of the bridge into the water below. The wind is knocked out of you and your vision goes blurry. You make yourself focus enough to drag yourself out of the water, sputtering as you do so.
Despite having absorbed that energy you were still too tired to turn into mist and get yourself back up there. You're floating on the top of the water as you see Thor come flying lighting lashing out from him as he does. Things are turning in your favor but Hela is still too much for all of you.
The waves from Hulk and the wolf begin tossing you around and you find yourself sinking back under the water, your vision blotchy. It begins to make sense, you hadn't fully absorbed the energy, you'd merely sucked the energy from them but hadn't taken it into yourself. It's as you begin to black out that you feel some arms wrap around you and you see Loki's face come into view.
With that you're able to let yourself relax and close your eyes. No, it's not a good idea but you physically can't keep them open any more so you might as well relax about it.
When you come too, you're in Loki's arms. "Lo?" You ask groggily.
"Yes, I have you darling," he says and slowly lets you stand on the ground, though his arms stay around your waist to steady you. He looks back up out the window and you follow his gaze just to see a giant thrusting his sword deep into the ground of Asgard.
You look at him before turning back, just to see the planet implode. "Loki?" You ask worriedly.
"It is alright Love, as Thor said Asgard is not a place it's a people."
"But you came back," you say and turn in his arms. "I knew you had it in you to be the hero," you say proudly.
"I couldn't very well leave my soulmate to fight my sister on her own," he says in a soft voice and you absolutely melt. No matter the differences of opinion the both of you had on helping and not helping he fully had your heart.
"I love you," you say and give him a kiss. "Let's get your people to somewhere safe then we can run away together, I've always wanted to see the galaxy."
Loki rests his hands on your hips and kisses you deeply, "I'd love nothing more than to spend eternity with you and show you the beauties the universe has to offer."
Everything is perfect right there in that moment. You're safe in the arms of your love, Loki, and he's safe in your arms. It's wonderful, so wonderful you kiss him again and when a shadow blocks out the light through the window it doesn't even matter enough for you to look up.
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chelleztjs18 · a day ago
Lost in Assistance - Ch. 11
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
As a thank you to Lizzie and all the photo crew, the company invited everybody for a dinner including you and Aubrey. Since your flight back to L.A is around midnight, three of you accepted the invitation.
You knocked on the girl's door, Aubrey knew it was you so she jumped right up to open the door. “Wow y/n! You look nice. Love the dress.” She gave you a cheek to cheek kiss to greet you as you came in. “Oh thanks. Are you both ready to go?” You smiled. “I am but she is still getting ready.” Aubrey tilted her head in the direction towards the bedroom. “Oh okay. No problem.” You and Aubrey casually talking in the living room while waiting for her. “Hey, y/n. Can we switch seats later in the car? I feel dizzy in the backseat, so I thought maybe I can try the front seat?” Aubrey casually asked. “Yeah sure, okay.” You agreed and don’t suspect anything.
“Aubrey, I’m ready. Is y/n--” Lizzie came into the living room asking Aubrey but she paused for a second. “--here yet?” Her voice fades slowly while finishing her sentence as she sees you standing there wearing a sleeveless navy blue lace fit and flare with v-neck dress and a cute bow on your left torso part for a cute touch on the dress. Her eyes move from your head to your toe. Once she realized she glanced at you a little too long, she awkwardly clears her throat. “Oh you are here already.”
“Hi Ms. Olsen. You look gorgeous.” A compliment accidentally slipped out from your lips as you saw her in a soft pink floral dress. “Uhm Uh Thanks. You are not so bad yourself. Uh- I thought you were gonna be late but I forgot you are the “best” assistant Mitchel has.” The unexpected compliment from you made her accidentally compliment you as well but she quickly covered it with a sarcastic comment.
“Oh you are right Ms. Olsen. So you admit that I’m a good assistant that you NEED? For example, today with the dress. Good thing I was there, right?” You smirked knowing that your answer will upset her as a payback for her attitude just now.
“Y/n, I had no choice. Nobody else was there. If there was, I would’ve chosen someone else.” Lizzie retorted with exasperation.
“Alright guys, come on. Not another argument. Wait, what dress? What happened?” Aubrey asked, looking at you then to Lizzie and back to you with squinted eyes as she realized she missed something.
“Nothing important.” Lizzie quickly answered before you had a chance, then gave you a glare.
“Huh? Okay, you’ve lost me. Y/n, you owed me a story later and Liz, you still let her call you Ms. Olsen? Isn’t it too formal?” She pointed to you then to Lizzie as if she gave order to each of you while the three of you got ready to leave.
“Well, y/n always tell me she’s professional, so I will just let her keep it like that, besides I will ONLY let people that I LIKE to call me by Lizzie and she is definitely not one of them. So yeah I’m good with Ms. Olsen.” Her expression closed up as she tried to show that she has no negotiation about this matter.
You laugh dryly as you shake your head thinking how come she can be this annoying when she doesn't even look annoying, then your thought was stopped by her voice. “Y/n, we gotta leave now unless you wanna be late for the first time and it won’t make you the best assistant anymore.” She said it mockingly.
“Oh my GOD! I’m coming! Geez!” You retorted and picked up your pace following the girls in front of you, your eyes can’t help but lay a quick glance on Lizzie’s backless dress that shows her bare back and the dress swings gently following the rhythm of each of her steps. As much as you try not to look at her, but with you walking behind her through the hotel corridor to the lobby it just makes it harder to do until finally three of you arrive at the lobby to get into the car and leave to the restaurant.
As what was planned to switch seats, after Lizzie slides to the right back seat, you get in and sit on the left back seat but then Aubrey doesn't go to the front seat, instead she keeps standing near the backseat door. “Y/n can you scoot over please, I want to put my purse and coat in the backseat.” Her hand signaled you to move over to the middle part.
“Wait what? Can’t you just hold it yourself? Or give it to me, I will put it in the middle seat.” You pull your hand out signaling Aubrey to give you her purse and coat.
“No, y/n. Can you just move please?” Insistence sounds so clear in her tone. “Aubrey what are you-…? You asked but Aubrey cuts your sentence. “Y/n, there are cars waiting behind us, so scoot!” She slightly ordered. “What’s going on right now?” Lizzie starts to notice and wonders why the stalling.
Feel pressured, you finally give in and slide over to the middle seat right next to Lizzie. Of course she got confused and asked why. “Wait, y/n, don’t you always sit in the front?” You end up sitting so close to her, very close that your arms touch each other. “I don’t know, little miss. indecisive here wanted to switch seats because she got dizzy and now here she is, in the back seat squeezing three of us in here.” You answered but the displeased tone isn’t for Lizzie but for Aubrey as you turned your head and you stared daggers at her.
“What? I just changed my mind and decided to sit here. That’s all.” She closed the door and asked the driver to drive before you insisted on moving to the front seat. Lizzie groans in annoyance. “So we have to be squeezed in just because Aubrey couldn’t make up her mind?” She tilted her head staring at Aubrey.
“Pretty much.” You nodded while you moved, trying to find a more comfortable position in such tight space. “Oh shut up guys!” Aubrey answered you both playfully. “Geez Y/n! Can you stop moving?” Lizzie complained. “I know. I know. Do you think I want to sit here all squeezed up?” You retorted. “Y/n told me the place is not too far from here, we’ll be there before you know it.” Aubrey explained right away so you and Lizzie won’t ask to pull over and move.
Typical cars in Paris, they are all not too spacious and of course with three of you in the back seat, you are all cramped like tuna fish in a can. Probably just like what Aubrey's plan was, you and Lizzie sit so close to each other, your right sides of your body brush to her left side. 
You can smell her perfume, there’s no doubt she can smell yours as well. You were talking with Aubrey until you felt her half uncovered thigh slightly pressuring yours. Not that you are complaining, you just don’t know what to do. You don’t know what is going on, her poker face doesn’t help you at all especially when she is looking down at her phone. Well, she doesn’t complain any further, so does it mean she is okay with all this? She doesn’t say anything either, all you hear is that sometimes she clears her throat whenever she moves or you do. All you know as soon as you get to the restaurant, Aubrey will get some piece of your mind. 
As soon as the three of you arrived at the restaurant, Lizzie came out and walked into the restaurant followed by you and Aubrey. “What the hell were you doing?!” You whispered and grabbed Aubrey by her arm. “Ouch, nothing. I just changed my mind to sit in the back with you.” Aubrey explains as she rubs her arm. “Aubrey, you are up to something.” You whispered as you walked side by side with her. “I’m not.” She smiled and walked away to Lizzie leaving you perplexed.
Three of you were guided to the reserved table. Most of the invitees have arrived and taken their seat. Unfortunately, the seats that work for three of you are two seats next to each other and one seat is across it a little to the right on the quite big oval table. Certainly the girls take the two seats and you get the other one which you already expected to happen and you didn’t mind at all. It’s a french five course dinner, everybody enjoys the food while talking to others about either work related or random things.
Thanks to your social skills and being able to speak french, you get along with everybody sitting near you. Meanwhile the girls would sometimes talk with each other or other people as well.
Lizzie was looking at you talking with the wine glass on your left hand then all of a sudden she felt a soft nudge on her right arm came from her best friend that lured her attention back to her. “If you stare at her a few seconds longer, you will get caught, Liz.” Aubrey teased in a playful whisper. She quickly pulled her gaze back. “I can’t believe she was there at the bridge the whole time and heard everything I said, probably saw me crying and you didn’t even tell me. Did you even hear what she said to me about how I have to take my attitude down a notch if I want to find love?” She frowned at her.
“Yes but she also said nice things to you to make you feel better before she said that. I know her pretty well, she is actually not a bad or annoying person like you thought she is, as a matter of fact she was genuinely worried about you when you were gone. Even though she didn’t say it, I can see it in her face. You just need to take it easy on her and give it a chance to see the real her.” She took a sip of her wine shortly after she whispered to Lizzie
Lizzie looked at her food, took a bite of it so it wouldn't be obvious to you that they are talking about you then she laid another glance at you. “I already saw the real her on the first day she works. I still remember her dark brown eyes looking into my eyes as she said she is not gonna quit no matter what I do to make her quit and that’s enough for me to know. Did you see her annoying smile when she finally spoke french at the store yesterday?” Annoyance overtook her tone as she spoke.
Astonished by some part of what her best friend just said, Aubrey turned her head to her right away and lifted an eyebrow. “You remember how she looked at you and her eye color? I didn't even notice her eye color until now.” You noticed that Lizzie was looking at you when you glanced at her, she right away turned her head to Aubrey. “Huh? What’s that?”
“I said you remember how she looked at you and her eye color. First you remember exactly how she likes her coffee, you remember her eye color, and also her smile?” She gave her a once over then glance at you. 
Lizzie’s brows snapped together as she tilted her head looking at Aubrey. “Uh- So? Why is that a big deal?” She shrugged her right shoulder. “Well, ---”” Aubrey soon got interrupted by Lizzie’s excuse.
“Aubrey, if this is about how I remember stuff about her, it’s just because sometimes our brain remembers stuff that we hate.” She glanced up to the Victorian era style painted restaurant ceiling obviously trying to avoid eye contact with Aubrey.
“Or something or someone that we like.” Aubrey waggled her eyebrows and gave her a playful smile after adding some point to what Lizzie was saying a few seconds ago. She laughs sarcastically the second Aubrey finishes her sentence. ”You are delusional. Thank you for the crazy theory though.” Both of them can hear you speak french to the other in the background that lures their attention to you.
“I can’t believe she hasn’t quit yet! I hate her. Look at her, she probably thinks she looks attractive or sounds sexy when she speaks french to those guys, maybe being flirty. So much for being professional.” She added sarcastically under her breath.
Aubrey quickly looked at her for what she just said. “What Aubrey? Can you please stop giving me that face every time I say something about her?” Lizzie demanded as she took a bite of her food and looked back at the brunette. 
“You just indirectly told me that you think she looks attractive and sounds sexy when she speaks French, Liz. How can I NOT give you the FACE?” Aubrey replied while holding a laugh. “No, I didn’t. I said she probably thinks she looks attractive or sounds sexy.” Lizzie explained with much refutation in it. 
“Oh honey, that’s pretty much the same thing, especially in your case.“ Aubrey slightly patted her best friend’s back and smiled knowingly. “That’s totally two different things, seriously I think you drank too much wine, Aubrey.” Lizzie shook her head in denial. ” 
“Anyway, what’s up with the dress y/n was talking about?” Aubrey asked curiously. “Oh nothing. She helped me with a dress. That’s all.” Her eyes wander somewhere random as if she tries to avoid more questions about it. “That’s all? Nothing else?” Aubrey looks at you then back to her best friend again.
“Nothing else. I told you it’s nothing important. She likes to make a big deal about everything she does for me.” Lizzie tried to keep her cool in front of her brunette friend as she threw one last glance at you.
You felt it again, the feeling that someone’s watching you, and your gaze automatically went in the direction of your annoying “boss” but you gave her a nod and a small smile just to be nice. Of course she looked away, rolling her eyes as you expected to happen makes you regret smiling at her.
“What happened earlier? Why did you make the three of us sit in the back seat?” Lizzie tries to give an intimidating gaze to Aubrey. “Oh nothing. I just changed my mind, That’s all.” She shrugged her shoulders and tried to change the subject.
“You know, for someone who “hates” her, you do pay a lot of attention to her. I’m just saying.” Aubrey signals an air quote with her fingers as she points out what’s on her mind to the one of the Olsen sisters next to her.
“Whatever Aubrey.” Lizzie replied as short as possible to end the conversation. Aubrey giggles.
The dinner and the night had come to an end. The three of you headed back to the hotel to grab all the luggages to leave the gloomy city of love back to the sunny city of angels. To Aubrey, this was just another Paris shopping trip with her friends. However, to both of you and Lizzie without both of you even realizing it, it was a trip that made the both of you one step closer to know each other better despite the arguments that happened.
Ch. 12
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What Color is Love?
What happens when you live in a world where you don't see color until you find your soulmate? Maybe you fall in love with someone anyway and choose to be happy in monochrome. But what happens if you meet your soulmate two days before your wedding? What if it's your grooms best friend?
Inspired by a TikTok:
Tumblr media
Pt. 1: Where It All Began
It would be easy to say you'd never felt more beautiful in your life. Your long hair was half up and hanging is big curls. Not too tight but not too loose. The veil that was once your mothers adds a nice touch of subtle modesty to the deep open back of your dress. You shift slightly to feel for your tissues in the hidden pocket of your long lace ivory dress, careful to keep the sheer long sleeve from riding up your wrist. Trying to look perfect helped keep your brain from running wild in the moment.
The rustic interior of the venue, decorated in your favorite flowers and softly draped sheer linens was enough to take your breath away. Breaths that were full of the smell of flowers mixed with amber, maderin, and Italian lemon. Oh how you've always loved his cologne.
"Do you, Steven Grant Rodgers, take [y/n] to be your lawfully wedded wife?"
"I do." Steve looked into your eyes with such love, such admiration. You were his whole world and was happy to let everyone in existence know.
It made your stomach twist in knots.
Should you tell him? Can you pretend it didn't happen?
"And do you, [y/n] take Steve to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to-"
You could barely hear the officiant speaking. Why was he adding so much to yours? Why did it feel like more pressure was on you? The wedding gown you once loved, now felt like it was drowning you. You're hot and cold all at once.
"These are just nerves, you're fine. You're excited and anxious," you tell yourself. Steve is smiling at you and gives your hand a small squeeze. It's your turn to speak. To say the words Steve and everyone else are waiting for you to say. "Not everyone."
May 4th, 2012
You just wanted to go to the bank. It was going to be a quick in and out. Unless the lines were long, it should only be a 10 minute stop. Just a quick deposit from a couple odd jobs you'd picked up. It was only supposed to be 10 minutes.
Then came explosions, screams from outside. People began rushing in, frantic, going on about monsters and aliens attacking the city! It was absurd, there were no such things as monsters and aliens! Then you saw through the window. A giant, something flying through the street. Was that a man in red flying after it? The rest happened so fast you barely can remember it anymore. Buildings falling, more screams and explosions, those things gathering as many humans as they could on the ground floor while they watched from the balcony above.
Glass breaking. Your captors converging on something you couldn't see up above. Grunts of pain then one of them was flying to the ground right in front of you!
"Everyone clear out!"
You look up to see you called out but you see him for only a moment before one of those monsters grabbed him. An explosion came from the balcony and no one needed a second reminder to get out. Police were making their way over and helping everyone move quickly but safely.
Once outside, you saw him again. The man who saved you. Standing there, battle worn, his head bleeding. You were in awe. You made the decision that once this was all over, once New York was safe again, you were going to find him.
Captain America.
November 2013
You finally did it! You convinced Tony to introduce you to Captain America, or, Steve Rogers as you'd come to find out his name was. Finally after all this time you could properly thank your savior. Tony took a lot, a lot, of convincing! You got the impression he didn't care very much for this super soldier everyone was talking about. But it was going to be your birthday soon, and you and Tony were close. Well, at least you had been when you were much younger. He was a second cousin and had been very close to your mother. He practically helped raise you for the first 10 years of your life. But, then your mother died. Your grandparents took you in but wanted to move as far away from the pain of losing their daughter as they could. You wouldn't see your favorite cousin again until well into adulthood. Not until you had a short journalism stint that sent you on an interview assignment for the newly public Iron Man.
"Thank you thank you thank yoooou," you squealed excitedly hugging Tony.
"Yes, yes I know I'm the best," he said with his typical air of arrogance that had strangely started to grow on you. "A quick 'hi, hello, thanks for saving me' with the Capsicle and then you're gone. Got it [y/n]? You don't need to get friendly with him. Promise me."
You promised, and it was the first promise you ever broke.
You'd only met a small group of the Avengers. Mostly only those who lived in the compound. Tony tried to keep you out of sight as best as possible. Even from allies. He told you once that it was for their benefit not yours. You had started getting close to some of them, these heros, forming deep bonds with them. Tony said some new big bad could find out about you and come waltzing in out of nowhere to capture me and use me as leverage against The Avengers. He said it like you were a nuisance, but you knew better. You could see the fear in his eyes any time he repeated those lines to you. You came second only to Pepper, you both knew that, but it was never acknowledged. Tony didn't handle expressions of feelings very well.
Natasha was your first friend. She noticed you the day you had stopped by the tower to ask Tony about meeting Steve.
"What are you hiding in here Stark? You bringing girls home again? This one's pretty young," she had teased him.
You'd never forget the look on his face, the panic and slight disgust. It didn't offend you, you understood without words. He didn't appreciate when you pretend to be a scorned lover when he told Natasha you were just a friend. She thought it was hilarious.
"Oh this one has to stick around, I like her!"
The next few years went by so quickly. You became fast friends with Natasha and Thor was a hoot whenever he could stop by. Your bond with Tony depended again, and your bond with Steve grew daily. It started off as friendship, with you quietly admiring him from afar. Until one day while the two of you were alone, he kissed you.
"I-I'm so sorry [y/n] that was so inappropriate of me," he stammered as he pulled away from you then stood up. "I should just go."
"No wait!" You jump up and put your arms around him from behind. "Please don't leave. I-I liked that very much." He hesitated for a moment and you blushed deeply into his back, thankful for the pause to gather your composure.
"Are you sure you want me," he asked, turning to look back down at you. "I know you don't see colors yet. Don't be mad," he said as you pulled away quickly, anger and pain flashing across your face. "Nat told me. She thought you were interested in me and wanted me to keep my distance so I wouldn't hurt you. I'm sorry."
Color. You grimace at the thought. It was a strange world you lived in. Every living person is born seeing only in monochrome. A horribly dull way to spend a childhood. Individuals only could see color when they met their soul mates.
'A ridiculous notion,' you always thought to yourself. You never believed in soul mates. Not until that day. Not until he saved you. Your beliefs quickly cracked again though once you had the chance to meet your hero. Still black and white.
'But I love him so much.'
That was true. You'd never felt emotions like this before. Sure you dated a little in high school, most people did regardless of what spectrum they could see. But no one made your stomach do backflips like Steve.
'He sees color. He's in love with her.' You fought back the urge to cry as you thought about it. About her. Peggy. Steve told you all about her, what it was like the moment their worlds lit up. What colors were like. You wanted to hate her, but she gave him such a precious gift. One he often tried to describe to you.
"[y/n]? Hey, [y/n] are you okay? I'm sorry I shouldn't have said any-" You put your lips back on Steve's to make him stop talking. It made you feel warm. His arms wrapped around you once the shock of your actions wore off. He held you gently at first but tightened his grip as the kiss deepened.
Steve made you feel safe. He made you feel happy. The color would come to you one day. Maybe soulmates aren't always an immediate thing. Maybe you can work towards it together like any other aspect of a relationship. That's what you told yourself. Every day. On your first date. The first time you were intimate together. When you were able to move into the Avengers tower with him after the Ultron Offense. You said 'someday I'll see what he sees' when you excused yourself to the restroom after Steve proposed to you.
You looked down at the beautiful ring he'd given you, tears running down your face. "Someday."
You made your home here with Steve and the others who lived in the tower Tony built. Some days it was even easy for you to forget you couldn't see colors, everything was perfect. Perfect, that is, until the day you met him.
Two days before the wedding
You goan slightly as you hear the alarm clock next to your bed growing louder and louder. Steve is still out cold, his arms wrapped around you from the night before. You were sure he looked peaceful but you were growing crankier the longer you had to hear that damn beeping from his nightstand.
"Baby," you lazily reach behind you and poke his face. "Steve babe the alarm please," you grumble at him. He stirs for a moment then nuzzles back into you. With a sigh you wiggle yourself around so that way you're facing him, it's more work than actually getting up, but you didn't really want to leave the bed or his arms. The beeping needed to stop however or you were going to become murderous!
"Steve, wake up!"
He breathes deeply when slowly opens his eyes, blinking a few times to bring you into focus. "Hmmm?" he grumbles sleepily and then you watch the realization wash over his face and suddenly he looks more awake. "Oh right, I'm sorry baby." He pulls one arm away from you and turns off his alarm, allowing you to relax into him once again. He brings his arm back to you and strokes your hair a few times before caressing your cheek.
"No baby girl I'm sorry, but you know what that means," he coos into your ear. You let out a long whine and hide your face against his chest, attempting to pull the covers over your head. You feel Steve's arm move again and suddenly all the blankets on the bed had been ripped away. "We have too much to do today, love. Come on. You know how upset you'll be if you spend too much time in bed and don't get all the preparations done for tonight."
You let out a defeated sigh. "You know," you look up at him trying your hardest to look angry, but knowing full well it was coming off more as a pout. "It's times like this that I really hate how you know me so well."
Once you were up and moving the day started to fly by. There was so much to get done before the big combined bachelor, bachelorette party you and Steve were having tonight. When you originally planned things this way Wanda and Nat tried to convince you to ditch the boys and have a hen night. All it took was mentioning the words "battle of the sexes competition" for them to abandon all objections they had. You had convinced Steve early on after he proposed that it would be way more interesting if the two of you just had one big party together and set up little competitions. There weren't really prizes but you knew the bragging rights and taunting opportunities alone would be enough to win over anyone. If you had learned anything living in the Avengers tower, it was that they were all incredibly competitive with each other, even if they didn't realize it.
Disposable plates and cutlery. Check.
Food and liquor bars set up and ready. Check.
DJ setup. Check.
You were working through your checklist of things to have done when Steve snuck up behind you. "I think you've got everything dear." You shriek and jump, spinning to look at him as fast as you can. He laughs a little as he pulls you into a tight embrace.
"I'm sorry my girl," he said as he rubs your back soothingly, trying to help you relax. "I didn't mean to scare you. You've triple checked everything twice though. You should take a break with me."
You breathe in deeply letting his scent wash over you. You let him hold you until you felt your heartbeat return to normal again. Looking up at him you smile and take his hand. "Not a bad idea, love. This will be the last time we have any quiet alone time before the wedding anyhow."
The biggest smile spreads across Steve's face and he scoops you up into his arms causing you to let out a small squeak in surprise.
"I should practice carrying you across a threshold while I have the chance then," he smirked at you. He walks out of the common area and down a few halls before you recognize where he's taking you. He walks the two of you into a forgotten room and sets you gently on the bed.
You were in your old room. The room you had initially moved into when you started to live in the compound. Tony never cared that you and Steve were dating, he still wanted you in separate rooms. You and Steve had rarely slept alone however, switching often between which room you shared that night. It was only after the two of you became engaged that Tony gave up trying to keep you separated and you moved into Steve's larger bedroom. This was the room you were in when Steve asked to share forever with you.
"What are we doing here?" You asked, feeling a little confused as to why he brought you all the way down to this room.
"Well," he started, "this is where I'll be sleeping until the wedding. I thought it was the most fitting place since we wanted the traditional separation before the big day. Ahh," he put a hand up as you opened your mouth to object. It was his room originally after all, you didn't want to put him out. Naturally Steve knew what you were thinking. "I pushed for it more so I'll change rooms, not you," he said sweetly. "Plus, I'm quite fond of this room. Many, many happy memories here."
The two of you laid together for a while, tangled in each other's arms. You reminisced and laughed about the past few years, and daydreamed about your future together. It was blissful. You were going to miss him so much! Rationally you knew it was only two nights you were going to be apart, he'd been on missions longer than that, this should be easy. But during missions you couldn't sleep in his arms because he was far away these next few nights, he'd be just down a few halls. "It will be all the sweeter on our wedding night when I'm in his arms again this way," you tell yourself.
Wanda found the two of you just in the nick of time. You had felt the alluring pull of sleep wanting to grab you when she knocked on the door.
"Hey, [y/n], Steve, are you guys in there? Guests are starting to arrive."
Steve sighed deeply and you both sat up a little begrudgingly. "Time to party my dear." He helped you up off the bed, you fixed your hair, and the two of you were off to greet your guests.
The party was in full swing and better than you could have imagined. You knew you had let yourself get worked up over nothing stressing over every tiny detail. The most fun you'd had so far tonight was the ping pong shaker game. Tissue boxes filled with the small white balls were attached to everyone's hips, with the box at the back over your rear. The object of the game was to see which team could get all of the balls out of their boxes first. Essentially the best tactic was to twerk until the box was empty. The great joy of it all, and certainly the biggest surprise, was the winner. You assumed there was no way you could lose, you chose Nat to be your partner after all. Well you learned the hard way to never underestimate the God of Thunder, regardless of the task. You made a mental note to give Peter the biggest hug later for capturing the glory of a twerking Thor on camera for you.
Defeated but laughing you found Steve over by the snack table and stood on tiptoes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. He looked at you and smiled, "There's my girl! Hey baby." He started to lean towards you for a kiss when someone yelled towards your direction making you both stop to look.
"Hey," Tony called, walking over to the two of you. He points his thumb behind him towards the door. "I just wanted to let you know that Manchurian Candidate and Fly Boy are here." You looked at him confused, not sure who he was talking about. Before you could say anything though, Steve interjected.
"Don't use that name for him, we've talked about this." His voice was sturn, not quite angry, but noticeably icier than it had been a moment before. Tony merely shrugged, waving the warning off in a 'yeah, yeah I know' type fashion as he turned and walked away.
"Jackass," Steve mumbled under his breath; you almost missed it. "Sorry about that love," he said in a lighter tone looking back at you. He bent down and gave you a kiss on your cheek like you had given him. "Come with me, I do believe it is time you finally get to meet my half of the wedding party!" He took your hand and led you towards the door. The realization of what was happening hit you like a freight train and you almost started skipping with excitement.
Bucky and Sam! You had heard so many stories about Steve's two best friends but, even over the many years, you'd never had an opportunity to meet them. The timing just never worked out. They weren't going to miss their brother finally getting married however, so today was finally the day you would all get together. The excitement swelled in you when you saw them walk into the room. You had seen plenty of photographs of them, Steve often pulled them out while telling you stories of fun times or missions. "Guys over here," Steve called out and waved them over.
As they turned towards you, you began to feel nervous. "What if they don't like me?" you thought to yourself. Your brain was working fast to try and remember if there was a time that Bucky might have met Peggy. If he had, would he think she was a better fit for Steve than you were? "Stop [y/n]," you tell yourself. "Stay out of that rabbit hole. Just smile, everything will be fine." You realize you've been lost in your own head and the two parties had already merged. Steve was hugging the two men then turned to you with the biggest smile you'd ever seen him wear.
"Sam, Bucky, this is my beautiful bride to be [y/n]. Hunny, these are the greatest guys I know, my best friends, James 'Bucky' Barnes and Sam Wilson."
You start to speak before really making eye contact. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you both." You extend out your hand for either to take first. "I've heard so much abou-" There is a hand in yours and you make eye contact with the man now in front of you. Your entire world erupts in the most beautiful cascade of color. Colors you never could have imagined in your wildest dreams. It was only now that you really understood what Steve would try to tell you when he wanted to describe colors to you. Only now that you realized he never did the color of the world justice.
Only now, that you were meeting your soulmate.
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Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 6
My Masterlist • Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Madripoor could give New York a run for their money.” Sam jokes, as your group passes through another line of shipping containers. Sharon leads the group, with Sam and Bucky walking behind her, side by side. Helmut and you follow, his hand in yours.
“They know how to party.” Helmut agrees.
“With that bounty on your head, the longer you’re in Madripoor, the less likely you’re leaving.” Sharon says, bringing the mood down immediately. She stops, gesturing to a nearby container, “Alright, he’s there. I’ll keep an eye out while you talk to Nagel.” She holds out a pile of earpieces, one for each of you. You all take one. “But hurry. We're on borrowed time.” She warns, before leaving to scout the area. You all place your ear pieces in, and walk towards the container. Sam opens the door with a creak. He pauses,
“Hey, Sharon. You sure this is the right one? It's completely empty.”
“Positive, it has to be.” You hear from your earpiece.
“Unless Selby set us up.” You remark. Sam steps into the container. You and Helmut follow him, with Bucky hovering warily by the door. Helmut heads to the back of the container, examining the wall with his flashlight. He runs a hand along the side, before giving it a shove. There’s a small thud as the wall moves, revealing a passageway. Helmut looks back at your group, Bucky and Sam pull out their guns. You do the same, before following Sam into the corridor. You hear music playing as you approach. The four of you enter what you assume is Nagel’s laboratory. There’s test tubes and various scientific equipment that you can’t identify all over. Your eyes scan the lab before you notice a man working away in a corner. Sam heads to the record player on a countertop, pulling the needle from the record.
“Dr. Nagel?” Sam asks.
“Who are you? What do you want?” Nagel says hurriedly.
“We know you created the super-soldier serum.”
“Get out of my lab.” He begins to walk away, only stopping when he spots Bucky.
“You know who he is, right?” Sam says, grasping hold of Nagel’s arm. Sam gestures towards Helmut. “This is Baron Zemo. I know you've heard of him, too, right? You seem like a pretty smart guy. So you better become conversational real quick.” Sam pushes Nagel against a wall. The man turns to look at your group.
“How about a counter proposal? Make me a better offer and I'll talk.” Sharon’s voice comes through your earpiece.
“Guys, we have company. Every bounty hunter in the city is here. We gotta go.”
“Okay.” You say to Nagel, stepping forward. “You give us what we want, and we don’t kill you.” He looks you up and down. Bucky’s clearly thinking along the same lines as you. He drags Nagel to a nearby chair, holding his gun against Nagel’s temple. Nagel continues to hesitate, Bucky fires a warning shot beside Nagel’s head.
“Okay. Okay.” Nagel says quickly. He sighs, before explaining, “I was brought into HYDRA's Winter Soldier program to pick up their work after the five failed test subjects in Siberia. When HYDRA fell, I was recruited by the CIA. They had blood samples from an American test subject with semi-stable traces of serum in his system. After much labor, I was able to isolate the necessary compounds in his blood. I was a god. I did what no other scientist since Erskine was able to do. But mine was going to be different. No clunky machines or jacked up bodies. Mine was going to be subtle, optimized, perfect.” A chill runs through you at the thought of the serum being so accessible, and that you’d never be able to tell who was a super soldier until it was too late. Helmut senses your unease, and glances at you. You offer him a brief smile, before returning your attention to Nagel.
“How have we never heard about this?” Sam asks.
“Because, before I was able to complete my work, I turned to dust. Then when I returned, five years later, the program had been abandoned, so I came here. The Power Broker was more than happy to fund the recreation of my work.”
“How many vials did you make?” You ask him. He hesitates, Bucky tightens his grip on his gun.
“Twenty. Karli Morgenthau stole those, so, I can only imagine what the Power Broker has planned for that poor girl.”
“Where’s Karli now?” Sam asks.
“I don't know where she is. But a couple of days ago, she called and asked if I could help someone named Donya Madani. Poor woman has tuberculosis. Typical of overpopulation in displacement camps like that.”
“Well, what happened to her?” Nagel shrugs,
“Not my pig, not my farm.”
“Is there any serum in this lab?” Bucky asks.
“Now what?” Bucky says, turning to you and Sam. Just then Sharon rushes in, looking worse for wear,
“Guys, we're seriously out of time here.” She gasps. There’s little warning for what happens next, save for Helmut’s brief surge of determination. Then everything happens at once. There’s a bang. Nagel goes down. Sam’s pinning Helmut against the wall, and Sharon’s pulling the gun from his hand. Where did he even get that from? Sam turns to you, looking almost accusatory. Then the wall explodes. Test tubes rattle and heat flares. Someone’s pulling you up from the floor and then you’re out in the fresh air. You pull away from the person, leaning against a container to catch your breath. You look up, and it’s Helmut.
“Are you alright?” He asks, concern evident on his face. You nod, straightening up.
“We need to get the others.” You say, hearing gunfire echo from where you’re guessing Sharon and the boys are. He holds onto your arm.
“Wait here, please.” You nod, waiting for a moment before following. You pull your gun out, scanning the area. You spot Sharon and the boys firing from under a container. Then there’s another explosion. As you shield your eyes from the blast you see someone drop down beside the bounty hunters. It’s Helmut. You watch as he fights off several men with skill. You race towards your group pulling Sharon out from the rubble.
“A little warning would have been nice before Zemo’s stunt with Nagel.” Sam calls out to you.
“You think I knew he’d do that?”
“You didn’t?”
“Sam, I met him yesterday. We’re not at the stage where he runs every decision through me.” You retort. You look around frantically. No Helmut in sight. Bucky seems to have noticed his disappearance.
“Go find him.” Bucky tells you. You nod in reply, running in the opposite direction from your group. You soon reach the spot where Helmut left you, and you’re not waiting long before he returns. He pulls his mask off.
“I believe I told you to wait?”
“I’ve been here the whole time.” You attempt an innocent look. He shakes his head with a smile.
“Let’s go.” He takes your hand, pulling you gently as he begins to run.
“Helmut, I swear if you’re escaping I won’t help you.”
“I’m not, come on.” He takes your hand as you two run towards an open container.
“What are we doing?” He gestures to the inside of the container with a grin. You look inside, “I’m driving.” He nods,
“Fair.” You sit in the car, luckily the keys are already in the ignition. It doesn’t take you long to find the others. You pull up beside them.
“Supercharged.” Helmut smirks at the boys, and you resist the urge to smack him.
“You're going back to jail.” Sam states, annoyance clear in his tone.
“Do you want to find Karli or not?” Helmut argues.
“He's right. We need him. And there's two of us, and at least 20 of them.” Bucky adds. Helmut pushes open the door, allowing Bucky to slide into the backseat behind you.
“Fine. But if you try that shit again-“ Sam begins.
“Wouldn’t dream of it.” Helmut assures him. Sam sits next to Bucky with a sigh.
“Well, that was one hell of a reunion.” Sharon comments, shutting the door after Sam.
“Come back to the States with us.” He tells her.
“I told you I can't. Just get me that pardon you promised me.” She nods at him, before heading off.
“Thanks for everything.” Sam calls back to her. You put the car in gear, and set off to the airfield. Goodbye Madripoor.
Tumblr media
Tagslist: @justfangirlthingies @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @mischief-siriusly-managed @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fillechatoyante @obissimp @fandom-lover-4 @chipster-21 @purehuntress @homosexualjohnwayne @greeneyedblondie44
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Lost in Assistance - Ch. 10
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader.
Tumblr media
GIF: I do not own this GIF.
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
The three of you are finally back at the hotel. As soon as you got there, you went to your room to get ready. So is Lizzie in hers. When you are ready, you go right away to the girls’ room. You knocked on the door, and for some reason you slightly wish that Lizzie’s face would slowly show up as the door is opening but like usual it was Aubrey’s smile the first thing you see. “Hey.” Aubrey moves to the side as she opens the door wider for you to come in. “Hey Aubrey.” You unconsciously smiled in slight disappointment.
You do not mind at all that it's always Aubrey who opens the door for you. She is your good friend, really. You just start to think why is it always Aubrey? Is it just a coincidence or not really? Does she hate you so much that she is avoiding you at all cost? Oh well, why does it matter anyway? Why did you wish it was Lizzie who opens the door for you just now? There’s nothing special to it. The hatred is mutual. You were probably just concerned about her anyway after seeing her cry, you think it’s just a normal nice gesture if you are wondering how she was doing.  but again it’s none of your business. Your mind juggling all of those thoughts in such a short time triggers a quick rush in your mind.
Your eyes secretly look for Lizzie. You try to do it in the most subtle way so Aubrey won’t notice while both of you walk to the living room and sit down on the couch. “She is inside, still getting ready, Y/n.” Aubrey told you as if she can read your mind. “Huh?” Surprised with her statement just now, you got caught off guard and that was all you can say. You curse yourself in your mind for being too obvious.
“I know those eyes,y/n. You can’t lie to me. Your eyes’ movement. You were searching for her.” Aubrey teased with a knowing smile. “No, I wasn’t!” You denied instantly. “Yes you were, Y/n.” She convinced you in a playful tone. “No,I wasn’t!” You shout in a whisper. You feel warm on your cheeks and ears. “Okay, y/n. You were not.” She agreed in a playful sarcasm. “Tell that to your blushing cheeks.” She mumbles under her breath and rolls her eyes at the same time.
“What Aubrey?” You asked. “Oh nothing.” She smiled.
Aubrey slouch on the couch yet you sit next to her awkwardly straight up with your hands keep tapping your knees like they are a set of percussion. “So, how is she doing? Do you think she already feels better?” Your voice is almost like a whisper when you ask her as you don’t want Lizzie to hear it.
“Hmm. Care much, are you Ms. Y/L/N?” Once again, She always finds the chance to tease you about Lizzie. “Seriously? I asked just because that’s the right thing to do as a human being towards another.” You lifted an eyebrow as you tackled her tease once more. “You know what? Just forget I asked.” You added with a discomfort tone.
Aubrey giggled. “Geez, I was just joking. I think she’s feeling better but she still hates you.” She answered as she tried to hold a laugh teasing you. “Well, that, I don’t need to ask you, I already know. The whole world knows how much she hates me.” You shook your head. She giggles.
“So you are coming with us right?” You asked the girl next to you. “Nuh-uh. I’m not coming. I need to take a break from both of you and your arguments.” the brunette answers while her eyes locked on the TV. “Ouch. Are we that annoying?” You put your hand on your chest and act like you are hurt by what she said. “You guys are not annoying, I love both of you. You guys are just too funny for me to watch but I can’t say anything yet because both of you are too stubborn to listen to me and that’s annoying.” She said nonchalantly with a small smirk.
“What’s too funny about it? And what can’t you say yet? Tell me.” You jokingly push her shoulder. “Oh nothing. I have my own theory, you’ll know it next time.” She patched a meaningful smile. “Oh yeah? Probably a stupid theory?” You jokingly make fun of her. “Whatever y/n.” She giggles.
“Hey, y/n. I just want to say sorry. Honestly, I was the one who gave Lizzie the idea of giving you hell when you are working with her but I didn’t know it was you until she told me your name. Please don’t hate me.” Aubrey’s face showed remorse. “So, you are the one that makes my life a hell? Wow Aubrey. Thanks.” You said it in a playful tone.
“So you are not mad at me?” Aubrey looks relieved. “Nah,it’s okay. I figured anyway. You are forgiven.” You winked at her. “Gosh, y/n I thought you were serious.” She giggles. 
Lizzie comes out to the living room. “What are you giggling about Aubrey?” Then she notices you are there. “Oh.” That was all she said before she went back into the bedroom. A few minutes later, you notice that both of you need to leave not to be late. “Ms. Olsen, we have to go now. We can’t be late.” You told her from the living room. “Gosh y/n, Okay! Okay!.” She let out a harsh breath as she came out. “Bye Aubrey, I’ll see you later.” Lizzie yells as she walks out the suite room. You stand up, wave goodbye at Aubrey, and follow her .
Both sitting on each side of the back seat, the car ride without Aubrey was silent. Just pure silence but you both taking turns on getting caught stealing glances at each other. You really don’t know why you have the urge to ask how she is doing while you know she for sure is not comfortable if you ask her that. You are just her assistant and her personal life is definitely none of your business.  Luckily, you both finally arrived at the location.
The photoshoot starts right away after her make up and wardrobe is ready. Everything is going well with the photoshoot until the last session with the last wardrobe, Sophie who is incharge of makeup and wardrobe had to leave early for a family emergency. Thank goodness, it is the last session, Lizzie just has to change to the last dress, do some shots and they can call it a day. Sophie asked if you can help with the last dress as she showed you which one and said you can just hang the dress once Lizzie’s done and you have no problem with it.
You wait for Lizzie outside the changing room to make sure everything is okay. You heard her softly grunts and curse under her breath. “Ms. Olsen, are you okay?” You heard other soft grunts. “I’m okay. Can you call Sophie please?” Lizzie asked, not knowing that the french lady already left. “Um, she left. She’s not here. Do you need help?”
“What do you mean she left?” She asked in surprise and confusion. “Yeah, she has a family emergency.” You explained. “I need help with the dress.” She asked from the other side of the wall. “I can help you.”
“No, not you. Is there somebody else who can help me?” She asked in a slightly irritated tone. “Yes, there’s Stefan, Andre, Antoine, Oh and there’s Claude.” You named all the crews that’s there who happen to be all males. “I meant a female one, y/n.” She opened the door a little, peek through the small open space and asked in annoyance.
“Yes, Her name is y/n. The only female here besides you.” You answered in a flat sarcastic tone, in emotionless face expression. “Like it or not, I'm the only one to help you.” You shrugged your shoulders. “Fine.” She groans and lets you in while trying her best to cover her body shyly. 
“Y/n, look the other way. Don't look over here.” She demanded. “How am I gonna help you if I have to look away?” You furrowed your eyebrows. She is in this red see-through sheer dress with some floral laces on some body parts that need to be covered with it but on the upper body part it looks like a beautiful corset. She turned around, her back facing you with the dress unzipped leaving her bareback exposed. You can see from the mirror in front of her, both of her hands crossed in front of her dress covered breast to hold the dress so as not to fall. She lowered her head, her face facing down.
The curve line from the back of her neck to her bareback with no bra straps whatsoever yet slightly covered with some strains of her long blonde hair was visible to you, the zipper slider body was way low on her lowest back, almost to her natural perfect size buttocks with the line of her g-string peeking out a little bit. Her peach-cream with a light hint of tanned skin colors look so flawless. Too perfect that no pores are visible.
You swallow your nervous feeling down, try hard to stop staring before she pulls her head up. No, you definitely don’t want her to notice that. “Okay,so you just need me to zip this up right?” You clear your throat. “Uh y-yeah.” You notice that she sounds nervous. 
“Okay. I’ll zip it up. Just pull the rest of your hair up so it won’t get caught in the zipper.” “She nodded, and her right hand grabbed the rest of her hair. The dress is slim-fitted, perfectly designed for her heavenly figure. You tried to pull the zip up by the pull tab but it was a little difficult to do, so you pulled it by the slider body. You tried to get a grip of it, your index finger is between her body and the dress. The tightness of the dress makes the tip of your finger slightly touch her skin. Both of you were surprised by it. You noticed her body jolted even in the very slightest movements when she felt the tip of your finger touch her skin.
You try to ignore the awkward feelings in the air, and you pull the zipper up slowly because you are afraid to ruin the dress. The room fell silent. The silence breaks down all barriers and makes you able to hear her breath hitch softly right when the tip of your finger lands on her bareskin slowly brushes her skin from the lowest part of her back slide up to the bottom of her back neck between her shoulders along her spine. Your eyes follow the zipper up and you lift your head higher to find her reflection in the mirror, her eyes closed and her lips slightly open as she slowly exhales.
“Uh-It’s all zipped up now.” You see her in the mirror standing there beautifully in the dress. She lifts up her head but as soon as her gaze locks with yours, she awkwardly turns her head sideways instantly. Meanwhile you are still hypnotized with the beauty in front of you.
“Take a picture. It will last longer.” Her voice brought you back to your consciousness. “I’m sorry?” You asked as you tried to recall what she was saying, unfortunately you didn’t pay attention at all. “I said, take a picture. It will last longer.” She repeated in annoyance.
“Oh. Uh, N-No, thank you. I’m good.” You answered quickly to hide your nervousness then you realized you picked the worst answer. You internally screamed at yourself for choosing such an answer but oh well, it is what it is. She was chagrined when you answered nonchalantly. She then walked out of the changing room and continued with the photoshoot.
As luck would have it, someone came to cover Sophie and help with the rest so both of you won’t have to deal with another insanely awkward encounter like earlier in the changing room.
Both of you are on the way back to the hotel now. After what happened in the changing room, it’s even more awkward to sit with her in the back seat even though there’s enough space in the middle space between you two. You tried to get busy to distract yourself, checking out work related things in your phone or notes and also answered a work call. You are talking french on the phone, Lizzie figured it’s from the magazine company. Lizzie took the chance that was laid in front of her to give yet another glance at you while you weren’t paying attention. 
Every single glance she threw seems to move up slowly. From your crossed leg then to your thigh and she noticed you are wearing ripped distressed jeans that show some part of your skin with your right hand on it. She glances again at your slender fingers with your polished short but not too short nails. She then realized she might glance too long (or more like staring). Mercifully, you still don’t notice what she’s doing.
She finally regains control of herself and stops herself from stealing glances at you then turns her head to watch the street of Paris through the window but that doesn’t stop her wondering what is happening with her at this moment. The more she wonders the more she gets irritated because she can’t figure it out.
Ch. 11
Taglist: @madamevirgo , @musicinourlips​ (Let me know if you want to be added in the tag list.)
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TiMER || Soulmate AU.
Tumblr media
» Three: Headquarters.
Bucky Barnes || word count: 3,181 || Friends. Irony. “What are you doing here?”
» y'all better enjoy the softness and newness of their relationship while it lasts. divider by @firefly-graphics! ♡
warnings; awkwardness, two idiots not knowing what to do with their feelings, poorly edited.
This is loosely based on the movie TiMER (2009). Same premises, the plot differs though.
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Tumblr media
The water helps her cool down a little.
She splashes it all over her face, her neck, chest, and arms. She holds onto the sink, taking a couple of deep breaths, trying to get rid of the feel of Bucky’s hands on her body, of his mouth on her skin. She touches her lips with her fingertips after licking them, the edges of her lips burning thanks to Bucky’s stubble, and the craving for more.
She doesn’t know how long she’s in the bathroom for; she only knows it takes a while for her heart rate to slow down and her hands to stop shaking enough for her to put her dress back on. She looks at herself in the mirror for the first time since she’s entered the bathroom and she can barely recognize herself — the blissful look, the messy hair, the secretive smirk.
Maybe Monica isn’t so wrong after all, she thinks. Maybe… Maybe…
She’s so deep in her thoughts, she’s almost startled when she walks outside and Bucky’s still there. He looks nervous as he stands from the desk, unsure of what to do with his hands, so he settles on burying them in his pockets.
Time moves on by but they don’t — they’re stuck there, staring at each other, trying to make sense of what just happened.
Bucky clears his throat, looking down at the floor, “You alright?”
“I’m fine,” she assures him, and the lightness in her voice makes him finally hold her gaze. He inspects her face and his shoulders relax when they settle on the curve of her mouth. “Are you?”
“I—uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m okay.”
“Relax, this doesn’t have to mean more than it is,” she says, reciting almost from memory one of the lines she’s heard Monica say countless times over the phone to her friends. “It was a good time, there’s nothing more to it. Any kind of relationship would be doomed anyway, right?”
Bucky drops his eyes to his wrist, the same place she’s staring as she speaks and he understands what she means — his TiMER. The clock is still counting down to the moment he’s supposed to meet the supposed love of his life, someone who isn’t her.
Bucky frowns and she can practically see the gears turning in his head as he thinks.
Not knowing what else to say, she heads for the door, and that’s when Bucky comes back to life again. He moves quickly, taking a big step to the left to try and block her path, to get her attention once more.
“I got tickets.”
She looks at him confused at this statement, a hint of amusement in the corner of her mouth.
“Tickets for a concert in a couple of weeks,” he explains, trying to make his mouth catch up to his thoughts. “Would you like to come with me?”
Her frown deepens, because didn’t they just have a completely different kind of conversation less than a second ago?
“It doesn’t have to be a date,” he rushes, his hand on his hair, tugging at it lightly. “We can just… hang out? Have fun. As friends.”
Friends, she thinks.
Monica would have a field day if she found out she took her advice, and that she’s got friends of her own now. Bucky grins at her, amusement in his eyes as her smile widens.
With those bright blue eyes looking at her that way, how can she say no?
The office door opens at the same time her mouth does, and the bubble they were just in is burst.
“Hey,” Sam greets, stepping into the office and moving closer towards her to plant a loud smooch on her cheek. When he finally looks back at Bucky’s frown, he asks, “Am I interrupting something?”
“Not at all,” she replies before Bucky can even organize his thoughts. “I was just leaving.”
She squeezes Sam’s arm as a goodbye and moves past Bucky, looking at him one last time out of the corner of her eye.
She takes a deep breath once she’s out in the street, giving herself a moment to collect her thoughts and calm her racing heart before walking to her car.
But most of all, she needs to stop herself from running back inside just to kiss Bucky again.
Tumblr media
She doesn’t stop by the bar for almost a week.
It’s easier to do now that Monica seems extra busy with work. She’s bringing paperwork home again, eating take-out while giving the papers a few glances over as they watch a movie together.
In all that time, she thinks of Bucky — the wrinkles around his eyes, the taste of his mouth, the sound of his voice, of his moans.
She wants to ask Monica, is this what it’s like for you all the time? How do you stop thinking about them after? But she doesn’t. Monica never really seems that affected after meeting with her “friends”. She never brings them up. She can’t even remember Monica saying any of their names to her before.
So, she keeps it to herself.
And at night, she dreams of warmth and cold holding onto her skin, of red lips swollen after kissing, and bright blue eyes.
Tumblr media
Bucky’s nervous as fuck.
He keeps fidgeting with his fingers, his new gloves feeling a little tight still, stiffening his movements just a little. His right foot is bouncing, his throat is dry and he keeps shifting in his seat, taking turns staring at the bag he brought with him, the floor, the receptionist, and the TV hanging above her head.
He keeps his eyes on the TV when he recognizes the commercial that’s finishing about the TiMERs. He laughs because of course they'd play something like that here, at one of their biggest headquarters, while waiting for the only girl he’s ever met whose TiMER is blank.
“If a clock could count down to the exact moment you meet your soulmate, would you want to know?” The woman on the TV asks, her voice smooth and calm, a voice-over on a set of different shots of their commercials. “That’s the claim of the manufacturers of a new device called the TiMER. The next evolutionary step in computer matchmaking, the TiMER lets you know when your perfect match has entered your life.
“We’ve discovered that all humans are on a path to true love,” a man speaks just as he appears on the TV, he’s wearing a doctor’s coat and some glasses, his name at the bottom right of the screen. “Implanted just after the onset of puberty and powered by body heat, the TiMER monitors the levels of oxytocin, the hormone of love. The device zeros out at midnight the night before, and then the next day it could go off at any second and you meet your soulmate.
“By the end of the year it is estimated that over half of Americans ages 14 or older will have TiMERs,” the first woman speaks again, this time showing images of happy couples doing different activities. “A recent independent study revealed a 98% satisfaction rate among newly zeroed out couples.”
Bucky stops listening after that, thinking that it’s all bullshit, anyway. He sighs exasperated, wishing he could shut the TV off, or at least turn the volume down so he couldn’t hear all the couples interviewed, talking about their perfect match.
He shoots up right away, feeling nervous again, now that he’s right in front of her, watching her expressions change so fast, he can’t quite place them.
She chuckles slightly, “Hi.”
He’s being awkward —he knows that— just standing there, looking at her. She’s beautiful; looks so different from when he saw her at the bar. She’s wearing a pencil skirt, a button-up blouse, and heels, her hair carefully pulled back, away from her face. His mouth runs dry when his gaze falls on her mouth, the lipstick she’s wearing is just begging to be ruined.
And fuck if Bucky doesn’t have to stop himself from doing just that.
“What are you doing here? Are you alright?”
“Yeah. I—,” he stops, clears his throat, and tries again: “I brought you lunch.”
She looks at him quizzically and then at the bag he’s holding. He grows more and more nervous as the seconds go by and she’s trying to figure him out. But then she’s smiling, and Bucky’s mirroring the gesture and —
“Thank you,” she says. She takes a few steps back, and motions Bucky to follow her. “Come on then, let’s see what you got.”
Tumblr media
Her office is nothing like he expected.
Floor to ceiling glass windows, giving them a spectacular view of the city. Dark furniture with red and white accents, a bookshelf the size of the wall behind her desk, an extra stack of books on the middle table, in front of the leather couch.
In all honesty, he wasn’t even expecting her to invite him there either. He was certain they’d end up sitting in a busy cafeteria or a park somewhere, barely able to hear anything they’d say to each other.
Instead, they’re sitting face to face, her desk the only thing separating them, their knees bumping against each other as they get comfortable. He can hear his heart hammering in his ears, and by the way she’s looking at him, he wonders if she can too.
“This place is nice,” Bucky says, his attention on the small picture frames on her desk.
He dares to reach for them and move them delicately, only to find her kissing Monica’s cheek as Monica smiles at the camera. He smiles back at them before settling the frame back in place.
“You guys seem pretty close.”
“Yeah,” she nods, staring at the picture lovingly, “she’s the best step-sister anyone could ever ask for.”
“Step-sister? I didn’t know that.”
“My dad married her mom when we were ten. We’ve been best friends ever since,” she shrugs like it was meant to be. “Do you have any siblings?”
“I have a younger sister,” Bucky replies with a quick nod. “Her name is Rebecca. I got to spend some time with her before I moved here with the guys.”
She smiles, pleased for him, setting her elbow on the table, her chin on her open palm. She seems comfortable, and that makes Bucky glad. It calms him down, for sure. That is until her gaze drops to his mouth and she’s licking her lips before she sucks in a breath. She clears her throat, looking down at the desk with a frown.
“Do you like working here?”
She looks up at him with wide eyes, blinks a few times before she opens her mouth a second, and then closes it, organizing her thoughts. It's more than clear she wasn’t expecting that question. “Yeah, it’s great, actually.”
Bucky’s gaze falls to her wrist, the blank device blinking lazily and she chuckles slightly when she realizes what he’s looking at.
“The irony of my situation isn't lost on me, either,” she says. “It was a bit tough at first but not so much now.”
Her phone rings and she flinches, making her roll her eyes at Bucky’s smirk as she answers the phone.
“Yeah?” She asks lazily, her tone smooth and soft, almost sweet. “Oh, no, thank you, love,” she continues, and then, staring right at Bucky she adds: “I already have lunch.”
A few more words are exchanged and she hangs up the phone, interlocking her fingers and resting her arms on the desk, waiting while Bucky rushes to get the boxes, napkins, and silverware out of the bag, carefully placing them in between them.
Bucky waits for her reaction, feeling at ease when she eagerly picks up a fork and takes the first bite, closing her eyes in delight for a second.
“Okay,” she says after she swallows because there’s no way in hell Bucky could’ve just guessed what she likes to eat. “Who told you?”
Bucky shrugs with one shoulder, feeling shy all of a sudden, “Steve.”
“I could’ve sworn you were gonna say Monica,” she replies, a little surprised. “Anyway, thank you. It’s very sweet of you.”
Bucky feels his face grow hot, shaking his head as he grumbles a “you’re welcome” and takes off his gloves. He stretches his fingers quickly before picking up his fork and taking a bite of his plate. He hopes he’s not overstepping right now — friends bring other friends lunch, right?
He watches her take another bite of her food with the same enthusiasm as before, and then she’s asking about his parents, and how he became friends with Sam and Steve, and a hundred other things, and Bucky relaxes more and more as minutes go by.
Tumblr media
Bucky holds back a laugh as they stare at each other.
He’s not sure when they grew this quiet, when he caught her gaze and didn’t look away. But here he is now, watching her curious frown and trying hard not to smile when he finally asks, “What are you doing?”
“I’m thinking,” she replies without looking away, fighting a smirk of her own. “Just trying to figure it out.”
“Figure what out?”
She doesn’t answer right away, only does another quick dance with her eyes, studying his features. Bucky swallows, smiling tightly, and he waits for the inevitable question—
“Why are you here, Bucky?”
“You never gave me an answer,” he replies with a light shrug. Her frown deepens in confusion and for some reason, it makes him smile. “About the concert. Do you want to come with me?”
She purses her lips, “Who’s performing?”
“Leon Bridges,” Bucky says, trying to keep his expressions in check when she sucks in a breath, masking her excitement. “It’s a small venue, which is good since I don’t do so well with large crowds sometimes. It’d be nice to have someone to go with.”
“Did you ask Steve or Sam?”
Bucky shakes his head, running a hand through his hair, and admits out loud, “It’d be nice to go with you.”
He grins, big and boyish, “Yeah?”
“Sure,” she shrugs, smiling just as wide. “It’d be fun.”
“Yeah,” Bucky breathes, and it takes everything in him not to get up and dance, and plant a loud smooch on her face. “I’ll bring you the ticket another time? Maybe I could call before I drop by unannounced. I don’t wanna catch you at a bad time.”
She stands and he does the same right away, watching her move around the desk slowly, picking up one of her business cards and handing it to him.
“Here,” she offers. “Maybe I can treat you to lunch next time.”
Bucky holds the small piece of paper in his hands like it’s sacred and puts it in his front pocket where he knows it’d be safe. She sits on the desk next to him, cursing when she knocks over her stapler and it falls to the floor with a quiet thud.
“I got it,” Bucky says, rushing to bend over and grab the stapler, setting it back on the desk while he’s still crouched down.
Bucky hums, his attention focused on her legs, mainly on the small scar on her right knee. He runs his fingers over the bump on her skin and he only realizes what he’s doing when he hears her sucking in a breath. He looks up at her, his hand closing around her calf so his thumb can keep on touching that same spot. She looks down at him with heavy eyes, her mouth agape, and her fingers tightening around the edge of the desk.
“What happened?”
“I—,” she starts, her voice barely there and she clears her throat before trying again. “I fell while learning how to ride my bike.”
Bucky hums, and after a moment he places a feather-like kiss on the scar. He earns a whimper when he does it again and the sound makes his head spin. He kisses the small scar on her knee one last time while his hand moves to her other leg, his eyes finding another small scar soon enough, this time on the inside of her thigh. His thumb brushes the skin there lazily.
“What about here?”
“Monkey bars,” she breathes.
Bucky hums again, waiting just a little bit longer before pressing his mouth on her skin, both of her legs trembling slightly at the contact.
And Bucky could do this all day, he really could. He could touch and kiss her skin forever, as long as she kept making the small little noises she’s making right now.
Bucky’s mouth travels north on her thigh painfully slow, chaste, feather-like kisses scattered all over the inside of her thighs. His fingers sneak in underneath the hem of her skirt, pushing it up to kiss the skin there too, raising goosebumps as they go, with the promise of more and—
—and they’re both startled when her phone rings.
Bucky stands as she rushes around her desk again, picking up the phone with a breathless, “Yeah?”
They stare at each other for the few seconds she’s on the line, both of them breathing hard, their hearts racing.
“Shit,” she whispers, closing her eyes for a second as if trying to concentrate. “I’m sorry, I completely forgot. Be there soon.”
She hangs up the phone with an apologetic smile, and Bucky shouldn’t feel as sad as he does when she says: “I’m sorry, I gotta go.”
“It’s okay,” Bucky nods, but neither one of them moves for a while.
She’s the first one to head for the door, both of her hands smoothing her skirt a few times before they move to her shirt and her hair, making sure she looks alright.
“You know your way back, right?”
Bucky nods, holding the office door open for her. They stand outside, facing each other for what feels like forever.
Bucky buries his hands in his pockets and takes half a step back, “I should let you go.”
“You should,” she whispers and Bucky feels as if she’s referring to something different.
Before he can think too much about it, she’s in his space again, stealing the breath right out of his lungs, tempting him, touching the bridge of his nose with the tip of hers before she tilts her head, planting a kiss on his cheek.
She moves away and starts walking in the opposite direction before Bucky can react. He’s left with his heart in his throat, and it’s a moment before he can move.
He puts on his gloves again and pulls out the small card with her name and contact information. He smiles at the piece of paper and tucks it away in the inside pocket of his jacket where he keeps the concert tickets.
Still grinning, he makes his way out of the building. He feels like hugging himself for not giving her the ticket right away — he just got himself a proper excuse to see her again soon.
Tumblr media
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The Multiverse of FATWS |Ch.9
Tumblr media
WARNING: Major Character Death
SUMMARY: Soulmates existed, in this world it was everything. A timer to know when they will die. However, Sam doesn't like his timer. He just hopes they can make it out alive.
@siancore @xsleepylilgeekyx @hey-yes-hi-hello @stansamwilson @fuckyeahsambucky @gay-gym-rats @sokovianpropaganda @blacklavenderjade @blvckdorkkpop  @blackboylikesflowers​ @areubeingserved​ 
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unrequited (Loki x Stark!Fem!Reader) -- one shot
I watched Loki ep 2 and had to literally talk with @chelseyjoyce​ abt it because WHAT WAS THAT so anywho here’s an angsty one shot out of spite :))
(This is one of those WIPs I mentioned hehe)
Summary: You finally see color when you meet your soulmate, Loki, but it doesn’t end in happily ever after like everyone says it does.
Warnings: literally all angst. Loki is an asshole, full stop (sorryyy)
Loki Masterlist || Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Midgard fades into nothingness as Thor and Loki return to Asgard.
“You broke her heart, you know,” Thor said after a while.
“I know,” Loki replied, quietly.
“You’re not going to try to fix it?”
“How can I?”
24 Hours Earlier
“Dad! Look at this! I finally got it to connect, watch!”
Tony watched in awe as you showed him your newest invention. He never thought his daughter would turn out just like him, but you’re a spitting image. Intelligence, wit, colorblindness and all.
The latter you’re less happy about. You hate it, actually, but you never talk about it. Your dad tried for a few years to invent glasses that would help you see color, but they never worked. You’d get glimpses of dull colors that would fade completely within a few seconds.
After the third try, you told him (quite impolitely, you’ll admit) to stop.
That was just a few months ago, and now he’s never seen you happier. You’ve thrown yourself into your work, and this is the quickest you’ve ever completed something.
“That’s awesome, munchkin,” Tony laughed. “Gimme five!”
You smacked his hand with yours, grinning wide. “I’m sure some improvements can be made—”
“Ah, ah, ah, what did we say about respecting our work?”
You rolled your eyes. “What should I improve?”
He sighed. “Alright, fine, but later. We’ve got a couple people stopping by, so I need to see them first.”
“Ooh, are they friends?”
“Kind of?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” You laughed, tossing your arms up. “Can I meet them?”
Tony shrugged. “Sure, why not, come on.”
You followed your dad out of the lab and into the elevator, then down a few floors. You usually tried to avoid the elevator at all costs. Everything looked so beautiful through the glass that your chest just ached with want. Why did you have be cursed like this? It wasn’t fair.
You’ve tried to be grateful, knowing that one day you’ll meet your soulmate and the colors will come back and it’ll all be right again.
But you’re getting older. And losing hope.
“What are their names?” You asked idly.
“Thor and Loki.”
“What?!” You yelled, not expecting to hear those two names. “Why didn’t you tell me they were coming?”
“You know them?”
“No! Yes, kind of, I know of them.”
Tony rolled his eyes, the same exact expression you got from him. “They’re just picking something up. Something top secret, so don’t ask.”
“Wasn’t going to.” You so were.
You were busy with fixing a drink when the elevator opened again, and this time the two brothers stepped out. You turned around when you heard your dad greet them, and that’s when it happened.
You dropped the glass from your hand, your eyes wide as color painted everything around you. Bright blue everywhere — is that really Dad’s favorite color? Thor was wearing red and Loki was in a dark green— Loki.
Oh, this is bad. Or is it good? The death glare Loki was shooting your way told you it was bad, very bad.
“What the hell?” Tony said, waving his hands. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah,” you replied, gaining your composure. “Sorry. Got a little starstruck I guess. Sorry…”
Tony sighed. “Okay, where you step. I’m sure Thor won’t care if you take a selfie with him in a minute,” he teased.
Thor smiled. “I like taking selfies.”
You swallowed thickly, blinking slowly, the color nauseating you. Loki looked everywhere but you. And you wanted to be anywhere but here.
“No thanks,” you murmured. “I’m just gonna go back to the lab, sorry— Sorry about the glass.”
You stumbled around, looking like a newborn deer as you rushed toward the stairs, throwing the door open and practically jumping down the entire flight.
You made it to your room before you nearly collapsed. Heaving, coughing, sobbing. You threw yourself on your bed and screamed into the nearest pillow until your throat was sore, and then you did it again. And again.
After you exhausted yourself to the point of delirium, you turned over on your back, grimacing at the color choices you made. When you didn’t see color, you based things on texture or what shade of grey they were. Now you’re realizing that your favorite shade of grey isn’t your favorite color, after all.
You closed your eyes to get away from it, and when you opened them again, a few hours had passed, but the colors had not.
So it really is Loki.
But he wanted nothing to do with you. He glared at you and then looked anywhere but you. Thor at least smiled at you. Why couldn’t it be Thor?
It’s Loki.
You almost smacked your own head in annoyance. You didn’t need the reminder. You understood loud and clear the first time.
There was absolutely no way that your dad could find out about this. Thor already had his soulmate, so you couldn’t even lie and say it was Thor. It was definitely Loki that made you see color, and definitely Loki that wanted nothing to do with you.
As much as you wanted to vomit right then, you didn’t.
You got up and ventured out of your room, in search of food or something stronger to make you forget, but then you ran right into Loki.
“Shit,” you muttered, stepping back like he burned you — but it was the exact opposite. He felt cold. Even through his clothes, or maybe it was from his hand that reached out to steady you.
“My apologies,” he said, and even his voice made you shiver.
You glanced around him, finding an empty hallway. But still, you whispered. “I thought you weren’t staying.”
“We aren’t. We’re leaving in a few minutes.”
“Then what are you doing up here?”
“Snooping,” Loki replied, and you figured that sounded about right for him.
You nodded, not questioning it. “Can I ask you something?”
Loki already knew, but still he said, “Yes.”
“Did you see it earlier?” You asked. “The color?”
What Loki wanted to say was that yes, he saw color and he saw you and you were beautiful and he wanted to wrap you in his arms and take you home to Asgard immediately, to be his princess, to one day be his queen.
But that isn’t what Loki said. Instead, you watched his face turn into one of mocking, teasing, mischief. “Silly girl,” he laughed coldly. “I’m a god. I already saw color. You’re not my soulmate, I’m afraid it’s blatantly impossible.”
You blinked, wondering what the hell he even meant by that. “What?” You blurted. “But that makes no sense!”
“I don’t know what else to tell you.”
“Why were you glaring at me then?”
Loki raised an eyebrow. “You wasted a perfectly fine glass.”
“Because I saw color!” You yelled.
“Well, good for you.”
You wanted to smack him. You wanted to smack the smile right from his lips, and then you wanted to kiss him senseless, but you didn’t.
“Whatever,” you said. “Just go away. Back to As...whatever.”
“Asgard,” Loki corrected, almost growling.
You rolled your eyes. “That place. Have fucking fun or whatever.”
You shoved past him to go toward the kitchen, but then you started running, toward the stairs, down the flights, right into the lab, where you smashed one of your secret inventions.
It was meant to show you your soulmate. It showed you the exact dark green Loki wore. But you thought it was lying. You wanted it to be a lie.
Tony found the pieces of smashed technology a few hours later, after you had long gone to bed. You hadn’t shown him this invention, so he had no idea what it did, but he knew something was wrong.
You never smashed anything that you created. This was just wildly unlike you.
So, Tony did what he does best as a dad, and he knocked on your bedroom door. He started with being nosy.
“Munchkin? Got a moment?”
You didn’t hear him because you had headphones in and were literally blasting music as loud as you could. But your silence didn’t stop Tony from entering your room, his worried mind taking over.
And when he saw you, his heart broke. Headphones in, tears running down your face as you stared straight ahead. You merely blinked when you noticed him in the doorway.
Honestly, you felt and looked numb.
Tony carefully sat next to you on the bed, and gently lifted the headphones off your head. He smiled softly, grimacing at the volume. “You’ll bust your eardrums like that.”
You barely lifted your shoulders in response.
“Wanna tell me what’s wrong?” Tony asked. “I’m fine with the guessing game, but it would speed things up if you give me a clue. I have got all night, though.”
You knew he had all night. He always did. “I can see color.”
Surprise crossed Tony’s face at your statement. He had pictured it being said with excitement, not the deep melancholy he heard just then. “Who is it?”
You shook your head. “I don’t know.”
You took a deep, shaky breath. “I thought it was Loki,” you muttered. “But when I asked him if he saw it too, he…” You squeezed your eyes shut, steadying yourself. You got Tony’s temper, too. “He said he could already see color so it wasn’t him and I wasn’t his soulmate and he was...a fucking asshole about it.”
Tony sighed. With this information, Loki’s subdued attitude earlier made more sense. Tony figured it was because Thor had threatened him beforehand or something. Tony never banked on the reason being you were Loki’s soulmate and Loki, per usual, was just a jackass to you. was Loki. You couldn’t be with Loki. Tony wouldn’t let you, soulmate or not. But it didn’t seem like you were going to fight him on this, so he didn’t bring it up.
Instead, he held you. He let you cry. And he took you out for milkshakes at midnight.
Because Tony had always been able to figure out how to parent, but he realized that night that he never quite figured out how to heal a broken heart — especially when that heart is yours.
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Lost in Assistance - Ch. 9
Elizabeth Olsen x Fem!Reader.
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/n is a professional celebrity's personal assistant in Hollywood got hired with two years contract to be the assistant of the famous and talented Elizabeth Olsen / Lizzie by her manager. Both Y/n and Lizzie hate each other since day one, and they have mutual friend. One is as stubborn as the other, will Y/n stay when Lizzie gives attitudes and tries her best to make her quit before the contract ends?
Warning: fluff, angst, smut (in future chapters), swearing words ( +18 only)
I do not own any pictures, name, brand, song titles or anything that I used in this story.
All chapters
You fell asleep last night once you finally got everything done and prepared for today’s schedule. You were exhausted from the long flight and yesterday’s activity not to mention you were drained from your argument with Lizzie.
As much as your body feels so comfortable sleeping on the comfy hotel’s bed tucked in under the warm comforter, you are awakened with loud knockings on your door. You check the clock that reads 8.02 AM. Since your body is still adjusting with the time difference, it takes time for you to be fully awake but the frantic knocking on your door forces you to quickly grab your glasses and get up from your bed. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” You said it in a light annoyance as you quickly pacing to answer the door.
“Aubrey? What are you doing here so early?” Your morning raspy voice asked her and your eyes squinted to try to adjust with the light as you just woke up. 
"Is Lizzie with you?" She ignored your question. Her face looks pale. "What? No. What's going on?" You scratch your head and yawn at the same time when you asked her. “I can’t find her anywhere!” Aubrey talked in panic as she pushed past you to get into your room. “Wait what? You can’t find who?” You closed your door as you waited in confusion for her answer.
“Lizzie! I can’t find her. I woke up at 7.00 and she wasn’t in the room. I looked for her everywhere in the room then I thought she probably went down to get breakfast so I called her but went straight to voicemail. I just went downstairs to find her but no luck, so I came here to check if she is with you and apparently she is not." She rambled on answering you, pacing around the room in panic as she bit her nails.
You walk to her and grab both of her shoulders to face you. "Aubrey, calm down. When was the last time you saw her?" You try to ask in a calm tone so she calms down and focuses on you.
"Last night. After dinner, we got back here. I went to bed after her. I went to the bathroom around 6, and she was in the living room. I heard her talking on the phone but I went back to bed and before you asked me who she was talking to, no I didn’t know who it was. I couldn’t hear it clearly.” She tried to give as much detail as she could. A heavy sigh came out of your lips while your mind was running around to figure things out. “Let’s go to your room, maybe she left a note or something.”
As soon as you both got to their room, you tried to search for any note or clue that might help but there was nothing. You decided to ask the hotel security to help to find her or at least check the camera footage. After a few hours of searching, it leads to nothing but the camera footage that showed Lizzie went out from the room talking on the phone for about 30-40 minutes then to the lobby and she was no longer on the phone then she walked out of the hotel.
Both of you went back to their room. You started to get worried not just about the time ticking closer to the photoshoot schedule as the clock showed it’s 10.30 but mainly deep down you are worried about her, her safety since she doesnt know Paris that well, let alone she can’t speak French. You came back and sat on the couch with a heavy and frustrated sigh.
“I hope she is okay but I swear to God Aubrey, if she’s doing this just to give me a hard time in her own little game, I will lose myself! How was she last night? Did she say anything to you?” You pulled your face down to both of your palms, prompted by both of your elbows on your thigh.
“No, I don't think she’s doing this on purpose. She seemed a little off last night too at dinner.” She tried to recall from last night. “She told me she had a fight with Robbie last night on a phone call but then she didn’t tell me much about it because she knows how much I dont like him. She mentioned that she wished that she was with Robbie here.” She added.
The last sentence that she just told you gave you a sudden clue, a very sudden one that you pulled your head up so quick like a deer got alerted by an upcoming headlight. “That’s it! I think I know where she is! Let’s go!” You said it in a strong assurance.
“Where and how do you know?” In spite of the confusion she had in mind, she followed you after she saw your whole face lit up with confidence when you figured out where Lizzie was.
“Oh first let’s not forget to bring this.” You quickly grabbed her coat that was laying on the couch and left to find her. “I’m sure she is at Pont des Arts bridge because I noticed on the flight here she was reading about it. Plus you said that she said she wished she’s with Robbie here, and maybe with her being a melancholic person who always has mood swings yet maybe romantic, I guess. She must be there.” You explained as both of you walked to the car to pick her up.
“Is that the bridge with locks where people put “love locks” with their loved ones?” Everything is finally coming together in her mind. You nodded. “Aww Y/N. I think it’s sweet that you paid detailed attention to her.” Awe transformed on her face then she teased with a grin on her face.
“What? It was just part of my job. I have to know about my client, especially what they like or dislike to help me on the job. There’s nothing more than that. Just admit that it works.” You tackled her teasing right away with the truth or at least you think it was the truth.
“Yeah sure y/n. Sure.” She grinned once again. It’s still early so there are not many people,it  makes you both easily find her standing alone near the bridge’s rail that’s full of people’s locks that they put with their loved ones. She was facing the river. It seems that she is lost in deep thought and her features are visibly clouded by sadness. Aubrey runs towards her side followed by you but you stop half way to give them privacy but still close enough that you still can hear them just in case they need you.
“Liz, are you okay? We’ve been looking for you everywhere. Why are you here?” Aubrey pants a little as she asks her worrily. Knowing it was her best friend's voice without even looking, her mouth opened slowly to let out some words. 
“You know, I came to Paris a few times but I was single, I always dreamed of coming here and spending time with the person I love.” She paused to swallow a lump on her throat. “Now I have Robbie yet I’m here without him and instead of feeling happy when I call him to talk about how was our day going, we argued two days in a row for stupid reasons.”
She paused again, you can see her bottom lips quivered as small tears rolled over her right cheek that you can see. You really wanted to say something but you tried not to. 
“I’m scared that if what you said about him was right then eventually I have to start all over again with someone else that I don't even know if it’s gonna work out or if it’s the right person to start all over again with. All of these will probably attract more attention from the paparazzi, which means more anxiety for me. It’s one thing after another.”
“Oh honey, I’m sorry. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe he is not bad after all. We never know. Don’t you worry, everything will work out in its own way. If it doesn’t work out, I’m here for you.” Aubrey moves closer to her and gives her a hug to make her feel better, rubbing Lizzie arms to give her more comfort. You can see her nodding in Aubrey's arm agreeing with her then pulling away from her and wiping her own tears as she takes a deep breath. Her lips curved a small smile as a sign that she is already feeling a little better.
“Thank you Aubrey. Wait, how did you know I was here?” She sniffed and looked at Aubrey confused.
“Y/n helped me. She figured it out. She thought you would be here.” Aubrey explains and before she points to where you are at, you decide to say something. 
“Don’t worry, someday you will find the right person who deserves you. If it meant to be it meant to be.” You stand there with her coat on your left hand,the wind blows your hair. You were confident that what you just said will make her feel better only until as soon as she knows you were there the whole time, she runs her fingers to remove strains of hair on her face, wipes her tears and fixes her hair.
“Oh my God Aubrey! How long has she been here?!” Lizzie never wants people to see her vulnerable. She only lets certain people see this side of her, and you are not one of them. Of course not! Not in a million years. She won’t let the assistant who she doesn't like see her like this.
“Whoa, calm down boss! You know what? On a second thought, if I were you, I would take that attitude down a notch if I want to find the right love.” You said it sarcastically as you shrugged your shoulders.
“This is none of your business! Why are you even here?” Lizzie groaned in exasperation. 
“I was just helping your best friend here to find you. I could’ve slept longer if she didn’t knock on my door asking for my help to find you and well, it’s also my job too so I don’t have a choice. So a thank you would be nice.” You retorted and you clenched your fist.
“She might need your help, but I don’t! God, I hate you!” Upset, She held up her hands and shook her head.
You walked closer. “Oh yeah? If it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t find you here! It’s not easy to find you in Paris! You could’ve put yourself in danger, do you know that?! Oh also here you go! I knew you would have forgotten your coat. So yeah I’m that good of an assistant. Just admit it, it’s not that bad to have me as your assistant.” You argued as you tossed her coat to her then she walked away and you walked with her with Aubrey following you both from behind.
She then laughed dryly. “You are so full of yourself aren’t you y/n?! You are so annoying!” Lizzie putting on the coat you gave her. Your eyes burn with annoyance. “I’m annoying? Your stubborn self is the one who always starts all of our arguments!” Both of you kept arguing back and forth like there was no one else around you, all of you walking back to the car.
Aubrey tries to stop both of you. “Guys! Guys! GUYS!!” Aubrey raised her voice a bit to get your attention as both of you answered and looked back at her at the same time. “WHAT?!”
“You guys remember I’m still here right?” Aubrey tried to remind both of you. “Do both of you really hate each other this much?” She added with a disbelief expression, her eyes flicked from you to Lizzie and back to you.
“Of course! You know how annoying she is!” Lizzie answered without hesitation. 
You retorted in an instant. “Can you blame me? She is so stubborn, pushing my buttons every. single. time! Come on, we have a photoshoot to go to, we can’t be late!!” 
Both of you try to avoid eye contact and continue walking. Aubrey watches both of you walking from behind.
“I don’t think both of you hate each other.” With the argument between you and Lizzie in the background continuing, Aubrey keeps the thought to herself and almost laughs about it and shakes her head. It’s almost too funny for her to watch. Being friends with both of you for a few years and being as observant as she is, she knows both of you very well and that helps her notice things that both you and Lizzie don't, perhaps not yet.
Ch. 10
Taglist: @madamevirgo​
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beyondspaceandstars · 6 days ago
While You Sleep
Chapter 12
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x Reader Warnings: kidnapping, violence Summary: Soulmate!AU - Throughout life, you’re given glimpses of your soulmate through dreams. As you sleep, memories flash in your mind showing you the life your soulmate has lived. Everyone around you raves about how their soulmate reads great books or volunteers in their spare time. But you can’t relate as your dreams end up being more like nightmares. Through initial images of death and violence, you come to learn your soulmate is the Winter Soldier.
Masterlist | Series Masterlist
“They couldn’t take that from me. They could never take you.”
“I never want to bring you pain or worry, okay? That shouldn’t be what… we do.”
Bucky’s words rang in your head as you sat in the lonesome cell, fighting for release any way you thought to try. But naturally, these attempts of wrangling yourself out of this had fallen flat and you weren’t trying anymore, that’s for certain. It only made the restraints dig into your wrists more. Not to mention you were beyond tired hitting a point of exhaustion that you didn't know was possible. You weren’t given a chance to relax as you sat on edge, waiting. Waiting for what - or really who - you didn’t quite know. 
Sure, you had an Avenger for a soulmate (at least, that was what you considered Bucky, despite his humbleness) but you weren’t exactly up to date on their enemies. From your understanding, between the looks of the facility and your soulmate’s history, this was seeming like the work of Hydra. But they had been abolished...right? Apparently, you didn’t know anymore and doubts rang in your head as you feared you weren’t some random victim.
The first signs of daylight were just beginning to peek into your cell from a very tiny, thin window located near the top of the wall beside you.
Suddenly, a grumbling voice called from outside the cell. “She’s up.” You whipped your head towards the sound, just barely able to make out a figure illuminated by the early morning glow. There was probably some comment to make to whoever this was about how you hadn’t really slept but you couldn’t find your voice at the moment.
“Excellent.” A deeper, possibly older, voice called from down the hall. The man sounded way too excited for your liking. Your stomach threatened to empty its contents as heavy footsteps began making their way towards your cell.
When the steps stopped, you tried squinting through the minimal light but still couldn’t make out much of either man. If you had to guess, they looked like some doctors of sorts in long lab coats with notebooks in hand. One thing you definitely could tell was that they didn’t hesitate to stare back. You could feel their eyes taking you in over and over again making your heart pound in a weirdly familiar way.
“Does she speak?” The first man asked with a humorless scoff. You twisted in your wrist restraints wishing for some courage to get up and maybe put space between you. 
Mustering a scrap of energy, you turned away from the men, hoping maybe your matted hair falling in your face could block them out forever. Because really, couldn’t this be forever? How would anyone know what happened? Your best bet was your coworker noticing your absence but then you thought of Bucky… He was away for now and by the time he caught wind who knows what would be of you. Tears began welling in your eyes at the thought of this being it for you -- whatever this was. You still weren’t sure what about you compelled these men to kidnap you in the middle of the night.
“Hey,” the same voice called out to you this time, pulling you from your troubling thoughts. Slowly, you turned back to him, taking in more of the doctor (fake, you guessed) persona now. “I asked if you speak.”
“No,” you grumbled. You didn’t know where this smart response came from but it made you feel a bit better like you were coming back to yourself. Really, though, you were in no position to start getting smart with anyone.
He let out a joyous laugh that sent far more fear through you. “The Soldier’s soulmate has an attitude, huh?”
Soldier? Bucky. Your heart panged at another thought of him. If that’s who they were referring to, this was to be about Bucky, you realized. These men knew him and whatever connection was festered there, it hadn't fizzled and you were caught in the crossfire. This actually couldn’t be them… But it looked like it.
Suddenly, the cell door opened with a loud screech, and the two men walked into the full glory of the morning sunrise. There, on their white coats, you saw an emblem of what appeared to be some tentacle-bearing creature. Your suspicions were regrettably confirmed. 
They walked towards you, their eyes looking over you as if you were an experiment and they were memorizing you. With fear racing through you, you slowly began scooting backward trying to get as far away as you could. Your back eventually hit a wall and they just kept coming. 
“Quite the squeamish one for being chained to The Soldier,” the second man observed, writing something down in his notebook. You could see now that he was much older, having that wiser look in his older years. You guessed he was a leader of sorts (at least, that was how you were going to file him in your head) and the other man, the one who was so kind to comment on your attitude, was some kind of assistant. You couldn’t take your eyes off the logo on their coats as it was practically screaming in your face. It all felt impossible and yet here you were, in the belly of the beast.
“W-What am I doing here?” You asked, your voice scratchy and nervous. Honestly, you were just glad you had the guts to make any noise. The assistant looked a bit humored at your question.
“Wow, she speaks full sentences,” he commented with an unsettling smirk. 
The “leader” of the pair shot him a look before turning back to speak to you. “We have some observing to do, my dear,” he briefly explained.
The vagueness of it all was certainly not helping you - like anything realistically could in this moment. Still, you pursued it. “Observing?”
He hummed in response, turning back for a moment to write a few more lines in the notebook. Truthfully, you wanted to just kick it out of his fucking hand. Your eyes flicked quickly to the assistant but he wasn’t handing out any hints, just looking at you like you were something to be conquered. Oh, how you wanted to vomit on their shiny dress shoes.
“I will explain our intentions to ease your mind,” he snapped his notebook shut, “but first, you are to be moved.”
And just like, as if his words were keys, a hoard of men entered the cell and hoisted you to your feet. You tried kicking and screaming but they were strong. Maybe too strong. A strength you possibly could only recall in two other men you knew. But you didn’t have time to dwell on it as they corralled you easily and forced you down the hall. 
Everything was dark again. There was no light from the windows in the hall, just some musty glows of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling. You didn’t know where to look so you just stared downward, taking in the metal flooring that made you chilled.
After turning a few corners, you were brought to a much larger cell. This one at least had a chair, but you didn’t think it was exactly a nice grand gesture as your eyes landed on the restraints attached to it. The second thing you noticed was some sort of computer-like machine and rolling tables which lined the side. If you hadn’t known better, you would’ve thought this was just another medical office. 
You yelped as one of the large men threw you on the chair, not giving you a second to even adjust before your hands were unbound only to be rebound by the chair’s restraints.  You tugged a bit at them out of reflex, finding them as sturdy as expected. Your legs were free, though, maybe offering some tactic but exhaustion and fear overtook you.
Once they deemed you settled in, the army of men left, walking in line as commandingly as they had entered. The leader and his assistant stayed, waiting for you three to finally be alone once more. The door shut with a disturbing bang, really sealing your fate. The assistant stayed off to the side, leaning against a wall adjacent to the chair. The leader walked over to you, taking a seat on some rolling stool. Wow, these guys really thought they were serious professionals or something.
“I hope the trip here was okay,” the leader said with a chuckle. “Comfortable?” He motioned towards your lounging state. You blinked. “I see we are losing that attitude. What a shame, really. I’m sure your soulmate loves a firecracker.” Your body visibly tensed at the mention of Bucky. The elderly man didn’t miss it. In fact, it seemed like you unintentionally gave him the perfect segue into his whole evil spiel.
“Ah, yes, your soulmate.” The leader nodded as if he had just forgotten all about it. “Well, you see, the fact he even has one was news to us,” he shrugged and glanced at his assistant who nodded in confirmation. “We were sure when we wiped him we were wiping everything, so imagine our surprise when we find out he’s out and about dancing - with you on his arm.” 
Your throat tightened as the memories of you and Bucky at the dance hall flooded your mind. It had been so busy that night you never would’ve thought you’d have to worry about someone… It sounded so ludicrous to you. You almost wish he hadn’t said it as the thoughts of that night were suddenly a bit darker. The carelessness you two had held seemed foolish now. 
The leader watched you carefully. When you didn’t say anything in response, just blinked away more tears, he continued, “At first, we were quite angry we had missed something so big. We could’ve sworn we broke every attachment time after time but, as I said, you just swept The Soldier right off his feet. So, naturally, our sights were set on eliminating you.” He let out a ridiculous hearty laugh. “But then my assistant here,” the man in the corner waved in response, “realized that that would be a waste. There could be potential here for you. For you and your soulmate. Potential rooted in a team. Two unbreakable soldiers, both in bond and skills. What more could Hydra want?” 
You gasped, your eyes growing wide, at the explanation. You didn’t know what to do now, your body had a mind of its own as it began shaking your head furiously as your wrists tugged and tugged at the restraints. This wasn’t realistic. They were absolutely mad. What kind of foolishness was this? They couldn’t possibly -
“Now, now,” the leader chuckled and turned to his notebook. He began checking referencing stuff from the monitor to the paper. “Don’t get too excited. We’re still brainstorming the whole concept and while it’s not near execution, it is on the promising side. There is, though, a vital component we seem to be lacking: your soulmate.”
Bucky… Your heart felt like it was going to rip itself out of your chest. Was he walking into a trap? Assuming he was walking in at all? Who was to say he had any idea of what was going on with you? How long could this all be for… You let out a surprising sob.
The leader responded to your outburst with an annoyed scoff. “There’s no reason to cry, dear. He’s sure to be here soon thanks to that little bond you have. If he hasn’t already recognized your distress by now, well, he’s not as smart as we thought.” He shrugged and began typing away on the monitor’s keyboard. “The whole attachment may all work out in our favor after all. Eventually, you two will be reunited, and won’t that be just lovely?”
Truthfully, you didn’t know anymore. You had no doubt in Bucky’s fighting abilities but these guys were… Well, they were pretty much responsible for him and everything you had seen him be put through. Who knows what they could do if (and when) he walked through those doors. You were lucky you hadn’t passed out yet from this anxiety alone.
“Besides, as I said, it’s all later down the line anyway,” the leader said. It had suddenly occurred to you at that moment that you were very glad he hadn’t given out his name. You couldn’t imagine humanizing these monsters. “For now, though, we are interested in learning more about you. I’ll be honest, on paper you are quite boring. Barely finished high school, left college for a coffee shop job… The pairing is almost comical. We just can’t figure out what you offer him and while, really, who are we to question Fate? But I still think in time we can figure out...well, whatever it is about you.”
You shook your head slowly, your eyes barely even able to focus on him anymore. Everything in you felt so heavy. “I’m not special.” 
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong,” the leader chuckled. “He makes you special.”
As if on cue, a chorus of screams erupted from the hallway. You all jumped and turned towards the door. There was a little window on it but all you three could see were the bodies of the army of men from earlier flying about. 
“Sooner than we expected,” the leader mumbled and began furiously typing something into the computer.
You didn’t know what to do besides sit there and wait for whatever was coming. Deep in you, you knew it was Bucky, you could feel it. You could feel him. But there was also a part of you that could also sense… rage. A very familiar, unsettling rage burned within him. It made you wonder if you actually wanted to see him in such a state. Some sick piece of you wished they had just knocked you out. 
There wasn’t much more time to consider what you were going to do as the door to the cell was ripped off. Literally, fully, ripped away at the hinges to reveal a very determined, very angry, Bucky. He had an expression you didn’t recall seeing before, even in the nightmares. He looked ready to murder everything in its path but there was no calculated strategy to the madness. It seemed to be just him and his pure desire to eliminate anything and everything. His eyes were locked deadly on the older man, seemingly opting to ignore you. The assistant had begun shifting further away into the corner of the space.
“So nice of you to join us,” the leader said with an unsettling laugh. “I’ll admit, we weren’t expecting you so soon. I barely got a chance to get to know your little darling here.” He motioned towards you. 
“I’m only going to ask this once,” Bucky finally spoke, his voice strained, “let her go.”
The leader smiled, “I’m not sure you’ll be asking for anything in a moment, anyways.” He motioned towards the computer. You and Bucky followed his motion with matching bewildered expressions. “In fact, I think you’ll be the one doing what I ask.”
Bucky’s eyes widened. “No-,” 
But it was already set in motion. With a simple press of a button, the room filled with an electronic voice repeating a series of words in a foreign language. You looked around, unsure of where this could even be coming from and what the hell was being said, Your eyes eventually settled on Bucky who looked completely… lost. You gripped the sides of the chair, begging for this to just be over, as you watched that was so familiar. You could feel the memories rising from the depths of your brain. Hidden away, nearly suppressed... You gasped. The nightmares. That’s what all this was. They had pulled the trigger. 
As much as you loved and trusted Bucky, you couldn’t say the same for the other guy. If in that state, could he even recognize you? Like, fully understand your role? You didn’t want to find out, truly. The panic that was settling in now was unlike anything you had experienced that day. Not even the idea of Hydra goons kidnapping you had sparked this much within. 
You were preparing yourself for the worst as you watched Bucky try to shake it off. The leader wore a proud expression while the assistant kept his lonely distance, watching everything unfold. Suddenly, Bucky began mumbling to himself as his hands made hard fists. You thought the blow was finally coming and he was going to be gone. Just like that.
But then Bucky lunged. In one swift move, he pounced on the leader, taking everyone in the room off-guard, especially the target of the aggression. The older man hadn’t even had a chance to put his arms up before your soulmate was punching him relentlessly. Bucky’s yelling in the process was of pure, expressive anger, completely drowning out the screams of pain from the leader. You didn’t know what to do. You wanted to look away so badly but you were also hypnotized. Bucky was so determined and unwavering in whatever goal was planted in his head. A bit thankful someone would go to such lengths for you, you had had enough of such danger in your sleep - you didn’t want it in your reality. 
Bucky switched suddenly to strangling the man and that seemed to be the final straw for the leader’s life. The older man was soon just a lifeless, limp body on the floor. Bucky was still knelt above him, watching the soul drain from his victim. Your jaw went slack. You couldn’t turn this off.
The assistant didn’t help it as he made some foolish break for the exit but Bucky was just as fast. In a couple of determined strides, Bucky yanked the younger man back by the neck and threw him into the wall creating an artistic indentation. The assistant fell to the floor with a chilling thud. 
There was no one left for his sights to land on except for you. Slowly, Bucky turned around. A shiver ran up your spine when your eyes finally met. You didn’t know who was standing before you. Whatever or whoever this was quickly began stomping their way towards you. You shut your eyes and flinched away, waiting for a painful, finishing blow from the Soldier. 
But it never came. 
Instead, all Bucky did was lean over to turn off the speakers and then began untying your wrists. Hesitantly, you turned to look at him but found he wouldn’t look at you, just was intensely concentrated on the restraints. 
“B-Bucky?” Your voice was scratchy as you fumbled over his name. 
“It’s me, doll,” Bucky responded with an exhausted sigh. He sounded normal to you, his demeanor not even looking close to what you remembered from the nightmares. He… He was okay. Bucky still wasn’t looking at you as he finished one restraint then went on the next.
“You’re not…”
Bucky shook his head. “Everything’s okay,” he mumbled. “We’re getting you out of here.”
“The team is outside handling the other men.”
“You all came for me?”
Bucky finally looked up at you. For the first time, you could see just how tired he looked. A man nearly on the brink of defeat and enduring the fight. Your heart ached as all you wanted to do was crawl into his arms and take the longest naps of your lives. 
“Of course, sweetheart,” Bucky nodded. Gently, after the last restraint was undone, he picked you up bridal style. You threw your arms around his neck and buried your face in his shoulder, letting yourself relax and the tears flow. 
“Thank you,” you mumbled but Bucky didn’t respond as he carried you out of the facility
You must’ve fallen asleep because a few hours later you awoke at some sort of compound. You were lying in what appeared to be a hospital bed but nothing about this place looked like a typical hospital. The technology was too advanced and everything just seemed too quiet. You looked around, letting your eyes adjust to the bright light of the sun shining in from the large room windows. In the corner, you were greeted by the sight of Bucky sleeping awkwardly in a chair.
You twisted in the bed, trying to get more comfortable under the blanket. The super-soldier hearing must’ve kicked in because one ruffle of the blanket made Bucky’s eyes shoot open. He looked at you, panic shifting to relief when he saw you were awake. Quickly, in a few steps, he was out of the chair and at your bedside. 
“How are you feeling?” He asked softly. His hand went to touch your cheek but he must've thought better of it and instead lowered it. Your heart broke a bit wondering what self-deprecating thoughts were running through his brain after everything he had to do. 
“I’m okay. Just a bit sore,” you shrugged but boy was it the hard truth. You hadn't been in a comfortable position in hours and endured being thrown around like some rag doll. 
“Do you need any medicine?” Bucky asked, his voice suddenly having an air of panic to it. “I can call for help if you need it. Are you hungry? Do you need water? Or -  Or just anything to drink? I can get you-,”
“Bucky…” You placed your hand on his to calm down. He flinched at your touch. “I’m fine. Everything is fine.”
He shook his head. “Nothing is fine, sweetheart. You were taken from me-,” Bucky cut himself off as his eyes began welling with tears. He looked wrecked as he stared down at you, taking in your current state. You felt the pain, wanting nothing more than to make all these torturing thoughts vanish. “You… You saw things that I just… I never wanted you to deal with-,”
“It’s over.” You took a deep breath. “I’m here, I’m safe, and you’re with me.”
Bucky closed his eyes as if preparing for something. “After what happened back there, do you even want me around anymore?”
Your jaw went slack at his question. Sure, there was absolutely no denying that the events of today scared you, most likely more than you realized. You had only seen Bucky that determined and violent in your nightmares so to see it just steps away was jarring. But you also knew nothing changed within him. He wasn’t a robot or anything. He wasn’t someone just taking commands. He had remorse. You certainly couldn’t say the same for who greeted you in your sleep. It may take you some time to adjust, sure, but you weren’t turning away. At least, you were going to try not to. Healing was just beginning.
“Of course, I do,” you said, raising your other hand to Bucky’s cheek. At first, he flinched but slowly he leaned into the touch, sighing like he was letting go of something. “Bucky, what happened back there… You had no choice. I don’t have to tell you that those were some very, very bad people. They had it coming and the fact you went to those lengths to save me is unbelievable.”
“I’d go to the ends of the Earth for my girl,” Bucky admitted. 
You let out a weak giggle. “Thank you.” A pause. “May I ask how you figured out I was in trouble?”
Bucky smirked. “I had a nightmare.”
You raised your brows in surprise. “A nightmare?”
He nodded, “I started to feel weird after leaving for the mission like there was something I was missing. A little later on, I was taking a nap and you of course appeared but it was unlike any other dream I had ever had about you. It was… You were scared, deathly afraid of something, and then I saw what was going on. I practically watched it all play out from your apartment and on. It didn’t take too long to put everything together.”
You hmm’d. “Thank God for nightmares.”
Bucky chuckled and placed a light kiss on your forehead. “Thank God for nightmares,” he repeated in agreement.
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cptcarter21 · 7 days ago
The Untouchable Avengers (2/3)
Summary: MCU characters, no powers, set in 1920s. Soulmate AU- everyone is born with the last words they'll hear from their soulmate written on their body. Most people have two soulmates, platonic and romantic. I imagine it being white like a scar, but that's not really important.
Warnings: Gun fight, gunshot wounds, kidnapping
He turns when he hears Peggy’s voice. “Hey, baby doll.” Noticing Wilson is no longer around, Steve wraps an arm around Peggy's waist and pulls her into his chest. “What can I do for you?”
She smiles, pink tinging her cheeks. “Are we still going dancing tomorrow?”
“I'll see you here at eight.” He smiles so wide his eyes crinkle at the corners.
As Wilson rounds the corner with a strange man, Peggy pulls away. “Don't you dare be late.”
Steve’s face pales. He snags her wrist as she turns. “Please say something else.”
“What?” Her eyebrows pull together as she studies Steve’s face.
“That’ll do.” He drops her wrist.
“Alright.” She answers skeptically before flouncing away.
“Everything alright?” Wilson glances in Peggy’s direction as he rejoins Steve.
“Yeah, of course.” Steve tears his eyes away from Peggy’s back seam stockings. “What about you and that fella?”
“He’s new in town.” Wilson shakes his head. “Needed some pointers.”
Steve narrows his eyes. “You’re new in town.”
“What I told him.” Wilson shrugs.
Steve studies him, but Wilson offers no further information. “Well, I hope you gave Pepper a good review.”
“Glowing.” Wilson chuckles.
As they emerge from a bakery at street level, Wilson waves down a taxi, exposing the writing on his wrist again.
Steve clears his throat. “That's an interesting soulscript you got there.”
Wilson's head snaps to Steve, and he jerks his sleeve down. “Yeah, I suppose yours are better?”
“I didn't mean-” Steve raises his hands as Wilson climbs into the cab. “Sorry I asked.”
“It’s- its fine.” Sam huffs.
They finish the ride in silence, staring out their own windows. When they exit the cab, Wilson pauses outside the station. He jingles his pocket watch, looking at the ground.
“He was my partner. Best friend, really.”
Steve stops with a grand on the door and turns around. Sliding his hands into the pockets of his trench coat, Steve takes a step toward Wilson. Wilson doesn't look away from the sidewalk.
“Riley. He- we were responding to a mugging.” Wilson's stiff hat twists as he shakes his head, toeing a crack in the pavement. “It’s a lie. He said it wasn't my fault, but I should’ve seen it coming.” He looks up slowly. “That's the point of having a partner, right?”
Steve looks up the street. “Coulson was my partner for a long time. He'd just been reassigned when he got clipped.”
“So, you had nothing to do with it?” Wilson scoffs. “Thanks for the help.” He pats Steve's shoulder as he pushes past.
“It’s hard to lose a partner.” Steve says as Wilson opens the door. “But that don't make it your fault.”
“Yep. Thanks.”
“Look, if you can't handle that, you don't need to be in the city.”
“I'll be fine.”
Steve slams his hand against the station door, preventing Wilson freedom opening it. “Survival is different here. You got to keep your head on straight.”
“I got it.” Wilson's gaze bores through Steve. “Now, move.”
Steve shakes his head and steps back. That kid’s going to get himself killed.
Tony slouches behind his desk crunching numbers in the dim, yellow light. The raid last week set production back. They’d have to run an hour extra every day this week to fill their orders. He smothers his cigar in his ash tray and drags a hand down his face. If he doesn’t make the quota, he will be getting a call from dear old dad.
Sure, bootlegging is lucrative, but it’s a gamble. And losing puts you on the bad side of the wrong people. His grandfather, for instance, does not like being disappointed. Especially by someone in the family.
A commotion from the warehouse downstairs interrupts Tony’s musings. Glass crashing, tables scraping, and men shouting echoes off the concrete walls. Tony walks to the door, tugging his vest down. As he reaches for the handle, a man in denim coveralls bursts in and knocks him back.
“Sorry, boss.” A large hand pulls Tony up by the shoulder. “Cops are outside. You got to go.”
Tony jerks his head in a nod and waves to the fire escape. The man rushes through the office and out the window. Tony peers out the door for Bruce. Half the men have filed out the backdoor, the other half jammed themselves in in a mad dash for freedom.
No sign of Bruce. Tony turns back to his office, hoping his partner made it out. He grabs his hat from the desk and climbs out the window. When he hears “Hands up! This is a raid!” from inside, he slides down the ladder and makes his way to the end of the alley. Ducking through a loose board in the fence between buildings he emerges on the street behind the warehouse. No cops in sight.
He scans the clusters of men. Some he recognizes, others he doesn’t, but he’s sure they all came out of his warehouse. Still, with no sign of Bruce, Tony heads to Pepper’s. Whether to meet Bruce or warn Pepper, he doesn’t know yet.
“Steve,” Peggy whines, tugging on his wrist, “I don’t want to sit here all night. You promised me dancing.”
“Just a minute, doll,” he says into his highball.
“You said that twenty minutes ago.” She takes the drink from his hand and finishes it for him.
Steve chuckles, watching the feather in her beaded headband flutter as she tips her head back. She’s absolutely breathtaking in her beaded, knee length dress. The strapless top shows off her shoulders, just like the night he met her. Her red lipstick still glistens against in the hazy light, despite having had several rounds of drinks.
He fastens the top button of his tuxedo coat and stands, holding out his hand. When she takes it, he drops back to the lounge chair and pulls her into his lap. “Just let me look at you another minute,” he grins. “You’re gorgeous.”
She smacks his chest with her clutch. He takes it, smiling at her trill of laughter, and the pink creeping into her cheeks. He hadn’t danced since high school, and he would do his best not to start tonight. Not in a full tuxedo with stiff wingtips, and the most beautiful woman he’d ever met watching.
“I knew I should have gone with Jimmy instead.” She crosses her arms.
“Hey, now, kitten. Don’t get carried away.”
She grimaces. “He’s much more fun. Knows how to show a lady a good time.”
“He knows how to show her something.” Steve rolls his eyes. “Look, I promise-” His eyes dart to the door where a large man has barricaded the door. He nuzzles at her neck. “Play along. Do you have your weapon?”
She buries a hand in his hair and giggles. “Of course. I always do.”
He brushes his fingers up her cheekbone and smiles, noticing one of Clint’s regular arrestees in the corner. “We’ve been locked in. I got two potential hostiles behind you.”
She glances over his shoulder, then locks eyes with him. “Three behind you.”
He slides his hand up her thigh. “Let them make the first move.”
She wraps her arms around Steve’s neck and winks at a passing waiter. “You just going to keep feeling me up until then?”
Steve’s neck heats up. “Can’t say I’m not enjoying it.”
Peggy smirks at him briefly before snatching his pistol from under his coat. Shots erupt from all directions, followed immediately by screaming and chaos.
He slides her weapon out of its holster and aims at the man near the door. “It’s a revolver?” he yells, glaring at the gun in his hands.
“Oh, what are you whining about now, Rogers?” She squeezes off two more rounds at a man ducking behind the bar. “You’ve got two men and six rounds. Get it done.”
“Shit!” Peggy grabs Steve’s shoulder and throws herself to the floor, bringing him with her.
They lay on the ground face to face. Their panting is drowned out by the rapid fire bursts of submachine gun shots coming from the bar. Bullets whizz over the couch, too low for either one of them to move.
There’s a click and silence. Peggy springs to her feet, weapon at the ready, and fires three more shots.
“Clear.” She lowers the handgun and helps Steve up.
“For now,” he huffs. “We got to get to the office.”
She nods and leads the way to the stairs, pushing through the mob trying to get out the door.
“Peg,” Steve pinches his eyebrows together, “were you shot?”
She reaches over her shoulder, wiping at the blood dripping down her back. “I’m fine.”
“That’s not what I asked.” He grabs her elbow as they reach the foot of the stairs.
“I didn’t realize you were dumb enough to need an answer.” She jerks her arm away, knocking herself off balance.
“You’re losing a lot of blood.” He rushes up the stairs after her.
“That’s not the priority here.” She leans against the rail waiting for him to catch up. “There may be reinforcements.”
He takes off his coat as he approaches. She looks pale, even for this lighting. He drapes it over her shoulders, and she turns unsteadily.
“We have to get,” she brings a hand to her head as she continues up the steps, “to Pepper.”
“Peggy, slow down. You’re going to pass out.”
“No, I’m n-” She stops suddenly, reaching for the rail and missing. “Yes, I am.”
She stumbles sideways, and Steve lunges up three steps to catch her. He carries her to Pepper’s office and, after convincing Pepper to open the door, lays her on the loveseat. After using Pepper’s homemade first aid kit to staunch the bleeding, Steve lays his coat back over Peggy.
“What the hell?” he whispers angrily.
“You think I know?” Pepper’s face turns brilliant red. “First, Tony calls and says they raided his warehouse. Now, my lounge is being shot up.”
“Tony’s- No,” Steve shakes his head, “that doesn’t make any sense. Barton’s working tonight.”
“What do you want me to say?” She raises her eyebrows. “That’s what happened. He called me from a pay phone said he was heading this way.”
“I need to get to the station and find out what’s going on.” He glances at Peggy. “Can you?”
She nods. “Tony’s bringing a whole squad of men. We’ll be fine.”
Steve nods to her and makes his way back downstairs.
The precinct is quiet. Only a few stragglers left, clacking reports out on their typewriters. Thick, stale smoke fills the building, obscuring the lights and preventing Wilson from taking a full breath.
Wilson stretches in his seat, yawning. “So, where’s Nat?”
Barton looks up from his newspaper. “I don’t know. Probably either doped up or barneymugging some big shot by now.”
Wilson raises his eyebrows and turns his attention back to a file on his desk. “Sorry I asked.”
“Things a lot different in Harlem?” Clint chuckles.
Wilson smirks, “Not particularly. Just expected better from you lot.”
“Oh, so you’re a bluenose.”
“Call me whatever you want.” Wilson smirks, “I married the preacher’s daughter, and she’s a choice bit of Calico.”
Clint grins, dropping his feet to the floor, and leans his forearms against the desk. “Oh, yeah? Got a picture?” He turns when he hears footsteps. “Hey, Steve. Just in time. Sam’s going to show- whoa! Hey!”
Steve drags Wilson out of his chair and pins him to the wall. “Who are you working for?”
“Steve, what are you-” Clint jumps to his feet and sprints across the room.
Wilson pulls at Steve’s arm.
“Tony was just raided. Saw half his employees in lockup on my way in, Bruce included.” Steve leans more weight into his arm. “Someone shot up Pepper’s. Peggy took a hit to the back.”
“What?” Clint glares at Wilson before turning back to Steve. “Where is she?”
Steve shakes his head. “I left her with Pepper. She’ll make it, but she’s not good.”
Clint looks Wilson dead in the eyes. “Did you have anything to do with this?”
“Wha- no.” Wilson shoves Steve back. “I’ve been here all night.”
“Who were you talking to at the bar yesterday?” Steve yells. “Who the hell-”
“I told you.”
“Bushwa.” Steve presses Wilson back into the wall. “Who was it?”
Wilson glances between the two men and drops his shoulders. “Don’t- look it’s not-”
“Talk, Wilson.” Clint crosses his arms.
“He’s with the Bureau. Odinson.”
“What the f- Jesus, Wilson. Why in God’s name-” Steve and Clint yell, throwing their hands in the air and shoving objects off of desks.
“Listen!” Wilson yells. “He’s not cleaning up. He wants to get Pierce.”
Steve throws a fist into the concrete wall, cursing at the crunch of his knuckles. “What did I tell you? Huh?”
Wilson straightens his tie and clears his throat. “You said leave him a-”
“I said leave him alone,” Steve shouts, spinning back to face Wilson. “Now, Peggy’s unconscious on Pepper’s couch, Bruce is locked up, and who knows how many people were caught in the cross fire.”
“It wasn’t me. We haven’t even looked into Pierce yet.” Wilson drops into his chair. “Odinson came to me because I’m new blood. He wanted me to find other detectives we could trust.”
“Oh yeah! I’m sure it has nothing to do with you poking around with a fed.” Steve glares.
Clint raises two fingers timidly. “Actually, Steve, this one might be on me and Nat.”
Steve turns to look at Clint, entirely red-faced.
“The bank robbery. We traced it back to Pierce’s gang.”
Steve studies Clint’s face. “Bring Nat in.” Turning to Wilson, he sighs. “Congratulations. Looks like you’ve got yourself a team.”
“What were you doing with Carter tonight anyway?” Clint lifts an eyebrow.
Steve stares daggers into Clint, but softens into a smirk. “If I wanted you to know, you would've been invited.”
Thirty minutes later, Nat walks through the front door, letting it clang shut behind her. Her shimmering red, floor-length evening gown brings out the orange in her hair. The elegant beaded comb holds her chignon in place. She tosses her clutch onto her desk and lifts herself to sit on the edge. Her knees peek out the slit in the gown as she crosses her legs.
“Sorry to, uh, break up your date,” Steve says, glancing at the deep red marks up her neck.
She shrugs, tugging on her necklace. “She was a flat tire anyway. Had to do something to shut her up.”
Wilson coughs up coffee, nearly spilling the cup he had just poured. “Sorry. Just- Didn’t realize…you…”
Nat tilts her head with a chuckle. “Depends on the day.”
She nods along as the men fill her in. Taking a bag from under her desk, she turns her back and shimmies out of her dress, still asking questions to clarify the situation.
As she slides into her work heels, she looks at Steve. “So Bruce is in the big house?”
Steve nods.
“You two work on a plan to raid Pierce’s joint.” She turns to Wilson. “Let’s go make some paperwork disappear.”
With Chief Rhodes's permission, the new team began meeting in “Odinson's office,” which was Pepper’s office. Since no one wanted the cops involved, cleanup was quick. The lounge was reopened in a week, and the team moved their meetings downstairs. The bold dance music was more than loud enough to cover their scheming.
“I’m just saying,” Bucky gulps down a shot, “I don't think it's smart to go after his primetime warehouse.”
“What part of this is smart?” Steve scoffs.
Clint lifts a cigarette to his mouth. “I’m surprised you care about smart after what happened to Carter.”
“What happened to Carter is why I want to be smart,” he growls.
“Buck's right. We need to be strategic. Peg can't take another hit like that, and we can't afford to forfeit the manpower by benching her.”
“Not to mention,” Peggy takes a seat across from Steve, “Peggy is capable of choosing her own cases.”
“We should just be glad Big Tony didn’t start a gang war,” Odinson adds from the corner.
“Why are we happy about that?” Bucky groans.
“Because innocent people get caught in the middle.” Wilson waves a waiter down and orders a second round for the table.
A silence settles over the table as the waiter distributes drinks. Bucky and Peggy glare at Odinson. He’s the reason they’re all in this mess.
Odinson raises his glass. “You’re a brave group.”
“Not particularly,” Clint mutters, “you just backed us into a corner.”
“This is an honorable endeavor.” Odinson continues as though nothing was said. “It is risky, but with this one mission, you seal your names in history.”
Everyone raises their own glass with exaggerated groans and eye rolls, when Pepper interrupts.
“Nat's on my phone. She said it was urgent.”
Clint exchanges a concerned glance with Steve.
“What’s she into now?” Steve half-jokes.
Scraping his chair back, Clint stands. “Don’t know. She was going on a date.”
Pepper takes his seat and watches him rush up the stairs. “You boys got a plan yet? Tony can’t hold his grandfather back forever.”
“Yeah, I think we’ve got something that’ll work.” Steve leans back with a cigarette between his teeth.
A laugh rumbles from Bucky’s chest. “Speak for yourself.”
“Give it a rest, James.” Peggy holds her hand out for Steve’s lighter.
“This plan will work.” Odinson leans in, his broad chest covering half the table. “It’s a proven tactic and-”
“Listen, golden boy,” Bucky nudges Steve with his elbow, “we know this town a little better than you. And we don’t like your damn plan.”
“I never wanted to be involved.” Steve narrows his eyes at Wilson. “Normally, we’d just bust a few of Piece’s thugs and make sure they never got out. Let Big Tony and Howard handle the rest.”
“But, here we are.” Bucky downs another shot.
Pepper watches the men banter, sipping on a cocktail a waiter brought moments after she took a seat. Her eyes follow each speaker. Steve and Bucky are skeptical, but neither speak openly about the depth of their concern. Odinson and Wilson are boldly optimistic, though she can see reluctance in the back of their minds. She shouldn’t have asked Tony to mitigate the Stark family’s reaction. It only put her friends in more danger.
She perks up when she sees her office door swing open. Barton slams it shut behind him and leans against the railing. Even from across the room she can see his knuckles turning white, his face already red. He slams an open palm against the rail before turning down the stairs.
She jumps to her feet. “My office. Now.”
The men look up, confused. Bucky is the first to follow. The rest rise together and shuffle after them.
When Pepper meets Clint on the stairs, she turns him around quickly. “We’ll talk in private.”
He relaxes slightly at her comment, but his shoulders remain tense, his fists clenched.
Pepper pauses briefly in her doorway, continuing with a deep breath. Her phone lies in pieces at the foot of a wall. Most of the items that had been on her desk are now scattered across the floor. The fist sized hole in the wall tells the story on its own.
“Forget the fucking warehouse,” Clint growls. “I want him dead.”
“Barton,” Steve snaps as his eyes wander.
Pepper waves a hand. “Clint, please just tell us what happened.”
Clint drags a hand down his face. “He’s got Nat.”
“What?” everyone shouts, continuing with various lines of questioning.
“She got all frantic on the phone, saying something was wrong, and the line went dead.”
“Was she still at home?” Steve asks.
Clint shakes his head. “Payphone. It was real loud, and I heard the door slam open before it cut out.”
Bucky shakes his head. “Do you know who she was going out with tonight?”
“Jack.” Clint shrugs.
“Rollins?” Pepper’s eyes go wide. “Tony said he’s the one who arrested Bruce.”
Wilson looks up from his shoes. “No, that’s not right. Me and Nat saw the booking record.”
“Well, Tony was there, Sam.” Pepper leans back in her chair. “I’m pretty sure he knows.”
“He’s Rumlow’s partner, right?” Peggy steps out of the corner.
Steve and Clint nod.
Peggy sighs, “When I was cleaning up with Pepper that night, I found his badge in the rubble by the bar.”
“Why the hell didn’t you say anything?” Clint turns on Peggy. “Either of you? Seems like very important information.”
“Easy.” Steve grabs Clint’s arm and pats his shoulder. “It doesn’t matter now.”
“Look, with all due respect to your lady, we need to keep moving with the plan.” Odinson circles the room. “We can’t throw all our hard work in the trash.”
Even Wilson throws an icy glare at the agent.
“I don’t want to go after his business. I don’t want to send a message.” Clint advances, coming toe to toe with Odinson. “I want him dead.”
“Let’s not get emotional.”
Clint grabs his collar and shoves Odinson into the wall before turning to the door. “And you aren’t going to stop me.”
“Clint,” Steve runs after him.
Two days later, everyone gathers back in Pepper’s office, Bruce and Tony included. Clint has been talked off the ledge, and everyone is more levelheaded.
Pepper holds up an envelope. “This came for Tony today.” She looks around the room before dropping it on her desk, exposing the grainy photo she’d been concealing as they assembled.
Tension builds as the image soaks in. Nat tied to a chair, her elegantly beaded gown torn along the edges. The poor quality makes it difficult, though not impossible, to discern the bruising around her neck and blood dripping from her nose. Her hair falls in knots past her shoulders. Despite her black eye and swollen lips, she still manages to give the camera a “screw you” look.
Tony tosses a newspaper on Pepper’s desk. The cover page matches the one in Nat’s picture.
Steve steps forward and traces his fingers over the headline. “If she's still alive-”
“She's not,” Clint bites.
Bruce steps forward, examining the paper. “Clint, this is today's paper. She-”
“She's not.” He growls, meeting Bruce's eyes. “Or maybe she is, but it doesn't matter.”
“What,” Bucky scrunches his face, “in God's name does that mean?”
“She won't be.” Clint slumps into one of Pepper’s armchairs. “We can't save her.”
“Clint,” Peggy makes her way across the room and lays a hand on his arm, “what aren't you telling us?”
“There was a struggle,” he sighs. “She was screaming and fighting. And-” He turns his arm over, revealing his soulscript peeking out from his rolled sleeves. “The last thing I heard was her scream ‘let me go.’” He shakes his head and clenches his fist. When he speaks again, his voice is raw. “I told her it’d be alright.”
Tony swallows hard. Silence blankets the room. Clint stands, shrugging Peggy’s hand off. No one moves to stop him from exiting the office.
Steve looks at Wilson. “Maybe you should talk to him.”
Wilson takes a deep breath and heads for the door, unbuttoning his sleeve.
Bucky glances around the room. “So, we're going to kill him, right?”
Steve opens his mouth, but Odinson talks over him. “We stick to the plan.”
Steve locks eyes with Bucky and gives him a small nod.
Peggy glances at Steve and winks. “Then, I’ll go talk to Wanda.”
“Well, you don’t give me orders, pal.” Tony pulls at his sleeves. “I’m calling in some guys from upstate.”
Odinson agrees. “If what you’ve told me turns out to be true, I wouldn’t hate to have backup.”
“That’s the smartest thing I’ve ever heard you say,” Pepper quips, sitting behind her desk. “Now, out. All of you. I have work to do.”
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Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 5
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Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4 • Part 5
Tumblr media
“Drop it Zemo.” Sharon orders. You see Helmut place the gun back on the floor.
“Sharon?” Bucky says in surprise.
“You cost me everything.” She states, kicking the gun aside and fixing it towards Helmut. You move to stand in front of him. Sam steps forward,
“Sharon, wait. Someone recreated the super-soldier serum and Zemo had a lead.”
“Well that explains why you’re here, and have a bounty on your heads.”
“So what are you doing here?”
“I stole Steve's shield, remember? I also took the wings for your ass, so that you could save his ass from his ass.” You do not like how she keeps swinging the gun around. “Unlike you, I didn't have the Avengers to back me up. So I'm off the grid in Madripoor.”
“Hey, don't blow that smoke at me. I was on the run, too.” Sam argues.
“Was. Is. Big difference. I don't speak to my family anymore. I can't. My own father doesn't know where I am.” Sam looks away, guiltily.
“Listen Sharon, we need your help.” Bucky pleads. She laughs before sighing,
“This isn't over. I have a place in High Town. You'll be safe there for a while.” It doesn’t take long for the five of you to reach Sharon’s house.
“Looks like breaking all those laws is treating you well.” Sam comments, as you follow Sharon through her house. You pass a large display of art pieces, no doubt a gallery that Sharon owns. She shrugs, laughing,
“At some point, I thought if I had to hustle, I might as well enjoy the life of a real hustler. You know how much I get for a real Monet?” Sam laughs with her.
“Easy. Deactivate your hustle mode. You sell fake Monet’s.”
“No. She means real. This gallery specialises in stolen artwork. Monet. Van Gogh. Classics.” Helmut tells you.
“It's true. You know, half the artwork in museums like the Louvre is fake.” Bucky adds. “Real stuff sits in places like this.” Sam pulls out his phone, stopping in front of a painting,
“Okay, guys, I see what you're doing. You're more worldly than good old Sam.” You follow Helmut as Sharon leads you towards the stairs to her apartment. You hear Sam and Bucky still discussing the paintings as you ascend the stairway. After a small discussion, Sharon leaves your group, telling you to enjoy the party. While Sam and Bucky prepare themselves, you pour yourself a drink before pushing open the balcony doors and stepping outside. Probably not the best idea for someone with a bounty on their head, but you need some air. It isn’t long before you sense Helmut hovering by the door. You glance back at him. The bright neon lights of the cityscape are striking against his face, highlighting his features as his eyes search your expression.
“Are you alright?” He asks softly, breaking the silence between the two of you. You nod, lost in your thoughts for a moment,
“I think so.” He tilts his head aside, his eyes not leaving your face. “This wasn’t how I imagined our first day together.”
“You imagined it?” You turn to look down at the street, avoiding his gaze.
“Of course.” He goes quiet as he considers your admission. He steps out onto the balcony, approaching you slowly.
“I don’t mean to sound like a petty child.” He starts, leaning on the railing next to you. “But you didn’t visit me.” You nod faintly, keeping your gaze on the street below. “Why?”
“I didn’t want you to feel cornered. You were already in prison. I didn’t want you to feel like you had to accept me, because you had no other option.” You pause for a moment, before adding, “I also thought that you’d still be grieving.” He takes your hand, smoothing his thumb across your knuckles. Your mouth opens slightly, wanting to speak, but you hold back at the last second.
“What is it?” He asks gently.
“You were going to say something else.”
“Was Heike your soulmate?” A frown crosses his face and you fear you’ve upset him.
“I could feel your determination when we walked into the bar tonight. Your anxiety when you’d left me with Selby. Your relief when I was back with you. You’re my other half [Y/N]. There’s no doubt about it.” You’re stunned for a moment. All these years, you’d prepared yourself for the worst. For you to live without him. For you to have a soulmate that wasn’t meant for you. And now he’s here. In front of you. Telling you he’s all yours. He continues, “Heike and I. When we married we agreed that should we find our soulmate’s we’d remain living together, for the sake of our son, but that we would always belong to our soulmate.”
“Did she find hers?” He nods. “Where is he?”
“Buried next to her.” You nod tensely, not sure if the ache in your heart is from you or him. “We talked about you.” You look up at him. “Heike would ask after you almost everyday. And I’d tell her. If I told her you felt happy or sad during the day, we'd talk about what you might have been doing. We wondered where you were, and how I’d end up finding you.” You swallow the lump in your throat, tears glistening in your eyes.
“I thought that I’d remind you of her. Of everything you’ve lost.” You admit.
“I had considered that. In my search for the Winter Soldiers, I was consumed. I hate to admit it, but I gave you very little thought during that time.”
“You were rather occupied.” You reason, with a minute smile.
“That is no excuse. Though it is fortunate we did not meet at that time. I was not the man you deserve. Even now, despite my selfish urge to keep you, I believe you deserve better.”
“Helmut, you’re my other half, my mirror soul. Do you really think that, given the situation, I wouldn’t do what you did?”
“You would?” You hesitate, wanting both to comfort him and give him an honest answer.
“I know I’d consider it. I’m not sure if I’d be able to pull it off.” You joke softly. He lets out a light laugh.
“I’m sure you’re underestimating yourself.” Sam knocks against the door frame, but he doesn’t step onto the balcony, not wanting to intrude on your first quiet moment with Helmut.
“Party’s started.” Sam tells you.
“We’ll be out in a second.” You reply. You hold Helmut’s gaze for a moment, neither of you wanting to move but knowing you’ll have to soon. Helmut holds out his arm,
“Shall we?” You smile at him, taking his arm.
“Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
The rest of the night passes by in a blur. Throughout the party you spot Sam and Bucky making their way through the crowds, attempting to blend in. You like to think you and Helmut do a better job at mingling, particularly when the two of you take to the dance floor. His hands grasped by your own, or trailing down your sides as the two of you move with the music. Whenever you take a moment for a rest, Helmut’s at your side. Should you stop in front of a painting for too long, he’ll offer to buy it for you. Sam and Bucky approach the two of you as you’re looking at a painting.
“We’re heading upstairs, you two coming?” Sam asks. You glance at Helmut, and he gives you a subtle nod. The four of you make your way through the crowd, towards the stairs. Sam and Bucky head to their shared bedroom after wishing you a good night. Helmut sits on the couch with a glass in hand. You sit beside him, and the two of you talk for a few hours. Before long you’re yawning, your head leaning against his shoulder. He looks down at you, noting your eyes drifting closed. Smiling softly at you, he smooths a hand over your hair, before saying quietly,
“You should get some rest.” You nod sleepily. The two of you walk towards the bedrooms hand in hand. Once you reach your door, Helmut brings your hand to his lips. “Goodnight Liebling.”
“Goodnight Helmut.”
Tumblr media
Tagslist: @justfangirlthingies @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @mischief-siriusly-managed @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fillechatoyante @obissimp @fandom-lover-4 @chipster-21 @purehuntress
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Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 4
My Masterlist • Series Masterlist
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4
Tumblr media
Once you land in Madripoor, Helmut pulls you aside.
“[Y/N], I would feel much safer if you were to remain on the plane with Oeznik until I return.” You smile softly at his concern.
“I can handle myself, Helmut. Besides, I can help. You’d better have a plan, because Selby doesn’t give anything for free.”
“How do you know Selby?”
“I’ve been to Madripoor before, quite a lot actually.” He looks at you, surprised. You both consider each other for a moment.
“Promise me, you’ll be careful?” He offers.
“I promise.” He nods, you must have reassured him because he then opens a cupboard. He pulls out an outfit for you, before giving you a moment to change. You dress quickly, taking a moment to admire the outfit. When you’d seen Sam’s disguise you’d feared it’d be too revealing or have some gaudy pattern. But it’s stylish and respectable. You hear a knock and you open the door to Helmut. His eyes widen and you sense a mixture of emotions from him. You look down at the carpet self consciously. He feels the embarrassment flare in you, and gently tilts your chin up to meet his eyes.
“You look incredible.” He tells you. You swallow the lump in your throat and manage a small,
“Thank you.” He offers you his arm, which you take, and the two of you head to the exit of the plane. Bucky and Sam watch as you both descend the stairs towards them. The four of you approach a nearby car. Helmut opens the passenger door, gesturing for you to sit. You settle into the car, shaking your head slightly at his formalities. You watch him as he moves around the car and opens the door to sit beside you at the wheel. “So what’s the plan?” You ask, glancing at Helmut as he drives.
“We go in, I talk with Selby, she gives us the information we need, we get out.”
“That’s not a plan, that’s a to do list.”
“Is there a problem?”
“Do you have a better idea, [Y/N]?” Sam calls out from the backseat. You sigh slightly, a plan forming in your mind. You nod,
“Yes actually. If you’re all up for it?” They all nod, agreeing.
“What do you need?” Helmut asks you. You look back at him.
“Well, for starters I need your coat.”
Tumblr media
You pull at the fur collar of Helmut’s coat, finding comfort in his scent and the lingering warmth from when he first slipped it across your shoulders. You take a deep breath, surveying your group before you enter the crowd.
“Okay, has everyone been to the toilet?” You joke. They all smile slightly, and Helmut nods. “Phones all switched off?” You add. Bucky nods, though Sam quickly reaches into his pocket, pulling out his phone. You laugh. “It’s a good job I’m here then. I thought you were professionals.” Bucky shakes his head at Sam. With that the four of you set off into Madripoor. You walk into the Brass Monkey bar, with Helmut following closely behind you. Sam and Bucky trail after him. You stop at the bar giving the bartender a nod.
“[Y/L/N]. Usual?” You nod again. “Smiling Tiger. Wasn’t expecting you.”
“We have some business to do with Selby.” You answer.
“The usual?” He asks Sam, which he replies with a serious nod. The bartender sets your drink in front of you, and hands a shot to Helmut. He then pulls out a dead snake, which he guts viciously before adding the snake’s insides to the drink which he gives to Sam.
“Your favourite.” You tell Sam. He nods tensely. He picks it up, eyeing it warily.
“I love these.” He says, very unconvincingly.
“Cheers, comrade.” You hear Helmut murmur. You clink your glass with his, as the two of you watch Sam down the snake guts. You pull your gaze from Sam to scan the crowd, noticing a man approaching your group.
“I got word from on high. He’s not welcome here.” The man nods towards Helmut.
“He’s with me. I have no qualms with the Power Broker. Me and my associates are here to speak with Selby.” You tell him, gesturing at your group, letting your hand lean towards Bucky. The man’s eyes follow your gesture,
“New haircut?” He quips, nodding to Bucky. He then turns back, and disappears into the crowd, hopefully to tell Selby not to kill you all.
“A Power Broker? Seriously?” Bucky retorts quietly. You nod.
“In Madripoor the Power Broker is judge, jury, and executioner. Let’s hope we stay under the radar.” You remain facing the bar, feeling Helmut’s eyes searching the room. He turns to face you, leaning close as he murmurs,
“We’re about to have company. Three men, at your 8 o’clock.” You nod towards Bucky,
“It’s a good thing we have your bodyguard.” Helmut seems to understand your plan. Not taking his eyes from you he speaks in Russian,
“Winter Soldier, attack.” His eyes flicker down to where one of the men is about to grab you. Then Bucky’s seized the arm and is pulling him away. As the fight breaks out Helmut steps closer to you, wearily eyeing the men. Though Bucky has soon taken care of them. Within no time he has one of the men pinned against the bar by his throat. All around you people are drawing their guns. Sam has a hand on Bucky’s arm. You nudge him subtly, giving him a tense look.
“Stay in character.” You warn him quietly. Helmut nods slightly in acknowledgment, before referring to Bucky.
“Well done, Soldier.” The bartender looks over at you.
“Selby will see you now.”
“Thank you.” You tell him, pulling the collar of your coat and stepping over the unconscious men on the floor. The boys soon trail behind you as you walk through the bar towards the back.
“Coming into my bar and making demands. I really should have you killed for that.” Selby calls out from where she’s perched on a couch.
“And pass up on the offer of a lifetime? That’s not like you, Selby.” You reply confidently. Sam circles the room, standing close to Selby. Bucky mirrors him, standing on the opposite side of the room looking somber. Helmut moves to a chair across from Selby, which you’ve casually leant beside.
“This is quite the entourage.” She comments. “Smiling Tiger, you’re taller than I expected.” Sam looks down at her, not saying anything. “And the last I heard he was rotting away in a German prison.” She gestures to Helmut as he sits at your side.
“Well you know me. I always get what I want.”
“So what’s this offer?”
“I was looking into the business of super soldiers, though I heard that the Power Broker is out of stock. You wouldn’t happen to know where the serum was created?” She smiles, clearly planning how she can get you to pay for this.
“You were right to come to me. A little cocky. But right. It’ll cost you though.”
“I’m more than willing to negotiate.” She shrugs,
“Make me an offer.” You push away from the chair, making your way to Bucky.
“Him. The fist of HYDRA at your disposal, along with the code words to control him of course.” She grins.
“Dr Wilfred Nagel is the man you’re after. He was employed by the Power Broker to make the serum,” she pauses, shrugging nonchalantly, “things didn’t go as planned.”
“Is Nagel still in Madripoor?” You ask.
“The breadcrumbs you can have for free, but the bakery’s gonna cost you.” You turn to face Helmut. You sit on the arm of his chair and drape your legs over his lap.
“How about a Baron?” You offer. His eyes meet yours and you stare back as you talk. “Extensive knowledge of HYDRA, excellent military skill set, and the pretty face doesn’t hurt.” You add with a smirk, brushing a finger along his cheek. “How about it?” You face Selby.
“Nagel has a laboratory at the docks. Container 4261. You should find him there.” You smile.
“Pleasure doing business with you.” You pull a piece of paper out of the coat pocket, “The code words.” You elaborate, holding it out towards Selby. “I’m sure Zemo will help you with the pronunciations.” You give him a subtle squeeze on the shoulder, before pulling away from him.
“Pleasure’s all mine.” She replies, taking the paper from your hand. You and Sam both head towards the door. You give Bucky a look that means: you better bring him back to me. You see the determined look in his eyes. You and Sam make your way through the bar and out into the street. The two of you hold onto each other tightly, barely looking at where you’re walking. You’re both concentrating hard on your soul links. You both stand waiting in a back alley for about half an hour before you spot Helmut in the crowd, making his way towards you. You see Bucky close behind him.
“Let’s go.” Helmut says quietly. You nod, taking his hand and leading your group through the streets.
“I won’t ask how you two got away.” You say to him.
“That’s most likely for the best.” You shake your head at his dramatic tone. You’re making your way through a quiet alleyway when your phone pings. You hear Sam make a quiet remark about how you’re allowed your phone on, but you ignore him. You look down at the screen and swear suddenly. The boys look at you sharply as you pick up the pace.
“What’s wrong?” Helmut asks you.
“Selby’s noticed you’re gone.” You read the message on your phone aloud. “Winter Soldier: two million, alive. Baron Zemo: two million, alive. [Y/N] [Y/L/N]: half a million, dead or alive.”
“That is a problem.”
“I know. I’m definitely worth more than that.” You retort. You hear gunshots echo from behind you. You duck down hurriedly and begin to run. You can hear Sam’s protests,
“I can’t run in these heels.” Sam and Bucky duck into an alleyway. Helmut grabs your arm and pulls you down behind a line of cars.
“Are you alright?” He asks, eyes searching you for any injuries.
“I’m fine. Are you-“
“I’m alright.” He insists, you sigh quietly. Helmut shifts slightly, peering back into the street. He stands, holding his hand out for you. You take it and he pulls you close. The two of you follow the alleyway that Sam and Bucky ran down, soon catching up with them. Two motorcyclists pull up close to them, but before you can warn them, two shots ring out and the motorcyclists are on the floor. “Seems you have a guardian angel.” Helmut comments, as you approach them. You look up to the window where you’d seen some movement, but there’s no one there. Helmut subtly picks up a gun from the floor, which you choose to ignore.
“Well isn’t this perfect.” A voice calls out from behind you. You turn quickly, as the figure appears from the shadows. Sharon Carter.
Tumblr media
Tagslist: @justfangirlthingies @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @mischief-siriusly-managed @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fillechatoyante @obissimp @fandom-lover-4 @chipster-21 @purehuntress
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squishneedsahero · 9 days ago
Broken Things to Mend
Part 1 of 1
Word Count: 5998
A soulmate au where you have the first sentence your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body in their handwriting.
TW: Abuse, neglect and starvation mentions (I’m sure theres more pls let me know if I need to add anything)
You were roughly thrown into a cell and the door shut behind you with a snap, exhausted you fall to your knees and stay on the floor rather than trying to fight your way back out. You were tired, so, so tired. Your body ached, cuts and bruises littered every inch of your skin, mere hours ago you had felt invincible but now you were nothing but broken. You collapsed to your knees and cried on the floor wondering how you had fallen so far.
Here you were locked in a cell on Asgard, and here was where you were going to stay until the humans had something properly set up to contain you. Why you had tried to take over that planet you weren't quite sure, tired of feeling weak had lead you down a dark path. A path from which you couldn't return, and had been regretting as you walked down it. But you couldn't stop yourself and now it was too late.
Broken was the only way to describe yourself, you had been broken for millennia and had finally thought you could piece yourself back together when you'd found the infinity stone. The power stone. You'd thought yourself strong enough to use its power, to stop those who had hurt you and others who wanted to hurt innocents in their paths. You had soon found you weren't strong enough, you were alone and it had corrupted your mind, having no one to anchor you to reality. That's when he had shown up. The purple Titan set on reforming the universe, making it a better place, and in your broken state of mind his plan had made sense, you had agreed to help him, to take out the biggest threat in his way.
You had failed, you had lost to that group called the Avengers and soon enough Thanos would be coming after you himself to remove any loose ends. You weren't the first he had sent but you were most likely the last he'd send on their own without him to lead them directly. He'd only kept you because you were able to hold the power stone in your hands and not be destroyed, someone broken who he could control who could keep the stone safe until he was able to wield it himself.
As soon as he'd seen you failing to take earth he had taken the stone from you and left you for dead. Once you were no longer in possession of the gem you had come back to your senses, seen all the havoc you'd wreaked upon that innocent planet. But it was too late, you were already the enemy and they'd never understand if you tried to explain. So you had fought, continuing to try and protect yourself and your life until they had finally overcome you.
Now you were sitting in a cell, back to yourself but now shattered rather than having just a few chips on your broken soul. You'd ben controlled and manipulated your entire life, by those who claimed to be your friends and family, but it was only ever for the power which you had. Seemingly the last of your species, dark and wraith-like nothing more than a wisp of what you could be and easy to control. A child who could wield the power of the infinity stones, any powerful person would want you in their control.
All of that manipulation had left you more than a little broken, to the point that as soon as you had actually been able to get your hands on that gem you'd instantly turned on them. Then you'd gone after all the others who had manipulated you and dictated your life. You'd been passed from hand to hand as a slave would be, malnourished to keep a leash on you. Sometimes you were sold, other times traded, but mostly those who had been holding you were attacked and killed so that somebody new could control you.
Despite having wielded the infinity stone less than a day before you were back to that state you had been in. The stone had been the only thing sustaining your life and making you seem to be anything more than someone who'd been a broken child and was now a broken adult. You fall asleep on your place on the floor in that cell on Asgard, you were powerless to do anything and you knew it, sleeping was the only way you'd be able to ignore the crushing guilt you felt for all you had done.
All too soon you're woken up, the drapes over the glass door of your cell being opened wide and exposing you to the glaring lights. You preferred the dark as any wraith would, it was your natural state to be in the dark, so natural that the light almost hurt. Once you're awake you look over your thin arms and legs, the bruises and cuts from the fight before all healed, thats why they'd opened the drapes, you'd had enough time to heal in the dark but they didn't want to leave you in the dark. The darkness brought you power, not as much power as that gem had, and not as Much as any sort of nutrients would but it had allowed you to heal.
After your eyes finish lingering on the elegant script on your forearm you pull your sleeve to cover it and look up. Across the hallway was another cell, this one containing a raven haired man, his gaze fixed on you and not breaking even when you meet his stare with your own. He looks to be in good shape and everyone else there would think so as well, but you were able to see the haze of magic over his room. You couldn't see through it, you didn't know what he was hiding but there was something he was keeping from prying eyes and you could only applaud him for being able to protect himself in such a way.
Loki had looked up from his book when the drapes across the prison hall were drawn away from the cell they'd been covering from his view. Inside was a person most unusual, a wisp of a being, with grayish skin and sunken eyes which had seen so many things. What were they? He asked himself, intrigued as he'd never seen anything like them before. He's surprised when they meet his eyes and don't look away immediately as anyone else would. The few moments of eye contact are brief as the figure gets up off the floor and seemingly drifts over to their cot.
Peculiar, a long dark robe covered their grayish form, ending a foot or so from the ground revealing no legs or feet touching the floor. There was a faint cloud of dark mist that seemed to surround them, which pooled around where their feet should have been. This was their natural form, no magic concealed who they were as he did with himself. He watches as they take a seat on their cot, the mist around them gathers and forms some spindly legs. Intriguing, now that he had seen that he couldn't unsee it, their entire form seemed to be made of mist, there but not really there, but by the way they sat thy definitely has a solid form in there somewhere.
You'd moved to your cot, hoping that movement would break the stranger's eye contact but when you sat and turned around his gaze was still fixed on you. You hated being perceived, anytime someone looked at you there was a thirst to their gaze, a desire as they wanted to own you. His gaze was different though, more curious than wanting to control you. It eased you ever so slightly, but you still hated it, so you stared back.
Most wouldn't hold your gaze for long before breaking it, they found you horrible to look at with your grey skin and sunken eyes. You weren't always like that though, when you'd had the power stone you had found your true form, what you'd look like if you had been properly taken care of and healthy. Even then, in your true form, people wouldn't hold your gaze, you were no longer the disgusting monster you were currently but they could see the inside. Your grace and power which flowed off of you in that form intimidated them and they'd look away, but this man didn't.
You stare back at him, allowing yourself to break eye contact knowing intimidation and fear would get him to stop, so let him look at the monster you were. You were the most horrible creature someone could set eyes on in their lifetime, if he wanted the sight of you burned into his retina who were you to stop him? So instead you take your own turn to observe him, taking in his features, taking time to notice more than just the raven hair that flowed to his shoulders. His emerald eyes were the first thing which you noticed besides the hair, but it wasn't so much the color that intrigued you it was the pain and loathing you could sense behind them. He did well to hide it but not from you, you had seen that look in your own eyes too many times to not recognize it.
Who knows how long the two of you spend staring at each other across that hallway, but you both allow it to go on. Him, intrigued by never having seen anything like you before and you staring as the face before you feels familiar. You hadn't spent much time around other beings, recognizing faces was not your strong suit but picking a voice out of a crowd was easy. Finally you place it, you place him. A face you'd seen many times in your nightmares. He was the one Thanos called Laufeyson, the one who had gone before you to earth to try and take over. The other one who had failed. The other one Thanos would come after in his rage. The other loose end was sitting there across the hallway from you.
For some reason the fact that he was also here brought you peace, it brought you hope. Maybe, just maybe he had also been controlled. Maybe he would back you up and make an attempt of explaining who Thanos was and what his plans were worth it. But you could be wrong. He could have done nearly the same thing you did but all of his own accord. He could've enjoyed hurting those people.
It was that thought that prevented you from trying to talk to him through the glass. You keep quiet except for when you're being questioned, then you give nothing but honest answers and they aren't believed so you're questioned again and again, tortured and punished for what they take to be lies. At least they allow you to sit in the dark after you're through with the torture, only long enough to heal, but it's long enough to bring you some solace and block the prying eyes.
The constant pain wasn't anything new to you, everyone who had kept you before this had done the same thing if only for different reasons. They had been scared of you, wanted to hurt you to keep you weak, the Asgardians though, were not scared of you. They wanted information and not to keep you on death's door, so their torture was nothing to you.
It becomes routine for you, one day of torture, one day of darkness and one day of nothing before the cycle begins again. One day you find yourself waiting for the guards to come get you, able to guess nearly down to the minute they would arrive each time, but today they don't come. Why they don't come you haven't a clue, until an hour later when a soldier comes storming down the stairs and the man across the hall gives him directions to somewhere.
Then after more hours pass then another guard, this one a guard of Asgard comes down the staircase and talks to the man across the hall. You watch as the magic haze over his room flickers before steadying out once more, whatever he had just been told upset him, and you could only hope it wasn't Thanos coming for the two of you.
The next morning you gain somewhat of an answer, the broad shouldered blond comes down and speaks to the raven haired man, Thor you believed his name was. He was one of the heroes who had protected earth from you. You're surprised when Loki's illusion is lifted from his cell, revealing the state he is in along with all of the broken furniture that had seemed pristine moments earlier. Then even more surprisingly Thor opens up the cell to release him before turning to face you and making your glass cell wall melt away as well.
"You are a wraith, yes?" he ask and you merely nod.
"A wraith you say?" Loki asks, his curiosity piqued once again by you.
"Brother, I need your help to watch her, she tried to take over Midgard as well, but we need her help," then Thor shoots you a look, questioning silently if you'd help.
You couldn't help but wonder how stupid he was as you nod, signaling you would help. He didn't know you, you were nothing but a monster so how could he so willingly trust you? His hand resting on your shoulder startles you, "very well, Wraith, I can see there is good in you-"
"Even with all those people I killed?" You ask, breaking your silence.
"Yes, I have heard the reports from the guards. You've remained steady in your story that you were manipulated into doing all of that and at this time we need all the help we can get and I'm willing to take the chance," he responds confidently.
You nod, once again, thoroughly confused but willing to follow him and his brother through the halls of the palace until you meet with a woman. "Loki, Wraith, this is Jane Foster- the dark elves are here because of her, the aether as fused with her body and they are trying to take her and destroy the nine realms."
"Are you serious Thor? You think that we stand a chance against the might of the dark elves?" Loki asks, irridiculously with a glance in your direction.
"We do, we have you brother and Jane is stronger than she seems," he tries to rest a hand on Loki's shoulder but the other man dodges the hand.
"What does the Wraith have to do with it?"
"When she tried taking over Midgard she carried the power stone in her hands and did not crumble to dust. The aether is much like the power stone and she should be able to protect it from the elves-"
"And you're just going to trust the fate of the nine realms to two criminals?" Loki asks, sounding like he just wants to argue.
"Yes. We must be getting out of here though," Thor says once again with that same confidence.
He leads the group of the four of you through the halls of the palace, taking some sudden turns and winding your way about until you come to an odd looking ship which he has all of you get in before he starts it up and begins flying all of you out of Asgard to who knows where. Once in the ship Loki turns his attention to you for the millionth time and you, as always, maintain eye contact. For some reason Loki's frustrations seem focused on you as he turns once more to Thor, "you've heard tales of the Wraiths and their power how can you trust this one so easily?!" he sounds outraged.
You turn away from him and take a deep breath, despite not having a reaction to all of the torture the sound of him yelling terrified you more than anything. So many times you'd been shouted at then beaten, scolded then thrown in a room lit so brightly it burned your skin. You needed to focus, try and figure out if Thor was being truthful in his trust of you, or if he was trying a different tactic of manipulating you. All you knew he was telling the truth about was that the woman, Jane, has an infinity stone bonded to her and it is slowly killing her.
You don't even realize that she has taken a seat next to you where you have your head in your hands and tried offering words of comfort. You shake your head, "no, Loki is right, it is foolish of Thor to trust me. I'm a monster who has never left anything but pain and destruction in my path. It may not have been my choice to attack earth but I was so filled with pain that I allowed it to happen and even if I can contain the power of the Aether I do not know how it will effect my mind."
"Useless," Loki spits at you.
Then you stand up, feeling anger as you face him, "I know who you are Loki. Thanos is coming for you just like he is coming for me because we failed to take down his enemies, do not act as though you are better than me, the power stone corrupted my mind because I am weak but I was never given a chance until now to do good and I am taking it even if you doubt me. I've learned the hard way I don't need other's approval."
You were going to continue but it is at this point you realize Loki's expression has changed from one of nearly disgust to shock. His masks had fallen down as he stares at you and you glance at Thor who is also looking at you in shock and by the time you're back to Loki his expression is stone cold once more. "What did you say?" he asks in a low tone.
You'd thought his shout had been bad but this terrified you so much more, he was far too calm. You take a shaky breath and say, more gently this time, "Thanos sent me when you failed. I was easy to manipulate because the power stone took ahold of my mind and he used that, I wouldn't doubt if he did the exact same thing to you-"
"Not that-" he says, that angered tone returning as he snatches your right wrist and lifts your sleeve to reveal your soul mark on your forearm. There, shining gold and beautiful against your grey skin was one word, "Useless."
A much as he hated to admit it the Wraith intrigued him, but the part that hurt, the part that made him feel angered towards them was that Thor had so easily trusted them, a complete stranger. Loki and Thor had been brothers, and sure Thor was an idiot for trusting Loki to help with this situation but him showing trust to a total stranger in the same minute he'd offered a second chance to Loki stung.
This is why he questions Thor, why he snaps at you, it's all a test to see if you truly could be trusted. You much like he had had tried to take over Midgard, you could be a good ally but with the situation at hand how could he know he could trust you. So he pushed, working quickly to find what things set you off, what things got you to break the state of silence you were always in.
He had found it, the one thing that made you angered enough to lash out was him spitting that single word at you. Your reaction had surprised him, how quickly you'd been on your feet and in his face. How your entire countenance shown with a deeply hidden power that it seemed even you were unaware of. But the part that surprised him the most were the words that left your lips as you faced him.
"I know you Loki." You hadn't said it with malice, but as a fact, now you knew him he hadn't a clue. He's in too much shock to hear the next words you say, stating how you won't be useless any longer.
He quickly masks his face once again when he realizes you had stopped speaking. He can't stop the hint of anger that crept into his tone. He was far from angry now, but anger was the only thing that kept anyone from getting close enough to him to see through his walls, "what did you say?" he asks in a low voice.
He sees the hesitation in your eyes as you go to respond, "Thanos sent me when you failed. I was easy to manipulate because the power stone took ahold of my mind and he used that, I wouldn't doubt if he did the exact same thing to you-"
"Not that-" he says but doesn't have the patience to explain. He catches your right wrist in his hand and lifts your sleeve to reveal your soul mark. He doesn't realize that his masks once again drop before you as he stares at the elegant script that covered your forearm. His cold finger runs gently over the word written on your soul, "useless," the first word he had uttered to the one who was his soulmate.
It's as his index finger runs over the mark on your arm that you realize what he has said. The first word he had spoken directly to you, the one that had brought you hope in some of your darkest moments, the one that had also broken you completely, even your soulmate thought you were useless. You can't help it as you snatch your arm away from him, how dare he- How dare he call you useless then stare at your soul mark- Even if he was your soulmate.
You're surprised when he actually lets you walk away to the other end of the ship without stopping you. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you stare at those beautiful yet painful letters on your arm, somewhere in the back of your mind you register Thor and Jane having a whispered conversation. Without turning around you know that Loki hadn't moved from his place and was still staring at your back, damn him why did he have to be like this.
You had only shared looks across that hallway for months, you'd never done anything to warrant him being rude to you in this way and now, knowing as well as he did that your souls were linked hurt. If you weren't already so broken you're sure it would have broken you more, would have been the final straw to tear you apart... There isn't time for you to dwell on that as the ship rocks back and forth, coming into contact with the turbulence of an atmosphere, you were landing and it was time for you to take your chance to do something good with your life. With that thought in your mind you pull your sleeve down to cover your arm again and turn to stride past Loki to the front of the ship.
Loki could only gaze after you when you walked away, he recognized a broken soul when he saw one, it was what he saw in the mirror everyday. He had seen the disdain and hurt in your eyes as you ripped your arm away from his grasp, and knowing you were the one he was meant to spend his life with, the one most likely to love him back and he had already hurt you. The feeling was so much worse than any torture that Thanos could think to inflict upon him.
When they were going in for a landing and you strode past him without a glance it was like a punch in the gut. He had ruined any chance he had of gaining you favor in less than and hour, just because he had to play stupid, stupid, mind games. He just had to try and push your buttons and test you as he always did with anyone he saw a possibility of being useful.
You look at Jane for a moment before gently resting your hand on her shoulder, "I'm going to try and take the aether from you..." you glance at Thor, "if I loose control I want you to do whatever it takes to keep me from hurting more people even if it means killing me." You make eye contact with him for a few moments before asking, "can you please promise me this?" You ask in barely more than a whisper, letting your shields down for once as you ask, you don't care you just don't want anyone to use you anymore.
"I will promise you Wraith, I will not let you bring harm to anyone else," Thor says confidently, though you do notice his glance at Loki.
That allows you to relax, you take your time as you come to a landing on the red desert planet below you to focus your attention on taking the Aether out of the human. By the time you all land you've been able to take it from her it's power flowing through you. This stone is much more subtle than the power stone, you're able to keep control of your own mind when the reality stone latches itself to you.
Loki can only watch as you take the Aether from Jane, hearing you didn't care how Thor stopped you only confirmed his fear he had scared you off with his childish games. Nevertheless as he watches he's amazed with the transformation your body goes through as you harness the power of the infinity stone.
Your grayish skin changes to a more human color, your body fills out, your wispy figure disappearing. The years of abuse disappearing from your form, revealing your true beauty and the confidence someone with your abilities should. He can only stand in awe of you and your appearance as you turn to then step off the ship onto the desert planet.
When he hesitates to follow Thor walks over to him and puts a hand on his shoulder, "brother, it is not too late. You can see through lies, you would know if all that the Wraith has said is true or not. They are clearly as broken as you are, Brother, but they are willing to change. I'm sure that if you do, they also hold forgiveness in their heart." Thor gives him a firm pat on the shoulder as he turns to also leave the ship, "now let us go, and defeat the dark elves before they can take the Aether."
You stand and can see the ship of the Dark Elves' in the distance. If this was your end then so be it, you could finally rest with peace knowing you had aided Thor as some level of recompense for the damage you had caused. Jane comes to stand next to you, breathing deeply as she gently says, "thank you."
"I'm just glad that I am able to help the universe in some way," you respond, your eyes can't help but linger for a moment on her soul mark, on her right forearm where everyone's was. Part of you hoped that Loki wasn't your soulmate, it was only one word and not specific enough to guarantee anything, but you knew that wasn't the case, with the way he had reacted you knew the words on his arm were the first that left your lips when speaking to him.
"I know that you will," Jane says, removing you from your thoughts.
Thats when Thor makes his way down to the two of you, "Jane, you stay here but not on the ship, it is where you will be safest."
"Thor I am not going to just sit back and watch all of this happen, I might not be as powerful as the rest of you but I will be doing my part."
Thor can only nod, and you can see the fond smile he has on his face as he looks at her, "very well, but as soon as the convergence begins I will be placing you back on earth to do your part there." With that he leads the way towards the other ship, not waiting to see if his brother would be joining them. It would be very helpful to have the trickster at their side during this but after the words which had been spoken it made sense that Loki would need a moment.
As you walk Thor asks you if you know what you are capable of. "No, I don't I have been told of the things I can do as a Wraith but I have been kept subdued my entire existence so I haven't learned anything more that what you saw on earth... But I do have control of my own mind at this time," you add trying to make sure he wouldn't misunderstand you.
"It will be enough," he says and once again places a hand on your shoulder, but quickly removes it when you flinch. The group of twenty or so Dark Elves stand a few hundred feet in front of you when Thor speaks again, raising his voice to shout, "Malekith! Today is the day you meet your end, I will not allow you to destroy the nine realms."
"Thor," Malekith responds with a eerie smile on his face, "I thank you for delivering the Aether to me, unfortunately you won't be around to see the realms brought to perfection." It's with that that he points a finger towards your group, signaling for his followers to attack you.
Everything happening flies past, much like it had on earth, you fight alongside Thor using the power of the Aether to aid you, but then you come face to face with Malekith. The Elf has some sort of hold over the Aether and by extension you, he lifts you into the air and begins to take the Aether from you. No matter how you struggle you can feel not just the Aether but also your life slipping away from you, he wasn't taking just the infinity stone but all the power your weak body held. You try and fight, and try to hold on but before it your vision goes black.
You didn't expect too but you're able to open your eyes again hours later, the Aether has left you so you are back to your grey wispy form but your body doesn't ache as badly as you had expected. This planet was dark so it made sense, you'd been able to heal yourself in the shadows. You sit up, your eyes already adjusted to the dark, but just now noticing that there was nothing on the planet around you. There was some rubble of the ship nearby but besides that nothing, no Dark Elves, no Thor, no Jane. You were alone and how exactly you felt about that you weren't sure, you'd never been left so completely alone before.
Your reaction comes slowly, you can only assume that since you are alive you had done your part but it doesn't stop you from crying as suddenly everything sets in. You'd been able to do something good with your life, finally, but as you always had you'd left a trail of loss and destruction behind you. Sure, it was fine the Elves were gone but Thor and Jane had abandoned you here, on purpose or not was unclear. Though, the thing that hurt the most was that you had met your soulmate and you had instantly pushed him away, just for him to do the same. Sure, he had hurt you but you turning your back so quickly once you realized had to have hurt him as well and now you were on this barren planet where you'd eventually die of starvation.
You sit up as you let the tears roll down your cheeks, your hand naturally grasping at the floor for any sort of stability. You're shocked when you don't find that though, you lift your hand to your tear filled eyes and look at the dirt filling your palm. You were outside for one of the few times in your life and something about that calmed your tears, they were still present but weren't flowing as freely. You continued to let the feeling of dirt running through your fingers to ground you, you were finally free even if- no don't think about the long slow death awaiting you here just enjoy the fact that you are free that you could stand up right now and take off running without  anyone hunting you down. Thats it- thats what you'll do, you'll run for the first time in centuries and just let the wind blow around you. You stand up, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you take a shaky breath, let out an excited laugh and look ahead of you.
Standing in front of you is him, Loki. You hadn't noticed he was there, how much he had seen of you crying on the ground you had no idea but the fact that he was there created a strange sensation in your chest. "I- Loki I didn't-"
Once again he cuts you off but this time it's much gentler, "no, I need to apologize. I've been captivated by you since the moment I first laid eyes on you then when we were finally able to speak I lashed out with childish games, Wraith-"
It's your turn to cut him off, "my name isn't actually Wraith, it's y/n," you pause and decide to extend an olive branch of your own, "you can just call me y/n."
"Y/n," he says thoughtfully, letting the name flow off of his silver tongue, and once again that strange tightening sensation strikes your chest. "That is a lovely name, y/n," he concludes.
You bite on the tip of your tongue as you look at him for a moment, "I need to apologize as well. I walked away from you without giving you a chance to explain yourself. I know we are little more than strangers and you calling my trustworthiness into question is only logical."
He seems a bit taken aback by your honesty but he smoothly take your hand in his, lifting your sleeve once more to look at your soul mark. "Would you be willing to give me a second chance to make up for my mistake? I have a feeling we are both broken and bruised, similar yet different with much to learn."
You cant stop the small smile that tugs at your lips. You take your hand back from his and take ahold of his right arm, taking your turn to lift his armored sleeve and view the words written there in gold, "I know you Loki," you read them out loud then meet his eyes once more, "I'd be happy to give you a second chance as you call it, as long as you are willing to give me one as well."
The relief behind his eyes is clear to you, but what isn't clear is why he cups your cheeks in his hands. He gently wipes away any remaining tears on your face, "of course I will give you a second chance," he states it gently, but firmly and once again your chest tightens. It was then that he made his intentions with his hands on your cheeks clear, as he used them to pull you into a cautious kiss, that becomes more sure when you return it.  
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then i met you, and i realised the universe had orchestrated my whole life just to bring us together.
- destiny
j. střelou. you are my late night thoughts
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sambucky moodboard - soulmates
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Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 3
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A/N: any speech in italics is when someone’s speaking a non-English language
Tumblr media
You approach the warehouse as quietly as possible, looking around for the boys. Bucky texted you to come to a local airfield, and you set off as soon as you could. You hear them bickering long before you see them.
“Boys?” You call out.
“[Y/N]? What’re you doing here?” Sam asks, clearly confused. You frown at him,
“Bucky texted me. Said you needed help.” You and Sam turn to Bucky.
“Look I didn’t tell you because I knew you wouldn’t let me.”
“[Y/N] this has nothing to do with me.” Sam says, turning to you.
“What did you do?” You ask Bucky. He then walks you through a completely hypothetical jail break scenario featuring your soulmate. You sigh,
“Bucky, even if you could get him out, there’s no chance he would ever help the two of you. The moment he’s free, he’ll ditch to two. Why would he want to help?” Sam shrugs a little,
“He does have a code. He hates super soldiers, surely he’d want to stop them?”
“Over his own chance of freedom?” You scoff. “That’s not an incentive.”
“There is one incentive.” Bucky says, slowly. You turn to him, not liking where this is going. “We have you.” Your stomach drops, seeing the displeasure growing on your face Bucky begins to justify himself. “This does prove you’re his soulmate.”
“You want me to thank you, or something?” You’re about to begin ranting about releasing dangerous criminals, when you notice Sam and Bucky’s attention drift to someone behind you. It’s him. You know it. You turn to meet his eyes, fixed intently on your face, absorbing every detail you’re offering. The photographs don’t do him justice. Not tearing your eyes from his you say,
“Sam, your soulmate’s an asshole.” Sam gives a short chuckle.
“Right back at you.” A smile flickers across your face, though you’re sure Helmut can feel your anxiety. You never thought you’d meet him. Certainly not like this. You open your mouth, but no words come out. He offers you a gentle smile.
“I believe we have a plane to catch.” He nods in the direction of the airfield, where a private plane is prepared to take off. You nod, turning back to Sam and Bucky.
“You do realise I’m going to lose my job for this?”
“I’m sorry [Y/N].”
“Let’s move before we’re caught.” The three of them nod, and Helmut leads the way towards the plane.
“So all this time you’ve been rich?” Sam asks Helmut.
“I’m a baron, Sam. My family was royalty before your friends destroyed my country.” You feel a small pang of resentment at his words, though he quickly pushes it aside.
“Did you know that?” Sam asks you quietly. You nod,
“Of course I did.” An older man stands at the stairs leading into the plane, he greets your group in Sokovian. Helmut’s face lights up at the sight of him, and the two of them embrace for a moment. The five of you climb up the stairs into the plane. Sam and Bucky sit on one side of the plane, leaving the only empty seat in front of Helmut. You sit down, keeping your eyes on the small table between the two of you. You’re all quiet as the plane takes off. It’s not long before the older gentleman, Oeznik, returns with a tray in hand.
“Apologies if that’s a little warm.” He says, handing Helmut a glass of champagne. “The fridge is out. But I will see if there is some good food in the galley.” Helmut smiles before replying in Sokovian.
“If it doesn’t pass the smell test, give it to them.” He nods his head towards the boys. You smirk lightly.
“It’s good to have you back sir.” Oeznik chuckles, before he heads to the front of the plane. Sam looks over at you frowning slightly. You catch his gaze and he nods towards Helmut. You roll your eyes at him,
“He’s not plotting anything Sam.” Helmut looks at you, before asking,
“You speak Sokovian?” You nod,
“I do.” He pauses for a moment, and you answer the question before he can phrase it. “I’m American though.” He smiles softly, tilting his head,
“A shame.” You laugh quietly, nodding.
“It is.” You agree. He pauses, the smile sliding off his face as he fixes you with a more serious look. He then asks you,
“Do you know who I am?” You nod. “And you know what I’ve done?”
“Yes, and I know why you did it. I’m sorry about your family.”
“Thank you.”
“Why don’t you tell us about where we’re going?” Sam asks Helmut, clearly wanting the two of you to stop talking.
“I’m sorry, I was just fascinated by this,” he begins, opening a book. You frown, noticing a smaller notebook tucked inside. “I don’t know what to call it, but this part seems to be important. Who is Nakajima?” Bucky lunges forward, seizing Helmut by the throat with his metal arm. You hardly know what’s happened until you realise you’ve stood up, gun trained to Bucky’s head.
“You touch that again, I’ll kill you.” He growls.
“I don’t think so, Barnes.” You reply tensely, pushing the barrel closer to his temple. Bucky’s eyes meet yours for a moment, he’s surprised to find such determination on your face.
“Tell your soulmate to keep his hands to himself.” Bucky tilts his head towards Helmut, your eyes flickering down to his face before you return Bucky’s gaze.
“Helmut, don’t touch Bucky’s stuff. Bucky. Get. Your. Hands. Off.” You push the words out through gritted teeth. Bucky pulls away, and you hear Helmut suck in a harsh breath.
“My apologies.” Helmut manages, barely looking at Bucky, keeping his eyes on you. You look down at the carpet as you tuck your gun away.
“I’ve seen that book, it was Steve’s when he came out of the ice. I told him about Troubleman, and he wrote it in that book.” Sam says, attempting to lighten the atmosphere. “Did you hear it? What’d you think?” He asks Bucky.
“I like forties music, so...”
“You didn’t like it?”
“I liked it.” You feel like another confrontation is coming on. So of course your soulmate decides to join in.
“It is a masterpiece, James. Complete, comprehensive. It captures the African American experience.” You look up at him sharply, to which he returns your gaze. You give a look that hopefully conveys: you’ve literally just been nearly choked to death, can you not antagonise anyone for five minutes? You’re not sure if he gets the message.
“He’s out of line, but he’s right.” Sam says, not quite believing what he’s saying. “It’s great. Everyone loves Marvin Gaye.”
“I like Marvin Gaye.” Bucky tells him.
“Steve adored Marvin Gaye.” Bucky sighs quietly, looking away from Sam.
“You must have really looked up to Steve.” Helmut observes. “But I realised something when I met him. The danger with people like him, America’s super soldiers, is that we put them on pedestals.”
“Watch your step, Zemo.” Sam warns. You frown lightly, keeping a wary eye on Sam.
“They become symbols, icons, and then we start to forget about their flaws. From there: cities fly, innocent people die, movements are formed, wars are fought.” Despite the serious, almost noble tone, you can feel the sadness his beliefs are rooted in. Everyone is quiet for a moment. You find Sam’s eyes are on you, he nods, as if encouraging you to say something.
“He’s out of line, but he’s right.” You say quietly, repeating Sam’s earlier admission. He gives a half laugh, rolling his eyes,
“You’re not going to take his side on everything are you?” He asks. You tilt your head aside, considering it with a smirk.
“Maybe. You probably should have thought of that before you dragged me along.”
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