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#marvel humor
artofatlas · 6 hours ago
Working on a new double spread this week—which reminded me of the most recent two-pager, done for @racial.draft! Full video on my YouTube channel: #drawingwhileblack #speedpaint #digitalart #fanart #racebending #humor #arttutorial #justiceleague #xmen #marvel #dccomics
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iamnmbr3 · 14 hours ago
Disney: Oh you liked Loki’s badass armor? Well SIKE BITCH! It’s gone. He’s gonna wear a beige trash bag now. Oh and you liked his cool, regal bearing and dry wit? Well that’s all gone too! He’s got the same name and the same actor and that’s it! Whatcha gonna do about it? Just shut up and be grateful we didn’t rename him Clowno McFartface and recast him too.
Sony: Oh you’re all shipping symbrock? Ok. Have a symbrock rom com trailer for Valentines Day! :) Oh you want Venom & Eddie being domestic and making breakfast? Here. Have an actual canonical hilarious domestic breakfast scene in the trailer! Thanks so much for engaging with our content! :) 
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latent-thoughts · a day ago
So here is Loki, just casually using his magic, but I paused at this bit-
Tumblr media
It reminded me of something else...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I apologize unreservedly. 👀
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uh-leck-see · 2 days ago
I just KNOW that Wanda Maximoff listens to death metal & some like, Sokovian black metal & it’s not up for debate.
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berkeleyplace · 3 days ago
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lovelybarnes · 4 days ago
carter baizen- b. barnes
pairings: bucky barnes x reader, platonic!natasha romanoff, platonic!sam wilson, platonic!steve rogers and mentions of tony stark
warnings: language, oblivious idiots
about: part two to oblivious idiots in love and their annoyed friends (p2 to gummy, but can be read as stand alone)
you’re sprawled out on the couch, muscles aching and a large yellowing bruise beginning to form along your abdomen- courtesy of your favorite redhead russian spy. sure, the injury throbbed and made you hesitate to fully breathe, but it got you out of sparring with anybody for the rest of the day, and for that, you were thankful.
you can hear crunching coming from the kitchen, and you can immediately tell it’s sam from the sound of his chewing- chewing the snack you stored for yourself and threatened murder if it was touched by anyone else but you. “sam!” you shriek, sitting up and instantly biting back a groan. you point an accusatory finger at him, and he doesn’t flinch, grinning up at you with faux innocence painted on his face.
you contemplate bouncing off the comfort of the sofa, straining your already sore limbs to beat sam’s ass and make the already too present pain on the skin of your abdomen worse, and decide against it; instead, you choose to shoot him a deadly glare and tell him to share. he smirks and you scowl in response, snatching the chips from sam’s cupped hand. biting angrily, you turn to the television again, scrolling through the variety of shows you haven’t had time to watch.
“ooh, put on that one,” sam says through a mouthful of your food, pointing to glee. you were planning on selecting it, but after hearing his interest in it, you decide you are not in the mood for glee and scroll to another show; gossip girl, white letters read. sam shoots you a look and you shrug blamelessly, selecting the series.
you’re three episodes in and it is safe to say that you’re not the biggest fan of the slow burn drama, which you tell sam, steve, and nat, who joined you halfway through episode two. they exchange a look and nod. “yeah, it’s really frustrating, isn’t it?” sam asks, and you nod, confused, “uh huh… hey, nat, as a favor for nearly breaking my ribs, will you go get me some water?” you request, trying to push past their microaggressions after your previous statement. natasha quirks an eyebrow at you, and she doesn’t need to say anything to get her point across. you groan, “but i’m in pain,” you complain, and steve takes pity on you, offering you his drink. “thank you, steve,” you say pointedly, giving natasha a side eye that she rolls her eyes at. you look back at the television, surprised to see that you were already on episode four.
mid-swallow, carter baizen is introduced, and suddenly you weren’t swallowing anymore, a strange strangled noise coming from your throat as you choked. “holy sh-it!” you wheeze as natasha smacks at your back, successfully getting you to breathe.
“d- did you see that- him? did you see carter?” you ask, gesturing to the screen that no longer showed the stunning man that had nearly killed you. steve and sam have the same wide-eyed look as you do, “he looks exactly like-”
“he was hot!” you interrupt, your arm still up and outstretched towards the tv. “holy shit,” you repeat quietly, grabbing the remote to rewind. the minute he comes on screen again, you visibly swoon, seemingly unaware of the looks the trio is sharing. “y/n…” natasha starts slowly, “he looks identical to bucky.” you stare at her in bewilderment, “what are you talking about? they look nothing alike.”
natasha mirrors the look on your face and looks at steve for help, “she’s not kidding, they look exactly like each other-” steve agrees, and you shake your head madly, unable to see it. “no, they don’t- what are you all on-”
you’re pressing the buttons on the control to rewind, face immediately warming when carter comes on screen, and you pause, jutting your finger in the direction of the screen, “how can they possibly look the same.”
“you have to be kidding, how do you not see it-” sam begins, only to get cut off by another distinct voice, “what are we watching?”
“bucky!” sam cries, jumping up and dragging him to stand next to the still image of carter baizen, “what the hell are you-” bucky grunts, trying to pry sam’s fingers off, but the man doesn’t pay attention to him, staring straight at you. “look!”
you do, and can’t seem to see any similarity between the two men. natasha stands now and grabs bucky’s chin, putting it right next to the other face. she gestures between the two, and you shake your head. “y/n! how can you not see this?”
bucky shakes away from sam and nat’s hands, glaring at them, “what the fuck was that?” he demands, and sam’s hand practically slams on the television. tony’s shriek is not missed, but is completely ignored. “look at this dude! does he not look identical to you?” sam says, and bucky squints for a few seconds, before: “what the hell are you talking about?”
you may not love the show, but thanks to carter baizen, you have successfully finished a season and a half of gossip girl within a day. you’re obsessing over one of his scenes when bucky decides to lounge with you, sitting next to you. “this guy again? why are you so obsessed with him?” bucky grumbles, and you don’t even look at him, “have you seen him?” you reason, extending an arm to imply look at him.
bucky glowers, jaw setting as he crosses his arms, fuck carter baizen, he thinks as he notices you drooling.
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iamnmbr3 · 5 days ago
ok but imagine if odin died earlier and hela came back while loki was still ruling in disguise
and for some reason he ended up having to keep pretending to be odin so as not to arouse her suspicion while frantically trying to work out a solution 
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iablmeanie · 5 days ago
If Mom was a Marvel Superhero
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merlinsupermarvel · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Steve: Bucky please.
Bucky: I’m sorry Steve. It’s the only way.
Steve: Please Bucky you don’t have to do this.
Bucky: *shakes his head*
Bucky: It’s already done
Steve: Bucky no...
Bucky: *puts down draw four*
Bucky: Uno.
Steve: ...
Steve: Jerk.
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