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hiddlestanss · 26 minutes ago
Pairing: Winter Soldier/Bucky x Natasha Romanoff
Summary: Natasha goes to Wakanda to confront Bucky.
Warnings: None really, slight angst but fluffy all the way!
Word Count: 1,042
A/N: I've wanted to write this for the longest time. I don't know much about their actual relationship in the comics, just very mild research here and there, never read them. Sebastian's constant fixation on BuckyNat in his interviews made me do this. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Picture this, you see someone who you used to know very well in the past, they were your world at the time, but now, they did not even recognise you. You just want to tell them everything that has happened and the in between. But how can you ever begin to tackle this situation? Do you just stand idly by, waiting till they finally remember on their own? Or would the frustration get the better of you and approach them yourself? Natasha Romanoff was in between these two options. It has taken her three years to choose the latter.
The Winter Soldier was her everything during her Black Widow program training in The Red Room. She was too young to understand what she was going through daily. But he helped her understand. The Winter Soldier was supposed to be just her handler. She would never forget their first training session together. As soon as he stepped into the room, everything turned cold and menacing, she was afraid of him. He did not talk much except to give her instructions. His voice was deep and firm. Her hands trembled whenever in his presence.
Eventually, Natasha was able to bring out his human side.
“You’re different.” He observed, crossing his arms to his chest, circling around her.
“How so?” She spoke calmly, her gaze following his steps.
“You make me feel things.” He stated firmly with a hint of softness in his voice, almost breaking character. The character that HYDRA had him play out. A deadly character, a killing machine.
Her eyes fell to the ground, a crimson hue crept up across both her cheeks.
And that was the start of their beautiful and brutally painful love story.
“Natasha! It is so good to see you.” T’Challa bared his white teeth as his lips curled up into a bright smile, enveloping her into a tight hug.
As soon as the quinjet hit the ground in Wakanda, Natasha was a nervous wreck. She embraced her friend back with a tight-lipped smile and cleared her throat, hoping that the lump in her throat would eventually disappear.
T’Challa wasted no time and took her to him. Wakanda was a beautiful place, Natasha noted. She felt herself relax for a little while as she her friend led her to the forest. Looking around her surroundings Natasha noticed the stillness and seclusion. It was beautiful and peaceful. She smiled to herself, her heart almost bursting with happiness for him. He was finally at peace, no more destruction, no more wars to fight, finally.
She did not know exactly what to expect as soon as she would step into the other side. She was hopeful that he might have recognised her by now since he had agreed to meet with her. Anything was possible or nothing at all when one came face to face with James Buchanan Barnes.
The pace of her own slow footsteps as she walked in made her painfully restless. Her breathing hitched in her throat and her heart was beating way too fast for her liking. Her legs almost gave up trembling. She was not the Black Widow right now. She was just Natasha, his Natasha. The lost little girl he met many years ago. He had built her up into a strong, fearless woman. Together, they were unstoppable, till they weren’t. HYDRA had figured out their secret affair. They were literally torn apart, their love snatched away. Again, Natasha will never forget the memory of it. But he, did he remember this? Sometimes she envied the loss of his memory yet at the same time she wept at the haunting image of him having his memory wiped out, her, wiped out of him.
He was standing in the middle of the room, looking at the door, at her as she walked in. Natasha’s eyes were everywhere onto him. She could swear that her heart skipped a beat when she witnessed his light boyish cheeky smile. Her Winter Soldier was still in there somewhere. His soft brown hair was longer from the last time she had seen him. Her lovers’ instinct wanted to take over, as she imagined herself running her fingers through it and to kiss his soft pouty lips. He was intoxicating. His vivid blue eyes matched his smile, noticing a twinkle in his eye as she glanced directly into them.
With a soft sigh to herself trying to keep herself together, she smiled back timidly, standing mere steps away from him. Bucky shifted, walking her way to take a closer look at her. Once in full view, Natasha noticed that he was without his metal arm. How can a crippled man look so much at peace? She wondered to herself. Then again, whatever the instances or obstacles, Bucky was a survivor, just like her.
“Nat.” “Bucky.” They spoke over each other. Bucky laughed lightly which made Natasha loosen up a little. “Sorry.” She chuckled softly tucking a strand of her scarlet hair behind her ear.
She hesitated again for a while, but she wanted to know. She was now desperate to know.
“Do you remember me?” She whispered. It was not meant to come out like that, but she was too hopeless to care at this point. She wanted to bite back her tears, but one tear managed to betray her as it trickled down her cheek. Natasha could not simply keep her emotions in check, the extent of this overwhelming meeting was significantly getting to her.
Bucky stayed silent but then took a final step further, standing much closer to her. Lifting his hand up, he cupped her cheek, wiping her tear with his thumb and stayed there continuing to caress her softly. Natasha sighed into his touch, closing her eyes for a moment to capture it for eternity.
“I do.” He replied huskily and closed the gap between them to pull her into his chest. Her eyes flew open, uncontrollable tears streaming down her face. She broke down, she rarely did but she finally did. Natasha felt lightheaded, all that pain and grief was gone, disappeared into nothingness. Her arms wrapped tightly around him, holding onto him for dear life. She was finally safe, finally home. Finally, she got closure.
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i-am-nanas · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
“In my dreams we are more than friends”
Tony doesn’t dream often, and most of the time he has nightmares plague those dreams, except when he dreams about Bucky, MAN! those are the best, only in the confines of his subconscious can he picture bucky and the soldier loving him, only on his dreams can he let go of all his walls, only on his dreams can he truly be happy.
Sadly that’s all they are, and he always wakes up in the best parts with an empty feeling in his body and soul.
If only Tony knew that Bucky has the same dreams
I feel like I’m spoiling you guys with a drawing almost every week
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imaginestuffs · 8 hours ago
First Kiss- Peter Parker x Reader
word count:2137
warnings: lots of kissing. don't know if that needs a warning but i put it anyway. just fluffiness!
Summary: Reader and Peter have their first kiss.
Tumblr media
(not my gif!)
Music was playing throughout your room and you danced around singing along. Your parents were away for the week and so you were home alone. You had on one of Peter’s shirts you had stolen and your hair was messy from shaking it about. You had on one of your favorite playlists on Spotify. You simply titled “Classics” it consisted of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, The beetles, Carly Simon, Queen, and so much more. You had grown up listening to what your parents did and so in your opinion, you had immaculate music taste.
You could barely hear the sound of the busy streets of Queens beneath you. You were too busy singing along to Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison; to be bothered by the sound of your window creaking open. You never usually locked your window because Peter would stop by after patrol.
He quietly set his feet on the floor and closed the window again. You still had yet to notice him, as you kept on singing along as loud as you wanted.
“Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine with a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing
Hiding behind a rainbow’s wall
Slipping and sliding
All along the waterfall, with you
My brown-eyed girl
You sang loudly before Peter decided to step in and finish the last words of the verse.
“My brown-eyed girl”
You jumped and let out a little yelp of surprise when you saw him standing there with a soft smile on his face. “Peter! You scared me! I thought you would be later.” you lightly scolded your boyfriend as you turned your music down to a lower volume. “I wanted to see you sooner, I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t mean to scare you,” he explains shyly. He had a blush on his cheeks. His hair was messy from being under the mask for a while. He had no cuts or bruises on his face which caused you relief.
“I don’t mind at all. I’m just used to knowing when you get here. My music was just a bit too loud it’s not your fault. I’m sorry you were subjected to my terrible singing.” you apologized with an embarrassed laugh. He walked towards you slowly with a smile on his face.
“I love your voice. It’s perfect.” he complimented you and your cheeks flushed.
“No need to say that. I’m sure yours is better from the little that I heard,” you told him and stepped toward him as well. You grabbed his hand and sat him on the edge of your bed. “Now! Spider-man. What’s the damage tonight?” you ask in a fake stern tone. Your hands were on your hips as you looked at him intently. “Nothing too bad tonight just a bruise on my arm, and a few scratches there as well,” he explained to you. “Well, then I guess I’ll take care of those for you. Stay here I’ll be right back,” you said before placing a quick peck to his forehead and walked into the bathroom to fetch the first-aid kit you had on hand. Peter smiled at the way you treated him. You were always so gentle and compassionate.
You walked back into the room and set everything you needed on the bed next to him. “Alright spidey let me see your arm,” you said. Peter pressed the Spider at the center of his suit and it fell from his shoulders. You immediately grasped his hands and checked to see what arm it was on. You saw some small cuts with dried blood stuck to his skin. “This might sting a bit Peter, I’m sorry I’ll try and be quick. I promise. You grabbed the rubbing alcohol and began to clean his small wounds. He would let out a hiss now and again but other than that was quiet enough. He looked at your face and saw the concentration etched onto it. Even though it was the smallest injury he’d had you still paid all your attention to it.
He saw your lip drawn between your teeth and couldn’t help but want to kiss you. He had never kissed you before but had been waiting for a good time.
“(y/n),” he said quietly. He lifted his hand and gently gripped your chin to turn you to look at him. You looked t him in confusion. “What’s wrong Peter?” you question in concern. “I’m fine. I just- I guess I just wanted to see you up close. Your eyes are more beautiful than the last time I saw them this close. You smiled shyly.
“That was only a day ago Pete.” you cast your gaze downward, he moved his hand to gently cup your cheek. “Still, They’re more beautiful than ever. You know like the stars but even brighter,” he explains in a cliche way. The compliment makes your stomach fill with butterflies. Your smile broadens and he cringed at what he had said to you. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry that was so cheesy. I hope you didn’t take that seriously.” he rambled. You looked at him with a flash of offense on your face. He didn’t mean it?
He saw your look and his eyes widened.
“No. no. no! That’s not what I mean. I just mean that it was super cheesy the way I said that and I hope you don’t take the cliche so seriously. I really meant it. Your eyes are beautiful.” he ranted on but you let a small smile claim your lips at his rambling. You grabbed his hand in yours.
“Peter. Peter, it’s ok I understand. You’re too sweet, now let me finish cleaning you up ok.” you said and leaned forward to kiss his head. He nodded in silence, letting you get back to placing a tiny band-aid over the cut. You kissed it and stood back a bit smiling at what you had done.
He admired you as you admired him, and you caught his gaze. He reached towards you and stood up. He grabbed your waist and pulled you into a hug. Your head rested on his chest and his chin rested on your head.
“You know babe, I think a shower would do you really well right now.” you tease him. He looked down at you and chuckled. “Clothes still in the same drawer?” he questioned before moving away from you. “Yup, now hurry, I miss you,” you said as he gathered his clothes. “I’ll be quick I promise.” he walked out and threw a smile over his shoulder.
After a while, he walked back in with damp curls and comfy clothes instead of his suit. He walks over to you once again before holding you in his arms.
All the sound heard in the room was My Girl by The Temptations. The calming music and the feeling of Peter’s chest rising and falling grounded you and you relaxed. He noticed you relax into him more and he held you a bit tighter. He swayed you both a bit before pulling back slightly so he could see your face. Your cheeks were darker and it made him smile.
Looking down at you he knew he wanted to make his move now. If you said no, he wouldn’t do it, but he had no idea where to even start if you said yes.
His hand traveled from your waist to the back of your neck and you looked up at him in wonderment. You placed your hands on his chest tracing miscellaneous patterns on his chest. It sent shivers down his spine at the feeling of your fingers touching him so gently. He was sure you could feel his heart beating rapidly beneath your palm.
He looked into your eyes for a sense of reassurance. As if to ask for your permission before he started to lean in. your eyes lit up a bit at the sight of him leaning in and so you closed them and leaned in as well. The way he enveloped you entirely, his smell, his rough hands, and warm breath fanning against your soft lips made your knees go weak. Your heart leaped in your chest as you could feel him get closer to you. You could feel his lips brush yours and just as he was about to completely close the gap between you, he spoke.
“Are you sure you want this?” he asked.
Instead of saying anything, you let your lips answer for you. Your lips collided with his and he let out a surprised hum. It made your stomach do flips.
He brought you as close as possible your hands reached up to run through his unruly curls. The hand that held your head tugged your hair softly and you let out a soft whine at the feeling. This only spurred him on and soon enough his tongue was nervously seeking entrance to your mouth. You parted your plush lips and tentatively let his tongue stray into your mouth. You sigh at the feeling and push up on your toes. The need for air became evident and so you pulled away slowly letting your lips part from his. Your cheeks flushed and his hair messy.
Your breaths were heavy as you just stared in awe at each other. You two have had kisses with other people before but this one felt like it wasn’t any kiss, it was the kiss. The one you knew you needed forever.
You smiled and gently pulled away from him. You pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and looked away from him. “Wow.” were the only words that escaped Peter’s lips. A broad grin broke out on his face and he chuckled. He watched as you put the first-aid kit away. The way you moved and the smile on your face. He looked at you like you were the universe, because to him, you were.
You walked into the room again and smiled at him.
With no thought other than you Peter moved forward and swept you off of the floor. You let out a surprised yelp and a laugh bubbled past your lips. You let your head fall back as he spun you and he watched on in wonder at you. He let out laughs as well and he set you down steadying you both. Your closed your eyes and scrunched up your nose a bit which caused his heart to melt just a little bit more.
You opened your eyes and a look of pure joy appeared in those (e/c) eyes he loved so much.
He just stared at you for a moment in concentration trying to memorize every part of you.
“Babe, what’s wrong?” you ask with a furrow of your brow. He lifts his hand and gently relaxes the crease between your eyebrows. “Nothing is wrong. I just- I wanted to look at you,” he mumbled. You could practically feel your heart burst.
“(y/n).” he paused anxiously. You nodded, encouraging him to continue.
“Can I- can I kiss you again?” he asks bashfully. You blush and let your hand trail down his arm to tangle with his. You look at him through your lashes.
“Yes.” that was all he needed before he leaned back in. his lips collided with yours more passionately than before. His free hand circled completely around your waist pulling you tightly against him. Your other hand raised to run down his chest. He whined a bit at the feeling and you sighed at the noise. He took the chance and let his tongue once again wander your mouth. Massaging yours and feeling you relax against him. He held you up, letting go of your hand his hand ran up your spine and trailed back down it. Your hand moved up to cradle his face.
Things began to slow down and he ended up pressing small kisses on your lips between breaths.
“We need to do that more often…” he breathed out. You nodded and nudged his nose with yours. “I agree, let’s make the most of our week alone huh?” you ask with a Cheshire grin. He blushed but nodded his head quickly grabbing your hand tightly.
“But…” you let silence break your sentence.
“First. Would you dance with me?” you asked bashfully. Peter smiled brightly and nodded.
“I’m not too good at it but I’ll do anything for you.” you smiled at him before reaching to lock your hands behind his neck. “I guess we’ll learn together,” you told him. You felt his hands move down to grip your hips and your heart fluttered.
You leaned up and pressed another kiss to his lips.
“You’re too lucky,” he mumbled.
“I’m even luckier,” you said and rested your forehead on his.
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owlvander · 11 hours ago
Hey everyone! posted the prologue of my stucky fan fic on ao3
heres the link!
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an-annoyed-cartoonist · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Classic Loki
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thekeanussance · 17 hours ago
In general i have mad respect for Harry's habit of just shutting the fuck about everything and letting rumours run their course but sometimes i kind of hope he would like tweet 'oh btw i'm not zionist' or something. Like at this point not insignificant amount of people have genuinely become convinced he is and it's pretty frustrating and depressing for me to see it (and i'm sure his arab fans feel even more so). Not everyone has to like Harry but i'd rather it to be just because he's not their cup of tea and not because of some made-up offensive bullshit. So tired of seeing stuff like 'h**** s***** is so overrated and he's a zionist too 🤢'. Like when is it gonna end
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marvelfanfiction · 17 hours ago
Man Out of Time: Chap. 49, The File Part 3
Bucky's POV:
Taking a breather from watching these files, I look over to my once confident girl, and she bites at her finger nails, causing them to be swollen and red.  I grab at her hand, "We don't have to continue doing this, you know?"  I try to keep some calm in my voice.  I want to hear everything she's thinking.
"I know.  But I want to.  It's not...I don't know...our relationship and how it's unfolding, that's not what bothers me."  Her eyes blink quickly, trying to prevent the tears that are threatening to fall down her cheeks.
"Then what is it that's bothering you?  Charlie, quit biting your nails, please."  I watch as her other hand comes to her mouth, ready to fidget some more.
"People watched this.  Have watched it enough to compile this together.  Pierce was trying to be a puppet master and manipulate something that was good and pure.  And the thing that really bothers me is I don't remember it.  Obviously at some point Pierce used that machine to wipe my memory.  But why?  And..."  Her voice trails off.  Sam has already left the couch, apologizing profusely but he couldn't continue watching this.
"And what?  I just want to hear what you're thinking."
"How are you so calm?"  She whispers out, an edge of her anxiety kicking in.
"Only on the outside, because that's what you need right now.  Trust me.  I'm freaking out myself.  It's a lot to take in.  I'm pissed that they took those memories from us.  But there's something else that's bothering you."  My fingers lazily draw shapes her forearm, hoping to calm her.
"Were they successful?"  Slow tears stream down her face, creating saline trails down her cheeks.
"Oh, honey, I don't know.  I hope not."  My arms wrap around her body, bringing her as close as I can.  That thought hadn't even crossed my mind.  And now that she's vocalized it a deep sickness pools in the pit of my stomach.  Were they successful?  Is that why her mind was wiped?  Pierce almost talks like it wouldn't be possible for her.  The thought that Charlie and I could have a child in the care of Hydra, who would be around fourteen-years-old now makes bile loom in my throat, and I slowly swallow it, wanting to be the strong one for her.  "Hey, let's take a break."  
"I don't want to.  I need to know."  Tears slowly continue falling down her freckled cheeks, but she quickly wipes them away.
"Okay.  I've got you."  I assure her.
"I've got you, too, James."  
Charlie's body jolts awake.  Memories of being dragged from her room and strapped in the chair to have her memories wiped.  Constant nightmares encapsulate her every thought as soon as her eyes close.  The soldier sits up with her.  "Doll, I'm right here.  You're not there.  You're here with me.  I've got you."  He soothingly whispers to her.  His strong arms hold her and massage her arms.  
When her mind finally centers on her current space, she realizes the close proximity she has to her soldier.  They fell asleep without putting their clothes back on, and she feels her cheeks heat up with flush with the knowledge, and then a wave of serenity knowing he hasn't left her.  He wants nothing more than to stay, protect her, and make sure she feels safe.
Snuggling in closer to his chest, savoring the feel of his warmth on her cheek.  The minty leathery smell of his skin.  The way his toned arms make her feel safe and wanted.  Her time in Hydra she has never felt more important than when she's with him, and she wants to give him everything.  Every single part of her to him.  His nose nuzzles into her hair, smelling the sweet scent of her vanilla shampoo.  She feels like home in this prison that they're trapped in.  Already he contemplates a plan to get them released before he's wiped and frozen again.
"Bucky?"  Her voice comes out as a soft mewl, stirring a different side of the soldier.
Tumblr media
"Yes, doll?"  His voice is steady and strong, wanting to be just that for his girl.
"I'm ready."  She whispers.  Her tiny voice lingers in the air, clinging to his chest and causing his heart rate to rise.
She's must be saying that because she's scared, he thinks.  "Charlie, you don't have to do something just out of fear."
"That's not why I'm saying that."  Her confidence grows in her decision.  He's created a safe space for her in this bedroom cell.  It's comfortable.
"Remember, you're leading this.  But I need to know why you think you're ready."  His eyes look down at the girl.  Even though he holds her tightly to him she peers up at him.
"Because I love you.  Because you protect me.  You make me feel safe.  I actually feel like I belong here with you.  Not with Hydra, but with you.  You're the only thing I can call mine here.  Everything else is controlled by them, but not us.  Not when we're together."
"No... not us.  Are you sure about this?  There's no going back from it."  
She smiles up at him.  "I love you.  And this is what I want."
He returns her smile, already puckering his lips to crash into hers.  He rolls Charlie's body over, so she's settled on her back.  "Just help me, okay?"  Her voice trembles out.  He smiles at her, not to make fun of her, but because he knows exactly what she's entrusting him with.  He wants to take care of her, wants to make this the most pleasant experience for her as possible.
"Of course, sweetheart.  I told you, I've got you."  His lips ghost down her neck, savoring every moment with her.  He doesn't want to rush this moment for either one of them.  While this won't be his first time, it will be his first time with her, his China doll, his girl.
He listens as her breathing hitches.  His flesh hand tickles down her side, down her leg, and back up.  Wrapping his hand around her leg he pulls it up with him, readjusting her.  Involuntarily his hips roll forward and touches her drenched mound and he hisses in between his teeth at the feeling of how wet she is already for him, and he's not even touched her.  His lower stomach barely touching her caused the sweetest whimper to escape her lips, and he feels himself getting even harder than he already was.
His lips kiss down to her breasts.  Circling his tongue around her nipple before fully putting his lips around it.  Flicking the hardening bud with his tongue, feeling it pebbling up with arousal.  He repeats the process with the other nipple and his right hand.  Slowly his lips kiss down her stomach, pausing before he finally dives in to kiss her on her most sensitive area.  His eyes look up at her, "Look at me, doll.  I enjoy seeing the affect I have on you."
She smiles down at him, nervous and excited about his movements.  Planting sweet kisses on her thighs, he gives each thigh a nibble, small red bruises appear, and his eyes constantly roams from her face to her drenched cunt, arousal weeps out and coat her thighs.  He plants himself front and center, lingering, wanting to drive her crazy before his mouth finally touches her sex.  Blowing a cool breath on her core, his tongue swipes up her slit, spreading her juices around before he kisses on her clit.  Charlie's back arches up off the mattress, and he can't help but be giddy at the sight of his doll.
She writhes around, overwhelmed with the pleasurable feeling of having her soldier in between her legs.  His tongue slides back down before he inserts it in her cunt.  The taste of her is fully intoxicating, and the site of her as she reacts to his touches nearly making him climax then and there.  He knows he needs to get her ready for his cock, so his mouth moves back to her bundle of nerves.  Leaving her slit ready for his fingers.
Slowly entering one finger, he pumps into her pussy, removing it to place in a second finger.  Already her walls are clenching down on his fingers, sucking them in until their knuckle deep.  He scissors his fingers in her.  "Bucky, I don't want your fingers."  She whines.
"I've got to stretch you out a bit first, doll."  His voice is so deep and husky as he answers her.
"Is this going to hurt?"  Charlie's voice is so breathy and he knows how close she is to her orgasm.  Her cunt squeezing his fingers so tight.
"It will a bit.  But you'll be okay, doll.  You can take it."  He assures her, but if she should ask, he will stop.  She nods her head at him, breathing changing, and her hands knead her breasts.  Her hips roll on his fingers, begging him to deliver her sweet release.  Moans emit from her lips until she cries out in the quiet room.  Her cunt squeezing tightly on the soldier's fingers.  He hums as he pulls them out.
Looking down at her cunt and back at her face he readies himself center of her body.  Pumping his cock in his.  He places it at her entrance, spreading her slick over the tip.  Both their eyes locked onto one another, neither daring to look away at the moment.  "Are you sure about this, Charlie?"  He asks one more time.  Wanting to know without a doubt that this is what she wants.
She nods her head, "Yes, Bucky.  I've never wanted anything more in my life.  I want to give this to you."  He smiles at her.  This truly is a gift that she's giving him.
Placing his tip at her entrance he slowly sheaths his cock into her drenched, and almost painfully tight cunt.  She winces at the feeling of his girth stretching her soft pillowy walls.  Both her legs bend, coming up beside him, perfectly spreading herself for him.  When he's fully in her, he pauses.  Allowing her to accommodate his size and catch her breath.  "Don't forget to breathe for me, okay?"  His voice is gruff.  Her walls clench him so tight and he could almost cum right now.  He needs to center himself as well.
Charlie is speechless, not able to vocalize anything.  He realizes that and doesn't expect an answer.  He leans down to put his weight on his elbows, bringing him closer to her.  Ghosting his fingers around her hairline, he pushes her baby hairs out of her face and then gently kisses her lips, feeling every breath she pants out.
Her small hands come to his hips as she tries to push him, "I-I need you to move."  
Slowly Bucky completely pulls himself out, misreading what she meant.  Feeling a deep emptiness in her.  "No, no.  I wanted you"
"Fuck you?"  Bucky chuckles.  Almost ashamed at how harsh he made that sound.  He isn't going to fuck her.  He wants to take his time and make love with her.  
Charlie smiles though, "Yeah."  
He slowly enters her again, and he's not sure how but she feels even tighter.  Leisurely he begins pumping into her.  Wanting to take his time with the girl, needing to feel every part of her.  Eventually she relaxes, allowing her cunt to not squeeze him so tight.  "Doll?"  Her innocent hazel eyes shine up to him.  "Can I... can I go faster?"  His calmness is wearing thinner, his body wants him pick up his speed, but he needs her permission first.  Wanting this experience to be more about her than him.
"Y-yeah."  She pants out.
Thrusting even faster into her cunt.  His body craves for his own sweet release.  Grunting at the overwhelming feeling he gets from being buried balls deep in her sweet cunt.  "Aw, fuck.  You take me so good, doll.  So perfect.  You were made just for me."
Charlie's eyes roll back in her head.  Pleasure and pain wrap around her each time she feels his tip kiss her cervix.  Feeling every vein rub against her spongy walls.  "So so perfect for me.  Whose girl are, Charlie?"  
Charlie's heart and cunt swell with the feeling of Bucky, her soldier, fill her up so well.  "Yours.  I'm only yours."
He leans back, watching the swelling in her lower stomach from his cock as he pumps into her.  Laying a hand on it, feeling the movement.  "Perfect for me doll."  Admiring how good she feels from the inside and the outside.  The soldier's breathing comes out ragged along with hers.  His hand slides down to her clit.  Adding pressure, circling around.  "Cum with me, doll.  I need you to read me when we cum, okay?"  Charlie nods her head, barely able to breathe.
Feeling his cock throbbing deep in her, and knowing she's about to the edge she places her hand softly to his cheek.  He feels the deep clenching of her cunt before thick ropes of his cum plants deep in her womb.  Their intense pleasure wraps around each of them.  Feeling the profound love, they have for one another.  Each memory she has with the soldier casts into his eyes.  Seeing how her love was always there for him, but changed and grew with her age.
Panting they gaze at one another.  "I love you so much Charlie."
"I love you Bucky.  This was perfect."  Neither one want to feel the absence of one another, so he doesn't pull out.  Just gently lays them to the side.  She feels his cock softening inside of her.  Already feeling empty.  With heavy eyes they both quickly fall asleep.  After their passionate moment, Charlie's nightmares don't return.
"No one disturbs them.  Let them be for the day."  Pierce is giddy knowing that their plan worked.
"Sir, the soldier will get suspicious if we don't eventually intervene.  He's not stupid."  Garrett reasons with him.
"Maybe so.  Let them sleep in.  Be casual about it.  You felt bad for reacting so harshly with the girl.  Make up some lie.  I'll assure him that he can continue to sleep in the room with her as long as he pushes her powers and helps her train."
"Whatever you say, sir."  Garrett hangs up the phone gritting his teeth.  "You stand close enough guard to where they don't escape, but give them privacy."
"Care to explain what this is about?"  The guard asks.
"You're below the paygrade to have that information.  Just follow orders."  Garrett spits out.  Annoyed at how everything has transpired.
The soldier watches his delicate China doll snuggled up on his chest, fast asleep.  He listens to her soft humming snores vibrate close on his chest, making him fall even further for her.  Everything about her seems so precious to him.  He would do anything to keep her from them, protect her from them.  They want to taint her, and he refuses to let that happen.  He's already designing ways to allow her to train her powers to where they won't threaten her again with the machine to suppress her memories.  Not only is it painful, he doesn't want her to ever forget their time together.
Tumblr media
His fingers ghost along her skin, and she buries herself even closer to the soldier.  He hasn't felt this human in so many years.  She brings a sense of calm and serenity to him.  She has even helped bring back his memories from another time.  Steve.  His friend, his brother.  Rebecca.  A sister.  Winnifred and George.  Parents.  People who Hydra tried to take from him.  
His mind wanders to ways that they could escape.  He does need to strengthen her powers, because Hydra will stop at nothing to keep their weapons.  And that's exactly how they view them, weapons.  Assets.  Property.  To use how they see fit.  They feel no shame in their methods of getting them to comply.  He listens as the girls hums slow down and her body stirs around.  Nestling her face on his chest, her lips whisper kisses against him.  A smile brightens his face at the intimate moment.
"Morning, doll.  How did you sleep?"  His hoarse morning voice whispers before kissing the top of her head.
"Haven't slept better.  You think they would let me keep you in here?"  It's an amazing thought, but neither think it would be entirely possible.
"That's not something we should be worrying about now."  He knows the likelihood of that is very slim.  "How are you feeling?"  
He feels the big smile on her face against his chest.  Knowing that anything she says will not compare to what he sees clearly on her face.  "Like I'm walking on a cloud."  She pauses trying to discern the best way to describe the way she feels.  "Like I'm floating, I've never felt more content.  Or loved.  How do you feel?"
A chuckle resonates deep in his chest.  The girl's heart flutters and she feels herself heat up from the small motion.  "Like I never want to leave you ever again.  And I'm scared to think how easily they can take that from us.  I feel like a human again.  Instead of someone to be controlled.  We should probably get started with the day.  We have to train you."
"Can we do it again first?"  Her hazel doe eyes finally look up at the soldier, causing him to feel the butterflies in the pit of his stomach.  He smiles down at her, quickly nodding.  His already hardened cock is ready for her, has been the moment he woke with her petite body in his arms.  It's early enough.  They should have a bit more time.  "Yeah?"  She giggles.
"Yeah."  His hands skim down her body, needing to make sure she's ready for him.  Knowing where his hand is heading, she spreads her legs, "Such a good girl for me."  Sucking in a deep breath at the touch of her slick on his fingers, he knows he doesn't have to work too hard to get her ready.  "Come here, sweetheart.  I want you to be on top this time."
Her eyes shift away from him.  Insecurities rise up her stomach at the thought of her being the one in control.  "Practice makes perfect doll.  You'll be amazing."  He assures her.  "Come on.  That's right...come here."  She hovers her body over him, his hand guides his erection to her opening.  "Now just lower yourself down.  And you do what feels good."  Her head nods anxiously.  
Lowering herself on his pulsing member.  The deep tight soreness makes her breathing change, and she whimpers out a small cry of pain.  "Are you okay?"  His voice is full of concern for the girl and making sure she's comfortable.  
"Yeah, just a bit tender."
"We can stop."
"No.  I want to do this, Bucky."  Just to soothe his feeling of needing to stop, she completely sinks onto his cock.  Mewling at the feeling of him completely in her.  Steadying herself, and concentrating on the closeness of their intimacy.  No one has ever had this part of her, and she wants it to always be for him.
Her hips roll over him.  Watching his face to see if he is enjoying this feeling as much as her.  His mouth parts and a deep moan exits.  His hands slide up her legs until resting on her hips.  Gripping tightly to ground himself, guiding her movements on top of him.  She makes her grinds steadier.  Finding a rhythm that she revels in and his face tells her he enjoys it just as much.  "You're doing so good, honey.  Perfect little doll for me."
She loves hearing his praises that he whispers up to her.  Encouraging her to take him even deeper.  Her walls squeeze him tight.  Her soreness causing even more of a clench.  Already feeling himself getting closer, but still desires her release.  His hand winds down her body until it's pressed against her delicious bundle of nerves.  Adding pressure with tight circular motions.  He watches as her face twists and whimpers release from her pouty lips.
"So sweet, honey.  You take my cock so well."  He whispers up to her.  Hitching her hips faster with the pleasured fury he's creating.  He feels her walls cling onto him like a vice.  "Whose girl, are you?"  He smirks up at her.
"Only mine."
Obscenities mumble from both of their mouths before he's filling her up with his warm seed.  Trembling she falls down on his chest panting for air.  His deep breathing causes her body to rise and fall on his chest.  "I could get used to feeling me deep inside you, doll."
"Me too.  It's just perfect."
Both level out their breathing before he tells her it's time to get serious.  He knows they both need to be on their best behaviors if they wish continue their relationship.
Pierce watches the pair through a video.  He watches the soldier clearly trying to not only enhance her powers, but her actual fighting skills.  Teaching her to use the same knives he prefers.  Wanting her to lace the weapons with her lightning before launching it into the target.  Pierces smiles thinking at how between the two of them Hydra will be a force to reckon with.  No one knows the girl exists.  The soldier should be dead and gone by now.  The perfect pair.
His plan to get them together has been successful.  He has to allow them more time together, hopefully the full plan will become a success.  A child of theirs would be the perfect weapon.  Grown up completely under Hydra's control.  Not having any effects of the outside world.
He watches the little flirtatious smiles they give to one another.  Hearing the sweet whispers coming from their lips.  He hadn't planned on them actually falling in love with one another.  The soldier is almost too gentle with her.  Adoring his little China doll a bit too much.  Not that it matters.  He just hopes it doesn't eventually complicate things.
"Doll, you have to focus.  You're making it harder for me to concentrate."
"I'm sorry soldier."  Out in the open she still refers to him as the solider.  Knowing Pierce hates when she makes him too human.  "You're the distracting one.  Seeing you all sweaty and moving around like that."  She smiles up at him and their lips meet.
"We can't do this here, Charlie.  You know this."  He wants nothing more than to take her right here.  A week later than their first night together, and eventually being separated at night has made both more needy for the other.
"What have we here?"  Pierce stalks into the room and both the girl and soldier quickly step apart.  The soldier glares at him.  He's the reason that she was strapped into the machine.
"I'm helping her train."  His voice is steady but flat.
"Why?"  Pierce smiles over to the soldier.
"You ordered her to be wiped because she wasn't working hard enough.  I'm helping her.  No longer a distraction."  The venom in his voice is becoming more evident.  Pierce withholds a sneer.  The soldier has fallen in love.  
"Pierce?"  She whispers.  His eyes squint at her.  That's not the name she was told to use.  "Pappy?"  He nods his head urging her to proceed.  She hates him.  "That night...I don't sleep well after that night.  I would do better with a better night's sleep."
"Get to your point."
"The soldier slept in my room that night.  I felt safe."  She wants to look at the soldier's kind and handsome face, but doesn't want Pierce to suspect anything.  "If he was allowed to stay in my room...I-I could get better sleep.  And I would be able to train better.  Grow my lightning, ya know?"  As confident as she sounded at the first, Pierce's cold eyes stare down at her.  
Popping his lips, his attention turns to the soldier.  "How do you feel about this, soldier?"
The soldier's eyes are blank.  "I follow orders.  Nothing more."
"So, you're wanting to tell me, you need the soldier as your own personal body guard?"  He asks.  How far can he push this to make it seem that he needs her to convince him.
"No.  He would still...still be y-yours."  She almost retches at the thought of the soldier belonging to anyone but her.  "But just to make me feel safe.  Guards dragged me out of my room.  Literally dragged me."
"On my orders."  The soldier clenches his fist.  Pierce will die.  "I'll allow you a week.  If there's no progress, he's wiped and frozen until a mission.  His current status is in your hands, Charlotte.  Is this a bargain you want to make?"
She pauses.  She would rather have the soldier during the day than not at all.  "She can handle it."  Bucky answers.  Continuing to glare at the man.
"Very well.  Don't disappoint me, China doll.  I don't take kindly to threats.  You're both disposable to me."  He turns walking away.
The pair are both sick at the thought of being disposable.  Disgusted that he would refer to either of them as that.  To the girl, the soldier is her everything.  To the soldier, he would do everything to protect her.
Amazingly weeks have flown by, Charlie's skills are enhancing.  Pierce becomes frustrated with the pair though.  "How was her last check up?"  He nearly yells at Garrett.
"Why?  How long ago was this?  She's still taking the pills?"
"Five weeks ago.  She's due for another test.  She's still taking them.  Conception is a miracle.  Even with two people who are highly fertile.  It's not a guarantee."
Pacing around the room Pierce thinks.  "I want a child.  I want to mold that child.  They would be perfect.  Half a super soldier and half a demigod.  Can you imagine the possibilities?"
"If this results in a pregnancy, how will you get the soldier and girl to comply?"
"I'll jerk the baby out of her arms and it will be raised away from them.  Plant in their mind that the baby died.  I don't fucking care.  They're my property.  I can do whatever the fuck I want to with them and the baby.  Up her pill intake.  I'm growing restless.  I already have to wait the time of a pregnancy.  When I return, I expect the girl to be swollen.  Make it happen."
Unbeknownst to the two men talking, the soldier stands outside the door.  His ears perked up when he heard them talking about the girl.  Repulsed that they've allowed them to have a relationship because he wants it to result in a child.  They've tested her and she isn't pregnant.  They need to get out of here.  Charlie is ready.  She's powerful.  And he knows the only way to save her is to sacrifice himself.  He's ok with that.  This has to end tonight.
"Charlie.  We've got to go." He casts in her mind.  Their weeks together in closeness he's been able to return her conversation.  They know they're having sex.  There are cameras in this room.  The thought of Hydra watching them in the most intimate and private moments disgust him.
"Why?"  Feeling his unease, she wiggles around.
He's unsure of how much he wants to tell her.  "They're allowing us to stay together because Pierce wants you to get pregnant.  So, he can use the baby.  You're ready.  We can get out of here."
As nervous as she is, she's appalled at how sick Pierce and Hydra are.  Moments with Bucky are supposed to stay between her and Bucky.  "We need to leave now."
"What?"  She cries at him.
"They won't stop until they get what they want.  You're in danger.  Don't worry.  I've got you."
Quietly he pulls his girl up to him.  Tightly hugging her before he stalks through the compound.  Using his metal hand to strangle a man so he has a weapon.  They continue their pace through the compound.  Slinking stealthily, only encountering a few men, the soldier and the girl each take turns fighting them.  He throws a knife that she surrounds with her lightning.  Upon impact the guards are immediately taken down, with little force.  He almost smiles at himself at how easily they seesaw off one another.  They make their way to the garage.  Spotting his favorite, he stomps over to the motorcycle.
"I'm not getting on that thing."  She whispers to the soldier.
"Oh, you are.  It can go more places."  He slings a leg over the seat.  Tapping the back, "Let's go, doll."  Begrudgingly she awkwardly gets on the back, and they leave.  "Just hold on tight."  Weaving on the road, both constantly look around to see if they're being followed.  Panic sits in because this has been too easy.
Pierce storms into the room where the soldier is strapped into the machine.  He will make this very painful for him.  "You fucking bastard.  Where is she?"  The back of his hand smacks across the soldier's cheek.  He sits in the chair, unmoving and not giving answers.
Tumblr media
"Where the hell did you take my girl?"
"She isn't yours."  He quietly but clearly answers.  Eyes roll up to meet his.
"And you thought she was yours?  I allowed you two to fuck.  I allowed you two to be together, because I wanted another asset."
"I know."  Now it's the soldier's eyes that turn cold.
"Where is she?"  His hand connects with his other cheek.
"You'll never find her.  She won't remember this.  She won't remember her powers."  
Pierce snarls at him.  "What did you do?"
"She used the powers to forget everything."
A maniacal laugh emits from him.  "You fucking idiot.  Do you realize the pain you've cause yourself and all for some stupid bitch."  For the first time the soldier flinches, wanting to lurch at the monster.  But he's already strapped in.  "You set yourself up for the biggest torture of your life.  You will become the killing machine you were meant to be.  We'll use you to go after your friend.  The one she told you about.  The weak one, Steve.  He's alive.  And you'll kill him.  And when we find her.  She'll die from your hands."
Fear for the first-time registers on the soldier's face.  "I won't."
"You said yourself she doesn't remember anything.  Not even her powers.  She won't be able to stop you anymore."  Pierce points to the man in control.  "Turn it on.  Make sure he feels it.  Fry his fucking brain.  He suffers for the both of them."  Pierce watches as the soldier thrashes around, screaming out as the machine rips out all the past months memory of the girl.
Charlie's POV:
I slam the laptop closed, causing Bucky to flinch beside me.  I have no desire to see Hydra torture him.  And I think I've seen enough.  I get the story.  If I had been with a child when we left, I would have remembered it.  Makes sense as to why I can't remember much before Clint and Laura.  What little memories I have are distant.  As if someone told me those memories.
"You, okay?"  I look over to Bucky.  His eyes are blank and staring at the space where the open laptop was.
Nodding he responds, "You took those memories away yourself.  All this time watching I thought Hydra did that to you."
"I need some air."  I pull at his hand hoping he comes outside with me, and he does follow.  "Can you at least tell me what you're feeling?"  I ask.
"I just...I want to have the good memories back.  I only vaguely remember you.  Just flashes of you.  I remember seeing you at Bucharest and thinking I needed to bring you with me.  Protect you."  He sits us down on the porch steps and my brain is going so fast I can't hone in on a single thing.  If I took the memories from myself, surely, I could bring them back.  I was able to bring Bucky's memories back to him then.  Why couldn't I repeat that now.
"Me too."
"Are you angry?"  His eyes look at me.
Shaking my head, no I respond, "What's there to mad about?"
"There's a lot."
"Did we ever think that anything coming from Hydra would be decent?  Bucky, we knew when we started this it was going to be difficult."  She gives him a smile.  She has a plan.
"Who's the calm one now?"  He laughs, still trying to process everything that they learned.  
My eyes drift to Sam throwing around the shield.  He acknowledged us, but saw we're deep in conversation.  "I have an idea."  I whisper to him.  I don't want to look into his eyes just yet.  I fear that his face may cause more tears.
"Yeah.  And what's that?"  He looks over to me, grabbing my chin in his arms, he makes me look at him.
"You told Pierce that I took the memories away.  Why can't I put them back?"
Bucky contemplates this thought.  "What if you made things worse?"
"How much worse can they be?"  I ask.
"You don't think we have a good life?  It took some time for us to get here.  But aren't we happy?"  His fingers pet the side of my face, bringing me closer to plant a small peck on my lips.
"I've never been happier."
"Then why should it matter?"  I think about his question.  It doesn't matter, and then it also does.  We have all the evidence we need.  "What if you took all our memories away.  The past eight years since meeting you again.  What if you forget Maggie?"
"What if I brought all that time in Hydra together back?"  He has a point, but I don't think I would remove anything.  That's not my goal.  
"I trust you.  I'm going to let you lead."  I smile at him, bringing his warm body closer to me to deepen our kiss.  I want all the memories back with Bucky.  We have a deep history and it was taken from us.
"Come on, let's go back to the hotel for a bit."  I pull his hand up.  He looks confused, and I'm not going to tell him the plan until we arrive.  "Hey, Sam, there's something we have to do really quick.  But we'll be back."
"If we're not come to the hotel."  Bucky deadpans.
"What are you doing?  Did you find answers?"  He asks.  Sweat glistens on his skin.
"Testing out a theory."
We drive in almost complete silence the short distance to the hotel.  Bucky's eyes constantly glance over to me, and his right-hand rests comfortably on my thigh.  I continue to think about the best way to accomplish this.  We need to be close, real close.
We walk into our room, still not speaking, Bucky is probably lost in thoughts about everything we witnessed today.  It's a lot to take in.  "Get on the bed."  I command of Bucky.  I head towards the bathroom, needing to wash up a bit.
"Just listen.  On the bed.  Take off your shirt."  His head tilts at me and he wonders why.  I never say anything more, so he rolls his eyes and heads towards the bed.  I go into the bathroom quickly washing up and remove the sundress that I've wore all day.
Walking back to the bed I go ahead and straddle his thighs, making myself comfortable I sit down smiling at him.  "What are you doing?"
"Well, it's a thought, but if we are as close as we possibly can be to one another, why couldn't that enhance the memories.  Make sure they come back whole."  He looks up at me confused.  "Just kiss me, handsome."
I gently peck at his lips.  Trusting me he wraps his arm around me, pulling me closer to him.  I begin rolling my hips on me.  Feeling both of us heat up.  "Just trust me, okay?"  I whisper while I kiss down his neck.  
"Fine, take this off.  If we're doing this, I can at least get something out of it.  Sharing a room with a child for a week has made things difficult."  His hands quickly unclasp the bra, pulling it off of me.  Expertly removing it from my body.  His dog tags are cold against my chest.  I watch as he smiles at his name shining against my skin.  "What exactly is your plan?"  He asks, kissing along my skin while his hands come up to knead my breasts.
"Well, there's only one way for us to be that close."  He nibbles on my tender skin when he realizes where I'm going with this.  "And then, I concentrate."
"Wait.  While we're having sex?"  His eyes meet up with mine with a devious smirk.
"More like cockwarming I guess."  I shrug.  He still smiles at me, before continuing to kiss every part of my body.  He feared that the truth would make me hate him, when in fact it makes me feel closer.  Another piece to prove we're exactly where we need to be.  My hips roll on top of him, feeling his erection becoming harder.
"Okay..."  He taps my thighs.  "Finish getting undressed then."  I stand, removing my last piece of clothing, and watch as he fully undresses.  "Come here."  He tells me, sitting back on the bed.  I walk over to him.  Knowing how lucky I am to have him here.  I straddle him again, holding onto his cock, and guide it towards me until I fully sink down on him.  His sucks in a deep breath.  "You sure about this?"
"Yes.  I love you.  Do you want this?"  
"If you think you can handle this.  I love you Charlotte...Barnes."  He smirks at me.
"You only get to call me that when I have a ring, James."
"I just like the way it sounds."
My lips connect to his.  Wanting to feel every bit of him before I go down this path.  Wanting to remember everything.  And fill in the lost spots that the cameras didn't catch.  Concentrating on my goal.  Retrieve all our memories.  Keep all our new ones.  Focusing on mine and Bucky's closeness.  How for whatever reason we've been intertwined with one another for over twenty years.  That's why things were almost instant with Bucky.  My mind might not have remembered.  But my body did.
Memories weave their way back into my forefront at a speeding pace.  Barely only recognizing anything.  Blackness settles over me and I open my eyes, looking at Bucky, and our memories flood every part of my mind.  Gushing through, I almost am afraid that I'm going to miss something, but the memories imbed in my brain, sticking to it.
Hours of driving, most of the time the soldier feels they're not being followed and he thinks he may be successful without anything too drastic.  That is until he hears a distant rushing towards them.  Hydra vehicles are in fact chasing after their most powerful commodities.  This is what he feared.  Not being able to get far enough away from them to actually hide.  He pulls over, close to a police station.  "Don't hate me."  He tells the girl.
"How could I ever hate you?"  She smiles.  She's too satisfied with their escape.  Her ears are not as sensitive as his.  He knows it's not that easy.
"Because, I have to ask you to forget."
"Wait...what?"  Her panic has set in.
"I can't protect you from them.  It's too deep.  Do you know who Pierce is?"  She shakes her head no.  "He works for S.H.I.E.L.D.  He's part of the good guys.  A double agent."
"I don't understand what you're asking me."
"You need to use your powers.  Forget.  Live a normal life."  
"No.  Not without you."  Tears spill down her face and he kisses them away.
"If you have no powers, they won't want you.  They don't know where your family live..."
"I don't have family.  All I have is you.  And that's enough."
"Charlie...They can control me..."
"Not when I'm around.  We can do this.  Please, Bucky."  Her words tremble out of her mouth, and she wraps her arms around him.  Wanting to hold on to the soldier as long as possible.
"Charlie, I know you can't hear them.  They're coming.  Use your powers to forget them, me, even your powers.  It has to be you.  I know you can do this sweetheart."
"I don't want to forget.  I don't want to lose you.  You're everything to me.  Please, don't make me do this."  Sobbing on his chest, her tears soaking his shirt, it almost makes him almost falter.  There will be hell to pay if she returns to Hydra.
"You know what they want to use you for.  Don't let them do this.  If you take away the'll be safe."  He points over to the distant police station.
"Where will I go?  I have nobody."
"You have your aunt and uncle.  Make yourself believe you're sixteen.  They'll take in a minor.  Let you get situated outside of Hydra.  Please, Charlie.  I can't let them hurt you.  I won't let them.  I will die to protect you."
She lets his words soak in.  She doesn't want him to die.  "I'll find you again."
"You can't promise that, Bucky.  You know what they'll do to you.  They'll make you forget."
"They'll do to me what they've done to me for almost seventy years.  I'll be okay.  And I can never forget you.  I will find you again."  Her head pulls up when she finally hears the rushing vehicles.  "We're running out of time.  I've got you.  I'll get you to safety."
She removes herself from the soldier.  Bracing herself, not wanting to do this.  Tears quickly stream down her face.  Her eyes scrunch up from the emotional pain she's in.  "You're sixteen.  Your aunt and uncle are..."
"Clint and Laura Barton."
"They'll take you in.  They won't know where you've been.  How special you are.  Your parents died in a car crash.  You were never found.  They've been looking for you."
"I can't..."  She whispers.
"You don't know me.  Don't know how much we mean to one another.  You have to forget.  It's the only way."  Charlie's eyes close.  Telling herself she's sixteen.  Her family are Clint and Laura Barton.  She must have hit her head in the crash.  She was never found.  She has to remove the memories of the soldier.  Her soldier.  Her Mishka.  Her Bucky.  Her love.  But she won't remove the image of his handsome face and kind eyes.  She wants to know him when she sees him.  She will find him.  Engulfing herself in her powers to control emotions she makes herself believe that she can do this.  And then blackness.
The soldier cries as he picks up her small body.  His girl.  He carries her to the edge of at the station.  He places a single kiss on her lips, and turns away.  Never looking back at her.  He returns to the motorcycle and begins the drive back to Hydra.  He will turn himself in to protect her.  Not long into his drive the vehicles surround him.  Using too much force for how compliant he is, and take him back to Hydra where he waits the wrath of Alexander Pierce.
"What did you say your name was again, miss?"  An officer calmly asks the shaken-up girl.
"Charlotte Allen."  Her voice is meek and her body shakes, almost convulsing.  There's not much she remembers, but she does remember a pair of the most beautiful sparkling steel blue eyes.
"How old are you?"  He hands her a cup of stale coffee.  She smells it before taking a sip of the bitter brew.
"Any family?"
"My parents Audrey and Richard Allen died in a car crash."
"Wait.  Hobbs.  This is the missing girl.  The one we've heard about."  Call the captain.  "Miss, do you have any family living?"
"Clint and Laura Barton."
The police leave her alone, when out of the darkness a tall man dressed in all black and an eye patch looks at her.  His face is blank.  "We've been looking for you.  At least your uncle has been.  Said you're special."
"I'm just a sixteen-year-old girl."  Her eyes never meet his.  She blankly stares at nothing.
"That's not what I've heard."  Finally, he looks at her.
"I don't remember."  A slow tear falls down her cheek.
"I'm going to take you to them.  He's got a break."  She stands emotionless and follows the man.
"Charlie!  Oh my God.  Where did you find her?"  Laura cries looking at Fury.  She feared she would never see the girl.
"The police said she walked right in."
"What?"  Clint asks, looking at the scared girl.
"She doesn't remember anything."
"We'll keep it that way."  Laura tells him.
"What do you know about her?"  He asks.
"She was adopted.  She went to a lot of camps.  My brother thought his wife hated her.  She could manipulate people with her thoughts.  Could read them.  Change their feelings."  The girl just sits silently.  Looking down at the ground.
"What happened to her?"  Clint asks.
"We don't know."  Fury tells him.  Truly he doesn't.
"She never was like this.  Any injuries?"  Clint's eyes look over to the girl.  She looks broken.  A shell of the girl she used to be.
"No.  She needs to see if there was any brain damage though.  It's been months since the wreck.  She's healthy.  She's been fed.  She has muscle definition.  Like she's been in training."  Fury's eyes only look at Clint's.
"What?"  He whispers.
"She wasn't wandering around in the woods for the past few months.  Someone had her.  What you've told me, they knew what she was capable of."  Fury leaves without another word.  Leaving Clint with more questions than answers.
Clint pulls out a phone.  "Clint?"  Laura asks.
He never answers her.  "Nat.  I need your help."
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fandomsinsomnia · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just need that 🥺😭 AND I NEED IT TO BE CUTE
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nicoleknysak · 18 hours ago
I finally had some time to finish this drawing.
Love this duo and this series already. We was waiting so long to see Loki again!
IG: nicoleknysak
Tumblr media
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2dswirl · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bleached Rider | Fan design |Twitter | Tumblr | DA | Instagram | Patreon
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dionysus-winelord · 18 hours ago
💚Loki A-Z Smut🖤
Tumblr media
A= Attentiveness (Do they pay attention to the needs/desires of their partner?)
. Loki is an observer by nature and he can keenly pick up on small details around him. That being said, he can clearly tell when he’s desperately wanted, when he’s being craved. In the bedroom when things get started, he knows what you want before you even say a thing. He can read your body language, he can tell by a simple whimper from you where you want him and how. As a lover, he never leaves wanting.
B=Body Part ( Fave body part of theirs and on their partner)
. He’s not incredibly vain, but he is very proud of his hair. Loki takes incredible care of it and prides himself on how well it’s kept. However, his scalp is a sensitive area for him. Whether it’s a Jotun thing or just him thing, he hasn’t the faintest idea. What he does know is that when you run your fingers through his hair or massage his scalp after a stressful day, he instantly gets turned on. The gentle gesture and the sensation of the stress dissipating are enough to get him in the mood.
.On you, it’s your eyes that captivate him. They’re so expressive and bright, so full of life and a billion emotions. He loves how intense your gaze is and how you two lock eyes when he slips into you, how your eyes darken with passion as he brings you to the brink of bliss only to deny you that final push. If he could, he’d happily gaze into your eyes for all eternity.
C=Cum (anything to do with cum. Cuz why the hell not?)
. For him to simply say “you’re mine” is not enough. Oh no. If he’s feelin’ it, he’ll cover your beautiful body with his essence. Nothing satisfies him more than the sight of you, panting in the aftermath of your climax, his cum adorning your breasts and stomach or all over your back and ass. (Though, he’s also not a fan of messes, so he’ll be decent enough to clean you off. Maybe even go so far as to draw a bath for you so he can further lavish you with affection.)
D=Dirty Secret (A dirty secret of theirs)
. Loki has a small thing for public displays of affection. Well, maybe not so small if you saw how he reacts. He finds it exhilarating when you kiss him where everyone can see or when you slip your hand in his back pocket so you can give his arse a nice squeeze. As a response, his eyes will close, and if you’re lucky, a small shaky breath will escape him.
E=Experience (How much experience do they have?)
. Over the centuries, Loki has had many lovers, human and otherwise. He’s quite knowledgeable in the bedroom and in the lustful arts. He knows what will coax sweet and powerful pleasure from you, what will have you purring or begging for more within minutes.
F=Fave position ( What’s their one or more of their fave sex positions)
. He loves taking you from behind. Facedown in the pillows, ass up, your mewls filling the room as he pounds into you.
G=Goofy (Are they serious in the moment or funny?)
. Depends on his mood. But, as the God of Mischief, he can be very playful and is one hell of a tease. But his playfulness always gives way to sensuality and silky seduction.
H=Hair (What’s the situation down below?)
. He’s well-groomed and keeps things neat and tidy. His pubes are raven-hued and well-trimmed.
I=Intimacy (How romantic are they in the moment?)
. Loki is very romantic. He’ll seduce you with his honey-sweet words and sultry voice. He’ll carry you to the room and all the while cover your face and neck with feather light kisses only to lay claim to your lips when he sets you upon the bed. His passion fuels his romantic aspect and makes him the lover of everyone’s dreams, especially yours.
.J=Jerk Off ( Masturbation headcanon)
. He does it occasionally when he’s stressed or missing you.
K=Kink (One or more of their kinks)
. He would never admit this out loud to anyone but you, but he enjoys getting pegged. He loves being so utterly filled up as he’s being fucked into the mattress, his face buried in the pillows to muffle his cries as he’s gripping the sheets for dear life as he climaxes.
L=Location (Their fave place to do the Do)
. In all honesty, Loki likes to keep things behind locked doors. Either the locked doors of your home or the locked doors of your car. (The reason for this is the last time you two did it without a door that locks, Thor had accidentally walked in. That left Loki with the new habit/desire to lock the doors before you two got busy.)
M=Motivation (What’s a turn on for them?)
. Nothing turns Loki on more than you. Anything you do will get Loki’s mind to wander. Whether it’s you swaying your hips to the music as you listen to your music or you biting your bottom lip while you think about something. It takes a lot of self-control on Loki’s part to not pick you up and take you to the bedroom.
N=NO (Turn offs)
. While you did try it once, Loki’s not a huge fan of roleplay. It’s just not his style. Sure, he’s a shapeshifter and all, but roleplay for sex is not something he’s into.
O=Oral (Giving and Receiving, skill)
. Loki’s not called Silvertongue for nothing. His tongue is a divine blessing and has coaxed many overwhelming orgasms from you. He knows how to tease your sensitive gem with the tip of his tongue in such a way that makes your back arch off the bed. He knows how to kiss you quim in such a way that makes you wanting more.
.Loki adores it when you suck him off. Your soft lips wrapped around his aching cock, your tongue massaging his shaft, you looking up at him from between his thighs.
P=Pace (Are they fast and rough or slow and sensual)
. He can be either, actually. He’ll start out slow, letting you slip into the flow of things, to let yourself succumb to his touch. Then he’ll gradually get rough, each thrust bringing you closer to the edge.
Q=Quickie (Their opinion on quickies)
. It’s not his go-to preference when it comes to sex, but a quickie here and there he does not object to.
R=Risk (Do they like to try new things?)
. Loki actually does indeed like to try new things in the bedroom. If there’s something you wish to experiment with, he’ll be more than willing to try it. More often than not, you two find out you enjoy the things you try. (Especially Loki)
S=Stamina (How many rounds can they go?)
. He’s not human, so he can actually last longer than any mortal man. The longest he’s lasted (at least that you’ve experienced) was 7 rounds. At first you legit thought he had accidentally taken those little blue pills your last partner had left behind a year ago. But when you asked Loki, the prince just laughed and said “It’s just how I’m built, sweet thing.”
T=Toy (Do they like to use toys on their partner or themselves?)
. That is a yes. Anything to intensify the sensations and pleasure coursing through both your veins is a solid yes from him. He’s particularly fond of the vibrators you bought and he loves using them on you or having them used on him.
U=Unfair (Do they like to Tease?)
. Yes, yes, and YES. Loki is known for being a huge tease. You thought it was just limited to his personality but once he got you into the bedroom, oh fuck. He’s relentless and a tad cruel. He’ll deny you touches until you’re begging for him to touch you. He’ll bring you to the edge again and again and again until you’re overstimulated.
V=Volume (How vocal/loud are they?)
. Loki’s very VERY vocal. From cooing sweet words into your ears to purring praises when you ride him to loud moans when he fucks you. There’s not a single silent moment with him.
W=Wildcard (Random headcanon)
. More often than not, Loki gets hungry after sex. His go-to after-sex snack is usually ramen. He tried the Midgardian favorite when he first arrived and has taken a liking to the soup.
X=X-ray (What’s going on in those pants)
. Loki’s a shapeshifter so he can change any aspect of himself. Do with that info as you will.
Y=Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
. It’s high, to say the least. He knows how to control it so it doesn’t bother him, but whenever you’re down to fuck, so is he.
Z=Zzz (How fast do they fall asleep afterward?)
. He’ll fall asleep pretty fast. He feels safe and with you cuddled in his arms, he easily slips into slumber.
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Selfish ask: one more selfie?
Tumblr media
Sure sure lol
Spidey love all day every day!
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communistkenobi · 20 hours ago
Look, if you can watch all of SPN in more or less one go...
I realise I am in a very brightly lit glass house but that will not prevent me from throwing bricks through all my windows
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n0obmaster69 · 21 hours ago
Man remember when MCU took a beloved character from X-men movies and turned him into a boner joke and thought it was an interesting twist? and people were hating on X-men fans for being sad and mad? because it happened a few month ago and you shouldn't forget;bye
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highkeygolden · 21 hours ago
Tell me why
Pairing; Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Summary; despite knowing each other for almost their entire lives, Peter and Y/N were only beginning to get to know each other and it doesn't take long for Peter to be infatuated.
A/N; I'M SO PROUD OF THIS ONE YOU HAVE NO IDEA OMG. And Tony Stark is alive in this one :P but he's barely mentioned so. And also, didn't edit this so just bear with me
Words; 7157
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For two people that'd known each other for so long, who watched each other lose teeth, break bones and grow into the hard-headed teenagers were now, they sure didn't know each other that well. Y/N and Peter were completely different people. From day one, never once did they cross paths in each other's lives. It was like they were from two different worlds- the most they knew about each other were the floating rumours that'd occasionally surface.
If Peter were asked to describe Y/N, solely based on the rumours that surrounded her, he'd say she was confusing. Well, confusing, intimidating and... and a magnet for curiosity. He'd known her since they were wee little kids, they were always put in the same class and they practically watched each other grow up. Yet they never interacted, because she was too busy with her friends and he was busy studying and being the smartest in the room.
Unconventional would be an understatement to describe Y/N. She was average, a normal high school girl with farfetched goals and unrealistic dreams. Y/N would like to think that she kept to herself most of the time, but she was so used to being around crowds that her character came off otherwise.
She wasn't as smart as most people, and she didn't get herself involved in extracurriculars and she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life; she saw no future for herself. So, for now, all she did was enjoy herself despite the desperate pleas of her parents, begging her to study.
She wasn't doing great in her classes, but she'd like to think she had more common sense than most people in her class. She was emotionally stable, she'd like to think, but that didn't explain the drinking. She didn't go out to parties every week like most of her friends, she wasn't allowed to but on rare occasions, she couldn't help but become a party animal.
She was known for that, after all, but it wasn't something she wore proudly.
In freshman year, Y/N seemed to be the most popular girl in school. She liked it at first, but the attention was consuming and it wasn't getting her anywhere. She wasn't losing her friends, but she was forgetting herself. She realized it was a problem before it got too late.
When junior year rolled around, Y/N found herself signing up for the weirdest extracurriculars. After the whole science trip, reality had hit her like a ton of bricks and she realised how hard it would be for her to get into college. And she wanted to get into college so bad.
Peter was pleasantly surprised when he saw Y/N worming her way into the Academic Decathlon team. He didn't know how she got in and frankly, Y/N didn't know either. She was rusty at first, was the target of teasing for an entire week- a week for Peter to take a breath- until she started getting the hang of it.
Soon enough, she was answering all the questions with so much confidence and nonchalance- it was baffling to watch. Flash grew jealous of her, swore she was somehow cheating her way to the top. His theory was quickly shut down by Betty. Peter and Ned simply accepted it and MJ, being the team captain, was pleasantly impressed.
She was easily accepted and quickly became part of the core of their team. Her opinions mattered to them and her words were considered- it wasn't something she'd ever experienced before. Y/N Y/L/N finally thought she found her place, a place where she belonged.
That was probably the first time Peter recalled talking to her. She'd bumped into him on the way to the auditorium, offering him a hasty apology before she walked off, bag slumping on her shoulders and books pressed to her chest. He couldn't wrap his head around how quickly the moment had gone past, he didn't even have time to register what she said or realise that she was running off in heels and all that he was left with was the notebook she left behind, resting at the end of his shoe.
He holds onto her notebook the rest of the day, taking time to admire the dumb doodles she'd indulged in during class. Doodles in all sorts of colours, with a few nonsense quotes here and there. She was a messy person, it was obvious. Her notes were all over the place and her handwriting splayed inconsistently- sometimes looking like they were printed by a printer and other times looking like a spider gliding against water.
He remembered reading an article about what someone's handwriting could tell about a person. Y/N was simply a messy person, with her thoughts all over the place and no sense of tidiness-
Peter just decided to give her back her notebook during practice. He was getting ahead of himself, for someone who barely knew Y/N Y/L/N, he was thinking about her too much. Sure, he wanted to get to know her better but he was getting ahead of himself.
What he wasn't expecting was stiffening up when he saw her sitting with MJ and Flash, laughing about something with a pen pressed to her bottom lip, the corners of her eyes crinkling with glee. Ned had to physically shake him out of it. The hands that held her notebook shook violently and he blinked profusely but it got worse when Y/N catches sight of him.
She smiles widely, which was something she'd never done towards this, but it was probably because she saw him holding her precious, lost notebook. She jogs towards him, her braid swaying side to side as the hair that framed her face bounced and she stops in front of him, tucking the loose strands of hair behind her ear before looking at his hands.
"I've been looking all over for this," she sighed in relief and Peter robotically hands her the notebook and her hands brush over his for only two seconds.
He blinks profusely, humming and nodding his head like an idiot and Ned stared at him like he's an alien. His hands don't even fall to his side until she stared him up and down, a confused grin replacing her smile as her brow lifts.
"Thank you," Y/N tried again, hoping to get an answer from him because he seemed way too uncomfortable. He could be sweating, for all she knew.
"N- no problem," he's stuttering and stammering and all he could think about was how embarrassing it was because everyone was probably staring.
He swore Ned mumbled out an excuse to drag Peter towards the rest of the team to start practising. She stared as they walk away, confused and puzzled before she follows them and MJ stars belting out questions for everyone to answer. And Peter was distracted for a good amount of time until Y/N stars answering questions too, her voice flowing into his ears like music.
When practice was over, most students had left for their next class, including Ned. Peter was left to fend for himself while Y/N sat beside him, tapping her pen against the table as she read a random book. He didn't know how she ended up sitting beside him, both leaning against the wall while MJ was expecting them on brushing up for their next practice.
Before Peter could even propose the idea of practising together, he was disturned.
Much to his dismay, though, Flash slid beside Y/N, the hated grin on his face as he nudged her with his elbow. Y/N, trying her best not to roll her eyes, closed her book and turned to him with an annoyed smile, asking what he wanted with so much sarcasm and disinterest dripping from her mouth- Peter was blown away.
"There's a party today-"
"Absolutely not," Y/N almost laughs and she shakes her head harder than she waves her hands at him. Flash's smile quickly drops into a frown as he looked at her confused.
"Why not? You love parties," he urges, completely ignoring her groan of disinterest.
"I do," she confirms. "But I don't want to go today."
"Why not?" Flash urges, clearly not understanding her disinterest.
"My parents won't let me," She argues.
"That never stopped you," Flash winks at her; she cringed at him. Chuckling awkwardly, Y/N leaned away from him, almost pushing her back into Peter's shoulder but that doesn't happen and Peter feels disappointed.
"Seriously, Flash," she rolls her eyes. "I'm busy the entire day. I have archery classes and a job to keep-"
"Archery?" Peter snaps his head towards Y/N, curiosity peaking as she looks at him from over her shoulder. She chews her bottom lip, nodding a confirmation and Peter mumbles "that's cool," and looks back down. Y/N furrows her brows.
"Where do you work? Maybe I can pick you up-,"
"Nope, I'll be working the entire night," she smiles at him, tilting her head and blinking profusely before she stands up, collects her books and struts towards Betty and MJ. The three girls exit the auditorium and Peter is sitting awkwardly beside Flash, both watching her strut away like she was a model, mouths gaped in shock at her attitude.
Y/N would do anything to spend a day away from home, so she sure as hell wasn't going to miss an opportunity to work an overnight shift at the cafe. It wasn't like she'd have much work to do, and it wasn't like she was going to be left alone. Finn would be there to keep her company- which her parents were against too. He's a boy, they said, it's inappropriate.
She couldn't care less about what they had to say. They argued for around an hour, going back and forth until they told her to get lost and do whatever she wanted. She stormed out of her house and now she was leaning against the counter, silence consuming her as Finn washed the remaining mugs.
"Mind helping me a little?" He asks, scoffing.
Y/N whines and slumps her shoulders, looking over her shoulder to find him in his jeans and white shirt, an apron safely tied to his torso to keep his uniform from getting wet. "I'm exhausted, Finn," she breathes, resting her chin on her hands as the fan caused her hair to blow into her face.
"Then why'd you come in?" He looks at her, disappointed and confused, maybe even a little annoyed as he dries the mugs and plates. She doesn't respond, only groans and Finn rolls his eyes. "Your parents bothering you again?" He puts two and two together and he's proven right when she nods.
"They just don't know how to leave me alone," she groans. "I'm doing something for myself to earn more money but they can't let me work a night shift because I'll be alone with a boy all night. I wanna punch them in the face, I really do," she lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding, tucking her hair behind her ear.
Finn doesn't respond, mostly because he didn't want to. But even if he wanted to say something about it, he wouldn't know what to say. So he continues to clean up, leaving her alone like he always did. Silence was better than starting an awkward conversation anyway, Y/N would agree with him.
Y/N was too exhausted to even use her phone. Defeated, she traces her fingers over the cheap granite counter, she recollected the day she had at school; more specifically, Peter. She thought about how flustered he looked when he returned her notebook to her, the way his cheeks flushed red and the way he stiffened up at the mere sight of her.
Was he threatened by her? Scared, by any chance?
Peter barely even knew her, never talked to her. Maybe he hated her and she never even knew. Or maybe he was just shy and wasn't used to being around people he didn't know- Introverted, it was pretty obvious. But did that mean he hated her? She was overthinking it. And it wasn't like it mattered, they barely talked to each other; they barely knew each other.
While Y/N was daydreaming, Finn had finished with the dishes and decided to move on to watching a movie on his phone. He didn't bother wearing earphones, allowing the dialogue to flow through the barren cafe... only to have it be disturbed by the door opening and closing and a groan falls from Y/N's lips which quickly turns into a gasp of realisation.
Peter was stumbling in, sweating and heaving with a meek smile on his face, waving lightly towards Y/N. He walks over to her, gripping the straps of his bags tightly, the sleeves of his sweater covering half of his hands. "Hi," he says to her, innocent and sweet, maybe a little less flustered than the last time he crossed paths.
Y/N's head snaps towards Finn who's glaring at Peter, annoyed that he had to deal with another customer's order. He was tired and it was uncommon- almost rare- for them to get customers in the middle of the night. Y/N didn't blame him for reacting that way and normally, she would have groaned too. She only didn't give that reaction this time because it was Peter.
Peter Parker; who was at her workplace in the middle of the night, with no explanation whatsoever. And she couldn't treat him like a normal customer because she knew him and she had questions and because he was roaming the streets past midnight.
"Finn, it's only one person," she defends, rocking her head to the side as she eyes him. Finn only rolled his eyes and grumbled, asking her to take care of his order and that he was done for the day before he disappears into the break-room. "I'm sorry about that," she shakes her head and looks back at Peter.
He stood directly in front of her, looking like a deer in headlights despite looming over her height. Y/N only chuckles as he mumbles "it's alright," and waves it off.
"What're you doing here?" She asks, curiously, glancing towards the glass doors to emphasise the night and bright street lights. The roads were empty too, a yellow taxi speeding past every couple of hours. It was weird.
"Just thought I'd get a drink," he shrugged like it was no big deal, drooping his brows and lifting his lips into a grin. He tried so hard not to sound like he was trying to play cool because, in reality, his whole body was shaking, quivering under the sharp yet sweet gaze of Y/N Y/L/N.
"It's past midnight, Peter," she debates, furrowing her brows and cocking her head to the side as she waited for his excuse.
Peter widens his eyes again and Y/N echoes him, one startled and the other prying. He stammers, licking his lips and looking everywhere but her as he says "I got caught up with my Stark internship," and that was enough for Y/N to hum in realisation.
"Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting you work for Tony Stark," she mused, nodding then shaking her head. Peter gapes at her for a moment, completely in shock that she knew that about him. He shouldn't be surprised, though. Half the school knew. "I'm sorry again, you said you wanted a drink?"
"Oh," he ponders for a bit, realising that he came in completely unprepared. So he asks for a simple iced coffee and she offers him another smile before making his order.
Y/N comes back with a tall glass of coffee, tiny ice cubes floating to the top and Peter digs in his pockets to find the perfect change, not wanting to bother her with more work at the cashier counter. What he didn't expect her to do was slide his drink towards him, smoothly telling him "It's on the house," with a smirk before circling the counter and joining his side.
In all honesty, he was hoping this would happen. He was hoping Y/N would be kind enough to keep him company and start up a conversation. He was hoping she'd sit with him and laugh along to whatever they were talking about so that only he could hear her laughing. So that it was his jokes she was laughing about; his company she would be enjoying.
But then he realised that she'd much rather be sitting with Finn in the break room, watching something random or talking about work or whatever it was he thought they talked about. So he sighed and said, "You can go to the break room if you want."
Much to his delight, though, Y/N chuckled and said, "It's fine," with a wave of her hand and guides him to a booth near the windows. "The man hates me, anyway," she giggled and Peter didn't know what was so funny about someone hating her. He assumed it was just a joke and nods, gulping as he sits across from her.
They don't say anything to each other and Y/N doesn't think the silence is putting off at all. She decided it was best to ignore gaucherie and keep him company until he finished his coffee and leaves. She finds it uncanny that Peter found the need to drink coffee at an ungodly hour. Did he need to stay awake for something, or was it just his prefered drink?
"How'd you find this place?" She finds herself asking, resting her elbows on the table, hand supporting her chin as she gave him her undivided attention. She looked so attentive, so interest in what he had to answer for her question- it almost caught him off guard, he was going to spit out his coffee.
Peter would never admit that she'd caught his eyes while he was swinging around from building to building during his nightly patrol. The dim lights being the only eye-catcher in the entire street for him to check- Y/N was coincidentally working there. It was his dumb luck.
Peter would never admit that it was her uniform that made him stop and stare- the pretty skirt that had her shirt tucked into had him reeling. Her shoulders, broad and sharp as leaned against the counter. The knee-high socks she wore that reached above her thighs left less to his imagination. She looked so beautiful, pretty, gorgeous... hot.
Peter would never admit that the reason for his leg bouncing up and down since he'd sat down was her legs being inches away from his, bare skin tucked away under a pair of sheer, torn socks. His hands tapping the rim of his glass at the sight of the top two buttons of her shirt being undone.
Peter would never admit that it was the loose hair that framed her face that made him watch while perched on a tall tree, hanging onto the trunk for dear life as he observed her in a daze. Her every movement and inaudible word she spoke put him in a trace, eventually leading him to messily change clothes in an alley right behind the coffee shop he was currently sitting in.
To himself, Peter would never admit that he kept his duties as Spider-man aside just to come into a coffee shop to spend time with Y/N. It was painful to pretend like his suit wasn't clumped into his bag, acting like he was just any other intern of Tony Stark's.
So, Peter shrugged before answering. "The first place I found open," he takes another sip of his coffee, hiding the trembling of his lips. "And you just happened to be here."
Y/N nods, scoffing at herself for expecting a different answer. "Fair enough," she said before crossing her arms and slumping into her chair. "So you didn't get to go to that party either, huh?" She pondered aloud.
"I mean," he clears his throat. "I wasn't invited, so-"
"You don't have to be invited, you know?" Y/N chuckles at him and leans towards him again, resting one elbow on the table instead of two as her other hand rests on her thigh. "If you know a party's taking place, you just go," she shrugs, scrunching her nose and as Peter looks down in realisation.
"Oh," he said, lacing his fingers together and abandoning his coffee altogether.
"Yeah," she nods. "That's how most high school parties work," she grumbles and Peter scoffs at himself.
"Even if I wanted to go, I'd never find the time," he mumbled but didn't expect Y/N to understand. He didn't have to know her to know that she wasn't nearly as busy as him.
"Fair enough," she says. "My parents wouldn't let me live if I told them I've been to high school parties before," she rolls her eyes with so much annoyance, Peter could practically feel it seeping into the atmosphere.
"That strict, huh?" he muses, huffing out a breath and the curls on his head fall stray to his forehead.
"Very," she breathed but somehow manages to crack a smile at the misery that was her household. Peter's eye twitches when he hears her chuckling, but doesn't comment on it and doesn't ask anything further. "There's a party every Friday," she continues, regardless.
"Really?" He raises a brow.
"Yeah," Y/N enthusiastically nodded and smiled until it reached her eyes. "I'll probably be going next week, it'd be nice if you came, too," she offered.
Peter can't help that his heart swells at the invite and he can't hide his smile. She actually thought she'd enjoy his company but he wouldn't admit that it made him happy. Well, he wouldn't admit it to her, at least. He was scared she'd be creeped out if he said anything wrong.
"You should bring Ned, too," she offered. "I'll wait for you at the door with a drink or something. I promise you'll have fun," it was almost like she was shy to invite him. With every word she spoke, her voice became softer and softer- a whisper, almost.
"Oh, yeah?" He grins, a sudden wave of confidence washing over him.
"Yeah," she nods, looking away from him and at her hands instead.
"I'll try coming," he assures her and finishes the last bit of his coffee before checking his watch. He was so caught up with trying to acquaint himself with Y/N in some form, he'd forgotten about how concerned his aunt May would have been. "I should probably get going," he points a thumb towards the door.
Y/N nods softly, standing up when he does and walking him out. She holds the door open for him and he doesn't find it in him to walk away. They smile at each other, chuckle when they realise how pathetic they must have looked and Y/N brushes her hair back and rubs the back of her neck.
"Well, get home safe," she folds her lips into her mouth. "I'll see you on Monday."
Peter doesn't find it in him to bid his goodbye. He simple waves and skips away and he swore Y/N watched as he disappeared around the corner of the street. Y/N lets out a sigh, finally slumping her shoulders and taking a minute to breathe fresh air.
It's cold, cold enough to get her sick the next morning and she wasn't exactly wearing suitable clothing for the weather. Horipilating goosebumps formed on her arms and legs and she rushes back inside, eventually stumbling into the breakroom where she finds Finn comfortably wrapped in a jacket, watching something on his phone.
Finn only acknowledges her with a glance. He nods once at her before he was back to watching his movie. Y/N echoes his acknowledgement back at him and reaches for her jacket that was hung on the wall. She settles on the couch across from him, unlocking her phone and deciding to find something random to read.
"Who was that?" Finn asks but doesn't bother to look up from his phone.
"Peter," she clears her throat. "We go to school together," she explained. He only hums her way, nodding as his attention goes back to his phone. Y/N assumes the rest of the night would pass in utter boredom and taciturnity.
When Monday came, Peter found himself sitting beside Y/N in chemistry. Both of them were late, spewing out incomprehension excuses as they piled to the back of the classroom. Once they were settled beside each other, the pair couldn't stop giggling. Their hands covered their mouths when they leaned into each other as they laughed.
They didn't shut up until their teacher started the class, blabbering about something Peter couldn't care less about while Y/N managed to pay attention. Peter hid behind his laptop, face turned towards Y/N while she messily managed to scribble down her notes, her eyes racing from the chalkboard to her notebook.
He smiles at the sight of her, the corners of lips minutely tugging upwards and highlighting the wrinkles in the corner of his eyes. He was truly at peace, even though he knew Y/N would never show interest in him, he felt at peace.
His teacher announced that there would be a group project and that she would pick out the groups and Peter didn't bother to pay attention until she started calling out names. It's fifty per cent of your grade, she said and then the entire classroom broke into a sob. He'd, once again, call it dumb luck when he was grouped with Ned and Y/N. Pure, dumb luck.
Peter doesn't hesitate to invite Y/N to his house and he doesn't hesitate freaking out to Ned about it once they parted ways from her. It was like he was floating on cloud nine and swimming in a pool of nerves at the same time. Ned just told him to calm down and not make it a big deal. Just play it cool, he said, and act normal.
When May met Y/N after school, she was enthraled. The woman wasn't blind, she saw the way Peter looked at her, as though she hung the moon in the sky and as though she painted the stars and the northern lights. She insisted that Y/N stay for dinner; Ned was always welcome, of course. Peter, even though he was embarrassed, didn't say anything about it.
It was inevitable that the three would get distracted ten minutes into working on their project. Peter and Ned started talking about Star Wars and gasped dramatically when Y/N said she'd never watched any of the movies. I never will either, she announced with an exultant smile and Peter doesn't even bother to change her mind because he was too busy admiring her.
Y/N found herself cancelling her archery classes for the evening just so she could stay for dinner. May had whipped up a nice meal and she wouldn't dare miss out. So while she giddily listened to May and Ned talk about school, Peter leaned into her side cautiously. "Your parents don't mind you being here?" He asked
"They don't know I'm here," she whispered back to him, eyes squinting as a smirk played on her lips.
"Shit," Peter laughed and leaned away, tapping his fork against the rim of his plate.
The chemistry project was Y/N's excuse to visit Peter's apartment for the rest of the week until the party. It was a rare occasion that they actually worked on their project, they usually just talked. When Ned was there, Y/N would read while they fixed lego. It all seemed so serene, too perfect to be true, just like the calm before the storm.
Y/N didn't find it in herself to put her guard up and before she knew it, she found herself at the party, waiting for Peter and Ned at the front steps of Flash's house with a few solo cups sitting beside her. She was scrolling through her phone, shoulders slumped when Peter had tapped her head and she looked up in joviality.
She handed Peter and Ned their solo cups and they gladly accepted, automatically starting a conversation like it was second nature. Betty had spotted Ned, at that point, and she dragged him inside where the actual party was. So Y/N was left alone with Peter, standing in the cold of the night and she asked I'm why he didn't drink from his solo cup yet.
"I don't drink," he told her.
"It's not alcohol, dumbass," she giggles at him. "Just punch," she informed and Peter chuckled, embarrassed.
"I hope it's not spiked then," he brings the cup to his mouth.
Thus it became a ritual for them to try and go to every party held. No matter the time, Y/N found an excuse to give her parents to leave for the night and Peter... he was confusing. He'd say that he'd show up, promise her even but then he'd show up to school completely oblivious until she reminded him and he would apologise frantically.
I got held up because of the Stark internship, he'd say, May needed me and I had work to finish.
It was a cycle and she could count on her fingers every time he did show up to a party. She wasn't mad at him, she couldn't get mad because he was prioritising work but he could be lying. Her gut told her not to believe it because he could be lying yet Y/N never found it in her to actually ask him. Despite spending so much time at his house with him and May and despite being able to call herself his friend, she still thought she'd be overstepping.
She wondered how Ned had the patience to deal with him.
She forgot about it eventually, going about her life as she used to. Peter and Ned just so happened to be her project partners and she just so happened to have a blast with them when they were around her but everything else was normal. They were going to graduate soon and Y/N's only focus was on completing her essays and projects while Peter seemed to have better things to worry about. Things Y/N didn't know about.
"He seems shady," Finn had said to her at work. "I don't know why you bother with him."
"Even if I didn't want to, I'd have no choice," Y/N scoffed. "He's my project partner."
Graduation looms closer and closer by day and exam season had everyone standing on the tips of their toes. Despite that, Y/N still decided to attend a party. One last party, she told herself and prayed to God that Peter would show up. If he didn't show up, it wouldn't have hurt her but she wished, hoped that he'd show up because it'd been ages since she had a proper conversation with him.
She swore a group of her friends hollered to her, asking for her to join them while waving their hands and she did. With a cup of spiked orange juice, she stumbled towards them, a lopsided grin on her face as she eased into the conversation. Y/N actually laughed with them, droned out the worry in her head for a while until it disappeared altogether.
All the anger and disappointment drained out of her chest when she spots Peter standing across the room, enjoying a can of coke while immersed in a conversation with Ned, Bett and MJ. He wore one of his sweaters like he always did, nerdy and charming. Absentmindedly, Y/N drifts towards them. grinning from ear to ear. MJ spots her first, raising a hand to greet her. "Hey, Y/L/N! We're talking about prom."
Prom, she thought to herself, prom. Because that was what everyone was talking about, the only thing to look forward to after exams were over. "You have a date?" Betty smiled at Y/N when she settled between her and Peter.
"Do I need one?" She drawled and Peter flashes her a toothy grin.
"Fair enough," Ned agreed with her.
Then the conversation went on.
Y/N and Peter didn't acknowledge each other formally, nor did they want to. The pair simply added to the conversation, regardless of their drunken or sober state. The music was loud, people were dancing and Flash was trying to be the DJ for the night and everyone laughed at his miserable failure.
They cracked jokes, had a good laugh and spilt their drinks all over the floor- just like a normal conversation in a packed party. Everything was normal until Peter leaned into her side and asked her if she wanted to step outside and walk. Get some fresh air. Y/N only nodded and he guided her outside, a hand on the small of her waist.
That was how they ended up in the backyard, sitting on a stone beck, shoulder to shoulder, both sharing Peter's can of coke. The cold of the night wrapped around her faster than the anxiety in her nerves. Yes, she wanted Peter to show up and yes, she wanted to spend time with him. But she was nervous because she didn't know why Peter wanted to be with her, alone.
"I'm glad I came today," Peter murmurs, head hanging low when he realises that he finished the coke. He kicks the can away and it lands in a bush.
"Oh, yeah?" Y/N chuckles at him, mimicking his actions and playing with her fingers. "Why?"
"It was fun," he shrugged nonchalantly. "Last chance for letting loose before we actually start focusing on that chemistry project," he pointed out with a grin, head lifting slightly to catch the sight of her lips scowling. Peter frowns.
"You know, we'd be done with it if you didn't keep bailing on Ned and me," she rolled her eyes but didn't mean anything by it. Her arms splayed across her chest and Peter lets out an exasperated sigh.
"I had work, Y/N," he tried.
"Tony Stark sure needs an intern more than his actual employees, huh?" she mused aloud as if it was going to change his answer.
"It's more complicated than you think."
"What do you mean?"
Peter doesn't respond. He gulps, clearing his throat of all the words he wanted to spew out and his jaw clenches involuntarily. A stray leaf falls on his lap, the edges dark and rotten and he doesn't find it in himself to brush it off. He simply stared, pondering over her question, debating if he could actually tell her. Debating if he trusted enough to tell her.
"I can't say," he mumbled and Y/N sighs with him, her shoulders slumping in defeat and hair blowing with the wind as she does not attempt to brush it away from her face.
It was the same answer every time she asked and she didn't even know why she was surprised. Peter Parker had been unexplainable yet predictable since day one and she didn't know why she put up with it. All she wanted was a proper friendship and she thought she'd found it, someone she could be herself with; someone who accepted her for her flaws; someone who trusted her as much as she trusted them.
But Peter didn't trust her, it didn't seem like that when he said, "I want to tell you, I really do," and Y/N could only nod at him, biting her lip. "But I'm not allowed to tell anyone," his eyes pleaded for her to understand and in all honesty, Y/N did understand.
Y/N understood because she knew some things just couldn't be explained and she wished she wasn't as understanding and compassionate as she was at that moment. She wanted to be selfish and call him out for being discrete about everything, for being so guarded and careful all the time but she couldn't blame him for being that way when she was once the same.
Listlessly, Y/N sucked in a breath, rubbing her palms against her jeans and nodded again. Her lip stayed stuck between her teeth, frustration glistening in the rims of her eyes as she stared at Peter. He looks at her with a look of regret and sorrow, almost dramatically shaking his head.
"Whatever's going on with you, I hope you figure it out," Y/N lets out a wry chuckle, hoping that it would ease the pressure in her nerves.
Peter, on the other hand, looked at her like he was staring at a time traveller. The only thought in his head was how Liz Allen had said to him the same thing all those years ago before she left. Panic was what he felt at that very moment because she could be planning to leave for all he knew.
When Y/N finally looks him in the eye, Peter stumbles on his words and thinks of anything he could say to ease the situation. Anything at all because, at that point, he was desperate and he wasn't about to let another girl slip through his fingers when he could have done something about it, so-
"I like you," Peter doesn't remember wanting to say it, but he spews it out anyway and he's as caught off guard as Y/N. Both stare at each other wide-eyed, mouths agape as they lean away from each other, dreading what was to come next. Peter slaps his hand over his mouth, regretting his actions the second he realised she was put off.
"What?" She looked at him in utter shock. She clearly wasn't expecting it and his heart ached because he knew she didn't reciprocate his feelings.
"I like you," he repeated himself rather hesitantly. "But you don't like me," he whispered to himself, pursing his lips and looking to his lap, staring at that damn leaf again.
"Peter," she felt her throat dry up and her fingers nimbly run through her hair, pushing it away from her face. "I didn't sign up for this-"
"Why don't you like me?" His voice trembled, hands shaking as they settled on his thighs. He played with the sleeves of his sweater, pulling and twisting as he let the reality of the situation set in.
"Why would I like someone that can't even trust me enough to tell me what they do for a job?"
"No, seriously," she scoffed and didn't hesitate to stand up. Peter mirrored her actions, following her as she made an attempt to go back into the house but he didn't let her. His hand managed to clamp around her wrist. He wouldn't let her go.
"Can you just listen?" He tried.
"I thought you couldn't tell anyone anything so what is there to listen?" She shook her head, her attempts of releasing herself from his grip were forgotten.
"What if I make an exception?" He tried with a sloppy grin, teeth peeking out from behind his lips and his eye twitched.
"I don't want you to make an exception," she said.
"That's not your choice to make," he argued and she let out a defeated sigh.
"Fine," she rolled her eyes. "I'm listening."
Peter wasn't exactly prepared. All he knew was that he wanted to fess up to her, to spill his heart out and tell her his whole story and how he became spiderman. He wanted to shoot a web to some random tree and take her with him and show her a good time but now maybe wasn't the right time. His mind reeled with ideas, none of which were a good solution.
Why was it so hard?
"Just spit it out, Peter," she urged, impatiently tapping her foot.
"It's complicated," he started, gulping and darting his eyes over Y/N's shoulder. "Because Tony Stark does need me more than his employees," he said.
He didn't miss the way Y/N's brow twitched, the corner of her lips threatening to pull into a frown. "That's all I'm gonna get-"
"Because I'm Spider-Man."
Crickets chirped. Peter swore he heard crickets chirp as Y/N's face contorted. "Peter," she said, voice dropping an octave lower. "You can't be serious," she almost laughed. If this was his way of swerving around telling her the truth, then so be it. But Peter didn't give her the same expression and realisation dawned upon her. "Oh, you're being serious," she recoiled.
"I'm being serious," he nodded, taking two steps towards her. She makes no effort to step back, allowing his sleeve covered hands to rest on the side of her arms. "Why would I be joking about something like this?"
"Fair enough," she mumbled and her eyes grew wider. Her mouth gaped as she sucked in a breath. "So I was mad at you for basically being a superhero," she scoffed at herself and Peter's grip on her arms tighten. "This changes everything- what? I don't- I'm not supposed to be mad at you!"
"No!" Peter insisted. "I don't blame you, it's completely understandable!" He reasoned but she continued shaking her head.
"I was being unfair to you!" She continued. "You were out in the neighbourhood trying to keep everyone safe and I was mad at you? What kind of a friend would that make me? I don't deserve to be talking to you- wait. Was that how you found the coffee place I work at-"
Peter honestly couldn't continue listening to her spiral. He sucked in a breath, exhausted by the commotion the party caused and the way Y/N seemed to be panicking. He sucked in a breath, closing his eyes and pulling Y/N closer with little strength. Their lips met in the middle.
Y/N shut up immediately, taken aback by his gesture. She gasped into his lips but he swallowed it, open mouthly kissing her as his grip on her softened, a hand trailing towards her hair. She found herself letting the tips of her fingers brush over his cheek, caressing his face ever so softly as he continued to kiss her. She kissed him back, it was an involuntary response. But she didn't regret it either.
Their noses touched while Peter's heart swelled. It might as well burst out of his chest. He didn't know how he held himself together but there he was, kissing the girl he was willing to do anything for. And she was kissing him back, so he was doing something right.
It felt like it was an hour later when they finally pulled apart from each other. Y/N's eyes fluttered open, a dumbfounded expression on her face that quickly turned into confusion as Peter grinned uncontrollably. Her head tilted to the side, her brows knitting together as he debated if she should say something.
Peter beat her to it, anyway.
"I'm sorry, it was the only way I could shut you up."
With that, Y/N giggled and Peter dove right back in. He tilted his head as he went in to catch her lips again, the smile staying in his eyes and his fingers buried in her hair and as her hands roamed his neck.
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