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#marvel cast x reader
spider-barness · 9 hours ago
DEW DROPS || Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Series Summary: Caitlin Wilson's entire life comes crumbling down when one night mysterious people come to her house and cause a disaster, claiming her mother's life in the process.
Her mother's last words were to get somewhere safe and the only place she could think of was Peter Parker's house.
Now wound up in this strange and dangerous path, Caitlin must uncover what really happened that night and who those people were.
Series Pairing: Peter Parker x OC
Word Count: 1.6k
Taglist: @aurora-cycle-unofficial
A/N: I sometimes forget I have to post every week. I do remember this fic though and I've written many chapters, well 5 to be exact. So you're good for a while.
T/W: angst, fighting, emotional and verbal triggers
Part 4
Tumblr media
One could always look forward to the coffee shop right outside Caitlin's house. All four of them had disposable cups in their hands, warm in the eerie cold surrounding the hidden room.
"Had you known your mom was Wilson - Nightingale?" Peter asked and she shook her head.
"I think it's her underground name."
"Shut up Ned." Michelle looked at Caitlin with surprise. She hadn't expected her to act this way, so rude.
"My mom could be alive." She half whispered. "She could be alive and she would be expecting me to find her. Oh god Pete what if she's alive. I need to find my mom." Caitlin rambled.
"Kate I really think we should involve the police here. We're way out of our leagues." Michelle commented.
"No!" She immediately reverted, "she asked me for one thing, and if I can't even keep that, fat lot of good I'm doing."
Ned kept his hand on her back and looked at her. "Kate we don't have an option. The police will have better resources than we do."
Peter seemed to be awfully quiet and Caitlin noticed it.
"What are you thinking Pete?" She asked.
He stared at his phone.
"I, I have to go. It's important." Nobody said anything as he left.
A flame would shy away with hair so red, eyes so green a forest would bow to them. Mary Jane Watson had what one might refer to as a wave of confidence no one might compete with.
So where was Mary Jane and most importantly, what tied her to Caitlin?
Peyton had been working on finding Mary Jane for the better half of day now. He hadn't found much on Michelle and Ned. Stella seemed to be just as normal, which was far too peculiar. Peter however, had a past, dead parents, dead uncle, perfect student. He also seemed to be closest to Caitlin until last year. What happened last year? Did this give him motive to target the Wilson family?
He knew he had to approach the brown haired boy without anybody finding out. Which would be difficult since finding him alone was proving to be difficult and whenever he was, Peyton had no idea where he'd vanish.
Peyton scanned his notes, figuring out what to do. He blankly stared for a while then frustratedly threw away the notebook.
"Peytato what's wrong?" Bree entered, her blue eyes looking at the torn pages as she picked them up.
Peyton masked a smile immediately and turned to her, "Bree, everything's fine, why would you think something's wrong?"
"I'm not a kid, you know," Peyton chuckled, "I understand when you're sad or when you're angry."
He took her on his lap and ruffled her hair, "do you now?" She nodded enthusiastically, "Okay then, how about we make me a sandwich to cheer me up?"
Brianna jumped off and ran out the door giggling.
Peyton looked at his notebook once again, checked the screen of his computer and walked towards the kitchen.
To May's surprise, she found herself skimming medical records. She had never done this before and wasn't planning on doing it again either.
Among thousands of records she tried searching for Caitlin's. She had visited the hospital a couple of times; stitches, high fevers, broken hands, there should be some record.
May Parker found nothing on Caitlin no matter how many times she looked. She too let out a frustrated sigh.
Webbing hung low from a tree. A man was tied upside down at its end. He kept struggling but to no avail. Web fluid also stuck to his mouth, preventing him from screaming.
"What do you know about Stella Wilson?" Spider-Man demanded. The man struggled further, his brown hair falling off of his face. "Tell me!"
The man gave him a ridiculed look and shifted his eyes to his mouth.
"Oh yes, sorry." Peter stumbled forward, hastily removing the webbing off his face. He grumbled, making his voice heavier again.
"Never met Deadpool before," the man laughed, "had they told me he was a little boy I would have never believed them. Oh well, I was wrong."
"It's Spider-Man."
"Okay then Spider-Boy, why is the web slinger of New York looking for The Nightingale? Did he get along with the wrong crowd?" He mocked.
"Why do they call her The Nightingale? Who is she?" Peter ignored the remarks he was spouting and tried concentrating on what he was here for.
"What do you know of the Nightingale? Not many call her by her real name."
"I ask the questions sir, so answer them please."
Peter jumped to a nearby tree, hanging from its branch, waiting for the man revert.
"What do you know of the Nightingale?" He repeated.
"The nightingale is a songbird, specifically singing melodies of love I believe-"
"Not the bird," he struggled a bit, and then seemed to hesitate bringing out the words. "Stella, what do you know about her and why do you want to know about her. I hope you didn't get into some messed up shit superboy-"
"It's Spider-Boy, Man, it's Spider-Man." He swore internally. "What I know want with her is for me to know."
The man rolled his eyes. He lifted his head a little, or atleast tried to. Gravity wasn't exactly on his side. "Fine. The Nightingale is known for- oh wait what do I get for it."
Peter kicked stones in frustration.
"What do you want?"
"I've got some stuff in my bag, I take it with me."
"Nice try sir, why would I do that?"
"Just look."
Peter scuffled through the bag to find a bunch of toys. From remote control cars to dolls.
"You're stealing toys from kids. That's not very nice, you know. Children cry a lot."
"No it's not ethical?"
"Yes, that too. You shouldn't steal from children, it's not ethical and why would you anyways?"
"I didn't steal them from kids. I stole them for kids." His face was very much red now. The blood boiling up to his head. "Can you, could you let me down please. I'll tell you everything, keep me tied up I don't care. My children need those toys and well this whole hanging upside down thing is giving me a headache."
Spider-Man stumbled forward, cutting the rope loose as the man dropped down heavily.
"Oops sorry." He stepped forward. "I mean, tell me everything you know." He stopped for a second, helping the man up. "I'm sure your children will love these toys."
His feet were still tied and his hands were uncomfortably hung behind him.
"Thanks kid. Okay, The Nightingale isn't one you should mess with-"
"You've said that in many different ways you know, tell me something else."
"Let me finish. She is ruthless, doesn't care what loss one has to face in order to achieve her goals. All that matters to her is she herself." That sounded nothing like the Stella Wilson Peter had grown to know. Caitlin's mother to him, was kind, loving and couldn't bear to kill even a bug. "She leads the Watch. It's an underground group-"
"A mob you mean."
"Yes," he rolled his eyes, "a mob. She's got many killed, but as far as I've heard, she has never held a weapon against anyone. She has connections everywhere, even inside the avengers tower." Peter's eyes widened, not that the man could see. "She has power and money, so nobody wants to mess with her. Those who do, however, things do not end well for them. I've seen gangs burn to nothing. I don't know how she does or where you can find her, but this is all I know about her."
"Thank you sir." Peter nodded and cut the bindings. "You know, getting a job is much better than stealing and working with mobs. You've got kids, be there for them as a good example."
He nodded, not really agreeing with him. "Listen kid, whatever you've gotten yourself into, get out of it fast. Be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, don't get involved in this."
Peter didn't reply as the man walked away, out sight. When he was sure nobody was around he took his mask off.
His hands wiped his face, he sighed and sat down, scouting on the floor. How was he going to tell this to Caitlin without her asking further questions of where he found this information?
Before he could where the mask again he felt someone walk behind him.
"You're Peter Parker." He half whispered.
In front him stood a man no taller than Peter himself. He was wearing a blue shirt that complimented his silver eyes and his hair were hastily set.
"No I'm not, you've got the wrong guy." He said and quickly wore his mask.
"I'm not stupid. I've been looking for you Mr. Parker, I suppose this get up answers my 'where do you vanish to' questions."
"What do you mean?" Peter stood defeated. He was not having a good day.
"I'm looking for Caitlin Wilson. I believe she was a friend of yours. Would you be okay if we could perhaps exchange information. I think we both are looking for whomsoever destroyed the Wilson residence."
"And you are?"
"Peyton Cain." Spider-Man needed all the help he could get, so he webbed the blond up and pulled him towards himself. He shot another web, this one sticking itself to a distant building, and they both swung towards it, him enjoying the cold air and Peyton screaming.
Peter had noticed it, he noticed it a long time back, the moment Caitlin was telling her story. She was lying, and she was damn good at it.
I love feedback. Taglist is open, just person message me or send in an ask.
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rocketrhap3000 · 3 days ago
ready or not
requested: For a request could you do a Tom Hiddleston x reader where they have only been dating for a short time but the reader finds out she’s pregnant and when she tells Tom he panics because it was not exactly planned
a/n: sooo this turned out a lot angst-ier than planned so i’m so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted... but spoiler alert bc i can’t stand sad endings, it does end with fluff lol. also! if you sent a request i’ve added to a list and/or i’ve started working on it! i do work two-three jobs so tumblr isn’t my main priority but requests are always open and i’ll always try to fulfill them to the best of my ability. thank you all for the continued support! we’re super duper close to 2k and that’s just insane to me!! 
warnings: a few swears, mentions of pregnancy, tom’s lowkey almost an absent father, hella angst, celebrity mention (benedict cumberbatch and sophie hunter), and a great big fluffy domestic ending
no beta/loosely proofread so please excuse errors!
find my main masterlist here!
picture from pinterest!!
Tumblr media
After a long two months of Tom being away on press, he’s expected to arrive home any minute now. You’re beyond excited to have him back home with you, but you do have some unexpected news to share with him: you’re pregnant. 
You only found out last week so it’s given you just enough time to think about how you’re going to tell him but not nearly enough time to mentally prepare. Of course, this wasn’t planned; you and Tom have only been together half a year and a kid was never something you’d talked about quite yet. Even the words “I love you” were still pretty new to your relationship, too. 
Half of you wishes he could’ve been there to help you through the morning sickness and the body aches the first couple weeks brought. But the other half of you is glad he was away so you had time to at least somewhat prepare. However, you know you’ll have to tell him, and sooner, rather than later, since you’re already starting to show.
But when the front door swings open and you hear his lovely voice ring out through the entryway, all your worries are forgotten as you jog lightly to meet him. He drops his bags at his feet and opens his arms wide for you.
“Mm, hello, my love,” Tom breathes, pulling you close to him and pressing a kiss atop your head.
“Hi,” you sigh, hugging him tight and burying your face in his chest before pulling away to look up at him.
“I missed you so much,” he grins, hands grasping your waist as he leans down to kiss you sweetly. 
“I missed you, too,” you whisper against his lips. “Are you hungry?”
“Mm, only a little,” he answers quietly, and instead of separating his mouth from yours, he just continues kissing you.
“I was thinking-- I could make-- or order-- your favorite dinner-- to celebrate--” you mumble out in between kisses, laughter falling from both yours and Tom’s lips. 
“Oh really?” he returns with a mischievous chuckle and smirk of his own, scooping you up by your thighs, allowing you to instinctively wrap your legs around his waist. “Because I was thinking of another way to celebrate.”
“Mr. Hiddleston,” you play, placing your hands on his chest as he walks the both of you over to the couch, sitting down with you straddling his lap. 
His lips capture yours again, and this time it picks up. Tom’s hands wander naughtily beneath the fabric of your shirt, expertly undoing your bra. But the second you feel the clasp come apart, you realize you can’t be doing this. He’ll see your little baby bump and the slight change in your body that’s come with being just two months pregnant.
“Shit, wait,” you breathe, pulling your face away from his.
Tom’s face contorts with confusion and a tad bit of guilt, worrying that he touched you wrong or hurt you in some way.
“Everything okay?” he asks. 
“Yeah,” you swallow, gaze cast down in your lap before correcting yourself. “Well, no. Not really,” you admit honestly.
“What’s wrong? Do you not feel well, Darling?”
“No, it’s, I--” you start, and you start to genuinely feel sick at the thought of telling him the truth. 
There’s a generous pause before Tom speaks up again.
“What’s the matter, (Y/n)?” he asks again, voice ever so soft as he caresses your face. 
“Tom, while you were gone, I…” you trail off anxiously. 
“(Y/n), you’re making me very nervous,” he smiles uneasily. 
“I found out… oh my god,” you fade out again.
“(Y/n), just tell me,” he chuckles nervously.
“Tom, I’m pregnant!” you finally blurt out, triggering the most deafening silence you think you’ve ever experienced.
His face loses its smile and after a few seconds he gently moves you off of his lap, standing up from the couch and gazing at you in disbelief.
“You’re… pregnant?” he asks almost silently, eyes blown wide with fear.
All you can do is nod in response. 
“A--and, it’s mine?” he queries again.
“Yes. Of course, Tom. I-- Yes, it’s yours. Whose else could it be?” you scoff, surprised he even had to ask that. 
“Right. I’m sorry,” he murmurs and shakes his head, dismissing the thought that you had an affair or something of the sort. 
Another minute of silence passes, and Tom begins pacing the room. 
“(Y/n), you… I mean, are you… keeping it?”
“Well, I thought we could make it work,”
“Yeah, we, Tom,”
“It’s just… (Y/n), I don’t really think I’m ready to be a father,” he admits honestly.
“Well, I’m not ready to be a mother, either. But I thought we could figure it out together,” you reason, swiping away a few stray tears from under your eyes. 
There’s another generous bout of silence. 
“(Y/n), are you sure you’re pregnant? Did you take any tests? Have you been to a doctor?”
“Yes, Tom. I--I’ve done it all. Seven positive tests and I’ve had an ultrasound,” you say with a small sniffle, starting to get frustrated with him, but you try not to let it show. 
You grab the ultrasound picture from the book on the side table and gesture to give it to him. He takes a step forward and grabs the little black and white paper from you, looking down at it in disbelief.
“It’s the first one. I’m only eight weeks along. But don’t worry, you missed the worst of the morning sickness and everything,” you slightly chuckle, trying to lighten the mood. But it doesn’t seem to work.
“Darling, I wish I could’ve been there to help, but (Y/n), I—”
“Tom, it’s alright. We can work this out together. We’re a team,”
“We’re a team. We can do it,” he mutters under his breath anxiously, and he doesn’t sound convinced. He seems calmer while looking down at the black and white picture in his trembling hands. But inside, he’s in full panic mode. 
“Fuck, (Y/n). No, I can’t do it,” he says, handing the paper back to you. “I can’t do this. I’m just not ready. I’m so sorry,” he frantically speaks, leaving the living room and heading for the front door. 
“Tom, where are you going?” you ask, standing up from the couch, tossing the ultrasound picture back on the coffee table, and following him out of the room.
“I need some air. I need some space. I have to leave.”
“Leave? You just got back!” 
“(Y/n), I’m sorry. I have to go. You can stay here. I just… I need to go,” he mutters frantically. 
“This is your house, Tom. Where will you go?” you ask, tears now freely flowing from your eyes. 
“I don’t know. I don’t know. Just, please. I need some space,” he says, and it sounds like he’s almost hyperventilating.
“Will you call me... when you find somewhere to stay?” you ask quietly while sniffling.
“I-- I’m so sorry, (Y/n),” he excuses himself as he grabs his previously forgotten luggage from the entryway and leaves in the blink of an eye.
And just like that, you’re alone. Again. Sobbing, you trudge back to the living room and let your aching body collapse on the couch. Placing a hand over your stomach, all you can think about are all the unknowns. 
What now?
Every day seems a little bit harder without him. At least for the first two weeks. After that, you seem to adjust fine without him. Sure, you wish he was here with you, caring for you and treating you the way you knew he would have if this had been part of his plan. You think about how he would’ve been with the baby, watching them grow up and watching Tom become such a proud father. 
But it seems foolish to daydream for a life that he obviously didn’t want with you. So you don’t. From now on, you think, it’s just you and your baby. And you’re doing just fine.
A few days after he left, you received a text from Benedict Cumberbatch, who you know through Tom.
Tumblr media
You wonder if Tom is missing being in his own home and when, or if, he ever plans on coming back. Other than that text from Ben, you hadn’t heard from Tom since he left. That is, around almost three whole months after Tom’s divergence from you and the life you could’ve had together.
It’s just another Saturday around the house; you’re catching up on chores in the morning before taking some time for yourself and having a relaxing night in after a busy week of work. You’re finishing up putting away some clean dishes when you hear the doorbell ring. 
You’re not expecting anyone over, so you cautiously tread over to the doorway and peek out the side window to see who it is. The person’s back is to you, wearing dark jeans and a sky blue cable-knit sweater, but you’d know that curly, dirty blonde hair anywhere. Slowly, you unlock and open the door.
“Tom,” you breathe, unable to believe if it’s actually him or if your tired eyes are just deceiving you. He spins around rapidly to face you, revealing his face looking flushed and sleepless and his eyes, pink and teary.
“(Y/n),” he sighs, and the way he says your name is so reassuring, so safe-sounding, so nice to hear again.
“Tom, you— You’re back,” you swallow, and you feel like your throat is closing up.
“(Y/n), I am so sorry,” he says, taking you in his arms and holding you close. “I’m so sorry,” he repeats over and over again in your ear, wetting the sleeve of your shoulder with his tears.
“Tom-- You--” you try to speak over his sobs, but he just holds you tighter. And you don’t mind it. In fact, you enjoy it. It makes you feel happy and safe once again.
“Please, just let me hold you, Darling,” he sniffles, nuzzling his face deeper into your neck. “I just need to hold you.”
And so you let him. And you let yourself give into his touch.
“Why did you come back?” you ask once he’s calmed down a bit, placing your hands on his shoulders.
“Because you’re mine. You both are. And I can’t even fathom why I left in the first place. I was just so scared. I was scared of being a bad father and I let my insecurities cloud my judgement. I never should have left. I’m so sorry. Please take me back. I love you. I love you so much, (Y/n). I’m so sorry,” he rambles, falling back into your shoulder, a sobbing mess. 
“Three months. Three fucking months I’ve been gone from you. I should’ve been here. I should’ve been taking care of you. I’m so sorry,”
Your heart aches seeing him so angry at himself and you physically cannot be upset with him any longer. You nuzzle your head against his chest, pressing it firmly into the soft fabric of his sweater and just take in his essence. 
“Tom, I forgive you,” you whisper, rubbing his back. “It’s okay, Lovey. I just missed you.”
“I missed you, too. More than you know. I’m so so sorry.”
“It’s okay. I just didn’t know... I didn’t know about anything. I was so scared.”
“Well,” he says with a sniffle and a click of his tongue, “I’m here now. And I’m never leaving ever again. And I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you. I love you so very much.”
Holding your face and caressing your cheeks with his thumbs, he pulls you in and kisses you gently. A final tear escapes your eye and slides down your cheek and Tom kisses it away before pulling back and looking you up and down, his cerulean blue eyes landing in your swollen belly.
“Look at you. My god, you’re so beautiful,” he says breathlessly, placing a protective hand over your midsection. “Both of you.”
“You haven’t even seen her yet,” you chuckle and sniffle simultaneously, and he does the same.
“I don’t need to. I-- wait, did you say... her?”
You nod and smile in confirmation which causes the biggest grin to grow on his face. 
“It’s a girl?” he asks, eyes wide and tearful once more.
“Yeah,” you whisper back.
“That’s incredible,” he laughs, caressing your face. “Another you, ready to take over the world,” he sniffles, bringing your face up to meet his and kissing you sweetly.
“I’ve been thinking about names,” you sigh once your lips part from Tom’s. “And even though I was... upset... with you, I was still thinking of names I thought you’d like. And now that we know it’s a girl,” you fade out. 
“Tell me,”
“I wanna hear the names,” he insists with a giant smile, grabbing you by the hand and pulling you over to the couch. He sits down and brings you into his lap, slinging one arm around behind you and lifting your legs to lay over his lap.
“Some are more traditional but some are different and modern. I don’t know...”
“I want to hear them!” he excitedly states, tucking some loose hair behind your ear.
“So, I was thinking... um, Jane. And Clara and... and Eleanor. And also some different, out-there names, like Nova or Taryn… Avis, Presley. And I was also seriously thinking about Harper... but Harper Hiddleston is a lot of H’s,” you say, causing Tom to giggle with you.
“They’re all such sweet names, (Y/n),” he says, kissing your forehead.
“There is another name, though… one that just keeps sticking with me,” you admit, and he nods, prompting you to tell.
“Rosemary,” you speak, unsure of what Tom will think.
The smile on his face simultaneously grows and softens, and there’s a sparkle in his eyes you’ve never seen before. Pulling you closer to him with the arm behind your back before placing two hands on your face, he leans in and kisses you sweetly.
“(Y/n), that’s perfect,” he says in awe.
“You think?”
“Yes. That’s our little girl,” he insists, nodding profusely and placing a hand on your midsection. “Rosemary. That’s her.”
“I’m so glad you’re home, Tom,” you mumble, leaning your head on his shoulder. He kisses your head sweetly and the two of you cuddle up even closer together.
“I’m so lucky to have you. Both of you.”
Just under six months later, you bring home baby Rosemary Faye Hiddleston from the hospital. She’s the most beautiful thing in the world and Tom can’t take his eyes off of her or you. He’s so incredibly proud to call you both his. 
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slytherinchevy · 3 days ago
This is from the rdj bi daughter request can It be lots of angst with a fluffy ending if possible?
Lots of angst huh, lemme see what i can do , thanks for requesting !
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slytherinchevy · 4 days ago
Would it be too much to ask for a Marvel Cast x Reader where she's also a K-Pop star but not many of the cast members know except for the younger ones? It's comic-con and the Russo brothers have been teasing a new superhero/movie or TV show in the works and fans who already know of Reader go crazy when she crashes the panel and the rest of the cast members are just blown away at how loud the fans are for her. Maybe s little romance with Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan being slightly impressed or curious about her and wanting to get to know her?
Fair warning, if you do decide to write this...I may continue to request more with this Kpop!Reader. 🙈
Oh wowwwww, didn't know kpop and marvel were gonna get mixed soon!!
A kpop reader eh 😏.
Ngl, I sometimes imagine myself as the youngest member of blackpink :P ( god I love those girls so much)
I'll see what I can cook up with this! Thanks for requesting. Be sure to see that imma make you your own girl group for this fic now 😁😁
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slytherinchevy · 4 days ago
Hi. Hope you are doing well
Could you please write a Marvel Cast (during 2012 Avengers) (especially Chris Evans) x Teen!Reader where Chris was practicing throwing the Cap shield for a scene and R is standing at a the snack trailer and during practice, the shield goes and hits R in the back and she chokes on her sandwich (sorry for the description) and runs to the nurse (also, its her 15th Birthday). Chris feels bad so he gets her a b'day cake or something like that.
Please drink water and stay safe :)
Oooh cute! I'll come up with something soon
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slytherinchevy · 4 days ago
Idk if you write for him but if you do can i send a request fic with rdj x teen daughter and she thinks he is gone for the day and decided to bring her girlfriend home hopefully like Bella hadid but yk 17 (she hasnt come out as lesbian yet) and he comes home early and catches them kissing and they all freaks out can you make it angsty? Please
Oh wow , that's a new request. Yeah I don't mind writing for him but question, do u want angst with happy ending or like...just downright angst?
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kingshitonly · 4 days ago
im gonna be honest i don’t have a clue what’s happening in loki all i know us that loki and mobius will fuck
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Moving In.
- Chris Evans x Holland!Reader
- New home means new adventures for the couple.
a/n: this story was chosen by YOU my followers in a poll that I did last month, it's also apart of my monthly pride collection 😁 enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Slide count: 9
- masterlist
- pride month
Marvel taglist: @clarinette07 @thelindalorian @becausewelie @tenaciousperfectionunknown @supraveng @anna-bailey @writerwrites @randomuser0917 @lou-la-lou @joeysbumpkinbatch @majo240820
Add yourself to the taglist (or send me an ask)
- sun, 13 Jun 2021 (started) / wed, 16 Jun 2021 (finished)
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lullabaesstuff · 6 days ago
Pity [S.S]
Stephen Strange x  Surgeon! fem! reader
Summary: “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Compassion is in short supply in the world and it's a shame to waste it.”
Word count: 1.4K
Warnings: none
English not my mother language so pls let me know if something is wrong
Tumblr media
"You're getting better."
"You know that's not true."
"No, I'm serious, you've come a long way in your therapies."
"If you say so."
You looked at Stephen noticing the discomfort that transformed his face. You didn't blame him, that accident was life changing and had been very difficult for him. Be that as it may, that didn't mean you would let him sink into his own misery. You smiled at him even though Stephen didn't give you back more than an annoyed grimace.
"You know?, a lot of doctors say that being positive helps improve health. The brain processes a substance that causes your senses and perception to change, causing misfortunes to be more bearable."
"Alternative medicine. It's not science, therefore it's useless."
"Well, considering your position I don't think you are in a term to reject my methods."
"Sometimes I hate your optimism."
You continued to massage Stephen's lacerated hands in the moonlight streaming in through the surgeon's large window. A small tempered glass table was the only thing he had left in the loft and the only thing he refused to sell, claiming that the table had been an expensive gift from one of his friends abroad. At that point, you decided not to ask about the whereabouts of his other belongings or whether the money from them had really gone to his rehabilitation. Yet Stephen let out a deep sigh that caressed your face.
"How long?" he asked. You didn't understand. “How long will I stop depending on the others?”
"You're not doing that."
"Am i not? So you're telling me that the pity you've been offering me is because your charitable soul is in need of doing its good deed for the day?"
"Don't try to twist my words" you said, sheathing his hands in a pair of freshly scented gauze "All I'm trying to do is help you. The problem here is that you're not used to getting help from others."
"And why would I be?" he questioned, letting out a groan from the sting of the perfume on his wounds "I've always been an independent man, I don't have to need any help from other people"
"You're too arrogant" When you finished healing one hand you continued with the other, trying to be as gentle as possible. Stephen grunted, but it didn't stop you from continuing with your work "Do you think that helped you become a great surgeon?"
"I don't think-"
"Doesn't it hurt you as a person?"
"(Y/N), stop, I don't-"
"Was it worth it?"
Stephen jumped up, enraged. He walked to the window looking out at the city lights through the thick layer of fog that covered New York. You stopped behind him, noticing the way his back was rising and falling rapidly.
"You don't understand anything."
"I do understand, Stephen and i understand very well. It's you who doesn't want to realize what's going on."
"It's very easy to tell all that shit when it's not you who's putting the career you studied for years on the line" he spat angrily "I'm the best surgeon in the whole country"
"You were" Stephen's furious eyes looked at you "You were until a few months ago. You lost everything, and you know why? Because of your arrogant attitude."
"Oh, right, now it turns out the accident was totally my fault" You rolled your eyes in annoyance "It's obvious, me more than anyone else wanted to be on the road that night, to have my car worth millions of dollars roll down the hill and leave me like a bloody cripple for the rest of my life. It's my fault, of course it is!"
"It wasn't your fault and you're not a cripple!"
"Look at me!" he yelled at you, placing the back of his hands in front of your face. You tried to move away a couple of steps without succeeding "Can't you see that I've been left with absolutely nothing?”
"All I see is that you're giving up, Stephen, and I don't like that at all."
"I wouldn't be doing it if you hadn't refused to do the surgery."
Your eyes narrowed.
"We talked about this. I'm not going to assist you in surgery."
"You helped perform a stem cell procedure in Tokyo, you could help me. If you would just use donor skin remnants, put them together and use a printer to replace the tendons and nerves in my hands-"
"Stephen, that's not going to happen-"
"You could make a 3-D model, maybe call in one of your colleagues at Georgetown to create a tendon prosthesis-"
"I won't do it" you sentenced looking at him sternly "Stephen, that's not going to work. Do you think I didn't read every single document you 'forgot' in our room? The desperation to regain stability in your hands doesn't let you think about the consequences of a procedure of that magnitude. I don't think you understand the severity of the damage. The best doctors have tried and failed. What you are asking me to do is impossible."
"Are you afraid that if something goes wrong it will damage your reputation?"
"You better than anyone know that reputation is not something i lose sleep over. When you do something for love you don't want to be better than anyone else."
"I don't want love!" he roared, slamming the table which wobbled dismally. You exhaled trying to pretend that that hadn't stuck in your heart like a thorn "What I want is my life back the way it used to be, a life where I didn't have to depend on anyone to remove my fucking facial hair or pee without staining the toilet seat. I want to stop being a self-conscious fucker."
"And what do you plan to do?" you asked crossing your arms as you watched him walk around the apartment clutching his robe "You spent your money as soon as you got it and now you plan to spend money you don't even have anymore."
"I'll find someone who does want to help me."
"It's not that I don't want to help you" you stressed, following him into the kitchen "When you love someone you have to do whatever it takes to prevent their death."
Stephen was silent for a minute, two, five, until the cup in his trembling hands eventually cracked on the floor. He cursed between his teeth before saying:
"I should have preferred Christine, maybe she would have been able to help me."
Until that moment the bubble you were living in bursted, showing you the true face of Stephen Strange. You knew it was his rage that spoke for him, the despair of not being able to do what he loved so much in life and had gotten so much out of it; however that was not reason enough to treat you as he was doing, let alone comparing you to his ex-girlfriend with whom, for a change, he had had an almost perfect relationship,
Your eyes reddened and your fists, as tense as they were, went to the kitchen island where the surgeon's hands rested.
"Maybe Dr. Palmer would have, but that would mean she didn't love you the way I do. I would never put your life at risk, Stephen, and the procedure you're asking me to perform would do just that."
"I could take it," he mentioned, running after you on your way to the door. You undid his grip as his trembling fingers dug into your arm "I'm capable enough to withstand the side effects of the operation. I'll sign a waiver, just..."
"That's not what this is about!" you shouted "Don't you understand? Your hands can never recover. They suffered irreparable damage."
"You're lying!"
"You're a doctor. We both know it’s the truth"
Stephen's undaunted face turned into silent weeping.
"A life without my work-"
"It's still life" You grabbed your purse from the foyer, picking up the loft keys to throw them across the room "You were a good surgeon, Stephen, but not the only one. Your arrogance doesn't allow you to see that the health of every person in the world is not in your hands. You played God, what you could earn and the reputation you could have blinded what it truly means to be a doctor. I have been here for you since that damn day, healing your hands and your body without expecting anything in return, however that wasn’t enough for you" Stephen looked down "You ask me to operate your hands when the only operation you need is in your soul”
"Don't bother calling Christine, I'll do it myself" you mentioned wiping away your tears "I'm sure she can be more helpful around here."
The slamming of the loft door was the last thing Stephen Strange heard before he sank into his misery. Again
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multifandomwriter · 6 days ago
Mama’s Boy
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader
Summary: “dad!sebastian stan and mum!reader having a son(any age) and him being a mama's boy🥺” - anonymous
Word Count: 1.1k
Warnings: insecurity, guilt
A/N: I feel like I took this a little bit of a darker route, but it ends up being super fluffy
Tumblr media
While everyone was peacefully asleep, your son, Ethan, began to cry. He was only two years old. You glanced over at the clock to see it was barely 3am.
“Your turn” you mumbled to your sleeping husband. He groaned before rolling out of bed and shuffling down the hall to your son’s room. You waited for the cries to stop, but they didn’t.
In the other room, Sebastian was trying to comfort him, but nothing seemed to work. He just kept begging. “No...mommy” he complained.
It broke Sebastian’s heart. He sulked back to your bedroom after putting him back in his crib. You propped yourself up to look at Sebastian, as you still heard the echoing cries. “He only wants you” he told you, before getting back under the blankets.
It was the third time it had happened this week, and it was really getting to Sebastian.
So, you walked down the hall to your son’s bedroom. “Buddy, please stop crying” you begged. You swooped him up into your arms, and he stopped crying instantly. You paced around the room, slowly rocking him back and forth.
You felt your eyes beginning to close, desperately craving sleep. You took a seat in the rocking chair and let him lay on your chest. Before you knew it, you both had fallen asleep in the chair.
Sebastian checked the time again, knowing you had been gone for a long time. He went to check on you and found you both peacefully asleep.
He smiled at the cute scene before him, but only for a second. Then, he just felt sad. Parents always complained about waking up in the middle of the night to their kids crying.
Sebastian dreaded it while you were pregnant, but now it was all he wanted. He wanted to be able to comfort his son. He didn’t care if that meant losing some sleep.
He grabbed a blanket and lovingly placed it over the two of you before placing a kiss on yours and your son’s foreheads. Your eyes fluttered open, and you realized you’d fallen asleep.
“Hi” Sebastian said, gently. You smiled back before putting Ethan back in his crib. You took Sebastian’s hand and led him back to your room, where you both got back under the blankets.
You noticed he was having trouble falling asleep and was instead staring up at the ceiling. “What is it? I know that look” you said, propping yourself up on your elbows.
He furrowed his eyebrows and chewed on his bottom lip. You knew exactly what he was upset about. “It’s because I’m gone so often,” his voice coming out as a whisper. The emotion was visible in his eyes.
“What do you mean?” You asked, tracing shapes on his chest with your fingers. He looked like he was holding back tears. “I’m always off filming. Maybe if I was here more, he would like me more” he said, a tear slipping down his cheeks.
Your heart shattered. “C’mere” you mumbled, pulling him into your arms. You ran your hand up and down his back. He tried to let himself relax against your touch, but he was too worried he would ruin his relationship with his son.
You both laid there in silence for a few minutes. You held him in your arms, trying to bring him any form of comfort.
“He loves you so much. You’re his hero” you told him, truthfully. There was a part of Sebastian that couldn’t bring himself to believe those words. You both laid back down and you ran your fingers through his hair, lulling him into sleep. You knew he just needed some time to rest.
When you all woke up in the morning, his mindset seemed only a little bit better.
You were practically sitting in Sebastian’s lap as you both walked the morning news with your coffee. Ethan was playing on the floor with his toy cars. It was a regular peaceful morning for the three of you.
You lightly traced shapes on Sebastian’s thigh, still trying to comfort him from last night.
“Daddy, come play with me?” Ethan asked, making both you and Sebastian perk up. You saw Sebastian’s eyes light up, and he instantly had a smile on his face.
It was precious. “Of course, buddy” he said, unable to stop smiling as he joined him on the floor. Ethan handed him one of his toy cars, but Sebastian remained frozen in place with a smile plastered on his face.
“What’s wrong, daddy?” He mumbled, confused by why his dad wasn’t playing with him. Sebastian shook his head. “Nothing. I’m just so excited to play with you” Sebastian said, a few tears welling up in his eyes.
You watched them both in awe. “I think daddy needs a hug” you told Ethan. He ran into Sebastian’s arms, almost knocking him over. Sebastian wrapped his arms around Ethan, who looked tiny compared to his father.
“I love you daddy” he said, in a sing-song voice. Sebastian chuckled while giving him a squeeze. “I love you too, bub,” he kissed Ethan on the forehead.
Ethan pulled Sebastian over to where his cars and showed him all of the cars that he had. The smile never left Sebastian’s face.
He had never been more relieved in his life. You were just happy that he finally saw how much his son loved him whether he was there all the time or not.
Later that night, the three of you were cuddled on the couch as you watched Sesame Street. Ethan had taken his seat in his new favorite spot: Sebastian’s lap.
You both noticed as Ethan’s head started to droop. He was starting to fall asleep. “Hey buddy. Do you want to go night-night?” You asked him, softly. He nodded his head.
“Goodnight, bubba” Sebastian said, giving him a kiss and starting to hand him to you. Every night, you read Ethan his bedtime story. It was a part of your nightly routine.
He pulled his hands away from you as you went to grab him. “Daddy read the story” he said, sleepily. Sebastian’s eyes lit up again. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself before giving Ethan a hug.
Sebastian walked towards Ethan’s bedroom with the sleepy toddler dozing in his arms. After only a few minutes, Sebastian returned to the living room. He sat down beside you with the same million dollar smile on his face.
“I told you that you were his hero” you said, giving him a soft kiss. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders as he changed the channel to anything other than Sesame Street. “I love him so much,” he said, leaning in closer to you.
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What actress Y/n y/l/n eats in a day while on set
Pairing: Chris evens x reader Anthony Mackie x reader Sebastian stan x reader (platonic relationship)
Word count: 2.2k ish
Tumblr media
“Hi Im Y/N and this is everything I eat in a day on a normal day on set.”
“Okay, so the first thing i do when I wake up, and I hate to admit this, I check my phone. Well actually that's not true I pee, and then I check my phone.”
“Okay ummmm, whats the app, i’ll probably check instagram. I know its so bad but one of my goals this year is to set aside 30 mins in the morning to meditate or do yoga, which is actually really hard when you have to be on set by 5:00, so actually it's not my fault, it's the russo brothers.”
“I’m not a breakfast person, but I am a coffee person, which isn’t very good, because if I don't eat in the morning then I probably won't eat until like 1:00-2:00ish. I keep trying to get into tea, I feel like it's very official and like adulthood, actually one of my friends Tom (hiddleston) brought me a bunch of teas and a tea set for my birthday which is still probably setting in the back of my cupboards collecting dust. But, umm how do I say without offending british people.”
“Its boring, I-I-I ahhh ummm no offense, maybe I’m just doing it wrong, maybe i'm just drinking the wrong types of tea, but I’m trying I really am. But ohhh coffee I love it so much morning, night, afternoon I could drink anywhere, anytime, but I get really excited about coffee in the morning. And I like having a lot of creamer with my coffee, but i’m slowly making my way down to black coffee, because lord knows how much sugar I’m having in the morning, but you know what it really gets me going, especially if you have to spend a whole day on set with the most annoying and egotistical men on earth.”
“Maybe if I ever feel like I have enough energy the night before (which never happens y/n whispers towards the laptop). I would set an alarm for 3:00AM and go for a run. Actually recently i bought a treadmill, I would usually run for an hour-ish 7inclimb and around a 10 speed. Then I’d obviously shower, blah, blah, blah.”
But on my way to set I’ll definitely stop at starbies for my 2nd cup of coffee;)
“The typical lunch for me, that would depend either on how much time I have, if we have like an 2 hours I would usually go out to some cafe or eatery with the cast or if you are the chosen one of the week, we like to call it, you can have lunch with the Robert Downey Jr in downey town. But umm if we would have to stay on set that would vary every week because there's a different food truck each week form tacos, pizza, sushi.”
“The thing about being on set you cant snack during scenes, mainly because we don't have any time. You just go from one scene to another. But i could probably squeeze in another coffee or two in there somewhere.”
Chris, Anthony and Sebastian walk into your trailer.
“Oi Y/N we’ve been looking everywhere for you.”
“I’m doing the Vogue what i eat in a day, oh and by the way i’m on set rightnow between scenes and these are the egotistical men i was talking about before.”
“Thats a lie, we are not egotistical.”
“Yeah sorry not Seabass, only you too.”
“Ohh” Anthony places his hand on his heart pretending his broken.
“Can you guys go now please?”
“Nah we’re fine, we’re very comfortable on this couch, aren’t we guys?” chris asked
“Yes very.”
All 3 men started laughing while Y/N rolled her eyes.
“Any ways you should ask my parents ‘does Y/n get hangry?’, well actually you cant ask them anymore, you cant really ask them anything, because well you um you know??”
“Jesus christ La Rue.” chris said while anthony and sebastian were snickering in the background.
“Okay sorry for that awkward moment, continuing on though, when I was younger, my dads would literally  have to carry around snacks for me, the seconds y/n turns hungary, it was game over, and i still to this day get hangry, but im lot like screaming and crying anymore, but i cant focus, i cant talk, i get irritable, actually im pretty sure
theres a video out there on the internet of me having a temper tantrum when i was younger.”
Anthony jumps over the coffee table and sits next to you, giving you a fright
“Jesus christ Mackie, you almost knocked over my coffee.”
“Oh no not the coffee!” seb yelled
“I have a funny story of you being hangry on set.”
“No go away Mackie we’ve all agreed not to talk about this.”
“No they agreed i just listened and said nothing”
You put your head in your hands, face already turning red knowing theres no way you can stop anthony now.”
“Okay so there was this scene we were filming a couple of days ago, it was like 3:00 in the morning, everyone was tired and hungry. And Chris kept on fucking up his line and everyone was get pissed off at him especially Y/n. And all of a sudden you just hear this big loud scream. And everyone is just looking around wondering where it came from. And y/n.”
Anthony looks at you and you're shaking your head.
“You just see her walk up to him and she says ‘you know i love, BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST SAY THE FUCKING LINE, IM HUNGRY AND TIRED AND I JUST WANT TO SLEEP!!’ and you can just see the pure anger in her eyes.”
All 3 of the men just burst into laughter
“Im just happy the Russo brothers called it a night after that, because it could’ve gone so bad after that.”
“Yeah i had to strain myself from slapping you across the face.”
“Moving on to dinner, if we didn’t have a late night shoot, I know its bad but on my way home i’d probably go to Mcdonalds or Taco bell, from McD’s id probably go for the happy meal as well as chickens nuggies, then when i get home i’d probably pour a glass of wine and eat it in the living room.”
“That just screams that your going through a divorce.” chris says earning a glare from you for interrupting you again
“Hey Chrissy why dont you go ask your wife what she did going through her divorce only to marry your dumbass.” you said looking pissed at him
“And i believe this is our que to leave you to it La Rue.”
You looked at sebastian giving him a thankful smile and he returned while pushing the 2 out of your trailer.
“Now since theyre gone lets talk dessert, depending how I feel, I would have coffee ice-cream, fruit salad or I would make up crepes, ohhh but another option would be the ben and jerrys dairy free chocolate fudge brownie, if you haven’t tried it you need to, its a game changer, kinda, well not really theres still alot more sugar in it.
Scarlett walks into your trailer seeing that youre filming something she gestures to her watch.
“Anyways thank-you for listening to me talk about everything i eat in a day, but im needed, bye.” you said waving your hand at the camera and smiling.
You and scarlett walked onto the set while the joe russo is explaining the scene. Robert walked up behind you placing his hands on your shoulder saying,
“We’re filming that scene that Chris kept fucking up.”
“It wasn’t my fault.”
“It was one line Evans, one line, only 7 words.”
“Hopefully we wont be here till 3 in the morning again, for Chris’s sake.”
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marvelgurl · 7 days ago
Paring: Chris Evans X Reader
Word Count: 2560
Warning: Upset Chris, Upset Reader, Fluff
A/n: Today is Chris Evans’ 40th Birthday. So naturally I am going to write something.
Tumblr Masterlist 
As always Feedback is more than welcome. The Good and The Bad. I really helps me.
Want to be tagged in my upcoming work? Let me know Here
Tumblr media
A few days ago, you found out that you had to go to LA, you had to do some reshoots. You were upset. You knew Chris’s birthday was coming up and this would mean that you would miss it. When you told him, he was a little upset too but that’s the business that you guys are in. Just by the look on his face you knew he was bummed out, that broke your heart.
You called around to see if there was anyway you could start earlier so that you could be home for his birthday. You were told that they could only move your stuff up a few days, but there was still no guarantee that you would be home early. You went ahead with the new schedule in the hopes that maybe you would be able to come home early. You had a plan though; you were going to surprise Chris for his birthday. The planning that went into this was going to be a lot, and also depended on you being able to wrap early. If not, you were still going to do something for him.
Before leaving, you did a little celebration between just you and Chris. You made him a cake, bought ice cream and did whatever he wanted to do. Which was just have a day together. You guys watched movies, had lots of cuddles, went swimming, took Dodger to the dog park. You really think that Chris was the one who wanted the dog park more than Dodger though. He was playing and petting all of the dogs that would let him.
When it was a couple of days before the big day, Chris’s 40th birthday. The director came to you and told you that if you guys could knock out your bigger parts of the reshoot, then you would be able to take off a couple of days and go home. You were so excited, and you thanked him over and over.
You didn’t tell Chris because you didn’t want to get his hopes up in case it didn’t happen. He had been texting and sending you videos of him and Dodger the whole time you have been gone. It made you miss them more, but you loved getting them. It also made you focus more on getting the scenes right the first time. You needed this to work out you really wanted to be with Chris on his birthday. You had a huge surprise for him.
Two days before, thing were looking good for you to be able to go home early. So, you called Scott to see if he could help you make sure everything goes smoothly.
“Hello beautiful.”
“Aww Y/n, thank you. You look beautiful too.” You could hear the hesitation in his voice. To be fair you still had your fight scene makeup on, so there were cuts and bruises over your face.
“Thank you… for being willing to lie to me and tell me I look beautiful when I don’t.”
“You’re welcome sweetheart. How are things going? Are you going to be able to come home?”
“It is looking like it.” You had a big smile on your face. “That reminds me did you get the package?”
“I did, and everything is still intact. You did a great job packaging it.”
“I just hope I get to be there when he opens it. I know this isn’t the ideal way to tell him, but I wanted this to be part of his gift.”
“You are going to be here.  Stop worrying about it, everything is going to be perfect.”
“I know.” There was a knock on your trailer door. “I have to go; I am being summoned to set.”
“Ok, I will see you in two days. Bye.”
“Bye Scott.”
You went to set and started working your scene. You did everything that you could before they had to have your stunt double come in and do the more difficult part of the stunt. Which was fighting up to a balcony before being kicked off of it and dropping about 20ft. They had to do it a couple of times, but on the 4th try it went wrong. Your stunt double ended up missing one of the choreographed steps and dislocated her ankle. Everyone was freaking out; she was telling everyone she was okay and that she has had worse. You felt horrible, you didn’t want her getting hurt especially doing a stunt for you.
The directors and producers were all talking about what to do. If they had to postpone the scene to find a new stunt double, that would put everything behind, and you wouldn’t make it home in time. So, you told them that you would do it. You know all of the steps; they just didn’t want you falling off the balcony. After a lot of convincing, they agreed to let you do the stunt.
After a few takes you were able to get it perfect. You were a little relieved that you were able to get it done. You really just wanted to stop, the first few times you did it you were being too cautious so when you let yourself loosen up a little bit, it looked more natural and that’s the take that they used.
The next day, you were still working to get everything done on time. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on your side. Things weren’t working for you, there were technical issues. You ended up working super late into the night. As you were wrapping for the night, the director came up to you, based on the look he had you didn’t think it was good.
“Hey Y/n.”
“Hey Joe. What’s up.” You put on a fake smile.
“Here.” He handed you a manila envelope. “Open it.”
You looked at him very confused before opening the envelope. What you weren’t expecting was to pull out a ticket home to Boston. Your eyes started tearing up. You were so happy, you were speechless. You just threw your arms around Joe and held him in a tight hug.
“OH My Gosh!!! Thank you! Thank you!”
“You’re welcome. You have been working so hard the last few weeks and we just wanted to do something for you. So go home and surprise your husband.” He gave you a smile.
“I will. Again, thank you.”
You let go of him before running to your trailer to change out of your characters outfit, into your comfy clothes. Once you were done you packed up your stuff and went back to your hotel to pack the rest. Your flight is at 7:55 am which means you have to be there by at least 5 am. You also have to get up at 3:30 or 4 am, which you weren’t looking forward too but it will be worth it in the long run.
You woke up to your 3 am alarm. You groaned and just listened to the alarm, quickly picking up the phone and texting Chris.
C- Wow! That hurts.
Y- But you know what…
C- What’s that?
Y- You’re MY old man. Happy birthday baby.
C- Thank you sweetheart. Wait what are you doing up? Its like 3 in the morning there.
Y- Well, there’s this guy that means the world to me. Today just happens to be his birthday and I wanted to tell him the moment that I woke up.
C- Really? He sounds like a lucky guy.
Y- Yes you are. I really want to keep talking to you, but I have to get ready. I Love You and I hope you have a great birthday. I will call you later. Okay?
C- I Love You too. Only one thing would make it great, and that would be you here with me. I know I don’t get to have that. I will take a facetime call though.
Y- Chris I know, and I want to be there so bad. I will make it up to you. I promise.
You just can’t wait to see the look on his face when you show up. You quickly messaged Scott letting him know that you will be coming home and that everything is ready to go for when you get there. He was excited when you texted him. Saying I told you so as well.
When you arrived in Boston, Scott was waiting at the airport for you. The birthday party was in full swing at your home. Chris was texting Scott nonstop asking where he was, what he was doing, when are you getting here, etc. When you guys pulled up to your house you quickly set everything in motion. You had also pulled Sebastian into this, since he was going to be here you asked him to keep Chris occupied.
You pulled the extra-large box out of Scotts car, taking it to the front door and setting it up. The box had happy birthday wrapping paper on it, with bows and a tag that says “To My Old Man” written on it. You climbed into the box, before Scott closed the top up, he handed you the special box that you had shipped to him. You set it down inside the box and crouched down so that when Chris opens it you can jump out of it.
Scott went to the door and yelled inside.
“Chris come outside, there’s a giant box out here.”
Everyone followed behind Chris. He looked at it and was kind of taken back.
“Who’s this from?” He looked around and everyone was confused. So, he walked closer and saw the tag, a big smile came across his face. “Never mind, there’s a note. Its from Y/n!”
He quickly ripped the wrapping paper that was on the top, the flaps popped up letting you know that it was time to pop yourself up.
“SURPRISE!” His face went from scared to happy in an instant.
“Y/N!!!” He wrapped you in a tight bear hug. “I am so happy you’re here.” He kissed the side of your head.
“Wait I have a bigger surprise for you.”
“What could be bigger than you being here?” He tilted his head in confusion.
“Just wait.” You bent down and picked up a small box. “Open it.”
He took the box and did as he was told. When he opened it, he had an even more confused look on his face. Inside the box was an egg on top of crinkle paper. On the inside of the flap, it says “Crack me”. He took the egg out and you took the box from him. He cracked open the egg to reveal a little note.
“Read it out loud.” You prompted him before he could start reading.
“Okay.” He looked at you then back at the note.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“A little Bird came to say, Baby Evans is on the way!” He looked back up at you again. “You’re going to be a DAD!!”
Everyone just stood there in shock, especially Chris.
“Really? I… I’m gonna be a dad?”
All you could do was nod your head. You had tears welling up in your eyes. You reached into the box and pulled out a onesie and a sonagram photo, holding them both up to him.
“Hello daddy.” He read the onesie out loud. He couldn’t hold out any longer, he pulled you back into a hug. Both of you had started crying tears of joy.
“Happy Birthday Baby.” You whispered into his ear.
He pulled back to look at you, he had the biggest smile on his face that you had ever seen. Everyone around you was cheering and celebrating, but the two of you were in your own little world that it felt like nobody else was there. His hands moved to your face, wiping away the tears before pulling you into a kiss.
After a few minutes of being in your own bubble, Chris helped you out of the box. Then everyone came up to you and Chris and congratulated the two of you. Then a few hours later after everyone had left, you were laying on the couch. Your hands were on your stomach as you started to fall asleep. Dodger was laying in between your legs, with his head up on your stomach next to your hands. Chris came and laid down with the two of you, he put his hand over yours. You looked at him with sleepy eyes and a half smile.
“Did you have a good birthday?”
“No.” He had a serious look on his face.
“What?!” Your eyes instantly opened, and you had a sad look on your face.
“I had a Great birthday. I can honestly say that this was the best birthday I have ever had.”
“Chris!” You brought your hand up and smacked him in the arm. “You scared me, I thought that…”
“OW! No hitting the birthday boy!”
“I hate you.”
“Impossible.” You just rolled your eyes at him. “I see how it is.” He wrapped his arms around you and started peppering you with kisses on the side of your face, neck and lips.
“Stop it!” You tried to pull away from him, but he’s too strong.
“Not until you take it back.”
“Okay, I Love You.” You looked him right in the eyes. “I Love You, you big goof-ball.”
“That’s all I ask.”
Dodger started whining, you reached over and started petting him. As you lay there in Chris’s arms you started to think about the future. About taking time off from acting, raising your baby with the love of your life. You looked over to him, he was already looking at you.
“What are you thinking about?”
“I’m thinking that, I am the luckiest guy in the world. How did an amazing woman like you fall for a dork like me? Also how do I keep tricking you into staying now that I have told you that…”
You just laughed. “If you are the luckiest guy then I am definitely the luckiest girl. You are an amazing man Chris, and you are going to be a great dad.”
“You are going to be a great mom Y/n. What were you thinking about?”
“How much our lives are going to change. I think that this will be my last movie for a little while.” You know now that you have to tell him what happened on set. “I need to tell you something, but please don’t get upset. I made sure I was safe, and the baby was safe.”
He sat up on one of his elbows to get a better look at you. “What happened?”
“Well Kate, my stunt double dislocated her ankle doing a stunt and I decided that I would do it. I wanted to get the shoot done, but like I said I made sure everything was completely safe.”
He dropped his head onto your shoulder, letting out a long sigh. “Please don’t do that anymore. I know you said it was safe, but I don’t want you or the baby getting hurt.”
“I won’t. I promise.” You lifted his head off of your shoulder, pulling him in for a long kiss.
“I love you Y/n.”
“I love you too Chris.”
Dodger barked, you both looked at him. “We love you too Dodger.
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multifandomwriter · 7 days ago
Birthday Wishes
Pairing: Chris Evans x wife!Reader
Summary: When a pandemic ruins your husband’s big birthday getaway, you team up with your kids to try to make it just as memorable at home.
Word Count: 1.2k
Warnings: all of the fluff, mentions of the pandemic
A/N: In celebration of cevans’ birthday
Tumblr media
The sunlight beaming in through the curtains woke you up. Your eyes slowly opened and adjusted to light. Your husband laid beside you, still peacefully asleep. His arm was still haphazardly thrown over your side, keeping you close to him.
You rolled over to face him, propping yourself up on your elbow. You gently brushed some of his hair out of his face. He stirred under your touch. His eyes opened and were met with the sight of his wife.
“Good morning, baby. Happy birthday” you said, leaning in to kiss him. The kiss was lazy; you both were still barely awake. His arm found the curve of your back and used it to pull you on top of him. “I love waking up with you” he mumbled against your lips.
You smiled and pecked his lips again. “I’d say you have me alone for another five minutes before the three best kids on the planet come to wish their dad a happy birthday” you said, right before you heard the soft patter of their footsteps down the stairs. They crept into your room and saw that you both were already awake. “Happy birthday daddy” they cheered, running towards the bed.
Brooklynn was your oldest; she was six years old. You also had twin boys that were four years old: Max and Noah. Brooklynn was more reserved, but your boys had all of their dad’s energy.
The twins leaped into Chris’ arms and Brooklynn pulled herself up to sit in your lap. “Thank you guys so much,” Chris couldn’t help but beam.
You had been with Chris forever, but one of your favorite things was watching him as a dad. He loved your kids with every fiber of his being.
He pressed a kiss to each of your kids’ foreheads. “Didn’t you have something you wanted to give daddy, Brooke?” You reminded her, handing her the birthday that you had been keeping in your bedside table.
She lit up and grabbed the card from your hand. She told Chris happy birthday again before giving him the card.
“This is for me? Really? Thank you guys. Can you help me open it, buddy?” he asked Max. He quickly nodded, always eager to help daddy. Chris was genuinely the best parent to ever exist.
You watched, in awe, as Chris got help from both of the boys. Eventually, they got it out of the envelope. Chris read out all of the birthday messages, and then looked at the pictures the kids had drawn. “You drew these? No way. A professional artist drew these” Chris complimented, earning a giggle from you and your kids.
“Well thank you. It’s beautiful” Chris said, putting it back in the envelope. You both had infectious smiles.
“Do you guys want to go help get daddy’s birthday surprise?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. All of their faces lit up with excitement before quickly nodding their heads. You told them to meet you in the kitchen before turning to Chris.
“God, I love you” he said, giving you a sweet kiss. You pushed his chest, making him lay down. “You stay here. We’ll be back” you instructed. He nodded and chuckled to him.
You decided that you and the kids would make Chris breakfast for his birthday. You all were supposed to go on an amazing family vacation for his birthday.
You were going to rent a house on the beach. You would have had campfires at night time. It was an amazing plan, until the pandemic hit and it was completely cancelled.
Now stuck at home, you still wanted to give Chris a memorable birthday with you and the kids.
You met the kids in the kitchen and began to work on cooking breakfast. After only a few mishaps on your kid’s end, you had finished making the food.
The four of you walked back into your bedroom. “Wow look at all of this,” Chris was in awe. The kids set the food down on a tray in front of him.
“Come sit next to me, you guys” Chris said, pecking your lips while they were distracted. You all ate together. Chris had insisted on sharing his food with you all, feeding everyone small bites.
It was paradise. Wherever your family was is where home was; even if it was hectic sometimes. Then, Max knocked the cup of orange juice onto the bed. Chris refrained from swearing under his breath.
He quickly grabbed the cup, while you swept the blanket up into your hands. You headed out of the room towards the laundry room. You had two toddlers, so messes were no new feat.
When you came back, you stopped outside of your room when you heard Chris talking to Max; Max was crying.
“Mommy’s going to be mad at me” Max said, his voice sounding fragile. Your heart melted at his concern. “Mommy’s not going to be mad at you, I promise. You know why?” Chris asked him, and you could envision him holding your son is his arms. When Max didn’t reply, Chris spoke again. “Because you have the best mommy in the whole world, and she loves you so much. She loves all of you. We are so lucky to have your mommy, you know that right? She takes care of all of us” Chris said. Your kids all muttered forms of agreement.
You fell in love with him all over again. Chris had always been a romantic, but he never failed to warm your heart.
You walked back into the room and joined them all on the bed. “How about you guys go get dressed?” You suggested. They all nodded their heads before walking upstairs.
You turned to your husband. “C’mere, baby” he said, looping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer. His lips lock against yours, as though you were made for each other. “I know this isn’t the birthday you expected. I’m sorry we couldn’t go to that beach house” you apologized, leaning your head on his shoulder.
He frowned and placed a kiss on your forehead. “This is way better than a beach house. I have my beautiful kids and my favorite girl” he said, wrapping his arm around your waist. His fingers accidentally brushed up against your ticklish spot.
You swatted his hand away, but he knew your body too well. He knew exactly what he was doing. He pinned you under him, attaching his hands to your sides.
You squirmed under his touch, giggles passing through your lips. “No...Chris—stop” you begged in between fits of laughter. You could feel the tears start to appear as you laughed.
Your kids appeared in your doorway. “Come save mommy” you begged them. They ran to the bed and jumped on top of Chris. He pretended to battle with them, causing them to start giggle.
Just when you thought you were safe, he began tickling you again. You squirmed and tried to pull yourself away. All three of your kids climbed on his back, successfully weighing him down. He fell down on the bed beside you.
“You saved mommy. Come here” you said, giving them all kisses. Chris could only think about how perfect his life was as he watched the four most important people in his life.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @k-k0129 @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @ashwarren32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @blueeyeddemon1016
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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slutfornat · 8 days ago
Hi can I request a marvel cast x teen!reader where R has been having continuous nightmares (something I suffer with and is as annoying as it sounds😂) and so has had little sleep which affects their performance on set, maybe with frustrated directors etc. Ending with R being comforted by the cast?? Thanks❤
A/n: I'm not sure how it effects other people but I based this off how I was for months in a row so I hope this is good.
Tumblr media
It had been going on for a while at this point when you realised how badly it was effecting your performance during scenes. Because of the lack of sleep you were getting due to trying to ignore it, you weren't paying much attention in class so your grades were suffering.
As for acting, your coworkers began noticing when you would volunteer to do lots of extra work just to avoid sleeping and then there was your parents threatening to have you in sunday school because of your grades.
The dream was always the same. Every night there would be you overhearing all of your friends talking shit about you and your coworkers saying how you'd go nowhere in life as an actor and might as well just quit.
It was when Anthony and Sebastian had found you asleep in your hotel room after a finishing up, you'd began freaking out in your sleep and crying when they finally managed to wake you up so from then on they tried to help as much as possible.
About two weeks later, you'd just had to redo a scene four times because they found something off with your acting and the second you were in your changing room, you broke down crying.
Scarlett was meant to be giving you a ride home as your parents were stuck at work so when she found you crying at the desk, she immediately also began panicking.
After a while and several of the others joining you two in the dressing room, you manged to explain and they immediately apologised if they ever made you feel like that and would definitely comfort you.
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leeroysdancer · 9 days ago
I have a great idea for harry styles x famous reader fanficiton which is a serie should I post it? Oh and I have another really cool idea about marvel cast x famous reader?!
Should I just write fanficiton? Send me ideas in my inbox!!!!
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slytherinchevy · 9 days ago
Am I scary or something. Y’all seem really hesitant to talk to me 🤔😭
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mellowavengersstuff · 9 days ago
Schoolwork and Equations
Summary: you are overwhelmed with schoolwork.
A/N: very much based on my current situation. loll.
warnings: schoolwork, mental exhaustion, nice friends
masterlist :)
Tumblr media
🌸You’re tired.
🌸Not tired as in, I had a late night and need some sleep.
🌸Not tired as in, it’s been a long day at work.
🌸Tired as in, you’re living on coffee and smarties and an old pack of dried mango you found at the back of cupboard in your trailer.
🌸Tired as in your brain feels squishy and old and unable of completing any kind of productive work, but you still do because it’s not in your best interests to fail at life.
🌸It’s fine.
🌸 You’re fine.
🌸 (lies)
🌸So, here you are, sitting at a small, makeshift desk in a small room off set. On the verge of tears if you’re being honest.
🌸Words get all jumbled in your mind, and numbers don’t add up like they’re supposed to, and honestly whoever invented these equations should be tried and sent to prison. In your humble opinion.
🌸Its inhumane to teach people things that don’t make sense. That’s a fact.
🌸You rub at your eyes tiredly, and rest your tired hands on your forehead, as you stare blankly at the offending piece of paper. There are books and pens and highlighters scattered all around you, strewn in inharmonious carelessness.
🌸 There are half open books that you haven’t even attempted to read, and sheets full of quadratic equations that you keep getting wrong, frustratingly. The only thing that you are doing well at, is this English class thesis which you understand.
🌸You’re typing away, getting distracted by birds chirping or games or literally anything that moves in your general proximity every once in a while.
🌸Suddenly, your mental breakdown is very rudely interrupted by a bunch of rowdy actors coming into the breakroom, chattering, and laughing very loudly, babbling on about how they have to wait for the next scene since it’s a night shot.
🌸Sebastian and Anthony catch sight of you scowling in the corner and walk over, grinning.
🌸 “Hey kiddo, what you got there?”
🌸You look up at them utterly miserably, with big, teary eyes and sniffle “schoolwork.”
🌸They look a bit surprised to say the least.
🌸 By now there’s like a couple more people added to the mix. Cevans and Scarlett have joined the congregation around your haphazardly piled books and tiny little makeshift desk.
🌸 “How does such a small person have so much stuff to do?” asks Sebastian, nose crinkled in incredulousness.
🌸 Your eyes grow larger, and your bottom lip starts trembling and you just about whimper, “I don’t know.”
🌸 “Aw, hey don’t be sad kiddo,” Anthony pats your head lightly, widening his eyes alarmedly at Scarlett as you pout even more.
🌸Scarlett crouches down beside you, and wraps an arm around your shoulder, hugging you to her side. “Hey, it can’t be that difficult. Lemme have a look ….”
🌸Her voice trails off nervously as she stares at the equation on the sheet closest you. “Yeah, uh I’m not sure how to do that one. Anyone else?”
🌸Chris Evans leans over you to grab a look at the sheet Scarlett is holding. “Yeah, uh huh, no chance. Isn’t this like AP calculus or something?”
🌸You stare at the offending sheet sadly. “Yeah. My teacher thought I could handle the challenge. It’s fine, I’ll figure it out. Thanks guys.”
🌸You have resigned yourself to a sad future of calculus and breakdowns.
🌸Sebastian and Anthony look at each other, smirking in that idiotic way of theirs. “Nah, we’ll stay kiddo. Shooting doesn’t start again until 2 AM”
🌸 “Yeah,” Cevans agrees, ruffling your hair a bit, and Scarlett says, kindly “We can’t leave you here hon! We’ll stay until you get it done.”
🌸 You could burst into tears honestly. But emotions mixed with mental exhaustion are never good, so you just swallow the lump in your throat.
🌸 So they drag over chairs and couches and stuff next to you, and you sit there and listen to them chatter good-naturedly while you try to complete your homework.
🌸Dodging your frequent “are you sure guys, you don’t have to,”
🌸Shaking your shoulders gently and smoothing your hair away from your face whenever you fall asleep, trying to wake you slowly.
🌸And it turns out, you did get it done in time. All it took was a little perspective, and good friends.
marvel taglist 🌻
@soccer-100000 / @sleutherclaw
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lovemarvelcast0105 · 11 days ago
How the Marvel Cast would show their affection and love towards you
(For this you’re a teen co-star, you’re the youngest out of the group)
- Holland would definitely be the one to give you pats on the head in a joke sort of way
- Everyone would squish you’re cheeks (because you were the ‘baby’ of the group)
- Hemsworth and you give each other loud and painful high fives
- The women especially Scarlett and Lizzie would give you endless forehead kisses 
- Evans would give you the biggest, warmest hugs 
- Elizabeth would surprise you with hugs from behind, like say on you’re break you were talking to Evans and had you’re back turned to Lizze she would run up and hug you from behind and you woukd smile at her and go back to your conversation with Evans an she would she rest her head gently on your shoulder and listen in on the conversation
- Robert would give you kisses on the top of your head and kisses on the cheek
- Scarlett, after a scene, would run up to you when you’re heading to the makeup trailer, spin you round hug you, say ‘well done’ for he scene you just did. But still hug you. Like the hug would last for ages, she would start walking to the make up trailer with you but still be hugging you no matter how much you protest she’d just giggle to herself
- When going to Comic-con or a big event such as a premiere Evans would always jog up to you and grab your hand before going into big crowds so he wouldn’t lose you and have to worried about you getting lost and separated from the group
- All of you would have at least had a cuddle pile once or twice
- Sebastian when hugging you would pick you up and spin you around
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thefirst-one · 12 days ago
Watch "Marvel Studios' Loki | Official Trailer | Original Series Now Streaming in Hindi" on YouTube
They nailed this time😂😂.....
Hindi version is much more hilarious 😆
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insaneasgardian · 13 days ago
Moments Like These - Anthony Mackie x Sebastian Stan's couch
@sir-sleeve-ripper @sherlockisactuallyagaysname I did it. The first Marvel cast fic I have ever written. IS ABOUT ANTHONY MACKIE IN LOVE WITH SEBASTIAN STAN'S COUCH.
Tumblr media
He knew it was wrong. He knew it was forbidden. It could damage his entire career, wreck his entire life. But in that moment, he just didn't care.
As he lay full body on top of his true love, Anthony felt content. His eyes were closed as he allowed himself to sink in the warmth that the beautiful, expensive and lavish couch emitted. Coucholomews embrace felt just like home.
It was so wrong of him, to be feeling this way about his best friend's couch. If Sebastian ever found out that the jokes Anthony made in interviews, were his true feelings about Coucholomew, he would be seething beyond belief. It would ruin their entire friendship.
Anthony let out a deep sigh as he stroked Coucholomews beautiful, plush pillows. He loved every curve, every smooth and rough part of his beloved. Every imperfection made the couch even more perfect in his eyes.
Just as Anthony was about to drift off, the crunch of gravel was heard outside of Sebastians home. His best friend was back from the store. He gasped and shot up, and out of the comfort the couch had been providing. He quickly straightened his clothes, and made sure Coucholomews pillows were fluffed back into place.
He then went and plopped into an armchair near the TV set, quickly pulling out his phone and pretending to scroll through Instagram. Anthony felt so guilty about melting into the touch of another seat, and poor Coucholomew had to watch.
The front door opened, and Sebastian stepped in with a smile.
"Hey man!" he greeted happily, and Anthony replied with a quick "Hi!", he had to avoid Sebastian's gaze, otherwise he'd burst into tears out of shame
Sebastian's blue eyes darted around his lounge, and Anthony's heart stopped when he heard a gasp from his friend's mouth.
"I left the plums at the store" Sebastian grumbled.
Anthony thanked his lucky stars that Coucholomew wasn't looking disheveled or out of place to Sebastian.
As the brunette man went to his kitchen to put all the groceries away, Anthony looked longingly at Coucholomew. It was a strange, and inappropriate kind of love. But that's what made it so thrilling.
Anthony walked over to the beautiful brown couch and placed a quick kiss on it's armrest before he walked up the stairs.
"I'll see you tonight my darling"
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