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aquaqueeeeeeen · 3 minutes ago
Marinette: I think Adrian likes me...
Dick: Doesn't he know you have a boyfriend?
Jason: She doesn't have a boyfriend, she has a Damian
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aquaqueeeeeeen · 7 minutes ago
Damian: You know Mari, I don't really like your name.
Marinette: Excuse me?
Damian: Yeah, more so your last name. It's horrible.
Marinette: What is wrong with my last name?
Damian: I don't know, it just doesn't suit you. You should change it.
Marinette: Change it? To what?
Damian, walking away: Wayne.
Marinette: Did you just -
Marinette: Did you just propose?
Marinette: Are you smirking!?
Marinette: Don't walk away!
Marinette: Come back here you little shi-
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aquaqueeeeeeen · 13 minutes ago
Damian: Give me some words of encouragement so I don’t murder Billy right this second.
Jon: You can't marry Marinette if you're in jail.
Damian: Thank you.
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aquaqueeeeeeen · 16 minutes ago
Billy: Damian no.
Damian: Damian yes.
Jon: Damian no.
Damian: Damian maybe.
Marinette: Damian no.
Damian: Damian no.
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aquaqueeeeeeen · 17 minutes ago
Damian: Give me my Katana.
Marinette, giving him a butter knife, sarcastically: Here my lord, you haven’t used this is a while.
Damian, without budging: thanks peasant.
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bambicambi · 32 minutes ago
Marinette: *appears out of nowhere*
Dick: *stares at her* I have to call wally? Did you miscalculate? Are you from the future-? *looks towards his phone* I can take you to Wally—
Marinette: *blinks rapidly* ....
Dick: I mean, you don't look much like him, but this has happened before. And I guess you could be.. a different speedster? Why are you here anyways, *grabs his phone* I'll call Wally.
Marinette: *starts crying* oh..
Dick: oh-??? *on the call with Wally* uhhhhh
Marinette: they're gone...
Wally: what's up?
Dick: uhhhhhhhhhhHHHHH *hugs her* theres a crying speedster in my living room.
Wally: what????
Marinette: you're.. me.
Dick: what?????
Wally: *appears* woahhhhh
Dick: Wally?????
Wally: what is happening???
Dick: I don't know??
Marinette: they're gone and it's my fault and you're me and THIS SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING—
Dick: *stares incredulously at Wally* ????
Wally: don't look at me that way, I don't know what's happening either—
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aquaqueeeeeeen · 48 minutes ago
Marinette: everyone has their demons.
Marinette, looking at Damian: this is mine, its called Damian Wayne-
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aquaqueeeeeeen · 53 minutes ago
Damian, muttering under his breath: The audacity, I’ll kill them, I'll kill them all, their blood will paint the streets of Gotham
Billy, slightly scared: W-What’s going on?
Jon, nonchalant: Marinette, can’t hang out with him because she has to work on a project with some of her classmates. Damian isn’t taking it too well
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
Dick: [sneezes]
Dick: You’re not even gonna say “bless you”?
Damian: She’s sitting with you, you’ve clearly been blessed
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
Damian: He is going to die. He has to die. He must die.
Jon: What is he talking about?
Billy: Wally smiled at Marinette.
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
Marinette : Hey look! I got a nosebleed!
Damian: what the hell?! beloved! What happened?!
Marinette: I haven’t slept in 4 whole days!
Damian: ...
Marinette: ...I’m gonna pass out now
Damian, hunting Tim with his Katana: HOW DARE YOU BE A BAD INFLUENCE!!!
Tim, confused: WHAT DID I DO?!?!?
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
(At Disneyland on the teacup ride)
Marinette and Damian: *spinning calmly while talking*
Dick and Jason: *flying past them, spinning as fast as they can, screaming*
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
Kidnapper: We've got your friend!
Damian: Wrong number.
Kidnapper: What?
Damian: I have no friends.
Kidnapper: Then why's this lady saying your gonna kill us and then take her out to get chicken and act like nothing ever happened?
Damian: oh that's my Habibti!
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
Damian: You can't make everyone like you. You're not Marinette.
Jason: Not everyone likes Marinette, though.
Damian: Who doesn't like Marinette?
Jason: No one, I just---
Damian: I need names Todd...
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aquaqueeeeeeen · an hour ago
Marinette: When life gives you lemons-
Damian: You squeezed them into people's eyes!
Marinette: Dami no!
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bambicambi · 4 hours ago
Marinette: isn't it crazy that at some point in our lives we will see something for the last time?
Jason: *laughs* yeah...
Marinette: *cocks her gun* kind of like now.
Jason: wait, what—
Marinette: *shoots him* ...
Adam: how'd it go?
Marinette: *shrugs* you know me, I always finish a mission.
Adam: *squints at her* did you, now?
Marinette: *laughs* yeah.
Adam: got attached this time, don't want you going rogue.
Marinette: *rolls her eyes* I killed him off, didn't I? Its a little too late to be going rogue if my target is dead, isn't it?
Adam: ...
Marinette: *stares at him*
Adam: ... you know I won't tell.
Marinette: *slowly grins* I know, you've let targets run off plenty of times for me to know, Adam.
Adam: *grins*
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bambicambi · 5 hours ago
Marinette: *stares off into space* did you do it?
Dick: *looks down at her* huh?
Marinette: *looks down at her hands* ...
Dick: ...Marinette?
Marinette: you know who I am, right?
Dick: y-yes?
Marinette: *hugs her knees* its.. it's just wild.
Dick: ...
Marinette: how did you do it, huh? Be the.. the.. *closes her eyes* how did you be the oldest? Taking care of all these kids?
Dick: they're my siblings—
Marinette: you're basically their dad, listening to them, helping them, being the one to do everything—
Dick: that's what big brothers do—
Marinette: No!
Dick: ...
Marinette: *blinks* no, well.. *sighs* you.. you did more. You basically raised them, Dick.
Dick: ...Marinette that's just.. thats just what being the oldest is like.
Marinette: *tightens her hug* ... I'm the alternate dimension of you... and.. and being the oldest fucking sucks.
Dick: ...
Marinette: *presses the palms of her hand against her eyes* how do you do it? you look so happy, so carefree, I don't understand.
Dick: ...I just hide it really well.
Marinette: *sniffs* My dimension is gone and- and- *cries* they're *voice cracks* gone too.
Dick: *sits down and pulls her against him* I know it hurts...
Marinette: all those memories- and places- a-an-AND ITS GONE. they're GONE.
Dick: *hums* ...
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alien-slushie-art · 5 hours ago
Marinette: What are you doing?
Bruce Wayne: Eating a family sized bag of chips.
Marinette: But that's a normal sized bag?
Bruce: Everything is family sized when you're an orphan.
Marinette: *sobbing sympathetically in the corner*
Bruce: No, I'm sorry! It was a bad joke! Please stop crying before my sons come up here and murder me!
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gorgeousgetawaycar · 6 hours ago
I’m writing chapter 3 of Changes and I’m trying to figure out if shorter or longer chapters are preferred. If you’re reading the series please comment(is that the right word?) and let me know what you think.
🏷 Taglist for Changes
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