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#maria watches friday night lights
stonerbughead · 4 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#36)
5x13, the series finale i have heard nothing but good things about - I made it y’all! *wipes tear* this is a show i will definitely rewatch! It definitely feels like the kind of show that’s so layered that every time you go back you’ll pick up something new. I love shows like that.
i haven’t been on tumblr on my computer in a long time but im gonna go through and add “read more”s to all of these recaps! 
(thanks to anyone who read these nonsense recaps! if you enjoyed addition to my currently-on-hiatus riverdale podcast @bodysuitsforbughead, I have another teen drama-centered podcast in the works, follow @LeftyTeenDrama on Twitter and @leftistteendrama on Instagram to get updates when it launches! I’m taking a break on working on it till i move but it’s gonna be a big part of my 2021 projects. I’ve already recorded one episode with two of my favorite people in the world and it’s gonna be amazing. It will be about a variety of teen dramas, but FNL will definitely be included.)
and without further ado, my final FNL ramblings under the cut:
And we open with one last montage of shots around Dillon from a car, with a “Christmas in Texas” song playing. Amazing. 
Oh wow, I love the “FIVE DAYS TILL THE CHAMPIONSHIP” vibe. The build-up is already here. A shot of Julie in the stands watching practice! 
It’s super uncomfortable that people are talking to Vince about his “future teammates” on the Panthers before the post-season is even over.  “I don’t really wanan talk about that. I want to talk about how the East Dillon Lions are gonna win State.” “Is that a promise?” These Texas sports journalists are WILD. this is a teenage boy whose school’s funding just got cut right before the biggest game of his life! Can we have some sympathy?!
“I hear they’re taking the cream of the crop for the Superteam so I’m gonna be honest with you, what are you gonna do?” EXCUSE ME SIR? I repeat, TEENAGE BOY. Tinker’s response of “you’re an asshole” and storming away was more than appropriate!!!
“No comment”ing his way out of there like a champ.
Ah, the age-old tradition of decorating a Christmas tree while arguing about a five-year football coach contract in Dillon or a dean of admissions job offer at a prestigious Philadelphia college. Julie’s just sitting there with Gracie like ooooh boy 
“Here is where we put our tree, not Philadelphia! It’s a Texas tree.” OMG STOP IT. Lol Julie putting her hands over her ears.
Wow I did not expect this proposal to come that quickly into the episode! Like i knew it was coming in this episode but aw. They’re so soft! Just like, oh i’ve been thinking about you nonstop since our perfect Chicago tryst and oh look here’s grandma’s ring let me casually get down on one knee in the town where we fell in love. And after she was just talking about how much she misses Matt to Tyra the episode before? That “yes” she gave feels so certain because of it. Aw.
The grandma’s ring really fucks me up because you know how close Julie and Grandma Saracen have gotten over the years. My heart!
“Oh my God, your dad must’ve flipped.” “...What do you mean?” OH NO Eric Taylor is totally the type to care. “...When you asked him to marry me.” Oh I knew this proposal was too early in the episode, im dying!
“You need to go man to man.” Ugh Julie i liked Matt’s plan of just going and telling them much better. His look of fear when he repeats “man to man.” dead. 
Wow no theme song??? That’s how you know it’s gonna be a long series finale!
Andddd here we are, a bickering Riggins “I may or may not be going to Alaska.” “Is it because you raw dogged Tyra last night?” i literally gasped.
LMAO Mindy trying to say Tim and Tyra are incest now that Mindy and Billy are married and then Tim and Billy immediately being like “nope, no blood lines, that’s not how incest works.” Someone should send that memo to all those anti bughead stans about bughead and falice
“What do you think about me taking Stevie for the day?” “I’m fine with that. There’s no going back, I’m going to get the bag.” LOL Mindy spoken like a true parent also YES to Tim and Stevie spending time together.
Poor Jess not realizing that asking Eric if she can follow him to the Panthers is a much bigger question than she thinks se’s asking.
AWW Tim and Stevie at Grandma Collette’s. How cute. 
“Seven’s back in town?” “Yeah, he and Julie got engaged!” 
Tim/Tyra and Matt/Julie double date?? Aw I love that Tyra knows that Matt and Julie got engaged. I really love Tyra and Julie’s friendship. 
I’m laughing really hard at Matt’s speech to Eric trying to ask permission. This is so funny. 
Eric’s like, “is this kid serious rn?” 
Not to be that northern bitch but don’t kids get married at 18/19 all the fucking time in Texas?? I feel like it’s more common in even more rural parts of like...any state.
“The answer to your question is gonna be no today, it’s gonna be no tomorrow, and it’s gonna be no until the sun burns out.” LMAO wow i didn’t see this coming
“This was really just a courtesy, we were hoping for your blessing.” YES MATT.
OH BOY Eric did not just try to speak FOR his daughter, im not about it. “My daughter’s answer to you is ‘no.’” That’s some patriarchal shit right there.
“We’ll never know if we’re East Coast people if we don’t try it!” “We have a MUCH BIGGER problem.” Dude, it’s Matt Saracen, the softest boy who has loved your daughter for years, i actually think the fundamental decision of where you and Tami continue your future might be slightly more pressing. 
“I don’t know why you’re yelling at me! I think we agree on this!” IM SCREAMINGGGG 
Aw, Tami getting teary-eyed at Grandma Saracen’s ring. “It’s just, y’all are so young.” I know but this is a TV show universe so we let teen marriage slide for the right couples, ok. 
Tami and Eric wanna take Matt and Julie to A CONVERSATION DINNER??? This is gonna be so funny. 
Aw, Vince got his dad a ticket to state? “I want you to be there.” if this fucker doesn’t just come and shut his mouth
Oh wow Becky’s mom is finally coming back? And yay Becky’s finally over her Tim crush. “So friends?” “I say family.” AWWW MY HEART.
“You guys were our age when you got married.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? “It was a different time.” Y’all have no leg to stand on here.
“Marriage requires maturity.” Says the man who won’t let his wife take a huge job offer. What, who said that? (Okay the way Tami’s watching Eric give this speech about compromise, thinking she’s thinking the same thing.)
“You guys got married when you were my age, and how many times did you move? How many different things you’ve gone through and look how you’ve made it work. You guys are my inspiration.” AW. I wish my parents had a stable enough marriage to be able to say that LOL but nope.
OH NO poor Tami getting up from the table because she’s emotional! Because she’s clearly always thought of her marriage that way too but maybe not lately AH
Eric, babe, that’s your cue to follow. 
Oh shit, Jess’s family is moving to Dallas? Well, damn.
Eric saw Vince not take a ticket for his dad and came to his watering hole to hand deliver it? “Young man gets a chance like that maybe once in a lifetime.” and mic drop, walk away.
Luke casuaklly meeting Becky’s mom for the first time while coming by to try to win Becky back. “I love you. I’m so sorry.” AWWW. growth!
YES cheers to Matt and Julie! “Here’s to Mr. and Mrs. Saracen.”
“Always thought you’d be the first person to say that.” AW
Yes halfway through college, go Tyra!
Awwww, Matt being like “let’s dance” and pulling Julie up. So cute. Yes, Tim asking Tyra to dance. 
“I got plans.” “I don’t.” OMG is Tim saying he’ll just follow Tyra? Damn.
Why tf is Buddy calling Eric first thing in the morning to tell him about Buddy Jr.’s cast and “staying here el permanente” and GETTING HIM TO SIGN A CONTRACT BEFORE THE GAME? Y’all are shady as fuck!
I love that seeing the Braemore papers made him stop, tell Buddy off, and not make a decision in that moment. What’s gonna happen???
“I won’t be a part of your Superteam after all.” Hopefully Eric won’t be either! Aw Jess thanking him “for the greatest experience of his life.” “I think it’s been mine too.” AW.
Eric’s gonna give a coach in Dallas a good word for Jess? So beautiful. Yesss!
AW Julie and Matt decorating the Saracen Christmas tree, and Grandma trying to get Julie to wear her old wedding dress!
Emotional at this hug between Julie and Mrs. Saracen. “I love you.” “I love you too.”
Awww Vince finally being glad that Jess is part of the the moment when it’s about to end.
Yess Tyra and Tim picnicking on the land? 
And YES to Tyra going into politics, I could see it! “Along the lines of Mrs. T. Except bigger.” YES GURL.
“I’ve been in love with you since I was five years old.” AWWW that is so precious. 
“I’m gonna build a house exactly where we’re sitting. I’m gonna get a job. And I’m never gonna do anything illegal for the rest of my life.” Oh, Tim. my heart!!!
“Maybe one day, our dreams can merge together.” THAT’S SO BEAUTIFUL. What more does one really want? Oh, these beautiful life-filled shots of them drinking beer on the land where Tim wants to build a house. Art!
Oh shit, Eric’s racing to get to Santa in time to be there with Tami and Gracie?! “You scared me half to death. What’s going on?” 
“I turned the contract down. It’s your turn. I want to go to Philadelphia. Will you take me to Philadelphia with you, please?” YESSSSSSSSSSSSS what they deserve! What Tami deserves!!!! My heart!!!!
Ugh, the imagery as they get to State is amazing. The boys taking in the field, the players suited up praying and getting in the zone beforehand. The screaming in the stands waiting for them.
“You may never know how proud I am of you.” “You changed my life, coach.” AW.
Eric’s pre-game prayer overlaying the image of the Lions bursting out onto the field! Yes yes yes!
The way they slowed everything down with just music, and focused in on the faces of so many characters - Vince’s dad showing up, Eric and Tami saluting one another from stand to sideline, Becky cheering in the stands excitedly for Luke, Matt and Julie holding each other, Buddy on the sidelines screaming, Vince’s mom jumping up and down - just absolute perfection. 
And we’re back in, with actual in-scene sound at 26-21 with 3 seconds left on the clock??? Jesus!
AH and every single character watching the football fly in the air, WOW the DRAMA.
Holy shit, they fast-forwarded to one of Eric’s players in Philly catching a football eight months later in Philly??? THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. WOW.
Tami looks like such a badass strutting around campus!
YES Tinker is on the Panthers! Take that, bullying reporter! 
Aw, the East Dillon Lions sign coming down. :( feels.
Nooo Luke don’t go to the military! Noooo I hate that. Poor Becky. They’re the exact type of couple who gets caught up in that really sad cycle - too poor to really have many other options, so the whole “free college when i get out!” thing starts to look really attractive. smh.
But i love how they used the championship ring he gave Becky as a way to signal that the East Dillon Lions did, indeed, win the state championship eight months earlier...and that Jess is wearing the ring on the sidelines of a new field where she’s working with the coaches! amazing!
Yay Matt and Julie live in Matt’s beautiful Chicago apartment? Perfection. They really look so good in that city together. 
New beginnings in a new city together for both Tami and Eric AND Matt and Julie? I’m living! It’s what they deserve!
Tim and Billy building Tim’s house and drinking beers! “Texas forever.” “Texas forever.” MY HEART.
“Clear eyes, full hearts.” SILENCE. “Ah, we’ll deal with that later.” LOL
Yesss Tami coming out to meet Eric on the field!!!
“Ready to go home?” “Yeah, let’s go.”
And the lights go off on the field. End show. AMAZING. Truly, an epic series finale! An epic show! I will definitely rewatch and i am so glad i finally did! Thanks to anyone who gave a shit about my ramblings.
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stonerbughead · 5 months ago
AHHH I finished the FNL finale!! Just as epic as everyone said!! I’ll edit and post my full note later but wow what a show! So glad I finally watched 🙌
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stonerbughead · 5 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#35)
5x12 baby, helpppp how are we already at the penultimate episode (already, i say, after dragging this first-ever watch out basically as long as humanly possible L O L why am i like this)
my reactions / recap / flailing under the cut
I see that Tyra is literally the preview photo so I’m already like OH SHITTTT
Tami coming home from the airport with potentially life-altering news...and Eric is asleep in front of the TV on the couch, clearly trying to wait up for her, my heart.
AHHH Julie’s home??? A surprise? This is so fucking cute! The ending vibes are definitely here.
Omg Tim are you good, baby? Is he throwing his bed out of the trailer? Damn he clearly has so much trauma from prison.
Damn NBC 8 is pulling up, that’s how you know it’s State. “It’s State, Levi, get used to it.” “No, I’ll NEVER get used to it!” Lmao i love Levi.
WOW look at Luke trying to set up childcare so moms can participate in a hearing about school funding! GO OFF KING
Omg i almost forgot Mindy was pregnant again. Billy’s so excited...oh fuck, TWINS? They’re gonna be so broke forever. Mindy is as horrified as I would be lmao
Oh shit, here we go...Tami’s finally telling Eric about the job offer...and admitting she wants it!!! AHH
“We’d have to move to Philadelphia.” “We live in Texas. Honey, where our friends and family are. Texas is where I work, Texas is where I have my job.” Weren’t y’all just thinking about moving to Florida like two episodes ago? I smell a double standard, sir!
Ugh Eric is shutting down. “I can’t talk about this right now.” BISH
“How many times have we moved before for your job?” MMHMM that’s right, Eric! You look shell-shocked but you need to take that in, sit with it!
Tim Riggins behind the bar is hot. Just an observation.
Ugh, the tension between poor Tim and Billy. Tim’s gonna go to Alaska?! WOW did not see that plan coming!
“What the hell are you gonna do, sleep with a bunch of woodchucks?” BILLY WHAT LMAO
“You’re gonna leave Texas?” “YES.” I love the drama in both these back to back conversations about the thought of Leaving Texas.
Broken dryer, Jess, I’ve been there. Like right now, we have a broken dryer in our apartment. Ooh, Vince coming and finding her and being gentle!
Aw poor Jess. “I finally found a coach who was open-minded enough to let me in and not laugh at me. He lets me shadow him and teach me how to be a coach, and now they’re gonna take it all away.” These poor kids.
VINCE: “We won’t let that happen.” MY HEART. I love them.
Wow, Luke’s being sold a low-tier football program, isn’t he? “We just got a Costco, and a brand new movie theater in the town.” yikes.
How is a reporter asking Eric “are you worried he’s taking on too much?” about a teenage boy. Like, how do they know this much about Vince’s life? Texas football culture will forever amaze me, even after watching almost the entire series.
“We haven’t even scratched the surface of what Vince Howard can do.” AWWW my heart! Eric is such a good coach.
Oh wow, the East Dillon Lions vs. Dillon Panthers funding debate!!! Did they send a Booster Club representative here to Buddy’s door to shake him down? “There’s gonna be a lot of changes.” Like what IS THIS?
“Vince Howard is gonna be a Panther.” This is... A Lot. “That chair at the head of the table is waiting on you.”
Oh nooooo Tim getting physical with a customer.
“I’ve been waiting five minutes for my drink.” FAMILIAR VOICE IN THE CORNER??? “Hey there, jailbird.” It’s Tyra, and she has long brown hair! I dig it! I dig this reunion!
Aw, Eric coming home and immediately apologizing to Tami for earlier.
Tami’s being realistic that if the Lions lose, their economic situation is in jeopardy—so a good job offer on the table is something to consider!
“So you’re routing against us?” OMG and there’s a moment when Tami thinks he’s referring to them but then realizes he’s referring to “oh, the team?” jfc “You and I, or us the Lions. Of course.”
“You know what, I’ve been a coach’s wife for 18 years. Every decision we’ve made has been based on your coaching career.” LIFE BEYOND FOOTBALL OH SHIT
Oh God Eric’s getting up with the keys???? Come on, dude! This is not cool! There are so many colleges and high schools in Pennsylvania! I promise they play football there!
Omg did Tyra just tell Tim about the twins since he refused to really talk to Billy?
Aw Tyra wrote to him in prison? That’s sweet.
Awww Mindy’s literally having a breakdown about not having enough space, and not being able to handle three kids. These poor babes. And the football team’s fate hinges on this because of the assistant coach’s salary...fucking crazy
Ooh now Buddy’s trying to hype Eric up on the Panther-Lions Superteam they’re gonna create.
Aw the whole fam at Billy and Mindy’s—Tyra, Becky, even Mama Collette.
“He’s got some stupid idea he’s gonna go to Alaska and work on a pipeline.” Well, when someone comes to prison and tells you they’ll actually let someone who has to check the felony box work a job with decent wages, yeah. God, the prison industrial complex sucks. Feeds the most vulnerable people into the shittiest jobs.
Julie outside of the Saracen home? Awww. Has she seen him since that romantic Chicago good-bye?
Luke, listen to Becky!! “I’d really appreciate if you put down the wrench and listen to me.” YES GURL
“That’s not real. You are! And I just think there’s been a lot of misunderstandings.” “Well, that’s really pretty you should put it in a love poem.” “Are you kidding me? Go to hell!” yeah, correct answer, Becky! These teens are under so much STRESS! The DRAMA!
Omg all these grown men screaming at the town hall meeting about football i cannot
Ewww these classist fucks. “Some of us on this side of town happen to own our houses.” Eat the rich.
Why the fuck is Billy writing a fucking speech while driving? And he’s surprised he swerved? Sir…
Aw poor Eric with pain in his eyes telling Billy he can’t be definitive about his job security...I mean, yeah.
Aw, Luke coming into the bar while Tim is working after...that talk with Becky…
“You and Becky...are you in love with her?” Tim looks so amused. “Are you serious?” “...Yeah. “No, I’m not in love with Becky. I care about her.” THANK YOU BOYS AND GIRLS CAN BE FRIENDS. Is this not what Becky tried to tell you last night? “I’ve been there a few times when nobody else was, but that’s about it.”
Aw Luke is so similar to Tim rn! Not “feeling it” from the school that wants him, even tho he loves football!
“You’re going to state, yeah? Nothing’s gonna beat that.” “Play it that way. Play it like it’s the last time you’re ever gonna lace up.” Some iconic Tim Riggins lines here!
“We were at the meeting last night, but we don’t want to argue or yell, we just want to give you our thoughts.” MY HEART i love Vince and Jess. “Well, that’ll be refreshing.” LOL after all these grown ass men were screaming over each other
“Was it really that bad?” “If you’re asking if I was raped in prison, Tyra, the answer’s no.” LOSING IT at this exchange lmao
“Tim Riggins, what the hell is going on with you?” that’s the question!
Oh shit is Tyra just finding out that Tim took the fall for Billy now...fuck
“He had a wife, a family. I had the chance to give him something, to give Stevie something we never had. To give him his father.” Damn, the look on Tyra’s face. She knows all too well why he did what he did even tho it fucked him up :( THE EMOTION. THE PAIN!
Damn they’re announcing the decision on the Dillon teams *before* state?
“What are you hoping for?” loaded question, Julie! “I hope that the Lions get to stay put, and I hope that I get to be Dean of Admissions at Braemore College.” awww yeah you do deserve it all, Tami.
Oh wow all these people from both teams standing in the street, drinking and talking and waiting for the decision with “i was living in a devil’s town” playing??? THIS SHOW.
I feel for the dude who has to address this town about this decision.
Anddd there it is, they eliminated the East Dillon program. The rich kids cheering for their victory in front of the poor kids mourning the end of the program they fought to make better is so fucking tacky.
And omg now they have to play state?
“Let me tell you something, you’re gonna be the star quarterback of the Dillon panthers next year, and you’re gonna shine.” OH this hug between Eric and Vince! “See you at practice tomorrow.” Again, the reminder that these people gotta play a *state championship*! wild
“We need to talk.” BUDDY WHAT?
Aw Julie and Tyra hanging out and there are Panthers screaming out of cars. “Welcome back to Dillon.” “No place like it.” Oh, this warms my heart.
I love this exchange: “You know, it’s kind of like this drug. When you get outside of it, you see it for what it really is. But when you’re in it, it seems like there’s no other possible reality.” “It’s a hard place to shake.” “Yeah...I didn’t see that one coming.”
“Whatever happened with you and Matty?” SAME, TYRA, SAME. “We’re good. I mean, we still talk every now and then. He went to Chicago. I went to visit him awhile back, and...I don’t really know what we are or aren’t or…” INTRIGUE. “I kind of just really miss him.” “Life’s harder when you really love someone.” Awwww. I loved that scene so much.
Wow, Buddy and Eric are talking at the Panthers field?
Oh, Buddy’s trying to sell him on winning the championship and then going to the Panthers to coach along with Vince….
“I can never come back to this school and coach. Never.” I mean, FAIR.
“Three rings in six years. That’s history. No one’s ever done that. You’ve got everything you want.” Yeah, Buddy, but does Tami get what she wants in that scenario?
Lol i love all the East Dillon Lions drunk on the field, like seasons’ past with teams past…
“Alright I’m taking a piece of grass home.” LOL TINK
To State and to Coach Taylor, huh? Sounds familiar. And Buddy Jr. is puking. Lmao.
“Just make sure you’re really okay with losing him.” YES Tyra! As much as Billy has majorly fucked up, i agree with her that the idea of the Riggins brothers losing each other when they ONLY had each other for so makes my heart sad.
Oh shit are Tim and Tyra about to kiss? I almost forgot they were together back when this whole show started! “Please don’t go.” DAMNNN
Wow what a scene. Eric comes home with his news that he could have “everything” and Tami replies, “I’ll say to you what you haven’t had the grace to say to me: congratulations, Eric.
“I want you to take me someplace.” “Where?” “I’ll tell you when we’re on the way.” This is really cute! Also Tyra is so hot damn gurl i see you!
Aw Vince shooting his shot, yes! “What about you and me?” “I was really proud of how hard you tried. Thank you.”
“You already have two strikes against you.” “Jess, I was born with two strikes against me.” LOL SO TRUE. and aw what a hug!
Tyra took him to his land, didn’t she??? “Alaska, Tim?” He’s SMILING. Is that Texas Forever vibes i’m seeing here?
AH, Matt is home with a Christmas tree to see his grandma!!! She’s so excited!!
Aw she forgot his dad’s dead? “Did you say it was Christmas?” Oh this is so sad.
Why are Buddy and the Panthers coach standing at the Taylors’ front door like fucking cops late at night? This football program is sinister at times.
“Eighteen years.” Yeah, Tami. And then she turns it back on: “Can I get you two anything? Iced tea, water?” and FADE TO BLACK.
Damn!! What an amazing set-up for a series finale I’ve heard only good things about!!! AHHHH
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stonerbughead · 5 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#34)
And we continue with 5x11, the stage is set for quite a playoff episode, and i am HERE FOR IT.
my reactions / recap / flailing under the cut
Omg there are “welcome home Tim” signs up?? Poor Luke is jealous of Becky and Tim talking.
Damn, Tim definitely seems fucked up from prison from just that convo with Becky about the Landing Strip alone. Tortured boy.
Aw, we love to see excited Eric with a bunch of excited East Dillon Lions in the locker room after a winning playoff game!
Anddddd here come the budget cuts to burst the bubble. “Anyone need a donut? Some of you won’t have a job next semester.” Damn worst he’s seen it in 27 years? “Anyway, uh...pray.” Damn.
“Where’s the union in all of this, you know?” damn, they have a union at this Texas school? That’s good, but it seems like a weak one, which i’m not surprised about because, again...Texas.
OOOOH Tami’s getting recruited to a Philly college and they’ll fly her out to interview her?
LOL the dudes are yelling “state, state, state!” jumping up and down in their front yard? “Get out of my front yard, you’re making me look bad!” this is so wholesome.
Oh jesus poor Vince, his dad is trying to bring alcohol home when his mom is a recovering addict? What a selfish fuck! “I just don’t know.” OK BYE.
Ahhh Smash Williams is on the TV, playing football in a professional game while Tim Riggins works at Buddy’s bar...this show is just *chef’s kiss*
Oh he sounds so sad and “meh” as Buddy tries to make small talk about Smash’s success. Oh my poor Tim.
OH Jess noooo you taped another team in the division? The fear and drive in her eyes as she nervously tells a very stressed Eric she wants to be a coach herself...I love that.
REALLY? One of the coaches had to do the laughing and “you’ll never be a football coach.” “What, because I’m a girl?” “I didn’t say that.” “Yeah, you did.”
OMG I’m dying, the subtitles while Luke and Becky make out on the coach say SMOOCHING. Adorable!
“Don’t stop for me.” Wow, growth for Becky that Tim is the one walking in on her relationship now. “Use protection this time.” MUST YOU TIM?
Oh shit, football is “revenue neutral.” Truly wild that Tami, Eric, and Levi are having a convo about the whole program possibly being cut while the team loudly celebrates making it to the quarter finals all around them! The visuals in this show are superb.
The sound of “all the way to state, all the way to state, all the way to state!” in the background as the camera focuses on Tami and Eric, watching over everything with sighs on their faces. They carry so much for this town and this team.
Oh shit it’s Bryn Mawr she wants to interview at? And omg they want to interview on the Friday of the semi-final. It’s all happening!
Oh yes some high-stress practice in the pouring rain while Eric has budget cuts and Tami’s interview on his mind!
Okay i get you’re stressed Eric, but calling Jess a “pest” for showing you an article of a female football coach is not it! Although it is WILD Jess took a physical newspaper clipping out to show Eric in the pouring rain. I love her.
Yes, Billy, you are def on the chopping block with these budget cuts. But LOL at him making fun of that dude who repeats everything everyone else said
Tim is so much quieter and more stoic. It tracks. Billy, are you really surprised he doesn’t want to relive his former glory days rn? (Although i have a lil feeling Tim will show up at this game at the last minute!)
Oh shit they’re on Billy’s front lawn now? This is so cute, the parallel moments of “wait a minute, I hear something” and coming outside to find this team with so much heart!
Oh wow they are getting BOOED at this away game. You know they’re good now!
“You never saw so many people so quiet.” I love Vince and his mom’s relationship so much, my heart.
Oh god is daddy all drunk kissing up on his wife who is SOBER? Sir, what do you not understand about sobriety?
Oop and he’s got “gifts.” What shit is he back into?
Wow, hands on the mom and he’s clearly dropped the drugs he’s flipping. There it is.
Yes to the BBQ people asking if the MOM is alright and kicking the dad’s sorry ass out. That’s how we do it.
I really love the way they’re transitioning through this period of playoffs—the locker room updates to their progress with the radio in the background, the chants after each win — then making way for Eric dropping Tami off at the airport. Semifinals are here.
“The time when I need you the most?” “You really gonna bring this up now, on the way to the airport?” Tami’s right, she’s been nothing but straightforward all along! Tami supports you, Eric, let her have her fucking moment.
“Well, you’re kicking my ass.” “Yes, that’s right. Your ass needs some kicking.” “Who’s going to cook dinner for me?” “Oh, poor baby. Gracie.” LMAOOOO yes Tami! Get him! I’m dying.
Okay, Eric, you are forgiven—he looked up the female football coach to talk to Jess about but got the last name wrong!
“14,000 high school football coaches in the country, and that’s one. One out of 14,000. You like those odds?” “No, I think they kind of stink.” “So do I.” Awwww.
“I’m not asking to play.” YES JESS! I love the growth she’s shown over her two seasons. Now she knows what she wants! And her persistence is paying off—Eric’s gonna let her shadow him?! My heart!
Damn Tim is VERY bothered by Becky working at the family business (The Landing Strip.)
Oh God what i feel like Tim sees in “one of Becky’s regular customers” is someone he has an excuse to let out his aggression on. He’s clearly just so fucked up by his life not being what he wanted it to be—and by even the life of those he loved and left behind on the outside not being what he wants for them.
“She’s 17 years old!!!! A high school junior!” I mean, FAIR. Fair fucking point.
Oh fuck this emotional scene between Tim and Billy in the parking lot...DAMN that was a hard punch in the face Tim just gave Billy.
WOW Tim is gonna hold onto taking the fall for Billy for a long time. Fuck. “For the rest of my life, if that’s how I feel it needs to be.”
Billy looks so fucking sad on his knees in the parking lot.
Regina changed the locks! Yes gurl, do not let that man back into your home!
He’s trying to break down the door...oh honey, no. “You’re blowing it, Pop!” I’m so proud of Regina for standing up for herself and Vince.
The visual of Luke riding up next to Tim’s car, and then driving past Becky and Tim fighting, as they pause to watch him go...ART. Also, why is Tim so resolutely like “I got to go. I got to go.” Intrigued.
“There’s only gonna be one football team in Dillon next year.” “Well, which program are they cutting?” “That’s next week’s fight.” DAMN. So much is happening in one night!
Yep, Eric just summed it up to that reporter: “One of those teams is going to state. And i don’t think you’re gonna eliminate a team that goes to state.” They’re fighting for the very existence of their team AND the state championship in one! This show!
Oh wow Luke does NOT want to hear Becky’s apology. Oh nooo!
Aw Regina and Vince communicating about how she needs to “take a meeting” so she can’t come to the game and him saying that’s more important...again, the growth! My heart!
OH they made up Braemore? Really sounded like Bryn Mawr LOL. Go Tami!!!
(These white dudes do not want to hear a woman saying they should rethink their approach. STOP YELLING AT HER, SHE’S RIGHT.)
Oh Mindy, crying at Tim not to go, about how much Billy cries at night, how much they both love Tim. IM EMOTIONAL
“You’re different, you know that?” “Yeah. I am.” ABOLISH PRISONS.
DAMN this semi final game is a NAILBITER
They did it at the last minute, YES!!! Nothing beats the excitement on the team’s faces as they embrace!
Damn Tim returning to his old trailer? Drinking beers alone and doing very not well as he listens to the radio static. Sigh, poor angsty boy.
Aw the woman who interviewed Tami is so kind. Telling her she did well at dinner.
I literally gasped then went AHHH! when the college dude came to dinner and Tami’s all politely like “thanks for the opportunity!” And the guy’s like, “yeah yeah i have two kids to put to bed, anyway we’re offering you that old asshole’s job.” “Dean of Admissions???” YES QUEEN
Damn Eric and Tami are BOTH killing the game, what a fucking power couple.
Eric has the whiteboard on the bus to accompany this “we’re going to state” chant. Amazing.
“We missed the field house.” “We’re not going to the field house.” OMG all their fans are waiting outside to cheer for them as they return?? How beautiful!
Oh my poor babe Vince, all he wants is to know his mom is safe.
YES he found his mom! My heart dropped when Vince’s face betrayed some fear he couldn’t find her. I’m so glad they can celebrate together, oh my heart.
And then you see Eric looking around for Tami, lost because she’s across the country contemplating a life-changing job offer...WOW. Two episodes left and the deck is truly STACKED. This show is art.
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stonerbughead · 5 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#33)
I’m back, I’m back! So here’s what happened...I watched 5x10 on October 1, never edited my note about it, then ended up taking an inadvertent break from watching until now. Idk why, but i needed a break from like...watching tv i hadn’t seen before. Anyone else have that habit of watching things you’ve already seen when you’re going through an anxious period? Starting a new job in the same month as the 2020 presidential election fit the bill, and i wanted to really immerse myself in the final three episodes of this amazing show properly so i decided to wait until i was feeling it! Anyway to the like three people who enjoy my recaps, i hope you enjoy these last four recaps.
So without further ado, aforementioned Oct 1 recap, now edited and underneath the cut:
5x10 yoooo I have never been so amused by Buddy Garrity in my life + TIM so here we go:
TIM RIGGINS RETURNS?! Yay!!! (This is my reaction just from seeing him in the “previously on.”)
Eric’s getting recruited at a ~fancy~ restaurant! Oh shitttt
“That, right there, marks the end of the East Dillon Lions football program led by Coach Eric Taylor.” “...It’s a crate of oranges.” “Yeah, and it’s from the sunshine state. From Florida! And that can only mean one thing—year round sunshine and college funding.” Lmao alarmist Buddy is hilarious and actually not wrong here. Lol incredulous Levi: “you got all that from a crate of oranges?!”
#OperationGetTimOut!! Is Eric going to speak for him as a character witness?
I *knew* that phone call from Oklahoma Tech wasn’t gonna be good. Ohhhhh Vince you should’ve listened to Eric~~~
Oh shit everyone’s buzzing about “losing their kingmaker” and it’s playoff time! Love a good car radio scene. “So how was it honey, are we moving to Florida?” Lol
“Dad, maybe we should just talk to Coach. I need to be focused on this game on Friday night, getting my spot back.” Yes Vince stand up for yourself, take a break from those meetings! I am fearful of his dad’s true reaction tho.
“Expelling Epyck, that was a good start.” Omfg some of these teachers are too cruel! That is a severely traumatized child, ma’am!
“Impromptu speeches...” “Impromptu means not planned, Buddy.” “Okay, then promptu.” I’M LIVING for these Buddy and Levi interactions omg hilarious.
“A man can’t leave if you erect a statue in his honor.” “A plaque?” “You got money for that?!” I cannot omfgggg Levi and Buddy should take this show on the road!
Tami’s “Oh Levi you are too much.” That’s a nice way to say “fuck you” for making her take a personal day to go speak on a panel he TOLD her she’s speaking at? Smh this is why staff needs unions.
Lmao Buddy is being so extra with Eric, I can’t
...and enter Billy, here to ask Eric a favor...
“Tim Riggins? One of the best fullbacks in the great state of Texas? The boy my girl fell in love with? Yeah I’ll do that.” Damn Buddy has a crush on Tim Riggins too!! I get it dude same.
“I believe in loyalty, Billy. Sticking with your people, through good and bad.” SO EXTRA LMAO
“Hey coach you going to Florida?” “I was planning on going home and I suggest you do too, Tinker.” Ugh poor Eric having to deal with all of these rumors and the team being endlessly curious right before the playoffs!
Awww Tami’s excited about the Florida houses. “Three years with a two year option.” Damn. Aw the way that Eric looks at Tami and you know he wants to give her everything she wants 🥺
Omggg now Buddy is making the players talk up Eric Taylor 😂 his scheming truly kills me
Becky and Luke tossing a football, so precious!
Ah, there’s more to life than college football, Luke! “No one wants me.” “I want you.” Aww Becky.
Aw Billy is getting so frustrated trying to write his speech for Tim. “It sounds ridiculous.” “No it doesn’t. You’re a good brother.” Oh Mindy 🥺 fuck prisonssss he should not feel like his words have so much bearing on his brother’s literal freedom!
Yes to Vince going to Eric and agreeing to earn his way back! That’s the Vince we know and love!
I love Eric telling Tami about Tim’s parole hearing. “You going to do it?” “You bet i’m going to do it.” My heart! The way there’s no question about it 🥺
Andddd Vince’s dad predictably refuses to let up with the recruiters. But this time Vince is standing up to him!
Yesss Vince, walk away! Especially after his dad yelled at him like that; this is not your life, it’s Vince’s!
“Don’t whack her. Just a little love tap.” LMAO Luke, Tinker, Becky, and a pig. Luke is giving Tinker pageant advice for Tinker at a competition with the pig?? I can’t, that’s weirdly so cute. Becky clearly finds it cute.
Omg Tim in his all-white prison uniform I HATE THISSS
OMGGGG “I don’t want Billy to speak, he’s done enough damage.” Fuck this is gonna fuck Billy UP. But also fair...I mean, Billy DOES tend to be a fuck up?? Isn’t that how we got here?
Yessss Tami going off explaining that standardized testing isn’t the end all be all!!
“what would you have us do, meet with every kind in the state?” “Yes I would.” to a round of applause. GO OFF QUEEN TAMI TAYLOR
Yes Coach Taylor! Give us one of your epic speeches!
Poor Tim looks like he has a lot of self hatred sitting here listening to Eric talking about him 🥺
“I asked him to be an assistant coach because of his character off the field.” YES
lol Buddy Garrity getting up to speak even tho he’s not on the list 🤣
“He’s like family to me.” OH BUDDYYYY he’s coming through with a full time job for Tim when he comes out?????? Tim’s smile of relief.
“It’s time for you to let Tim Riggins come home.” YESSSSS
AW Tim sent Eric letters from prison?? My poor babe. “I’m sorry I didn’t visit more.” “I’m sorry I let you down.” “You didn’t and that’s not why I’m here.” IM EMOTIONAL
Holy shit Vince’s dad is STILL not letting up? “I’m your father. I know what’s right.” “that is enough! Get off his back!” “He needs a father, not an agent!” YES REGINA GO OFFFFF she finally snapped!
(It’s wild how Coach possibly leaving is being used in this fight in Vince’s family. Oh, Dillon!)
Oh shit Billy is yelling at both Becky and Mindy, clearly very affected by what Tim said at his parole hearing. “You did everything you could and that makes all the difference.” Aww Mindy, and Billy apologized! Too much stress for such a young family! Also unrelated but Mindy looks mad hot for the athletic banquet.
Awww I love getting to see the other teams stand up. Yeah cross country, yes girls volleyball!!!
Man, playing a sport in Texas that’s not football must suck, look at that insane applause for football vs. weak for everyone else
Buddy giving Gracie a lil t-shirt and saying, “clear eyes, full know it?” And they’re all like “can’t...lose” and Gracie giggles! Ok that’s cute af
Omg the tension between Jess and Vince!! “Jess, I miss you. I miss you.” 🥺 aw yeah she blew him off for her brothers
Wow they made it to the playoffs for the first time in 25 years?? Well here comes Buddy’s All Hail Eric Taylor pageant. Lmao
Awww these heartfelt addresses from the team members on how much Eric Taylor has changed their lives??? Manipulative, Buddy, really. He knows what he’s doing.
Yesss Eric, give Tami that massage. See y’all, this is what being a good man looks like.
“It had the desired effect. It sure made you think twice about leaving Dillon.” “It’s a hell of an offer. I’d own that building. They have funding.” “Mmm and oranges. Don’t forget about oranges.” “Mmm that pool.” They wanna leave.
“You know what I want more than anything right now? I wanna bring these boys to state.” “I know you do.” “They deserve it.” “I know they do. But after you do that, this offer is something to think about. Because you deserve that.” Ugh I know I say it a lot but since we’re in the final four episodes now and I’m mostly talking into the void anyway — god, what a model of a wonderful and gentle and loving and communicative marriage! I am continually floored!
Becky with cowboy boots at Luke’s farm works. And ooh Luke’s mom said hi to her?? Progress!!
Aw they’re talking about how pretty they find Luke’s farm as he tries to imagine a future here in Dillon. “I have an amazing imagination. I see your next game, and you’re winning.” Awww Becky is such a cute girlfriend.
What a cute shot of Luke and Becky on the farm, “you ever think you could imagine living on a farm?” “Sure.” AWWW
Vince at Eric’s door on game day?!!! He’s asking Eric not to take the offer to Shane State when he’s supposed to already be at the field house!?!
“Having you as a coach is one of the best things to happen to me. I don’t know where I’d be without you. Either in jail or in a ditch somewhere.” Damn forget Buddy this shit is from the HEART
Eric tells him to get in the damn car and tells him he’s starting!! “You know what your problem is? You ask too many damn questions.”
AHHHHH TIM IS HOME! Showered in a flannel! My heart! He salutes Becky with a beer!
Aww Billy is so excited to have his brother home.
It seems uneasy in the home. Coming back from prison is hard.
And here they go, heading onto the bus with signs and cheers!
“I’ll tell you, this is an away game, but you look around here at the community tonight and the young players that I have playing for me, and the character they got—no matter where this community goes, that’s home.”
Damn Eric just announced he was planning to stay home in Dillon to the press. “you’re full of surprises, aren’t you?” says Tami. “I love you.” and with the FNL theme song playing aghkliyb I’m not ready for the final three episodes ahhh!!!
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#32)
5x09 ahhh my heart is singing for Chicago!Matt already
recap/flailing under the cut:
Ah it makes sense that East Dillon fell apart and ruined their undefeated record after the way that last episode went!
“Really??” As Jess and the maintenance workers are still cleaning up they turn off the lights??? No respect!
Ahhh they’re showing Luke and Vince arguing in the locker room interspersed with the actual game? This show is magic.
Eric found them arguing and kicked them out the field house lol
“That wasn’t a team out there, folks, it was a bunch of individuals trying...” fitting last radio sound byte before Eric throws the radio in the trash lol
OMG MATTS CHICAGO APT IS SO CUTE AND ADULT AND GROWN UP. He’s folding a blanket??? Fuck me up
She stayed all weekend and doesn’t want to leave?! Ok ok I see y’all but that does seem a little irresponsible, Julie.
Is Matt wearing a live strong bracelet? Lol sign of the times
“Look, we all know the problem: it’s Vince, he’s lost his team.” Ooooh good line to go into the theme song on!
“I suck at Texas history.” IS THAT AN ACTUAL CLASS IN TEXAS???? STOP IT. Stop it right now!!! This cannot be real!
“Baby boy is graduating, it’s the last time they’ll see me in the little lions uniform.” LOL Becky and Luke are cute
Ew it sucks that Luke can’t invite Becky out after this last home game with his parents but also who would want to go to dinner with his trash mom sooo I’m conflicted.
Eric wants Luke on QB today?! well then
Oh god Mindy feels like she’s gonna puke?? Oh no is she pregnant again??
“I could take your shift.” Oh Beckyyyy and Mindy is like, no no no lol
I cringe every time Vince’s dad talks to him about football. His mom seems to be cringing too in the corner...
Becky looks really cute waiting tables but yeeeesh she’s a teenage girl and a fully grown man is putting a dollar in her undies. Yikes! Although once she counted that $$$ she was like I AM WOMAN I AM POWER lol
Eric and Tami’s little walk and talks in school are so precious
Awww Becky used her tip money to get Luke a gift to wear to his dinner? “You know I get it because she kinda freaks me out too but you didn’t do anything about it.” Yeah that about sums it up.
Wtf Vince is turning on Jess now too?? She’s appropriately angry! “Yeah cause it’s never Vince’s fault huh? I can’t believe you! You’re really trying to blame me for coach being mad at you?” Ooooh she said it.
OH SHIT did Jess just dump Vince’s ass?
Aw Epyck being good with Gracie is so cute.
Julie and Matt look hot and very natural walking down the street together in Chicago. Aw and she feels like she fits here but didn’t at college. Be a city gal, join us!!! Lol
“It’s frustrating bc I miss you and I miss us, and tonight watching you with all these people it’s like you’ve moved on and it’s sucks.” Awww Julie and then Matt immediately kissed her to shut her up! “I’ve been waiting to do that ever since you showed up.” This is SUCH a romantic ass city kiss!
Honestly out of all the characters Matt and Julie are the ones I can see being city folks the most so that tracks for me.
Jess helping Luke with the plays instead of Vince, she’s such a good one.
Omg Matt and Julie are so cute in bed together, Matt again saying he missed her as he plays with her hair. 🥺
She’s gonna tell him about the TA thing right? Yep okay good honesty is important.
Tumblr media
Awww Matt being so supportive and nonjudgmental! My heart! He’s such a good guy I’m dead 😭
“I hope this won’t freak you out, but I think you and I need to, um...we need to go get breakfast.” LOL I LOVE HIM HES SO CUTE god
Oh shit Eric’s benching Vince for not helping Luke! Man of his word, he does not play!
“The big deal is I’m an adult and you’re not.” Yeah Becky, Mindy’s argument seems pretty sound considering we’re talking about you, a teenage girl, working at a strip club. Just...wait till you’re an adult, gurl! You’re almost there!
Oh god Mindy’s irritable, is she preggers???
Anddd she does not seem happy about it....
Yeeesh Tami just slammed her head trying to break up this fight between Epyck and Laurel? Fuck
Yay I was right about Vince’s mom. “I think you maybe don’t have to take his advice all the time. You have a good head on your shoulders, use it, okay!” YES MAMA TELL HIM!!!
Omfg they’re gonna arrest Epyck for this even tho Tami is saying not to bc it was an accident??? Y’all really hate students of color with trauma, damn...the fact that Laurel thought it was okay to call Epyck a psycho in front of a lot of people too? School to prison pipeline in action, folks.
Aw Eric found Jess crying alone in the locker room 🥺 poor baby
We stan Eric. He told Jess not to apologize for crying and to “take all the time you need.” AWWWW
“I don’t wanna be your safety net.” Matt is right—Julie’s clearly avoiding stuff! “I wish you could stay longer, I wish you lived here but you...don’t live here.” He’s right! Gurl! Ugh being 18/19 is so hard!
Omg Billy’s excitement about Mindy being pregnant again is insane. He said “who cares?” about Mindy having to quit her job and she seems much more concerned than he does about the very real health care concerns.
“My boys can swim,” Billy says, putting THE PEE STICK IN HIS MOUTH?? I’m dead, Mindy just saying “I peed on that” and him removing it. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS BILLYYY
Ugh poor Epyck :( this system has failed her! And poor Tami tried so hard.
Ah, Eric is getting turned onto the idea of not coaching teens but adults instead—fair!
Omg Luke stopped by Eric’s after 10 to say he’s too scared to be quarterback?? Oh babe.
Awww Senior Day is here. Look at Luke’s trash mom!
“How much time do you need? You’re not milking a cow out there!!” Lol
Yeeeesh now everyone’s chanting “we want Vince.” Ugh imagine being Luke rn
Why is Vince’s dad literally mad? Luke is doing well lol
Yesss lions win!! You did it baby! They’re going to the playoffs!
Oh geez and now Vince has to stop his dad from storming the field and cursing Eric Taylor out! Jesus.
Aww Luke getting his little victory kiss from Becky and bringing her along. His mom is such an asshole, she’s literally gawking at Becky. Bless the dad for being like “why not?”
“He kissed her. Did you see that he kissed her?” Ew Luke’s mom how do you think she got pregnant the last time...?
Aww and off Julie goes, hopefully this time to stop avoiding her problems in that lil blue car? FUCK ME UPPP matt pulling a classic move yelling and running after her, “Julie!!!!!”
“It’s all gonna be okay, all right? We’ll figure it out.” As they’re in the street?? With the I love yous and a truck honking?? Are you kidding me? How romantic...and then she has to get back in the car and drive away oh my HEART the romantic angst!
The episode ending in Matt watching her car drive away from him!!!! Art!
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#31)
5x08 (I watched this ep and 5x09 last week and have been busy since but I am in the last arcs here and I never want it to end meh!)
all the recapping and flailing and reacting under the cut:
Aw Vince’s first interview! The quality of the tv they’re all watching!!! it reminds me of childhood omg
Vince’s dad is pulling him away from the teamwork attitude and more about him....yikes this is not cute and Jess is cringing. Same gurl.
“You barely talked about anyone but yourself.” Yepppp you right, Jess! No stop defending him, dad, ughhh
Is Becky too freaked to fuck Luke in his house where the terrifying anti choice mom lives? Bc I feel that. And last time they fucked she had to have an abortion they caused a townwide scandal! Like I get it gurl! do you, go slow!
“Oh how DARE he!” Me when TA Fuckface shows up at the door.
“PUNCH HIM!!!!” Me at Eric
Oh yeah he escorted Derek off the property, yes! Get out of here, you predator fuck!
Oh shit the rest of the team is making fun of Vince’s interview and tryna bring Jess into it lol
“I mean with a face like this how could you not, right?” Oh honey no, yeah that fell as flat as it should.
Oooop Epyck’s fighting again! “I’m on your side here, but you gotta help me.” Oooop and she asked for Tami’s sandwich and there it is—she’s food insecure?
What nonsense is Billy doing?? Showing the defense team a “pre war dance” —definitely culturally appropriation of indigenous culture and cringe af?? Absolutely not lol
Aw Buddy Jr. got hurt!
Omfg now TA is showing up at Tami’s office????? enough!
Talking to her is not the way to make this right, fuckface! You resigned? Cool now fuck off and out of Julie’s life!
Lol MAMA MINDY TIME with all her friends encouraging Becky to enter a beauty pageant I love it
Ew these illicit recruitment lunches with Vince and his dad and old creepy white dudes make my skin crawl
I’m sorry, so—they’re bringing two conventionally attractive women to tour Vince around? Yikes—college rally girls?
“I should have gone to college” says Vince’s creepy dad as he stares at 19 year old girls GROSS
AW Becky didn’t tell Luke about the pageant?
“When we win you have to sneak into your boyfriend’s room with only a tiara.” Lol I love all the girls hyping Becky up.
Oh shit they didn’t know about the previous abortion? Aw she’s crying and opening up to Mindy and her friends, my heart!
“I lost my virginity in the back of a truck I mean who does that” and they’re all like UH ME?? Lol Texas
Oooh Vince blew off practice for recruitment and didn’t tell Jess? Or is she covering for his ass?
Is there someone taking a photo of Vince on the field or am I crazy
Ew all this talking in Vince’s direction to be overheard on purpose so they don’t *technically* break the rules is so scummy!
Omg Tami found Epyck fighting on the street and was like, get in my car! Hilarious.
“You know what, I’m gonna feed you right now, is what I’m gonna do.” Are you sensing a pattern?
Ugh Epyck talking about how there isn’t a lot of food to go around at her foster home, my heart!
Aw she doesn’t want Tami to call social services bc she’s finally doing ok with the help of Tami WOW
Eeeek Vince talking about the visit is yikes! Jess telling ar him that it’s against the rules, ugh this is so rough
“There won’t be so many distractions.” You mean teenage girls to prey on, Derek??
Stop telling Julie she’s gonna realize y’all had a “rare” connection she’ll later look back on as she gets older! First of all, as she gets older she’ll realize even more how predatory and not okay you pursuing her was, and second of all, she HAS experienced rare connection but not with you, sir, with Matt Saracen! Amen.
Now Julie, go off on TA Derek in this restaurant like he deserves. Rip him a new one, punch him, you know
Lol really, ARE you getting a divorce? Wild
Ew don’t give her your address in Tennessee after telling her to go back to school!
Ewwww their hands touching on the piece of paper with the address. Gross gross gross please let this be the end.
Lol Eric and Tami shoving at each other fighting over who’s morning it is to get Gracie, classic.
Yay Julie’s going back to school?! I love how she apologized and Tami was all yay I’m so proud and Eric was like can you make some coffee 😂
How dare he! Omg Vince is blaming the recruitment visit on his mom’s addiction???? Does Eric know he’s lying?
Epyck lied about her foster home sitch, ah
Aw the little ones love Epyck? Her backstory with parents who died from AIDS and living on the street oh poor babe
YESSS I was right about the photographer on campus! They did get a photo of Vince at Oklahoma Tech!!! Aghhh
Damn Vince’s dad has really drilled this very individualistic mindset in and it’s not cute.
Omg Mindy and her fellow Landing Strip workers getting ready for the beauty pageant! Love it?
“I actually like you. No, look at me: you’re strong and you’re smart and you’re feisty. I believe you have a future.” OMG TAMIIIII I love you, I love that Dillons girls like Epyck have her looking out for them.
Yesssss Becky having the loudest, most raucous cheering section at this pageant is so adorable!
Lol all of them booing when Becky got second runner up I’m dying
“I think you should take a hard look at the company you keep.” Fuck off, old white lady, they’re way cooler than you’ll ever be!
“You don’t hit my quarterback when you have that red shirt on.” Oh shit Luke is pressing Vince about Oklahoma...yeah everyone else on the team has had it with Vince at this point.
Aw Julie is really leaving to go back to school now?!
Eewww Derek called Julie “to get her back,” not to go back to school??? What a douche! “That’s what I thought,” she says then turns around??? Plz tell me this means she’s leaving Derek behind for good!
Oh god it’s gonna be another showdown between Eric Taylor and Vince’s dad huh? “I won’t have any one player bigger than my team. He misses practice again and I’ll bench him.”
Oh god his dad knows Eric is being called by the colleges too??? Well fuck!
Aw Becky leaving a lil sharpie note on Luke’s car windshield? Cute.
Lol Billy is getting in a fight with the old school coach! This team is falling apart!
Oh god a classic team fighting as they’re supposed to be coming out at a pep rally shot! What a trope!
Aw Buddy jr. on his crutches in his jersey
Everyone’s faking it, everyone’s uneasy, and the music is playing as they show everyone—
“I want to introduce the man who taught us to have pride in East Dillon again: Coach Taylor.” And then the camera flashes to Vince’s dad watching him well DAMN
YESSSSSS JULIE’S IN CHICAGO??? Omg so I was right; TA Derek’s thing about special connections totally made her think of Matt!! He looks so GOOD and delighted to see her!!!
Ok I’m going straight into the next one now xo xo
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#30)
5x07–aka the return of rivalry week, oh my!
under the cut ya go:
Omg Jess wants to work at a football camp?! So precious!
Why is Buddy here with equipment looking for outlets? OMG they’re keeping watch of the field to keep anyone from doing the shit they did with tooth picks and trucks and such last rivalry week?!?! Lmaooo
OMG JASON’S HERE??? I almost forgot about this dude, aw his kid is doing well! That’s lovely. Aw Eric gave him a Lions hat and he’s married and is a successful agent? So proud!
“You know, people are talking about you, there’s a lot of heat.” OMG Jason got a call about Eric?!?! Wow I think I’m starting to see where the endgame is going for this show.
“We ALMOST got the daughter out of the house.” Lol.
Oh geez Vince’s dad being excited makes me nervous. How did he get these nice ass sneakers I am sus
HE GOT IT FROM TMU?? That’s def illegal honey no no
Oh good Vince seems to know he can’t take them. Although I SMELL CONFLICT
Oh god the dad’s moving in permanently? I’m as concerned as Jess is right now. Omg there’s no internet where they’re watching the field. 😂 Oh shit they know about Vince’s record? “He’s got a football team full of violent criminals.” Oh you racists were looking for an excuse to unleash your vitriol on these poor kids who have criminal records bc they weren’t blessed to be born on the “correct” side of town! Smh.
Omg this is racist AF, this website is disgusting 🤦🏻‍♀️
Yes Eric, run into the panthers boosters club and rip them a new one!!!
And yes, Tami, make Julie help out and pay her dad back for the car, absolutely! She needs to face some consequences and not be too comfy at home.
Eric is right, the Panthers are trying to get in their heads—and in the most insidious, racist/classist way possible!
“You think if the colleges see that stuff they’re still gonna call? They’re still gonna want me?” Ohh Vince nooo. Eric saying it’s not gonna matter feels...overly optimistic.
“It doesn’t matter how many games we win, how many touchdowns i throw, all they see is a bunch of thugs, Coach. Everybody thinks it but they never say it.” UGH yes fuck me UP, young Michael B. Jordan! I’m emotional!
Aww Luke and Becky flirting while Becky’s with the baby and Billy is in the backyard training with Luke LOL
Oh god Billy’s advice for Luke wooing Becky by ignoring her is....bad!
Luke didn’t know Mindy works at the landing strip? “She still works there? Part time? Like weekends?” Lol
Luke don’t listen to him! Bad advice!
“Let’s have a barbecue.” “A barbecue?” “A morale-building barbecue.” Lol I love Eric’s disbelief at Tami’s suggestion considering all the drama the last time this bbq happened lol
Omg Jason Street gave a college Eric’s number? OH SHIT for a college HEAD COACH JOB? Damn!
Poor dejected Vince 🥺 “I feel like I’m playing with a fixed deck, Pop.” YOU AREEE ugh
Vince’s dad has been talking to schools all day??? That’s like explicitly what Eric told him not to do omfg
“I ain’t gonna let you fall.” That was a sweet childhood Vince anecdote but I don’t believe Vince’s dad one bit.
Lol Tami is making Julie go shopping for a 300 person BBQ?! Hilarious.
Eric and Tami annoying the living shit out of Julie in the hopes she’ll go back to school seems like a great plan they’re doing here!
This makeshift gym in Billy’s backyard with the baby strapped to his chest drinking while Luke works out I cannot 😂
“Oh some of it didn’t blend correctly” Billy says as Luke pulls a huge leaf out his mouth after drinking his smoothie omfgggg I’m dead
Oh geez Vince’s dad is talking him up to Jason? Wild.
Aw Jess is so nervous about her recommendation letter. Eric called the coach for her? Aw!
“Somewhere you’re comfortable, somewhere that’s a good fit.” Awww Jason that’s a wholesome answer to Vince’s dad being so extra with Coach.
Helppppp this is so cringe, he’s like straight up heckling Eric and his rep as kingmaker.. “You got a problem there, right?” “I sure do.” Jason really is all grown up.
Aw what a nice bbq! Julie and Jason catching up!
Oh god Luke is really straight up ignoring Becky and flirting with Julie??? Ugh I hate this.
Vince’s mom is celebrating too soon about this repaired Vince-dad relationship.
Yes Eric, confront Vince’s dad! It’s time! Now he’s just straight up saying he “doesn’t remember it like that” about the agreement the three of them made. Smh.
Oh geez is Vince’s dad like lowkey threatening Eric 😬
Oh wow Tami is going up to Burleson to get Julie’s assignments and books?! Geez. “While you’re up there why don’t you tell them they’ve got a teacher sleeping around with the students?” TRUE
“Thanks for setting up the bbq and everything. Thanks for what you do, thanks for our two beautiful daughters. Thank you for doing the laundry.” —Eric Taylor, teaching all men how to be a husband. my heart! Lmaooo then he said “do you wanna fool around?” after and then she said yes but fell asleep on him instead I’m dead
AH Tami comes face to face with the TA!!!!!! I literally yelled OH MY GOD when he said he was the TA Derek!!
“I’m here to pick up an independent study for Julie Taylor.” AHHHH “How is she?” YOU DONT HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW, FUCKFACE!
This is so cringe omfg
Yeah Derek feel bad you preyed on SOMEONE’S DAUGHTER
“I’m gonna mash up every bone in his body.” Lol Luke trying to sound aggressive is so funny.
Luke is being so RUDE to Becky Jesus I hate this
Ew Jason hyping up the Panthers, I get that it’s his team but blech they’re all such douchebags now.
Oh god did Luke act too aggressive? That dude is not getting up....
“Another big hit from Luke Cafferty, who’s bringing the pain.” Lol “these boys just do not like each other.” I mean they don’t call it rivalry week for nothing!
Yeeesh Vince’s dad in the stands with the recruiter watching the game is so cringe, ah!
“Calm down they’re having fun.” Excuse me Billy? I’m taking back all my praise for him from last episode. Grow up Billy god!!!!
Omg Vince is switching the offense bc his dad told him to....? Oh god
“A good ol fashioned Texas butt whooping.”
“There is no love lost here.” “That’s not who we are, Eric.” WHOA identity crisis on the field. These kids were triggered by everyone in town basically calling them thugs which is frankly understandable but WOW
Oh wow Eric is yelling at Vince. Oh shit his dad is in his HEAD. “He’s looking out for me!” then immediately into the “EAST SIDE” chants.
“No I mean like what are you DOING?” Thanks Becky! Luke is acting weird af!!!!!!
“You like it when I’m nice to you???” Luke is genuinely confused. “Ok I’m so sorry. Someone told me if I wanted you to like me, I had to ignore you and blow you off.”
Aw yes they like each other! Cute! KISSSSS! At least something positive happened this episode!
He’s laughing and saying “it totally worked” um no NOT THE CORRECT TAKEAWAY lol
Yesss Tami walking in and revealing she didn’t go to the game by dropping all of Julie’s college books on the coffee table, baller mom move!
“Did you talk to Derek. What did he say?” “You need to study.” LOLSAME Tami, stop thinking about this asshole, Julie!
“All those penalties, all that smack talk.” Damn etiquette really matters! Now coach Taylor’s rep is on the line?!
“Don’t feel like celebrating tonight” says the other old school coach. Damn.
Anddd Vince and his dad are talking to a recruiter openly. Wow! What a show!
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#29)
5x06! The theme of this episode for me is: Maybe Billy and Mindy Are Gonna Be Okay Parents After All!!
all the feels under the cut:
Lol whenever it’s a Luke episode they start in church.
Who else is at church? Let’s see: Julie’s back looking like she wants to Die, and Buddy Jr. fell asleep; Vince and Jess look adorable side by side in the pew.
“Eric Taylor: Kingmaker.” Lol Tami’s reaction is correct: “Kingmaker? Jesus Christ.”
Yeeeesh Julie trying to explain why she’s home from college is soooo cringe.
“What a good lookin couple” @ Julie and Buddy Jr. like they’re five year olds like nooo absolutely not! don’t do that to Julie, Buddy.
Every time Vince’s dad is here I’m so anxious bc I’m truly just waiting for him to break Vince’s heart again!
Omg the mayhem in the Riggins home when Tim calls, between Mindy and Becky and Billy! And omg Mindy sitting on Becky’s legs to keep her from getting up to try to say hi to Tim. Awww they all miss him so much—as do I!
Oh god and now an old enemy is here to press Vince for FIVE Gs???
Julie looks so cute trying to head back to school but I’m scared for her! She has a difficult situation she’s driving back to...if she is actually driving back to college!
Omgggg she just purposefully crashed the car to keep from having to go back???? FUCK, destructive behavior!!!
Aw I’m glad Vince is confiding in Jess about the money but...what are they gonna do 😭
Oh poor Luke, TMU wasn’t interested in him after all! I can see he’s gonna spiral.
Really, they’re all holding the Eric Taylor magazine in the bleachers? Lol
Oh shit the branding themselves thing made it back to the coaches?? TOO MUCH
“It’s every coach’s dream to experience the highest form of idiocy they can muster. And gentlemen, collectively us coaches, we are living our dreams.” Lmaooooooo
Ugh Julie isn’t telling Tami anything about school 🤦🏻‍♀️ “what’s going on?” TAMI KNOWS. Oh god making her promise to not freak out when she’s about to tell her mom she fucked a married TA.
“She slapped me in front of everyone, the whole dorm. I can’t go back there and I don’t know what to do.” Ugh Tami is a good parent for listening pretty non judgmentally considering the subject matter.
Ugh Eric being angry af and asking how old he is, same! “I’m gonna go up there and kick his ass! Who is up there messing around with students, with my damn daughter? One of the TAs?” CORRECT GO OFF ERIC
“Honey, our daughter is destroyed right now. That’s what we need to focus on.” also true ugh they’re such a good partnership
Ugh Eric immediately knowing she wrecked the car on purpose. He’s right and aw Tami doesn’t believe it.
“Maybe i should go traveling.” Uh Julie gurl no you should not! You’re making lots of bad choices and Tami is right, you need to take some responsibility for it!
“I just don’t get why I couldn’t talk to Tim for five minutes.” “Omg Becky because it’s a prison and not a dorm.” Correct, Mindy.
Omg dying at Mindy basically saying “I think you need to have some sex so you’ll stop lusting after a man in prison who is just your friend.” Love this scene of them shopping together!
Is Eric leaving early bc of Julie reasons or football reasons? I think Julie.
“Did you know he was married and had a wife?” Yeah I’d be as hurt as Eric is rn too.....bc she did that! ugh cheating is so awful
Oooooh Vince gave the guy that partial payment and stood up for himself...I’m scared for him! Ah!
“Our daughter slept with another man’s husband.” As someone who’s dad is a dirty cheater, I feel Eric’s disappointment but Tami is right that she needs y’all!
Luke is mad at Vince now. Well fook. They had just buried the hatchet and Vince didn’t know about the TMU bait and switch! This recruiting culture is so toxic.
Oh fuck no this dude is threatening and harassing Jess instead of Vince???? Omg he’s threatening to burn down the bbq joint?! Oh god
Awww Billy tearing up while watching old game tape of Tim’s, my heart🥺
Oh god belligerent Luke is here for Becky now. Billy really is growing up, realizing Luke is drunk and pulling him inside to keep him from driving WOW
Awww the baby in the landing strip dressing room with Becky, what a cute image.
Good point, Billy! “Were you thinking about scholarships when you were playing football at eight years old?”
Oh and he’s letting out a war cry?? Lol “I may have been the smallest guy in my team but I had heart.” Billy’s little speeches are starting to stack up.
Did Vince almost go to Eric but come to his dad instead? Ruh roh!
“Used to be Kennard wasn’t nothing but a little corner boy.” Is this a Wire reference? Lol bc very good one if so.
Oh shitttt this scene of Eric and Tami trying to get Julie to go to college is A LOT. 😭
Fuck! Eric hasn’t shown up to the game bc of this Julie thing, it’s really tearing him up!
Oh wow is this gonna be a Big Moment for Billy leading the team out?
“It’s Friday night in our house.” Oh here we go another Billy Riggins original!
And here’s Eric listening to Billy’s speech! Billy Becomes A Man
“It’s a good job.” Eric says. wow he got that approval! Billy really made it!
“Who you are on that field tonight is who you’re gonna be for the rest of your life, fellas.” And a classic Eric Taylor speech too as they walk out onto the field!
I knew Vince’s dad was gonna confront this dude himself and not actually call in favors. Oh shit he beat the SHIT out of Kennard, I see what they said about him being the king of the block before....the fact that his dad is beating the shit out of Kennard on the other side of the fence as where Vince is playing! DAMN.
Two types of dads in Dillon, huh? Geez!
Yay Luke puts the ball in the lil case at the bar for this game! Maybe things are looking up.
“I’m gonna take credit for everything you did tonight and I’m gonna live off that for awhile.” Wow am I actually proud of Billy’s ability to mentor Luke? Growth.
“By the time we’re done we’re gonna get you a scholarship anywhere you wanna go in the country.” My heart
Ooh and Mindy is playing match maker with Luke and Becky still!
You’re still not over Tim Riggins, Becky??? Mindy making sure that Becky isn’t waiting on Tim getting out of prison is actually a very good move. Oh shit and she’s pulling Luke from her husband over to Becky!!! “You’re both young and hot and you both need to get laid.” Love that she told them to screw like bunnies but made sure to mention protection! So funny.
(Lol Luke being so flustered and saying he promises he didn’t tell Mindy to say that, so cute! I’m dead.)
“You ain’t gotta worry about nothin. Just play football, do what you do.” Oh boy I do NOT believe that. Jess and Vince’s families eating pie together is way too nice, it’s gonna have to be messed up soon I’m assuming!
Damn Vince’s dad talking about how much prison sucks hits hard. “You’re sad all the time and you don’t know if you’ll ever be happy again.” Yep! Maybe prisons don’t actually help people rehabilitate themselves but just disappear social problems and make them worse!
Awww Gracie is so cute and sleepy and Eric’s thinking, hey at least you didn’t fuck someone’s husband yet LOL
“I didn’t mean to disappoint you.” oh Julie! Not just me who got that vibe! Yes we are all sadly very disappointed!
cc @lockitin @iconic-ponytail
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#28)
5x05 here we go!
click below for all my nonsense:
“It’s the path to salvation, gentlemen.” Lol love me an Eric Taylor-ism!
Eric is...grilling meat in his office..???... while talking to Vince about his parents and TMU tryna recruit illegally?! What is the south 🤷🏻‍♀️
Holy shit, they have to play a team 250 miles away? Wild. We love an away game episode. Omg Buddy Jr.’s style....such a douchey time sartorially.
“Play Taylor Ball wooooo!” OMFG this dude is WILD, I know he’s been a coach for awhile but damn.
Ooooh Jess and Vince flirting before they get on the bus!!! Cuties.
Awww Tami keeps trying to call Julie, so sad. My heart! she just misses her daughter.
Awww is Tami making a friend? Girls’ weekend! Yes she deserves it
Lol the freestyling on the bus, amazing (with an extra lol @ Eric trying time sleep while they’re rhyming)
Omg and now of course the bus is pulled over on the side of the road! Classic!
“Triple A is for women. We’re men we don’t ask for directions and we fix our own cars.” EW BILLY toxic masculinity express
I know Jess asked for this job but like ew ten dudes peeing on the side of the road and you’re the only vagina owner around for miles? Help!
Ew Julie this romance is an awful decision, and why is this fully grown man flirting with her at a poetry reading and trying to get her to leave to get...fry bread with him? Ew.
Oh wow they’re literally going to Kingdom, Texas. Welcome East Dillon Loins. Lol Eric told the front desk to look into it 😂
Omg Eric is so confused by the hotel’s key cards 😭 I’m dying! this is so funny with the team being typical teenage boys in the background.
Billy as a coach is too much. “Get pissed!!!!!” “Tomorrow night I will be given satisfaction. Is that understood?” “Coach.” “Yeah?” “This is supposed to be a walk through.” “We’re done.” Stop it😂
lol the detail of the one woman with kids fleeing the hotel pool as soon as the thirty teenage boys jump in? so good and accurate.
I feel like this deal with Vince and his dad and Eric isn’t gonna work out...
I hate this TA! “oh I’m so *quirky* with my fry bread place I found by ‘getting lost’.” Yeah Buddy you also stalked a freshman girl to a poetry reading and whisked her away from her studies. Smh!
Oh wow I love how they show that Eric can hear Tinker, Vince, and Luke like right away, standing outside the hotel.
“It’s too damn quiet. I miss my cop cars and crackheads.” Me when I’m out of the city for too long lol
This is a wholesome talk, reminds me of the riggins-saracen field talks before big games.
Omg Tinker took mini bar shit and watched porn? Dying 😂 “My roommate’s in there having a film festival rn so let me tell him to stop.”
Wow these kingdom assholes are talking so much shit!! And the refs aren’t doing anything!!
Did someone just say “go back to Africa?” to them?!?! Jesus Christ mask off huh? Fuck these racists!
Oh gr8, Karl from TMU in Vince’s dad’s ear, I’m sure that’ll end well.
Yesss East Dillon!!! Take it back!
“I’m glad you won your game, but I need you to calm it down.” Knew this front desk guy would show up again.
Aw poor Jess got pussyblocked by the team. Boooo
Ew Julie’s still driving around in the car with this douchebag who’s “showing her how to get lost” and has now said the line “I can’t stay out much longer, I need to work on my thesis” two times??? Get out of here, this dude is a corny creep!
Ew now creepy Derek is talking about him and his wife Alison who “like each other but don’t love each other” or “the other way around.”
But at least julie’s mentioned Matt now...he is not just a guy in Chicago! Ew this is gross.
“Quit getting grease on the cards.” Lol Buddy is too much.
Where did Hastings take them lol
“All the way to State,” Vince and Luke in the trailer. Awww.
Aw, Tami having her girls’ night! “I’ve been drinking.” “I’m with laurel, and we’ve been drinking.” “What are y’all wearing?” “Okay I gotta go now.” LMAOOO
“This man called me his brother and last year he punched me in the face.” Lol Luke and Vince really have come so far.
Drunk Luke is so funny omfggg and damn! Buddy Jr. managed to make out with someone? I’m impressed.
“I would walk through fire for you guys.” “That’s love.” Omg no Hastings looking at the actual bonfire and saying “you would?” Don’t make him prove it!!
“Is one of you Julie Taylor?” OMG IS THIS THE WIFE???
“No no no. You’re not special, you’re not the first.” Damn Alison, you’re yelling “Julie Taylor is a slut” all through the library but also like why are you still married to this guy who preys on 18 year olds? once a cheater always a cheater I am just AH!
Omg what! are they branding Luke?? Ew
“Doesn’t look that fun actually.” Same buddy jr, same!
“Idiots.” Correct response, Jess. Poor girl. Didn’t even get laid and now she has to bandage up these hungover teenage boys.
Gracie is soooo cute
Oh nooooo did Julie just come home bc of the TA thing.....oh no....
“Coach, this is my team, I ride home with my team.” Okay Vince 🥺 my heart
Did they almost leave Buddy Jr. behind while he was leaving the “how about that second coming kingdom” thing on the sign?? Ah round of applause when he boards the bus! They’ve all accepted him now! Nice.
“Coach are we home yet?” “Nope but we’re getting there; slowly but surely we’re getting there.” Beautiful. What a show!
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#27)
5x04~ the Mindy-Becky bonding in this ep fucked me UP
(under the cut)
Oh wow Jess’s siblings outside the window def kills the mood for Vince and Jess.
Omfg Mindy wants to *kill* Becky I’m dead. Also my heart hurts for her going so hard at the exercise bc of her jealousy of Becky’s young body (and to get her job back.) You look great, Mindy!!
Ok so far Buddy Jr. seems like just...a teenage boy but we’ll see. “As long as you don’t make me eat seitan.” “Satan? What is that?” LOLLL BUDDY
“That’s the saddest thing in the world. God you can’t make anything in your life work, can you?” DAMNNNN teenagers are brutal!!! Buddy Jr. just EVIDCERATED his dad lol
Luke is getting recruited by TMU? Damn it’s like a cycle.
Ugh Vince’s dad is at practice now?!
By-week danceeee for the first time in years and Becky’s in charge! We had pep rallies suspended for awhile in my school district so this is relatable.
They’re all harassing Jess? Like that’s your teammate’s girlfriend, chill out. Oh shit now Eric is in between Jess and Vince😂 Lol old married couple in counseling vibes.
Jess calling Vince a drama queen LOL
“she’s the equipment manager. Get used to it. And you, do your job.” Lol
TEXAS LUAU????? That’s the popular theme? Lol I liked Becky’s ideas better.
Her dad is coming home and forcing Becky back there? Oh yikes.
Damn Epyck can really throw down!
Oh god Buddy Jr. like broke in tothe bar and is drunk on the floor with broken bottles?!? damn he’s the most like Buddy Sr...
...and he’s throwing up in a garbage can, nice
awww poor Mindy, they said she could have a day shift at the landing strip?? Becky telling her she looks good and to go back and negotiate for her! Yes, bondddd!
Omg Mindy and Billy’s baby is so fuckin cute
Ew this TA Derek is an asshole. Told her they “shouldn’t do this” last episode then he came over *to her* and asked to get together? Manipulative predator asshole! Did Julie lie about having a date?
Ew is Vince’s dad trying to...keep Vince from hydrating?
“The next time you want to put some romance and intrigue into my life...” lol at Eric being scared of Jess
I love how Tami is using math as an excuse to call Julie. Aw they miss her.
Yesss to Mindy staying to check that Becky is okay and saying “Becky, get back in the car!” when she spots her dad and stepmom put their hands on Becky! She’s a good mom already.
“It’s not who you take, it’s who you take home.” Ok Hastings
Lol Tami being like UGH at having to stay out till 1 am to chaperone the dance! it me
“We’re supposed to have our own little party tonight.” Lol yeah she has to barter for the math teacher at homework club, eric!
“Would you like to get some lunch?” “Yes I would.” I love co worker Tami and Eric.
Omg Jess just told Billy what to do on the field and he gave her the cup to dispose of?? Don’t be a dick, Billy!
When Buddy Jr. makes a “Tami’s rack” comment, I was not okay with Buddy not correcting/chastising! The disrespect!
It’s kinda cute Vince’s parents are *trying* to tell old dance stories, but also they should’ve expected his reaction. “Now those are some good memories. See, I got a different memory.” It’s gonna take time and effort to repair a relationship like that with your son. They’re expecting too much from this teenage boy too fast!
Oh geez did Buddy Jr. steal the credit card while Buddy was in the bathroom? Oh yeah this kid is acting outttt.
Lol now Mindy’s letting Becky stay long term and Billy’s dragging her for it. “we are the role models here.” “I swear to god if you ever jump into her in the shower I’m gonna stab you in the face.” 😭😂
“He said, ‘aw dad I don’t like football. It’s a stupid game.’ Can you believe that?” “Can he play?” “Of course he can play, he’s a garrity! it’s in his blood. He loves football; he just doesn’t know it yet.” L O L
Ok wow yep this era of music in the luau aesthetic lots of grinding mmhmm
“a magical shirt at a bargain price, I’m impressed.” “Well I was trying to impress you.” “You like me and I’m gonna take you out sometime.” WOW you smooth now, Luke! I’m down with it. Becky deserves age appropriate love!
“You call me all macho chismo when I stand up for you.” “It’s machismo.” LMAO but oooh Vince did not have anything good to say to Jess’s valid concerns.
Aww Epyck trying to get into a dance while suspended? interesting
Another EW at Julie’s gross relationship. I reiterate, this dude never actually wanted to stop.
Buddy Jr. looks a lot like Buddy, good casting. Omg Buddy is running after him in a parking lot oh boy 😭
I hope this is a genuine promise from Vince’s dad to make sure his mom stays sober!!
Ew Billy just used Jess’s ideas without credit in the coach meeting. I know Jess is excited that her idea was good but damn this is truly being a woman 😭
Ok so the latest problem child (Buddy Jr.) now must inevitably play for Eric Taylor. CLASSIC
AWWW Billy, Becky, and Mindy playing boggle with the baby in Becky’s lap! Family!
Awww Tinker and Hastings and Vince and Luke at TMU is really sweet too.
Oh wow a bunch of them wanna meet Vince too!! Yay!
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#26)
5x03 here we are, Julie’s bad decisions are piling up! (I watched 5x04+5x05 too, just gotta edit all my ramblings into coherency.)
under the cut:
Wow the level of Lions pride there now is is truly amazing. It’s wild that Buddy now owns this East Dillon watering hole! Weirdly like...growth? Given how many different types of people are gathered to celebrate this team that was revitalized only a year ago? Wild.
Uh oh, why does Vince’s father getting out of prison seem like a bad thing. God things were finally going well for him!
Also love how I was equally as disturbed as Vince was by his mom cleaning, knew something was up!
Omg the video with Maura went viral! 2,000 hits. That’s like everyone their age right? 😬
“We didn’t do any of this crap when we were kids.” Tami’s look of “yeah right” made me lol
“You think maybe people change? You changed.” I was about to say it but then Vince did: “I don’t know. I ain’t gone to jail.” Bc the problem is — the prison system ensures that people remain in a permanent underclass once paroled, making it nearly impossible to escape the cycle. so unfortunately it seems very unlikely Vince’s dad changed for the better while in a prison, which is an inherently violent and traumatizing place to be, let alone for five years when he already had a track record for treating your mom like trash...oh babe.
Oh nooo Buddy Jr. is smoking weed. West coast, brother! Lol
Yikes this is really sad, Tami is like trying to subtly be like to Maura, ‘sooo did seeing a bunch of guys passing you around while drunk on video like...maybe traumatize you a bit?’ And Maura’s like ‘WE WERE HAVING FUN HAVE YOU EVER PARTIED.’ Hello, internalized misogyny and a need for therapy, plz honey. Seems like her parents are a lot angrier than she is!
“daddy, I feel you” is literally what I nervously sang out loud at Vince and his father reuniting.
Omg they’re forcing the girls alone to listen to a really boring lecture on alcohol? This just doesn’t seem effective.
Holy shit two of the football players were making fun of the video.....? Disgusting. Rape culture is the fact that people are making fun of a girl being passed around like a rag doll!
The TA giving Julie a C- bc he’s “spent time with her” and “knows she can do better” is super manipulative and creepy and oh boy I hate this harmful dynamic. He’s literally GRADING HER PAPERS. Nope nope nope.
oh god not the ol “weekly salon for promising students the professor just so happens to host” trope! OH GOD
Ooooh making Jess equipment manager??? Tami is the best. Aw Jess is so excited! I’m so glad that within five seasons they included a character like her who is a girl who also grew up with football and loves it more than some of the guys on this show do!
Ooooh they’re doing shirts and ties instead of jerseys on game days and community outreach. Mmhmm ok revive your image
Vince is losing his confidence and motivation as a captain now his dad’s home noooooo
Lol I knew Buddy was gonna blame the weed on “that hippie Kevin.” So predictable.
“You know maybe it’s not about you and it’s not about Pam, it’s about your son, who happens to need you.” YES ERIC TELL HIM
“Nobody said being a dad’s gonna be easy.” OOH OOH Eric give my dad one of these talks next
“Girls in locker rooms are bad ideas.” I can’t. Lol Tami got lil toddler Grace to say “think about it, daddy!!” She doesn’t play nice.
LMAO I have never related to Vince more than in this moment: “did you talk to your dad?” “Yep.” “how did it go?” *sprints away without answering*
Okay here we are, douchey assholes at the ~salon~ and Julie with a glass of champagne and a devious smile looks like she’s on a mission.
“You must be so proud to have such a distinguished wife.” Oh Jesus TA’s wife’s away on a “sabbatical in Boston.” I see where this illicit romance is going and THANKS I HATE IT
Oh geez Vince doesn’t like Jess being equipment manager? She looks so cute and excited!
Oh boy, Maura is clearly going through some shit, she is relishing in being caught. I know that Tami is judging making out in a supply closet as a concept, but it can be hot—however, in this particular case, i have to agree on not romantic.
“Everyone thinks that I’m married but I don’t feel like I am.” Lines men say before they cheat on their wife with an underage student under their tutelage they shouldn’t be pursuing even if they’re single.
“You’re an awesome girl, Julie Taylor.” Key word ‘GIRL.’ Now he’s saying he feels “comfortable with her” and “if it were a different time and a different place.” This is what grooming sounds like.
Oh noooo Julie you’ve been in college for like five minutes and you’ve already fucked a married TA. Oh honey NO.
Poor Vince. So much trauma between his mom and his dad.
Wowwww the transition from Vince fighting with his parents to walking in suit and tie past all the fans with signs 😭
Yes Eric reiterating he’s proud of Vince and so are his teammates after he goes off — I love how he can like tell something is off with him. He shuts the door and gets Vince to explain the home situation in like five mins.
“He never taught me how to better! How am I supposed to be better?” Omg yessss I feel you babe 😭
Oh god is Vince’s dad showing up gonna cost them this game
NOPE he just did an INSANE touchdown instead!!! Go Vince! “They call that the Tinker shuffle. They get a flag for excessive celebrating and who can blame them?”
“That was a hell of an effort. That’s character, Vince.” Awwww Eric’s so proud of him. His dad is sad. Welp, no thanks to you.
Omg their 3 and 0 East Side cheer at the bar sounds so much like the cheers our predominantly Black football team would do at our pep rallies I love it. This team has so much more heart and soul than the Panthers.
Omg Buddy Jr. is coming back to town???? Intrigue.
TA apologized and and acknowledged he knew it was wrong for teacher-student reasons! Yikes! Bc you know it’s gonna happen again!
“Only 17 years old and you’re already better than I ever was.” Damn Vince’s dad apologizing for not asking to move in after seeing him shine at the game, #growth
“Tonight for the first time in my life I knew what pride felt like. I mean, boy, that was crazy out there. You the man for real.” OMGGGG VINCE IS CRYING wow 🥺
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stonerbughead · 7 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#25)
5x02 we are IN IT
The East Dillon Lions Shocked The World wow these newspapers are DRAMATIC
here we go, under the cut:
Vince is a good guy for bucking that dumb tradition and letting his girlfriend wear his jersey instead of some random ass thirsty white bitch. What a guy!
Aww Luke looked sad when Becky got tinker’s Jersey! They had a rough go of it the first time around.
Oh shit, Epyck is hot.
Omggg all of Vince’s letters of intent!! Eric explaining it to him! Im so proud. “Hey. That’s pretty cool huh?” “Damn cool. Thanks coach.” My HEART 🥺
Lol Billy asserting his coach dominance is OD
“Rankings, that’s all they’re damn talking about out here.” I love Eric’s grumbling.
Ooooop did Jess not have time to decorate his locker or something?
Respect to Jess for not wanting to be a rally girl (it’s weird!!!!!) but also....I don’t think this is gonna end well.
It’s so cringe watching all the other teachers hate all of Tami’s ideas.
“We’re all already giving so much and getting paid so little.” Yeah Tami like the staff is surely already overworked and underpaid! what a hard situation.
Ok I know Julie has an illicit college romance coming, of course it’s this dorky TA Jesus Christ lol
Julie encountering only someone taking notes for his frat brothers while trying to find a study group, oh babe! Making friends as a freshman is hard.
Oooop Mindy is not happy about Becky making rally girl cookies in her kitchen huh
“I read US Magazine. That nanny with John and Kate? Look what happened to them.” OMG WHAT A TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORYYYYY lol
“My brother who’s in prison bc of me asking me to look after her, alright?” Yeah. That’s the correct take. But maybe communicate some boundaries to Becky?
Ohhhhh Vince showing his mom the letters after she got back from a bad work shift. My heart 🥺 she’s so proud
“Tami, build up some allegiances and THEN hit them up for help.” He’s right lol
Ugh Julie’s being sexiled constantly? Put a tie or sock on the door, roommate girl, damn. Freshman year is hard.
“You’ve been very angry lately, Luke. Do you need a hug?” LOL VINCE
UH OHHH Luke might get suspended for essentially being too aggressive?!?!
Omg is Julie actually going toward the football game playing on a tv at this party? Oh how the turn tables after the way season 1 started!
Yep Jess is already fighting with Maura after she openly said she was trying to steal Jess’s boyfriend! Called it.
“It’s like...I think it’s demeaning for her to put her panties in my boyfriend’s locker.” Tami having to sigh and respond to that “it’s a part of Texas football” is why Texas is wild to me.
“I’m someone who LOVES Texas football, you know? Like my father played most of his life and my little brothers now play and I had so much fun this summer helping Vince getting better at his game and stuff. I love the game, I understand it.” Awwww Jess :(
Tami could never be an organizer. She’s so confused about the teachers inviting her to happy hour but also not immediately buying in to her new ideas. Like, girl!! You gotta earn their trust!!
Lol at Eric calling a bar “a happy place.”
“Oh, that is our daughter’s bed, are you crazy? That’s disgusting.” Lol Tami said, we will not defile Julie’s bed.
“I don’t do beer. yeah sorry, you go.” Becky is Me here lol
Oh wow one of the judgier teachers agreed to volunteer for Tami’s mentoring program after watching a drink get spilled in Tami’s lap. Whatever works!
Oh nooo Jess like, puking while trying to compete with Vince’s rally girl is so relatable. Babeeee
Yes Becky, get a very aggressive and drunk Luke outta there!
Aw Becky not being used to people noticing her being out late!! Also methinks Mindy does care!
Vince and his mom make my heart happy.
Eric motivating the team right before they go out for this first post-classic game!!! Brilliant ending.
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stonerbughead · 8 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#24)
I’m here! The final season! 5x01, here we go.
“Don’t you just love summer in Texas? 7 am and I’m already sweating like a whore in church.” This, set against the montage of summer in Dillon with trash pick up and kids running through a sprinkler, is true perfection.
let’s dive in, under the cut:
Lol is that Tinker driving alongside Vince and Luke running? Hilarious/wholesome image.
Buddy as a radio host really truly makes so much sense. Why didn’t they think of this sooner lmao
Oh my babe Tim!! on the inside but he’s getting out in three months, ok I see that
“I kinda coached you.” “Coach was my coach, billy.” Lmao “You could be a little more enthusiastic.” “Sorry, Billy, but im in prison.” Uh yeah. read the room, Billy!
Oh Tim, my poor babe 😭 wants to be visited *less* by his brother and friend. Abolish prisonssssss ugh
Oh Tami coming into the first staff meeting and immediately proposing the rest of the staff do more work probably isn’t the most strategic choice lol
This reminds me a lot of teacher meetings in season 4 of The Wire, with all of the staff talking about particular problem children the system is failing. And oh boy they all hate a teenage girl named Epyck. “I just wish she wouldn’t come into school.” Uh you should not be a teacher, miss! But also: you all need more resources.
Jess and Vince are as cute as I knew they’d be omg. “I thought you might need help with the laundry.” OKKKK
Ugh poor Becky! her dad is so gross. She’s stuck with her—I’m sure—evil stepmother and half sister? Major yikes!
The idea of Billy working for Eric Taylor is...interesting. And his argument is basically “you are inspirational and could make me a better person under your influence.” Man, only a mediocre white dude could get away with this!
Yessss Devin is still here playing in a band with Landry and that drummer whose name I can’t remember — oh jimmy okay! Devin is still the coolest character in this town.
Wow Landry is playing a show with his hometown band the night before leaving for college? That’s...a choice!
Oh geez something about Buddy and Eric watching mainly Black kids play basketball whilr recruiting for the team...and of course the one Buddy has his eye on is the one white kid lmao I can’t
“I’m not football stupid.” Lol good one.
“Worst instincts of american culture—violence, aggression.” Okay sexy! what’s your name white kid with moves?
“You’re in Texas now. You love the game of football. You just dont know it yet.” LOL
Aww Tami talking about how this girl Epyck all the other teachers hate has never been properly cared for to succeed is exactly why a guidance counselor like her needs to be in East Dillon. but yeah she’s bout to learn REAL fast what lack of funding and institutional racism look like! Eric is right about her not being the big cheese anymore and being able to change everything at once.
“Yes I’m stealing a basketball player but I’m doing it one step at a time.” Lmao
AWWWW Eric saying “I’m gonna miss this” quietly while eating with his family bc Julie’s about to go to college!! My heart.
“Oh boy oh boy” — literally me, physically tensing up, when Billy tried to give his little inspirational speech to the football team toooooo much he is so cringe. OMFG he read “if you can believe it you might achieve it” off a piece of paper from his pocket and attributed it i literally cannot
“The hippie? What for?” Lol that basketball player is considered a hippie in Dillon? Hilarious. The south is wild.
“These kids are being forgotten.” “Tami, it’s a matter of resources.” “I’m your resource!” Yes Tami but you alone cannot fix dozens of kids who are products of being in a system with lack of resources since before they even started elementary school.
Damn big Mary is out franchising and being corporate dad while Jess watches his children?? Not cool.
“So who is this guy?” “He’s not the punter, you wouldn’t be interested.” LMAO VINCE GOOD ONE
Aww Landry came to say goodbye to Mrs. Saracen. Aw he’s going to Rice? That’s a good school.
OMFG Mrs. Saracen has Landry’s music in her MP3 player???? My fucking heart 🥺
Grace is soooo cute holy shit
Oh wow does Crucifictorious or whatever have fans singing along? It’s really nice that Julie went out of her way to go.
Are we contrasting this with an East Dillon farm party? Ew so drunkenly kissing farm animals is what these kids do for fun huh
“I like knowing that I can do whatever I want. I’m a free spirit.” LMAO I hate this guy
“I’m gonna miss this.” “Miss Dillon?” “No I’m gonna miss the Alamo freeze and all their cool treats and hot eats.” LMAOOOO Landry
Omg they’re reminiscing about Matt working at the Alamo freeze. “I miss his little white hat.” L O L
Lol Landry and Julie say their final goodbye in the strip club, nice. “I’ll see you at Christmas.”
Omg Eric searching through their boxes for ping pong paddles so he can play a final game with Julie has my whole heart. Omfg and they found her Girl Scout vest.
Awww they’re playing in the garage, the season 1 vibes, oh my heart.
Oh so is the basketball coach mad about Hastings playing football? Wild culture truly.
(In the end, a teenage boy can’t help but answer the siren call of other teenage boys chanting his name)
Oh poor Andre acting out about their parental neglect at the Classic. Too real but babe it’s not Jess’s fault 😭
Go Tinker!!!
Hastings knowing some strategic info about another team from basketball, very interesting touch.
Wow Hastings somehow doing well without knowing what he’s doing or seemingly understanding football is hilarious.
“Lions win, lions win! Oh, the humanity! Alarm bells are going off all over Texas right now!”
Oh wow it’s happeninggggg
Ewww Becky really has an evil stepmom like Jesus can she have any positive parental figures
Jess and Vince are cute af. Vince helping Andre out 🥺
Honestly yeah I don’t blame Becky for wanting to leave that emotionally abusive household. The found family code in this town is so well established by now. like, Billy is obligated to take Becky in bc Tim considers her family and I’m like, yep!
Ohhh the Taylors sending their first kid off to college, emotional!!!
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stonerbughead · 8 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#23)
Okay wow 4x13 was an amazing season finale!
here we goooo, under the cut:
“big cat clash” lol
Ooooh Jess at the press conference, standing below exchanging eyes with both Landry and Vince 👀
Omfg of course the Riggins brothers both have drunk and disorderly arrests on their records. oh nooo. Poor Mindy! And all over medical debt 😭
Awww Julie and Mrs. Saracen’s relationship is so cute but AH Matt’s back and didn’t tell her???? He looked so cute (and annoyingly so if I were Julie) coming up behind his grandma at the front door!
Ooooh good Eric Taylor speech overlaying a montage like damn that speech got ME pumped up like YEAH WE CAN BEAT THE DILLION PANTHERS I BELIEVE IT
“It’s bad enough having to read this gibberish, let alone having to do it in front of you.” Oh Tami my heart!! Eric offering to make her a cup of coffee. Oh relationship goals!
Ew Landry bragging about his demo is like the opposite of hot to me but I’ve made my feelings clear on this already lol. “songs for Jess,” dude tryna be maroon 5 this is cringe
Oh SHIT Jess came out and said it with her feelings for Vince!!! Yeah. Ok yeah saw that coming, can’t say I’m mad.
Saracen and Julie catching up while shopping in the grocery store also while Julie is clearly upset is A Lot. Phewww!
“You know, most people tell their girlfriends when they leave and say goodbye.” Fair! “I needed to get out of here. If I tried to say goodbye to you, I never would’ve left.” AGH 🥺
oh WOW Saracen bought her a ticket to see his apartment in Chicago? Ok, making some amends, I see you!
Oh no this love triangle is gonna affect the East Dillon gameplay!!!
Oh Tami’s not gonna be able to do it, is she?YESSSSS gurl !!! Sticking to your principles, you are the most badass lady!!
“That is not an apology!” Yeah bitch she doesn’t have to apologize to you for giving a teenage girl comprehensive sex education advice in the face of a teenage pregnancy. Get your anti choice ass out of here.
Oh Saracen you did the leaving thing so wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️ Landry doesn’t look too happy to see ya either!
Omfg Buddy is bringing a deep fryer to Tami’s for thanksgiving???? Absolutely not don’t do this to Tami! (It’s so cute how the Taylors welcome their home to so many tho!!!)
They’re gonna make her get fired on the Saturday after thanksgiving? Fucking cold anti choice assholes.
Damn this is really a bottom of the barrel moment for Tim if even Becky thinks he’s trash. He did it for such honorable reasons tho UGH
very American that Eric is having the team practice on thanksgiving and that he’s dismissing them one by one to go see their families lol
And Eric wanted to make sure Vince had somewhere to go awww
Lol @ Mrs. Saracen loving the deep fried turkey
Also lol @ Julie and Matt at the kids’ table! so cute
This is one tense thanksgiving, they do such a good job of showing each character silently brewing in the issue plaguing them.
Way to interrupt the turkey argument for that nice— albeit sad—toast, billy! “I don’t know where I’d be without y’all.” 🥺
Aww seeing Vince and his mom eat food the Merriweathers brought them warms my heart too! Aw and Jess is here with pie? So fucking cute.
Tim wanting to fight to keep becky’s friendship after Billy’s toast is super precious.
Damn all the “closed for the game” signs on either side of town!!! The imagery in this show cannot be beat.
Awww yes to Matt, Julie, and Mrs. Saracen cheering for Landry.
Damn Eric is putting Luke in to run his play with Vince??? AHH
Oh no oh no oh no Luke injured himself. Aw Tinker helped him get up my heart 😭
AHHHHH they’re having Landry kick? You got this babe, Eric Taylor and your best friend Matt believe in you!
My heart that Matt got to watch Landry do that!!!
Tami congratulating Eric on the field!
Damn Sammy Meade ate shit and said he was almost converted to a Lions fan AND applauded Eric Taylor’s leadership? Love this shot of Eric in the car hearing that with a shit-eating grin on his face.
Yesss go head up the counseling program at East Dillon, Tami! Love that journey for you.
“So why are we here, Matthew?” “Because this is our special spot.” “Because you DEFLOWERED me here?” “well I wouldn’t use those words necessarily but...yeah.” LMAO
Aw “you’re a hard person to stay mad at” and omg yay he’s finally apologizing. The communication they needed.
Damn Julie saying you can’t go bc you have to find your own Chicago and you wouldn’t want to leave Chicago if he was there??? GROWTH. I’m very pleased that they finally talked that out.
Ugh I knew Tim was gonna fall on the sword for Billy!!! What a guy 🥺 he just wants Billy and Mindy and their son to be together omfg the tears!!! The emotion! The fact that this all happened bc they couldn’t afford Mindy’s medical bills!!!
I love Landry saying “oh whatever” and letting Matt in but YES MATT APOLOGIZE TO YOUR FRIEND. We love friendship.
Tim turning himself in, my heart.
Awwwuh Julie, Eric, and Grace putting up Christmas decorations, so cute!
Lol love that Landry scammed and got that ticket to Chicago with Matt.
Meeeep excited to see how season 5 wraps it all up, I’ve heard only good things!
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stonerbughead · 8 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#22)
ok I watched this a few days ago and haven’t had time to watch the finale yet but MAN 4x12 is an amazing penultimate episode. Here we goooo:
Omfg the panthers are literally being such snobby fucks about the East Dillon field. these fuckers are so classist and racist~~~ it’s too real
Feels like Julie is being very impulsive about trying to leave for habitat for humanity shit “It’s only $3,000.” “Only? Honey you’re hilarious.”
Ah yep and mindy’s in labor!! “Who the hell are you talking to?” “It’s tim, do you want to talk to him?” “NO!” 😂😭 I’m dead
I see what they did there, transitioning from Tim’s excitement about new life on the white side of town to Vince and the community mourning Calvin at his funeral on the Black side of town.
“Jess, if I go to the cops I go to jail.” UH YEAH he’s on parole, Jess, he literally can’t “do the right thing” bc he’ll get punished for it bc PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!!!
ooooh Jess is *worried* about Vince; me too gurl. the concern is hot ngl
LOL Landry is so white.....he didn’t buy Jess a lock for her bike??
Testy Eric getting the field ready is SO funny omfg
HAHAHA they threw billy out bc he’s “too enthusiastic, whatever that’s supposed to mean.” omg he’s had five energy drinks Jesus this is hilarious
Ok Landry going out of your way to tell Vince he’s sorry about Calvin, that’s growth!
“Whose idea was this anyway?” The whole team down on their knees on a football field at night with the toothpicks: “Landry’s.”
Wow living in Texas sux, Tami has to compromise her values and apologize for giving a scared, pregnant teenage girl all her options if she wants to keep her job as a public school principal?!?! Damn this show is too real lol
“It’s trying to claw his way out.” “Claw?”
“Her way out or whoever is in there...its way out.” Okay, gender neutral, I see you billy riggins! (I got less proud when he just ran into the birthing room wearing the PPE hat and yelling, “I’m the dad!!!”)
Really, they vandalized Eric’s car?! Too much.
“I don’t feel safe taking my family over there.” OK RACIST
Yessss they tooth picked the field so they had to spend their time doing stupid shit on the field too?! That’s pretty clever honestly, evening the score.
“I understand it took West Dillon two hours to take those toothpicks out of the field.” LOL
Gotta love that a lawyer says Tami has a great case for wrongful termination but that the court system will drag it out so much it won’t be good for her career long term lolll sounds about right. Great society we have here.
Aww “Uncle Tim”!!! So cute!
Uh oh it’s another Riggins boy in this mess lol! Awww Steven. My heart! This show does such a good job of letting you linger in the heartwarming moments for a minute.
Anddd of course the anti choicers are protesting her. Oh Tami, my queen, you don’t deserve this.
“I don’t cook flesh, dad.” Lol I love how Eric gives a half hearted “oh alright” to Julie making dinner bc she didn’t cook meat 🤣
“Lions suck.” “Haha you know what? Go to hell.” I shrieked with laughter. Let Eric and Tami eat dinner with their daughters jfc!!!
Jess holding an iPod and saying she made Landry a playlist. Oh, early 2000s love
Vince is being nice to Landry about being with Jess, wow now that’s growth too! This love triangle could be a lot worse.
Jesus fuck are they ruining the East Dillon field now?! Should’ve known they wouldn’t take those toothpicks lying down.
Tim is so cute with his nephew!!
Jesus fuck the tension on this Wade/Tami/Eric conference call after the East Dillon field destruction. This season is so well crafted to bring everything in the town to a boiling point just in time for the rivalry game!!!
There’s like a fucking creek on Tim’s property too? This is some romantic, scenic shit!
Life is about owning land and family? Hmmm. Okay Tim.
Omfg Becky I can’t. “Tim I love you” how many times have we gone over that y’all do not work romantically I’m 🤦🏻‍♀️
“Vince, you think I’m stupid? You think I don’t know what you up to right now?” Ahhhh not Jess showing up at Vince’s door when he’s going to avenge Calvin! I love that she figured it out just from what he said to Landry alone...the tension, the chemistry, the emotion!
Jess slides down the door!! Classic move of distress~
Ah Tim was W A Y too happy, it figures that their car scheme would be discovered now. And of course Tim is gonna take the fall so Billy can be with his family oh Tim 🥺
Damn!!! Vince got out of the car as the light turned from red to green trying to flee ?!!! 😭 “My mom’s not supposed to bury me, I’m supposed to bury my mama!” Ugh such a good line. Poor Vince.
Stfu, Joe— “we called every player on our team they’re all accounted for.” of course they are, Joe McCoy, mmhmm
Ah yes, grown men arguing about toothpicks while a crowd watches outside.
“The thing we gotta remember here is that in the end this is just a football game.” And Eric’s like, “nah actually, I’m getting harassed, thanks!”
Ah Jess was waiting for Vince when he came home 🥺 (Ooooop did Jess end up standing Landry up accidentally. Well fook.)
Oh, Tim. fuckkkkk this capitalist shit show— like, Tim is taking the fall so they could make sure Mindy could deliver a healthy baby without absurd medical debt and tbh I assume they still have debt !!!! We love a functioning society right?
Ahhh Eric throwing the phone that won’t stop ringing is the inevitable catharsis mmhmm
Damn the amount of stress that Tami and Eric combined are under is...oooof! They deserve better!
Omg wait and the actual game happens next episode?!!! I love this show, it’s so well written gahhhh
(See you next time)
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stonerbughead · 8 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#21)
Things are really heating up!! This is my post for 4x10 + 4x11~
Tami really is the Mother of Dillon; Tim brings Becky to Tami when he doesn’t know what to do about her pregnancy like damn 😭
Ah Big Mary finally came around to the field?! It’s kinda really endearing that a bunch of the old East Dillon alumni are sitting watching the practice now after how this season started
Ugh I recently watched when Karen thought Lucas got Brooke pregnant and slapped him on one tree hill; this Becky scene with her mom has the same energy. The whole teen moms not wanting their kids to make the same mistake trauma ahhh it’s A Lot
Ohhh no did Vince’s mom relapse?!?! Young Michael B. Jordan at his mom’s bedside is so good damn 😭
Fuck Texas law for forcing this doctor to tell Becky the age of the fetus. She wants the abortion! This doctor would be a true hero if he didn’t follow that law. “Supposed to listen to some right wing doctor?!” Same.
God fucking dammit the state facility waiting lists are too long to take Vince’s mom! The system is set up to fail Black and Brown families.
Eric Taylor’s friendship with Big Mary is so funny to me. “You’re telling me I can’t coach the kid because I’m not black.” Eric, that is certainly not what he said I can’t with you
The Riggins brothers are gonna BURY stripped car frames?!
Ew I hate Ryan. And Eric does too.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Like I truly cackled through this whole scene omfg
Damnnnn Jess having some madddd feels about Big Mary treating Vince like a son 🥺 poor girl
LMAO Tami way to scare the living shit out of Eric waking him up at 3 am with a sentence that includes a hypothetical Julie pregnancy
“This is the stupidest thing we’ve ever done.” Gotta agree with you on that one, Tim. (Also they’re having a real ass talk while burying these car frames!!!!! Lol)
Awww it was Becky’s first time having sex with Luke? That’s so rough.
“Do you think I’m going to hell if I have an abortion?” “No honey I don’t.” Damn these women are so blessed to have Queen Tami Taylor in their Texas small town!!!
I’m glad Becky is getting the abortion and I’m glad she made sure it was her decision after all that pressure from her mom!!! woof
Ah Big Mary finally showed up to his son’s game and is yelling the same things on the sidelines as Jess?! 🥺
Oh I’m so glad Vince found a way to get his mom in rehab, my heart (do we know how he did it tho? Did the gang help him, given the cash?) ....and got it, oh babe are you indebted now 😭 noooo
OMG Buddy on El Fuego is tooo muchhh I’m dying
Uh oh Luke and these painkillers is creeping back in to become a problem...
HOLY SHIT we get to see Saracen in Chicago???? Oh how I’ve missed him! He looks so cute in a scarf! Awww he has a photo of Julie up in his lil apartment?!
Oh we love Eric listening to his interview about the panthers game while sitting in the car staring at the old field! This show is so gooood like damn
Is Luke’s injury finally catching up to him now that he doesn’t have the painkillers to help him work through the pain?! Man this dude is having a rough semester, he was just dealing with a pregnant sexual partner too!
O H N O I had a feeling Luke’s mom coming in to ask Becky about the abortion was not friendly....and yep now she wants to get Tami fired???? Ugh fuck anti choice conservatives
Saracen’s Chicago apartment is so idyllic wow
Omg can you imagine being Julie getting that call all those months later??? I get why she was so upset, he sounded so casual like BOY YOU GHOSTED
Landry’s mom asking what Jess thinks of Obama, so cringe!
Ew Luke Cafferty’s mom at his door like “don’t forget to say your prayers” as if she isn’t trying to ruin Tami’s life with her anti choice nonsense!!!
Yeeeesh Cheryl’s hitting on Tim?? did Cheryl not notice that Becky is clearly super into Tim 😬 this is so much, why is Tim stuck in a love triangle with a mother and her daughter.
W O W Luke doesn’t even know his mom went to talk to Becky, let alone is trying to get Tami fired...fuck, does Becky even realize what is happening??? She’s gonna be so upset when she realizes Tami is being attacked like this!
Yes go off Tami!!! “I gave her her options and I listened to her. That’s my duty as a principal and a human being.”
“Obama, really?” Lol same Jess
Yeah I’m sure this isn’t gonna get out even tho Tami is keeping her job. Im sure the anti choice nuts will take this loss graciously 🙄
Yes Luke, yell at your mom!! I’m so glad he’s defending Becky and Tami! That was not your grandchild, it was a bunch of cells. Relax.
Tami and Eric’s marriage is so pure. Tells her about her victory and he kisses her. “What are you doing tonight?” “Nothing.” “I’ll go get the wine.” “Okay.”
Oh noooo Luke is literally in Carroll Park asking random ppl for Oxys nooo. Damn this season has covered *so* many social issues so seamlessly! The fuckin opioid epidemic, check.
Also guess that whole cleaning up Carroll Park thing didn’t work Eric Taylor!! which duh
Oh Matt babe I’m excited for you but you should’ve maybe not taken off without telling someone you were dating for years?!
Oh the angst!!! “Matt, we were together for almost four years. I know almost everything about you.” DAMN she is really giving it to him!! ugh warranted even tho let’s be real Saracen looks like he’s thriving in Chicago! they’re better off spending this time apart to ~grow~
Aww tinker is really looking out for Luke! this is pretty heartwarming that they’re defying the coach’s plays just to protect Luke bc of his injury.
....Ugh I knew he’d push it too far, babeeee
“I think I’m moving out.” Yeah Tim probably a good life decision.
Oh fuck now Cheryl is making assumptions and going off??? Bitch he did not sleep with your daughter!!
After watching The Wire for four seasons, this operation Vince is indebted to looks so weak sauce. But yikes nooo his friend got shot!
...anddd here comes the press about the abortion controversy. Saw that coming!
Oooof bad timing to want to stay for another drink, Eric.
Omg poor Vince. his best friend died and his mom’s in rehab??? My heart 🥺
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stonerbughead · 8 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#20)
wow 4x09 was political AF, noting for future projects I have in the works ;)
let’s do it, under the cut:
Damnnn they’re showing Vince getting stuck with having to check a box on his application already??? “have you been arrested?” Per Michelle Alexander, the prison industrial complex creates a permanent underclass who can be legally discriminated against even after being released from jail 🙃
Oh shit Becky’s pregnant?! Wait who did she have sex with? Do we know? Did she have sex with Luke??
Eric Taylor discovering the dangerous part of East Dillon so cluelessly in his full East Dillon High pullover and lil shorts — I’m both dying at everyone trolling him and thinking about how it’s insane to think this aspect of Dillon has been invisible to Eric across town for 3.5 seasons seemingly. That’s some white ass privilege! (Also I hope Tinker is okay since Eric never actually finds him, the whole reason he was there?)
lol Julie and Tami’s bickering about who made the decision for her to sign up for habitat for humanity 😂
“It’s a matter of resources.” (That they don’t give to poor Black and Brown communities.) Eric Taylor Discovers Black Struggle!
Glen, you’re literally the worst. Why did you come over to Eric to tell him about this I can’t !!!! “I just got so excitable.” GLEN ARE YOU AN ADULT HUMAN WHAAAAT I’m dead at this entire interaction, Eric’s reactions are priceless too 😂😭
lmao JD McCoy called his math teacher a bitch, who’s surprised not me
Ah, Katie McCoy finally left Joe?!
Tumblr media
“We have a little history, you know. Before she started playing for the other team...” I hate you buddy that’s a gross thing to say about an out lesbian woman but why would I expect more from you
Is this the actor who played Peyton’s stalker brother on one tree hill clearly being set up as Julie’s habitat for humanity love interest? I’m sorry but I can’t unsee him being cheerleader kicked by Peyton and Brooke, he is giving the bad vibes. (I mean also he’s in a position of relative authority over a teen girl flirting so YIKES.)
Damn prison industrial complex — Vince already not being able to find a job as a teenager bc he has a record and begging his white coach to be a reference is why we say abolish the police by the way
Ahhhh okay Becky clearly DID sleep with Luke. “I’m pregnant, it’s yours, and I need an abortion. It’s like $300.” Damn. Just more of why we need universal healthcare (and universal comprehensive sex education.)
“He just wanted to tell me about a little experience he had at a karaoke party.” LMAOOOOO
“You’re getting kissed by so many people over at the school you can’t even remember to talk to me about it?” I was fully laughing at this convo and how it was mostly Eric teasing. That’s a good marriage.
“I think we need a date.” “I’ll go on a date with you.” Awww seriously relationship goals
“You an idiot, Buddy. You an idiot for thinking your Snow White ass could make a difference.” L O L
Wowww Buddy did not just whitesplain organizing to jess’s dad at the barbecue shop after someone he knows saw one (1) shooting in a neighborhood seemingly riddled with violence — I can’t
creeped out by this dude Ryan from habitat for humanity — clearly older than Julie and they’re alone and he’s asking her to go out for food? This is super predatory.
ew! does Ryan make it a habit of making out with high school students he supervises volunteering at habitat for humanity in the house they’re building?! Gross
AHHHH omfg D’ANGELO FROM THE WIRE IS THE EX GANG MEMBER HELPING THEM WITH CARROLL PARK?!?! Amazing! All The Wire cameos! (Jeff and I are on S4 now if anyone’s interested lol.)
“Do you really want to make a difference or are you just feeling sad bc you saw a boy get shot?” Great fucking line, YES.
“This is what we need: we need money, for programs. And not just this week when there’s a kid in the hospital.” YES GO OFFFFF
Of course everyone can agree football is somehow the solution lmao oh Dillon
“I’m so glad some smart person told you to do this.” Tami is exactly what my mom was like growing up, I love it.
Ooooof Vince working for Jess’s dad, the tension between them again in that one moment she’s fighting with him about the toilet is better than all her scenes with Landry sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️
This Tim and Becky back and forth with the kisses even tho they’re clearly more compatible as friends is too much
Michael B. Jordan’s looking at Landry like, how is this dude winning in this love triangle? And I’m like, yeah same bro.
Oooof I knew the “just like my mom” part was gonna come up. Poor Becky 🥺 Aw Luke is SO sweet tho saying he hasn’t been sleeping bc he’s worried about her.
Oh geez wait no...Luke’s starting to veer into anti choicer territory, haha don’t do that you’re so cute. “Will you just take me home?” Yeah, go home Becky, Jesus.
I feel like Vince just made an enemy oh nooo 😱
Tami and Buddy trying to politely greet every gang member walking into the park is killing me
“Do you have any knowledge of how we might get past the padlock on the switch box?” LOL Im laughing at Eric jumping the fence too!
Sometimes I cringe when I see the assistant coaches wearing red ball caps out of habit and then I have the sinking realization this is Texas and half of them probably *would* be trump voters 🤢
Yesss to Eric singling out this middle school kid who’s good and telling him to come play with him when he gets to East Dillon High! It doesn’t fix the problem but it’s a start.
“You know it’s not lost on me that I owe you a date.” Awww
“Damn I love you.” “Damn I love you too babe.” 😭 crazy how Eric and Tami Taylor invented marriage
Glad Becky finally told Tim she was pregnant but I continue to ship them only platonically yeeesh
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stonerbughead · 8 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#19)
hey hey it’s 4x08~ as someone who went to college in Boston for four years, I had a lot of fun with this one.
lol the entire Taylor family yelling and running around before this flight is so endearing and relatable af
“The toilet bowl,” damn. Sounds like any time my field hockey team played a team we could actually win against. 🤣
Tim Riggins in a suit trying to buy property is quite a sight to behold!
Landry is so annoying. I hate to be a broken record but it feels like Jess could do better than his pestering ass.
Y E S, pull out the inspiring speech, Eric Taylor! The Lions are hype! And...they put an actual toilet bowl on the field? Lemme guess, JD McCoy’s behind this?
Omg Tami and Julie are in Boston! Wow I def attended a protest at BU where they are in one of these shots. Also, Boston *IS* the south of the north so this tracks.
Ok Tami, I see you dazzling the professor 😂
Poor injured Luke, my heart 😭
“You ain’t got need for a toilet, do you?” “I’ve never heard such malarkey in my life.” Wow the dialogue on this show is truly chefs kiss.
Ah yes figured it was only a matter of time before Buddy offered to be a “booster” of sorts for the East Dillon Lions
Jess’s brothers continue to be adorable. And the way Jess has better chemistry with Vince!!
Omg poor Mindy! Pregnant, on bed rest, the toilet’s backed up, and neither of the Riggins brothers are available?! She deserves better!
Okay I finally feel sympathy for Becky now, as she’s being forced to drive stick so she can get drunk!Tim over to help Mindy.
Aw poor baby Mindy, he’s not cheating on you! just trying to get money in an illegal way bc our healthcare system is trash!!!
“You wanna know where that money went, tim? It went to two trips to the pharmacy and one meeting with a specialist. That money’s gone.” YEPPPPPP. we love this country 🙃
This is so good bc Billy is actually the one who understands the dire situation he’s in and Tim is an idealistic teen and oh this is so sad. I hate capitalism.
Oh god this school was Tami’s first choice?! that explains Julie’s lack of enthusiasm.
Devin is still the best character, look at her lil ponytail! ew Landry is forcing them to stop band practice to talk about Jess rescheduling his date. Can you not !!!
Vince’s mom is doing so much! She goes hard for the Vince and Jess ship huh?
I honestly feel Julie on her feelings about everything about the college admissions process feeling fake bc it really does and I hated every second of it.
Tim practicing for a job interview is so cuteeeeee lol
Why does every girl always have to say “Tim Riggins” jk I know why it’s H O T
Omg Luke noooo babe is he gonna get addicted to painkillers bc of this injury???
Lol Tami and Julie are in Harvard square where i worked for 2.5 years, Wild
I’m glad Tami yelled at Julie to pull it together and that she’d regret wasting her shot over a breakup bc Julie really did manage to pull it together for the interview!
“Could we just...go home?” You’re not the first one to have that reaction to Boston, Julie LOL
They lit this scene at the property Tim wants to buy so gorgeously.
...I still don’t like Tim and Becky. Why can’t they just be friends blech
Of course the Toilet Bowl had to happen in the rain for maximum visual effect!
Awww Vince’s friends cheering for him, so cute!
Lol Buddy really convinced the Spanish-speaking radio station to let them cover this game, hilarious.
Omg the soundtrack during the end of this game is amazingggg.
“The East Dillon lions win! We win! We won a game!” —so relatable as someone who played for a team that would win one or two games a season lol
ah, fuck, Tim’s in on the full family business now; he has learned about reality under capitalism very quickly. this will probably not end well.
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stonerbughead · 9 months ago
Maria watches friday night lights (#18)
we’ve arrived at 4x07
alright y’all, I’m *here* for Tami and Eric being such good parents for a sad Julie
and let us continue...under the cut:
poor Luke being forced to miss school/a game to work for his parents’ farm, the East Dillon seasons are really fucking me UP with the class difference angle!!!
Go Tami with some academic achievements for the school!
Julie signing up for every club to keep busy is so transparent. LOL Twilight is the book club book, ah the early 2000s
Ah, the famed Whataburger. omg this chaotic scene of Riggins trying to pay at the drive-thru while Mindy has contractions and Billy is screaming at the car behind them lmao
Yessss to Jess being in “academic smackdown” already! we love a trivia team plotline
Ah, a heartwarming American story of a family without insurance who can’t afford their pregnancy and will certainly go into medical debt! Poor Mindy and Billy.
Oh Julie, when you yell “it’s not about Matt” multiple times, gurl...I think you know where I’m going with this.
“It’s just that it never ends.” Sounds like you shouldn’t be a dad, fuckface Becky’s dad!!! He got her a dog without asking her mom and is hiding another child???? Oh great and he’s trying to have Tim keep the secret, could this man get any more scummy.
Awww my heart warmed at how warmly Mrs. Saracen and Shelby greeted Julie. Andddd then my heart promptly broke for Julie when she found out Matt had called his mom and grandma and not her.
Yesss Mindy’s co workers raising money for her medical bills!! Seriously, fuck Billy; all she needs is the solidarity of her fellow strippers lol
“Hey man, what’s going on? You dead or something?” Lol nah, Luke’s dad is just poor and desperate :(
Lol they really nailed the public school teachers at karaoke vibe this is so cute NOW STRIKE lol
Awww it’s like all the non-football teachers bonding about being oppressed by football culture.
GLENNN NOOOO I was screaming when he went in for that kiss! I loved Tami’s look of oh honey noooooo
Glenn just described it as “mouth raped” that makes it even worse!!! Somehow! Help!
Julie has a “Tunes for my girl, love Matt” mix cd!!! I swear ever since I dropped my field hockey fic there are mix cds everywhere. Awww Julie’s finally getting a good cry in :(
Omg she’s crying ON STAGE at academic smackdown?! This has big Paris-not getting into Yale breakdown on stage energy.
Tinker coming to help Luke and his dad fix his fence MY HEART
Landry is so desperate, holy shit he’s on the phone with Tyra saying he’ll wait forever for her this deep into season 4????? He is hopeless.
The early 2000s music vibes at this baby shower are on point!
Oh boy Billy about to get into some illegal shit huh?
Becky is so annoying! dude don’t follow Tim everywhere!
“This is what they do: my dad, your dad. They leave and they don’t come back.” I hate how Tim is right and ooh poor Becky :(
Love the moment where Tinker makes Luke’s dad realize how wonderful his son is 🥺
LOL Tim telling Becky’s dad he fucked Becky’s mom I’m dyingggg
Omg! Eric won Vince’s trust! Tami and Eric disappearing a gun so Vince and his mom have a chance to get their life together is the white ally shit I’m here for !!!!
Poor Becky, I feel the daddy issues hard. Her mom’s here for her 🥺
Wow Becky is so fucking annoying but it’s really sweet that Tim is going to get a dog after Becky got all disappointed
Oh noooo was Luke injured
Landry is so annoying. “I have a car, I have a guitar” are your answers to why Jess should go on a date with you??? Jess is so much better than him
Tim with a dog really works actually. He’s just on the side of the road staring at some pretty land for sale while his dog pees. I see it, I feel it, I vibe with it.
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