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#marge bouvier
the-carl-to-your-lenny · 10 days ago
🖤This was meant to be a NSFW Homer and Marge edit but it just turned to them trying to kill eachother......oops🖤
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m-00-n-z · a month ago
Tumblr media
Maybe love can be a yellow suburban couple from the 90's
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kindnesspvnk · 4 months ago
Closed starter for Marge - @kalcidoscopcs​
There was a lot of things that went wrong in his life, but she could tell that the people that were good for him were good for him.  Cordelia was sitting in a coffee shop when she noticed that the person searching for a table was one of those people that were good for whoever’s memories she had.  “Why don’t you sit down here?  I’m barely using the table anyway.”
Tumblr media
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