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day-off-inkyoto · 4 minutes ago
Getting inspiration for the next chapter of Evie's Infinite Playlist.
Buckle up, y'all. It's gonna be a sad one.
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rosiegeee · 18 minutes ago
Slytherin Raised by Wolfstar: Chapter Ten: Quidditch
Here is a snip-bit from my new chapter:
The next morning dawned very bright and cold. The Great Hall was full of the delicious smell of fried eggs and the cheerful chatter of everyone looking forward to a good Quidditch match.
'Are you going to eat something?'
'I don't want anything.'
'You might get faint on the field if you have nothing on your stomach.'
'Fine, I'll have a bit of toast.'
That got them off his back for a second, but Harry still felt terrible. In an hours time he'd be walking on to the pitch.
Harry took a bit of toast but then just stared at the rest of the piece, lost in nervous thoughts. Tracey came and sat next to him.
'Harry you have got to eat to save your strength, you probably feel like barfing but one piece of toast and a glass of orange juice aren't going to make you through up, but they will help your brain work better when you are up there.'
She pointed towards the ceiling then slid a glass of orange juice in front of him.
'Thanks, Tracey.' And slowly Harry ate the piece of toast and sipped at the orange juice.
By eleven o'clock the whole school seemed to be out in the stands around the Quidditch pitch. Many students had binoculars. The seats might be raised high in the air but it was still difficult to see what was going on sometimes.
Tracey, Allison, and Theodore, along with Ron, Neville, and Susan made up the North Ham fan up in the top row. As a surprise both Tracey and Ron had separately from each other's knowledge made signs to hold up for Harry. Ron's said "Go Fawny Go!" with a broomstick underneath and was written in silver paint, while Tracey's said "You can catch it Harry" written in dark green ink and Theodore had enchanted the Slytherin crest underneath the text.
Meanwhile, in the changing rooms, Harry, Terence, and the rest of the team we're changing into their jade Quidditch robes (Gryffindor would be playing in red).
Flint yelled for attention.
'Ok ya sissy's, we had a big win last year and I am not willin to give that up just yet ya hear! If I see any of ya slackin ya'll be kicked off and replaced, and if we lose it'll be a lap around the entire school grounds on foot in only yer trousers, so we betta win! Or else!'
To read more here it is on wattpad and on Ao3 
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blueeyesatnight · 24 minutes ago
Me: Let's write The Cross, or Deadfall, or get one of those Frankie Morales request---
My Brain: Marcus Moreno.
Me: Ooo we doing Strongest Member of the Team?
My Brain: Marcus Moreno.
Me: ...... that wasn't an answer.
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echoalyssa · 49 minutes ago
Through His Window | Marcus Baker
Tumblr media
Authors Note: Marcus is 18 in this and will be for every time that I write for him! Plus look at the boy, as if he’s 15 😒 I love this boy with all my heart, and could not write about anyone younger than 18 ever. Oral sex! Female receiving.
Y’all get yourself a man (or a woman) like this. I never KNEW until i experienced it. Don’t settle for less!
It’s late at night when you scurry across the street and into the Bakers’ yard. Normally it was your boyfriend climbing through your window, but today, or rather tonight, you decided that you wanted to switch it up.
You reach for the lowest branch of the tree below Marcus’ window, hauling yourself up and wedging your foot into the crevice before reaching for the next branch.
Its really not the most comfortable, stray leaves and twigs hit you in the face and if you weren't wearing leggings you'd certainly have some very scratched up legs.
Thank god it wasn’t a fern tree, that would be utter hell. How Marcus climbed up so gracefully was beyond you.
You finally reach his windowsill and with a might haul, you manage to pull yourself up. You wiggle so that a butt cheek and a thigh rests on the ledge, your other leg still on the tree branch and then you push the window up.
Luckily he hasn’t locked it, otherwise this whole thing would be ruined. Plus, stairs were boring.
You focus more on climbing into the room safely than looking for him. And when you’re seated on the floor, gasping slightly because it sure was a workout, you look up.
Marcus is standing by his dresser just staring at you, looking downright shocked. He blinks, his jaw opening and closing like a fish. His eyebrows rise and then fall again.
“Hey baby!” You say with a giggle.
He blinks another confused blink and then his face lights up. Your boyfriend crosses the room to you and then hauls you up so he can kiss you.
You melt into him, the ever so present fact that the two of you fit together like puzzle pieces looming over you.
“What are you doing here?” He asks with a chuckle of disbelief after he’s pulled away.
You stroke your jaw and grab your crotch, like teenage boys did for their instagram pics. “I’m Marcus Baker. I crawl through windows at night.”
He eyes you, and then simultaneously the two of you break into laughter.
Your fingers find the hem of his tshirt and you tug lightly, before backing away from him to slide off your shirt (one of his old ones, though it unfortunately didn’t smell like him) leaving you in those black nike running shorts that you loved.
He obliges, not because he enjoys being shirtless but because he likes you in his clothes. Or nothing at all. He wasn’t picky.
You slip it over your head and then dart for his bed, you fling yourself onto the mattress and your body bounces back up after impact.
He darts after you, jumping on top of you and pinning you to the mattress. His fingers go to your sides and he begins to tickle you, knowing all the right places.
You squirm, all giggly and thrashing. You can feel the lack of air and you smack at his shoulders playfully, trying to escape his wrath.
He pulls back, knowing you need to breathe. “Give me one good reason as to why I should stop.”
You gasp, and gasp again, sucking that precious air back into your lungs. “I-I-“ You suck in more air, a stray giggle following. “I’m horny!”
At that his eyebrows raise and he peers down at you. “Horny eh?”
You nod curtly and then for extra effect add a little army salute.
“I’ve got a spectacular solution for that problem then miss. Will you allow me to assist you?”
He rolls over to the right of his bed so that he’s no longer on top of you and then pats the space between the sides of his head.
You give him a blank look.
“Ride my face babe!”
You feel your eyes blow out wide. Oh. OH. “Isn’t that dangerous? What if you can’t breathe?”
“Death by thick thighs, I would not complain!”
“No death Mar!” You exclaim.
He pats the mattress again. “Bless me with the glorious juices of your body.”
This kid. This kid would be the end of you.
Reluctantly you tug the shorts off, and because of the built in underwear you didn’t need to wear underwear. You straddle his chest first and look down at him.
“Are you sure?”
You knew he loved eating you out, loved cleaning you up and he loved giving. But you’d never sat ON his face before.
Slowly you scoot up, seeing his face disappear between your thighs. Though you hover over his face, reluctant to put too much weight on him.
His arms wrap around your thighs from the back, his palms resting on your hips, and then abruptly he pulls you down onto him.
His lips land on your clit and you gasp, trying to rocket back up but he holds you there, his grip firm but not tight.
He drags his tongue through your lips and you whimper. It’s always so good when he does this, but the fact that you’re on his face is ridiculously enticing even if you’re still worried. His tongue then flicks upward and- he catches your clit and your hand shoots downwards, wrapping in his hair.
“Oh god-“
He groans from underneath you and you know it’s because he loves the way you taste. The vibration of the groan rockets through you and your legs shake.
His tongue picks a steady rhythm on your clit and you find your hips rolling forward ever so slightly.
“Is that o-okay?” You gasp out, worried you’ll hurt him.
He lets out a ragged moan in response and tugs you further into him.
Something about this angle, about this position, it was stirring a fire in your belly already. If only there was a mirror, if you ever did this again (and you had a feeling you would) you’d definitely be adding a mirror to the equation.
Your body is succumbing to him, you fall forward, grabbing the headboard for support, fisting his hair.
His tongue stays steady and when he needs a slight break for air he’ll pull you off just slightly before tugging you back onto his face.
Your eyes are glued to his face between your thighs, the source of all the pleasure coursing through your body. At the way just his eyes and forehead are visible below you. His gaze flickers to you occasionally, watching your reactions every time he changes the angle and alters the pressure.
He drags his tongue down to your opening, plays with you there for a bit and then returns full force to your clit.
It’s enough to make you keen out his name.
“M-mar-marcus b-babe p-please” You beg.
The sound of your voice, racked with your impending orgasm and the taste of you does him in and his tongue speeds up, his lips curl around your clit, he sucks on it, like a cherry.
“Oh I-“
Your legs are shaking and you knew that if you wanted to pull off of him you wouldn’t be able to. You hoped he was doing okay on oxygen down there.
It hits you like a truck. Like the first time you vape but have no idea what it’s like. But harder. Your entire body seizes up and then… heaven. Euphoric bliss.
You release onto his face, into his mouth and he laps it all up, urging you through your orgasm and then further. He’s obsessed. His arms keep you pressed onto him.
Your hips jerk, reaching over sensitivity but he doesn’t stop. Instead Marcus keeps going, showing your body how it’s down. What a real orgasm is. You’re seizing above him and the pleasure just won’t stop.
Eventually his pace slows and he slowly pulls off. He helps you lay down next to him, where your entire body is shaking, especially your legs. Who knew post orgasm shakes were really a thing?
He grins at you, mouth and chin glistening with your liquids and then as you watch him, he uses a finger to collect and literally cleans himself.
It’s about one of the sexiest things ever and you don’t think you’ll ever recover from this. Not that that would be such a bad thing.
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miru-p · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some OCs Twitter requests! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
@kajikokylance @zorakschicken @sharkynnaise @bearycafe
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fandom-explorer04 · 2 hours ago
(So, if Camila supposedly hated Marcus that much then why does she constantly hang out with him? You got something to confess (TwT) )
Camila Noceda: I don't have anything to frickin' confess about this. I just hate Marcus, so I'm trying to show the world how much of a frickin' hybrid freak he is.
Marcus Clawthorne: She just secretly want to hang out with me. I believe she just wants a friend, and who can make her have a friend than her grandson, yours truly? That right Camila, you clever girl?
You might want to know what my OC's relationship with her is like, you have your answer. BTW, since 682 constantly swears, I decided to not use profanity for incorrect quotes posts. At least... For now
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esteboo-ocon · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
i’m so unbelievably proud of him marcus my sweet prince you deserve everything
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helinsolak · 2 hours ago
SPECIAL DELIVERY FOR: marcus turner.
LOCATION: helin’s farmhouse. 
DATE & TIME: friday, june 11th, 2021. 
As oat field meets a peach sky, the evening has come in stately fashion, with all the grace of a breeze in repose. This was a time in which Helin didn't get regularly, so when she did, she was sure to make it count and be mindful. She takes the time to listen to her tense muscles, relaxing them more and more. Helin was ready for calm stillness and is easily absorbed in the music of the crickets, she allows the gentle energy to wash in all while indulging in a class of french chardonnay. Her fingers are warm on the coolness of the chilled glass. Sitting in her usual, middle stop on the front proch for sometime now, Helin takes her time soaking in the daydream evening with the night creeping in, flushing into darkness.
After finishing off the first glass slowly, Helin brings herself inside for a refill. With lazy movements, Helin begins pouring the wine into the class when the sound of a vehicle pulling up the long drive way causes her to look out the kitchen window. Squinting, the bright lights from the car make it difficult to see who's decided to arrive at such a random time in this evening. Also ─ Who has the audacity to show up anyway? Everyone who's allowed in this home knows to call first before stopping by ... Oh, wait. ─ Where's her phone? Furrowing her brows, confused as to where her cell was now hiding, Helin's attention comes back to the person in front of her house. The shutting of their car makes her look out the window. ❛ ... Unbelievable. ❜ It comes out as a heavy sigh after instantly recognizing the model of the car. Swiping her glass back into her hand, Helin exits the kitchen.
Tumblr media
Stepping back out onto her front proch, Helin watches Marcus walk up to her porch with a stern stare, lips form into a thin frown. ❛ You have some nerve. ❜ She says to him before taking a new sip from her freshly refilled glass of wine. Putting up an index finger as a warning ( and a bad habit she does when she's feeling a little too overwhelmed for words and needs a moment to think ) for Marcus to not say a word yet which forces a prolonged silence. Helin isn't stupid, and she has a good idea why he's here, though she wasn't going to make it easy for him. ❛ What are you doing here? ❜ Helin finally asks evenly, shifting her weight to one side. ❛ I don't recall sending a text for you to come over. ❜ It's an uncalled for jab. A step too far over the line when a man is seemingly already down, but hey, Marcus acted like a child the last time they spoke. It only makes sense for Helin to treat him like a child, and that calls for Helin being a hardass.
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jealousyblood · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Marcus - TFC OC Heavy
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im-not-a-saint-but · 3 hours ago
Pierce, pointing gun at Lucifer: See you in hell
Lucifer: Are you asking me on a date?
Pierce: What? N—
Lucifer: I accept. I'll pick you up.
Pirce: I'll fuckin' kill you. How about this, huh?
Lucifer: Yeah, sure. As long as I get to see you.
Pierce: Ohh for once in your life just shut up.
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raindancer2004 · 3 hours ago
The Power of a Good Book - Twilight AU Series
Tumblr media
Word Count 3,590 Demetri x OC Part One Warnings: Mentions of vampire deaths / beheadings, Mentions of people being spiked by Vlad Tepes.
Summary: This is my Twilight AU Series – Demetri’s on a mission with some of the other guards and gets injured and is unconscious but somehow wakes up to find himself in Amelia’s apartment in our world, where she knows him as a character from the Twilight book/movie series. It’s takes a little getting used to for both of them but it turns out that they’re mates and fall for each other but after two months in our world, Amelia wakes up one morning to discover he’s gone...He wakes up in his room without her...Will they ever find each other again?
Please note as this is an AU series and time works differently in ‘Our World’ compared to the ‘Twilight Universe.’
Taglist: @reallykosborne @develin13 @mytwilightimagines13 @singerj2002 @volturidoll13 @vamp-army @alecvolturiswifeforever @thildz @aro-is-gay-af @folkeverandalways @kepochka16 @latran5k @wallwriterstuff @moonxswitchsworld @dench1992 @kelsim-h27 @perfectcolortreestudent @ivyproblems @alecvolturi @romace-tea-cup @college-is-coming @avyannadawn @ximeaflanet @alexavolturisblog @kpopgirlbtssvt @foreveror-never @fanfictionillustration​
***Twilight Universe***
It had been four years since the confrontation with the Cullens and their ‘witnesses’ and every one of them was abiding by the laws set by the Volturi with the exception of one coven.
Aro had received word that the two remaining members of the Romanian coven, Vladimir and Stefan had made an alliance with a small English coven and had created many newborns. Their agenda was to try and overthrow the Volturi, or so the informant believed. “Will those two never learn?” Caius growled “It would seem not” Aro replied “We have been too lenient over the years, they need to be dealt with” Marcus pointed out, Caius stood from his throne and crossed the room “…Permanently” He added before he slammed the door behind him. “I think the Romanians have crossed us for the last time” Aro replied looking at Marcus “Good. It’s exhausting dealing with them and their antics every few decades” Marcus responded.
Aro and Marcus waited for Caius to calm a little before they sat together and discussed the news and the best course of action to take in order to deal with the matter as quickly as possible. “We’ll have Demetri track them from here initially so we know where to send the guards. Also, this way he can propose the best route to get to them giving us the upper hand” Caius said looking between his brothers “I’ll have Demetri meet with the informant so he can pick up as many of the new tenors as possible as this will make tracking the vampires easier, if they move around whilst he and the other guards travel to their destination” Aro replied “Sounds like a plan brothers, only who will we send with him?” Marcus asked. Aro thought for a moment and then replied “The twins, Felix and Santiago will accompany Demetri” “I think we should send some of the transitory guards too, just to be sure this mission is successful” Caius added, Aro and Marcus nodded “I want to be able mount Vladimir and Stefan’s heads on sticks” Cauis said with a sadistic smile plastered on his face “You scare me sometimes brother” Marcus murmured and Aro chuckled.
Demetri sent a note to Felix, Santiago and the twins inviting them to his room for a ‘mission briefing’ “Thank you for coming, I just wanted to run through the details of our upcoming mission. Master Aro has received word that the Romanians have teamed up with an English coven and have created a number of newborns…” “Idiots! Do they never learn?” Jane interrupted him “It would seem not” Alec replied “…It may or may not shock you to learn that the reason for this latest stunt is that they plan to try and overthrow the Kings and rule our world again” Demetri adds “Well I’m guessing we’re killing the newborns and the English coven, but what about the Romanians?” Santiago asked “I was just getting to that. The Kings have decided they are done being lenient with them and we can finally end them. Master Caius has one request though. He wants us to bring him their heads so he can put them on a stick” Santiago and the twins laughed but Felix looked a little confused “Why would he want their heads on sticks?” “Felix, my friend have you heard of Vlad Tepes?” Demetri asked and Felix shook his head “Vlad Tepes was known as Vlad the Impaler because each time he killed someone he put their head on spikes, however as time went on he would impale the bodies of his enemies and subjects alike on spikes and display them outside of the castle in an a warning to anyone who dared to invade his land” Demetri replied “So Caius is planning on displaying the Romanian’s heads somewhere in the castle?” Felix asked “Sounds that way” Santiago answered him smiling “It’ll make the décor a little more interesting” Alec added chuckling. “Is just the five of us going Demetri?” Jane asked “No Jane. Caius has decided that some of the transitory guards are to accompany us on this mission as he deems them expendable” Demetri responded and they all nodded “Make sure you all hunt and are fully ready for this mission. Our objection is clear and we leave at 10.00am the day after tomorrow” Demetri told them all “Santiago, can you ensure the private jet is ready also? Thank you” “Of course Demetri. Leave it with me.”
Demetri tracked the vampires in question to the Lake District in England, although it took a while to locate everyone as the Romanians had the English coven and the newborns split up and live in small numbers to try and blend in with the humans in the area and stay under the Volturi’s radar. This was less successful with the newborns for obvious reasons.
The Romanians had been a little smarter this time with their strategy, but they would not succeed, not in the way they hoped; for the Volturi were always one step ahead thanks to their loyal subjects and some well-placed spies.
Felix had fought Stefan and had removed his head swiftly, setting his body alight and bagging his head for Caius. “Well done Felix” Alec praised as his mist encircled four of the newborns wiping away all of their senses. Vladimir growled low and went for Alec but didn’t get very fair “Pain” Jane’s voice was soft but it carried and Vladimir dropped to his knees and roared out in pain. The Volturi guards grinned at the sound of his screams and carried on fighting their opponents. Three of the English coven had been beheaded and were scattered around the field, ready to be burnt once the fight was over. 
Although, dealing with the newborns themselves were a little more difficult than the guards thought it would be as they had someone else around to help them as Demetri found out rather harshly part way through the fight. Demetri was fighting a newborn and was just about to remove his head when he saw a flash of white from his peripheral vison and felt something hit his chest hard. “Demetri” Jane cried out as his body flew past her as she was the closet guard to him. He hit the floor with a hard thump, the sound carrying across the field. The newborn sped off, only to be chased and caught by Santiago, who made quick work of ripping him apart ensuring to scatter the dismembered pieces away from one another.
Jane sped over to Demetri to check on him and couldn’t ‘wake’ him “Demetri” She shook his shoulders gently trying to rouse him. “How is he?” Alec called out as he let his mist wipe away the senses of the remaining newborns “I-I think he’s unconscious, if that’s even possible” She replied. Jane heard a female laugh and turned to see who it belonged to, only to see the female disappear from sight. “What the…” She mumbled to herself, not getting a clear look at her.
Felix and Santiago piled the bodies and set them alight, keeping Vladimir alive so he could be interrogated by the Kings regarding the disappearing female that had injured Demetri. “I will never tell you a thing. I’ll take that information to my grave” Vladimir sneered at Felix “Don’t count on it. Jane views Demetri as another brother and she will torture you for the information once we reach the castle and she knows he’s safe” Felix replied. Alec wasn’t sure if Demetri was in pain or not, so decided not to use his gift for fear of making the situation worse for his friend and fellow guard.
Once Santiago had landed the jet and had Vladimir is a vice tight grip, Felix carried Demetri back to the castle and took him straight to his room and carefully laid him down on the bed. Jane entered Demetri’s room a few moments later and made her way over to the bed to check on him “Alec’s gone to alert the Kings of what has happened and Santiago has put Vladimir in the dungeon for safe keeping for now” Jane tells Felix, who nods and lights the fire before taking a seat on the sofa by the fireplace waiting for the Alec and the Kings to arrive. 
Meanwhile in the throne room Alec explained what happened during the fight with the Romanians, the English coven and their newborns. Aro confirmed this by reading Alec and Santiago’s thoughts and growled. “What’s happened?” Caius asked standing from his throne “It would seem the Romanians had someone else on their side we were not aware of and that person has somehow injured our dear Demetri” Aro’s tone was calm and even but the look in his eyes told Alec that if he ever found that person they wouldn’t survive long enough to make up an excuse. “HOW DARE THEY?” Caius roared; Marcus sped over to his brothers “How bad is he hurt?” Concern clear in his voice “Jane thinks he is unconscious as he cannot be woken” Aro replied “I’m going to check on him personally as he is my personal bodyguard and friend” He muttered the last word but the others heard him. Aro and Caius knew Marcus had two relationships with their tracker; a professional one when he was on duty in the throne room and around the castle as well as an informal one when behind the closed doors of his private study. They didn’t mind the informal relationship as this made their brother happy and a happy Marcus was a focused Marcus.  
Alec, Marcus and his brothers arrived at Demetri’s door and noticed that Jane had removed his cloak and was still trying to wake him gently “Come on Dem, wake up. Please” Her voice soft as she gently shook him. Marcus placed a hand on her shoulder “Let him rest child, he obviously needs it” He said softly “Yes Master” She replied but stayed sitting on the empty side of the bed as Aro made his way around the other side of the bed, standing beside him. He looked down and carefully moved his head to inspect if there was any physical damage that could be seen. “Whatever has happened to him hasn’t left him with any physical marks. None that I can see anyway” “That’s good. It means Vladimir lives long enough to talk to us” Caius replied.
Aro took Demetri’s hand in his and saw what happened to him; him beheading a member of the English coven, the fight between him and some of the newborns, him killing three successfully before his attempt to kill a fourth was interrupted by a flash of white appearing in his peripheral vision just before being hit in the chest and moving through the air. The last thing Demetri heard was Jane calling his name before hitting the floor.
“Jane” Aro turns to her and smiles. Jane offers her hand and shows him her memory of the fight, the vampires she subdued whilst the larger guards ripped them apart, including the unknown female laughing before she disappears from sight. None of the guards got a good look at her. “Thank you. As always you all work well together, having each other’s backs; which makes things like this…” He nods at Demetri “…all the harder to deal with. I do not know what is wrong with him or when he’ll wake” Aro smiled at Jane, Alec and Felix. “We will all have to check on him regularly and I’ll ensure there are blood bags in the fridge waiting for him when he wakes” Marcus told them and everyone in the room nodded.
“I have a soon to be dead vampire to interrogate” Caius announced and turned to leave the room “Twinnies with me please” “Yes master” Jane and Alec replied together; Aro, Marcus and Felix chuckled at the nickname he had given them centuries ago.
“Felix, go clean up and relax I’ll stay with him for a bit” Marcus said and took a seat on the bed beside Demetri “Thank you Master” He replied. Aro handed Marcus a book from Demetri’s bookcase “Here, something to read whilst you wait. If you need anything let me know” Aro said softly “I will” Marcus replied low. Marcus was well aware that Aro had seen in his thoughts that he regarded the tracker a friend and more recently had come to think of him as the son he never had.
***Our World***
Meanwhile, Amelia Matthews worked as Administrator for an Occupational Health company and was sitting at her desk answering telephone calls, sorting and dealing with the incoming post and responding to emails accordingly. Her job also involved her booking, rebooking and cancelling appointments with the Occupational Health Clinicians, composing and sending out appointment letters by post and or email. Meeting notices were sent via email to notify her colleagues of any team meetings or meetings with their clients. She liked her job as each day was different and her colleagues were friendly as were their clients.
Amelia’s phone buzzed and she looked at the screen to see her friend Molly had text her. She opened up her messages and couldn’t help the wide smile that graced her lips.
Hi sweets, guess what? Twilight Marathon at the cinema next Friday night, you in? They’re showing all five films in one night. They’re encouraging everyone to wear pyjamas as it’s gonna be an all-nighter x
Of course!! 😊 Looking forward to it hunny. Yay about the pyjamas too x
Cool, I’ll book tickets now 😊 x
Amelia made her way home that night, stopping off to pick up pasta and garlic bread for dinner. As soon as she got home she kicked her shoes off and prepared dinner. Whilst dinner was cooking she put some washing in the machine and tidied up a little.
After dinner she put the washing over the clothes horse to dry and got comfortable on the sofa with a glass of wine and turned-on Netflix and watched ‘Bridesmaids.’
Later that night she climbed into bed and picked up her book ‘Twilight’ from her bedside table and began to read until she fell asleep.
The following morning as Amelia prepared breakfast, she got a big surprise when she heard footsteps coming down the hallway of her apartment towards the kitchen and she felt her heart stop a little when she looked up and saw who was standing in the doorway.
***Ten minutes earlier***
Demetri’s senses were on high alert, he knew something was wrong, for one thing the bed he was lying on was not his king size bed, the room he was in was not his room; for this room had a slight floral scent to it with a hint of something he couldn’t quite place. He slowly opened his eyes and noticed the ceiling above him is white, not the cream colour of his room back at the castle. He sat up slowly, letting his eyes move around the room, taking in the sight before him. Three of the walls were painted a soft grey, the fourth wall that the bed rested against was decorated with a soft pink wallpaper with grey and cream flowers on it. He swung his feet over the side of the bed and noticed the soft flooring beneath his feet, he looked down to see a pale grey carpet on the floor “Where am I?” He murmured to himself as he continued to look around; his eyes landing on a clothes horse full of female clothes and undergarments. “I’m definitely not in the castle” He murmured to himself.
The sound of soft footsteps and a heartbeat caught his attention, his head turning to look at the door, half expecting it to open but it didn’t. Instead, the footsteps passed the room he was in and seemed to get further away as though entering another room. He opened the door slowly and popped his head out into the hallway and saw cream walls lined with a few framed pictures; the wall opposite him had framed pictures of a blonde girl with green eyes with who he assumed were either her family or friends. He stepped into the empty hallway and turned to see more framed pictures hung on the wall, only these were pictures of landscapes or landmarks ‘tourist photos’ he thought to himself and quietly closed the door of the bedroom he had ‘woken up’ in.
The smell of food cooking and soft music playing had his head turning in that direction, he took a deep breath and started to walk towards the end of the hallway, all of his senses still on high alert. He stopped in the doorway of the kitchen at the end of the hall and noticed the girl standing opposite him behind the counter was the blonde girl from the pictures. ‘definitely human’ he thought as he looked at her.
“What the…?” Amelia gasped as she looked up and saw Charlie Bewley standing the kitchen doorway of her apartment dressed as Demetri Volturi. He had a confused expression on his face “Where am I?” He asks “Hi-hi Charlie. Wh-what are you…?” “Who’s Charlie?” He asks cutting her off “You are” She replied, a little confused herself ‘why is he asking that’ she wondered to herself. “Why are you dressed like Demetri? Are you guys finally filming a new film, maybe one all about the Volturi?” She asked low but with his vampiric hearing it meant he had heard her. “I am not Charlie, my name is Demetri. Demetri Volturi. Do you know where I am?” He responded and she nodded slowly “You’re in my apartment in London” She gave him a small smile, one that he returned briefly. He shook his head as though trying to clear his head “How?” He asked her “I-I don’t know. I was hoping you’d know” She answered honestly and he studied her for a moment “I was just in the Lake District, with Felix, Santiago and the twins. I was hurt in the fight…maybe I…oh gods…” He trailed off as he tried to get his thoughts in order. For the first time in over 1000 years, he felt scared, anxious even and totally out of his depth; he hadn’t felt like that since he woke as a newborn in Amun’s home back in Egypt.
She waited a few moments before speaking, unsure of what to say or do “I’m Amelia by the way” She said quietly and continued to look at him, fangirling a little inside ‘oh my god Charlie’s in my apartment.’ He looked up at the sound of her voice “It’s nice to meet you” “You too” She replied and gave him a small smile “Did you want a coffee or something?” She asked him “No thank you Amelia” He replied and took a seat on the chair on the opposite side of the counter, his head in his hands. “Why did you call me Charlie?” He asked low “Because that’s your name” She answered “No, it’s not. I told you my name is Demetri” “Ok, well Demetri I think you may have hit your head or something because Demetri is a fictional character in book and movie series The Twilight Saga. Charlie Bewley…” She pointed to him “…is the actor who portrays him…” “But I’m not Charlie” “Just bear with me a moment, please” She asks him and he nods at her to continue. “Demetri along with the rest of the Volturi are in the last three books of the four-book series. He’s the World’s Best Tracker…” “So you know who I am?” He cut her off “Yes, as I said you’re a character from The Twilight Saga. I mean you’re in costume and everything, including the red coloured contact lenses” She replied “I am not in costume, this is my guard uniform. Also, my eyes are red because I am a vampire” He growled at her and she flinched, moving back from the counter. He noticed her reaction and picked up the slightest hint of fear in the air and internally cursed himself ‘dammit. I’ve scared her.’ “I’m sorry Amelia, I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just…I’m not this Charlie. I really am Demetri.” He said softly, still feeling confused about the situation he’s found himself in, because although Amelia has explained how she knows him, the fact is they have never actually met before.  
“Stay here a moment, I’ll be right back” She said low and he nodded and watched as she made her way into the living room. She returned a few moments later holding her Twilight Saga Blu-ray box set “These are the movies that were made based on the book series, see” She opened up the box and showed him the discs inside. He moved back quickly, tipping the chair over in the process “What the…? How?” His face held a shocked expression, confusion clear in his eyes as he stared at the faces on the discs. “It’s ok. Each book has its own movie, except the last book, it has two as they split the book. They even have bonus content…” “What does that mean?” He cut her off “It means there are behind the scenes footage, cast and crew interviews, including some with you” She replied “You mean interviews with this…Charlie” He corrected her. She sighed “I need a coffee” She turned and put the kettle on. 
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raindancer2004 · 3 hours ago
The Power of a Good Book - Twilight AU Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Demetri x OC
Summary:  This is my Twilight AU Series   – Demetri’s on a mission with some of the other guards and gets injured and is unconscious but somehow wakes up to find himself in Amelia’s apartment in our world, where she knows him as a character from the Twilight book/movie series. It’s takes a little getting used to for both of them but it turns out that they’re mates and fall for each other but after two months in our world, Amelia wakes up one morning to discover he’s gone...He wakes up in his room without her...Will they ever find each other again?
Please note as this is an AU series time works differently in ‘Our World’ compared to the ‘Twilight Universe.’
Part One
Part Two - coming soon
Part Three - coming soon
Part Four - coming soon
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arunasbrasas · 4 hours ago
Detroite pirmąją pergalę iškovojo M. Ericssonas
Detroite pirmąją pergalę iškovojo M. Ericssonas
Marcusas Ericssonas / Chris Owens/IndyCar nuotrauka Detroito, JAV, trasoje surengtose „IndyCar“ lenktynėse pirmąją pergalę iškovojo trečius metus čempionate lenktyniaujantis Marcusas Ericssonas. Švedas pasinaudojo situacija, kai pratęsus lenktynes į trasą negalėjo išvažiuoti „Penske“ atstovas Willas Poweris. Tai ne tik pirmoji švedo pergalė „IndyCar“ čempionate, bet ir pirmoji sportininko…
Tumblr media
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rinusveekay · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marcus Ericsson celebrates his first IndyCar victory at the Detroit GP (12.06.21) by Barry Cantrell
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freya-deathstalker · 4 hours ago
Current lock screen.... Because you all should use Moose!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Marcus Ericsson celebrates his first IndyCar victory at the Detroit GP together with his team (12.06.21) by Lat Images
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camilagvrcia · 4 hours ago
True or false: you hid Sage from Marcus for your own selfish reasons as opposed to stepping outside of yourself?
"No fuckin' words. No fuckin' words. —I'd sit here and explain myself, but considering I apparently need to step outside of myself, let me leave it at this: if looking out for my daughter's best interests makes me selfish, then so be it. I'm the most selfish bitch around." — @marcustcrner
Tumblr media
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