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tylwythwaffles · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Really excited for @arwenindomiel’s upcoming tolkien south asian week! Here's some lineart from a couple of my pieces
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feanorimus · a day ago
The Silmarillion Portrayed by Cat Photos I found on Google
I made these in my twitter on January, but I decided to repost in here.
Mandos 24/7:
Tumblr media
"Get thee gone from my gate, thou jail-crow of Mandos!"-Fëanor
Tumblr media
Manwë, when his brother-who-became-a-good-boy making a mess and ruining Arda again:
Tumblr media
Maeglin when seeing Tuor and Idril kissing at their wedding:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tùrin, when he just knew that he was curse carrier for everyone:
Tumblr media
Melkor when Valar's army suddenly at front of Angband Gate:
Tumblr media
Also Caranthir:
Tumblr media
Maedhros was done with everything about his brothers:
Tumblr media
Celebrimbor, in fandom:
Tumblr media
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enter-witty-remark · a day ago
Eventually Maglor and Glorfindel finally make it to Valinor and once they touch the beach Glorfindel just walks away. He has been waiting for this and he is done dealing with Maglor if someone asks him to go get him one more time he will punch them regardless of who it is.
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outofangband · 4 days ago
Introductory Snippets with links to introduction to the AU
(second author’s note at the end!)
Feel free to ask any questions! I know this is pretty short but I have just been so excited about starting!
(First author’s note: I haven’t yet gone into much detail about why Maedhros is like this but his actual time in Angband wasn’t too different than in my main verse which is going to add yet another layer of difficulty for those attempting to discover who he is because who he is is still deeply associated with agony and humiliation. I talk about in more detail on this post but in Angband, dissociation to this degree is considered a mercy and not one Maedhros has been allowed very often. And I will explore in more detail exactly what’s going on as I continue. Feel free to ask questions!)
I am also going to intersperse with scenes of Maedhros in Angband as the changes are undergone and for many of them he’s still an angry smartass so..
Warnings: dehumanization, implied body horror, potential claustrophobia, my possibly poor attempts to write Ainur other than Melkor and his ilk (I haven’t for so long!) oh! very brief implication of a canonical instance of animal cruelty. the author’s note at the end explains it without detail too. 
(I hope this is ok! I’m pretty nervous but I wanted to have the first one up. Thank you so much to @aronoiiel for preview reading and @pepperonyscience I believe you said you wanted to be tagged!)
Elegant hands folded upon the table came into focus as Manwë was pulled out of his reverie by a presence in the doorway. He waited for a moment without speaking, expecting his visitor to break the silence first. When Eönwë did not, the king raised his eyes, concerned by what he saw.
“Yes?” A verbal prompting was clearly needed. Eönwë appeared rather disgruntled.
“The gift thy brother spoke of.” His lieutenant was one of the few who still referred to Melkor as such, refusing of course to use the dark Vala’s original name but refraining from the titles given by the Eldar.
“What of it?” 
“I took it upon myself to ensure you were being handed nothing volatile.” Eönwë‘s expression was grave. Manwë maintained his air of polite interest though from the moment Melkor had mentioned the gift he had felt the rare pull of dread fester in the physical form he wore. He did not find it pleasing to have to prompt the Maia again but could nonetheless understand Eönwë’s hesitance.
“It still breathes.” 
Manwë’s gaze narrowed to an eagle-like intensity, searching his lieutenant’s eyes for more. 
Eönwë did not falter though what he spoke of next was clearly distasteful to him.
“I suspected a living gift. Or that had been once alive. It was the former.” He beckons the king forward and Manwë stands, follows him into the adjoining room, hands pressed together in front of him, expression neutral.
“We have not yet removed it from its restraints, I do not know how injured they are,” Eönwë continued as he gestured to a large, iron chest that lay in the center, flanked by two sober looking guards. 
The gift appeared to be Eldar and he would have been content calling it such had it not sported a pair of folded wings, tucked carefully around the bare form. Even in the dim light, Manwë could see the fading tracks of rust marring both skin and feather. King and councilor both looked into the chest without moving.
Eönwë finally breaks the silence. “We believe it to be unconscious, possibly the result of a draught. They are certainly weak enough to be susceptible. What is it you will do with it, My Lord?” The Lieutenant’s own feathers appeared ruffled as something akin to scorn stung his voice, “Thy brother said that he was gifting thee a pet.” At this last word, the almost monotonous voice he favored when giving reports lilted and all present heard the soft fury, “Perhaps He has merely been away from Home for too long a period but we do not typically treat my kin as prized animals or trophies.” Eönwë stopped here, conscious of the several lines he had crossed as he prepared for a rebuke from Manwë, however gentle it was likely to be.
But it never came. Indeed, Manwë did not appear to have taken in the Maia’s words. Eönwë waited for nearly two minutes before his lord met his eyes and gave a nod of ascent. The lieutenant understood that he was to give the next set of orders, Manwë presumably lost in both thought and memories of the first wars and what he had lost to Melkor then. 
“Bring a healer to stand by while we remove them from their chains. If these injuries are at all similar to what I have seen Him inflict on other winged creatures, including my own kin, there is likely damage that will require careful handling. Assuming it is not already irreversible.”
(author’s note: In earlier versions of Silm, Melkor takes several of Manwë’s Maiar, including eagles to torture and experiment on. I also do headcanon that there are hundreds of Maiar and half Maiar of Manwë that have formed since the First Music. These are the children of the original Maiar who take more grounded forms though there are a few rare half Maiar half elven beings who serve or live at the palace. Not all of his Maiar necessarily serve him, some merely maintain a connection to the King without necessarily taking an active role in his court. So this, combined with layers of Melkor’s own power, is why Manwë isn’t sure exactly what he has been given)
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tar-thelien · 5 days ago
Manwe: If you had to choose between Tulkas and all the money I have in my wallet, which would you choose?
Melkor: That depends, how much money are we taking about?
Tulkas: Melkor!
Manwe: 63 cents.
Melkor: I'll take the money.
Tulkas: MELKOR!!!
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littlesauron · 5 days ago
thinking abt the line abt Melkor 'daunting Manwë with his gaze' and while i LOVE the heavy focus on how terrible the eyes of both Melkor and Sauron were I can't stop picturing these two dumb brothers like
Tumblr media
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mairons-hope · 6 days ago
Melkor: "You know, they say couples that kill together stay together. Why don't we put that to the test?"
Manwë: "As hot as that sounds, I don't think this realm would appreciate the only king going rogue with the biggest villain."
Tumblr media
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mairons-hope · 6 days ago
Valar and their weapon of choice
Not many think of the gods as fighters except for tulkas so heres the choice each vala would choose if in combat.
Manwë: A long sword.
Ulmo: A tritant, hand to hand.
Aulë: Sharp two sides axe.
Oromë: Bow and arrow / daggers
Mandos: Scythe
Lórien: Magic, twin daggers.
Tulkas: Hand to hand combat
Queens of the Valar (Valier)
Varda: Whip, magic.
Yavanna: Lance, katana
Nienna: Deer horn knives
Estë: Club, magic.
Vairë: Needles, daggers
Vána: granade
Nessa: Magic, crossbow
- Plus Eru and melkor-
Eru : genecial Atomic Bomb
Melkor: grond
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elennalore · 6 days ago
A character study of Melkor in the Void, written as free verse. Also found on ao3.
I’m a seed in darkness, waiting for my time
Planted by my brother
I’m floating in space
You thought it a punishment
Exposure to extreme cold, burned by the stars
But I’m a Vala of extremes
I have walked Helcaraxe and tamed the spirits of fire
Did you forget it?
I survive without air and company
A seed is alone at first
Incubation in the dark
A cold of winter precedes the spring
But all things pass, and all things change
You can’t stop the time you’ve created
And time is a spiral, not a line
I’m rotating in the Void
Sometimes I pass a blazing star
The rays of light melt the frost when they touch me
It’s not yet time
I’m searching for a greater light
The seed waits in darkness
Incubation time
 But it’s all going to change
The Door of Night will be opened again
A stream of light flows in
And the seed wakes up
Stretching and humming to himself
It has found the Song again
Did you really think it would forget?
Did you really think it would be forgotten?
 I am a seed, I have potential
I know the song of change
Your mountain won’t withstand the echo of it
I will raise what once was submerged
The straight road will coil up like a snake
The walls of the world will come tumbling down
The soil is plowed before planting the seed
The wheel is rotating
And when everything is ready, I will return
Wait for me
I teach you the meaning of change
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littlesauron · 7 days ago
With your void being Melkor’s mother, what of Manwë?
the way I had been imagining it, the Void is just Melkor’s mom, which I guess technically makes Melkor and Manwë only half-siblings.
the gist of what I’ve come up with so far is that originally, Eru and his female counterpart (tentatively calling her Áya) worked together in harmony, and conceived Melkor.  As their son aged, they began to quarrel about the tendencies he showed-- Áya did not like the way Eru treated him for simply having a mind of his own and showing a great deal of curiosity and creative drive.  Eventually they parted ways, leaving Melkor a bit abandoned, and Eru went on to create the subsequent Valar on his own.   Manwë and the rest are much purer ‘pieces’ of Eru, whereas Melkor has his mother’s influence setting him apart and making him so drastically different than the others.
ofc, as Melkor aged, he began to go and visit Áya, unaware that she was his mother.  He had become acutely aware that Eru favored the other Valar, particularly Manwë, and as such was lonely and despondent.  Áya treated him kindly and entertained all his more out-of-the-box ideas, fostering his sense of camaraderie with her.  Still, Melkor had no idea who she really was.  He kept his meetings with her secret from Eru and the other Valar, sensing that he was doing something his father would disapprove of.  It was also, ofc, Áya who told Melkor of the flame imperishable and encouraged him to seek it and bring it back to her.
the long and short of this is that Melkor is so ‘different’ not only because he was the firstborn and had the greatest share of Eru’s knowledge and power, but also because he had Áya teaching and instructing him behind the scenes.  Manwë, while ofc also very powerful, simply did not have the same make-up that Melkor had and thus couldn’t comprehend many of the things Melkor had a grasp on.
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mairons-hope · 7 days ago
Uncommon tolkien crack ships
Namo x melkor
Neinna x vana
mairon x eonwe
manwë x melkor
ulmo x nienna
thranduil x sauron
legolas x elrond
arwen x tauriel
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tylwythwaffles · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Part 2 of the breathing exercises- here’s Manwë and Varda watching a peaceful night sky with bright stars and a comet
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outofangband · 11 days ago
So for my new “Maedhros is gifted to Manwë” AU which needs a better name, I’m going to give you all these two snippets as I start to work on the longer narrative. Please feel free to ask any questions, I’m very much enjoying developing this. These are just brief snatches from the larger story, not too heavy because I want to save the fun stuff for the actual stories :) 
You can find the brief explanation of this AU, the relevant content warnings, though none of these apply heavily to these two snippets and a link to some basic question and answers about the timeline this is set in here
warnings for snippets: unintentional/non malicious dehumanization (will make sense in context), implied dissociation and repression following torture and captivity 
The room was quiet and peaceful. Soft silks in whites and blues decorated the uninhabited bed. One window was open so the smell of the springs and the gardens below settled gently on everything.
The Maia’s sharp eyes quickly found the curled figure in the corner. Their condition could be described best as a stasis though whether this was due to the shock of the transition or the stress of the journey or some combination was unclear. From where they stood in the doorway (they had been ordered to give their new...guest...privacy unless they seemed to be in obvious distress or danger), the Maia could not see all of their form. From what they could see, they understood their Lord’s hesitance in naming the odd creature Maiar or Eldar. They felt nothing they expected to feel upon encountering one of their own kin but neither had any of the Eldar been known to possess such curious and drastic abruptions in their natural form.
The creature did not move though the Maia could hear rather than see the slow and steady breath. There were not yet any changes to report to their lord.
Wind chimes. The sound floated through his senses and briefly he tried to remember how he had a name to put to it. Words were ephemeral here, appearing with the accompanying sensation before vanishing again. He did not know where he was. Nor who he was. Trying to remember felt to him like attempting to kneel upon broken glass. The sharp pains would pierce into him until he was forced to retreat back. He swayed slightly on the spot, feeling coolness under his knees, light upon his eyes. Too many words falling through him and he closed off again. 
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tylwythwaffles · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Part 1 of a series of animated breathing exercises brought to you by Manwë Sulimo himself, lord of the breath of Arda! I saw a couple of these on Instagram the other day and decided to make a couple myself :D
It’s a gif so the quality is abysmal (I may re-upload this as a movie format) but I think the effect it produces is pretty cool
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alders-quotes · 11 days ago
Melkor, upbeat: The only difference between "try" and "triumph" is a little "oomph"
Melkor: Manwë keeps motivational posters on the fridge. Ugh, he's destroyed me
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alders-quotes · 11 days ago
Melkor: It's not illegal
Manwë, staring into Melkor's bag stuffed full of bread: It's just, there's so much
Melkor: But it's not illegal
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drawingmaedhros · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Manwë be a birb dad
(tag yourself which bird are you?)
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middle-earth-is-real · 14 days ago
Majestic Masterpiece by Lind Erebros
00:00​  1. Valinor 
04:08​  2. Valar Glory 
07:58​  3. Farewell 
09:37​  4. Sleep my Miriel 
14:16​  5. Silmarills 
16:15​  6. Noa marta 
18:27​ 7. Ungoliante 
24:04​  8. Aldudenie 
28:06​  9. Noldor 
34:05​  10. Gotmog defeats Feanor 
37:03​  11. Ered Vetrin at snow 
38:59​  12. Isilkarmeo 
41:19​  13. First Moon Night 
43:00​ 14. Anarkarmeo
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