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#malifer adair
writersgonefishing · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Malifer Adair, The Eldest Son.
Okay I'm finally making Content for my Son Malifer who i bully.
Malifer is a child of an Iron Council member, growing up in Cursa as a noble was.....strange to say the least, he still was cold & an asshole but he never had to feel the chill of the cold when he slept, he never went hungry, he had all the money he would ever need, so why work? Why do anything but what he wanted? Its not like anyone could stop him.
he is a dick but I have a Redemption Arc for him later with Kitsi & Ama where he learns to not be a dick because he falls in love with another man but the currently unnamed man doesn't like the way Malifer treats other people, so Malifer gets a awakening & realizes "wow I'm kind of a shitty person" & Starts working on himself, but other than that he's very sarcastic and very dramatic
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writersgonefishing · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
I,,,,I struggle with drawing dudes,,,,,
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writersgonefishing · a year ago
Rock Me, Amadeus | T | Hurt/Comfort | Andromeda 6
He startled awake in a cold sweat, it took him a minute to realize where he was.
"Your safe, shes safe" he whispered, he laid back down and took a deep breaths, despite him knowing everything was okay,
that they were safe on the A6. Despite that, he couldn't help but feel the need to check on Amadeus. He sighed before getting up, wrapping his blanket around him. Stepping foot outside of his room, "open the door, check on her, go to bed" he repeated to himself, his bare feet met with the icy cold floors of the hallways.
he walked and turned a few corners, pausing outside of her door. He opened it to find Amadeus sitting on her bed staring out at the stars. To say he was surprised was nothing short."Amadeus, your awake?" he asked but received no response. Only then did he hear it. Her music The calming yet, melancholy tone filled the room. His face soften as he walked to her bed and sat next to her,That was apparently enough to snap her out of whatever horrible thoughts she was having."Oh....Malifer, i didn't hear you.." she trailed off as she noticed his bloodshot eyes. She turned back to the stars, before whispering "Nightmares?" he dryly chuckled. "How'd you know?" She smiled sadly, "Same boat" he paused, "you remember them at all?" she shook her head finally meeting his gaze. "you?" "not really, i just remember fire..." He Mumbled, as she let out a soft hum fiddling with her hair, her drifting eyes started to glaze. "Hey hey no-" he gently held her face "don’t you start getting all mopey on me come here" He pulled her into him, holding her, rubbing circles into her arms as she softly cried,
"We're safe Ama" he cooed,
 "We're Safe"
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