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#make this world a better place
sopeachcolor · 29 days ago
She danced
Tumblr media
They watched as she danced in the flames and they wondered , why wasn't she burnt ? And she would glance at them and ponder , how they coped with the cold.
Share your thoughts and don't forget to show some love.
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sopeachcolor · 29 days ago
Wild one
Tumblr media
She was a wild one, always stomping on egg shells that everyone else tipped on.
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sopeachcolor · 29 days ago
Dark and cold
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And like the moon , she had a side of her so dark , that even the stars couldn't shine on it. She had a side of her so cold that even the sun couldn't burn on it.
Share your thoughts and don't forget to show some love ❤️❤️.
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earthlifenature · a year ago
Australia wild fires.
It breaks my heart all the wildfires and tragic things happening all over the world right now. In case you weren’t aware of all the animals suffering in these fires here are some numbers. 
25,000 Koalas presumed dead on an island consumed by flames 
Ten thousand feral camels expected to be shot and killed.
these fires have killed at least 24 people and destroyed more than 2000 homes.
also worrying about the animals that are being killed in these fires some of which have not been named. 250 000 insect species and only about 1/3 of them have been named. according to the New York times.
Apparently more than aa billion animals have died.
please do everything you can to help. Australia is begging you.
donate to whatever charities you can, even the smallest amount can help
sending our love and prayers to the families and animals being harmed in these fires. 
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quirkyeggmuffin · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Reblog if you’ve been bullied or witnessed someone being bullied 👁‍🗨
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Jeder Mensch verdient ein schönes Leben und vorallem die gleichen Chancen. Kein Kind kann etwas für seine Herkunft.
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tarmetiel · 4 years ago
I am an Artist
I want to leave the world a better place.
That is my true desire.
 I am an artist.
 I worry about my art because
She can sew better than me
He can sing better than me
She can speak better than me
He can draw better than me
There are thousands of people in this world that do what I do
And have better education
Better connections
Better everything
I have to stop and remember that
I am an artist.
I will use my art, my sewing, my draping, my creating to
Leave the world a better place.
 I am jealous, I am petty, I am anxious, I am so many things
So many negative things
So many positive things
But mostly
I am an artist
And I will take that jealousy, that pettiness, that anxiety, all of it and slam it into my art
Make it something beautiful
Make it something meaningful
Make it something so that I can try to
Leave the world a better place
Because that is what my art is about
 I make costumes for theatre
And I will try to slam everything I can into my creations so that this world
This terrifying world
Will be better when I am gone
I make art
I will make this world a better place.
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aliviaxs-blog1 · 4 years ago
Today is a landmark
So exactly 1 year ago at this exact moment I stopped my best friend from being against gay people . I'm so proud that I stopped someone from being a homo hater. And exactly 6 months ago I dragged her into shipping , I'm so proud.
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amenaamir-blog · 4 years ago
And you can always find a way with your brokenness. Take your pieces and make them beautiful. What is it like to be hurt ? And what do you do next ? Curse the one who has hurt you ? Have that urge to hurt them too ? But have you ever stopped and asked yourself if that’ll be of any benefit to you. How can you make someone go through something you almost died surviving ? You understand the suffocation of that hell better and I’m sure even the thought of bearing that again shakes you. Then how can you do the same with someone else ? Or to be more specific with your loved one since it’s not the enemy who gets you, it’s always your own people. You know what going through so much pain all alone feels like. Be that soul in someone’s life which was missing from your battle field and if it was there it would have made you the strongest warrior. Fill the empty spaces in someone’s puzzled life. It’s really appealing to live for ourselves and think selfishly but trust me it’s beautiful to think and act selflessly. Nothing is more contenting than seeing your loved ones smile, no matter if it asks you to sacrifice your own happiness.
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dcrazydreamer · 4 years ago
I badly want to change the world, but how am I suppose to do it? Ah I know, first I will start a change with myself to make a difference.
D. Francisco
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missscarlett1802 · 5 years ago
Dear followers-that's me!!!
Thank you very much for tagging me @tinybadwolf Rules - Tag 10 followers you wanna get to know better Name: Liza Birthday: February 18 Heights: 5'2 Sign: Aquarius Sexuality: heterosexual Country I live in: Germany Favorite color(s): blue, black, turquoise Time right know: 6:38 p.m Average hours of sleep: 4-6 hours (less or more) Lucky numbers: I don't have any lucky numbers Last thing I googled: Ben&Jerry Cinnamon Buns Blankets I sleep under: just one giant blanket :) Celebrity crush: TOM HIDDLESTON (my future husband :D hehe) Favorite book(s): Maria Stuart, Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Eye Collector Favorite band(s) or artist(s): Disclosure, Naughty Boy, Beyoncé, Sia, Bastille, Coldplay, Ludacris, Rihanna, Adele, Nicki Minaj, Louane... Dream Trip: Great Britain, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia... What I'm wearing right know: pink shorts & dark grey sweatshirt Something weird about myself: some episodes of How I Met Your Mother made me cry like a little baby Now it's your turn @frenchkiss65 @xdelayedgratification @stormbornvalkyrie @riddlemetitillatedhiddles @anapola777 @hiddlestonhellodarling @ilovemeninsuits @katdenningsdaily @wolfseeker87 @sinners-are-sleepwalking
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makingpeoplehappyhaha · 5 years ago
You know all these women (and maybe men also) who are watching romantic comedies and avoiding movies with possible sad endings are the ones who are too damged and desperate and starving for love. Be nice to them and love them, make this world a better place, please.
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