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elvish-sky · 7 hours ago
If I was dating you I'd take you to a car trip to my fave lake *doesn't matter how long the trip would be huh* just to show you how marvelous our nature is. While riding, we'd play all these stupid trip games like "name everything you see" and stuff and we'd be stopping at any places you like and take a cute palaroid pics and pick flowers (so you have flowers from each and every place of that trip) And when we finally get there, we'd sit on the beach near the little fire place, watching the starry sky reflects on an absolute smooth surface of the lake, talking about our fantasies and dreams and listenening to your fave music, but not too loud to still be able to enjoy the sound of the nature 💖
- @errruvande ✨
awwwwww yes! i love all those stupid trip games (my personal favorite is one word stories)!! and polaroids are so cute and i would adore every single flower. we could dig a hole in the sand and lay a towel on it to make a sort of seat! and the fire would be lovely. i love this!
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elvish-sky · 7 hours ago
If I were dating you I'd take you hiking and point out all the plants that are my favorites and then we'd go swimming in a lake and finish it all off with a campfire and stargazing <3
oooooooh yesss!! hiking is just so fun and i know nothing about plants so you could teach me a ton!!! and swimming followed by a campfire and stargazing sounds simply lovely 🥰
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elvish-sky · 8 hours ago
If i was dating you, i'd take you to the lake at sunset. No one's there but the two of us, and we laugh and smile and look at the ever-changing colors of the sky. You look like an angel in the glow of the evening, and my breath catches in my throat. I go to the car, just a few feet away, and hook up our playlist, turning the speakers up full blast. We dance as the sun dips below the horizon, and i smile and stand on my tiptoes, kissing your chin. You smile as the first stars appear in the sky, crowning your head as i look up. Our dance becomes slower, and our hands entwine as we hold one another close. On the drive home, our hands are still together, and you sing along to your favorite song as i keep my eyes on the road.
(guess who!)
well now i’m crying and blushing this is the most adorable thing i’ve ever heard. lakes at sunset are my favorite thing in the world ever they’re so romantic and just really peaceful!! like this is so sweet and my dream date oh my goodness 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 just reading that gave me so much serotonin ❣️❣️❣️
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elvish-sky · 8 hours ago
if i was dating you, i’d take you to a cute little indie cafe, and then to a used bookstore where we could buy tons of books. then i’d take you on a hike in the woods where we could stay in our own little world as long as we like, and you could show off your archery skills. maybe we would have a campfire, and roast marshmallows
oh my goodness this is like my dream date (you even included that i could show off my archery skills?! like what?!) and indie cafes are the cutest thing ever and yesssss books books books and a hike and a campfire and marshmallows that would be the best experience ever oh my gosh
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elvish-sky · 8 hours ago
If I were dating you, I would lie with you under the sky and we would name what clouds look like to each of us and we would listen to birds chirping and smell the breeze and be happy!
Oh, an octopus? I think it looks like an orangutan!
oh my goodness this is a absolutely adorable yes please!! also somehow you managed to name two of my absolute favorite animals!
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elvish-sky · 8 hours ago
Ok I know I’m so straight, but it’s fine. If I dated you, we would go surfing together. And we would do horribly. But it would be great
awwwwww ok i am absolutely horrible at surfing but i still love it!! this sounds awesome!! (honestly let’s do this platonically it would be great!)
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elvish-sky · 13 hours ago
ok ok good word!!!
my favorite flavor of ice cream is green monster, and my favorite social media site is Tumblr!
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elvish-sky · 13 hours ago
oooh ok!
a fact about me associated with the word ‘eyes’ is that i am almost completely blind in my left eye!
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elvish-sky · 13 hours ago
ah yes ‘stars’ is literally my favorite word ever thank you for the ask!!
ok so a (slightly depressing) fact about me based on the word ‘stars’ is:
when i was little, like 3-4, i was really really sick, i had pneumonia all the time and all sorts of other lung issues. we were on a big family reunion vacation up in Maine the year that it was really bad and i was 3, and i was recovering from yet another bout of pneumonia when i got a really bad asthma attack. there wasn’t an ER or hospital for like two hours away, and it was really bad and when those started to happen i’d start to get really upset (which we now think might have been panic attacks triggered by the scariness of the asthma attacks) so my dad had everyone else go inside. he stretched an extension cord outside for my nebulizer and sat there with me and calmed me down by teaching me the constellations and the stars and the myths behind it all. and it worked, i was able to focus on the stars and my breathing got better and ever since then my dad does that when i get a panic attack, even if it’s during the day he’ll pull up photos of the sky and just tell me about the stars.
and, happy ending i still get panic attacks but i have recently been cleared in the asthma area, i don’t have it anymore (or it’s like weak enough to not matter, i’m not sure. either way i am fine now!) but yeah, the stars are just always something that calms me down and helps me breathe. also, i’m super healthy now which is awesome lol
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elvish-sky · 14 hours ago
h o r s e - r i d i n g
(for the word ask game! It’s technically one word lol)
lmao ok i shall accept that as one word!
a fact about myself based on the word ‘horse-riding’ is that i have ridden a horse exactly twice in my life and both times i loved it! i really want to actually learn how to ride one day, i think it would be so awesome!
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elvish-sky · 14 hours ago
oooh good word!! thank you for the ask!
a fact about myself based on the word ‘tree’ is that when i was eleven we went out to the redwood forests in California and my favorite tree quickly became the giant sequoia!
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elvish-sky · 14 hours ago
for the "put a word inside my inbox" ask:
ooooooh ok hmmmm what’s a fact about myself with the word iridescent? also-great word!! thanks for the ask!!
i associate the word iridescent with dragonflies, and a fact about that is that i used to be absolutely terrified of dragonflies!! now i just think they’re super cool lol.
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elvish-sky · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I VERY MUCH WANT TO BE ASLEEP BUT INSTEAD IM SITTING HERE SCROLLING (which isn’t bad, but like i want to be asleep.)
although actually this does happen whenever i have vacation and it takes a few days for my sleep schedule to adjust to not waking up at 6 every day. BUT ITS STILL ANNOYING!!!!!!
although pro tip, before 7 am here is the best time for running cause it’s not too hot yet so that’s a plus at least
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elvish-sky · 3 days ago
OOOHH I just realized you changed your header and blog title! I love it!!!! ❤️❤️
ahhhhhhh thank you!!!! lol i wasn’t sure anyone would notice!!
the blog title is a little easter egg for something that’s coming soon… it’s from a certain poem from Lord of the Rings!
actually, the header is too! anyone recognize those ruins?
i’m revamping my blog color theme again and that was the first step, i’m gonna have fun with it!! so thank you, i’m so glad you like it so far!!
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elvish-sky · 3 days ago
For the writer thing! I always associate you with that one slider Thranduil fic you wrote! It just STUCK into my brain!!! The mental imagery and the fact that I could relate so much really imprinted on me!
ahaha i love the fact that that’s the fic that stuck with you!!! honestly if i could just write about how much i hate spiders all the time i totally would it would be awesome!!!
the fic is honestly one of my favorites that i’ve written, probably because it was just so relatable and everything was so me. (speaking as someone who has a real sword hanging from their wall and has in fact unsheathed it because of a spider. my poor father walked in to me standing on my bed, giant heirloom sword drawn, brandishing it at a spider on the floor. he laughed like crazy. but still made me deal with the spider)
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elvish-sky · 3 days ago
For the reblog thing, regarding what I remember/associate you with most as a writer, is actually stars! 🌌
Whether it be your name, or the fic I’m referring to, or a combination of both, you wrote this really beautiful Legolas x Reader fic a short while ago, and one scene that stuck out to me most was when you described the stars in detail.
I think I actually left a comment about how it put me in a camping mood, and I’m pleased to say I’m going camping in a week with my friends in the forest and under the stars!
(This is the location actually):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So yes; starry, twinkling nights in a green forest is how I view you as a writer!
ok oh my goodness i’m actually tearing up a little this is so sweet thank you!!
i honestly couldn’t remember what fic you were talking about, but i went and scrolled back and i think it was Totally and Completely in Love which is one of my absolute favorites and it makes me so delighted that it’s kinda stuck with you!
and yay, you’re going camping!! that location is absolutely stunning and i am so so jealous. i hope you have a great time!!!
twinkling lights in a forest is like my favorite thing ever, it’s one of the few places where i really feel at peace and so i adore the fact that you associate them with me!
also, do i use too many exclamation points? totally random thought but i’m just looking at what i just wrote and there are a lot. but like i mean it every time i use one, like the excitement is real!
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elvish-sky · 4 days ago
what’s it like being the best lotr writer on this app?
omg anon i'm gonna cry thank you so much!
first of all i do want to say that i am definitely not the best lotr writer on here, there are so many others who are just incredible and absolutely brilliant.
that being said, i am honored that you count me among them :) <3
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elvish-sky · 4 days ago
Heyo! How are you today, lovely?
Here have some Tolkien fandom related questions:
1. If you could witness first hand the events of any tale, which would it be?
2. Favourite non-canon OTP?
3. Which villain do you think was better, Sauron or Morgoth?
4. You have the power to save one character that died (in any of the legendarium) who do you save?
and last but not least, 5. Opinions on Fëanor (aka the best character of all time 😂)?
Have a great day/night!
Hi love!!! I’m great, how are you? I finished school today which is just such a relief and i feel absolutely amazing lol, it’s awesome!!
1. ooooooh i think probably Return of the King. Cause it’s kinda the only Tolkien work with an entirely happy ending and even though it’s dramatic and a little scary i’d love to actually live through it. Or The Fall of Gondolin, which is really depressing but it’s one of my favorites
2. either Bagginshield or Aralas!
3. hmmmmmmm i think Sauron? idk but Morgoth wasn’t ever as compelling (or like, hot. i mean Mairon? c’mon, that guy is gorgeous) plus he just did so many things and was a part of every single story.
4 Oooh ooh ok i may not be able to pick just one character here we go! Boromir, Fíli, Maedhros (cause i think Maglor is still alive) or maybe Feanor!
5. Lmao while i think Feanor definitely has some flaws, ultimately they’re not all his fault and i do think he’s a great character! he’s also the kind of character that i love reading, an asshole with a goodish heart (i read such a cute Feanor fic the other day that was just oneshots of him being a dad and i loved it! i wish i remembered the title)
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elvish-sky · 5 days ago
concept: legolas skiing
he’s one of those guys that would be such an asshole about it too. like don’t get me wrong, i love Leggy very much, but he’s a fricken prince and would be one of those trust fund kids who’s be skiing since they were 2.
i may have a tad bit of anger issues surrounding skiing, now that i think about it
he and Aragorn would just be whizzing by poor Gimli who has his skis in snowplow as he desperately tries not to fall over (this may be me every time i go skiing)
anyways yes i love the idea of leggy skiing genius thought anon!
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elvish-sky · 5 days ago
hello darling, if you're bored, tell me about your day in middle earth! what middle earth race are u? what would you do on your normal day? anything else?<3
hi love!!!! thank you for this ask, i think this is gonna be fun!!
so i’d be an elf, probably from Rivendell because they have lots of libraries (and an Aragorn).
i’d wake up, brush my super awesome flowy hair and get dressed in a really pretty gown (with knives concealed all over)
and then i’d go eat something delicious, but i’m not sure what. maybe fresh fruit? and then i’d go get dressed to train and i’d spend a few hours sparring and practicing archery. next i’d each lunch (hopefully with aragorn after sparring with him) and then go to a library or for a walk!
this was super fun to think about, thank you for asking!!
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