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ratsoh-writes · 9 hours ago
Wait can we get some fluff headcanons for Madame and Don with a S/O? Like as a poly of course, maybe some date stuff or what home life is like
Okie dokie. Poly headcanons!
If Madame has her way and she will, she’ll prefer that SO either stays out of mafia business completely or at least isn’t connected to the dirty stuff. Even better if SO has a safe job outside of the mafias influence. Her and Don are well known, so she doesn’t want their reputation bringing SO down
Home life is very busy and rarely quiet. There’s always someone popping in and out with news, problems that need to be solved, or if they’re one of Don and Madames many adopted children, just a visit.
However Don is a MASTER at planning and organizing. By some miracle he always manages to set aside time for dates
Dates with Don are pretty cookie cutter. He likes to keep it the classic dinner and a show type of deal. But it’s almost always some greasy hole in the wall diner, and the show can range from a movie to the monster truck convention. You never know with him lol
Dates with Madame are always spontaneous. But they usually end up being quite cozy and soft like picnics.
Dates with both of them are often formal and political. This is wear the suits and fancy restaurants come into play. Madame loves dressing up her SOs for these events and will often grab arching outfits for all three of you
If you’re in a serious relationship with both heads of the mafia, expect to become a third parent to a good chunk of the members. It’s practically a requirement lol
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ratsoh-writes · 9 hours ago
Ok, so there's a lot of S/O surnatural revelations recently on your blog. But what if S/O announced to their crush they are secretly the King/Queen of Seagulls, and that their true form is a giant seagull ? For the main 10. Sweet nightmare <3
I can’t think of long answers for this, but I can do everybody instead ;)
He breaks up with you: all of them
Just kidding!
What: red pluto ace
Why would you tell him this??: sans peaches slim
He says it’s ok but that night he cries himself to sleep: honey sugar rhythm snipe
He wants to ride on your back and fly off into the sunset with you: papyrus Star charm pop Jupiter bruise lilac
Does this mean you can control seagulls and recreate sharnado but with gulls?: cash wine coffee G
He physically cringed when you showed him: edge lord rancher green noir
If you ever steal his hotdog, he will personally cast a curse on your family for the next ten generations: mal willow butch boss rust basil
You two are unstoppable seagull gods together: oak mutt
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ratsoh-writes · a day ago
Was gonna skip this round, but... Bestie is introducing their one of their friends to their skelefriend. Said friend after being introduced and in the middle of shaking hands with skele, boldly makes eye contact and practically purrs their words as they say something in a different language (doesn't matter which, but if you need specifics... French?) Bestie is now choking, fighting laughter, and blushing while looking away.
For the tall boys! How do they react?
What she says: "I'm going to climb you like a tree~"
This sounds like a great papyri question ;)
Papyrus: ok he’s not dumb. He knew that was a flirt, even if he didn’t know what his new French friend said. Papyrus will smirk at them mischievously but let it go. He’d rather get to know them a little better before he starts flirting back
Honey: as the resident translator, French is actually not one of his languages. But honey did recognize the word tree. He turns around to look at the tree behind him. Was there a squirrel or something..?
Edge: great, now there’s two short blushing humans surrounding him. Edge can’t decide if he’s mad or flustered. He settles for a good in-between: cranky lol
Cash: he knows exactly what that body language and tone of voice means. And cash loves flirting. He’ll snake an arm around friends waist, then purr his own filthy pick up line in their ear. Now this new human is blushing, and his bestie is roaring in laughter.
Willow: he can’t stop the light blush that dusts his cheek at the humans tone of voice. Willow knows it was something dirty, but he’s not interested in finding out. If new friend keeps flirting in French, willow might short circuit. He never gets attention like this
Sugar: HE KNOWS FRENCH!! ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. Ok so this happens to sugar fairly often. He’s admittedly very very good looking and he knows it but his sweet and bubbly personality means everyone just assumes he’s some sweet innocent cinnamon roll. HES NOT INNOCENT. Sugars friendly smile morphs into a predatory smirk as he stares down this new human. His friend knows he knows French too and is practically on the edge of their seat waiting for this show to happen. Sugar will pull his new acquaintance flush against his chest, purr into their ear in French how they should be more careful about what they say. Then he nips at their cheek and neck and basically saunters away. He’s so smug right now. If his new friend braves up and keeps flirting, sugar will be more than happy to reciprocate.
Mutt: he wasn’t the least bit interested in meeting this new person until he heard that lovely purr of a voice. Now mutt is very interested ;). He spends the rest of the day seeing how far he can get with little touches and subtle innuendos.
Coffee: he was already high strung about meeting a new person, but the second he sees that flirty smirk and tone, he kinda just short circuits and mopes out of there. Lol coffee can never look them in the eye again
Rhythm: you wouldn’t believe how many single parents flirt with him at the dance studio. Rhythm is basically immune to the purr now. He won’t even bat an eye lol
Jupiter: he really wants to know what they said. And if friend won’t tell him, then Jupiter will be sulky for the day. Jupiter hates not knowing lol. If they do tell him, he’ll blush in surprise but quickly recovers. He jokingly tells French friend that they can get up on his shoulders if they want to feel tall
Rancher: ok so rancher is not good at sarcasm or tones of voice in general. He’s just so literal. He’ll see his friend blushing and laughing and will assume that it was some silly skeleton pun. Ugh
Green: he knows it was a flirt. He knows it was probably something dirty. Since green puts up with the combined forces or G, charm, and butch on a near daily basis, not much can fluster him these days. Plus he’s a gentleman. He doesn’t flirt unless he knows them a little better
Bruiser: huh, judging by his friends reaction, it was definitely what he thinks it is. Well bruiser isn’t one to pass up a chance at a little fun. He’ll happily tease and flirt with French friend all night and will even show off a little. He likes impressing cuties ;)
Slim: he’s gonna take one from coffees book and just nope out of there. He doesn’t even bother to say goodbye. Slim shortcuts lol. It was so sudden too because his facial expression didn’t change one bit. French person is confused, but bestie is practically rolling in the ground laughing since they knew slim would peace out. He’ll come back once he’s done being flustered
Boss: he doesn’t know this human at all so has little to no affection for them. Instead boss is groaning internally. Not another funny one. He doesn’t need more clowns in his life lol. You gotta earn the right to be coy with him
Noir: great, now there’s two short blushing humans around him. Unlike edge though, noir low key likes the attention and knows he’s handsome. He’ll give a small smug smile but continue as normal
Basil: French person doesn’t shake hands since he’s hiding behind bestie. But they do make eye contact. Basil is much more observant then honey. Even though he only understands a few words, he picks up on the tone immediately and has to blush and look away.
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ratsoh-writes · 2 days ago
I'm really glad you liked my last ask (The one about the glasses) so I have another one
Kid has been sneaking out for a long time but skelly can't prove it necessarily and if Skelly tries to go after them they'll see that all the kids of the neighborhood ( including the kids of the other skellies ) are making festivities for them as like a thank you the parents
Dealers choice
Like the kids are making a party for the parents? I hope I got that right
Sans: he’ll smile knowingly and leave his kid to it. Sans does tail them once to make sure they and their friends aren’t leaving the neighborhood. He doesn’t want his kid sneaking around in dangerous places
Papyrus: he absolutely sucks with secrets and will need to leave and excitedly vent to SO about the surprise several times. He just can’t help himself
Snipe: as much as he loves his kid, they know how he feels about sneaking around and secrets. They’re still getting grounded. But if kid is smart, they would’ve asked him to keep the party secret from the other parents and snipe would’ve been mostly chill about it
Bruiser: very now and then the kids find a recipe or some cash mysteriously appear in their hiding spots while planning the party. Bruiser is having a great time messing with them
Peaches: he also sucks at secrets and doesn’t even pretend to try. Peaches will be waiting for them to sneak back inside and ask if they want a keg of cider to go with the drinks lol
Rancher: he didn’t even realize it was supposed to be a secret. One night before the kid sneaks out again, rancher will stop them and give them some pies to go. He noticed they didn’t have any desserts to go with the food yet. Then he tells them to use the door like a normal person next time lol
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seleneshield · 2 days ago
A Fine Flame
Seeing Grillby's smiling face and hearing his rich voice once more was all it took to feel the same rush she had when they had danced the night before in her home. She beamed up at him and blushed lightly at his sweet compliment, pleased he noticed the effort she put in when coming to see him again. “Thank you very much Grillby dear. It’s so wonderful to see you again.”
Propping her head up on her interlaced fingers she gave him a coy smile before placing an order, anything to honestly garner his undivided attention. For that she would order enough liquor to bathe in if that’s what it took. “I’ll have a sweet tea if you please Grillby. The sweeter the better.”
Watching him work was a treat that she had come to enjoy quite a bit in her short time in his company. Sure it came from a rather besot place, but if she hadn’t she may not have noticed the small tells that something was off with her fine flame. Like the ever so slight tremble to his hand as he poured liquides with great care, the scant dullness to the glow of his eyes, how those eyes seemed almost smaller as if weighed down by heavy eyelids, that the flames that danced along the top of his head could almost be perceived as lower, how his tall sturdy frame nearly swayed when he moved, and that the swerling blues that made up his fir form looked just a tad bit darker than the night before. She wished she could say that the few signs she recognised all too well came from a medical book and not from personal experience of nights with too little rest.
When Grillby returned once more to stand in front of her and placed her drink just so looking delicious, she gently rested her hand on his and looked up at him with a face full of worry, her brow wrinkled with concern and smile lost to a small frown. “Grillby darling are you alright? You seem a little off. Did you run into trouble on your way home? Did something happen to keep you from your sleep?”
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I have a GOOD one: Skel wakes up on the couch with a hangover and asks what happened the night before...only to notice they now have a wedding ring and so does their good friend (secret crush?) who has also crashed with them. Skel's brother then comes by and announces they got drunk and eloped after someone dared them to hit up one of those 24-hour chapels and get married. (The Sanses, please)
Weddings, But Speedrun It.
"No fuckin' way", refuses to believe it and thinks that they're still very much drunk. Realizes that's not the case, eyelights snuff out and all that leaves their mouths is the satisfactory answer of "Fuck.": Red, Bullet (MF Sans)
They seem way too calm about this, and they don't say anything for a while. And the first word they say ends up with them having a severe voice crack as they are having an internal panic attack: Black, Tiger (MSF Sans)
"You wanna see where this goes?" yeah, they're nervous but hey, might as well shoot their shot, right?: Wine, Thistle, Blue.
Wakes up, sees you, sees the rings, remembers everything and passes tf out, face flushing intensely: Cobalt (MT Sans), Azure (MS Sans)
It's silence and they just awkwardly shoot finger guns at you, "Did we at least order a wedding cake-": Sans, G.
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und3rwat3r-a5tr0naut · 3 days ago
Ok, so I’m not sure if monsters even celebrate birthdays but what would the Mafia Skeles think of an S/O who always acknowledges their birthday (and the rest of their family’s) in some small way. Like a card with a sweet note or a gift card-their favorite condiment with a bow on it-etc?
Tumblr media
Sinter: He’ll be touched, to say the least. He and his brother usually celebrate their birthdays together, along with some of the more trusted guys that work for him, keeping it a small quiet event, and then that’s it. So if you get him something personally, he’ll appreciate it very much.
Busta: He’d be downright flattered that you’d make an effort to remember his birthday! While he and his brother keep their birthday celebrations quiet and within a small group, it’s still very business-like and not very personal. So he’ll definitely be very touched by your gifts.
Brick: Brick and Gent celebrate their birthdays together, and only with each other. No one that works for them is allowed to even know the mafiafell brother’s birthdays. So if Brick or Gent has told you their birthdays, that’s how you know you’re practically family. Brick will absolutely love celebrating his birthday with you and his brother. You could get him anything and he’d love it regardless.
Gent: Like I’ve said up above, it’s a special privilege to know his birthday. So if he tells you and you make it a point to remember it, and get him something personally, you’ll get a genuinely happy smile from him and he’ll pull you into a surprisingly affectionate side hug.
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ratsoh-writes · 3 days ago
How would Underfell, Farmtale, and Mafiatale be with a crush (or s/o) who likes to collect cool rocks they find and will sometimes gift the particularly pretty ones or heart shaped ones to them? (Kinda like penguins do when they like another penguin.) If that's too many to do, I don't mind it being just Underfell and Mafiatale. If there's any of them who like rocks a lot you could do them too if you want because I'm completely spacing on who likes rocks lol. Also, I hope you're doing well and I love how you write the characters, I missed getting something in your ask box last time and this was the first thing I could come up with.
- Ghost
Pluto: as the resident geologist, I’m adding him in out of obligation. Pluto just really loves rocks and has these classy display cases of his collection in the living room. If this was his long term SO, Pluto would leave a shelf or two dedicated to their finds of course
Red: he’s the one gifting rocks! Red likes gifting his loved ones things that make them happy, so red also winds up with the habit of looking out for neat rocks.
Edge: there was a white quarts stone that SO gave him that edge had sanded down to a sharp point. He had it made into a fountain pen because he thought it would be a cool idea
Peaches: if SO is living with him on the farm, then they have a lot of rocks to look through. The farmtale bros have some foresty land and a steam running through their farm that they own. It’s the perfect place to find smooth river rocks
Rancher: he admittedly uses his SO interest in rocks to find him ones that are the right size to fix up the old stone fences that rancher has been battling for ages now. He needs to tear them down and build new ones already
Snipe: he has one silly little skull shaped stone that SO gave him. Snipe keeps it in his pocket as a good luck charm. When he’s stressed or in danger of loosing his temper, he’ll rub the stone
Bruiser: he also has a good luck stone from SO, but when he was in a tricky situation, he threw it at his pursuers, knocking one out. Bruiser spent hours going back to the crime scene looking for that dumb rock
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ratsoh-writes · 3 days ago
Yes I'm a nerd, shut up. Skeledads with a kid who's the avatar!!! They have cool bending abilities, get to talk to past lives!!! Buuuuuuuut everyone is trying to murder them and take over the town for said abilities
Erases all records of his kid, runs away with them, and starts a new life: sans cash willow oak wine coffee peaches rancher G green snipe boss slim basil
Finds who put a hit out on his kid and takes them out himself: red edge mal cash willow wine Jupiter snipe bruiser butch boss ace rust noir
Tries to find a way to hide the powers: Star Honey charm sugar wine pop Pluto snipe ace slim lilac
Teaches kid to defend themself so they don’t have to hide: papyrus Star lord mutt wine rhythm Jupiter snipe bruiser butch lilac
Is extremely disturbed by the ancestors part: G green snipe
A few guys are listed more than once
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ratsoh-writes · 3 days ago
Also, Horror anon again. If that ask was too much, slap me some hcs on the craziest dreams the gang has had. I don't know if you do scary themes on this blog, so turn it into a shitpost ask lol
I don’t really do scary themes ;)
Oak: the best dream that he’s ever had was this one where he just kept eating. That’s it. That’s the whole dream. He doesn’t even know what he was eating, just that it tasted great, and he felt amazing. Oak was in a good mood all day after
Pop: he’s a terrible sleepwalker and has actually woken himself up from dreams that felt too active. There was one time in his dream, he was running, and he could feel the wind in his face. Then dream pop realized the wind felt too realistic and scared himself awake. He was sitting in front of the fan
Bruiser: his dreams are always something super weird like watching the Cinnamon Toast Crunch mascots work as a lion pack to hunt and take down the Statue of Liberty. Bruiser has long since stopped paying attention to his dreams
Green: he only dreams about static and sometimes mumbling. It makes him sad. Green really wants a cool story dream too
Peaches: there’s only been one dream peaches can remember. He dreamed that he was looking for his brother and family, and he couldn’t find them, but he could hear them screaming. Then faceless ghosts started swirling around him, screaming obscenities in his loved ones voices. He ended up curling into fetal position and cried himself awake. Anyways that’s why peaches is scared of ghosts
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ratsoh-writes · 3 days ago
S/O who has a bunch of kids, they aren't theirs biologically but they're their kids none the less.
They will defend these kids with their life and get very defensive over their little misfits!
All of their kids are super sweet and very protective of one another, as soon as you're part of S/O's life , you're part of the family they have.
Most of the kids come from a bad background or are kids ' no one wanted ' and are very cautious of skelly at first... But they soon accept him into their large family!
Do the skellys like their big misfit family or are they sort of distance from the kids?
Well I’d say the majority of them would have no problem accepting the kids. They knew what they were getting into when they became serious with SO.
Although it’d take a very very string connection for mal, bruiser, slim and charm to want to get with a SO who already has kids.
Funny enough, ace and oak don’t want kids of their own but wouldn’t have too much issue becoming the father figure of step-kids
This is a deal breaker for snipe. He’s not bringing a bunch of innocents into his life, no matter how cute SO is
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ratsoh-writes · 4 days ago
Who all has tattoos? Who wants one. Who has REGRETS. And if they are funny please let me know. Also how.
Alrighty! We have three dudes already with confirmed tattoos!
Mutt: his ribs and collarbones are just littered in them. Tats in almost every free space. Some are representations of important life events and people to him. There’s a handsome crown tattoo on his first upper right rib that represents his brother. Some were secret codes to hidden places, traps and other things he had underground. And there’s a good couple random ones he got while drunk. He regrets one of the drunk tats a little
Star/Lilac: they both have a shooting star tattoo on their hipbones that they got during their teen years. That’s how Star got the nickname. Lilac thought of picking comet as his nickname but went for lilac because it matched basil and made his bro happy. They don’t regret it one bit
Now for a few surprise tattoo boys:
G/Green: they have their respective numbers (001 and 002) in black ink on their left wrists. They don’t speak of them
Snipe: he has the name of his dearly departed mother tattooed the the back of his collarbone. It’s a lovely thing with little white lilies and peonies decorating the dark blue name
Charm: heart on his left pelvis where the butt cheek would be if he was a human
Sugar: heart on the right side of his pelvis where his butt cheek would be if he was human. Charm and sugar had the tattoos done during the freedom party when the barrier went down. It took them a couple of days to discover the tats. Neither guy remembers how they got them
Nobody else has ink anywhere but if mal, cash, papyrus, rancher, Jupiter, butch and bruiser found a design meaningful enough to them, they might do it
And there’s not really a special way tattoos work on monsters. They have to use a magic based ink, but it’s still applied with needles. The ink soaks in regardless of monster type
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ratsoh-writes · 4 days ago
Wich boys would be willing to date someone from the Mafia? (the same mafia were the Don and Madame are, not counting the Mafia skeles)
Of course
Well all the guys who could do it are: papyrus, honey, mal, cash, charm, sugar, lord, wine, coffee, pop, peaches, rancher, G, and green.
Cash, charm, sugar, peaches, rancher, coffee, pop, G and green would have the easiest time of it since they’re good friends of several mafia members.
Honey, papyrus, mal and lord would be very cautious about it, but if they trusted SO enough, it can be done.
And wine is the weird one. He’d be fine dating a member of THAT mafia, but it’ll make SOs position very unstable. After all, wine is the actually threatening nosy gut who they have a very fragile truce with. He could be using SO as a mole and he almost definitely is even if SO doesn’t realize it
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ratsoh-writes · 4 days ago
Boys play a game of "never have I ever" with crush and his friends, who is shameless, who tries to embarrass friends to make S/O laugh, who tries to get crush to confess something, who is just praying he doesn't get asked if he has a crush in someone in the room?
Forget crush, he’s specifically targeting his brother in this game. Now it’s a battle between the two to see who goes out first: sans coffee G
He hates this game so much lol. He can never think of things he hasn’t done: oak pop green
He immediately goes the dirty route and is making people reveal all the nasty crap they did in their teens. Get wrecked lol: red cash mutt bruiser ace rust
Oh he already knows crush likes him. This game is a great opportunity to put a little pressure on them ;): mal wine lilac
He goes out after like 12 questions. He’s done everything. EVERYTHING: Star charm rancher butch
He’s sweating bullets man. Please don’t ask him please don’t ask him please don’t ask him-: edge willow lord Pluto snipe slim basil
He totally lied about doing the thing because he wanted to look cooler for crush: honey rhythm peaches
Oh this is the perfect opportunity! Let’s see if crush secretly likes him back: papyrus sugar Jupiter boss noir
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askalphasblog · 5 days ago
Echotale,Birdtale and Mafiatale sanses
Echotale belongs to yoralim
Birdtale belongs to greyscales
Mafiatale belongs to @undermafiaz
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
Weird sibling strikes again.
Based on something that happened to me-
One day the weird sibling comes home and tells the skelle what happened to them while they were getting groceries.
They walked down the road, found a small sparrow on the ground. Funky lil dude didn't fly away and jumped on their hand. The sibling of course, had a stroke and panic attack at once. Believing the little feathered fuck is hurt and went to the nexz best thing close by. A pharmacy. They get inside, gently holding the sparrow and ask one of the staffs there is a vet is close by. When she said yes, the sparrow flew out of the siblings hands.
It took them 15 minutes to get the very healthy sparrow out of the pharmacy, the staff was laughing while the sibling was embarrassed and a blushing mess, apologizing like a million times.
Betrayal of the sparrow.
Who bullies, who laughs.
Dealers choice.
Hmmmm this is a great story, but let’s say that sibling went to skele-in-law first. After all, monsters know healing magic right???
G: with a quick soul-check on the bird, G is about to explain its perfectly fine when it decides that is the moment to start flapping. But the bird panicked and decided to fly right into siblings face. Now sibling is screaming, the bird is screaming, and G is on the ground crying in laughter. It takes him a good minute to calm down enough to catch the bird with magic. He of course bullies sibling for the rest of their life for this
Snipe: no he didn’t shriek like a little girl when that sparrow started flying?? What are you talking about?!? In his surprise, snipe throws his bowler hat at it and the dang thing lands perfectly on the bird trapping it underneath. Snipe and sibling let it go outside and they never speak of the horrific experience again.
Oak: sibling doesn’t even get a word in when they walk inside. The second that bird sees oak, it flies and lands on his shoulder, chirping desperately for attention. Oak gently pets it’s head while sibling stutters out that they were certain it was hurt. Guess not. It takes a long while to get it to leave oaks shoulder
Rhythm: sibling took the bird to his dance studio since it was closer. Seeing all those students made the bird panic and start flying. Kids are shrieking and running like it’s the apocalypse. Sibling is hastily apologizing. Rhythm is doing his best to cover the mirror, scared the bird will fly into it. The bird is this close to having a stroke. Then it happens in a flash. Pop swings out of the ceiling vent, snatches the bird bare-handedly, and skitters right back up the ceiling vent. All the dance students are gossiping about how the ceiling ghost is real. Rhythm yells at him to make sure the bird is ok before letting it go
Mutt: of course sibling takes the bird to mutt. Mutt is the animal rescuer guy. Well as the story goes, right as sibling is about to hand the little thing to him, the bird begins to take off. Mutt was ready for this though and gently catches it right away. Sibling and mutt have a wonderful bonding moment where they spend an hour or so gaining the birds trust. When it’s calmed down, they’ll find it’s perfectly healthy and will have to tearfully release it together
Slim: he’s happy to see sibling. Slim is always happy to get a break from the desk work. But then the bird in their hands starts flying frantically around the basement-office. And this little sh*t is too fast for slim to pin with magic. He ends up catching the bird with a makeshift butterfly net made of a trash bag and some pliers. The bird hurts it’s wing in the process and slim and sib have to sheepishly take it to boss to heal
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
If monsters need to soul breed to have kids, why did Rollete bother having any if he had so many girlfriends, couldn't take care of the kids and didn't care about the lovers? And why so many kids?
part one
Well having kids isn’t always intentional. If someone’s going in with high feelings then it makes soul stuff much more likely to happen. The stronger your emotions are the higher the chance you are to conceive (as a monster)
And roulette didn’t just go with one night stands. He liked being wanted and loved. He wanted these girls to chase him. So he played with their feelings. And deep down a part of him did want a family, but when that finally happened and he became a father, he panicked and dropped it all on the girls. Luckily Madame and Don decided to intervene after the mother’s died
Long story short. Roulette sucks
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
“And as the one with a stronger connection to their soul and magic, the monster provides the majority of that energy each time. “
So, does that mean each time mafia gaster was feeling that his magic levels were down he had a small panic attack wondering if he knocked someone else up, it’s just a off day or he’s sick?
Roulette is a monster on another caliber. He’s not quite a boss monster but he’s pretty close. And since he does a lot of the dirty work in the mafia, he just chalked up the random tired bouts to using his magic too much and to getting older.
He was on the older side when his ladies were pregnant with the mafia bros. Roulette was around 530 when his girlfriend got pregnant with butch. That’s the point where a monsters magic starts slowing down
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
Since asks are open I got a pretty good ask! The skele bois and their SO are either on a road trip or driving somewhere, while driving a tire rolls across the road/highway in front of the car. As the tire is still crossing their path skeles SO yells “WHAT IN TIRE NAITON!” What are the skeles reactions to the obvious pun (dealers choice)
Hope I didn’t send this in too late
Aw yeaaaa. You get a high-five for that one!: Star red oak charm peaches butch rust lilac
“But everything stopped when the tire nation attacked” *cue instant laughter*: sans honey cash pop Pluto G snipe
He rolls his eyes at you like he doesn’t make puns all the time himself: mal lord wine ace
He just grits his teeth and keeps on driving: willow mutt rhythm green slim basil
*cue bug eyed expression and angry ranting while you laugh at his frustration*: papyrus edge rancher bruiser boss noir
He slams his forehead on the car wheel in frustration then immediately regrets it: sugar coffee Jupiter
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
You said that the late Mafia moms were not skeletons. Wich means the mafia skeles are hybrid? Do they have some other habilities due to their mom's genes?
Alright! So the way monster reproduction works is that there’s an about 95% chance that the child will come out as either the same type as the mother or father. In ace and slims case, their mother was a fire monster but both boys ended up the same type of monster as roulette. Although ace does share his magic color and shorter stature from his mum
Whichever parent has the strongest magic is the one most likely to share the species with the kid. And roulette was much stronger than pyre (mafiaswap mother)
What happens when a human and monster get together is that the children will always come out looking like the monster parent. The reason for this is because monsters always reproduce with their souls. Even though a human woman would be more likely to carry the baby, it is still a souling rather than a fetus. And as the one with a stronger connection to their soul and magic, the monster provides the majority of that energy each time.
The way you can tell a half breed from a full monster is to check their soul. A half breed monster has the upside down heart but also has the color of their main soul trait.
Snipe has a purple soul for perseverance.
Bruiser is yellow for justice
Boss is blue for integrity
And Butch is red for determination
The soul trait doesn’t affect what magic color the half breed has, so a half breed can have pink magic but have a purple soul.
Depending on the type of monster, they could share a few traits from their human parent like size, face shape, maybe hair or eye color, but they’ll always look mostly like the monster parent.
One other thing about half breeds is that they tend to be naturally magically stronger than the average monster. Of course magic control makes the real difference when it comes to using it, but a half breed with good control compared to a normal monster with good magical control is like comparing an Olympian to a high school athlete
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