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marigoldsandbuttercups2 days ago
I have a GOOD one: Skel wakes up on the couch with a hangover and asks what happened the night before...only to notice they now have a wedding ring and so does their good friend (secret crush?) who has also crashed with them. Skel's brother then comes by and announces they got drunk and eloped after someone dared them to hit up one of those 24-hour chapels and get married. (The Sanses, please)
Weddings, But Speedrun It.
"No fuckin' way", refuses to believe it and thinks that they're still very much drunk. Realizes that's not the case, eyelights snuff out and all that leaves their mouths is the satisfactory answer of "Fuck.": Red, Bullet (MF Sans)
They seem way too calm about this, and they don't say anything for a while. And the first word they say ends up with them having a severe voice crack as they are having an internal panic attack: Black, Tiger (MSF Sans)
"You wanna see where this goes?" yeah, they're nervous but hey, might as well shoot their shot, right?: Wine, Thistle, Blue.
Wakes up, sees you, sees the rings, remembers everything and passes tf out, face flushing intensely: Cobalt (MT Sans), Azure (MS Sans)
It's silence and they just awkwardly shoot finger guns at you, "Did we at least order a wedding cake-": Sans, G.
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bigoltrashpile14 days ago
Sorry if this is werid to ask but what do the skele boys sound and smell like? -馃崉anon
it's not weird at all! I don't really have solid voices for them, except I think that Hound and Slim sound like Dan Avidan, with Hound a little more raspy, and Lucky would sound like Markiplier. As for smells
Mafiatale Sans: Nasty boy probably smells like ketchup and/or junk food most of the time. Under that is a hint of pine, along with the smell of fresh snow.
Mafiatale Papyrus: If you catch him after a kitchen disaster, he's gonna smell like burnt food. Most of the time though, he smells like nice, musky cologne! (And maybe marinara sauce that he dabbed behind his ear, if he wants to impress you)
Mafiaswap Sans (Lucky): He smells like clean laundry! It's a really nice scent when you want to just bury your face in his shoulder after a long day
Mafiaswap Papyrus (Slim): He usually smells faintly like cigarette smoke. If it's been a while since he's smoked, he'll smell like sweet things, honey and pastries. Smoke and honey is an unusual combination, but one that works
Mafiafell Sans (Butch): Like Slim, he also smells like smoke, and sometimes booze, although his smoke is from cigars. Underneath is his natural musk, a masculine, almost intoxicating scent
Mafiafell Papyrus (Noir): He practically bathes in a rich, spicy cologne. It just smells so much like him that you can't imagine anyone else wearing it
Mafiaswapfell Sans (Scar): He wears cologne most of the time, but naturally, he smells like electricity. Like the smell in the air before a storm
Mafiaswapfell Papyrus (Hound): Weirdly enough, he smells like fresh baked bread. It's not like it's unpleasant, quite the opposite! It's just weird that he manages to smell like a baker, despite never making bread
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anneimaginesundertalea month ago
Mobswap and Mafiaswapfell
Mobswap--Indigo (Sans) and Honey (Papyrus)
The MobSwap boys have an interesting relationship. Basically, they鈥檙e where Blue and Stretch were before they got to the surface, where they鈥檙e not all that good at communicating with each other and they both keep secrets.
Indigo is in the mob, working with Alphys and Toriel as kind of a messenger/delivery boy. He is doing this because his dad owed the mob a debt and died before he could pay it off. Indigo is paying it off, and he鈥檚 doing it alone, because he doesn鈥檛 want Honey involved. This Indigo keeps a lot more secrets from his brother. As far as Honey knows, his brother works as a courier for a legitimate business and is only doing it until he can get into the police academy. He secretly keeps a record of all the illegal deliveries he's made so he can one day turn it in.
Honey is a newspaper reporter. He鈥檚 typically put on the little fluff pieces, nothing important, but he鈥檚 interested in crime and the mob. He wants to find out what happened to his dad. Indigo tries to discourage him from digging into it, saying it was just an accident and there鈥檚 no need to bring up the pain of the past, but Honey is determined to find out and get some justice.
Mafiaswapfell--Sable (Sans) and Slim (Papyrus)
Sable and Slim are in charge of a counterfeiting operation for the monster mob. Well, technically Sable is in charge and Slim does the artsy stuff. They're a bit less dependent on each other than Black and Mutt, mostly because they're both more outgoing.
Sable likes wine and he鈥檚 very charming. He鈥檚 definitely looking to rise higher than counterfeit arts dealer, but if it鈥檚 a slow climb to the top, then he can be patient. His cover business is that he's an art dealer and he sets up private viewings for his clients. The king and queen of monsters are still big and important, even if everyone knows about the mob stuff, and having Queen Toriel at a viewing of your famous painting would be an honor. Sable gets all the necessary permissions and keys and such and he claims he has to "prepare the room" for the viewing IN PRIVATE and then he switches the item in question.
Slim makes his money by creating counterfeit paintings for the mob to sell. Slim is also more of the flirtatious SF Paps than my shy, awkward Mutt. He is kind of indifferent to all the mob stuff. The counterfeit business is just like commissions, and that pays for him to be able to do the art he actually wants to do. Sable sometimes slips one of his originals in with a lot of fakes and sells them, and he鈥檒l pull the 鈥淚鈥檓 supporting my brother鈥檚 art鈥 thing when appropriate. Slim spends his spare time in Muffet鈥檚 and enjoys a good flirt.
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
B, K, N, P, X, and Y for Hound please? Thank you!
Nice, first one for Hound!
B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner鈥檚) His favorite part of himself is his eyes!聽 He likes the color of his magic, and how he can make them all big and pleading if he needs to.聽 For you, he loves your lips!聽 So soft and kissable....and they look amazing wrapped around his cock.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) He loves being tied up and made helpless.聽 You鈥檙e so incredibly sexy when you top, especially if he can鈥檛 do anything to stop you!
N = NO (Something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs) He鈥檚 down for a lot of things, but one of his hard limits is doing anything that has to do with him hurting you at all.聽 He just feels too bad, even just suggesting that he spanks you or something, he鈥檒l break down into tears
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? 聽Slow and sensual? etc.) When he tops, he likes to go slow, and try to make you feel loved!聽 When you top, he鈥檒l go with any pace that you want, he鈥檚 just here to make you feel good~
X = X-Ray (Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants, pictures or words) He鈥檚 really long, and just the right thickness that you feel a nice stretch.聽 He also has a few piercings along the shaft that add an amazing texture when he fucks you
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Bro he is SO horny he鈥檚 ready to fuck at ANY time
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
J, K and T for Scar?
J = Jack Off聽(Masturbation headcanon) He jacks off a LOT more than he's willing to admit. Especially before you two get together! Any time you do something cute, he has to go have some "alone time"
K = Kink聽(One or more of their kinks) HUGE pet play kink. Nothing too intense, but seeing you wearing cat ears and calling him Master? He's WEAK
T = Toy聽(Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) Oh he has SO many toys. He has no shortage of exciting new things to use on you~
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
A, B, D, F, I, N for Scar?
A = Aftercare聽(What they鈥檙e like after sex) Hes VERY soft! He'll praise you and give you so many kisses! Honestly, he's amazing at aftercare if you've managed to get past his walls
B = Body part聽(Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner鈥檚) His favorite part of himself would have to be his arms. He likes how strong they are, and how good you look while held in them. His favorite part of yours would have to be your hair! He doesn't have any, so it's fun for him to play with and tug
D = Dirty Secret聽(Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) His dirty secret isn't that dirty. He loves to be praised and taken care of, but he'll take that to his grave
F = Favourite Position聽(This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) He loves to have you on your back, your legs over his shoulders so he can fuck you niiiiiice and deep~
I = Intimacy聽(How are they during the moment, romantic aspect鈥) Hes not very romantic, but he can be very soft. Most of the time he just wants to fuck you, but sometimes, he'll make it nice and special!
N = NO聽(Something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs) He refuses to do anything that would seriously hurt you. Some minor bruises and cuts are fine, but anything beyond that he refuses to do
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
馃憖 s, v and x for Scar?-
S = Stamina聽(How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last鈥) He can last for HOURS if you let him! It takes quite a bit for him to cum too, so I hope youre ready for a looooong night~
V = Volume聽(How loud they are, what sounds they make) Surprisingly, hes not very loud during sex. He prefers to whisper and growl in your ear as he pounds you nice and hard~
X = X-Ray聽(Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants, picture or words) He's not very long, but he's THICC. It takes quite a bit of prep to take him, and he's still hard to take when you are prepped
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
Hey guys, this seemed like fun!聽 If y鈥檃ll want to, feel free to send a letter or two and a character! :D
A = Aftercare (what they鈥檙e like after sex
B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner鈥檚)
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically...I鈥檓 a disgusting person)
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
E = Experience (How experienced are they?聽 Do they know what they鈥檙e doing?)
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying.聽 Will probably include a visual)
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc.)
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect...)
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
N = NO (Something they wouldn鈥檛 do, turn offs)
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough?聽 Slow and sensual? etc.)
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last...)
T = Toy (Do they own toys?聽 Do they use them?聽 On a partner or themselves?)
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
X = X-Ray (Let鈥檚 see what鈥檚 going on in those pants, pictures or words)
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Z = ZZZ ( quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
My pal @heeliesstuff inspired me to write this!聽 It鈥檚 some hurt and comfort with Scar where he finally opens up and gets over his trust issues.聽 I hope you guys like it!
Scar sighed as he entered the mansion.聽 Work had been exhausting.聽 Nothing but boring business deals聽 and paperwork all day.聽 He didn鈥檛 know if he even had the energy to make something to eat, and he doubted that any of the others had bothered making anything for him.聽 The house was silent, anyway, which meant the others were probably out of the house.聽 Looks like dinner would be microwave burritos again.
Just as he was about to trudge into the kitchen and prepare his greasy, quick meal, he was pounced by a small, human-shaped creature.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e back!!鈥 you squealed happily.聽 鈥淚 missed you so much!鈥
鈥淵/N?聽 WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE??鈥 Scar asked.聽 His magic instantly relaxed out of fight mode as he realised who it was.
鈥淟ucky let me in,鈥 you said proudly.聽 鈥淣ow come here, I have a surprise for you!鈥
Scar sighed.聽 He loved you, but he really wasn鈥檛 in the mood for your games.聽 鈥淥KAY, MAKE IT QUICK.鈥
You beamed and took his hand, eagerly tugging him into the living room.聽 Scar鈥檚 eyebrows shot up when he saw what looked like a lovely nest made of blankets and pillows in the middle of the room.聽 You must have raided every bed in the house!
鈥淲HAT鈥橲 ALL THIS?鈥 Scar asked.聽 Did you want to fuck?聽 Were you in heat?聽 But wait, humans didn鈥檛 go into heat.聽 Were you getting ready for children? 鈥淚t鈥檚 for you!鈥 you explained happily before pushing him gently into the nest.聽 Confused, Scar obeyed, not knowing what else to do.聽 With a wink, you dashed out of the room, returning after a moment with a steaming hot plate of food and a glass of wine.
鈥淥pen wide!鈥 you smiled.聽 You held out a forkful of what looked like homemade ravioli to him.
Mostly out of shock, Scar opened his mouth.聽 He was about to complain, to say that he could feed himself, but before he could, you pushed the fork into his mouth.
Numbly, Scar ate it.聽 It was...delicious!聽 鈥淒ID YOU MAKE THIS??鈥 Scar asked.
You nodded, a slight blush on your face.聽 鈥淚 figured you deserve something nice today, so I figured I鈥檇 give it to you!鈥
Scar could only stare, before you scooped up another forkful and held it up to his face.聽 鈥淗EH, YOU KNOW I CAN FEED MYSELF, RIGHT?鈥 Scar chuckled, but let you feed him despite the complaints.
鈥淚 know, but you shouldn鈥檛 have to lift a finger!鈥 you smiled.聽 Scar blushed an even brighter purple, and sighed dramatically.聽 鈥淒O WHAT YOU WISH.鈥
Happily, you fed him the rest of the food, then set the plate aside.聽 With a soft, loving smile, you placed a hand on his cheekbone, before leaning in to kiss his teeth.聽 Your lips were so, so soft, nothing like Scar鈥檚 sharp bones.聽 鈥淚 love you so much,鈥 you sighed.聽 Gently, you moved your hand to his neck, and gently scratched between the vertebrae, right where you knew felt the best to him.
For a moment, Scar let you.聽 It felt so nice to sit here, surrounded by warm blankets and a soft human, his stomach full of delicious food.
It was too good.
He pushed your hand to the side, sitting up straight.聽 A scowl appeared on his face.聽 鈥淲HAT ARE YOU DOING?鈥
鈥淯m鈥.scratching your neck?鈥 you said, obviously confused.
鈥淐atch??鈥 Scar knew that all this was too good to be true.聽 Nobody had ever made him feel this鈥.soft?聽 Special?
It was all too good to be true.聽 He knew that as soon as he let his guard down, you would turn on him.聽 That all too familiar dead eyed look would come over your face, you would pull out that knife, and鈥.
The long scar on his abdomen throbbed subconsciously, and he put a hand on his chest protectively.
鈥淪car, are you...crying?鈥 you gasped.
Scar quickly reached up and touched his cheek.聽 Shit, you were right.聽 He pushed the tears out of his eyes furiously.聽 Now he was showing weakness!聽 鈥淣O.聽 I DON鈥橳 CRY.鈥
鈥淪ans.鈥澛 Scar looked up in shock at the sound of his real name.聽 You took his hands and held them in yours, your thumb brushing the back of his knuckles.聽 鈥淭his isn鈥檛 some kind of...trick, or bribe, or whatever.聽 I鈥檓 doing this because I love you.聽 You deserve to feel happy, and loved.鈥
All these words...they were exactly the things he had always wanted to hear.聽 Ever since he was little, all he wanted was someone to kind and gentle, instead of the hate and pain he had felt his whole life.
鈥淚鈥.Don鈥檛 Know If I Can Believe That,鈥 Scar said, softer than you had ever heard him talk.聽 鈥淚鈥檝e Done Nothing But Cause Pain And Suffering.聽 I鈥檝e Killed, And Hurt, And Ruined Countless Lives.聽 How Can You Love Me?鈥
You very gently kissed the back of his hands, making more tears come to Scar鈥檚 eyes.聽 鈥淏ecause I know you, Sans.聽 The real you.鈥澛 You smiled at him gently, your eyes full of love.聽 鈥淵ou like puns, and dumb practical jokes.聽 You deny it, but you like to eat mayo like a gremlin, and you love cheesy romcoms.聽 You may have done bad things, but you鈥檙e far from a bad person.鈥
The tears on Scar鈥檚 face were flowing freely now.聽 He pulled his hand away from yours and wiped them away.聽 With a kiss to his forehead, you cupped his cheek again with your hand.聽 Before you could pull it away, Scar put his own hand over yours, finally accepting and leaning into your touch.
鈥淚鈥檓...Sorry For Being Difficult,鈥 he sighed.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to be sorry for anything, Sans,鈥 you whispered.聽 鈥淚 love you, and I want to be there for you, even when you鈥檙e being edgy.鈥澛 You said the last part with a laugh, which made Scar instantly relax.聽 Stars, he loves your laugh.
鈥淚鈥.I Love You,鈥 Scar managed to choke out.
You beamed.聽 鈥淚 love you too, Sans!鈥澛 You kissed his teeth again, but this time, Scar leaned into it.聽 Finally, he could admit to himself that he never wanted to let you go.
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bigoltrashpilea month ago
If you have any headcanons you want to share but have been waiting for a reason: This is it
This is more of a shitpost, but I like to think that if you flick Butch or Hound鈥檚 gold fangs, they make a sound like a tuning fork
It鈥檚 well known that Sans and Butch like ketchup and mustard respectively, but less known is that Lucky loves relish, and Scar eats mayo straight from the jar
If you catch him doing this, he WILL threaten you to keep your silence
It鈥檚 a pretty funny sight, if you wake up needing a drink of water, go to the kitchen, and see Scar there with a spoon, eating straight mayo from the fridge like some kind of gremlin
All the demon boys like watching Buzzfeed Unsolved, and making fun of Shane and Ryan for not being able to see all the ghosts and demons
Sans鈥檚 favorite movie is Jurassic Park (only the first one, the others suck).聽 Watching it with him is a one way ticket to listening to a bunch of random facts about the special effects and the making of the movie
Mafiaswaplust Papyrus (Ritz) like to show off that he can tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue.聽 Even when nobody asks
Ritz: hey, wanna see somethin鈥 cool?
You: I don鈥檛 care about the cherry thing-
Ritz, already pulling out a cherry: haha well, if you insist
It鈥檚 not uncommon for the Papyruses to smack their heads on doorframes
When he got to the Surface, Papyrus became fascinated with different cultures and their foods!聽 He鈥檒l try (and burn) making a new recipe at least once a week
Slim chews on his pencils.聽 He doesn鈥檛 own a single one that doesn鈥檛 have teeth marks in it
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chocolatte-and-despaira month ago
Let's turn the tables on these skeletons, shall we? Whatever characters you like from Fell universes (Non-yandere versions of them) wake up one day in a place they're totally unfamiliar with, their best freind is standing there watching them sleep. Basically, best friend is yandere, they're mostly harmless though. They're very protective, and get really upset if/when they realize the skeleton dies love them back
*聽Mafiaswapfell Gaster ( The moment that Sable would wake up, he would think that this is annoying. He always knew that you, his dear friend, were a weird person, but he had never expected you to be this crazy to actually kidnap him. You do understand that he has already freed himself, yes? And you do understand that you might get killed by his men for kidnapping him, right? Seriously, you are such an idiot sometimes. You know he cares for you, so just stop doing such stupid things and putting your life at risk. Besides, he鈥檚 married to his work, he isn鈥檛 going to just end up dating you or anyone else. )
*聽Slavefell Sans ( The moment that Roxxy would wake up, he honestly believes this is some kink play, and he is excited. He is expecting to be fucked out of his mind, but instead, you just kidnapped him. Roxxy would honestly be bored and pissed of. He is a horny fucker, and he is willing to just break out if you aren鈥檛 going to fuck him. He is your best friend, so you should have known that he is horny, and because of that, he needs to fuck all the time. Honestly, he doesn鈥檛 even know why you two are friends if you don鈥檛 even know that )
*聽Overfellswap Sans ( Theodore would not just be scared but he would also be angry. After what you鈥檝e done, you can say that your friendship is dead and if he had any romantic feelings for you, trust me, his feelings are completely dead. You think he could ever love you when there is no trust between you two? You don鈥檛 trust him, and he doesn鈥檛 fucking trust you either. He wants you to understand that you fucked up by ever kidnapping him and if there were any chances of you two dating, those chances are dead. )
*聽Slaveswapfell Sans ( From the moment that Wisteria would wake up, he would start to nag you. You see, Wisteria has always been a perfectionist. And trust me, for his perfectionist mind, this basement is hell. Because he knows you, he doesn鈥檛 plan on worrying about his health, but hell, do you really love him? If you did, then you wouldn鈥檛 have placed him in a place that would cause him so much distress, would you? Honestly, wisteria is pissed off and chances are that he might still be your friend afterward, but any chance of romance is gone, seeing as he is pissed off and that killed his feelings for you )
*聽Slavefellswap Sans ( Azalea would be honestly confused on why you kidnapped him. Azalea would try to understand you and then convince you to let him go. He would probably manage to convince you and would end up signing you up for therapy. Seeing as you are his friend, he won鈥檛 put charges on you, and he will stay as your friend, but just know that things will never be the same. If you loved him, you should have told him and not do something so drastic. He doesn鈥檛 think he feels safe around you, so he would never be alone with you and he would move away somewhere he wouldn鈥檛 tell you were that would be )
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chocolatte-and-despaira month ago
Oh, can I get yanderes too? I am inclined to laziness and hedonism, I prefer to avoid a situation where I need to work hard. I'm attracted to people from whom I can learn something and i think is sexy smart and fun people. At the first meeting with new people, I am friendly and playful, regardless of the circumstances. 1/2
Tumblr media
*聽Punny bitty ( First of all, my condolences for getting such a horrific bitty. Punny鈥檚 are usually very sweet and gentle bitties, but not Bruno. Well, not to other people around you. Near you, Bruno is an absolute sweetheart, but near other people, he is an absolute nightmare. Bruno is smart, and when I say that you will never catch him acting like people say he does, I mean it. He had many owners before you, and he knows what he鈥檚 doing. )
Yandere type: manipulative - platonic yandere聽
*聽Shiftfellswap Chara ( Majesty hates you. She absolutely wants to destroy you... You are someone that she can not handle being around. But she doesn鈥檛 want you to be around other people either. You dared reject her gracious offer to be her servant, and now, she will make sure that no one will be near you anymore. If not why lying, then by buying people off with however much money is needed. You might have morals, but humans and monsters are greedy freaks, and money always makes people agree to do something )
Yandere type: Controlling - Enemy yandere
*聽Mafiaswapfell Sans聽 ( Similar to Majesty, Casanova absolutely hates you. You are disgusting for thinking that you are too good to be his friend! Because of that, Casanova decided to ruin your life too. Majesty made sure that you would be isolated, and Casanova was going to make sure that you wouldn鈥檛 be able to get any help from the police, get a job, or be able to get a place. You would also be unable to go into shops without police being called on you. This happens when you reject the wrong people )
Yandere type: Aggressive - Enemy yandere
*聽Mafiahorror Gaster ( Chompers... Hates you. You have morals, yet you don鈥檛 understand that morals can be walked around, and still be good people. Because of your needless morals, you had rejected his children鈥檚 want to be friends with you, so of course, Chompers hates you. Majesty and Casanova were making sure your life was going to be ruined, but when they finish up, Chompers will be sure to take you from the street, begging to be saved, and well, he will give you over to his children as a new toy... He hopes that they feel better now )
Yandere type: Quiet - Enemy yandere
*聽Mafiafell Gaster ( Admiral hates people like you. Thinking that you are better than other people because of the stupid thing that people call morals. So what, if he and his family were in the mafia and did bad things? Didn鈥檛 everyone do the same thing? Sure, some did smaller crimes, but everyone is disgusting, from the very beginning. Humans and their morals are very weak, so, of course, Admiral makes it a small game between him and the other dons. How long will it take before you throw away your morals for your own survival? )
Yandere type: Sadistic - Enemy yandere
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chocolatte-and-despair2 months ago
Who mobfell Sans has slept from the other canon characters?
* Mafiafell Chara ( Dove and Riggs had fooled around before. Dove is engaged to Whip, yet the man never paid attention to the woman (Not like she was interested in him), so it wasn鈥檛 really a surprise that she decided that it would be fun to fool around with Riggs. The man wanted something deeper with her, but Dove rejected him, reminding the man that she was, unfortunately, engaged. )
* Mafiaswap Chara ( Riggs was quite devastated after his rejection, so he decided to burrow his pain by sleeping with a look-alike of his聽鈥榣over鈥. Like that, Sage and Riggs had made a contract that Sage would act like Dove and Riggs would make sure to free anyone his mafia catches from her group. Sadly, the contract ended a few months later, when Dove accepted to sleep with Riggs again )聽
* Mafiaswap Papyrus ( Slim and Riggs were quite interesting people, that鈥檚 for sure, so it wasn鈥檛 exactly a surprise when Slim and Riggs decided to play around with one another. It started off when Riggs caught Slim peeping on him and Dove messing around, and whenever Riggs catches slim watching, he has sloppy seconds with the man )
* Mafiaswapfell Papyrus ( Riggs and Rus never got along too well, but whenever the heat week would come around, Riggs would sometimes sleep with Rus to relieve his stress and just get some of his anger out of the man. Though, they never speak of those weeks afterward)
*聽Underswap Muffet ( While in a lot of emotional pain, both Pepper and Riggs had ended up sleeping together. It was a one time thing, but the two treated each other very well, and ever since then had been very nice to one another because of that )
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chocolatte-and-despair2 months ago
Could you do something for Mesha for this event week?
*聽Mafiaswapfell Gaster聽 ( Seeing as you are quite a quiet person, Sable has decided that you were the perfect person for this. That you would become his perfect pet. You were already pretty obedient, so all he needed to do was to turn that obedience into sexual obedience and he would have a perfect relief mechanism )
*聽Slavetale Sans ( Ardor usually hates a lot of people, but you were always quiet and never annoyed him. Because of that, he got quite interested in you. In the bedroom, he likes to take the lead, but after a long time, he will start trusting you, and he might eventually give you a chance to dominate him )
*聽Slavefellswap Sans ( Azalea is quite a sweet person, that鈥檚 why he is quite happy to have found such a nice partner like yourself. He would probably want the two of you to go slow and to switch around being submissive and dominant. Thought, he would usually prefer being the submissive partner )
*聽SlaveOuter Sans ( a lot of people were mean to Cassiopeia, that鈥檚 why the moment he met someone who wasn鈥檛, he was really excited. To the point of wanting to please you in any way possible. He would orally pleasure you and he would make sure that you would be able to play out any kinks you want on him, no questions asked )
*聽Lustfell Toriel ( Just like Sable, Sepia thought that you would be the perfect toy. I won鈥檛 talk much about your misfortune, but you will not have a good time. Your sexual relief is not important to her and if you do something that displeases her, you will end up dying, without a second chance. )
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chocolatte-and-despair2 months ago
Oh shoot I forgot about Oreo body, Oreo can change into an adult so is that ok?
*聽Dancetale Sans ( If he鈥檚 being honest, he isn鈥檛 sure why he was attracted to you himself. Something about you just... spoke to him, made him feel a little better. He wasn鈥檛 very experienced in the bedroom, but he was more than happy to try and see what you like. He鈥檚 also a switch, so, he doesn鈥檛 care which role you would take )
*聽Outerswapfell Sans ( Because of how you are, Perseus would find you completely annoying. That鈥檚 why he needed to train you! He needed to make sure that you are following the rules, and what better way to do that if not to make you his pet?聽
*聽Storyswap Chara ( Caramel is honestly very shy when it come to sex. Though she would finally want to lose her virginity, and you just seemed nice enough for her to trust you with such a task. She would be submissive in the bedroom and would love to be spoiled. )
*聽Mafiafellswap Sans ( Mal isn鈥檛 sure why, but he feels like you are quite a good partner. Mal is quite gentle in the bedroom but can get rougher if he鈥檚 angered. He hopes that you aren鈥檛 going to anger him, as he doesn鈥檛 want to hurt you outside of sexual encounters )
*聽Mafiaswapfell Papyrus ( For whatever reason, Rus believes that your personalities fit quite well. Rus is a lazy lover, so you would need to do all the work. He usually has feminine bits down there, so, either have a strapon ready, put a strapon on him, or get your dick out and fuck him in any hole you prefer. He鈥檚 down for anything. )
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chocolatte-and-despair2 months ago
Pizza for the spe week event. (Don't eat Pizza)
*聽Mafiatale Sans ( Riffle would probably find your attitude to be very sweet. That鈥檚 why he would be into you quite a bit. He is a switch, that鈥檚 why he wouldn鈥檛 mind you taking control if you wanted, but on a normal day, he would probably be a service top )
*聽Mafiafell Sans ( Because of your personality, Riggs would really feel comfortable telling you about all of his sexual fantasies, and asking you to do them to him. He wants to be tied down and made into a little begging bitch. To be unable to think about anything else but your cock. Would you be able to do that for him? )
*聽Mafiaswap Sans ( Because of how you are, Slate can鈥檛 help but want to protect you. You are just too good for this world. Listen to daddy, and help him take good care of you. He will become your sugar daddy almost immediately and you will need to refer to him as聽鈥榙addy鈥 or聽鈥榩apa鈥 all the time, especially when the two of you are fucking )
*聽Mafiaswapfell Sans ( Casanova is honestly a horny whore, who just wants to get his ass fucked. And seeing as you are such a nice guy, you would help him out, right? He would be willing to pay you too if that is what gets you to plow him )
*聽Mafiaswap Papyrus ( Slim is quite a switch, and is usually very quiet. He loves watching you masturbate, and he loves masturbating you and orally pleasuring you. He will probably prefer being fucked but he doesn鈥檛 min fucking you too if that is what you want. But if he would have a choice, he will choose to be the bottom )
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bigoltrashpile2 months ago
A hot night in
Here鈥檚 another commission, this one from @shadowandcasper!聽 It鈥檚 fluff and smut with Scar, I hope you guys like it!!
You applauded enthusiastically as the singer on stage gave a deep bow, before sauntering behind the deep red curtain.聽 You took another sip of your drink (black, with sparkles shifting through it that made it look like a galaxy) before leaning against Scar鈥檚 arm.聽 鈥淭hanks again for taking me here,鈥 you smiled up at him.聽 The alcohol was just beginning to take effect, and your head felt pleasantly light and fuzzy.
Your boyfriend grinned down at you, showing off his sharp teeth.聽 鈥淥F COURSE, LOVE.聽 I JUST CAN鈥橳 BELIEVE I HAVEN鈥橳 DONE SO SOONER.鈥 聽 That was fair.聽 Mettaton鈥檚 speakeasy was one of, if not the most glamorous speakeasy in the city, and definitely the most famous.聽 The robot鈥檚 charm and music brought customers from far and wide, eager for just a glimpse at the star.聽 Besides that, the atmosphere of 1920鈥檚 opulence helped maintain a steady clientele.聽 You had been admiring the art deco on the walls and the flapper costumes the performers wore all night.
Scar wrapped his arm around your shoulders, his silk suit rubbing softly against your arm.聽 鈥淎RE YOU ENJOYING YOUR DRINK?鈥
You nodded eagerly.聽 It was fruity and sweet, with just a hint of the alcohol flavor.聽 Not to mention that the effect it had, making your skin twinkle with stars, made you beam every time you looked down at yourself.聽 鈥淚t鈥檚 delicious!鈥
You pouted.聽 鈥淏ut I鈥檓 having so much fun!聽 Just a little longer?鈥
Scar leaned close to you, his hot breath against your ear.聽 鈥淥h, But Darling, Don鈥檛 You Want To Have Some More Fun At Home?聽 Just The Two Of Us?鈥
That made you flush.聽 鈥..........Let鈥檚 go home.鈥
Scar smirked in that attractive way that always made your heart flutter.聽 He threw some money onto the table and grabbed your arm.聽 You could practically feel his claws digging into your skin in excitement.聽 Then, the loud speakeasy disappeared around you.
After both no time and a small eternity, the two of you reappeared in your shared bedroom.聽 You gasped a bit at the sensation and stumbled.聽 The hand on your arm tightened and helped you stand.聽 鈥淎re You Okay?聽 I鈥檓 Sorry, Shortcuts While Drunk Can Be Rough,鈥 he winced apologetically.聽 You could see real concern in his eyes, which made you happy beyond words.
Gently, you pressed your lips against his teeth.聽 鈥淥f course I鈥檓 okay.聽 I always am with you.鈥
A faint purple blush appeared on Scar鈥檚 cheekbones.聽 For someone who could dish it out, he sure couldn鈥檛 take it.聽 鈥淪-SHUSH,鈥 he stammered.聽 鈥淲E HAVE MORE IMPORTANT BUSINESS!!鈥
鈥淵eah, like fucking,鈥 you winked drunkenly.
Gently, Scar began to run his claws up and down your waist.聽 You could just feel the tips over the fabric, and shuddered.聽 He gave you a grin before carefully undressing you.聽 The outfit you had worn to the speakeasy was beautiful, but you knew he liked what was underneath even better.
Scar groaned when he saw that you hadn鈥檛 worn any underwear.聽 鈥淵ou Little Minx, You Were Expecting This!鈥
You winked.聽 鈥淲ell, this is how pretty much all our dates end!鈥
Scar sighed dramatically.聽 鈥淎nd Here I Thought I Was Being Sexy And Spontaneous,鈥 he mourned.
You giggled.聽 鈥淗ey, you are sexy!鈥
鈥淵es, I Know, It鈥檚 The Spontaneous Part I鈥檓 Sad About.鈥
鈥淲ell, better luck next time.聽 Here, I鈥檒l give you some tips.鈥
In your drunken stupor, you decided this was a great idea.聽 You pushed him down onto the bed and grinned.聽 鈥淔or example, act when the other is distracted~鈥
Scar raised an eyebrow, unamused.聽 鈥淥h, Really?聽 Well鈥︹澛 In a blink, he had grabbed your shoulders, looped a leg around your waist, and flipped the two of you over so that he was on top.聽 鈥淲ell, My Advice Is To Make Sure It鈥檚 Actually Going To Work!鈥
You blushed as heat started to pool between your legs.聽 鈥淚-I鈥.uh鈥︹..鈥澛 You couldn鈥檛 think of a clever retort to that.聽 鈥淲ell, you still can鈥檛 make me do anything!鈥
鈥淥h, Can鈥檛 I?鈥澛 He grabbed your hips and started rutting against you.聽 鈥淲ell, I Think You Will Be Begging For Me Before Long~鈥
You whimpered.聽 You had to admit, you wanted that cock in you.聽 Bad.聽 But the game was on now!聽 You couldn鈥檛 show weakness!
With a haughty sniff, you folded your arms across your chest.聽 鈥淲ell, I don鈥檛 even want it anymore!聽 You can jack off yourself, sir!鈥
Scar simply reached between your legs and felt your dripping pussy.聽 鈥淥h?聽 This Says Otherwise~鈥
You whimpered at the sensation of his hand right where you wanted it the most.聽 鈥淚-I鈥..please!鈥澛 Your bratty聽 exterior crumbled, and you were practically melting at the slightest brush of his finger at your clit.聽 Either you were pathetic, or he knew exactly what he was doing.
Judging by Scar鈥檚 smirk, you would guess the latter.聽 鈥淕ood Pet~鈥澛 Very gently, he slipped a finger inside you and started to pump it gently in and out.聽 鈥淚 Knew You Couldn鈥檛 Resist Me.鈥
You moaned as he curled his finger to press at your g spot before adding another.聽 鈥淵-yeah right,鈥 you stammered.聽 鈥淭his is just鈥︹檆ause I let you!鈥
鈥淥h Please,鈥 Scar scoffed.聽 He added a second finger and you whimpered at the stretch, along with the dangerous look in his violet eyes.聽 鈥淚 Could Do Anything I Want To You, And You Know It.聽 I Could Make You Cum So Many Times You Would Never Feel Clean.聽 I Could Make You See The Stars Over And Over And Over.鈥澛 As he spoke, he added a third finger, and thrusted harshly as he spoke.聽 鈥淚 Could Ruin You For Everyone Else~鈥
鈥淵es!鈥 you screamed.聽 鈥淧lease Master, ruin me!鈥
鈥淎s You Wish~鈥
At his words, he pulled out his fingers, to your disappointment.聽 It was brief, though, because he quickly replaced it with his cock.聽 You practically shook in excitement.
With a wide grin, Scar pushed himself inside you in one harsh, swift motion.聽 You threw your head back and screamed at the sensation of him filling you so perfectly, rubbing all the best spots inside you.聽 He was so thick, you felt like you were being split in two!
With only a moment to let you rest, Scar started pounding into you, holding your body like you were nothing but a sex toy, adjusting you however he saw fit.聽 You could only grab onto his ribs, wrap your arms around his shoulders, try to lock your legs around his hips, anything to ground yourself.聽 He just kept going, acting as if your feeble clawing didn鈥檛 even affect him.
It only took a few minutes before you were cumming, hard.聽 You squeezed around him like a vice, and Scar moaned loudly.聽 You felt his seed shoot deep inside you, hot and sticky, filling you up so nicely.聽 If you expected him to stop, you were disappointed.聽 He continued to fuck you through your orgasm, making your oversensitive body trash under him.聽 It was amazing.
After three more orgasms, you were sure you were going to pass out.聽 Scar had come twice, and it seemed like he was determined to reach another.聽 After what seemed like an eternity, he finally moaned and shot his cum into your stomach.聽 You almost felt your stomach grow a little bit.聽 Scar began to furiously rub your clit.聽 鈥淐um, Now,鈥 he demanded.聽 As if you could argue when he was working you like that!
Stars and colors flashed in front of your eyes as your entire body tensed in pleasure.聽 Your mouth fell open in an 鈥淥鈥 shape, and your eyes rolled back in your head.聽 It was amazing.
After what felt like a small eternity, you felt Scar pushing the hair out of your eyes.聽 鈥淒arling?聽 Are You Okay?聽 I Didn鈥檛 Push You Too Hard, Did I?鈥 he asked worriedly.
You shook your head and tried to sit up, only to fall back down.聽 鈥淔uck no, that was so good!鈥 you chuckled tiredly.聽 Faintly, you felt a bit of sticky cum drip out of you.聽 鈥淯gh...I鈥檓 so gross.鈥
Scar laughed a little.聽 鈥淥h Cum On, You Know You Love It!鈥
鈥淚 doooooo.鈥
As if you didn鈥檛 weigh anything more than a kitten, Scar picked you up bridal style and carried you to the adjoined bathroom.聽 He set you carefully in the tub before turning on the water.聽 The warmth felt amazing against your skin, and you relaxed into the sensation.
After he had poured in a generous amount of bubble bath, Scar climbed in behind you.聽 He began massaging your shoulders and kissing your neck softly.聽 You moaned happily and leaned against his ribs.聽 They felt like a weird massage against your sore back.聽 鈥淭hanks, Sans,鈥 you whispered as your eyes drifted shut sleepily.
鈥淥f Course, Y/N.聽 I Love You So Much.鈥
鈥淎nd I love you too.鈥
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bigoltrashpile2 months ago
I (finally) updated Mediocre Expectations!!!聽 I hope you guys like it! :D
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