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ratsoh-writes · 8 hours ago
Ok, so there's a lot of S/O surnatural revelations recently on your blog. But what if S/O announced to their crush they are secretly the King/Queen of Seagulls, and that their true form is a giant seagull ? For the main 10. Sweet nightmare <3
I can’t think of long answers for this, but I can do everybody instead ;)
He breaks up with you: all of them
Just kidding!
What: red pluto ace
Why would you tell him this??: sans peaches slim
He says it’s ok but that night he cries himself to sleep: honey sugar rhythm snipe
He wants to ride on your back and fly off into the sunset with you: papyrus Star charm pop Jupiter bruise lilac
Does this mean you can control seagulls and recreate sharnado but with gulls?: cash wine coffee G
He physically cringed when you showed him: edge lord rancher green noir
If you ever steal his hotdog, he will personally cast a curse on your family for the next ten generations: mal willow butch boss rust basil
You two are unstoppable seagull gods together: oak mutt
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thinkerfantasy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hmm, good enough question
"What are the curious people here."
Tumblr media
To begin with, you can also kill with your hands, very effective in close combat, but this gives little chance of survival against efficient shooting weapons.
Tumblr media
Melee weapons are also good, but low-grade bandits use it, but we are not one of them. Is that so?
Tumblr media
The firearm is the most effective among the gangsters, but as my brother used to say to Don Dee, one whooped gun, “A GUN RUNS OUT OF BULLETS. YOUR SKULL WILL BREAK BEFORE THIS BONE DOES.”
Tumblr media
So nothing is more effective than shattered bones with our magic, although also costly. And remember, regardless of what weapon, weaklings in our world throw back their legs immediately.
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ratsoh-writes · a day ago
Was gonna skip this round, but... Bestie is introducing their one of their friends to their skelefriend. Said friend after being introduced and in the middle of shaking hands with skele, boldly makes eye contact and practically purrs their words as they say something in a different language (doesn't matter which, but if you need specifics... French?) Bestie is now choking, fighting laughter, and blushing while looking away.
For the tall boys! How do they react?
What she says: "I'm going to climb you like a tree~"
This sounds like a great papyri question ;)
Papyrus: ok he’s not dumb. He knew that was a flirt, even if he didn’t know what his new French friend said. Papyrus will smirk at them mischievously but let it go. He’d rather get to know them a little better before he starts flirting back
Honey: as the resident translator, French is actually not one of his languages. But honey did recognize the word tree. He turns around to look at the tree behind him. Was there a squirrel or something..?
Edge: great, now there’s two short blushing humans surrounding him. Edge can’t decide if he’s mad or flustered. He settles for a good in-between: cranky lol
Cash: he knows exactly what that body language and tone of voice means. And cash loves flirting. He’ll snake an arm around friends waist, then purr his own filthy pick up line in their ear. Now this new human is blushing, and his bestie is roaring in laughter.
Willow: he can’t stop the light blush that dusts his cheek at the humans tone of voice. Willow knows it was something dirty, but he’s not interested in finding out. If new friend keeps flirting in French, willow might short circuit. He never gets attention like this
Sugar: HE KNOWS FRENCH!! ABORT MISSION ABORT MISSION. Ok so this happens to sugar fairly often. He’s admittedly very very good looking and he knows it but his sweet and bubbly personality means everyone just assumes he’s some sweet innocent cinnamon roll. HES NOT INNOCENT. Sugars friendly smile morphs into a predatory smirk as he stares down this new human. His friend knows he knows French too and is practically on the edge of their seat waiting for this show to happen. Sugar will pull his new acquaintance flush against his chest, purr into their ear in French how they should be more careful about what they say. Then he nips at their cheek and neck and basically saunters away. He’s so smug right now. If his new friend braves up and keeps flirting, sugar will be more than happy to reciprocate.
Mutt: he wasn’t the least bit interested in meeting this new person until he heard that lovely purr of a voice. Now mutt is very interested ;). He spends the rest of the day seeing how far he can get with little touches and subtle innuendos.
Coffee: he was already high strung about meeting a new person, but the second he sees that flirty smirk and tone, he kinda just short circuits and mopes out of there. Lol coffee can never look them in the eye again
Rhythm: you wouldn’t believe how many single parents flirt with him at the dance studio. Rhythm is basically immune to the purr now. He won’t even bat an eye lol
Jupiter: he really wants to know what they said. And if friend won’t tell him, then Jupiter will be sulky for the day. Jupiter hates not knowing lol. If they do tell him, he’ll blush in surprise but quickly recovers. He jokingly tells French friend that they can get up on his shoulders if they want to feel tall
Rancher: ok so rancher is not good at sarcasm or tones of voice in general. He’s just so literal. He’ll see his friend blushing and laughing and will assume that it was some silly skeleton pun. Ugh
Green: he knows it was a flirt. He knows it was probably something dirty. Since green puts up with the combined forces or G, charm, and butch on a near daily basis, not much can fluster him these days. Plus he’s a gentleman. He doesn’t flirt unless he knows them a little better
Bruiser: huh, judging by his friends reaction, it was definitely what he thinks it is. Well bruiser isn’t one to pass up a chance at a little fun. He’ll happily tease and flirt with French friend all night and will even show off a little. He likes impressing cuties ;)
Slim: he’s gonna take one from coffees book and just nope out of there. He doesn’t even bother to say goodbye. Slim shortcuts lol. It was so sudden too because his facial expression didn’t change one bit. French person is confused, but bestie is practically rolling in the ground laughing since they knew slim would peace out. He’ll come back once he’s done being flustered
Boss: he doesn’t know this human at all so has little to no affection for them. Instead boss is groaning internally. Not another funny one. He doesn’t need more clowns in his life lol. You gotta earn the right to be coy with him
Noir: great, now there’s two short blushing humans around him. Unlike edge though, noir low key likes the attention and knows he’s handsome. He’ll give a small smug smile but continue as normal
Basil: French person doesn’t shake hands since he’s hiding behind bestie. But they do make eye contact. Basil is much more observant then honey. Even though he only understands a few words, he picks up on the tone immediately and has to blush and look away.
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I have a GOOD one: Skel wakes up on the couch with a hangover and asks what happened the night before...only to notice they now have a wedding ring and so does their good friend (secret crush?) who has also crashed with them. Skel's brother then comes by and announces they got drunk and eloped after someone dared them to hit up one of those 24-hour chapels and get married. (The Sanses, please)
Weddings, But Speedrun It.
"No fuckin' way", refuses to believe it and thinks that they're still very much drunk. Realizes that's not the case, eyelights snuff out and all that leaves their mouths is the satisfactory answer of "Fuck.": Red, Bullet (MF Sans)
They seem way too calm about this, and they don't say anything for a while. And the first word they say ends up with them having a severe voice crack as they are having an internal panic attack: Black, Tiger (MSF Sans)
"You wanna see where this goes?" yeah, they're nervous but hey, might as well shoot their shot, right?: Wine, Thistle, Blue.
Wakes up, sees you, sees the rings, remembers everything and passes tf out, face flushing intensely: Cobalt (MT Sans), Azure (MS Sans)
It's silence and they just awkwardly shoot finger guns at you, "Did we at least order a wedding cake-": Sans, G.
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und3rwat3r-a5tr0naut · 3 days ago
Ok, so I’m not sure if monsters even celebrate birthdays but what would the Mafia Skeles think of an S/O who always acknowledges their birthday (and the rest of their family’s) in some small way. Like a card with a sweet note or a gift card-their favorite condiment with a bow on it-etc?
Tumblr media
Sinter: He’ll be touched, to say the least. He and his brother usually celebrate their birthdays together, along with some of the more trusted guys that work for him, keeping it a small quiet event, and then that’s it. So if you get him something personally, he’ll appreciate it very much.
Busta: He’d be downright flattered that you’d make an effort to remember his birthday! While he and his brother keep their birthday celebrations quiet and within a small group, it’s still very business-like and not very personal. So he’ll definitely be very touched by your gifts.
Brick: Brick and Gent celebrate their birthdays together, and only with each other. No one that works for them is allowed to even know the mafiafell brother’s birthdays. So if Brick or Gent has told you their birthdays, that’s how you know you’re practically family. Brick will absolutely love celebrating his birthday with you and his brother. You could get him anything and he’d love it regardless.
Gent: Like I’ve said up above, it’s a special privilege to know his birthday. So if he tells you and you make it a point to remember it, and get him something personally, you’ll get a genuinely happy smile from him and he’ll pull you into a surprisingly affectionate side hug.
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ratsoh-writes · 3 days ago
Yes I'm a nerd, shut up. Skeledads with a kid who's the avatar!!! They have cool bending abilities, get to talk to past lives!!! Buuuuuuuut everyone is trying to murder them and take over the town for said abilities
Erases all records of his kid, runs away with them, and starts a new life: sans cash willow oak wine coffee peaches rancher G green snipe boss slim basil
Finds who put a hit out on his kid and takes them out himself: red edge mal cash willow wine Jupiter snipe bruiser butch boss ace rust noir
Tries to find a way to hide the powers: Star Honey charm sugar wine pop Pluto snipe ace slim lilac
Teaches kid to defend themself so they don’t have to hide: papyrus Star lord mutt wine rhythm Jupiter snipe bruiser butch lilac
Is extremely disturbed by the ancestors part: G green snipe
A few guys are listed more than once
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ratsoh-writes · 4 days ago
Boys play a game of "never have I ever" with crush and his friends, who is shameless, who tries to embarrass friends to make S/O laugh, who tries to get crush to confess something, who is just praying he doesn't get asked if he has a crush in someone in the room?
Forget crush, he’s specifically targeting his brother in this game. Now it’s a battle between the two to see who goes out first: sans coffee G
He hates this game so much lol. He can never think of things he hasn’t done: oak pop green
He immediately goes the dirty route and is making people reveal all the nasty crap they did in their teens. Get wrecked lol: red cash mutt bruiser ace rust
Oh he already knows crush likes him. This game is a great opportunity to put a little pressure on them ;): mal wine lilac
He goes out after like 12 questions. He’s done everything. EVERYTHING: Star charm rancher butch
He’s sweating bullets man. Please don’t ask him please don’t ask him please don’t ask him-: edge willow lord Pluto snipe slim basil
He totally lied about doing the thing because he wanted to look cooler for crush: honey rhythm peaches
Oh this is the perfect opportunity! Let’s see if crush secretly likes him back: papyrus sugar Jupiter boss noir
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So I know I've been sending a lot of asks but can I have something for fluff week? ( If it's still going on, of course!)
I'd like a first date with Whip!
Whip/Mafiafell Papyrus
* First of all, Whip would act very gentlemanly with you. It would be like in those old movies. Honestly, you would probably feel like you are in a movie, with how well he would be treating you. He really tries to be his best self. * Sadly, because of how he tends to be very possessive, he would already act like the two of you are together, and he would hate it when other people would talk to you and would try to minimalize any interaction you have with him, other people.  * Whip probably took you out for dinner somewhere very expensive, before probably taking you somewhere on a walk. Maybe near the lake or maybe even renting out a boat so the two of you could enjoy some alone time with the two of you.  * At the end of it all, he probably drove you back home and gave you a kiss on the cheek, saying that he hoped that the two of you could have a second date soon enough. 
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absurdmageart · 5 days ago
wait... for the skeleboys. are any born past october?
Yup! Here’s all their birthdays:
Sans & Bear - April 1
Papyrus & Sparrow - March 9
Blue - June 6
Stretch - January 1
Edge - October 31
Red - July 4
Vi - February 17
Money - August 8
Black - December 15 <- Born after October
Wolf - February 14
Wine - May 28
Coffee - September 10
So, in the Main 14, Black is born after October! From all the others whom I also do headcanons for:
G (G!Sans) - December 26
Bullet (Mafiafell Sans) - November 4
Lyric (Skele-Tone Blue) - November 28
Cosmos (Outerswap Papyrus) - December 31
Techno (Skele-Tone Stretch) - November 3
Tango (Dancetale Papyrus) - November 24
Shadow (Horrorfellswap Sans) - December 15 (Same as Black)
And that’s it for now, but I have yet to do a few headcanons for others, so this list may be added to. (:
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
Ooohhh it's open?? :D
I'd like to request some skeleton fluff. Of any kind.
Alrighty! Here’s some fluffy random stuff
All of red’s shoelaces are completely shredded. It’s partially because he never ties them but also because doomfanger and bones use them as their personal cat toys. For some reason, reds shoelaces are more enticing than all the cute feather toys edge buys them. Red loves this of course and if no one is home, he’ll run down the halls and let the cats chase him
Basil has a sixth sense for when people are hungry. And he’s always carrying something on him, from snacks to full blown sack lunches. He can handle being hungry for an hour, but can’t stand the thought of seeing a stranger, or even worse a kid, going hungry. So there’s been times where random strangers will look down and suddenly see a sack lunch in their lap. Basil strikes again
As one of the shortest skeletons, lord has to make up for the lack of height in other ways. Levitation magic helps him reach high up objects, but for things that are tightly packed or need actual handling, lord will take out a small step stool from his inventory. Coffee made it for him as a gift. Lord loves that step stool because it means he can avoid asking strangers for help
One side effect of his old addictions and recovery was a complete lack of appetite. Cash often has to force himself to eat and sets little reminders on his phone to do so. Plus sweets make him nauseous. So mal takes very good care getting groceries he knows his brother loves as incentive.
Butch is the oldest mafia brother. And as the oldest, he’s actually very soft and caring towards his little brothers behind doors. The other brothers always act annoyed with him, but at the end of the day, whenever someone’s feelings are hurt or they just need a little comfort, they go to butch. He doesn’t spread their secrets around, and he’s discrete enough when someone doesn’t want the others to know when they’re having a weak moment.
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
“And as the one with a stronger connection to their soul and magic, the monster provides the majority of that energy each time. “
So, does that mean each time mafia gaster was feeling that his magic levels were down he had a small panic attack wondering if he knocked someone else up, it’s just a off day or he’s sick?
Roulette is a monster on another caliber. He’s not quite a boss monster but he’s pretty close. And since he does a lot of the dirty work in the mafia, he just chalked up the random tired bouts to using his magic too much and to getting older.
He was on the older side when his ladies were pregnant with the mafia bros. Roulette was around 530 when his girlfriend got pregnant with butch. That’s the point where a monsters magic starts slowing down
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
Since asks are open I got a pretty good ask! The skele bois and their SO are either on a road trip or driving somewhere, while driving a tire rolls across the road/highway in front of the car. As the tire is still crossing their path skeles SO yells “WHAT IN TIRE NAITON!” What are the skeles reactions to the obvious pun (dealers choice)
Hope I didn’t send this in too late
Aw yeaaaa. You get a high-five for that one!: Star red oak charm peaches butch rust lilac
“But everything stopped when the tire nation attacked” *cue instant laughter*: sans honey cash pop Pluto G snipe
He rolls his eyes at you like he doesn’t make puns all the time himself: mal lord wine ace
He just grits his teeth and keeps on driving: willow mutt rhythm green slim basil
*cue bug eyed expression and angry ranting while you laugh at his frustration*: papyrus edge rancher bruiser boss noir
He slams his forehead on the car wheel in frustration then immediately regrets it: sugar coffee Jupiter
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ratsoh-writes · 5 days ago
You said that the late Mafia moms were not skeletons. Wich means the mafia skeles are hybrid? Do they have some other habilities due to their mom's genes?
Alright! So the way monster reproduction works is that there’s an about 95% chance that the child will come out as either the same type as the mother or father. In ace and slims case, their mother was a fire monster but both boys ended up the same type of monster as roulette. Although ace does share his magic color and shorter stature from his mum
Whichever parent has the strongest magic is the one most likely to share the species with the kid. And roulette was much stronger than pyre (mafiaswap mother)
What happens when a human and monster get together is that the children will always come out looking like the monster parent. The reason for this is because monsters always reproduce with their souls. Even though a human woman would be more likely to carry the baby, it is still a souling rather than a fetus. And as the one with a stronger connection to their soul and magic, the monster provides the majority of that energy each time.
The way you can tell a half breed from a full monster is to check their soul. A half breed monster has the upside down heart but also has the color of their main soul trait.
Snipe has a purple soul for perseverance.
Bruiser is yellow for justice
Boss is blue for integrity
And Butch is red for determination
The soul trait doesn’t affect what magic color the half breed has, so a half breed can have pink magic but have a purple soul.
Depending on the type of monster, they could share a few traits from their human parent like size, face shape, maybe hair or eye color, but they’ll always look mostly like the monster parent.
One other thing about half breeds is that they tend to be naturally magically stronger than the average monster. Of course magic control makes the real difference when it comes to using it, but a half breed with good control compared to a normal monster with good magical control is like comparing an Olympian to a high school athlete
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lost-immortality · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Doodles of the worlds okayest teacher
Thanks, @improvidence318
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inkz123 · 6 days ago
Hello! How are you doing? Hope you're good! So, about the character chart, i was thinking of Mafiafell Sans on A4? I think it would look really cute on your style! Have a good day/night 👀💕
You have a good one too! ^^👍💖
Tumblr media
Tried making him "cute" but it backfired 😂
Original expression chart by @miss-mossball
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ratsoh-writes · 7 days ago
Who is the most powerful in terms of magic?
And also who is most powerful when it comes to physical strength too?
Alright! So there’s four categories that can be made here: magical power, fighting skill/experience, speed, and physical strength!
Magical power:
Tied for first is Sans and Butch
Talent and experience:
Tied again for first is butch and wine
Speed/reflexes (not accounting for shortcuts):
Physical strength:
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ratsoh-writes · 8 days ago
What is the most likely way for someone (not mafia related) to meet the Mafia boys?
Snipe: possibly just at a supermarket. He’s usually the one to do the grocery shopping, and there’s enough skeletons running around these days that if he wears casual clothes he might not get recognized
Bruiser: out at night walking in the dark. If you’re in their turf and get mugged, there’s a slim chance that bruiser and cash will rush in to save the day
Ace: either a popular fast food place or a bookstore. Ace is one of the lesser known guys and is good at blending in with his surroundings, so he can normally shop in peace
Slim: easy, the video game store. Bonus points if they sell vintage games and consoles. And slim can waltz on in just fine since nobody knows who he is
Butch: there’s plenty of bars that have butch’s stamp of protection. Despite being a heavy drinker, he can never seem to get drunk but he likes seeing people party
Boss: a lot of business owners in the mafias turf get frequent visits from boss. Especially the ones from small private owned stores. There’s a slim chance that he might be “checking on a client” in a boutique or motel
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ratsoh-writes · 8 days ago
Last one boo
Which skeletons would love anime and which don't? Who are our nasty boys that know hentai.
Also for those who dislike it, image SO showing them like the first episode of attack on titan (expect horror bros, don't do that to em), or jujutsu kaisen. Just, or a silent voice, who would cry after a silent voice an who would be like, dsmn didn't see that coming
Ooohhh so we have two boys that like anime! And that’s Pluto and slim!
Pluto is very close to his alphys. Like childhood friends close. Anime is just one of their shared obsessions. He prefers the silly lighthearted ones like Oran Host Club
Slim stumbled into anime by accident when bruiser sent the group chat a hentai meme to piss off boss with. Slim thought the art style was pretty so he looked it up and got scarred for life but then discovered Demon Slayer in the process. He likes darker action packed ones
Now to list:
Already likes anime: Pluto, slim
Knows about anime but doesn’t care: Jupiter snipe bruiser boss butch ace
Would like anime if he was introduced: papyrus honey cash willow coffee basil
Would only like it if it had a good plot and he was watching it with a friend: sans star mal oak charm rhythm G green lilac
Not his kind of show: red edge sugar lord mutt wine pop peaches rancher noir rust
And we’re not discussing if the dudes like hentai on this blog lol
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snowflakeimagines · 8 days ago
so uh,,, how many of you guys like mafiatale/mobtale?? might do somethin with it one day idk ahahah...... 👁️👁️
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