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#madison Reyes
authentic-gillespie · 2 hours ago
I MADE A TAG LIST + Requests open
Heyyyy, so a girl never promoted this. I did make a tag list so its easier for me to keep track of anyone who wants to be tagged in new fics! right now I only write for Charlie and Owen, im coming up for ideas for a other Jatp characters and im also thinking of starting to write for OUTERBANKS! if you want anything send me an ask and ill add it to my taglist! 
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 3 hours ago
Charlie and Owen: *physically fighting each other*
Jeremy: This isn't what I meant by "express your feelings!"
Maddie, eating popcorn: No, let them continue. I wanna see who comes out on top.
Savannah, also eating popcorn: Owen always comes out the top.
Jeremy: You mean "on top," right?
Savannah: Sure.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 7 hours ago
Owen: Can you keep a secret?
Booboo: Do you know anything about my life?
Owen: No, I do not. Good point.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 11 hours ago
*Owen's bundled up under blankets, sick*
Charlie: *brings him another blanket*
Owen: Dude, I already have four blankets. I'm very hot.
Charlie: Yes. Yes, you are. But you shouldn't say that out loud.
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kikimiyazaki · 16 hours ago
Julie and The Phantoms had no reason to be as good as it was
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dicebarnart · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Calling all #julieandthephantoms fanartists! I’ve got a drawing challenge for you!
I’ve had this drawing of Julie in my back pocket for a while and decided to turn it into a #drawthisinyourstyle challenge! It’s also happening on Instagram if you guys wanna check it out there @/dicebarn.
If you wanna participate
•hashtag it with #DBJATPDTIYS
•tag me so I can see it and reblog it 💜
•feel free to change the background and pose! It’s called “in your style” for a reason lol
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 19 hours ago
Maddie: Zombies eat brains...
Maddie: *looks Charlie up and down*
Maddie: You're safe.
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 23 hours ago
Jeremy: Hey, someone is screaming outside. Don't you think you should do something?
Owen: Yeah, I should.
Owen: *closes window*
Jeremy: Uh, thanks?
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reggiesaswiftie · a day ago
If jatp doesn’t climb the the tags on Madis birthday I’m canceling everything. Everything in the universe it’s cancelled
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molinashimbos · a day ago
we Have to have another clowngate on 25th june because it is my queen madison reyes' birthday and she might drop a single like we are all agreed on this RIGHT??
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Owen: I hit a tree.
Charlie: WHAT?
Charlie: Are you okay?
Charlie: Or should I say oaky?
Charlie: Hahha. Sorry.
Charlie: But actually?
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longhandpencils · a day ago
Tumblr media
THE BAND IS BACK. In pencil form, that is.
The ✨new✨ Julie and the Phantoms pencil set is now available! (& the shop is back open!)
Find the set HERE
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Charlie: Soooo, you know one of those marriage pacts?
Charlie: Like... "If we both turn 30 and aren't married, we should just marry each other!" Something like that?
Charlie, nervous: Yeah, we should... we should totally do that.
Owen: *stares at the 'Happy 30th Birthday, Owen' poster behind Charlie*
Owen: That was the worst marriage proposal, ever.
Charlie: Soooo, is that a 'yes' or 'no'?
Owen: Ugh, yes, I guess...
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incorrect-jatp-cast · a day ago
Owen: What tea is this?
Sonny: Oh, I just boiled some Gatorade.
Owen: *spits*
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