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#maddy marsh
blusthings · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Chasemarsh family pride< 3
Commission for the wonderful @the-sword-lesbian .Please check out her CM Family stories they’re incredible<333
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the-sword-lesbian · 8 months ago
This War of Mine
Kate sat on the couch in the living room gently thumbing through a new book she’d picked up today. One of the joys of working on her own schedule was that she had plenty of free time to check out a tea shop or a new bookstore if she wanted. This one had caught her eye on the discount shelf, some sort of alternate retelling of Alice in Wonderland. She had to admit, she was enjoying it so far. She heard the garage door close and looked up to see her wife walking in looking tired.
She smiled at Victoria, “Hey Tori. Long day?” 
Instead of answering, the tall woman just dropped her purse and coat on the floor before kicking off her heels and crawling onto the couch to rest her head in Kate’s lap.
Kate started to sense something was wrong so she closed her book and started carding her fingers through her wife’s hair. “Honey are you okay? Rough day at work?”
Victoria just sighed “I haven't been at work.”
“Well then whe-”
“I just spent the last five hours at my lawyer’s office.” she interrupted.
“Wait what?” Kate was now very concerned. “Tori what’s wrong? What happened?”
She didn’t respond for a moment then after a while she exhaled a long sigh and said, “My parents are suing me.”
“WHAT?!” Kate already deeply disliked her inlaws, for numerous justifiable reasons. But the fact that they were still trying to control their daughter's life even at the age of forty-two just made her blood boil. “Why?? For what possible rea-” a terrifying thought struck her and she turned her wife’s head to look her in the eyes. “Tori… it's not…”
“It’s not about the girls.” she said, beleaguered green eyes staring up at her.
Kate breathed a sigh of relief, thinking back to the heart-wrenching six weeks they spent five years ago when Victoria’s parents tried to take custody of her children under some deeply misguided notion of ‘protecting their legacy’. That she and Victoria were somehow corrupting their children by supporting Maddie and letting her be her truest self. She looked back down at her wife. “So then… what do they want?”
Victoria looked up at Kate staring deep into those loving hazel eyes. “They’re trying to sue me for licensing of the name ‘Chase’… Because of the galleries.”
Kate just stared down at her wife in disbelief. “That’s… completely ridiculous.”
“I know”
“Then why are they doing it?” Kate asked, still stunned at the absolute shamelessness of Victoria’s parents that they would try to take her to court over her name of all things. “They can’t seriously think they’ll win can they?”
The taller woman closed her eyes and curled further into her wife’s lap. “Jealousy probably? I've been doing leagues better than them for a while now.” Victoria sighed again as Kate continued running her fingers through her wife's short blonde hair. “And as far as if they think they can win? At this point I think they’re just grasping at straws.”
“Are you worried?” Kate asked
“A little. I think.” her voice came out so small, none of that haughty self-assuredness that she wore like armor everyday. “But John and the others assure me they can’t win. That their entire campaign boils down to baseless attacks and money-grubbing. He said any judge will see right through them.”
Kate opened her mouth to respond but Victoria continued.
“Still though…” She paused for a bit in thought and Kate could tell she was nearing tears. “I thought I was done with them. After last time and the restraining order, I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore.”
“Shhh Tori.” She reached down and wrapped her arms around her wife despite the awkward angle. “We’ll keep fighting them as long as we have to. And I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.”
Victoria squeezed her eyes shut to fight back the tears and wrapped her arms around the shorter woman’s waist. “I love you so much Katie.”
Kate pressed a kiss to Victoria’s head. “I love you too Tori.”
After a while Victoria reached up to wipe her eyes with the sleeve of her sweater “Sorry for missing dinner.”
Kate chuckled. “You didn’t miss much. It was just me and Ellie. She’s out in the hammock doing some reading for school.”
Victoria raised an eyebrow and snickered. “She’s outside? It’s raining.”
She shrugged. “She’s under the porch, plus she likes the rain.”
“I guess.” Victoria conceded, then after a moment. “But then wait, where’s Maddie?”
Kate grinned conspiratorially, like she was reveling in a secret she wanted to hide. “She’s on a date.”
Victoria narrowed her eyes. “What’s his name? Where did she meet him?”
“Her name is Ameera.” She tried not to laugh at the deer in the headlights look her wife was giving to her. “And she’s on the soccer team with Ellie.”
The taller woman just laid there stunned looking up at her wife, blinking occasionally. “O-kay…” after a bit more blinking she spoke again. “Katie you’re going to have to clarify for me how our daughter Madeline, the most boy-crazy person I have ever met, is on a date, with a girl.”
This time Kate did laugh. “Apparently she made a very compelling case for herself, or so I’m told.”
Kate laughed again. “Oh I don’t know Tori, I found out second hand from Ellie. Something about she thought Maddie was very pretty and talented, and she new she’d only ever dated boys but she wanted to ask her anyway to see what Maddie thought, and if at the end of it she decided she wasn’t interested then no hard feelings and they could be friends instead.”
Victoria sat there for a minute, processing all that. “Huh… Well, I have to admire the girl for trying. I wonder how it’s going.”
“Well I don’t think you’ll have to wait long to ask.” Kate said, looking up. “I see headlights in the driveway.”
Victoria joined her wife in staring at the front door. While they watched a pair of silhouettes walk up the stairs, stand there for a second, lean in together, and then one leave and the headlights drive away before the front door unlocked and their daughter walked in with a smile on and noticed the both of them staring.
“Uhh…” She started after a second. “Hi moms?”
They both responded at once.
“Soooo?” “How was your date?”
The teen giggled. “Nosey much?”
Victoria scoffed, “We’re your mothers, it’s our job.” 
Maddie rolled her eyes. “Well if you haaaaaaave to know. It was a perfectly nice date, we walked in the park for a bit until it started raining and then she took me to dinner at this greek place then drove me home.”
Kate replied. “So? What do you think? Potential for a second date?”
The young girl sat on the seat across from them, eyes in her lap, and thought to herself for a moment before responding. “I don’t think so. It was a good time, and she’s really sweet, but I don’t think I’m interested in girls in that way.”
Victoria narrowed her eyes and grinned, “But you did kiss her...”
Maddie looked up at her mother, wide-eyed with a blush cascading down her cheeks. “Oh my gosh. Mama!”
Victoria snickered at that. “That isn’t a ‘no’ Madeline Chase. Plus the front door is glass, kind of hard to miss that.”
The teen was well and truly flustered, stuttering out a reply. “I-I gave her a goodnight kiss. On the CHEEK. Because she deserved it for taking me out on a wonderful date.”
Her mother smiled at her. “I’m sorry Maddie, I’m just teasing you. I’m glad you had a nice night.”
Maddie crossed her arms and turned her head away in a faux pout before seeing Victoria’s coat and bag on the floor and not hung up and put away as she was normally so fastidious about doing. “Mama?” She looked back towards her mother with concern. “Is everything okay?
Victoria gave her a soft smile. “Everything’s fine honey. Just a long day at work.” She hoped it sounded more convincing than it felt.
“Okay.” she said seemingly appeased. “Is Ellie home?”
Kate nodded towards the porch. “She’s out back.”
Maddie smiled at her mothers before she hopped up and practically skipped over to the back door, going to join her sister in the oversized hammock.
Kate looked down at her wife. “You’re not going to tell her?”
Victoria exhaled a long breath. “No. My parents have caused her enough stress to last a lifetime. I can handle this without her or Ellie having to worry.” She reached her hand up to softly touch Kate’s cheek. “Plus… I know I can lean on you when things get hard.”
Kate smiled at her before leaning down to press their lips together. “Always.”
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dreamerofmcdoodles · a year ago
Tumblr media
Here’s the six characters challenge that I did!
I post it on my deviantart and decided to post it here
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dreamerofmcdoodles · a year ago
Tumblr media
Lovers of Board Games!
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onetrainsnowpiercer · a month ago
Hey, so I saw the ask about former characters played by our faves on Snowpiercer and I...made a list of some of my favorites. Hope that's okay.
Daveed Diggs:
Mr. Browne in the movie 'Wonder'. Now I love Miss Gillies, but Mr. Browne was a compassionate teacher and would do well on Snowpiercer. He'd definitely join Layton's revolution too.
Laffayette/Hamilton from 'Hamilton' might not technically count, because of just like, the time periods not matching up, but if we overlook that...I think both would die, unfortunately. Laffayette from being captured and executed during the Revolution or being sent out into the freeze with the other prisoners. And Hamilton might've made it to the end of the Revolution but his mouth would've gotten him in trouble with Wilford.
Sean Bean
Mitch Henderson, a NASA flight director in 'The Martian' could very well have been part of the scientific leadership that decided to release CW7 into the atmosphere, so...if the angry mobs didn't get to him he might've been pulled onto Snowpiercer as a personal friend of Wilford's and lived in relative comfort until the Revolution.
Captain Marcus Rich from 'Flightplan' is a little tougher to place, he is an aviation captain who seemed to be willing to do the right thing but also had trouble believing the impossible/what wasn't obvious. So he probably would've been a climate change denier, maybe even a pilot who flew some of the jets releasing CW7 and then couldn't believe what he'd done. Might not do well on a train, trusting his fate to another driver. Probably died in the freeze.
Spence, firearms specialist who was dismissed for incompetence and lies before any of the real action started in 'Ronin'. This character probably would've been part of Wilford's security, cocky, egotistical and out of his depth. Definitely a jackboot. And would've died in the Revolution.
Farmer Gey from the old (1994) version of 'Black Beauty'. Farmer Grey was kindly and basically a horse whisperer and seeing as there are no horses on the train he might have a broken spirit. But he could still work in AgSec! Melanie might avoid him because he reminds her of her father, but maybe over time they become friends! He'd definitely be nice to Alex.
Eddard 'Ned' Stark from 'Game of Thrones'. Ned was a good, honorable man. Even if it puts his family in danger, he'd choose honor, so...on Snowpiercer, he'd probably draw Wilford's ire and get his head stuck out a port. His family would be displaced from First and scattered. Though some of them would probably make their way outside at some point to team up with Asha and the wolves. *cough, cough* Jon Snow.
And then there's the extensive list of oily, highly trained assassin/villains played by Sean Bean from movies like 'Goldeneye', 'National Treasure', 'Patriot Games', and more. They would all be on Big Alice. Very violent and destructive. They would probably snap Melanie in half if so ordered. So they would be the ones to watch out for.
Alison Wright:
Justine/The Voice in 'the Accountant' pretty sure she would do SO WELL as the voice of the train once Melanie swans off to the engine. Could stay there permanently so Tristan gets a break. Might be susceptible to Pastor Logan's shenanigans on behalf of Wilford, but if she makes 1 friend she'll be okay.
Jennifer Connelly (best for last, my love):
Sarah Williams from the 'Labyrinth'. Sure she's a child/teenager in this one, but if we take away the magical element, she's a dramatic, regular kid who at least tries to fix her little mistake. She would be a good, normal friend for Alex to have. Or a babysitter for Winnie.
Marion Silver from 'Requiem for a Dream' would definitely be stuck in the Tail with her boyfriend. And she'd be one ripe for exploitation from the likes of Osweiller for a little kronole. I don't know if she'd be lucid or strong enough to fight in the Revolution, but when it comes to gritty existence-she'd rock it.
Speaking of Tailies, Hannah from 'Shelter' would also be an addict in the Tail. Her son would've been taken in the first few years of Snowpiercer's ride to be an apprentice and the loneliness + every day wear and tear would've gotten to her until she tries something like Old Ivan did. But just like in 'Shelter' Tahir would save her. And on Snowpiercer he does NOT die and they get a new life together after Layton's Revolution. Period. Oh, and Hannah's son can be friends with Miles.
Dr. Helen Benson from 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' could work in the Snowpiercer universe if we look at the fact that she studies extreme environments as part of her astrobiology regimen. She could totally have been one of the original climate scientists sent to the Breslauer weather station. She would have hung on for just as long as the woman on the show, using a photo of her son Jacob for inspiration. She might've even lasted longer. Cause she'd probably find the rats too.
Amanda Marsh from 'Only the Brave' runs a horse sanctuary and knows what it's like to be married to someone who dances constantly with danger. So in Snowpiercer she'd probably be married to a Breachman and work in Ag-sec with the cattle or distressed animals. She'd want to put in a bid for the baby lottery and fight with her husband about it. Probably turn to kronole to cope and end up confiding in Miss Audrey, who would recruit her to join the workers strike.
Kathy Adamson and her husband Brad from 'Little Children' would definitely be in First with the Folgers. Shivers.
Maddy Bowen from 'Blood Diamond' would kinda be like Till in season 2, searching for the ugly truth no matter the stakes. She just wouldn't be a Brakemen. I think she'd start in the Train Records department as a stenographer or something and then get pulled into investigating the murders like a journalist.
Grace Lerner is a mother who must deal with the loss of her child in a tragic hit-and-run in 'Reservation Road'. On Snowpiercer I think she and her family might've been affluent enough to live in second class, and losing her son might make her even more protective of her only surviving child. Enough that she'd probably object to the likes of Miles being brought up from the Tail to learn with the other children. But once she gets to know him (and hear him play the piano probably), she will change her mind completely and be a good caretaker for him after Layton abandons him in early season 2. -_-
Both Virginia Gamely from 'A Winter's Tale' and Dahlia from 'Dark Water' are Good Moms. So they would form a support group to help Melanie deal with her 'my daughter hates me' feelings and pack lunches for the children of the classroom car and the Tail. They also would chew Layton out for making Winnie run 10 miles as his personal messenger and throw Zarah a baby shower.
I have THOUGHTS about Alicia Nash from 'A Beautiful Mind' in the world of Snowpiercer--like, her character is the wife of a misunderstood genius who is both brilliant and arrogant, sympathetic and sometimes a little scary. So she could literally be Wilford's first wife. Worried about his growing savior complex, nurturing his genius. She'd probably take Melanie's side in every argument, trying to get Wilford to see that balance is more important than ruling through fear, and she'd know deep down he was lying about working late every time he went to visit Miss Audrey. He would definitely leave her trackside to die so he could pursue his paramour in Big Alice and she'd give up her coat and scarf and mittens to her children and push them into the hands of others making a break for the Tail of Snowpiercer. And she'd die praying that Melanie would kill her bastard husband someday.
Sorry it got so long. Apparently I watch too many movies.
Yes!! Literally all of this. I have no comments to add.
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karlswrld · 2 months ago
who i write for
i am writing imagines, headcannons and taking requests for the following fandoms and characters.
i do not write smut.
harry potter
harry potter
ron weasley
hermione granger
ginny weasley
luna lovegood
pansy parkinson
draco malfoy 
fred weasley
george weasley
bill weasley
percy weasley
charlie weasley
bill weasley
lily evans
james potter
sirius black
remus lupin
regulus black
bellatrix lestrange
narcissa malfoy
george not found
wilbur soot
karl jacobs
philza minecraft
tubbo (platonic only)
tommyinnit (platonic only)
ranboo (platonic only)
the 100
bellamy blake
octavia blake
clarke griffin
john murphy
raven reyes
lexa kom trikru
jasper jordan
monty green 
joesphine lightbourne
fiona gallagher
lip gallagher
ian gallagher (male!reader)
mickey milkovich (male!reader)
mandy milkovich
natasha romanoff
wanda maximoff
carol danvers
it 2017
bill denbrough
stanley uris
eddie kaspbrak
beverly marsh
ben hanscom
mike hanlon
richie toziar
rue bennett
jules vaughn
cassie howard 
kat hernandez
maddy perez
lexi howard
anne with an e
gilbert blythe
billy andrews
anne shirley
jerry baynard
diana berry
edmund pevensie
susan pevensie
lucy pevensie
peter pevensie
maze runner
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nooowestayandgetcaught · 2 months ago
I have 2016 stats and 2017 stats and 2018 stats and 2019 stats
Tagging @ everybody who sees this post and wants to do this! <3
AO3 Stats!
(How to find your stats: go to your Dashboard, click on “Statistics,” then click on the year you’re answering for!)
Total 2020 Word Count: 259274 Total 2020 Hits: 216458 Total Kudos: 16028 Total Bookmarks: 2449 Total Comment (threads): 1426 User Subscriptions: 740
Links and Titles to 2020 Works:
A Need To Forget (E, Billy Hargrove/Steve Harrington, 1648 words)
Nightfall (E, Maddie Bishop/Ben Pownall/Ryn, 1871 words)
Flickers In The Flame (G, Frodo Baggins/Sam Gamgee, 940 words)
Love-Lust (E, Krolia/Romelle, 656 words)
Secrets And Untruths (T, Lord Asriel & Lyra Belacqua, Lyra Belacqua & Pantalaimon, 3882 words)
Better Late Than Never (T, Lord Asriel & Lyra Belacqua, 4585 words)
Devil's Side (T, Lord Asriel & Lyra Belacqua, 3455 words)
I Like You For You (No Rating, Iorek Byrnison/Lee Scoresby, 1122 words)
Weeks and Weeks (T, Lord Asriel & Lyra Belacqua, Lyra Belacqua & Pantalaimon, 3800 words)
Don't You Worry (T, Lyra Belacqua & Lee Scoresby, Lee Scoresby & Hester, 1095 words)
Take Me And Do As You Will (E, Death/Morrigan (Der Gevatter Tod | Godfather Death), Godfather Death/The Physician (Der Gevatter Tod | Godfather Death), 1159 words)
Already Extraordinary (No Rating, Lord Asriel & Lyra Belacqua, Marisa Coulter & Lord Asriel, 3540 words)
Golden Yellow Dice (M, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren/Han Solo, 450 words)
Tickle Me Pink (T, Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Emma Swan, 849 words)
Watermelon (M, Misty Day/Cordelia Foxx | Cordelia Goode, 560 words)
Rose Red (T, Drusilla/Kendra Young, 324 words)
Cherry (E, Sara Lance/Thea Queen, 495 words)
Scarlet (No Rating, Pamela Isley/Harleen Quinzel, 327 words)
Burnt Orange (T, Beth Kane | Alice/Kate Kane, 824 words)
Macaroni And Cheese (E, Rue Bennett/Jules Vaughn, 586 words)
Sleepless Nights (G, Azula/Yue, 543 words)
Peach (M, Anne Lister (1791-1840)/Ann Walker (1803-1854), 641 words)
Goldenrod (G, Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan, 447 words)
Canary Yellow (T, Marisa Coulter/Ma Costa, 982 words)
Sunglow (No Rating, Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor, 932 words)
Lemon Lime (T, Ben Hanscom/Beverly Marsh, 806 words)
Seafoam Green (No Rating, Robin Buckley/Kali Prasad, 428 words)
Rainforest (G, Katie Bell/Angelina Johnson/Alicia Spinnet, 553 words)
Emerald (No Rating, Anna/Elsa, 702 words)
Mint (T, Karolina Dean/Nico Minoru, 100 words)
Teal (M, Eleanor Guthrie/Max, 557 words)
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off (To Have A Good Time) (No Rating, Tony Stark & Steve Rogers & James "Bucky" Barnes & Sam Wilson & Natasha Romanov & Clint Barton & Peggy Carter, 654 words)
Cerulean (No Rating, Cheryl Blossom/Betty Cooper, 500 words)
Pride Before The Fall (T, Lyra Belacqua/Marisa Coulter, 827 words)
Turquoise (E, Doreah/Daenerys Targaryen, 458 words)
Blueberry (G, C.C./Euphemia li Britannia, 523 words)
Cobalt (No Rating, Thelma Dickinson/Louise Sawyer, 301 words)
The Devil's Daughter (E, Black Philip/Thomasin, 989 words)
Indigo (M, Jo Harvelle/Meg Masters, 398 words)
Plum (No Rating, Elphaba Thropp/Galinda Upland, 404 words)
Violet (E, Korra/Asami Sato, 270 words)
Lilac (T, Carol Danvers/Maria Rambeau, 714 words)
Lavender (G, Marcie/Peppermint Patty, 681 words)
Steel Gray (M, Kawakami Tomie/Chiemi (The Long Hair In The Attic), 870 words)
Black As Nightblood (No Rating, Clarke Griffin/Lexa, 693 words)
Pale White (G, Emilyko/Kate Shadow-sama, 276 words)
Bright and Blood Red (T, Eleven | Jane Hopper/Maxine "Max" Mayfield, 473 words)
In a Second (T, Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan, 2550 words)
Lost In Paradise (No Rating, Thirteenth Doctor/Dhawan!Master, 2236 words)
Never To Surrender (T, Beth Kane | Alice & Kate Kane, Beth Kane | Alice/Kate Kane, 409 words)
Darkest Before The Dawn (T, Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor, 1385 words)
Trouble In Here (M, Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion, 2538 words)
I’ll Be Dreaming Of You (T, Thirteenth Doctor/Dhawan!Master, 818 words)
Too Lovely By Far (T, Fa Mulan/Li Shang, Fa Ping/Li Shang, 1280 words)
Stay The Same
(G, Phichit Chulanont & Christophe Giacometti, 100 words)
Despair On Your Lips (T, Tissaia de Vries/Yennefer z Vengerbergu | Yennefer of Vengerberg, 100 words)
Hello Again (No Rating, Thirteenth Doctor/The Doctor's TARDIS, 100 words)
Warm Hugs (G, Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan, 100 words)
Find Me In Orbit (T, Poe Dameron/Finn/Rey, 100 words)
All Night Long (M, Fa Mulan/Original Female Character(s), 2061 words)
Up In Smoke (T, Korra/Asami Sato, 1286 words)
Bala Lilas (E, James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers, 1621 words)
Searching For You (No Rating, Leia Organa/Rey/Luke Skywalker/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, 896 words)
Not Without A Fight (T, Ash Lynx/Okumura Eiji, 1528 words)
It'll Be Fine (M, Ash Lynx/Okumura Eiji, 3209 words)
Vœux (G, Prince Charming/Cinderella, 3375 words)
Between Grief and High Delight (No Rating, Ash Lynx/Okumura Eiji, 30943 words, UNFINISHED)
The Child (M, Thirteenth Doctor/River Song, 4463 words)
Vengeance (M, Betty Cooper/FP Jones II, Betty Cooper & FP Jones II, 600 words)
It Takes Two (G, Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky, 100 words)
Oof (T, Sing Soo-Ling & Shorter Wong, 100 words)
Sweet Slow Motion (E, Peter Parker/Tony Stark, 100 words)
For Better Or Worse (No Rating, Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, 100 words)
Without Warning (T, Keith/Shiro, 100 words)
Work In Progress (No Rating, Xander Harris & Buffy Summers & Faith Lehane & Angel, 100 words)
I Got You (And You Got Me) (T, Merlin/Arthur Pendragon, 1047 words)
Nedovtipa (T, Aang/Zuko, 342 words)
Blood Orange (No Rating, Chiyoh/Margot Verger, 522 words)
Hygge (G, Anna/Elsa, 370 words)
Redamancy (M, Bill Denbrough/Mike Hanlon, 435 words)
Noceur (No Rating, Dick Grayson/Wally West, 689 words)
Paroxysm (E, Clarke Griffin/Lexa, 310 words)
Trouvaille (T, Evil Queen | Regina Mills/Emma Swan, 551 words)
Frabjous (M, Keith/Shiro, 601 words)
Minutiae (G, Koriand'r/Raven, 139 words)
Sarang (No Rating, Hitachiin Hikaru/Hitachiin Kaoru, 363 words)
Basorexia (T, Ros/Sansa Stark, 467 words)
Fika (G, Aziraphale/Crowley, 269 words)
Operose (No Rating, Kara Danvers/Lena Luthor, 392 words)
Akrasia (T, Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion, 386 words)
Sophrosyne (G, Eleven | Jane Hopper/Maxine "Max" Mayfield, 244 words)
Lagom (M, Ash Lynx/Okumura Eiji/Shorter Wong, 847 words)
Nebulochaotic (No Rating, Shuri & T'Challa, Michelle Jones/Shuri, Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, Ned Leeds/Peter Parker, 287 words)
Whelve (G, Prince Justin | Turnip Head/Howl Pendragon, 342 words)
Adronitis (No Rating, Kasumi | Misty/Satoshi | Ash Ketchum, 276 words)
Gigil (E, Luke Skywalker/Han Solo, 554 words)
Selcouth (G, Dib/Zim, 362 words)
Charmolypi (T, Archie Andrews/Jughead Jones, 703 words)
Vorfreude (M, Gwen/Morgana, 886 words)
Perambulate (G, Princess Bubblegum/Marceline, Prince Gumball/Marshall Lee, 1358 words)
Vagary (G, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, 1048 words)
Yuputka (M, Kururugi Suzaku/Lelouch Lamperouge | Lelouch vi Britannia, 554 words)
Erlebnisse (T, Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan, 1017 words)
Trapped In Yearning (E, Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter, 1645 words)
Aeonian (G, Korra/Asami Sato, 852 words)
Irusu (E, Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, 905 words)
Concinnity (No Rating, Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, 694 words)
Quatervois (T, Ben Hargreeves/Klaus Hargreeves, 522 words)
Varb (T, Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan, 852 words)
Make A Good Memory (T, Aang/Katara, 1145 words)
With Masterful Deceit (E, Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion, 3960 words)
Good Girls Go To Heaven (No Rating, Wendy Darling/Mermaids, 1258 words)
Give In To Me (E, Dark Rey/Rey, Rey/Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, 1212 words)
Take It Slow (G, Izumi/Kya II, 739 words)
Hands Free (No Rating, Thirteenth Doctor/Yasmin Khan, 1344 words)
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top200countdown · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
1.      Animal                                     MUPPETS
2.       Armistice                                   WESTWORLD (Ingrid Bolso Berdal)
3.       Daenerys Targaryen                   GAME OF THRONES (Emilia Clarke)
4.       Maurice Moss                           THE IT CROWD (Richard Ayoade)
5.       Beaker                                      MUPPETS
6.       Floki                                         VIKINGS (Gustaf Skarsgard)
7.       George Costanza                       SEINFELD (Jason Alexander)
8.       Michael Scott                             THE OFFICE (Steve Carell)
9.       Roger Smith                              AMERICAN DAD!
10.  Andrea                                     THE WALKING DEAD (Laurie Holden)
11.    Anne Boleyn                              THE TUDORS (Natalie Dormer)
12.    Barney Gumble                          THE SIMPSONS
13.    Carol Peletier                             THE WALKING DEAD (Melissa McBride)
14.    Creed Bratton                            THE OFFICE (Creed Bratton)
15.    Dino                                         THE FLINTSTONES
16.    Ja’mie King                                WE CAN BE HEROES (Chris Lilley)
17.    ‘The Freak’ Joan Ferguson          WENTWORTH (Pamela Rabe)
18.    Oscar the grouch                       SESAME STREET
19.    Patsy Stone                               ABSOLUTLY FABULOUS (Joanna Lumley)
20.  Rick Grimes                              THE WALKING DEAD (Andrew Lincoln)
21.    Trent Lane                                 DARIA (Alvaro J. Gonzalez)
22.    Angela Martin                            THE OFFICE (Angela Kinsey)
23.    Bernard Black                            BLACK BOOKS (Dylan Moran)
24.    Cosmo Kramer                          SEINFELD (Michael Richards)
25.    Daryl Dixon                               THE WALKING DEAD (Norman Reedus)
26.    Dwight Schrute                          THE OFFICE (Rainn Wilson)
27.    Cookie Monster                         SESAME STREET (David Rudman)
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29.    Death Stupid Deaths                  HORRIBLE HISTORIES (Simon Farnaby)
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31.    Jessa Johansson                                    GIRLS (HBO GIRLS) (Jemima Kirke)
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38.    Elaine Benes                              SEINFELD (Julia Louis-Dreyfus)
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jimconroe70 · 4 months ago
365 Days at Deer Camp
For many hunters, deer camp is a home away from home. (Pixabay/)
I never believed I’d get old. Me, who grew up on stories told by the Old Ones—my grandfather, father, uncle—about bygone days, taking these stories in as one would a meal. I might have understood intellectually that one day that would have to happen, as the natural course and order of things.
But because I came to that landscape as a taker of stories, and learned it, in that manner, it was a stretch indeed to ever imagine myself as a giver of stories. And yet: it happened, year by year, story by story. I have been on both sides now, a taker and then giver of stories about our deer camp, and I think what I miss most is being in the broad middle, that spell of time and country where one is lost in the hunt, guided by the temporary myth that it is the kill, the hunt, that matters most, and not the characters fore and aft who are secondary to that passionate pursuit of the physical senses. Back before I became one of the Old Ones myself, I remember being crazy for the hunt itself, rather than the larger fabric of family and place. When I was young, I think there was a purer, if narrower, kind of fire. I remember the way my ears strained for the crunch of dry leaves amid the oaks where I sat hidden, nostrils flared, keenly cognizant of even the slightest breath of the breeze, and the sounds and movements of birds, and every other creature, while I waited for a deer. Such focus is often described as a kind of prayer; and if it is not that, then why, eventually—after enough focus and intensity—did the deer appear?
I’ve been coming here all of my life, hunting here, all of my adult life. Allow me to do the math. We gather here in the Hill Country of Texas for the first or second week of November. One week per year, for 35 years, in my instance, plus all my secondary visits to this place, adds up easily to 365 days: one year of my life. And that may not sound like much, over the course of so many years. But the incandescent quality of those days—each hour so very alive, not just with the electric luminescence of each cell alert, sitting quietly, or walking quietly, while hunting, but luminous too in the deep relaxation of peace back in camp, with family, and in that rugged bower of granite and juniper in the hill country, away from the clamor of the so-called “real” world—well, 365 of those kinds of days are an electric year indeed. What if we lived all of our days, all of our years, with that intensity?
I think that either we would collapse or experience some kind of perhaps unbearable transcendence.
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Life and Death at Deer Camp
In the old days it used to be about killing deer, and, if opportunity presented itself, a wild turkey, feather-jeweled, sunlit glimmering radiant. Now it’s about spending time with each other—it’s amazing to me how little we care now about pulling the trigger—and it’s amazing to me also that now that I have left the Texas Hill Country, have run away to the wilds of Montana, where I’ve lived for nearly the last 30 years, and where, I have to say, the hunting is superb, due largely to the vast tracts of unpaved wilderness—exhilarating—and is best accomplished when solitary—that I keep coming back to Texas—tame little Texas—anyway.
About Montana: the electricity of desire and understanding that comes into play within the shimmering dynamics of that strange triumvirate, now unknown to so many, these days—an immense landscape, a single hunter, and, moving away from that desire, through that landscape, the quarry—is one of the great elixirs of my life.
And yet, I keep coming back here, to the same tame little thousand acres, beautiful, pastoral yet gnarly in its own scrubby fenced-in way, the hills and creeks bounded by sagging, rusting barbed wire, and bathed in the strange—and increasing—heat of that land.
I give up, for a week, the wild Montana delirium of my following new elk tracks in the fresh snow up long ridges and down the backsides of steep mountains, the trails and tracks wandering through forests of pine, snowy meadows, the edges of marshes—crossing creeks, ascending again, with the elk always traveling, by mid-November, always moving, when every elk in Montana understands by that point that the entire world is against them.
Mountain lions follow those elk, and wolves too. In those hunts, I see the broad human-like footprints of bears, the bears strolling through the forest in a gait that bespeaks possession and pride, as if they own the place: own the snow, the forest, the elk, the day—as if knowing, without arrogance, that they are one of the axes around which much else moves and spins, though they are not the only axis.
It’s hard to leave that, to come down so far south, and just when I’ve gotten so used to the delicious cold, and the rhythm of the quick-shortening days.
What creatures of routine we are, and need to be—that’s understandable, I think, from an evolutionary standpoint—yet how we need also the unpredictable or the unfamiliar to keep fresh in us and nurture our skills for adaptation and adjustment.
Deer Hunting in the Texas Hill Country
In Texas, on the land we call the deer pasture, we relish the rituals of eating the same 10 or 12 recipes, and in hunting often the same places, again and again, with every contour of that land and every tree and bush and stone known to us, through decades of what can easily be called a meditation of the most focused and sometimes incandescent sort.
We know it as well as we know anything. But also alluring is the phenomenon, known to all hunters, wherein each day when you awaken and go out into even the most familiar of landscapes, you will positively, absolutely, encounter something different, something new.
What, at the deer pasture, is familiar, and enduring, if not eternal? Hominy, red-eye gravy, ham and biscuits, the Burned-Off Hill, the East Side, the Back Side, T-bone, porterhouse, baked potatoes, jalapeño gratin, Panther Hollow, the Water Gap. The Old Moss Tree.
The way the 1948 Willys Overland jeep-truck needs priming every time, every year. Knocking the dirt dauber nests loose from the battery terminals. The way the land’s granite monoliths—giant frozen lozenges of underground fire, or once-upon-a-time fire, sculpted now dramatically in the upper world and by time and wind and frost into the most fantastic shapes: the head of a rhinoceros, the backs of a herd of camels, an elephant, a raised clenched fist.
The shapes are so sculpted by the breath of the world and the scour of time as to seem almost animate, and all the more so for the slow but steady rate of their decomposition, the crystals of feldspar, zinc, silica, and pyrite exfoliating to spread ever-wider at the base of these great boulders, spilling like jewelry pouring out from within the rocks—so that it seems the animal shapes of these boulders are swimming through the sea of their own detritus. There is great beauty in the full and undiminished shape of things; but there is great beauty in the washing-away. The boulders are always in motion.
About the cast of our characters: some of the original crew have gone away, in a form of their own dissolution—Granddad, Homer Young, Howard—but the rest of us endure, for now. Uncle Jimmy carrying a couple of strokes, Dad with titanium knees and hips; older cousin Rick with high blood pressure, middle brother Frank with some kind of mysterious dizziness…
It occurs to me, considering all the years—75—that our family has been coming here that time doesn’t have to move fast, to be strong. Its power and beauty comes, I think, from the illusion that it barely moves at all; that in fact, perhaps time desires not to move. Cousin Randy, youngest brother B.J., cousin Russell, and, only recently, some new recruits, nephews Nathan and Ryan; Russell’s son-in-law: as some of us fall away, always, others of us are stepping up.
On these thousand acres, over those last 75 years, all the cumulative Basses have killed, by my estimate, a thousand deer. I know that sounds like a lot, but one a year—two, some years—has a way of adding up. “Time,” the character of Maddie Ross reminds us in Charles Portis’s novel True Grit, “just marches on.”
The Solitude of Hunting Camp
The same sounds, year after year, impressing themselves across the landscape like the weather, the sounds like the seasons: grasshoppers clacking away on checkered wings amidst the sun-yellow and butterscotch orange wings of dry autumn; the exuberant yet also lulling croak and rattle, rasp and sonorous grate, of the sandhill cranes; the machine-gun sound of hail on the roof at night as the year’s first cold front moves through—or the dry-branch scrapings of the oak branches scratching back and forth across that same roof in drier weather, a steady seaswell ship-shape sound.
Acorns releasing from the branches, falling like marbles, rolling down the tin roof of our dreams. The radio announcers calling out the back-and-forth of plays, the white noise of their voices chronicling the titanic clashes in distant gladiator-cities, though we can never stay awake late enough to see these night games through to their conclusion, and instead, in the morning have to try to piece together the final score and how it came to pass by patchwork assemblages of who heard what when, upon reawakening, briefly.
The deer pasture is a great place to hunt—to wander with incandescent intent—but a great place also to chill out and read. If we have killed a thousand deer here, over the last near-century, so too easily have we read a thousand books.
I do believe that there are certain places in the world where one sleeps easier, better. I am not necessarily speaking of dreamscapes, but instead, the biological terrain of the deepest possible sleep, or the ocean-trenches of sleep. Places where sleep is not only experienced more profoundly, but where it advances upon the participant almost like a hunter approaching his or her quarry. Places where sleep is entered so easily, so completely, that it is more like a stepping-off than a drifting-down. Places where one closes one’s eyes and plummets to a distant land of rest.
It is not just in the camp house at the deer pasture where this phenomenon manifests itself, but anywhere upon those thousand acres: as if a strange yet benign spell has been cast upon all the land: a safe-place, a place to rest and grow stronger. A place, too, where the heart stays young.
Eventually, this becomes a confusion to the body—why do one’s knees and hips hurt now, after a day of hunting, why is one’s balance less certain, while the landscape one fell in love with so long ago remains so fundamentally unchanged? This disparity becomes an equation I wrestle with yet; no algebra or calculus exists to explain the widening variance between the land and the man.
Though there is comfort in remembering, realizing, that if one had to choose, body or spirit, with regard to which of those two would begin to age the fastest, I hope and believe there are few among us who would choose to preserve a youthful body before or rather than an ever-young heart.
Days of heaven, of course, back when each of us first came into this country, in the full retention of both.
Joking Around
What is it about happiness, about peace and contentment, that summons more of the same: laughter, and mirth? At the deer pasture, there’s a great tradition of practical jokes. It would be easy enough, just when we’ve come to a kind of cease-fire among the older of us, each of whom has pranked the others mercilessly, endlessly, to say All right, enough’s enough; but look, now, just in time, there’s a whole new crop of sons and nephews to fool with; an opportunity—a mandate, really, I think—to keep the jokes going.
I can’t say what the best pranks have been—they scroll together—but for a long time, one of the very good ones involved my youngest cousin, Russell, who had shot a nice deer below Burned-Off Hill, back in a tangled cedar thicket. It’s how he likes to hunt: to crawl into the thick of things and then sit quietly in the shade on a hot day and wait, wait all day if necessary, alert with all the senses, not moving, until the deer, or a deer, begins to move.
Watching, downwind; crosswind. Listening, upwind.
I’d heard him shoot. I was over on the back side of Buck Hill. A few minutes later, I saw a nice young buck, a 4x4, step into the sunlight, in the small grassy clearing I was watching. I was hoping to have a look at the deer, and hoping to have the opportunity to make the shot; and afterward, after I had cleaned him, I dragged him up and over Buck Hill and across the creek and started up the long rocky scrabble of cedar-wild Burned-Off Hill, when I spied movement back in the brush. A flash of wings, a little squawking sound: a scrub jay.
When I went to investigate, I found Russell’s deer—such a nice big 5x5—also gutted and hanging from a branch.
It took a little effort, but I was able to untie and lower his deer, then hoist my much smaller one in its place. I hid his big deer farther back in the cedar jungle, then continued on my way.
It was lunchtime when I got back to camp. Russell was already there, and telling folks that he’d shot a nice deer. He was being modest, but did acknowledge that it was a whopper, which got everyone excited, and we all agreed to journey over in the truck after lunch to see the big deer, and to help load it up. An expedition, if not a safari. An eagerness for that ritual.
Did anyone else shoot? my father asked.
I thought I heard another shot from somewhere over that way, B.J. said.
I didn’t hear anything, Russell said, pouring syrup over his eggs.
How satisfying was it, when, after brunch, we drove on over to the back side, got out of the jeep and followed Russell into the woods, to see his fine deer? Watching, as he slowed, approaching it, then stopped altogether, and stared at it. Stupefied .
That’s not my deer, he said finally. He turned to us as if to a jury. My deer was a lot bigger than that!
Oh, Russell, my father said, they always look bigger in the scope.
A Home Away from Home
The bunkhouse: we built it 30 years ago. For the 25 years before that, it was an old leaning, sagging plywood shoebox of a building; before that, a wall tent, so that the camp of today still has the emotional feel to us of a luxury resort, even as we each understand that it is not a luxury resort. The once-taut floors swag in places, the leaks on the roof need re-patching every year, there are scorpions and granddaddy longlegs, doubtless rattlesnakes in the rock wall base of the cabin. The woodstove could use a cleaning, wasps find their way through the window jamb cracks, but it’s home.
We’re just there for a week each year, but that’s also like saying it’s just a lifetime. The way time slows down, asserts its own cycles and rhythms, or rather, gives you more space, or more time, or more time-and-space, in which to move around: is it the edge of hunger, the hunter’s desire, that makes this so, or is it the landscape, the place, itself?
It doesn’t really matter, does it? In the old days, it used to take us up to a couple of days to catch on to the immortality of those rhythms—that days-suspended-in-amber quality—but by this stage of our deer hunting lives, we’re able to step right into that center-stream of slow, center-stream of home, the minute we get out of the car and close the door. The minute we open the heavy wooden door to the camp, and push open the screen door.
It might have been an entire year since we were gone, but each time, it’s as if we never went away.
from Updates By Jim
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dirigibleplumbing · 5 months ago
Thank you @fanfictiongreenirises​ for tagging me! 
Rules: for every letter of your URL put a song that you like that starts with that letter. If you want to tag some peeps to do it, go for it.  If you are not tagged go for it. 
My username is long, y’all. Oof. Here we go. I know most people don’t look up the songs they don’t recognize, but I had fun doing this so I’m posting it. And hey, if you like, uh... well, let’s see, what do these have in common? Most of them have women vocalists. Most have folk roots -- usually Celtic ballads and Appalachian vibes -- some of them have blues roots. I think everyone on here except Nick Cave has a powerful voice or a pretty voice, and he sure has an interesting one. If that sounds appealing, I encourage you to check them out for real. 
D - “Deeper Devastation” - Jesca Hoop 
I - “In Your Eyes” - Lola Marsh
R - “Rolling Thunder” - LUMP 
I - “In a Week” - Hozier
G - “Grinnin’ In Your Face” - Amythyst Kiah
I - “I Need You” - the Eurythmics 
B - “Be Brave” - My Brightest Diamond
L - “The Lyre of Orpheus” - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
E - “Ether & Wood” - Alela Diane 
P - “Pretty Little Head” - Eliza Rickman 
L - “Little Wheel Spin and Spin” - Buffy Sainte-Marie 
U - “Undertow” - Lisa Hannigan 
M - “My Heart” - Wildbirds & Peacedrums 
B - “Buried in Teeth” - Marie Sioux 
I - “I’ve Come Undone Again” - Queen Esther
N - “Nobody” - Mitski 
G - “The Grey Funnel Line” - Maddy Prior, June Tabor 
Not tagging anyone, but anyone who wants to do it is welcome to say I tagged them! 
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eddysocs · 6 months ago
Future OC Plans
This is just a place to outline the ideas I have for OCs as they come to me. I imagine this list will change a lot, so always feel free to check back if you’d like to know what I’m up to. It will be linked in my bio.
Tumblr media
Fandom: Prodigal Son
Face Claim: Alexandra Daddario
Name: Kendall Mackenzie
Love Interest: Malcolm Bright
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Tudors
Face Claim: Synnøve Karlsen
Name: Amelia Morton
Love Interest: Catherine Of Aragon
Tumblr media
Fandom: 30 Rock
Face Claim: Jessica Alba
Name: Kenzie Carter
Love Interest: Jenna Maroney x Liz Lemon
Tumblr media
Fandom: Game Of Thrones
Face Claim: Naomi Scott
Name: Noelani Vantassari
Love Interest: Jorah Mormont
Tumblr media
Fandom: Friends
Face Claim: Mädchen Amick
Name: Yasmin Decker
Love Interest: Rachel Green
Tumblr media
Fandom: The Good Place
Face Claim: Karen Gillan
Name: Jenna Flynn
Love Interest: Michael
Tumblr media
Fandom: Supergirl
Face Claim: Tabrett Bethell
Name: Shannon Henry
Love Interest: Alex Danvers
Tumblr media
Fandom: Shameless
Face Claim: Zoey Deutch
Name: Allie Jacobs
Love Interest: Frank Gallagher
Tumblr media
Fandom: New Amsterdam
Face Claim: Melissa Benoist
Name: Becca Warren
Love Interest: Helen Sharpe x Lauren Bloom
Tumblr media
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Face Claim: Shay Mitchell
Name: Kusi Kaiserin
Love Interest: Cruella DeVil
Allegra Auburn (The Politician)
Melinda Myers (Grey’s Anatomy)
Tessa Dawson (Two And A Half Men)
Wilhemina “Mina” Marlowe (Doctor Who)
Celeste Bombay (Sapphire & Steel)
Cat Stone (Prodigal Son)
Spencer Bradley (The Politician)
Maddie Schwartz (Grace & Frankie)
Claudette Kingsley (The Favourite)
Pesha Abel (Yentl)
Lola Marsh (Mamma Mia)
Maya Austin (Killing Eve)
Emily Albright (House M.D.)
Valentina Thompson (Rizzoli & Isles)
Lorena Lannister (Game Of Thrones)
Savannah Melton (Holes)
Jessie Ross (Holes)
Lizzie Stewart (Doctor Who)
If you’re curious for more details on any of these future OCs, you’re welcome to send in asks.
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yennefer-merigold · 9 months ago
who/what i write for:
Cheryl Blossom
Jughead Jones
Veronica Lodge
Archie Andrews
Toni Topaz
Sweet Pea
Fangs Fogarty
Fp Jones
Betty Cooper
Deadly Class
Marcus Lopez
Billy Bennett
Saya Kuroki
Maria Salazar
Willie Lewis
Rue Bennett
Maddy Perez
Lexi Howard
Kat Hernandez
Jules Vaughn
Christopher McKay
Cassie Howard
Ethan Lewis
i won’t write for nate jacobs unless he’s written as a side character
13 Reasons Why
Clay Jensen
Alex Standall
Jessica Davis
Justin Foley
Tyler Down
Zach Dempsey
Hannah Baker
i won’t write for bryce walker or montgomery de la cruz
Chilling adventures of Sabrina
Sabrina Spellman
Ambrose Spellman
Theo Putnam
Harvey Kinkle
Rosalind Walker
Prudence Night
Nicholas Scratch
The 100
Clarke Griffin
Bellamy Blake
Octavia Blake
Raven Reyes
John Murphy
Stranger Things
Steve Harrington
Mike Wheeler
Dustin Henderson
Will Byers
Billy Hargrove
Max Mayfield
Lucas Sinclair
Jonathan Byers
Jim Hopper
Robin Buckley
Lena Luthor
Kara Danvers
Alex Danvers
Cat Grant
Maggie Sawyer
Nia Nal
Samantha Arias
The Umbrella Academy
Diego Hargreeves
Vanya Hargreeves
Five Hargreeves
Ben Hargreeves
Klaus Hargreeves
Luther Hargreeves
Allison Hargreeves
Marvel Cinematic Universe
Peter Parker
Tony Stark
Bruce Banner
Natasha Romanoff
Carol Danvers
Stephen Strange
Wanda Maximoff
Peter Maximoff
Thor Odinson
Loki Laufeyson
Scott Lang
Bucky Barnes
IT (2017/2019)
Richie Tozier
Bill Denbrough
Beverly Marsh
Eddie Kaspbrak
Mike Hanlon
Ben Hanscum
Stan Uris
some movies/shows i haven’t seen or finished. if there’s something you’d like but it isn’t listed, you can still send me a request about it!
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ptersparkers · 11 months ago
the art of blowjobs (3)
summary: upon realizing you lack skills in the bedroom when a touron asks you out on a date, you turn to jj, a self-proclaimed sexual deviant, for help.
warnings: blowjobs, heavy touching, the works. 
notes: this is about 7,200 words long and im honestly proud of maddie and myself. also i reopened the taglist bc people have been asking and i’m just grateful you guys like this story.
co-authored by @storiesbymads​.
series masterlist + taglist + follow @storiesbymads​!
ps, if you just added yourself to the taglist, you’ll be on the next chapter.
Tumblr media
You woke up the next morning with the sun shining brightly on your face. The clock read half past eight and your attempts to fall back asleep were useless, so you put on a new pair of shorts and an oversized shirt, brushed your teeth, and called it a day. 
The events of last night played in your head like a memory you were desperate to remember. There were times where you had gotten yourself off, in your very limited experience, but nothing compared to the feeling of your chest flushed against JJ’s, watching his fingers disappear inside of you with his hot breath on your neck. You were almost positive you could feel JJ getting hard by the time you came, but you weren’t sure if it was your euphoria making you hallucinate or not. 
You walked out of your bathroom and checked on JJ, who had slept in the guest bedroom, and opened the door slightly. He was sound asleep, the sound of light snoring filling the room. You scrunched your nose. He was awfully cute when he slept. You walked over to the bed and sat down gently, flicking the tip of his nose with your index finger. 
JJ opened his eyes and let out a yawn, looking at his surroundings before taking in your figure looming over him. He rubbed his eyes and adjusted to the light for a few moments before propping himself up on his elbows. 
“What time is it?” he asked groggily. You could see the desperate need to go back to sleep in his eyes. 
“Almost nine,” you said. “I couldn’t go back to sleep.”
“So you woke me up just for my company?” You laughed and so did he. 
“Yeah,” you replied. “I’m getting a little hungry so I was gonna make some waffles and a smoothie, if you want some?” 
“Oh, mama,” he said, sitting fully upright. You stood from the bed and left the room to let him get himself presentable. 
When JJ made his way downstairs, he picked up an orange sitting in a glass bowl and tossed it in the air, aimlessly playing with it as an excuse to avert his gaze. 
“So, uh, how did last night go?” he asked. “I mean, I wasn’t too forward or anything, was I?”
“Absolutely not,” you said a bit too quickly. “I just mean that it’s good to know what a guy likes, you know?” 
“Right,” he breathed. “You can tell me if you’re ever uncomfortable doing anything. Don’t feel pressured to do whatever a guy tells you if you don’t want to do it.” 
“I will,” you reassured him. You prepared the batter and asked for JJ to fish out the waffle press from one of your cabinets before plugging it in. 
JJ hadn’t realized it until that moment, but there was something extra special about seeing you in a domesticated setting. Your house was on the edge of Figure Eight and none of the Pogues ever made much of an effort to visit your house. It wasn’t like your parents were going to kick them out if you let them know they would be coming over ahead of time but they weren’t exactly the pogues biggest fans. It was this reason, among others, that JJ decided to avoid being on this side of the island. So when he was at your house, especially when your parents were gone, it was like he was living in a fantasy land. 
He looked around the living room; there were photos of you and your parents spanning from the early ages of your life up until pretty recently. The walls were adorned with art, family photos, and a large circular mirror with a gold trimmed accent. Different decorations sat on bookshelves and other places that seemed to fill the room and create a cohesive place for a family to live in. JJ looked at you, clad in sleeping shorts, an old shirt, and your hair unbrushed, and thought about the life he could have if he tried hard enough. Maybe it would look something like this. 
“Dude, you okay? You zoned out on me there for a sec,” you teased, putting the plate of waffles in front of him. You had taken the liberty to cut up some fruit and sprinkle powdered sugar on top, taking a photo of it for good measure. Your pinterest would thank you later. 
“You brought out ‘Chef Y/N’ for me?” JJ asked, dramatically putting his hands over his heart before taking a seat at the kitchen’s island. 
“Felt like it,” you said with a shrug. “Also I’m too lazy to make smoothies so I hope orange juice is fine.” 
“I’m dining like a king,” he said, saying a silent prayer in thanks before digging in. 
“So you and Trent,” he said casually after a few moments of silence, taking a bite of the waffle. 
“Me and Trent,” you repeated. 
“How are things going?” You shrugged. 
“Pretty steady,” you said. “As steady as can be. I mean, I’ve known him for less than a week but I think it’s going pretty well. We’ve only been on a couple of dates.” 
“Are there going to be more dates?” he asked, tilting his head to the side. He didn’t know why he felt his throat tighten up slightly at the question. 
“Probably,” you replied. “I mean, he’s here with his father to learn whatever his dad does for a living so I walked into this knowing I wouldn’t be seeing him for a few days at a time.” JJ nodded, pretending he understood. 
“And you like him?” 
“I mean, we hit it off,” you said, sipping your orange juice. “On our last date we talked about growing up and stuff we were into. He told me this crazy story about dirt biking with his older brothers in California when he was sixteen and broke his leg.” You paused to laugh at the memory. JJ tried to ignore the strangeness in his chest. “But I think slow is what I need right now.” 
“Does he know about...” JJ trailed off, gesturing between the both of you. 
“Oh no,” you said. “God no. I mean, not that I’m expecting to have sex with him or anything, but I think it’s best to keep this a secret right now. Especially with our friends.” 
JJ didn’t know if this was a good or bad thing, but he agreed that telling your friends would only lead to more questions. After all, you two weren’t dating. This was purely physical and educational. Neither one of you could see yourselves dating each other. At least that’s what JJ tried to keep reminding himself. 
When you both finished your breakfast, you put the dishes in the sink and wandered back upstairs to your bedroom. JJ looked around at the fairly minimal room and couldn’t help but notice the difference between your life on Figure Eight and your life with the Pogues. He gathered, from the first time that he met you, that you had a true soul that felt like freedom. JJ wasn’t sure what it was; perhaps it was the fact that you had convinced Rafe Cameron to stop bugging the Pogues for all eternity or the fact that you became friends with his friends so easily. In truth, JJ couldn’t put his finger on how you two first met or when he considered you one of his best friends. Everything just felt so natural with you. There was never a dull moment nor was there a time when he felt like you were treating him or his friends unfairly. 
He was pleasantly surprised when you got along with Kiara because from what he knew, forcing girls to be friends always ended poorly. He could remember Kiara making a small comment about not wanting to be replaced and, at first, rejected your friendship by opposing you joining their outings to the marsh, but your smart mouth against the Rafe, Topper, and Kelce had knocked down the wall of animosity she had wrongly built between the both of you. JJ could remember that moment. 
And still, he couldn’t help but be surprised by you. It was almost as if JJ forgot about the life you had on Figure Eight, attending exclusive parties and living a life that he felt he would never attain. You never made a point to talk about your life here in favor of not wanting to rub it into the Pogues’ faces. JJ had almost forgotten that you hadn’t been born a Pogue because you acted so much like one. 
He picked up the seashell on your bedside table. It was a stupid gag gift -- you both were sitting on the beach, too tired to continue swimming and watched your other friends prance around in the ocean. JJ had picked up a hefty seashell and passed it to you carelessly, initiating you into the friend group. JJ never knew that you kept it, much less right beside your bed.
“You room’s cute,” he said after looking around. “I can’t believe I’ve only been in here a few times.” 
“I mean, you guys could come over whenever. I’d just have to tell my parents ahead of time.” JJ pursed his lips, choosing not to make a comment. 
“And you have a comfortable bed,” he said after dramatically jumping onto your queen sized bed to sit. 
You rolled your eyes and stood in front of him. There was something about seeing JJ in your house -- on your bed -- looking all relaxed and clean. His face wasn’t covered in soot or dirt from rough housing with John B. and Pope. He looked like he wasn’t running to be anywhere. JJ was still wearing the muscle shirt he wore last night, showcasing his arms. He was too busy looking outside of your window to even notice you staring at him in a way that was anything but innocent. 
You thought hard about making a move. It was half past ten by now and your body was awake and alert, and your mind was reeling with lessons one through three. You wanted to show JJ that he didn’t need to be the one to initiate everything; you could be somewhat in control, especially when you were feeling confident as you were now. 
“JJ,” you said softly. He looked at where you were standing and watched as you took a step forward. 
“Yeah?” he asked, matching your quiet tone. 
“I think I want to practice,” you said, tucking your bottom lip between your teeth. You lifted yourself so that your legs were on either side of his body, propping yourself up on his lap. He looked up as you hiked your shirt up. JJ let out a small laugh. 
“Are you ready to put the lessons together?” You nodded eagerly. “Then by all means. Do it.” 
You dipped your head down slowly to capture his mouth in yours. He tasted like the sweet maple syrup from breakfast and his lips were unusually soft. It was a stark contrast to his calloused hands that he kept firmly placed beside him on the bed. He was going to let you work for it. You inched closer to his crotch until you were sitting directly on his cock and wrapped your arms around his neck loosely, enjoying this newfound confidence in the bedroom. 
You copied his actions from the night before, trailing slow, open-mouthed kisses along his jaw line. His neck was warm and looked ready for your mouth; you dipped your head below as he tilted his  back, closing his eyes as he reveled in the moment. He couldn’t believe you were kissing him in your bedroom. 
“Kissing,” you whispered against his mouth when you found your way back up to his lips. He smiled at the first lesson’s reference. You ran your hands through his hair slowly and he let out a quiet moan at the feeling of you tugging at his roots. It took everything in him to sit still for you. Your hands travelled at an agonizing pace down his arms and back up again only to reach down and put your hands underneath his shirt, taking your fingertips over his toned chest. JJ jumped at the feeling and you laughed as he looked into your eyes with his mouth wet and slightly ajar. 
“Fuck,” he whispered. “Wasn’t expecting that.”
“Isn’t that a good thing?” you asked coyly. 
“Lesson two,” he said, referring to your teasing touch. 
You liked this position. You didn’t want to ruin it by getting off of his lap and risk bruising your knees. When your fingers reached the hem of his pants, you snapped the waistband, silently asking for permission. You bit your lip again as JJ nodded, slipping your fingers deeper into his shorts. 
JJ’s cock was still soft, but he wouldn’t be for much longer if you continued at your pace. The blood was rushing to his cheeks and below the belt, especially when your delicate hand grabbed his length. You swiped the pad of your thumb over his tip, just like you had done the night before, and listened as JJ hissed against your ear. JJ was sure his favorite thing in the world was watching your hand disappear into his pants. There was something so stimulating about you wanting to make him cum. He wasn’t going to be the one to stop you, either. 
You kissed his lips as you began to stroke him. A few minutes of silent panting and barely audible moans from JJ’s end wound up with his cock becoming harder by the second. His arousal was almost hurting him -- he loved the feeling of your hand, but he wished he'd gotten past handjobs last night. He was desperate for another sensation. But his thoughts were cut off short when you removed your hand from his pants. He was about to protest and physically put your hand back where it was until he felt you move up his lap and replace your hand with your still clothed heat. 
Your sleeping shorts were already skimpy. He could see the hemline of your underwear as you walked up the stairs-- he’d done his best not to stare. His shorts were of thin material and he could feel your folds pressed against him. He felt like the star of a softcore porn, watching as you slowly ground yourself down on him. JJ could feel your grip on his shoulders and smirked at the prospect of you getting yourself off by using him, and he was letting you. 
You leaned forward and pressed your chest against his, placing a wet kiss to the side of his jaw. You lifted your hips slightly only to roughly push them back down onto him, hitting that delicate bundle of nerves that caused you to let out a delicious moan. JJ’s head was thrown back in an instant at the sound.He could see your ass and tried not to touch you in favor of keeping this position. JJ wanted nothing more than to smack your cheeks and make you work for your orgasm, but he liked that you were confident enough to make the first move after previously confessing your shyness in the bedroom. 
The pace at which you were working yourself on him was quickening by the second-- JJ was meeting your hips, bucking his in a way that made you moan and you could feel the tip of his cock in his pants pressing into you. Any chance you could get, you let your pussy sit directly on the tip of his dick, relishing in the feeling of him pressed into you. 
“Let me,” he said after releasing a breath. You were too far gone to argue with him and let him move you so that he was hovering above your body. JJ sat back for a moment, admiring you beneath him before teasing your clothed pussy with the pads of his fingers. You squirmed as JJ chuckled, leaning down to press a sweet kiss to your neck. His cock was very apparent. The thin gym shorts he was wearing were not doing him any favors in hiding his hardness, not that he was trying to. He ground himself against you and decided that he didn’t care if he came in his pants:  he’d do anything to see you cum underneath him, even if he didn’t get to be inside you. He couldn’t remember the last time dry humping had felt this good. 
JJ’s pace quickened and you could barely feel yourself in the present. You let out a series of high-pitched moans and spread your legs, wanting nothing more than to feel JJ’s cock pressed up against you. One of his hands was digging onto your hip as the other held up his weight beside your chest. You could barely form a coherent thought. 
But your euphoria was cut short when you heard footsteps outside of your doorway.
“Y/N, we’re home!” you could hear your father yell from outside your door. JJ halted his movements, looking at the door and seeing that it wasn’t locked. He jumped up from your bed and locked the door, giving himself a little bit of time to find an exit route. 
But you weren’t having any of it. All you could think about was the prospect of JJ getting you off with his dick pressed into you. You stood up and turned JJ’s body from the door to face you, pouting as you grabbed his wrist and put his hand against your still clothed entrance. The fabric of your shorts were damp enough to let him know just how much you needed this. JJ looked at you with a surprised expression and he didn’t know if it was because he was scared of getting caught by your parents or if he was getting more turned on. 
“Y/N--” JJ whisper-yelled. 
“Wanna cum,” you begged. “I’ll be quiet.” 
“Your parents are outside!”
“I’ll be so quiet,” you begged. JJ couldn’t say no to the desperate look in your eyes and he pushed you back onto the edge of the bed, pressing himself against your core once again. You were delivering on your promise; you were being quiet, only moaning into his ear when his hips thrusted against yours. He was holding the both of you so that you wouldn’t fall off of the bed and he could feel himself edging on his orgasm, wanting to finish before either of your parents caught you in this compromising position. 
“I’m gonna cum,” you whimpered. JJ looked at you and nodded, pressing down into you harder than before. You tilted your head so that it was pressed into his shoulder, letting your moans become muffled by the fabric of his shirt. He could feel the vibration of your voice on his body and he couldn’t hold his cum any longer. JJ let himself go and swore quietly when he felt his hot cum spurt in his boxers. He could feel the wet mess in his pants but the feeling of you clinging onto his body made up for any discomfort he was feeling from the sticky liquid. 
When the doorknob jiggled, JJ stood up and looked around before hiding in your bathroom, away from the front door. You took a second to compose yourself before unlocking the door and opening your room.
“You’re home early,” you said, panting. 
“Why’s your door locked?” you mom asked nonchalantly before waving it off. “Are you okay? You seem like you’re out of breath.” 
“I came back from a run a little while ago,” you said. “I was gonna shower now, actually.” You could feel your cum dripping out of you. 
“Okay,” she said before kissing your forehead. "Your father and I are going to the farmer’s market to get dinner ready. We’ll be back in about an hour.” 
You waved sweetly with a hum and closed your door, watching as JJ emerged from the bathroom. He let out a breath and watched you in awe as you turned to face him. JJ had never experienced anything like it nor had he ever cum that hard without being inside someone. Hell, he hadn’t even been pulled out of his shorts. 
“Fucking shit,” he said, walking out. “What the fuck was that?” You shrugged, walking closer to him. 
“Just wanted to finish what we started,” you said. “We couldn’t finish on the boat with the other Pogues but I have a bedroom door now.” 
JJ let out a laugh and swore, trying to calm his beating chest. He pulled you closer to him and held you tightly in an attempt to avoid you seeing his pink cheeks. You let out a high pitched laugh and stood on your toes to wrap your arms around your neck as his arms draped your waist. His hand made his way to your ass and grabbed the left cheek, moving it around and watched as it fit perfectly in his hand. 
“I gotta go now, don’t I?” he asked. You nodded and scrunched your nose. 
“I need to change,” you said innocently. “Red or blue?” you asked, holding up two pairs. 
“Blue,” he said. “Fuck, I gotta change too.”
When you saw your parents from the curtains of your window drive away, you let JJ know that he was safe to leave without getting caught. He looked at you before leaving, pausing to stand in silence before leaning over to press a kiss against your cheek. You watched as he left your bedroom. You could still feel him pressed against you. 
You wouldn’t see Trent until tomorrow night because his father had asked him to visit some office with him. He had called you when he found out and expressed his apologies, but you told him it was fine. He was on this island to learn about his family’s business, not to get a girlfriend.
“I won’t be mad if I leave Outer Banks with a girlfriend,” he said with a smirk. You could hear his teasing chuckle. 
“I think you flirt too much for your own good,” you said, laughing while you walked to the kitchen. 
“But you love it,” he replied. You could hear someone talk in the background. “Duty calls, baby.”
“Baby,” he said firmly. “Is that okay?”
“Yeah,” you said, though it felt weird. 
“Okay, baby,” he said with another laugh. “I’ll text you when I’m done for the day.” You two bade your goodbyes and hung up. 
You decided to spend the remainder of your day wandering around the island, biking your way through the Tourons and other locals as you watched the scenery change from the edge of the woods to the big, beautiful beach you called your home. The water looked fresh and inviting, and you cursed yourself for not bothering to wear a bathing suit. 
That daydream came to an abrupt stop when you heard Rafe Cameron call out for you. You stopped your bike and turned around to see him waving you down, carrying a white envelope. 
“Jesus,” he said, panting. He put his hands on his knees and bent forward before standing upright. His cheeks were read and you almost laughed. “You look like you’re in a hurry.” 
“Not really,” you replied. “Just thinking, is all.” 
“Yeah,” Rafe said, laughing, “I can tell. Anyway, can you give this to JJ for me?” 
“This better not be some sort of joke or a prank,” you said, cautiously reaching out for the envelope. Rafe laughed and opened it to show you the various ten and twenty dollar bills inside. “Nah, he fixed my car and I feel bad for not giving him anything since we’re not friends.” 
“Really?” you asked, raising an eyebrow as you tucked the envelope in your backpack. 
“Really,” he said. “I’m over this Kook and Pogue shit, Y/N.”
“I think you’re tired of me telling you off,” you said with a light chuckle. He pointed at you, wagging it in the air. 
“That too. Anyway, tell Maybank thanks and if he wants a job repairing cars, I know a guy.” Rafe left you after that, saluting you goodbye. You sat on your bike in confusion, but decided not to question his newfound niceness. 
By the time the sun went down, you and the rest of the Pogues had gathered in the Chateau, casually drinking beers and snacking on whatever was in John B’s cabinets. You had stopped at two beers, opting to drink for the taste. None of the other Pogues had gone all out and, for the first time in a while, all of you were able to kick back and enjoy the summer in all of its glory. 
You couldn’t help but look at JJ through the dim lights. The white light from the moon hit JJ’s side profile, illuminating his skin as if it were glowing. His lips moved with ease, slightly wet from of the beer, and you tried your hardest not to think about the feeling of those lips against yours. JJ was your best friend, willing to take you on an adventure that would improve your skills in the bedroom and your confidence overall. 
You weren’t sure what the strange feeling in the pit of your stomach was. It only happened when you were with or around JJ; the feeling of pure tranquility and the sense of urgency to sneak a sentence in before you two parted ways. You accredited your nervousness and self-consciousness around him due to the fact that you two were hiding the lessons. You pushed the thought of being something more with him to the back of your mind the first time you saw him lead a stranger to the guest room in the Chateau. 
JJ started to think you were avoiding his gaze because of everything you’d done together thus far. Even he had to admit this proposal was an odd one; it never occurred to him that he’d be doing anything sexual with someone he considered to be his best friend. The thought never crossed his mind. You were an innocent, barely even able to talk about sex in front of your friends. He was caught by surprise with your enthusiasm when he introduced the new lessons every time you two found yourselves alone. He thinks his view of you has changed because of the sudden shift in your relationship. There’s nothing in his brain that leads him to think he likes you more than a friend or that you’d ever reciprocate those feelings for him. 
The blonde can’t help but meet your eyes when he senses you’ve been looking at him. Instead of shyly looking away, realizing he caught you looking at him, you brave the blush and give him a closed-mouthed smile, opting to let the warm feeling in your chest spread from your head to your toes. JJ sends you a smile back, tipping his beer in your direction. He’s not drunk, you can tell. He’d had more than enough experience in holding down his liquor and as far as you can tell, he’d been fostering this beer for the past hour. You’re surprised you’d drank more than him the whole night. 
Kiara bumps your rib with her elbow, catching your attention. It feels like a supercut -- one minute, you’re staring at JJ and trying to guess what he’s thinking about as he looks at Pope and John B., and the next second you’re pulled straight out of your daydream and brought back into the real world. She laughs at your dazed state and you jump into the conversation as if you hadn’t been thinking about JJ for the past hour. 
The conversation shifts to your relationship with Trent and you suddenly feel uncomfortable under the gaze of your four best friends. 
“So, is this like, something serious?” John B. asks. 
“God, no,” you say with a slight scoff. “I’ve only known this for a short time and I don’t think there’s much to say other than that.” 
“Oh, come on,” the brunette teases. He points his finger at you. “I know you’ve got some stories.” 
You shrug. “We kissed when he took me to the restaurant in that hotel.” 
“That’s it?” Pope asked, not believing it for a second. You paused. 
“Well, he called me baby on the phone earlier today,” you explained. JJ’s eyes widened as he fixed his posture. You didn’t notice him, too busy looking at the other two boys who looked like they were far more interested in your love life than the conversation they were just having. 
“That’s gotta count for something,” Pope joked. “I mean, are you comfortable with it?” 
“Yeah,” you lied. “I mean, I guess it’s nice to be called something endearing. It’s kind of weird but I’m trying to embrace it.” 
"Atta girl,” Pope said, reaching out for a high five. He and John B. were happy that their younger friend was experiencing romance for the first time. You leaned forward and returned the high five, an awkward smile on your face. You weren’t sure why you were bothered by JJ’s silence. 
“It could be just a fling,” you added quickly. “I mean he’s here for another two weeks, even if we are spending a lot of time together.” 
“And how do you feel about him exactly?” Kiara asked, chiming in. 
“I don’t know. He makes me happy, I guess,” you said, though you weren’t sure if you were talking about Trent or JJ. You could feel his blue eyes look at your shoulders and you knew he wasn’t going to meet your eyes if you looked his way. “Like I can be myself around him without being afraid.” You shifted your body so that you faced JJ but looked at the other three who looked like they were hooked on your every word. 
“I mean, like I said, I’m not falling in love, but he makes it so easy for me to talk about myself without feeling like I need to stop. All a girl can do is ask for respect and he gives it to me.” 
“That’s disgustingly cute,” Pope said, a grin apparent on his face. “We should meet this guy sometime.” 
“That’s a great idea!” John B. exclaimed. “We can throw a party this Friday night.”
“Yeah,” you said, your voice catching in the back of your throat. You tried to clear it. “Anyway, I can text him and ask.” 
“Right on,” Pope said. “My dad wants me back home soon because I’ve got an early shift tomorrow. See you guys later?” You watched as he stood and he bent down to give you a hug before leaving the Chateau. 
“Well if he’s leaving, I think I’m gonna head out too,” Kiara said. “Let’s hope I don’t sleep until noon.” All of you shared a laugh. 
“I was gonna meet Sarah anyway,” John B. said, locking his phone. “You two good?” 
“Yeah,” you said, “we’re good.” He left the both of you sitting on the floor. You try not to make it an awkward silence, so you fished into your backpack and handed JJ the white envelope Rafe had given to you earlier. 
“What’s this?” he asks, looking inside. His eyes widen when he sees how much money is in it.
“It’s from Rafe,” you explained, “he says thanks for fixing his car and he can get you a job at a car garage if you want.” JJ looks at you. 
“What happened to ‘I’m Rafe Cameron and I don’t give a fuck’?” he asks, laughing. JJ couldn’t help but pull the bills out and count them. You smile at his antics.
“Who knows,” you mumble, watching his grin widen as he puts the money back into the envelope. 
“It’s you, definitely,” he said. “I don’t think anyone on this goddamn island hates you.” 
“That’s probably not true,” you said with a laugh. 
“I’m serious,” JJ replied, moving closer to you. “You managed to get Rafe, Kelce, and Topper off of our backs and now Rafe’s giving me two hundred bucks for fixing his damn car?” JJ laughs in disbelief, but it’s a welcoming surprise. “You’re something. Good to know he doesn’t hate me completely.” JJ’s silent for a moment, looking at the floor before looking at you. “Tell him I’ll take the job.” 
“I think this is his way of trying not to be a bad person,” you said. “You know how Ward is. I think Rafe’s just doing everything he can so he doesn’t turn out like him.” JJ was silent. He knew the feeling all too well. 
“It’s cold,” he says. You don’t realize the goosebumps on your skin until he mentioned the weather. You weren’t sure if it was the breeze or JJ. He steps away and brings out two sweatshirts, who belong to the five of you at this point, and tosses one your way. You slip it on and feel yourself growing warmer. 
“I’ve been thinking a lot about our lessons,” JJ starts. Your heart begins racing. “Are you sure you want to continue? I don’t want to do it if you aren’t into it.” 
JJ’s looking for validation and reassurance that you want to continue learning. He’s not sure if he needs this because he likes being the one to help his friends out or for any other reason, but he can feel his heart beat faster every time you call him, wanting to further your learning. The classroom setting is always unconventional and the self-proclaimed sexual deviant finds himself insecure when you look at him and bite your lip. He needs to know you want it. He needs to know you want it like he does. 
“Yes,” you say within a heartbeat. “JJ, I trust you with my life and I wouldn’t have asked or continued with the lessons if I didn’t want to.” You paused. “I care about you a lot and I never want you to feel like I’m using you.” JJ stifled a chuckle. 
“I don’t want you to feel that way either,” he replied. By now, the both of you are sitting on the couch, your legs tucked underneath you as his are resting on the coffee table. 
“I mean, it’s good that we’re setting boundaries and getting this out of the way, right? So we don’t confuse each other.” 
“Right,” he said. “I just want you to know where my head’s at.”
“That’s fair,” you replied. “If you ever feel like you want to stop, we can stop.” JJ shakes his head, probably quicker than he should have.  
“This is about you. I want you to feel confident. I know you hate it when we joke about your innocence but it’s cute.” You roll your eyes. 
“It’s not cute, it’s embarrassing. I’m literally the only person I know who’s never experienced her first.” You paused, thinking. “Well, before this past week. You know what I mean.” JJ nods.
“I think most of us rushed into it,” he said, a pity laugh emitting from his throat. “There’s something about this island that makes you feel like you have to grow up fast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pogue or a Kook. There’s no freedom here. But you look like you’ve found some freedom.” You tilt your head to the side in confusion.
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t feel pressured,” he said. “At least, I don’t think you do. You’ve never given into any of the peer pressure, even if we joke about you being too innocent for your own good.” JJ looked between you and the empty space surrounding the both of you. “I don’t know how much of this is true, but it seems like you know who you are as a person. Relationships never mattered until you started noticing everyone else get into them because they were insecure.” 
You were silent. You hadn’t thought about it that way -- JJ had always been with girls who batted their eyelashes at him and you always thought it was because he enjoyed the sex. Perhaps that was true, but by his confession, you gathered that he hated to feel lonely and found solace in being in the arms of strangers. It filled his void, much like overthinking and daydreaming filled yours. The only difference was that JJ didn’t like to think if he didn’t need to. He hid his problems away and locked them in an opaque cage, buried deep into his mind where even he can’t open it because he threw the key away. But JJ was starting to think you were the very person digging the box out of his buried memories. 
“Anyway,” he said, pulling you out of your thoughts, “I think that’s enough philosophical talk for tonight.” 
You sat there for a moment, feeling more empowered now that you knew JJ only wanted what was best for you. This conversation had thwarted your worst fear. JJ was constantly thinking about you like you were thinking about him and he was comfortable with continuing these lessons if you were. You hadn’t initially thought about what baggage would come with asking JJ how to pleasure someone in the bedroom nor the new worries that arose at the idea of JJ thinking you were using him for his sexual expertise. But as it turned out, JJ didn’t want you thinking he was using you as a cheap way to get himself off either.  
“Teach me how to give a blowjob,” you asserted. JJ looked at you, raising his eyebrow as if to ask if you were sure. “This conversation basically confirmed that we’re in this together and that we’re both comfortable with teaching me how to, you know.” JJ laughed. “So I want you to teach me. If you’re okay with it.” 
“More than okay,” he breathed. “Let’s go to the bedroom, yeah?” You nodded and followed him. 
“You can do this in as many ways as you think possible,” he said, closing the door and locking it behind him. “But let’s just start simple, yeah?” JJ walked to the bed and sat on the edge. “Get on your knees for me, Y/N.” 
You obliged. “What next?” You watched as JJ took off his pants and looked at him in his boxers. 
“Start with the same thing we’ve been doing for the past few days,” he said with a chuckle as you stared at him innocently. You were no stranger to reaching your hands down his pants and grabbing his cock from the waistband of his boxers. You pulled him out, pumping him slowly. JJ was about to speak up but you recalled him telling you to spit on it a few lessons ago, so you leaned to spit directly on his cock. JJ swore his heart was beating faster. He watched as his cock grew in your moving hand and soon you had to use both hands to satisfy his needs. 
“Remember two things,” he said. “Avoid using your teeth and go slow until you’re comfortable.” You nodded at him. “Good girl. Lick the tip for me.” 
You bent your head down and saw his cock fully erect, the head of his cock somewhat red. You leaned down and licked above the slit reveled in the way JJ shuddered from the simple touch. You ran your tongue over his head again and took the liberty to lick the underside of his shaft. 
“Shit,” he cursed. “Looks like you’re getting the hang of it.” 
“I see girls do it all the time in videos,” you said nonchalantly as you kept jerking him off. 
“What?” he said, his eyes snapping at you. 
“You know, in porn?” you asked, confused as to why he was questioning you. JJ’s eyes nearly popped out his sockets at the prospect of you watching porn and getting yourself off. He let out a short groan before resuming his attention on you. 
“Wrap your lips around the head,” he said. He reached his arm out to guide your head to him and your lips spread as you engulfed him into your mouth. He steadied your pace and hissed at the feeling. “Good. Every guy is different but until you know what he likes, go slow. Gauge his reaction. Think you can take a little more?” 
You nodded and JJ pushed your head closer towards his body, watching more of his cock disappear into your mouth. He didn’t motion you any further than halfway down. You were already using your hand to pump the remainder that wasn’t stuffed into your mouth. Your other hand was free to squeeze his balls. He swore he felt his eyes roll into the back of his head. 
“Fucking hell,” JJ moaned. “Jesus, what else have you learned from porn?” He laughed and asked the question more to himself. You pulled off away from him. 
“I can take more,” you said. JJ sat back and let you take control when you grabbed the base of his cock. “Jeez, I never realized how big you were until now.” His eyes were wide as he watched your mouth take his glistening cock. The sound of your throat nearly choking on his cock made him bite his lip and breath heavily. Your head motioned back and forth and your lips felt smooth and soft against his hard length, a distinct contrast that caused JJ to buck his hips into your mouth. You adjusted accordingly and moved your body so that you were able to take all of it. 
“Gonna cum,” he breathed. JJ didn’t know what else to expect from you and he certainly didn’t expect you to swallow his cum if you weren’t comfortable with it. He took his cock in his hand and you watched, for the first time, as he tugged himself at an agonizing pace, wanting to make this orgasm a memorable one. His eyes were shut and you could hear him whine as he approached his release, and you quickly took off the sweatshirt and tank top you were wearing in the heat of the moment. JJ stared at your chest, soaking in the image of you in a white lace bra as he came. 
He watched as he spilled his cum all over your chest and made a note to apologize about spurting himself onto the fabric of your bra later. He moaned loudly when he released, the euphoric feeling taking over his body for a moment. JJ looked down to see you on your knees, marveling at the sight of him coming undone on your skin. But to his surprise, you reached for his cock and slipped the tip into your mouth, catching the remnants of his cum that was still spilling out of him. He watched as you sucked on the tip, your eyes closed and he could feel your hums of approval on his cock, making him shiver in delight.
“How was that?” you asked as you took him out of your mouth. You reached for tissues that were sitting beside the nightstand and wiped your chest. All JJ could do was stare at you. 
“You didn’t have to swallow it,” JJ said, surprised at your actions. You shrugged. 
“Just wanted to know what you tasted like. It was just the heat of the moment.” 
“Fuck,” JJ whimpered. He watched as you wiped his cum off of your bra. “Ah, sorry about that.” You turned to JJ and smiled, shaking your head. 
“I knew what was gonna happen,” you said as you put your clothes back on. “I have to wash it anyway.” 
JJ looked at you, standing on the threshold of the bedroom door. 
“You leaving?” 
“It’s getting late,” you said. “I doubt my parents care but I’m getting sleepy.” He could see the bags underneath your eyes and couldn’t help but think about how adorable you looked in a post-blowjob haze. 
“Drive safely,” he said quietly with a reassuring smile on his lips.
JJ watched as you exited the Chateau and drove away in the deep blue car you loved so much. 
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Chapter 5 is UP! Click here to read it on Ao3!
Chapter summary:
“I told you, Maddie, just give me a few minutes, please.” Bev hadn’t yet turned around and didn’t even notice it was not her friend there with her. Georgie felt bad for scaring her, but they needed to do this now, or their window of opportunity would close.
“Ms. Marsh, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we have something very important to discuss with you.”
Georgie, Ben, Mike and Eddie race to stop a wedding, will they manage to save Bev from marrying Rogan?
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