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madamebaggio · 46 minutes ago
So there’s still some snippets missing, but I’ll be back tomorrow for more 😉
And if you didn’t get the chance to see your favorite ship, don’t worry. I have some (23) drafts to finish, but once I do, I’ll come around with a surprise 😉
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
And for @littlemrscookie second request... More Darcy and Brock ;)
Darcy looked around the restaurant. “This is really nice.”
“We agreed.” He reminded her. “And it’s not even a five stars one.” He teased.
“Right.” She drawled sarcastically. “You do know you don’t need to impress me, right? I’ve seen your abs, I’m impressed enough.”
Brock snorted. “I know. You kept petting them last night. You wanted to give them names.”
“I’m still working on it.” She informed him.
He chuckled. “I’m not trying to impress you. But, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m more…”
She arched an eyebrow. “Ancient?” She offered helpfully.
He narrowed his eyes at her. “Mature. And I like doing things differently. This is our first date; it’s only right that we have a proper dinner.”
Darcy hummed her understanding, her eyes falling back to the menu in her hands. “So we’re not having sex today, right?”
Brock choked on his water. “What?”
“It’s our first date.” She gave him a beatific smile. “It’s only proper.”
Brock put his elbows on the table and leaned forward. “I can wait. Can you?” He challenged her.
Darcy actually stopped to consider it. “If you keep your shirt on, I might be able to.”
Brock laughed so loud everybody in the restaurant turned to look at him.
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
As requested by @littlemrscookie​, some Darcy and Brock ;)
“What if they’re inviting us for a swingers’ party or something?”
Brock gave Darcy a look over his shoulder. “Is this a real concern?”
“People in the ‘burbs are insane.” She argued. “One of my cousins had this pineapple decoration on her door, and apparently is like a swinger’s code, because their neighbors showed up ready to party.”
Brock snorted. “Barbara and Michael don’t have pineapples decorating the front of their house.” He pointed out.
Darcy turned to him. “What if they want our bodies?” She asked, and she seemed to be really worried about the possibility.
Brock smirked at her. “I wouldn’t judge them.”
“Yeah, but… Ew.”
He chuckled. “Listen, I don’t think they want our bodies in that way. At worst, this is going to be another boring as fuck dinner, and at best…”
“It’s the break we’ve been waiting for.” Darcy completed on her own, then sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just nervous.”
“It’s okay.” Brock assured her. “This is what we’ve been waiting for. And -for what’s worth -I've got your back.”
Darcy grinned at him. “What every wife wants to hear.”
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
And as @notcompared​ second request... More Matt and Jess ;)
Jessica could do this. She wasn’t nervous about seeing Murdock or anything. It’d be beyond ridiculous.
She had this.
That was what she kept telling herself as she climbed the steps to his apartment. She was late by only 30 minutes, so they couldn’t complain about it.
Luke opened the door before she could knock. “Murdock said you were on your way.” He informed her.
“Of course he did.” She rolled her eyes. “Is everyone here?”
“It’s just the four of us today.” Luke told her.
“No Colleen?” Jessica groaned. “Great.”
Matt and Danny were around the table, which was covered in takeout.
“Hey, Jess!” Danny called.
“Hi, Golden Boy.”
“Jones.” Matt grinned at her.
“Shut up, Murdock.” She growled at him, making Matt laugh.
Luke gave her a look, clearly confused about the interaction, but Jess just shook her head. She wasn’t going to say a word in a place where Murdock could hear.
Luke seemed like he wanted to push it, but just moved closer to the table. “So… What’s the news?”
“Jess found people moving weapons inside the city.” Matt started.
They explained everything they knew, and Jess passed the pictures around. Luke and Danny were properly worried about the situation, and agreed to go check the place that night and see how things were going.
Jess was getting ready to get out right after then, but Matt asked her to wait a minute.
“What?” She barked.
“Are you upset with me?” He asked directly.
She crossed her arms. “Why would I be?”
“Because of what I said about the date.”
She pressed her lips together. “I know you were joking.” She grumbled.
“And if I wasn’t?”
Jessica poked his chest with her finger. “You were.” And before he could say anything else she walked out the door, and slammed it shut behind her.
Luke and Danny were waiting for her outside. Danny was smiling like Christmas had come earlier and Luke at least was trying to hide his grin.
“Shut up, both of you.”
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
As requested by @notcompared, Matt and Jess part 1.
Matt nodded. “Okay.”
Jessica arched an eyebrow; “That easy?” Her voice was full of mistrust.
“I do know the meaning of the word ‘no’.” He pointed out.
Jessica relaxed minimally. “Okay.”
Matt nodded in silence, that annoying little grin of his still firmly in place.
“Why do you look so happy?” Jessica demanded. “It’s making it very hard to trust you.”
“Oh, sorry.” He had that innocent face of his, the one that Jessica never bought.
“Murdock, I swear to God…”
“I tend to take those things seriously.” He cut her.
She glared at him. “I just said ‘no’ to dating, so why the fuck do you look so calm?”
“Would you rather I start throwing a tantrum?” He asked, seriously curious.
“I’d know how to deal with that. What confuses me is that smile of yours.”
“Ok.” He shrugged. “You do know I can hear your heartbeats, right?”
“Yes.” She replied carefully.
“So I know when you’re lying.”
Jessica stared at him, agape, for a whole minute. “Get out, Murdock!”
“Fair enough.”
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
As requested by @bennett-slytherin​.
“You’re making that face.”
“What face?” John asked, his eyes still on something else.
“That face you make when you’re planning on how to take someone in a public place.”
He finally turned to Natasha, a grin on his lips. “You do know me very well.”
She chuckled. “Who are you taking down?”
He liked how easy it was with her. She didn’t think it was strange he was considering killing someone during date night. “Can you see those three?”
Natasha followed the direction of his eyes and saw three young men loitering outside a convenience store. “Yes.”
“The other two across the street?”
“I think they’re following two girls that are inside the store.” John informed her.
Natasha looked at the other group again, in silence for a bit. “They have a friend with a van.” She said, clearly reading lips. “They’re waiting for the girls to come out.”
“Now what?” John asked her, seriously.
Natasha hummed. “You pay the bill and I’ll go to the store.”
“Are you sure?” It was a dangerous situation and he knew Natasha would want to protect the girls, but they’d been talking for a good while about going on a normal date night. 
“Positive. Don’t take too long.”
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
And @ayleecambell​ second request... The adventures of Sansa and Arthur and an accidental family ;) *** Arthur was pretty sure he was having an out of body experience.
He could almost see himself from a distance, talking calmly to Sansa -that Sansa, the girl he’d never forgotten, the one he’d tried to find for such a long time -while his head was going a thousand miles an hour.
He was having this internal freakout, wondering about so many things, trying to accept what was so obvious…
Was that what a stroke felt like?
His head fell to his hands and he took a deep breath in.
“Arthur?” Sansa called softly. “Are you okay? I am so sorry. I didn’t really plan on telling you like this…”
Arthur raised a hand to stop her. “It’s fine.” It wasn’t. “I just need a minute here. It’s a lot of information.”
Sansa bit her lower lip, a sense of dread taking over her. She didn’t want to expect the worst from Arthur, but… Well… He wasn’t asking anything outrageous. He had just found out he had two kids! A minute was a very small request, but Sansa couldn’t stop thinking about…
“The first thing I want to know…” He spoke, breaking her train of thought. “Is if they’re okay. Are they healthy? Do they like school? I could see they are as good-looking as I am.”
Sansa stood there frozen for a minute, then she started crying.
“Sansa!” Arthur panicked and hurried to hold her. She hid her face on his chest.
“I’m so sorry.” She said, amidst her tears. “I was just… I am so relieved that you want to know about them.”
“Hey, Red.” He called softly, like he called her when they met. “Of course I want to know everything about them. I want to see them again, and get to know those kids. I’m sorry you had to go through this alone.”
Sansa looked into his eyes, grateful that he was now there, and she could finally tell him the truth, and get rid of this guilt and maybe…
That was the moment Arya and Robb entered the room. They looked from Sansa to Arthur, their eyes got really big and then…
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madamebaggio · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
As requested by @ayleecambell​, more of Sansa x Arthur and the problems (or rewards) of a love potion ;)
Arthur scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah… Oh.”
“But you’ve never…” Sansa couldn’t even finish the sentence.
“Yeah.” He repeated slowly, then ran his fingers through his hair. “I really feel like I took advantage.”
“You don’t even remember it.” Sansa pointed out -not for the first time. He was really stuck on some parts of the incident. “If nothing else, I was the one who took advantage.”
He gave her a look. “How’s that?”
Sansa cleared her throat. “There was a significant delay between you drinking the potion and me doing something about it.”
Arthur arched an eyebrow at her, that damned smirk of his making an appearance. “Is that so?”
“Yes.” She crossed her arms and refused to say more.
Arthur stretched his leg, hooking his foot on the leg of Sansa’s chair, then using it to pull her closer.
“Arthur!” Sansa squealed.
He opened his legs so he could pull Sansa’s chair as close as possible, then held on to the seat. “Explain the delay.” He asked.
Sansa felt herself getting red under his look. “Explain what you said about my couch.” She challenged back.
“It’s horrible.” He pointed out easily.
She glared at him, and Arthur chuckled. “And I’d love to spread you on…” She covered his mouth.
“I remember that part.” She cleared her throat. She lowered her hands slowly, her eyes holding his. “I didn’t think you were interested.”
Arthur groaned and let his head fall back. “I’m an idiot, Red.” He brought his eyes back to hers. “I thought you deserved better.”
She gave him a flat look. “And asking me never crossed your mind?”
“That’s why I’m an idiot.” He pointed out -quite happily.
Sansa shook her head. “What do I do with you?”
“You could start by telling me exactly what I said and did.” He offered. “It’s only fair.”
She scoffed. “Fair?”
“Yes. I don’t remember it, but you do.”
The corner of her mouth curved up. “You’ll need to buy me dinner first.”
“Deal, Red.”
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madamebaggio · 4 hours ago
I’ll start posting soon 😉
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madamebaggio · 2 days ago
Hello, everyone!
As I said earlier, I'm here to bring you a special offer.
Read carefully!
Have you been missing that one snippet? That little taste of a favorite ship that hasn't been around much lately?
Well, your problems are over!
For the next 12 hours (yes, very precise) you can request any of those snippets that you wish there were more of!
Each person can request the follow-up of (up to) two snippets of any ship I have worked previously on. It can't be a new ship, I'm not opening new requests for now. It has to be a snippet from a ship that's already in existence. So, for example, you can request more Arthur x Sansa from the "accidental family" series, but not a new work for the ship, or a new combination of ships (only follow-ups).
I also won't be doing any follow-ups on my full works (the fanfictions you can find on my AO3 profile). Only the snippets.
You can find my list of ships here, and my tags masterlist here (unfortunately, both aren't as up to date as I'd like, so if you don't find a specific ship or tag, this might be the reason. But it doesn't mean you can't request them). And here is the place on AO3 where I'm putting all my tumblr works (it's also incomplete, but I'm working on it).
Leave the ship/series name on a comment on this post (for example Sansa x Bucky 'agent Sansa Stark', or Darcy x Brock 'Commander Testosterone', or Matt x Jess 'flirty Matt'). I'll start working on them this weekend, by order.
Let me know if you have any doubts!
It's now 10 pm here in Brazil and this post will be accepting requests until 10 am.
Have fun ;)
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madamebaggio · 2 days ago
Hey everyone!!!
I have a surprise for you later today!
So find your favorite snippet/ship that hasn’t been update in a while, and I’ll explain the rules in a few hours 😉
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
(btw 💛 your work)
I would love to have the answer to that question... But I have no idea.
I’m really happy you enjoy it, though 😊😊😊
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
23 drafts to go.
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
“How are things around the keep?”
“Working.” Sansa sighed. “There’s so much to prepare.”
“You’re doing well.” He assured her, coming closer. “You’re lucky your brother isn’t here. He’d get in the way.”
Sansa gave him a look. “Don’t start that again. Jon is a good man.”
“I never said he wasn’t.” Loki pointed out. “He’s just not very smart.”
Her face made it quite clear he should stop talking.
“Fine.” He sighed. “I’ll help you. What do you need?”
“What is it going to cost me?” She asked, an eyebrow arched.
“Are you saying you don’t believe I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart?” Loki asked, his expression pained.
He was quite the actor.
“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying.” Sansa replied, unamused by his antics.
“All I ask for is some of your time.”
“For what?” She asked, confused.
“Dinner?” She repeated, her voice full of mistrust.
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
Even before Sansa opened her eyes, she knew where she was. She also knew she had a hell of a hangover.
She also knew exactly who the arm around her waist belonged to.
And that was going to be way more complicated than a hangover.
As she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was a copy of “1984” on the nightstand. She thought it was a peculiar choice for Merlin, but who was she to tell him what he could read?
She was also quite aware that she had way less clothes than she had the night before, but this was pushed as a concern for later.
Now she really needed to get to the bathroom.
Which should’ve been an easy task, but Merlin was surprisingly -or not so much -strong, and he didn’t seem interested in letting go.
She tried to get herself free one more time, but he just pulled her tightly back against his body. It was way too early for her to think about all the implications of what they’d done the night before, and how much she wanted to just stay there.
“I need to get up.” She informed him.
Merlin groaned something, and pressed his forehead against her shoulder. She gave him a minute.
He finally seemed to realise what was going on, because he tensed, and the arm around her waist suddenly let go.
“Sansa?” He called, his voice rough from sleep.
He sat up suddenly. “Oh lord. Did we…”
“No.” She cut him, also sitting on the bed. “We fell asleep before most of the clothes came off.”
He closed his eyes and massaged his temples. “Oh god.”
Sansa snorted. “Everything a woman wants to hear in the morning.” She stood up. “I need to go.”
“Sansa, wait.”
“To the bathroom.” She threw over her shoulder.
Definitely more complicated than a hangover.
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
“Do you remember when we first met?” Booker asked Sansa as the others rested around them.
“I’m not that old that I’d forget.” She teased him.
“So you remember you took one look at me, then turned around and left?”
Sansa choked on her drink, making Booker laugh. “In my defense, I wasn’t in a good place.”
“I can’t say I was.” Booker chuckled.
“But I do remember the next time we met.”
Booker smiled at her. “It was… What? Almost a hundred years later?”
“It was. A masquerade in Vienna.”
“You flirted with me.” He said teasingly.
“You flirted back.” She reminded him. “Until the masks came off.”
Booker chuckled again. “It was quite the shock. You were wearing a wig, and a gorgeous blue dress.”
“You remember my dress?”
“I remember everything.”
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
Darcy was happily snuggled between two super soldiers. She had a nice blanket, popcorn and way too much candy within reach.
Steve had let her pick the movie and Bucky had braided her hair.
“You guys are spoiling me.” She accused before the movie started.
“You think this is spoiling?” Bucky snorted. “Wait until we bring you breakfast in bed.”
“You two do know you don’t need to bribe me to stay, right?” She teased. “I’m not about to run for the hills.”
“It’s not that.” Steve assured her. “We aren’t ‘bribing’ you to stay. We’re treating our best girl the way she deserves.”
“Steve.” Darcy whined. “You two are unfair.”
“We’re not.” Bucky chuckled. “We like you, and we want you to be happy with us. That’s how it works.”
“Honestly…” Darcy sighed. “We’ll see what you say after I become a demanding monster.”
Bucky leaned in, closer. “I’ll help you tie Steve to the bed.”
“Bucky!” Steve blushed, but Darcy giggled.
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
“You never told me if you liked the dress.”
Bucky groaned. “Are we still talking about that dress?”
“So you didn’t like it!” Darcy accused, gently slapping his chest.
Bucky captured her small hand and dropped a kiss to its back. “You looked like a dream, doll. That was the problem, actually.”
“You were jealous?” 
Bucky groaned. “Just a bit.”
Darcy snickered. “I owe Tasha 20 bucks. I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea to bet against her.”
“What?” Bucky was agape.
“She said you were jealous during the party.”
“And you didn’t believe her?”
“I thought you’d say something if you were.”
Bucky closed his eyes and groaned again. “Doll, I’m not that good anymore. I used to be much more confident.”
“It’s fine.” She patted his chest comfortingly. “I liked the whole ‘I’m not a saint’ thing.”
She was never going to let him forget that.
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
Darcy passed him the unicorn cup -again. “Are you really better?”
Steve grinned boyilish at her. “Haven’t I convinced you yet?” He teased.
“I’m serious.” She pushed his shoulder. “Are you feeling anything?”
“No.” He answered her honestly. “I’m much better. I do feel thirsty.”
“You aren’t the only one.” Darcy snorted.
He grabbed her hand and pulled her closer. “Thank you for taking care of me.”
“Trust me, it was my pleasure.”
He put the unicorn back on the bedside table and tumbled Darcy on the bed -again. “Was it?”
“I have to say… I enjoy this whole caveman thing.”
Steve laughed. “Caveman? Should I throw you over my shoulder and carry you to my cave?”
Darcy smirked at him, putting her arms around his neck. “Please do.”
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madamebaggio · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notes: Previously...
This ship also won a full post, but before that... Have fun with this ;)
“This is awkward.” Darcy said out of nowhere, making it even more awkward.
Jack -who was standing right behind Brock -snorted. Brock wanted to throw him a look over his shoulder, but he thought this would make it even more awkward.
And the thing was, he didn’t want things to be like this.
Brock wanted to take Darcy on a date, do everything properly now. Yes, he’d been the one to enter that locker room knowing what was -very -likely to happen. Maybe he should’ve done the whole dinner thing first, but he was impulsive when it came to Darcy.
So yes, they did have a lot of fun in that shower, but it wasn’t supposed to be just that.
He was going to ask her out, but there was this sudden mission, and Brock had spent three fucking weeks in the middle of the jungle, unable to contact anyone.
He was pissed off and beyond frustrated by the time he got back.
Just to find Darcy in the same elevator.
“I was going to call.” He blurted out.
This time it was Ramirez who snickered. He was going to kill his team.
“Were you?” Darcy asked, looking amused.
“I was.” He assured her. “I will.”
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