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anomieheld · 2 minutes ago
2 extra hours on a shift of 3.... sweet
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megumei · 9 minutes ago
hi! i was wondering where you read the jjk manga? >_< thank u!!
hi anon ! i read it on this website :) its missing a few chapters though, but all i did was search ‘jujutsu kaisen manga’ and a ton of websites came up !
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wildernessuntothemselves · 48 minutes ago
I know it’s an old issue and I’m not sure if you’ve ever talked abt it on your vlog but what are your thoughts on the woojin situation?
I was one of the people that jumped on his ass when things first came out but I hear now that the girl might've not been telling the truth and that the company is legit
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fandomgirl667 · an hour ago
WOHOO!!! Party!! Ok so my reason to be this happy is that AO3 finally, like finally gave their invitation to me. Now I am officially a AO3 user and gonna start writing fanfictions!! I write short stories all the time but this is my first time posting them on online, I am so nervous I can’t even write/type now one. I am not bad in writing so if anyone wants any idea or as people here I think say, prompt, to be written, just ask!! I write any ship or no ship short stories you want, from Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, BBC Merlin, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I will try my best to post it ASAP in Tumblr or you can go and check out my profile Singing_in_the_dark. Ok now wish me luck, I will need it.
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inniterhq · an hour ago
art omg omg omg im stuck like so so stuck between two boys
boy one: curly blond hair n green eyes :)) wrote me a note thanking me for making him laugh, goes to my school and has like all my classes w me n we talk everyday
boy two: dark brown hair n blue eyes :)) SO cute, we play video games like twice a week, calls me sunshine, lives in another state :(, 2 year age gap
bro im goin crazy i need help but i feel terrible for thinking about deciding between them
oh my god- first things first: PLEASE take everything i say with a grain of salt, most of my relationships with boys consist of them asking for hw answers and me sending them cause im too tired to care-
second: they both sound wonderful :(( you really got lucky
third: i don't wanna tell you who to pick, because that's up to you, but it really seems like the first boy is around more and if you're anything like me, a long distance relationship would cause so much anxiety
honestly go with whoever you think you know the most and can get along with the best, the one you trust the most as well
idk this is probably SHIT advice but yeah-
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theneekytree · 2 hours ago
I'm about to learn to ride a bike properly at my ridiculously old teen age XD
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kurosmind-art · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
(I forgot to post here;)
A lil thingy for Nagito's Birthday, sweet boy 💕
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diorite-slab · 3 hours ago
Hi i know today can be pretty rough so good luck and take care of yourself<3 it’ll be over before u know it
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ilottsupremacy · 3 hours ago
belen :(
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headcanonsandmore · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
If @the-little-fox-in-the-box @thehufflepuffpixie​ @princesserica84​ and me ever meet up in real life, all the selfies are going to end up looking like this. 
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izayoichan · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hayden wraps his arms around Vy, chuckling realizing this is just one of the many things he loves about the man now in his arms. 
Hayden: Yes.. ice cream sounds nice.
He sneaks a quick kiss before he lets Vy go. 
Hayden: I know I said it before, but I will say it again. I think I may have inherited my dad's luck dragon trait. Vy: I am your guardian dragon and you are the protector of my heart.
He smiles lovingly placing a hand over the scar on Hayden's chest and kisses him. He gets up, pulling Hayden to sit up as he goes get the ice cream. He brought their favorite, chocolate and salted caramel, holding the ice cream tub for Hayden and two spoons.
Vy: Today we are rebels! Straight from the tub!
They both chuckle, eating their ice cream, before they finally decided it is best to head home. Vy saying he has a good idea for dinner, Hayden just laughing and suggesting they might skip the broccoli for once. Just to surprise Flynn. 
At the shelter Emil looks at the phoenix, watching it renew it's cycle, as the ashes burst in flames, a baby phoenix emerging from it. It chirped and Emil actually chirped back, wagging their tail, no longer interested in eating it. If it was an adult, but as a renewed shill, they would not eat it. Flynn smiles slightly at the chirp, noticing the wagging of the tail, the same thing he had seen when they were interested in the movie earlier. It was clearly something they did when they were happy or just interested in something. He released his hold on him, yet still keeping an eye on him just in case. Fannar smiles, noticing the tail as well, handing the plate for fruit for the newly reborn one. 
Fannar: Here you go, fruit so you can grow and soon be back with Morgyn. 
They turn to their brother. 
Fannar: And concert in two weeks, I still love how your Aunt got him to say yes. Flynn: Yeah, she has her ways, doesn't she.
Flynn looks over at Emil, taking a small blanket they have for the familiars, and puts it over him so he can sleep if he wants too, then he sits back with Fannar, the two talking about the concert, while they watch the phoenix eat, Fannar cleaning off the old dust, just like their uncle has taught them. Emil starts napping a little, every now and then making small growling sounds as if having dreams.
Fannar: He seems to dream a lot... Flynn: Yeah...
He hoped it was good dreams, but he was pretty sure it wasn't.
Beginning - Previous - Next
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hocktent · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
At this rhythm we won't have players for the playoffs...
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sumire-is-my-nickname · 4 hours ago
My luck is always comes from unexpected🙃. When i hope to get one of SP karma from the event in my first 10 pull and got.... nothing☹. And now i must be patience to collect gems to do the next 10 pull (because i had spent my galaxy wish coupons and gems for previous rerun wedding event😅 and i can't do purchase even i want to😓)
Instead i got this karma with only 1 sunrise coupon😂
Tumblr media
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my-soul-sings · 6 hours ago
just my luck: chapter 8
Fandom: Wannabe Challenge Characters: Taehee x Reader
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 (pt. 1) | Chapter 4 (pt. 2) | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 (AO3) 
Chapter 8 (full)
It was love and first sight when he met her back then.
He had been out hunting in the woods to practise his archery, and a flash of movement in the distance had caught his eye. Thinking it was a deer, he swiftly drew his bow and aimed his arrow at the moving target and released it.
However, instead of a deer’s cry, he heard something more human; something like a woman’s scream.
Panic had seized him and he’d tapped the sides of his horse with his feet, snapping the reins in his hands to beckon it to go faster towards the source of that sound.
It didn’t take long to find the owner of the voice: a young woman dressed in a blue hanbok. She was lying on her side next to an overturned basket with collected herbs spilling out of it onto the ground. The stray arrow he had shot lay just a few inches away from her, but it didn’t look like she had been hit by it. Taehee was relieved that she was uninjured, until he noticed that she was clutching at her ankle and wincing in pain.
He had apologised profusely to her, although she hadn’t taken as kindly to nearly being killed while collecting herbs in the woods. She had probably been scared, so he didn’t blame her when she started to scold him for being so careless, or when she asked him to pick up the spilled herbs for her. In fact, it was refreshing in a way. He was used to people being wary and walking on eggshells around him. As the eldest son in the family, people often feared that a single misstep would incur his wrath, even though he had never abused his power as other nobles often did.
Her words, on the other hand, were sharp. She would have been considered rude by any nobleman’s standards. But for some reason it comforted him. She was just a commoner, yet she treated him as an equal. They were simply two people who had met by chance in the woods. Here, he wasn’t the man with an entire family’s expectations weighing on his shoulders; he was simply him.
Maybe that was what made him fall for her that day. Taehee hadn’t even realised he was smiling to himself until she started yelling at him for finding the situation even remotely humorous.
Even in her next life, she was the same: strong-willed, stubborn, independent.
And even now, he loved her.
Although, it seemed that she couldn’t believe it for some reason. And here he thought the most difficult thing to convince her of was that he could see the future. He supposed the upside of it was that maybe she wouldn’t have such a hard time digesting the fact that he and his friends were goblins too. That was another headache he would have to worry about later...
“What’s so crazy about it?” he asked her while he parked the car. Her stare was boring two large holes in his head.
“There’s no such thing as love at first sight.” She said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. “Come on, tell me the real reason you’re helping me. Please?”
The car finally rolled to a stop, and Taehee switched off the engine. “I’m not lying to you.”
“Then, you were mistaken.”
“I’m not.”
She huffed, folding her arms across her chest. This was a lot harder than Taehee thought it would be.
“The first time I met you, I’d literally just rolled out of bed and I looked like hell because I was sick. How could you fall in love with that?”
A smile tugged at his lips when he remembered that day—the day he finally found her again. He wanted to say she was beautiful even then, but she might think he was just bluffing and being glib.
It was hard to pick the right word to describe that first meeting. The regret and shame he had felt for the past three hundred years had melded together all at once. But more than that, there was happiness and joy knowing that he now had a second chance to be with her and make her happy like he had promised a long time ago.
“Seeing you that day was a miracle.” There was no other way to put it.
Her strong front began to falter, but Taehee could still see the disbelief in her eyes. Well, he expected as much. It was sort of like this back then too; in her previous life, she had been just as doubtful of his intentions every time he made up a flimsy excuse to meet her again.
“You know what, I prefer it when you’re cryptic,” she finally said, a sigh escaping her. “It’s better than the cheesy lines. You probably flirt with a lot of other girls like this.”
Her fingers curled around the car door, ready to open it, but he placed a hand over hers to stop her from leaving. “I don’t flirt with other women, I promise,” he told her. “I’m serious about you. You might not believe it now, but I’ll prove myself with time.”
She raised an eyebrow at that. “With time? It’s not like we’re going to spend that much time together.”
He smiled then. “I was going to bring this up later, but... Stay at my place for the time being, until you manage to sort things out. There’s a free room here anyway, so it’s a perfect arrangement.”
“We don’t have a ‘free room’ ! Where is she going to sleep?” Hansol hissed. Taehee smacked the blond on the arm, glancing over his shoulder at the closed door in case they were heard.
The three roommates were currently huddled together in Hansol’s room, while they had left the confused woman at the dining table to eat the breakfast that Taehee had prepared earlier. The older man had planned to discuss this matter with them beforehand, but with everything that happened in the morning he hadn’t gotten a chance to do it. As a result, his roommates were understandably unprepared when she asked whether there was really an available room for her to use for the time being.
Hansol had completely failed to hide the shock on his face, until he received a sharp jab to the side, courtesy of Taehee’s elbow. His attempt to play along was commendable, but still it didn’t stop him from announcing that the three men had something to discuss, before dragging Taehee and Biho down the hallway by brute force into his room for an emergency meeting.
“What were you thinking?” Hansol continued, when Taehee returned his attention to them.
“I was thinking… she could take my room. Then I could share with either you or Biho,” he said sheepishly. “Just for the time being until she has to leave.”
Both of his roommates narrowed their eyes at him. “I don’t think you’re going to let her leave,” Biho pointed out.
“I...” Taehee couldn’t refute it—of course he would try as much as possible to convince her to stay with him. The best case scenario would be if they could live together for the rest of their lives. Just the thought of staying in the same house as her, waking up to see her every morning and going to sleep after making sure she was warmly tucked in bed was enough to make him grin like a lovestruck idiot.
It earned him a hard squeeze on the shoulder by Hansol. That brat was misusing his strength now for things like this?
“Hyung, is this funny to you?” Hansol asked, prompting Taehee to immediately drop his smile and smoothen his facial expression into something more neutral. He cleared his throat. “No, not at all. Sorry.”
“I’m agreeable to letting her stay here,” Biho chimed in then. “She doesn’t have anywhere else to go, right?”
Thank the heavens for Biho’s soft heart. It was coming in handy now. Taehee nodded. “Her wrist is fractured too. There’ll be a lot of things she can’t do on her own, so it’ll be good if she stays with us.”
“I’m on the same page as you guys, but we need to figure out the sleeping arrangements,” Hansol replied with a frustrated sigh, running a hand through his hair and messing it up slightly. “Why did you even tell her we have a free room?”
Taehee looked away sheepishly. “Because… she would have refused to stay here otherwise. She’s a bit stubborn, and she doesn’t like depending too much on other people for help.”
“You do realise she can count the number of rooms we have in this house and figure it out on her own, right?”
“Yeah, well...” Taehee trailed off, racking his brains for any reasonable excuse, but he couldn’t. Why did his roommates have to be right about everything? In any case— “That doesn’t matter. We should just quickly decide on the sleeping arrangement.”
“Why can’t she stay in the same room as you? Your bed is the biggest— Ow.” Hansol smacked Biho upside the head for that suggestion. “That’s indecent!”
Taehee took offense at the insinuation that he would have tried anything inappropriate even if she slept in the same bed as him. With warming cheeks, he butted in, “I would never do anything inappropriate to her. But anyway,” he cleared his throat, “she’s definitely not going to accept that even if I did.”
Hansol cocked an eyebrow at that. “So you would sleep in the same bed as her if she said ‘yes’?” With exaggerated shock, he smacked his hands on both cheeks as his mouth formed an ‘o’. “Hyung, I’m seeing a different side of you today.”
“Stop that.” Taehee rolled his eyes, suppressing the urge to smack Hansol. He would only receive a harder one in return, no thanks to the younger goblin’s superior strength.
“Then, one of us has to share a room with you?” Biho asked, looking grim all of a sudden. Taehee watched realisation sink into Hansol’s expression, and he swore the blond’s face paled slightly. What was that all about?
“Why do you guys look like that?”
“You’ll get offended if I say it,” Biho said bluntly, while Hansol quietly nodded. “Maybe Hansol and I can share a room instead. You can take one of ours.”
Taehee frowned. He was already starting to get offended and it was even more frustrating because he didn’t understand why they were so reluctant to share a room with him. “What’s so bad about rooming with me?”
The duo exchanged nervous glances, and at Hansol’s nod, Biho sucked in a sharp breath and turned back to face Taehee. “Well… you’re a clean freak. You already nag at us every weekend, I don’t want it to become an everyday thing.”
“Yeah,” Hansol chimed in before Taehee could get a word of protest out. “Sorry Taehee, you know we love you, but the nagging…”
Taehee didn’t know if he should be happy or offended that he would get a room to himself despite being the one to suggest this arrangement. He didn’t have the chance to decide, because all three of them were startled by knocks on the door that came in rapid succession.
“I’m coming in,” he heard her say, and then the door opened. She stepped in, surveying the surprise on their faces before releasing a sigh.
“I heard everything. Look, I can just take the couch or an inflatable mattress if you have one. I’m fine with sleeping in the living room. I feel bad enough for imposing; I don’t want to trouble you guys further by making you switch rooms.”
“You’re not troubling us—”
“Taehee, I know you’re just being nice, but it’s really fine. I already appreciate all the help so far. And,” her eyes came to rest on Hansol and then Biho, “sorry to impose for this period of time. I’ll try to find a new place as soon as possible.”
“Don’t worry about it,” Biho said with a reassuring smile. “You’re injured, it’s not good for you to live alone for now. At least with us around we can help you when you need it.”
“Yeah, and you’re not imposing on us at all,” Hansol added cheerily. “We really don’t mind. You can take one of our rooms, it’s no big deal.”
“No, please. I can’t. I want to sleep on the couch.” Her eyes turned to Taehee, and he recognised the pleading look. She wasn’t going to change her mind, and he suspected if they continued to insist on her taking a room, she would simply walk out the door. She was too stubborn for her own good sometimes.
“Alright,” he said finally, “the couch it is.”
She brightened immediately, sending him an appreciative smile. “Thanks. I really mean it.”
“Looks like you gained some likability points with her,” Hansol whispered teasingly in Taehee’s ear. The older man flushed in embarrassment and stepped on Hansol’s foot to get him to shut up. Unfortunately he must have applied too much force, for the younger man shrieked and hopped away, cradling his sore foot.
“Sorry, there was a bug there,” was Taehee’s flimsy excuse. Then he hurried out of the room with the excuse of looking for a spare blanket and pillows for her.
He didn’t miss the amused look on her face as she observed the exchange.
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