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#lucille sharpe
murderous-666-666 · 3 days ago
“It is a monstrous love and it makes monsters of us all.“
— Lucille Sharpe, Crimson Peak.
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chastaindaily · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucille likes the feeling of tight corsets and constraint. Jessica Chastain as Lucille Sharpe in a deleted scene from Crimson Peak
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murderous-666-666 · 16 days ago
“Beautiful things are fragile.“
— Lucille Sharpe, Crimson Peak.
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ladyfluff · 20 days ago
The Secret Beach.
Soundtrack: Once Upon A Wish
Part One.
Part Two.
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven: This is it.
End: Coming soon!
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Tumblr media
Thomas kept guard, looking down the hall that lead through the backdoor to the house. The workers entrance, he had been very much aware that he could get out of the house without being seen if he took this particular route seeing as the hallway was rather straight and narrow. No need for turns, stops or sneaking. Just down the hall and straight through the door on the other side, Thomas watched as Mrs. Hornsby and another maid exited through the door on the left. That would take them into the foyer which was on the other side of this wall, he smiles and signals to his companion. This felt exciting, like an adventure.
''They're gone.''
Violet was quick to catch up with him, peeking out into the empty hall. She had decided to take Princess with her, it was a shame to leave her behind while they went out to play. Perhaps she'd like to play with them, Thomas could throw some sticks for her. He knew Princess would love that, doggies really liked running around and playing with people. Thomas wished he had a dog, perhaps his father would allow him one if he promised to take good care of it. He'd train it and feed it, Lucille would help too. It didn't have to be a big dog, it could be a small one. Like one of those little lapdogs those ladies in London had with them, real small. Thomas would teach it not to bark so it would be quiet all the time, he'd be so good. He grabbed Violet's hand and began pulling her down the hallway, they needed to be quick.
''Clarence said he would be waiting at the staircase, didn't he?''
Thomas' face reddened at the sight of her smile, she seemed a lot better today which was good but he still felt like they shouldn't be going out today. He got into a lot of trouble for taking Violet down to the yesterday, he didn't want anymore incidents. He didn't want her to get any sicker, what if she fell? Thomas wouldn't know what to do with himself if she did.
''Yes but are you sure you want to do this today? You were sick for the past two days, perhaps we should take it easy today and just sit in the garden again.''
Violet gave his hand a tight squeeze and sniffled.
''I want us to play every day, I don't want to waste any more time in bed...''
Thomas smiled, he liked Violet a lot. He was so glad to have made a friend here, originally he was sent her as a way to keep him out of trouble. So that his parents wouldn't have to drag him around, he would've loved to go with them but he was happier to be at Millicent Heights.
''Especially now since you'll be leaving soon.''
Thomas hadn't forgotten, the letter might've arrived by now. Soon enough his father would come, stomping his way up the path with his cane in the air. Like a newly sharpened sword ready to strike, he could hear it already. The exact tone of voice  he'd use in front of Mr. Jackson, how he'll address him politely and apologise to him only to give Thomas an absolute earful in the carriage. Lucille would receive a lashing of her own, he wasn't looking forward to it. Thomas didn't want to leave Violet, he didn't want to go home yet. 
''Come on Princess!''
Thomas wanted to stay here forever.
Tumblr media
''Seven, eight, nine, ten!
He couldn't see them, his sister's scarf on his head. Thomas blindly chased the girls around the beach, Clarence didn’t join in on the fun, he had to go. Princess was first, she couldn't help but want a bit of a fuss from him. Finding her was very easy but finding his sister and Violet wasn't going to be a cakewalk. His arms stretched out, feeling the air for his sister. He followed the faint laughter, the soft ocean waves seemed to help mask their voices but he could still recognise his sister's voice. He felt the sand shifting around his toes, someone had just dodged him. Ran away from him, he smiles.
''Lucy? Is that you? I can hear you laughing!''
His sister laughed a bit louder, however she seemed to be farther away now. Thomas turned around, following the sound of her voice. He stumbled a little, the sand was hard to walk through. Sinking deeper into it with each step, he bumped into someone. He couldn't tell if it was his sister, did she move again? Thomas didn't hesitate and grabbed a hold the stranger's clothes, stopping them from escaping. He had caught someone, he felt pride surging through him. Thomas hadn't exactly won the game yet but he was very close, now all he had to do was determine who this was. He had a pretty good idea, this person vibrated. Struggling to keep in their laughter, Thomas could tell who this was just by the smell of her hair. Mixed in with the salty ocean breeze, he smiled as he felt for her shoulders.
''You're Violet!''
Violet giggles, Thomas was quick to rip the scarf away from his eyes so that he could see her smiling. He loved seeing her smile, seeing her happy. It made him feel warm, she made him feel happy. He could see her now, covering her mouth with her hands. Laughing into them. Thomas found her, he could pick her laugh out in a crowd. He was confident about that.
''Hey, you can't take it off! The game isn't over yet!''
He still had his sister to catch!
Tumblr media
''You can't catch me!''
Thomas was running out of breath rather quickly, he's been chasing her all over the gardens. Having moved away from the secret beach to be closer to home as the sun began setting, they had spent all day down by the ocean. Clarence had gone back to work on the vegetables early, he had work to do. Thomas would've liked to see the vegetables, Thomas and Lucille had a vegetable patch at home but it wasn't that big. Enough to feed their family, that was about it. They were harder to come by during the winter, Thomas was so sick of eating potato soup. They had it so often in the winter time, he liked the variety here at Millicent Heights. They had fish often, Thomas was starting to like fish more now. Stew tasted nice, hopefully there would be something tasty for dinner soon. Maybe Violet could eat with him and Lucille tonight, that would be nice.
''I can! Just slow down!''
Violet started running today, Thomas didn't expect her to be so fast. For a girl who spent her entire life locked up in her room and bound to the bed, she sure could book it. He watched her run across the field, rounding the trees. Her gold waves like a banner in the wind, she loved running. Thomas could tell that she didn't want to stop, hopefully she won't insist on running every single day. That would get exhausting after a while, Thomas stops and bends forward. His hands on his knees, trying to catch his breath and figure out how to catch her. Violet only squeals once Lucille joins in on the chase, following her around the gardens. 
''Slowing down defeats the point going fast!''
Thomas' eyes widened, he knew how to catch her now.
''Lucy, go the other way! We'll corner her near the hedges!''
His sister did as he asked, taking off the other way in order to get Violet to run towards the hedges. Thomas ran after Violet, right up towards the hedges. She was cornered, the only way she was getting away was by being caught. Unless she could somehow jump over the hedges, they were too tall for her to vault over however. She let's out a joyful shriek as Thomas threw himself at her, wrapping his arms around her. Embracing her tightly, he knew he'd catch her eventually. He was relieved that it happened so soon, if he hadn't figured out cornering her he might've ended up chasing her all through the night. Violet had asked him to come play hide and seek with her later tonight when the house is sleeping, no doubt Millicent Heights had a bunch of good places to hide. Especially in the little library, there were so many corners he could hide in. Thomas kisses the top of her head as a consolation prize, Violet wasn't too happy about losing but at least she'll be happy to know that she is the fastest.
Thomas froze at the sound of Mr. Jackson coming from behind him, he was quick to let go of Violet. Shoving his hands into his trouser pockets, it wasn't polite to touch a lady in such a familiar manner but he figured hugs between friends was alright. Hugs were nice, they wouldn't hurt anyone. Thomas tried to stay out of trouble ever since Mr. Jackson yelled at him the other day. He was already in trouble as is, Violet tugs on his shirt but Thomas just steps away from her. Looking down at his feet, what else could he do? Scold Mr. Jackson for being a lousy father? No, he already did that. Any more lip from him and he'd be made to sleep outside no doubt, his jaw tightened.
''You're running...''
Violet hums, skipping towards her father. Thomas flinched as Lucille touches his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. Was this her attempting to comfort him?
''Tommy taught me how! He also showed me the ocean and the trees and the flowers and-''
Violet didn't manage to finish her sentence, Mr. Jackson had scooped her up into his arms. Hoisting her up into the air, Thomas observed as Violet's father tossed her joyfully into the air. Hearing her laugh so happily, her father was smiling so brightly. Where was all of this joy a couple of days ago? Why was he so happy now? Thomas felt his eyes welling up.
''You're running! Oh my darling girl!''
A knot in his stomach, why couldn't he have something like this? Thomas could recognise that this is how fathers should behave with their children, they should be loved and be made happy. Thomas deserved this much didn't he? Lucille deserved better too, she had been treated like a dog more or less. Their lives didn't matter much to their parents, Thomas had been born with a purpose. Which was to inherit house and name, Lucille wouldn't get much if anything at all. Their family was worth nothing, all they had were old furniture and family heirlooms. Surely they could sell one of those ugly doilies, he didn't understand what his mother wanted with those. Lucille had been the only person in the house that made any sense to him, she was so normal. Thomas and Lucille were both so different from their mother and father, they were better for it. Thomas had always loved Lucille the most, she had taken such good care of him and she protected him. In a way, she was more of a mother to him than their actual mother ever was but this didn't lessen Thomas' desire to bond with his mother. He wished he could sit beside her, lay his head on her lap and listen to her tell him stories. Thomas wished he had that with her, he wished his father would stop locking him in the closet. He wanted to play with him, he wanted his father to be proud of him. Just like Mr. Jackson was of Violet, Thomas wanted a father like that.
He wiped his nose with the sleeve of his shirt, turning his back to Violet and her father.
''Let's give them a moment...''
He didn't want to look at them right now, he headed for the beach. Thomas wanted to see the sunset, why couldn't his life be different? Why was his family so broken and why could he fix them? Thomas had tried so hard to be good, he did everything his father asked him to. He was quiet during the day just like his mother wanted, he helped clean and he did a good job. Thomas even rearranged the books in his father's study, alphabetically just as he asked. Lucille had always been the one to be there for him, at least he would always have her.
He hated them, he hated his own parents.
Tumblr media
He hadn't planned on staying so long but he found the sunset so comforting, it must be way past dinner time but the sun was still going down so the day wasn't completely finished. Thomas smiled at the sight of it, the sky turning pink and then orange. He wondered why the sun did that, the sky had been so bright blue today. No cloud in sight and yet now, it was this lovely and warm looking orange. The clouds so pink, like the red campion flowers. Thomas got up, his feet sinking into the sand as he does. He could feel the sand inside his shoes now, it would be an uncomfortable walk up those steps. Perhaps he could take them off, walk back that way. He turned around but was flinches at the sight of Mr. Jackson standing there, he hadn't heard him walking over. The sound of the ocean must've masked the shifting sand, Thomas didn't hear anything. He was quick to look down at his feet, what now?
''I would like to apologise for my recent behaviour towards you. I've taken the time to do the same with Lucille but I know you are the one I should've apologised to first.''
Thomas was surprised that Mr. Jackson wanted to apologise, the way he had reacted wasn't out of the ordinary. Thomas knew that he had been worried, scared. It is clear that he loves Violet very dearly, Mr. Jackson didn't need to apologise for being worried for his daughter.
''You don't have to...''
Mr. Jackson stuck his hands into his pockets, taking a few steps closer. Allowing the waves to wash up and touch his shoes, Thomas was surprised that he did. Those shoes looked like they cost a lot of money, the salty water might ruin them. Mr. Jackson pressed his lips together, was he embarrassed? Apologising to a child? Thomas won't deny that he felt uncomfortable in that moment, when he was being yelled at. It wasn't pleasant.
''I do have to, you've made me realise that what I did to her- Locking her up in that room, never letting her outside or to get out of bed. My fear for her safety got to me, losing her mother-''
Mr. Jackson let out a deep huff, he didn't need to explain if it made him too sad. Thomas was however curious about Violet's mother, Violet might not talk about her a lot but he could tell that she wanted to know more about her.
''Losing Violet's mother broke me and it only filled me with this fear, the fear of Violet suffering the same fate. She was born so small, so thin. I didn't want her to become sick. But I've realised that keeping her imprisoned here at Millicent height didn't keep her healthy. It made her sick and you made her better. Thank you Thomas.''
‘‘You’re welcome...’‘
Thomas smiled, perhaps Mr. Jackson wasn't as bad as he thought he was. Granted, the rules he set when Thomas arrived were horrible. No noise, no playing and all of that. Early bed times, he hated that but he had to follow the rules. This wasn't his home, even though it felt like it. Mr. Jackson cleared his throat, as if to change the subject. Looking up at the seagulls hovering in the sky above them, Thomas could tell that he didn't feel all that comfortable being on the beach. Perhaps the memories of Violet's mother still makes him sad, he could leave if he wanted to. There was no one stopping him, Thomas could only imagine how much it hurt. Hopefully Mr. Jackson will feel better soon now that Violet is all better.
''Oh! I believe there's a certain someone waiting for you, she won't eat without you.''
Thomas laughs, of course she wouldn't eat until he gets there.
Tumblr media
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ladyfluff · 24 days ago
A Love Like This.
AN: So, I’ve been brewing this for quite some time and I do believe the time is right for me to write about our dark lady, so here I am, doing exactly that. Please note that this story will involve some dark themes, sensitive topics. Would you like to be tagged?
Soundtrack: Mind
@terry-perry @misspoisonouslove @nonsensicalobsessions​ @dangertoozmanykids101​
Part One: You are here.
WARNING: Sensitive Topics, Asylum Treatments.
Tumblr media
It was unfair, she believed that this was all unfair. What she did shouldn't land her in this place, this ghastly place. Katherine hadn't thought that her life would lead her here, to be locked up like some nutter to rot. Let alone have her own husband leave her here, though she hated him with all the life she had in her veins, she wished he hadn't done this.  In a sense it was her own fault, she had betrayed him. Caught in a passionate affair with another woman, the scullery maid had been her everything during her time in that house. She had shown her such care and worry, Katherine was so sure that what she had felt for her had been love but now she wasn't so sure. There was a difference between carnal lust and love but to Katherine things hadn't been so clear. Forever left to wonder where her place was, was it beside a man? A woman? Was her role to be  a mother? The world could play such hurtful tricks, Katherine longed to feel motherhood but sadly she could only mother one child. Her body had become her worst enemy, the physician didn't want her to have any more children. Not that she really needed to, Katherine had birthed a son the first time around. Her duty to her husband was done, her heart still breaks. Roth had punished her ever since the doctor had explained that she would never carry another child. The toll it took on her body had been so great, conception had been hard work for her. It took over two years. Katherine had been so overjoyed to find herself pregnant the first time but that joy didn't last long after the birth of Benjamin. Katherine's affair would be discovered two weeks after his birth and she would be taken away from him. Her little Benjamin, she would never love Roth the way she should but she thanked him for giving her Benjamin. Katherine would always love him, she looked down at the little photograph of his sleeping face. The only image she had left of her infant son, her one and only possession which she was allowed to bring with her. For comfort, Roth says. He did promise Katherine that he would bring her more photographs, that she would get to see him again. She only wanted to see Benjamin, that was all she wanted. She closed the little locket, this was all she had for now. Katherine wondered if the wet nurse was feeding him enough, such a small baby he needed to drink a lot so that he would grow strong.
The asylum closed in on her, why did she have to go here? Was what she did that serious? Katherine had accepted this part of herself for a long time though she had never acted on it before, her marriage to Roth Darby had been one of convenience. Arranged by her own mother in exchange for money, Roth didn't seem to mind as he found her to be beautiful. A particular weakness for dark hair and blue eyes, she had become his weakness. Roth was the one to approach Katherine's mother and put the marriage on the table. She didn't blame her mother, she really needed the money to keep them out of the workhouse. She was an only child, it had just been her and her mother ever since her father died when Katherine was a young girl. Her mother didn't know of Katherine's fondness for the girl down the road for some time, she remembered kissing her at the tender age of fifteen. A simple gesture, no weight behind it. Mere curiosity between them, her name was Briar. Her hair formed into the most lovely ringlets, Katherine couldn't stop thinking about her. She believed Briar to have been her first love but in the end it had simply been a short lived love, her mother had walked in on them as they sat together on Katherine's bed. She hadn't seen her mother that angry before but she simply sent Briar home and said nothing more on the matter, a few years later Roth Darby came to town and whisked Katherine away. Now here he was, taking her to some place and leaving her there. Taking her away from their son who needed her.
''Katherine, pay attention!''
Roth hissed, capturing her attention finally. Katherine had to tear her eyes away from the facility. Nightmarish looking building, like a lone ghost wandering the wet plains. The wind passing through it as if it were nothing, Katherine felt a chill deep in her heart at the sight of it all. She ached for home, for something other than this hell. She had heard stories, that these places were homes for unfortunate souls whose families abandon them. Katherine had heard of these stories, these so called asylums claim to be places of healing. A hospital of the mind, there was nothing wrong with her mind. Katherine found it very normal to sit at home and read, her passion for her own kind seemed to be a different matter. She wouldn't hear it, her love of soft features and long flowing hair was there to stay. In her heart, her skin. Katherine had already accepted her love of women, she believed it to be her truth and no man would ever take it from her. No doctor, husband or child would take that from her. She looks to Roth.
''This is for your own good, you know that don't you?''
For her own good, of course it was for her own good. Katherine had a bad feeling growing in her stomach, how could he separate mother and son so early on in life? Could he not simply look past her error? It had only been casual company, Katherine insisted that she wouldn't seek out the scullery maid's attentions again. Hypocritical, that is the word she'd use. While Roth went out and attended parties, giving his body to other women, she was to sit at home and care for the baby. She was to be alone, unloved, an ornament. Why couldn't Katherine have her own little affairs, why only Roth? Was his masculinity so eviscerated? Could Roth not handle the truth of her disdain for him? That she found her pleasure with women instead? Katherine knew Roth was a proud and jealous man, insecurity ran deep in him. Mother's darling, the precious only son. For a time Katherine had a deep fondness for his sister, sadly she knew that Gwyn wouldn't reciprocate the attraction if she were to try. Katherine respected that, why couldn't Roth use his brain for once in his life and see reason?
''But Benjamin-''
''Don't worry about the boy, he will be just fine.'’
Katherine would miss her young Benny most of all, she resisted the urge to cry.
Tumblr media
''What are your reasons for admitting your wife?''
She should've fought harder, tried to change Roth's mind. Katherine knew that going behind her husband's back was wrong, that she broke her vows to him. She knew this, Katherine was more than willing to remedy this. To fix everything between them, she would seize interacting with the maid. She'd even let Roth fire her, surely she could find work elsewhere with her multitude of talents. The thought of her brought back rather fond memories, Katherine would miss her dearly. The feeling of her lips, the way she would press herself up against her in the night. The pantry had become their place of meeting, the middle of night and on many occasions in broad daylight. That is when Roth wasn't home, often enough he liked to venture to London for a weekend or two. To meet the many young girls he had in his back pocket, Katherine knew of them all. By name, age and appearance. She had seen them, Roth had brought one home with him under the guise of hiring another servant but Katherine saw through it immediately. Not that she was jealous, it was good that Roth was occupying himself with others. It meant less time spent in bed with him, the less time spent the better. She hated how he would work her in the dead of night, as his wife it was her duty to sate his appetites but she found herself unable to do so as frequently as he wanted. Roth had in the beginning desired her, no other woman but her. The thought of it made Katherine nauseous. To be the object of that man's affection, not that Roth was by any means unattractive. The truth was that he was attractive, approachable man, good looking and wealthy but there was nothing else behind him. That was Roth's ultimate downfall, Katherine wasn't his first wife. She was his third and Roth hoped to make her his final one, she huffs.
''Immoral life...''
Katherine resisted rolling her eyes, of course he would think that her actions were immoral. A part of her wondered if it was but she knew in her heart that she did nothing except break her vows to him, it hurt to hear Roth speak. To say those things to the doctor, for Roth to even bring here here. To this place with the intention of admitting her, leaving her here.
Roth sighs, Katherine could see his eyes watering. She knew it wasn't out of genuine emotion, his heart wasn't broken. His ego was, Roth was offended at the fact that his own wife would rather lay with another woman than him. If only he knew how good the scullery maid had been to her, how much care she shown. Katherine hadn't known anything like it, the feeling she had in those moments. The memories were precious, Roth knew this.
''I found her with our scullery maid, on our marital bed...''
The doctor's eyes widened at the mention of the maid, of course he would. Perverts, all of them. There was no real understanding behind it, Katherine didn't see why mentioning the maid was important. Suppose the information would affect her stay accordingly? Disgusting.
''I see, my condolences.''
Condolences? Speaking of her as if she had died in her sleep, as if Roth had been widowed and left to father their son on his own. Katherine knew that her husband was enjoying the doctor's attention, Roth loved any and all attention that focused on him. The so called important party, all Katherine was to him was property. His wife, his prisoner, his beauty. Roth didn't see a woman in front of him, he saw a plaything and a slave. That is all he saw. Katherine was sure of it, seeing him run off to join his different partners. Seeking affections elsewhere, Katherine blamed herself to a degree but not for all of it. Her mother had warned Roth that her affection wouldn't be so easily won, Katherine couldn't give him any of it. Not a man like Roth Darby, he deserved none of it. Had he been different, she would've found love with him. Some sort of love, if only Roth had been a decent man. He could've gotten the attention and affection he craved from her, Katherine would've tried more with him. She growls, turning away from the window. How could they treat her as if she weren't here?
''I'm not dead! Condolences won't be needed.''
The chair scrapes against the floor as Roth gets up from it, the sound made Katherine's skin crawl. So loud, it echoed in the now silent room. She could see that Roth had been angered. Katherine focused on the doctor who began scribbling into his little book, sneaking glances at her ever so often. Roth exhales, letting off some of that steam that was trapped between his ears. Katherine swore she could see it escape through his ears, perhaps she shouldn't mention that. They would find even more reasons to keep her here, she knew better. She should've kept calm but it was infuriating, Roth turns around to face her.
''This place will do wonders for you Kitty...''
She hated it when he called her that, the way he said it sounded so disgusting. It clung to Roth's tongue, coated it with something thick. He loved calling her Kitty, Katherine saw how he smiled every time he did. As if he got off on saying it, as if he had ownership of it. As if her mother hadn't been the one to call her Kitty first, Katherine hated Roth. She simply didn't know how much until now, her eyes watered. How would this place do wonders for her? What wonders were there in this place? Katherine heard the stories that came out of places like these, the poor people that were stuck here, she's heard that many of them go mad here. A person going mad in a madhouse? How ironic that those sound of mind become corrupted in places like these. Katherine could only hope that Roth had paid for her stay, she knew that she would be given a good place. Perhaps a room of her own in the more calm wing of the asylum, Roth did go on about it. Those more privileged got private lodgings, Katherine was frightened. How could he just leave her here? What about their son? What about Benny?
''What about my Benny? Roth, when will I get to see Benjamin again?''
''Soon darling, I promise.''
Roth grabbed a hold of her shoulders, gently squeezing them. As if he were trying his hardest to convince her that she would be alright, Katherine knew that Roth didn't really care what would happen. All he wanted was for her to come out a well behaved wife, that is the treatment he wants. He wants Katherine to come back completely rid of her desire for her own sex, he wants her to come back more devoted to him than she had ever been. A mindless fly like the rest of his wives were, sadly all of them went mad because of him. Katherine felt for them, she didn't want to become like them. She'd try the treatments though she knew nothing would come of it, she would go along with it. So that she could see her baby son again, soon. Roth promised her, she would get to keep her locket. Without the chain, asylum rules. Katherine wondered why she wasn't allowed to wear the locket.
She flinched, turning around to see two nurses walking into the room. They didn't look all that friendly but looks are known to be deceiving, both women looked to be older than thirty. She counted the wrinkles, a good handful. Mature women, Katherine found the shorter one to be rather endearing to look at. Like that of her granny, only not as old.
''Come with us dear.''
Her eyes widened.
Katherine felt her husband give her shoulders another good squeeze, she looks back at him. This was it, this was how he was going to leave her. This place would've eaten her up if not for Roth, Katherine was grateful that their son would at least have his father around. Granted the father won't do much in order to rear him, that job was for Katherine. Roth did promise that she'd get to see Benjamin soon, the best she could do was to  hold out for him. Roth presses a swift kiss to her forehead, it felt rather cold. 
''Don't worry love, you're in good hands.''
The taller nurse gently pats her on the back, coaxing her into turning away from Roth. They wanted her to follow them deeper into the maw, this was the point of no return.
''Goodbye Kitty.''
Katherine whimpers at the sight of the door in front of her, she tried to swallow the urge to cry. Any more emotion from her meant longer treatment plans no doubt, she hated this.
Tumblr media
Katherine hoped that she would get to wash up before venturing further into the facility. The staff had given her new clothes, old clothes really. Katherine wasn't fond of them, not that she had much choice but she was very surprised to see what they expected her to wear. She stared at the nurse in front of her, a new face that she already didn't like. She reminded Katherine of a seasoned bulldog, a rather scary looking woman. It wasn't kind of her to think that way but the look of her and the sound of her gruff voice had Katherine shivering. She wouldn't stop staring, waiting for her to strip down. Was this really needed?
''Could you leave the room-''
The nurse groans, this was more than enough of an answer for Katherine. She wasn't allowed to get dressed in peace, she had to be observed by the nurses. There was only one in the room at the current moment but even that one single nurse was one nurse too many. 
''Now, we haven't got all day!''
Katherine unbuttoned the top of her dress, it would be a hassle to remove it all on her own but it was better than letting that woman touch her. She looked so intimidating, stood on the other side of the room. Staring at her, staring as Katherine shed her clothing before her. Normally dressing and undressing would be up to Roth, seeing as he was her husband. It was his duty to help her in and out of her corsets and the more bothersome articles of clothing. Roth had assigned her a maid to help her dress but she was nowhere to be found, Katherine missed Victoria now. She felt very comfortable in her presence, knowing that Victoria was there to help so that she wouldn't struggle on her own. Katherine knew that there would come a time where she would have to learn how to lace herself up on her own. Maybe this would be a good first lesson, unlacing on her own. Katherine shed the top layer, the skirt, underskirt and corset left to remove. She eyes the rather ratty, cream nightdress that she was given to wear. Katherine wished for something less revealing, she didn't like it when her legs were exposed. She wouldn't let Roth see them most nights, she hated being seen in that way. In those intimate ways, this nightdress wouldn't do much to conceal her nor would it keep her warm. Would they give her slippers to match? Perhaps a jacket that didn't come with a harness? Katherine had seen an older woman sat in the hallway, wearing one of those contraptions. It restricted her movements, it looked so uncomfortable. That woman's eyes were broken, fixed to the wall. Katherine was unnerved by her appearance.
''You're not expecting me to wear this-''
The nurse simply growls and gestures to the nightdress.
''Put it on!''
Katherine sniffles as she reaches around herself, fiddling with the lacework of her corset. Did they expect her to waltz around the facility indecently dressed at all times? What sort of place was this? To give her only a sheet to wear and no slippers, the room was cold. The bitter wind howled as it blew in through the cracked windowpane, gooseflesh. She flinches as the door opens up, revealing yet another doctor. Another man, Katherine often wondered why there were no woman doctors. She believed they might be more capable of healing considering all of the work they already do in the household, perhaps all the medical knowledge was too vast for them to comprehend without a proper tutor. Katherine was aware that there had been talk around London of some women fighting for the right to become practicing doctors, as to whether something will come of it was a big question. Katherine covered herself up by pressing the nightdress to herself, looking away.
''What is going on here?''
She heard the nurse sigh.
''New patient, already defiant.''
Katherine was quick to look up, defiant? She wasn't being defiant, she hadn't been defiant in coming here or listening to the people around her. Listening to her good-for-nothing husband, she agreed to come here. Only to be better for her son, so that she may go back and give him the love he needs and deserves. Benjamin needed her, she wasn't being defiant at all. She hadn't expected to be treated like some sort of animal, given rags to wear.
''Give her a fifteen minute soak, the cold water should calm her.''
Soak? Cold water? Katherine's heart sank into her stomach as she eyed the nurse, a serpentine smile stretched across her thin face. This treatment couldn't be over fast enough, Katherine began twisting the ratty material in her hands. Why did she agree to come here?
''Yes sir.''
Why did Roth convince her to come here?
''Take Mrs. Shoe with you, she's been ripping her sheets up again.''
Katherine's chest heaved.
Tumblr media
She had tasted her first treatment, Katherine had tried to object to it but they seemed to expect that of her. They made her sit in a iron tub filled with cold water, almost ice cold. Katherine shivered, following the nurse in front of her. Leading her to her quarters, the cold water soak had only made her even more upset. That woman went against the doctor's orders and made Katherine sit confined to the tub for over an hour instead of those fifteen minutes as originally planned. Her hair still wet, her skin red from the cold. Walking along the rather bare hallway, she could hear women moaning, some of them were laughing. Katherine flinched at the few tortured screams that escaped a few of the rooms, a madhouse for sure but why was she here? Did her affair really warrant a trip to this place? How long would this treatment last? Could she speak to someone about it all? Surely there must be some sort of higher up she could have a word with about all of this, the nurse stops in front of a door and unlocks it. Why would they lock the rooms? The seriously afflicted, sure but someone like her? Katherine wouldn't hurt anyone, she wasn't dangerous. The nurse opened the door and simply gestured towards the room, Katherine was hesitant. Stepping cautiously into the dimly lit room, the walls rather damaged and the floor so cold. However, she didn't expect to see two beds in this room. Katherine let out a yip as the nurse slammed the door behind her, locking it for good measure. She immediately turned around and gripped the door handle, the nurse did indeed lock it. Katherine wasn't in the right place, Roth didn't mention this part of her stay. This was imprisonment, she was sure of that. She could hear the nurses shouting at someone out there, followed by more screaming.
She shouldn't be here, this wasn't the right place. Katherine shifts awkwardly, pulling at her thin dress as it clung to her still damp skin.
''Don't bother.''
Katherine turned back around to see another woman in the room, sat on the bed underneath the small window. The woman's posture was proper, very ladylike and somewhat unnatural at the same time. As if she shouldn't be here either, Katherine took in her appearance. Wondering why someone like her would be in a place like this, perhaps they had that in common. The woman was rather slender, sharp features. Dark hair, Katherine couldn't make out the colour of her eyes from where she stood. Her sped up, beating so fast in this creature's presence. Was it fair of Katherine to refer to the woman as a creature? She didn't know what she was here for or what plagued her mind. Was she in here for 'immoral' reasons too? Did her family take her here? Katherine wrapped her arms around herself, it did little to warm her back up. That infernal cold soak, she wanted to cry herself to sleep.
''What a sweet thing you are, come closer won't you?''
Katherine's cheeks heat up as the woman beckons her, asking her to approach her. Peculiar woman, it was odd to find someone so young here. This woman didn't look a day older than Katherine, perhaps a year older. She found herself drawn to her, there was something so mysterious about her. The way she sat on her bed like a proper lady, she had the posture of status. Much like Katherine did, one leg cross over the other, she approached the bed.
''I haven't shared a room with anyone in over a year.''
Katherine was expected to share this room with her, this prison cell. She eyed the bed on the other side, sizable space between the two. Given Katherine's history of her so called 'immoral life', she found it very surprising that the doctor had her share a room with another woman. She found it rather suspicious, at least she didn't have to share a room with those wailing women in the hall. Katherine found them terrifying, she knew that they couldn't help it. That there was something wrong with them but that is why they were here, to get help. Right?
''Poor thing, you're shaking. Come, sit with me.''
The woman took a hold of Katherine's hands, giving them a good squeeze. Warming them up, it had been a cold first day. Wearing nothing but a sheet, she noted that there wasn't much in the room. Two beds, small table between them and some ratty pillows and a blanket each. Katherine had little faith in the thickness of the blankets, at least it was something. Perhaps this was only temporary, she wouldn't blame Roth wanting to play around with her. Punish her for betraying him like that, Katherine did feel guilty but she wasn't sorry for indulging in her true desires. Roth made her feel a certain way but nothing could compare to what she felt in the presence of another woman, there was this safety. Trust, warmth. Like now, Katherine felt comforted by this dark haired beauty. This sweet sounding stranger, she sat down beside her. Indulging in the warmth of her, it wasn't much but it helped.
''I had a cold water soak today, my first day.''
The woman caressed Katherine's hands, so softly. There was something so kind about her, Katherine felt rather welcome. As if this woman had graciously invited her into her home, though she knew that this room would serve as her home as well. Both of them would be sleeping here, possibly spending majority of the day together here. Katherine hoped to befriend her, stay on this woman's good side. She had no idea who she was, why she was here and what afflicted her. She seemed so normal however, the way she carried herself.
''You have no idea what is going to happen to you in here, do you?''
What could possibly happen here? This sweet stranger seemed hollow, Katherine could see it in her eyes. Flashes of what she might've been like before, no doubt this place had broken her into little pieces and scattered her across the courtyard with the blowing wind. This place was a home for those who were left behind, the broken toys that no one wanted to play with. Unwanted women and those not sound of mind, Katherine had heard of the stories from her friends in London. She had heard of poor young Mary, how she had been left at one of these places. Katherine didn't want to believe them at first but she could tell that whatever happened to Mary had broken her, bent her into this unrecognisable shape. The shape of the perfect wife, a silent woman who sat in the corner of the room. Mary hadn't spoken in full sentences in over three years, the fear of this place began to pile up.
''We are all mad women here, no one gives a shit about us.''
Katherine's eyes widened, she wasn't used to that sort of language. It wasn't expected of women to speak that way, what did she mean by no one cares? They were here to be cared for, to be healed and treated. This was to be a place of healing, betterment.
''But- My husband, he-''
''We are left here to be forgotten, whoever your husband is; he's might not come back for a long time.''
How long had she been here? Imprisoned here? Where did her husband go off to? Perhaps her father put her in here? Katherine knew that all the patients here were mixed together, she had seen so many poor women in this place. In the common area, so troubled. Did their families leave them here too? Roth was doing this to punish her, that was for certain but he wouldn't just leave her here forever would he? Katherine had their son to look after, she had to care for him, feed him and calm him. No one in her house could do a sufficient job caring for Benjamin, fussy baby. Too fussy, wouldn't let anyone hold him except mummy. Roth promised to visit, he promised to let her see Benny again. Katherine couldn't give up.
''What is your name darling?''
The strange woman gently cupped her face, no one here had shown this much kindness. Katherine was sure to keep a tight grip on her, hoping this stay would be over before she knew it. She had no one but this dark lady, this fair woman sat with her. She sniffled.
Her heart leapt out of her chest at the sight of the stranger's smile, so sweet.
''Such a pretty name...''
Katherine's cheeks reddened at the softness of her tone, this was not the time or place for this sort of behaviour. It would only lengthen her stay, she couldn't help but smile back.
''What is your name?''
Dark beauties locked away in this dungeon, Katherine felt so warm with her.
Tumblr media
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reflectedeve · a month ago
Tumblr media
Starting off the fanart backlog with the Crimson Peak piece I did for Femslash Exchange 2019. Edith and the ghost of Lucille.
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Ballad of Thomas Sharpe
All I can see is darkness.
For what I did to others may be heartless.
Stained in my hands are their blood.
As I drag their bodies. through the mud.
"My lord, forgive me for I have sinned,"
I said as the lights have dimmed.
My sister smiled as I buried my recent wife in the ground,
My sister's laugh made my heart pound.
I vowed to myself this would be the last,
But so many years has passed.
First was Pamela, she was strangled.
My Feelings got tangled.
The second was Margaret, she was playful.
Always played with the dog,
her death was disgraceful.
The third is sweet Enola, she was a darling one.
It's too bad her life was done.
Then last was smart Edith, the survivor.
She was my equal, the one I desire.
Living with survivor's guilt,
she was the sweetest I ever kissed.
Hope she is alright, a life she'll forever live in pure bliss.
My name was Thomas Sharpe, my sister was Lucille Sharpe.
As we reside in Allerdale Hall, in the halls we crawl.
You hear our voices howl in the night, but don't worry I don't bite.
Just listen to what the ghosts say when they speak,
"Beware of Crimson Peak"
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huntseric · a month ago
For a reason I do not understand this took me too much. Anyway here's Lucille Sharpe from #crimsonpeak✨
Tumblr media
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tiffvalentines · 2 months ago
- Me whenever people are talking shit on Lucille Sharpe.
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ladyfluff · 2 months ago
The Only Son.
AN: i listened to a song and saw some things and so i wrote it
Soundtrack: Prison Toys
Tumblr media
Mud all over his hands, a mixture of wet earth and clay. Red as Thomas raced down the dirt road that lead to the crumbling ruins he called his home, where his family lived. The house at the end of the world, Allerdale. The bright red clay had bleed through the still falling snow, so slowly from the sky. Like that of dust in the rafters, the boy stops. Taking in the world as he had always known it, nothing beyond the gates. The snow falling from above, he flinched as the cold snow lands on his skin. Melting and dripping down his cheeks, like tears. Thomas loved the snow but loathed the winter's cold darkness, his home turned into a dungeon. So deep and so menacing, stood in the middle of nowhere. Sinking into the ground, soon enough it'll swallow them all. In some way, Thomas didn't mind but he was afraid. What if the house didn't swallow him? Where would he go? A half a day ride to the nearest town, they were so far out of reach. Even the letters didn't get here on time, the delivery service were known for being on time or at least quick. No one ever bothered sending them letters though. Thomas pushed the big doors open, desperate to sit by the fire for a while. The doors opened with a loud creak, like that of rotting wood giving away under his father's large feet. Stomping his feet down to rid himself of snow, scraping the bottom of his shoes against the stone pillar to get the mud and clay off. They would make him scrub the entire foyer if even a sprinkle of mud landed on the floor, though he couldn't see why they would care. It filled up with dead leaves and dust every day. He looks up at the opening above, it was snowing inside his house. Thomas didn't know of anyone who had snow in their house, he couldn't imagine the king to be so lucky to have his own personal snow cloud.
''Lucille, draw your brother a bath. He's filthy.''
Beatrice, mother, Mrs. Sharpe or simply; hag. Depending on how his sister felt on the day really, Thomas wondered why she was the way she was. Perhaps she was just old, Lucille always says that their mother's age was getting to her faster than she had realised. Thomas didn't know what that meant but at least their mother was better than their father. He didn't like his father at all, he wasn't a nice person. Thomas wasn't surprised that his father complained about not having any friends, who would want to be friends with him? Lucille nods her head, why did she have to draw him a bath? Why a bath of all things? It wasn't bed time yet, why was his mother so worried about a bath?
''Yes ma'am.''
Thomas watched as his sister quickly headed upstairs, miserable expression on her face. Lucille was always so sad, no matter what day it was. He liked it when she smiled, at least they could still sit by the fire together and read. Thomas loved reading, they had so many books in the library, his father instructed the boy to stay out of a certain section however but Lucille said that their father collected rather inappropriate books. Thomas wondered what was so inappropriate about books but he didn't feel like investigating it, inappropriate things mean punishment and Thomas didn't want those. He didn't like the closet, it was so cold and dark in there. He had half the mind to take the door off it's hinges, he could do that. Thomas ran up to his mother with his hands outstretched, he could see her squirming away from him.
''Mother, I'm not that dirty! Only my hands, look!''
A deep scowl, a angry looking frown. It broke his heart to see her so angry all the time, not that he expected her to feel the same.
''Do not call me mother...''
Thomas wanted her to love him, why didn't she allow him to call her his mother? She didn't say anything more, turning to leave the foyer. Leaving him all by himself, his hair collecting flakes of cold snow and his eyes wet with tears. She wouldn't see him cry though, she didn't deserve to see them. No one could see them except Lucille, his jaw tightened as his mother turned into the sitting room. Approaching his father who sat in the armchair by the fire.
''Yes ma'am...''
Tumblr media
The bath hadn't been very warm, it felt nice to be clean however. Thomas sat in the metal tub in the wash room, looking at the flames licking the bricks of the little fireplace. Leaving scorch marks, the black charred twigs broke down in the pit. It was a pathetic fire really, the room barely warmed up. The water was getting colder by the minute, Lucille had gone to fetch him clean clothes. As always she would leave them on the stool just inside the room, it was nice to have Lucille to talk to. She felt the same way he did, about their parents. They only had each other, Thomas rests his chin on his knees. Looking up at the pipes, creaking and clanging in the cold weather. Soon enough they will freeze, he wondered how father winter even got inside. The pipes were so narrow, he couldn't imagine him fitting inside. Baths wouldn't come often, luckily they had the fireplace to help heat up the water. Sometimes it could be too hot, Thomas remembered burning real bad, his mother had made him sit in the scalding water for almost an hour. It was so bad at first but Thomas was glad that the water cooled down quickly enough, he had accidentally broken a vase in the sitting room but it was an accident. Thomas hadn't meant to do it, looking back at the broken pieces made him sad.
The house was so spacious, he could run around freely whenever he wanted. Unless it was quiet time, which was almost all the time. His father hated noise, Thomas was convinced that he could hear everything. He once giggled at a story his sister had told him and he somehow materialised in his room, got so angry and sent Lucille into the closet for being out of bed. He put Thomas' fireplace out and said he would learn to go to bed on time, it was really cold. He never left bed after that, unless it was an emergency. He kept his loafers on the ground, his slippers had gotten so frayed. The bottoms had holes in them, too thin to wear. Besides, the loafers wouldn't give him splinters. He liked his loafers but they were getting a bit tight now. Thomas sunk back, sliding against the back of the tub and into the water. Holding his breath, the water was cool. Surrounded him, he floated in what felt like the ocean. A deep and unending void of water, staring up at the rippling ceiling. It was so peaceful here, he could hear the water swishing around as he moved his arms. If only he could live here, floating. He liked toast too much to sacrifice it however, the toast would just get soggy and his fingers would turn to currants. If he could breathe underwater, perhaps then he could live in the tub. He closed his eyes for a moment, he's never seen t he ocean. Thomas hadn't ever left Allerdale, he wanted to see it all. The sands of Egypt, coast of Spain and the wondrous ocean. Filled with so much life, food too. Fish was quite good, he ran out air and promptly sat up. Gasping, he shouldn't have spent so much time down there. Wiping the water out of his eyes and slicking his hair back, he flinched as the door opened.
Lucille stuck her arm in and set a stack of clean clothes on the little stool, she always took good care of him. Thomas never had anyone else, suppose she was more of a mother to him than his actual mother was. He smiles at the sight of her hand as she gently pats down on the stack of clothes, she was always so nice to him. Hopefully she will be with him forever.
''I'm leaving your clothes here, make sure to button up.''
He loved Lucille, he never wanted her to hate him like mother does.
Tumblr media
He didn't like how dark it would get in the workshop but the lamp was enough to light up the little corner, the workshop had become so dusty in recent years but he tries to keep it clean. Lucille refuses to clean this room, since no one really uses it anymore. Thomas does however, no one knows. Spending much of his time here, where it was quiet and out of sight. On occasions he had to sneak in here whenever it was playtime. Playtime meant going outside and sometimes it was too cold to go, Thomas knew he wasn't supposed to use the backway but it was the only way he could use to get in without being seen, that is when his father isn't down in the basement. Luckily he hardly goes down there, the house had begun sinking so he measured the vats every now and then but mostly left the place alone. Thomas carried the lamp out into the foyer, it was dark. Past his bed time no doubt, he didn't know where to go really. Felt aimless, staring up at the paintings on the walls. The moon shone in from the hole in the foyer, it had stopped snowing for a while. It left a large pile of it on the ground, not all melted. Thomas giggled at the sight of it all, setting the lantern down and running across the foyer, the floor creaking under him. The steps echo in the dark, the house creaks and settles. Sinking with each moment, his cheeks so frozen from the cold but he didn't mind it. Thomas launched himself into the pile of snow on the ground with a rowdy laugh, rolling around in it. The snow in his hair, so cold. He was real, here and very present. Sometimes things didn't feel so good, it hurt sometimes but on other occasions everything felt just fine. Thomas felt invisible but at the same time, his family could still see him. He rolled over, landing on his back. Hissing as the snow began melting underneath him, soaking his white shirt. Thomas knew he forgot something, his waistcoat was still in the workshop. A snow angel would look nice on the floor, he moved his arms and legs around as he stared up at the moon in the sky. Thomas missed the sun but summer didn't come with snow, nothing ever grew here and they didn't have a beautiful garden. Just a small vegetable patch which he and Lucille were ordered to tend to during the summer, they get unlucky sometimes. The greens often end up dying, poor things. They would've died anyway right? Since they ate them and all.
''Do you see me?''
Thomas whispered to the moon, could it see him from all the way up there? Did he have to shout to get it's attention? Did the moon have feelings? Maybe not, maybe it does. Maybe not, probably not. He laid still on the ground, watching his breath appear in the cold. Like a cloud, misty and rather thin. It was so cold, he didn't like to be cold but sometimes it felt nice. He could feel that he was real when he was cold, ghosts don't get cold do they? Lucille said they can't, because dead things are cold. Thomas thought that made sense, very cold.
Tumblr media
The memory of boyhood faded away as his sister's footsteps alerted him, she had begun ascending the stairs to sleep. Thomas turned back to the small pile of snow on the floor, it had begun snowing into the foyer again. A part of him still wondered if he was truly here, if he was still a ghost. Adulthood had been so difficult, he wished he could turn back. Though his boyhood had not been the kindest, it had been better than this. No demands, no real expectations. Running around the leftovers that he continued to call his home. As much as he hated Allerdale a part of him still loved this place, parts of it anyway. He stepped down from the bottom step, walking across the floor to reach the middle. Approaching the pile of snow, he swore he could still see the little boy that he used to be laying there. The snow angel left behind had disappeared long ago, he missed it. Thomas got down, laying down on the ground. The feeling of the cold snow melting through his jacket, he could feel the cold slowly bleeding through his layers. Touching his warm skin, he sighs at the feeling. His head against the ground, snow in his hair just like before. Looking up at the sky, moon glowing so bright.
''Can you see me now?''
Seemingly an innocent question but loaded, desire for validation. Lucille's didn't seem to comfort him anymore, still feeling like a ghost in his own home. Thomas spread his arms and legs out, moving them about in hopes of recreating the angels from his memories. Those softly dusted entities in the snow, the same ones his father ordered Lucille to sweep up the morning after. Thomas' eyes welled at the warmth spreading throughout his body, the giddy feeling of a small boy playing in the snow came back to him. Things had been so complicated but at the same time so simple, finding the charms of his own personal prison had taken him years to discover. There were things about his home that he cherished and things that he loathed, he would forever love this hole in the foyer. The brightest spot in his house, so safe.
Thomas smiled, life would never be simple again.
Tumblr media
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faiataka · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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younaughtylittlesausage · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucille Sharpe
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ehehehelokidbyhiddles · 3 months ago
I'm watching Crimson Peak again for the first time in years and I've just got to the end of the dinner scene where Thomas says mean things about Edith's novel.
It never occurred to me but the placing of Lucille in the doorway at the end of the scene seems very purposeful, not just to imply her sinister character. She watched Thomas break Edith's heart (which I doubt she cared about much, though at times, she does seem to pity Edith), but she also saw the effect it had on Thomas. He was clearly upset.
So that brings us to the next scene where she kills Edith's father. I have thought all this time that she did it in order to get him out of the way so they could continue their plan.
Now, I think there's more to it than that. She may be effed up but I don't doubt she did it because Carter had hurt Thomas by making him do what he did. If she hadn't killed him, they could have used the cheque he'd bribed them with. Instead, she chose to take the path of vengeance for the one person she loves, as twisted as that love may be.
I'm probably the last to the party on this. People have probably already thought this but I just paused the movie so I could make this post.
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Tumblr media
In my defense… I’m very gay…… and very weak
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