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eldritchadept · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Bringing back this purple bastard man given Recent CR Events...
(Based on a 1920 poster by Emil Cardinaux for Schuster & Co.)
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rahleeyah · 41 minutes ago
In Her Shoes - Chapter Thirteen
a City Homicide/Doctor Blake story
TW: n/a
Chapter Summary: Jen and Lucien come up with a plan.
Read on FFN
or Ao3
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grayintogreen · an hour ago
Lucien’s abysmal wisdom score cracks me the fuck up because unless he has total blind agreement, he has no idea what anyone is doing so he either assumes the worst of everyone or just assumes he’s so in control that even if someone brings their worst, he’s still got this.
Like this trash king cannot fathom nuance AT ALL. He operates entirely on Id impulse and kneejerk reactions. The long game Somnovem Murder Spree was fucking impressive, but that was entirely based in intelligence and simply not talking about it, and the second he could, he was monologuing which is such a low wis villain move.
I hope next episode we get heavy hints dropped that he had NO PLAN after murdering the Somnovem and he’s just the low wis version of Wheatley in control of Aperture of Cognouza.
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prettypuppyglitter · an hour ago
Everyone talks about Elaine and Azriel and, Elaine and Lucien but, has anyone thought of... drumroll please... Elaine and Mor?
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backonrepeat · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Unpopular opinion, but I’m really digging the Aeor arc and Lucien as a villain. What a perfectly unhinged, extra, evil fucker. I can’t tell if he is some kind of mastermind or a fool way in over his head, nevertheless, he never fails to entertain, and Matt plays him perfectly (that laugh last episode... chills).
Here are the non-gif versions of the portraits:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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amethyst2900 · an hour ago
Feeling intense rage towards Lucien rn. Like, my mans drops his friends at the drop of a fucking HAT. Letting his most devoted follower/friend become a flesh monster just to hold back the nein for just a few more seconds. All for what?? To become a God to a flesh city??? Fuck him honestly. Hope he dies <3
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misskamelie · 2 hours ago
Ohhh, another doctor who got blinded in an eye and who tries to keep their beloved distant from themselves.
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personalityisnice · 2 hours ago
Hey, Cree's ultimate fate was hideous, but I think some of y'all are showing her too much sympathy too fast. Having the man's blood in a vial around her neck (very likely without his knowledge or consent) was not sweet, it was obsessive stalker behavior.
And lest we forget who resurrected him? And what memories were missing once he was resurrected?
There is a very big chance Cree found a way to magically lobotomize Lucien and thus ensured her own death at his hands. If you make a monster, you shouldn't be surprised when it kills you.
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fortytwo-is-the-answer · 3 hours ago
Lucien: They needed a parent. And when children act out you punish them. So I decided to try to kill them.
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grayintogreen · 3 hours ago
One day someone’s gonna commit to editing a Lucien Supercut and then you fuckers are gonna be sorry.
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hellesfeuer · 3 hours ago
tumblr fucked up again pt. 4 
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    trent
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    leofric
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    una
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    frumpkin
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    essek
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    lucien
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    dagen
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    yeza
✦  ∘ ∙   018.  relationships    —    luc
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nellasbookplanet · 3 hours ago
So we're all pretty agreed that Essek and Caleb are narrative foils, right? Right. But what about the rest of the nein?
After the most recent episode, I saw some interesting discussions on how Cree & Lucien's relationship is almost a dark mirror of that of Jester & Artagan; a cleric who's best friend is also their "god". But where Artie truly cares for Jester, Lucien was only ever using Cree, leading to her horrific downfall. So, Cree is what Jester could’ve been, had Artie been as selfish as many (including several of the nein) feared he'd be.
For Fjord I'd say the obvious candidate is Avantika, but that a strong case could also be made for Lucien. Both grew up as outcasts, largely due to predjudices set against them, who came into a dangerous power that allowed them to step above those who mistreated them. Fjord however chose a different path, thanks to the support of his friends, whereas Lucien is fully set on embracing as much of said power as he can, no matter the harm it causes others (including his friends).
For Veth I think most people would probably say Otis due to her visceral hatred of him, but personally I don't see them reflecting each other much aside from both being halfling rogues. I'm going with a longshot here but I actually think Halas makes a stronger case as her foil. They both seeked to gain "new" bodies for selfish reasons (Halas for immortality, Veth so she could be herself again). Where Veth was tempted to make bad deals to obtain said goal (with Halas himself and with the hag), she ultimately relied on her friends and therefore succeeded. Halas however worked with the wrong person (someone gave him that ruby) and not only failed because of it, he completely lost the body he already had, becoming just a disembodied consciousness trapped seemingly forever.
With the rest of the nein I'm less certain. I think maybe a case could be made for Caduceus and someone in the Vokodo cult - they had that same blind trust and devotion to their "god" wich was slowly leading to their downfall. For Yasha maybe Jourrael? They are both a chosen fighter of their respective god (notably, one evil, one not) and they have a shared history with Obann and mind control. Ultimately, though, we don't really know enough about Jourrael's goals and motivations for this to work (the same reason I don't really think Otis works for Veth). With Beau I can't really think of anyone at all.
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flashhwing · 4 hours ago
man I am having Thoughts about Jester and Cree and Artagan and Lucien and two clerics worshipping their best friends, who are decidedly Not Gods, following them and being personally involved in their plans. thinking about Jester trying to save Artagan and him kicking her away, even to his own detriment, and Cree calling to Lucien for aid and him turning her into an abomination to buy himself more time. how Jester and Cree, through the power of their own faith, managed to elevate their childhood friends to god status, and how one only wanted things to go back to how they were and the other only wanted more power
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dirty-bosmer · 4 hours ago
I could really see Lucien getting into a hobby like aquarium-keeping, something that requires a lot of knowledge and maintenance but is mostly visual. 
The only downside is that when he goes away on DB business, he’s going to come back to Fort Farragut to find all his fish dead, so maybe a better hobby for him would be like.. keeping ants or termites or something. It would fit better with Fort Farragut vibes anyway 
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ladyvanserra · 5 hours ago
Frenzy [ Elucien ]
Prompt: Elain and Lucien like to spend their yearly mating anniversary fully wrapped in each other, sinking into a frenzy. Inspired by this and this. 
Rating: 🌶🌶🌶🌶— I will preface this by saying I have not written smut in quite some time and really went for it with my otp. They deserve it. 
Tumblr media
Tagging: @vanserrasvalkyrie | @helion-ism | @chloepereyra | @queen-hypaxia | @asteria-of-mars | @princessofmerchants | @foxboylucien | @gingerwritess | @gwyns | @foxybananaaaz | @tealnymph24 | @live-the-fangirl-life​ | 
Elain shuddered, her body slick with sweat as Lucien’s fingers went in, out, in, out, his pacing slow, almost lazy.
His head was settled on her inner thigh and he kissed it gently then let his eyes flicker up to hers. 
“Please.” she whispered softly, her hand gripping his sinful one, the other fisted in the sheets.
“I don’t think you can handle any more, dove.” he whispered with a smile. “You’re trembling all over.”
“You’re so close. Please kiss me there.” she whined. “Please kiss me everywhere.”
Lucien chuckled, content to just sit back and watch her body tremor beneath him, his fingers keeping their lazy pace, her juices coated them.
“What if I don’t want to just kiss you?” he whispered against her skin. “What if I want to devour you whole?”
Elain bucked up her hips, a soft mewl slipping from her lips and she opened her knees wider.
“Please.” her pleading an almost sob. He had been torturing her for what felt like hours — days, leaving her on the edge and always so close but never letting her fall. He hadn’t even fucked her yet. It was only his fingers and that blessed tongue.
“How do you want me then?” he whispered again, his eyes never leaving her face, his free hand now tracing softly up her body. Between the valley of her breasts, around the delicate swell of them. 
“In any way you’ll have me.” she breathed desperately.
“Such a good girl, aren’t you?” he said sensually, his low tone skating over her skin, goosebumps erupting all over her. “You’re just so cooperative. How should I reward you?”
“Anything, anything.”
“Anything?” he asked, a smirk forming as he chuckled darkly. 
“Any way you want me, please.” 
“That’s so dangerous to say, pet.” Lucien said, his thumb teasing her bundle of nerves as his fingers went even slower.  “I could do so much.”
“Just please, please, please — oh.”
For Lucien had removed his fingers and buried his tongue into her, earning him a loud enough moan, he was sure the neighbors four houses down had heard. 
He feasted on her, his arm pinning her waist down to the bed as he licked and sucked, his tongue diving deep into her. He groaned into her, the taste of her sweetness causing his hips to roll into their bed as her fingers tangled into his hair and yanked. 
“Yes, yes, oh yes.” Elain chanted, her back arching off the bed. “Please let me come — I’m almost there.”
Lucien’s head shot up and she let out a cry of outrage, her body twitching desperately underneath him. “No.” he ordered and shifted up. “You will come with me buried inside you or you don’t come at all.”
Without warning, he pulled her by the hips, bringing the hot center of her to his mouth and again, Lucien let his tongue delve into her, traveling in and out then sliding to her clit and back, his pace torturous as Elain’s legs trembled around his shoulders. He kissed her noisily then pulled back, dropping her on the bed and immediately flipping her over. 
Pulling her by her hips closer to him, Lucien ran a hand down Elain’s back as she eagerly spread her legs for him, shuddering as he smacked her ass. “I want you like this, on all fours with my cock buried deep in you, little dove.” he said, his chest to her back as he whispered in her ear, a hand gently gripping her jaw. He kissed the shell of her ear and she practically panted in response. “Will you have me this way?”
“Gods, yes.” she choked out, arching her hips higher for him to take — to claim.
He chuckled darkly, the octave of his voice dropping even lower as he squeezed her ass and said again, “Such a good girl.” 
He kissed her shoulder then slid his other hand down to her center, teasing her once more before his hand wrapped around his cock, rubbing it slowly. Lucien teased her opening with the tip of his shaft, his smirk wicked as Elain let out a string of filthy curses. He pushed her down by the shoulders and agonizingly slow, slid just an inch into her before pulling out.
“Lucien, please.” her begging continued, and a soft laugh slipped from his lips.
“I do like it when you beg.” he said and because he could no longer handle not being buried in her, because her body was shuddering so deliciously beneath him, Lucien obliged.  
He thrust into her fully, holding still as Elain let out a ragged moan. He allowed her a few seconds to feel him fill her up before pulling out completely then thrusting in hard once more. 
Elain groaned beneath him, hands fisted in the sheets as she bucked back into him, hoping — praying for him to give her what she desperately wanted. For him to start moving but he held still.
“How much more do I have to beg?” she whined, near sobbing, turning her head to glance at him over her shoulder. 
Lucien’s grin was sinful as he gently moved her hair to the side and leaned down to leave featherlike kisses along her spine until he was near her ear once more. 
“Beg me one more time, Elain.” he said sweetly, his hands tightening on her hips. “Tell me what you want.”
“I want you to please fuck me.” 
“So hard I can’t move properly for the next three days.”
“That hard, hm?”
“Hard enough that everyone in this damn city will know exactly what we’re doing and who is making me moan this way.” she whispered desperately. 
“And who is going to make you moan this way?” he asked, rolling his hips ever so slightly, leaving no space between their bodies. “Who is going to make you come?”
“You.” she rasped. “Only you.”
“That’s right.” he whispered and pulled out slowly for the last time. “You are mine. And I am yours. Mate.” 
Lucien finally thrust his cock into her hard, filling her to the hilt and Elain let out a broken moan as Lucien began at a relentless pace. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room and Elain could do nothing but moan and whine and whimper enthusiastically as he filled and stretched her, driving into her body over and over again. His grip on her hips tightened enough to leave a mark as he pulled her into him, thrusting deeper. 
Elain welcomed the roll of his hips and thrust back into him, matching his pace as she panted softly.
“You’re so pretty when you’re getting fucked by my cock, my love.” he grunted, and Elain flashed him a coy smile over her shoulder as her breath quickened.
“I — feel so pretty when I’m — I’m getting fucked by your cock, my love.” she replied with a breathless giggle and Lucien grinned. 
His hand wrapped around her lovely throat and Lucien pulled her up, her back against his chest as he thrust up into her harder, hitting deeper. His grip tightened gently around her throat and Elain’s moan was laced in a sob as he drove into her, his pace quickening, sinking into a frantic rhythm that had Elain’s heart beating wildly.
“Lucien I’m almost —” she whimpered loudly, biting her lip as her eyes rolled back, her gasps getting louder, and her body shivered as he continued to hit the deepest spot in her. 
“I know, dove.” he replied, his voice husky. His thumb caressed her throat lightly as his grip tightened a fraction. “I can hear your heart.”
“And I can hear yours.” she replied, her voice a strained whimper and Lucien thrust harder.
“Then come undone for me, Elain.” he growled. “Come all over my cock.” 
And it was the dominance in his demand that finally sent her over the edge.
Elain let out a strangled cry as her walls tightened around him and her sweet release surged through her body. Lucien let go of her throat and pushed her body down, gripping her hips tightly again as his thrusts became more frantic, his grunts low and rough as Elain shuddered through her climax.
“Come inside me.” she breathed out as she slipped a hand beneath her to rub at her swollen clit. “I want you to fill me up. Drip out of me.” 
“Fuck.” Lucien groaned and with a string of curses slipping from his lips, he set an even more brutal pace, Elain’s little whimpers filling the room in time with his wild thrusts.
The sight of her beneath him, her body eagerly taking all that he gave her while still touching herself and whining so beautifully was too much for Lucien and finally, he came undone. 
Panting, he thrust more slowly as he emptied himself in her, and the feeling of her silken walls still clenching around him, milking him into her, had him rolling his eyes back. He breathed shakily as his hips still rolled slowly, trying to come down from this high. Even with her body still trembling beneath him, unable to fully move, Elain tried to arch her hips further for him, mewling needily as his seed started to spill out of her.
A moment passed between the two of them panting heavily before Lucien pulled out of her, dragging his seed with him. He leaned down with a breathy smirk and placed a kiss on the center of her spine, squeezing her ass. “You did so good, baby.” his voice low as she hummed in pleasure and Lucien’s expression went feral at the sight of his seed trickling out of her. “You did so good and you look so good with my come dripping out of you.”
“I love your come dripping out of me.” she whispered hoarsely and arched her hips up again for him, wiggling slightly. “I always like it when you’re on me and in me and all over me.”
Chuckling, Lucien smacked her ass again, earning him a throaty moan from Elain before she slowly turned over.
Lucien watched with delight as she spread her legs widely for him, her hand traveling to her center and all his seed still spilling out of her. Without breaking eye contact with him, Elain let her fingers delicately touch herself, rubbing and spreading his come all over her cunt.
With a needy gasp, she let her hand travel higher, spreading his seed all over her stomach and smearing it up and around her breasts. Her eyes never leaving his, she brought a finger laced with his come to her mouth and sucked noisily then let it find its way back to her folds, rubbing his come into her with a sweet little cry, squeezing a breast with the other. 
Lucien immediately started to harden at the sight, and he closed his eyes, settling on his knees across from her. Licking his lips, his hand gripped his cock and slowly started to pump. 
When he opened them again, he found Elain’s eyes hooded and cheeks flushed with desire as she watched him. “You aren’t satisfied with what we just did, pet? You think you can just touch yourself like that without me saying so?” he demanded quietly, and Elain quivered in need, her hand still teasing her cunt.
“I want more.” she whispered and reached out to him with her free hand. “I always want more of you.” 
Grabbing both of her hands, Lucien yanked Elain up as she squealed, and he crashed his lips into hers. She melted into him, their lips making up for the lost time away from each other and Elain moaned into his mouth.
Hand fisting into her hair, Lucien bit her lower lip and groaned when her tongue brushed against his. He pulled back, breathing heavily as he looked at his mate, soft pants slipping from her swollen lips and his gaze traveled over her body covered in him.
“You want more of me?” he asked, his voice low and Elain arched her chest, breasts peaked as she nodded quickly. “Good, because you touching yourself like that and spreading me all over you makes me want my cock in that pretty mouth of yours really badly. Think you can suck me good, little dove?”
“Yes, my love. Yes.” 
“You really want to suck my cock don’t you, my love?” he said gently, though a dark chuckle laced his words, his fingers tightening in her hair. 
“It’s all I ever want.” she whispered eagerly, and Lucien’s grin was a feral one as Elain surged forward and started planting kisses down his chest, even with his hand still fisted in her hair. 
Lucien growled softly and sat back on his knees, pulling her down until she was eye to eye with his hardened length. Elain let out an excited whimper, her tongue already darting out to lick her lips as Lucien guided her with his hand.
“Suck.” was his only command and Elain didn’t need to be told twice, taking him in her mouth. 
She moaned in delight and Lucien rolled his head back as she swirled her tongue around him, his precome already sliding down her throat. Elain looked up at him, slowly sliding his length out of her mouth until her tongue circled just the tip, before she moaned softly again, taking more of him. Her hand slid to pump what didn’t fit in her mouth and when the tip of him hit the back of her throat, she groaned at the sensation. 
Lucien let out a low grunt, his grip on her hair tightening as she quickened her pace, squeezing him a little harder. Biting his lip, he slid his hand down her body until it was between her legs, rubbing her cunt to the rhythm of her bobbing. 
Elain let out a desperately filthy noise, her hips grinding against his fingers and she hummed, sucking him harder.
“You’re such a dirty girl, aren’t you?” he grounded out, his hips thrusting slightly as she hollowed her cheeks and hummed again, pumped him in her mouth. “Trying to ride my fingers while my cock is in your mouth? I can’t wait until my come is dripping out of your mouth next.”
Her eyes rolled back in her head as the words caused a fire to course through her. Her mouth bobbed as he rolled his hips, the hand fisting her hair guiding her back and forth. Soft gasps slipped from Elain’s mouth as he pumped himself inside her mouth, gladly taking as much of him as she could, especially as his pace started to quicken. Elain’s hand squeezed him hard, letting her teeth gently scrape against his length causing Lucien to curse and jerk into her.
“Close.” he groaned, his fingers quickening on her cunt and in return, Elain’s tongue swirled around him and she sucked harder. Glancing up at him again, Elain fingers dug into his hip to get his attention. Lucien looked down and cursed profusely as she smiled around his cock, grinding her hips into his fingers. The giggle that followed vibrated through Lucien and the very loose control he had on himself snapped. Lucien let out a low grunt, throwing his head back, fisting both hands into her hair now and held her against him as he thrust, his release surging through him. 
Elain let out a pleased hum as she tried to swallow every bit of him, some dripping out of her mouth as Lucien had wanted and her eyes never left his face as he slowed the roll of his hips. Breathing heavily, Lucien finally looked down, gently releasing her hair and brushing it back. Elain slowly released him from her mouth with a pop, her hand still gently pumping him, the remainder of his seed spilling on her hand. 
She smiled coyly at him and kissed the tip, causing Lucien to shudder this time. He gazed at her fondly then reached out and removed her hand from his length, his thumb delicately wiping at her chin.
“A masterpiece.” he whispered, and Elain preened under his touch. 
“Yours.” was her whisper in return. 
Lucien leaned in close and kissed each eyelid softly. “Wait here.” was all he said as he slipped from their bed and all Elain could do was admire his magnificent body and lick her lips, catching her breath. He returned with a warm washcloth and with tender touches, Lucien cleaned her up, her eyes watching him adoringly. 
He finished and then gently pulled her down over him as he relaxed back into their bed, both of their heartbeats still slightly erratic. Elain shuddered happily as he traced his hands all over her back, squeezing her ass as he went then back up. Without saying a word, he brushed her hair back and kissed her slightly swollen lips tenderly. 
Elain arched into him, kissing him with fervor, her hands gliding across his strong body feverishly until he pulled back and chuckled at her eagerness. 
“Was that good for you, my love?” she whispered. 
“It was excellent, my naughty girl.” he whispered to her, pulling her face closer to him and leaving a trail of kisses on her jawline. “Was it good for you? Are you okay, my love?”
She grinned at him, her cheeks flushing as she wrapped her legs with his. “I’m perfect. Very satisfied.”
Lucien chuckled, his hands sliding down her legs. “Is that so? You didn’t get to finish the second time before I did though.” he said softly, his fingers still trailing up and down her body. For he couldn’t stop touching her and she couldn’t stop touching him. 
The primal urge of the mating bond always lit a flame especially hot this time of year but the well of affection and love they had for each other always made it even more intense. 
“I can think of a way for you to make it up for me.” she said with a grin. 
“So can I.” he growled playfully and Elain giggled. “I was thinking about making you come all over my face so I can suffocate happily but if you have other ideas...”
She flushed in delight. “I thought you got enough of a taste of me already?”
“I could spend an eternity between your legs and never have enough.” he said huskily and Elain shivered with another giggle.
“Let me have you at my mercy for a little while then.” she whispered and with a seductive smile, she rolled over and slowly straddled him, leaning back slightly to give him the perfect view of where she wanted his mouth to be next. “And after I’m done tormenting you, you can do whatever else you want with me.”
Lucien’s smirk was wolffish. “Is that so, pet?” He said lowly, his hands traveled down her sides and back up to squeeze her breasts firmly causing Elain’s eyes to flutter shut for a moment. “Whatever else I want?”
Elain bit her lip, the sensation of his hands on her already igniting the urge in her body again. “I have nowhere else to be than at your mercy.” She replied and looked him in the eyes as she licked her lip. “...What do you say?”
Lucien’s only response was a growl as he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her right down onto his sinful mouth without a warning. She arched into his tongue with a loud cry and knew that whatever day and time they finished thoroughly loving each other, movement of any kind would be strictly off the table.
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