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#lucid dreaming
dia-rhea · 2 hours ago
Help me with my weird dream, please!
So recently, I had this weird dream. I loveeee Attack on Titan, Levi especially. So when the dream had me and Levi together, as a couple, I was sooo happy. But something weird about this dream was that I knew the entire time that it was a dream, but I couldn’t change it or anything like a lucid dream. I know it’s hard, but it was different. I literally didn’t have the will to put change anything. I knew it was a dream, but the thought of changing anything never crossed my mind. Almost as if it was part of the plot... But everything felt so real. Like VERY real. It didn’t even feel like a dream. I knew I would have to wake up soon, so I decided on telling Levi that it was all just my dream. I don’t know why I did, I guess I just really hate lying to this man:/ I planned to meet up with him before we went to the airport so I could tell him everything, but that never happened and I couldn’t tell him on the plane ride because the dream skipped over that. As a plan B, I decided just to tell him in the car ride. I was struggling to stay awake at this point but I knew that once I fell asleep, I would wake up outside of the dream. I was really determined to stay awake at this point. But as soon as I blinked once, a little later on, I woke up. It almost felt like my dream was preventing me from telling him. It was really weird but I’ve been trying to shift and lucid dream lately and I would love so guidance from you guys. I didn’t know if this meant anything, but I kinda hope it did.
Thank you! -Rhea
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amerefroglover · 2 hours ago
I like looking at peoples lucid dream stories and how they did a bunch if cool stuff in their dreams
But then I remember what my first and only experience with lucid dreaming was and remember how pathetic I am
Basically what happened is some people where trying to shoot me in my dream and when I hid somehwhere I suddenly became aware I was dreaming. But instead of doing anything to stop them from attacking me I immedietly tried to wake myself up by slapping myself, but since it was a dream I couldn't really slap hard enough so I kept trying to do it harder until I woke up.
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lenabubble · 6 hours ago
I'm trying reality shifting
I'm new to the concept of reality shifting, but I do lucid dream every now and then. So, last night was my first time trying reality shifting. I tried the Alice in Wonderland method. and I was a little confused on the concept of scripting so... I just went in with a light mentality of what I wanted and I think that was kinda where I went wrong and I should have actually written out my script just so I could have a better understanding of it because I had kinda odd lucid dreams and I had a hard time getting out of them. But I'm also pretty sure you're not supposed to actually be asleep while shifting and I fell asleep so it's probably my own fault. But this was my first try and how it went.
Help is appreciated
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berryjaellie · 7 hours ago
i can just tell that bye bye bye is going to be (one of) the song(s) that defines my summer this year...
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kingsleyisdead · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Shopping at midnight.
Tumblr media
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calamity-spider · 11 hours ago
The Murder House
I dreamt about a house of horrors where the bachelor and bachelorette hosted an event where all the visitors are hunted and killed.
It's basically Danganronpa, where the visitors are forced to kill each other in order to get out alive. Either that, or you have to be really good at hiding and not being killed.
I was a small girl, a pail British las. Strangely enough, I was one of the only children taking part in this event, albeit unwillingly. There were many people of color in this house. These people of color would team up and kill the white people who foolishly went off on their own to murder.
The only thing I clearly remember is hiding behind a vanity and witnessing the murder of an elderly woman. A pair of colored teens -female- killed her by smashing her head against a marble table repeatedly. They began to weep when they noticed I was there.
I ran out of the building, climbing up a small balcony, seeing the courtyard webbed with clotheslines. There were many sheets strung about, all large and white table cloths that made the house look dead and empty. I watched them for a moment, flailing in the wind. Then I saw the young Dalia working there, cleaning up the sheets that had fallen to wash them once again. I climbed down the vines that had wrapped their way around the walls, running up to meet Dalia and hugging her very tightly.
"Oh, love, you're ok!" She said as she hugged me back. She held my frail body tightly against her bosom, holding me protectively like a mother would. I could hear her heart beating and feel the warmth through her soft, yellow dress with sunflowers etched into the silk. It felt oddly satisfying... to receive a mother's hug.
Dalia is a maid who works in this house. She is a foreigner who was brought here to work for the bachelor and bachelorette. She found me hiding in the kitchen once, a big burly man was hunting me. He was very upset, wanting to kill me, saying I was the only chance left. Dalia deceived him. She protected me. She pretended to be helpful and sent him down the wrong path. I later learned that he was brutally murdered in the boiler room.
Dalia's been protecting me and keeping me safe since then. I've warmed up to her and her to me. She was like my mother.
There is another girl that Dalia began taking care of, though... I don't know her name, but I know she doesn't like me. She's a bit older than me and her hair is a dirty bronze. Her eyes are sharp and green. She somehow always smells like dandelion fluff.
The girl came shortly after my arrival to the courtyard. Dalia told her to stay with me and comfort me until we had to go off again so that she could work. The girl just glared at me the entire time. I don't know why she doesn't like me, but I know I should probably try fixing my relationship with her if we want Dalia to be happy.
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queen-mabs-revenge · 13 hours ago
was repotting some helichrysum petiolare into the hanging baskets (the nasturtium were on their last legs and v scraggly; idk if it was that the pot was too small or what have you but they never really went full foliage to the extent i'd hoped even tho i was nipping back blooms and all) and there was a CENTIPEDE in the pot and i just.........
left it there? it squiggled back into the root ball and i was not about to fuck around and find out so idk i guess i have a centipede friend now and dear fucking christ it had better not be laying eggs or i'll straight up fucking burn the place down as i leave
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trashydragonartist7 · 14 hours ago
🔥🔥🔥 canon dreamtale 🔥🔥🔥
I see you've chosen violence 👁👁
DISCLAIMER: I am very glad that canon Dreamtale was created, it has become a major and irreversable piece of our (my system's) life and online experience and self-discovery. I am not bashing it for bad English, because I am aware that English is difficult and the creator of Dreamtale is a native Spanish speaker. None of this is about her art skill or her skill in English.
Okay now that that's over I just gotta start with the obvious favoritism. Seriously, Dream is treated like the only good and light in the story and infantalized and painted to be "pure". It's.... Frankly innaccurate to what he suffered through. Nightmare wasn't the only one traumatized there, and while everyone handles trauma differently, being traumatized is the exact opposite of being kept innocent.
And Nightmare!!! What the fuck!!! Way to demonize a victim of childhood trauma I guess???? Does she want a gold star???? For someone who "can only feel negativity" I sure haven't seen him processing that trauma in any way. Last I remember, pain and fear and despondence are also negative emotions. Aaaand what do we get? Oh yes, a man who is purely evil and wants to hurt people and nothing else. Because, y'know, ✨negative apples✨ and all.
The designs. Personally I like Dream's new design! Is it hard to draw? A little. Is it fun? Yeah! Nightmare......... Why did she make him look like a generic Sans with a crown. Please. Please fuck I'm begging if you're going to make him an evil king at least give him a dark version of his old outfit. Why in the multiverse would he decide to look like every basic Sans design ever........ He already had a good design that could have translated over........
The story! Hm. There are uh. A lot of plot holes. I've explained Dreamtale Canon to people before so, so many times, and every time they have so many questions I cannot answer. How did Nightmare turn Dream to stone? How did Dream escape? Those are my two biggest unanswered questions as far as that goes but like..... Pls. Maybe we'll get answers in the upcoming revamp (? I think I've heard about it. I think so. Not sure. I've given up hope about it being better though)
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kennthoughts · 17 hours ago
Am I the only one who jots down their dreams after they woke up? I mean, not every time I wake up. But when I can still remember it.
I guess I'm just good at lucid dreaming.
I can even go back to what I'm dreaming even after peeing.
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tobeimean · a day ago
Pomba Gira: Maria Quiteria
The Whirling Dove The story of the Pomba Gira (translated to English as “Whirling Dove”) known as Maria Quiteria, is not well known. There is an historic person, also named Maria Quiteria de Jesus (1782-1853) who was the first woman to become an officer in the Brazilian army and fought during the Brazilian war for independence. These are not the same person. The Pomba Gira named Maria Quiteria,…
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wingsmashed · a day ago
@strcngered​ asked:
“  are you sure you’re okay?  ” Maria @ Alucard
Tumblr media
It was such a simple question, but it was astonishing how Alucard wasn't entirely sure how to answer it. Was he okay? His body felt the same as it always did, and he had been eating well--eating much better than usual, actually. Therefore, he supposed that he should probably say:
“I’m am fine. Do you disbelieve me, Lady Maria?”
They had prevented the return of Dracula and saved Richter from the puppet strings Shaft had tied to him. They had escaped the Castle and Alucard had decided not to return to sleep. He was learning more about this time period and growing more accustomed...
So why wouldn’t he be fine?
He just was not feeling very much. Everything was numb--which, to be fair, was much better than feeling too much. Was he fine? Would Maria be upset if he was not fine?
“What of you? Are you well?”
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callmebambi13 · a day ago
Bi girls in relationships with dudes be like
Tumblr media
Its me. I'm bi girl 🤣🤣
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pinkpiggy93 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Blue roses in summer
I haven’t felt quite satisfied like this in a while and I want to make more pieces like this.
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Kinda weird, but i had a dream last night that was pretty bizarre. My family and I moved to Australia, and after we got there, we were driving, trying to find our house, and this little tiny car in front of us with four people flipped over into a ditch and everyone in it died. My family drove on, for some reason, and we were driving into a cute little town, and my dream glitched and suddenly i was walking through the streets of said town by myself. Then i ran into you (you looked like a mix of your icon and a picrew i've seen you do), and we ended up talking, and then my dream glitched again and we were both wearing bi pride flag capes and running in a field. Just thought you'd enjoy the fact that you had a cameo in one of my dreams.
Okay, there are exactly three people I want dead right now, and we used to travel in cars a lot together, so surely I staged that crash and survived 😂
I mean, if Joey Batey and Keira Knightley had a baby, you’d get me anyways, so your dream visions are accurate, I imagine!!
And I can also guarantee I would 100% wear a bi flag cape irl and go ✨running ✨ through a field, you know, for the aesthetic™️
BUT I FEEL SO HONOURED TOO! Like, you dreamed of me? Out of all the tumblr mutuals, little old me?
ily for that <3
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pixxiiee-the-witch · a day ago
Lucid Dreams
A lucid dream is a type of dream where the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. During a lucid dream, the dreamer may gain some amount of control over the dream characters, narrative, and environment; however, this is not actually necessary for a dream to be described as lucid. Lucid dreaming has been studied and reported for many years. Prominent figures from ancient to modern times have been fascinated by lucid dreams and have sought ways to better understand their causes and purpose. Many different theories have emerged as a result of scientific research on the subject and have even been shown in pop culture. Further developments in psychological research have pointed to ways in which this form of dreaming may be utilized as a form of sleep therapy. There are two ways to enter lucid dreaming.
Dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) - Something inside the dream triggers the dreamer to understand that they are dreaming.
Wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) - The dreamer moves from waking to dreaming with no loss of awareness.
The term lucid dream was coined by Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden in his 1913 article A Study of Dreams, though descriptions of dreamers being aware that they are dreaming predate the article. Van Eeden studied his own dreams between January 20, 1898, and December 26, 1912, recording the ones he deemed most important in a dream diary. 352 of these dreams are categorized as lucid.
Van Eeden created names for seven different types of dreams he experienced based on the data he collected:
initial dreams
pathological dreams
ordinary dreams
vivid dreams
demoniacal dreams
general dream-sensations
lucid dreams
He said the seventh type, lucid dreaming, is "the most interesting and worthy of the most careful observation and study."
Information found on:
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lachkegeetanjali · a day ago
Lucid Lily Endnote.
The conclusion:
Lucid Lily ended before it's time but I wont let go of it without addressing it first.
I think the Lucid Lily section really reflected me as a person. There was a lot of me and my heart in this one. With Lucid Lily I learnt that dreams can become reality and that even though reality sucks it isn't all that bad. I will take this message with me: To dream and to dream whatever my heart wishes, then make it possible in my own magical way because I am capable of it and I do know how to fulfill my wishes and achieve my dreams.
I hope you stay with me for many more posts to come and watching many more dreams fulfilled. Stay tuned for Radiant Rose, I'm coming back better than before!
Thank you for reading!
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