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#love y'all already
two-face-2 · an hour ago
Ain’t gonna lie, the last time I felt this amount of pain and confusion was the day deancas went canon during the Presidential Election, Nevada’s counting, Georgia turning blue, Putin’s resignation, Dabi name reveal, and that doesn’t even cover all of it.
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boardboxes · 3 days ago
I literally cannot stop thinking about chava
and his... big strong arms... and his pretty face.... his abs..... boobies.... the cute bracelets he wears..... how long he’s cared for the mc and wished for summer so that he could see us again...... the y e a r n i n g .......
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harristops · 3 days ago
the fact that they were at the place ash proposed, now with sloane, being such a happy little family i could cry
I'm already crying a bitch is crying in here!!!
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harristops · 3 days ago
Ok but not @me imagining Ash taking baby Sloane to the spot on the beach where she proposed to Ali and telling her that this the place where all her dreams came true 😭
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freetimeefase · 5 days ago
this is a question for all of the marvel/avengers/tfatws/bucky/etc etc stans out there. 
as someone who is new to this fandom I have a question regarding our boyfriend mr sebastian stan 
do we know if the man can carry a tune? sing a little song? 
and I’m not just talking about “hungry eyes”, I’m talking damn son sing me to sleep because.... a girl would love to know 
anyway... get back to me <3 
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hestands · 6 days ago
off to bed! back around tomorrow. don’t forget to follow rodrik ♥
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