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#love tiger beetles
tigereye105 · a year ago
Luigi’s Mansion 3 Bug AU
Ironic, that I make a Bug AU considering I’m terribly afraid of bug and insects, but I started to hyperfixate on bugs after getting back into Hollow Knight and Owlboy and wanted to make an AU with the ghosts from LM3 as bugs.
Enough rambling, here’s the list-
Steward: Ant
Chambrea: Lady Bug
Kruller: Bee (Ya’ll knew I had to do it to him)
Soulfflé: European Firebug
Amadeus Wolfgeist: Praying Mantis
King MacFrights: Hercules Beetle
Dr. Potter: Leaf Bug
Morty: Karner Blue Butterfly
Ug: Anomalocaris 
Clem: Mosquito 
Serpci: Scarab Beetle
Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny: Spicebush Swallowtail Caterpillar(s)
Captain Fishook: Giant Water Bug (Toe Biters)
Johnny Deepend: Water Boatman Bug
DJ Phantasmagloria: Firefly
Hellen Gravely: Black Widow Spider
Polterkitty: Silverfish
King Boo: Fall Webworm Moth
Luigi and the gang aren’t bugs, and when you catch the ‘Bug Bosses’ they’re container in E. Gadds lab look like those little bug containers.
Also King Boo and Polterkitty are like, actual bugs. 
NOTE: I might change some of these bugs, if I think another bug/insect is a better fit for the character
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onenicebugperday · an hour ago
i couldnt get a picture, but i found a really big amd bright green one who caught a nice ant meal!
Even though I can’t see it, I love that beetle. RIP, ant. But yes tiger beetles are quite cosmopolitan. Not many places you wouldn’t find them if you know where to look.
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symphonic-scream · 4 days ago
Jocks as Pitbull Songs
Crimson Beetle (Ladybug!Kim) - DJ Got Us Fallin in Love
Chartreux Noire (Cat!Ladybug) - Back In Time
Kitsune (Fox!Kagami) - I Like It
Shell Shock (Turtle!Max) - Timber
Hornet (Bee!Chloe) - Feel This Moment
Multimouse (Mouse!Marinette) - On the Floor
Hopper (Bunny!Nathaniel) - Give Me Everything
Basilisk Bleu (Snake!Juleka) - I Know You Want Me
Wyvern Rouge (Dragon!Luka) - International Love
Wishbone (Dog!Adrien) - Fireball
Mustang Mare (Horse!Sabrina) - Bon Bon
Tamarin (Monkey!Lila) - Time of our Lives
Bengal (Tiger!Nino) - Hotel Room Service Don't Stop the Party
Capricorn (Goat!Alya) - Hey Baby (Drop It To the Floor)
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yugirl · 4 days ago
So much more
I don’t want to lose you
“Your friend paid a visit to the Society of light!” Aster explained
“He WHAT?!” Squeaked Syrus
“The man’s gone AWOL!” Hassleberry gasped.
“no... no, he wouldn’t...”
“Jay?” Syrus asked, worried. “Jaden!?”
The Slifer slacker had already taken off running.
“I need to hurry!! If I’m lucky, I won’t be too late!! Maybe I can stop the duel before it even starts… Bastion… please don’t be stupid….”
“Bastion... you want to prove yourself, right?” Sartorius asked the Ra student, sounding like he was standing right beside him. “Lose this duel and join my society... leave your friends behind...”
Jaden ran until his legs started to burn. His body was crying out in pain as it was pushing himself harder than he ever had before! But he had to get there! He had to save Bastion!!
He already lost Chazz and Alexis to the society of light, and while it stung a lot, nothing compared to the anxiety of losing Bastion. He couldn’t bear the thought.
Chazz smirked as he was ready to attack Bastion. But the Ra student was confident in his trap cards, or at least he was until Sartorius started to get into his head.
Jaden ran into the arena, “Bastion, stop!!”
“Scissor beetle!! Attack with cross slicer!!”
Jaden got on the stage between Bastion and the attack.
Suddenly the arena was covered in smoke from the impact of the blast.
“JADEN!!” Syrus and Hassleberry cried out.
Chazz was utterly shocked at the development, and even Sartorius was taken aback. “What's this!?
Suddenly the attack emerged from the smoke and flew back towards Chazz. The white obelisk student tried to brace himself but failed. His life points going to 0.
The Ra yellow student revealed he had activated his trap card just in time to protect the Slifer student and himself, Thus winning the duel.
While he should be taking in the Victory, he was more concerned about the Slifer.
“Jaden, what were you thinking!?” Bastion scolded, helping Jaden up.
“Please don’t join the White Dorm!” Jaden begged, “I don’t want to lose you!!”
Bastion was a little baffled by this “w-what?”
“Please, Bastion! I already lost Chazz and Alexis, and I don’t want to lose you too!! You’re too important to me!!” Jaden pleaded. His eyes on the verge of tears. “You’re already so much more than anything they can offer!!”
“I’m… important?… but you’ve been pushing me away, and I felt so isolated I-“
“I didn’t mean to!” Jaden said, standing tall. “When we were in the virtual world, I didn’t want you to come because I was already worried about Hassleberry and Sy. I didn’t want to put you in danger too… I…”
Jaden then suddenly wrapped his arms around Bastion and pressed their lips together, catching the Ra student off guard.
Syrus and Hassleberry completely crashed. Did Jaden just—
Chazz was equally shocked at the sudden reveal. Slacker just kissed Bastion!?
Jaden pulled away, completely flustered when he saw Bastion’s shocked expression. “I- I’m sorry I- I didn’t think it’s just… I love you….”
Jaden... loved him...? Him? Bastion Misawa? Jaden loved him!? But why... but how!! But...
For once, Bastion didn’t try to find the logic in this. He didn’t want to. He wanted to be loved, and he wanted to be accepted... he wanted more than anything the white dorm could ever offer him!!
Bastion cupped the Slifer’s cheeks and pulled him into another kiss. A proper one. Fitting of a gentleman. Once they pulled away, he smiled. “I love you too….”
Syrus was completely red. Was he allowed to watch this!? Was this allowed!?
Hassleberry just whistled, “didn’t know the Sarge had it in him”
Jaden then turned to face Sartorius. “You’re not taking any more of my friends Sartorius!! YOU HEAR ME!!”
He held Bastion’s hand and squeezed it tight. He loved Bastion, and Bastion loved him, and the two would never be separated again. Their energies were coming together to form a Union of tiger and dragon.
Bastion glared at the obelisk white “that’s right!! And I won the duel, so you have to leave!!”
“Not quite... I said that would be the prize if you won against me... but since you won against Chazz. He has to leave.”
Chazz gasped and stared at Sartorius in shock. How could his master throw him under the bus like that!?
Jaden scowled at Sartorius “this isn’t over!!”
“That’s right!! When the time comes, Jaden and I will duel you, and we WILL win!” Bastion affirmed.
If Obelisk White didn’t want to acknowledge him as a strong duelist. They would learn to recognise him as a threat.
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vampirepinkdust · 5 days ago
you make me love you
the 7 that I like
and the 7 things I love the most about you
I studied cows' behaviour(cow animal-bovinae) at countryside years I know much more than you
Stag beetle
round grey bugs under wood
pigs(domestic and wild maybe)
polar bear(Zoo )
Grizzly bear
black panther
Zebra finch
canary bird
Monitor lizards
green fly
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sevensav--d · 14 days ago
Nomiko’s Bug List!
Nomiko Assigns her Classmates, friends, and teachers specific insects that remind her of them.  Some have more than one.  For training, she adds as many of the mas she can to her swarm.  It helps her feel closer to her classmates.
Bug list below!
Kaminari: The denkimushi which is a caterpillar that ‘shocks’ people via stinging them with a venom.  Part of this comparison is the name.  She also related him with fireflies.
Bakugou: The bombardier is an ‘exploding beetle’ that shoots out a spray of toxins when startled.  Other options are flame-bordered Emperors, and fire ants!
Kirishima: The ironclad beetle because it has a VERY tough shell.  Entomologists need to use power tools to pierce their shells.
Todoroki: She’d assign him the grylloblattid, which are often referred to as snow crickets and they live in glacial areas and mountaintops.  They don’t do well with heat.  Alternatively, he reminds her of  The Red Pierrot butterfly, mostly for the coloration.  
Iida: The tiger beetle, because it’s one of the fastest insects out there!  Also, they’re very blue.
Aoyama: Very specifically, the compsus benoisti, often referred to as a ‘glittery’ beetle.  It sparkles in the light!
Tokoyami: Partly because of it’s color, partly because of their power, and partly because of their shape, she sees him in the Emperor Scorpion.  She thinks the tail sort of looks like Dark Shadow!
Jiro: Because of Jirou’s talent for music, Nomiko sees her in the bell cricket.  They are a Japanese cricket with a well loved song.  It’s tempting to give her a big with really long antennae as a funny haha, but the Bell Cricket suits her better, in Nomiko’s opinion.
Midoriya: Okay so, this one.  Uh.  She SWEARS it’s a good thing.  The Flea.  It’s the insect with highest jump height, and they are VERY strong.  She swears it’s a high compliment!  The kanji in her name means Flea, for Pete’s sake!
Sero: She assigns him the Darwin’s Bark spider.  It’s the spider with the strongest silk out there!  Their webs are massive and VERY tough.  However, they’re also relatively harmless to humans!  They’re not venomous.
Uraraka: Ladybugs!  They’re very helpful and considered to be a charismatic, and well liked bug.  The pink spotted lady beetle in particular makes her think of her, because of the pinkness of her cheeks.
Tsuyu:  She assigns Tsu the Colombian Lesserblack tarantula!  For good reason, too.  These tarantulas have a mutually beneficial relationship with dotted humming frogs!  The frogs live above their burrows and protect the spider’s eggs and the spider provides food and protection.  They make a great team!
Momo: She sees the Diaethria Clymena in Momo.  They sport a simialar color scheme in their hero costumes, and the idea that Momo needs to consume a lot to utilize her quirk, reminds Nomiko of caterpillars!
Koda: She knows he doesn’t like bugs, but she offers him the Velleda Lappet Moth.  They’re a mid sized moth, and they’re very fluffy and cute looking.  Nomiko thinks they kind of look like little bunnies.
Mina: The Nairobi fly has the nickname “acid bug” for good reason.  They dont sting or bite, but their insides are VERY toxic, causing burn like rashes.  Do NOT swat one of these bad boys.  As an aside, the rosy maple moth because of the colors.
Mineta:  She assigns Mineta the common aphid due to the sticky residue they leave wherever they go.  They’re also very small.  It fits.
Toru: For Toru, Nomiko assigns her the orange oakleaf butterfly which is a butterfly with VERY good camouflage, making it look identical to a dead dry leaf.  However, the inner part of its wings are dazzling, reflecting Toru’s strength with light!
Ojiro: She assigns him the mayfly because of its long tail-like appendage on its back end.  They’re also a very chill insect, very relaxed and happy to sit in the sun.
Sato: Unsurprisingly, she assigns him the banded sugar ant because of their love of the sweet stuff.  But also, as you may know, ants are incredibly strong for their size.  So it’s a pretty fitting bug.
Shoji: For Shoji, she offers the Amazonian Giant Centipede, which is among the largest of the centipedes.  They obviously have lots and lots of arms/legs, which is very fitting for a guy like Shoji.
Shinsou:  For this boy, she assigns him a butterfly that is known as the lesser purple emperor but make no mistake, in her opinion this is the better butterfly, because it has more complex colors and more intricate patterns on their wings.  They’re honestly one of her favorites.
Aizawa: This is a weird one, but she assigns him the Paper Wasp.  First of all, they kinda look like his googles.  Second, they’re one of the few insects that hibernate.  Although they do not sleep as humans do, they do something akin to sleeping.
Present Mic: Because he is so very loud, he is equated to the mole cricket, which is the loudest of the crickets.  They dig holes for themselves to amplify them like megaphones!
Midnight: Unsurprisingly, Midnight was assigned the Black Widow.  There’s a lot of reasons, namely their pheromones and deadly nature and proclivity for wrapping up and binding their prey.
All Might: Mostly based on appearances more than strength, he is like the golden stag.  In color, popularity, and they both have those... Little things.  On their heads.
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plaidconnection · 21 days ago
Bugs Love
Tumblr media
⁠When I was growing up, I had a bizarre world when it comes to what are considered pets. Back in the 90s (in our country), there were no strict laws about owning an exotic pet until the early 2000s. My father used to have a friend who owned tigers, lions, and crocodiles; you name it! So by that means, we had an eagle and piranhas at home. Seriously speaking, my classmates in elementary used to call our house, a zoo. ⁠
⁠It became a tradition in our family to offer live mice or chicks to our piranha and eagle when someone turned 7, 10, or 40. That said, I was not scared to see chicks getting strangled by an eagle because all to be fair I imagined myself being a photographer in the National Geographic channel. ⁠
⁠For me, it was a nice and traumatic experience because I became close to the animals that for many are not the best-looking compare to cuddly dogs and cats. It is my goal to have my place and have a special room for my pet chameleon and hedgehog. But before having one of them, I want to read and research as much as I need to become knowledgeable enough to keep them safe and healthy. ⁠
⁠So this backstory leads us to my April artwork, which is bugs! I have also wanted to have a pet bug. Especially ladybugs and beetles! Satoshi Tajiri's inspiration for Pokemon was bug-collecting which made me inspired to create an artwork to know how much I love bugs. ⁠
⁠A lot of the time people are scared of bugs because they are indeed dangerous (some), sticky and dirty but for me, they are like the domesticated pets we know about but smaller. ⁠
⁠With this, I hope you like my bug artworks! They will be available on my Redbubble store so go check it out! :D⁠
⁠Thank you!⁠
Do you like bugs?⁠
Happy Earth Day!
Please do not repost my artwork/design. Ask me first. ⁠
Thank you!⁠
⁠Deviantart | Instagram | Redbubble
“Nostalgia is my favorite thing.”
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traucritters · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is Simon Arsenio Snootle. He is an entomologist who enjoys taking leisurely strolls through the forest. Sweet and sassy but socially awkward, he loves to infodump on his favorite topics (mostly beetles, especially weevils,) but has a hard time finding dates who share his interests. Unfortunately, his appetite often gets the better of him, and he ends up eating the bugs he’s meant to be studying. He finds this very frustrating but just can’t stop himself... maybe keep endangered specimens away from him.
His business messages often get mixed up with those meant for Bug, a brontosaurus etymologist. He and Bug are both very good-humored about it, and meet up every Tuesday to trade mail.
Simon is a giant anteater from Tiger Tale Toys, who my boyfriend gave me around Easter 2021, as a going-away gift.
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elliestormfound · 22 days ago
Oh, are you still doing the favourite animals list? If so, let me add rose chafers (Rosenkäfer) :D I know beetles are not everybody's thing but imo they're just SO pretty, like no matter which kind I could look at them for *hours*
I am, I guess favorite animals are a thing now on my blog :D I love it <3
I had to google Rosenkäfer and I love them. They are shiny and pretty!
but sadly there are no rose chafer gifs on this rotten website, but I advice everyone to google them!
anonymously tell me…what your favorite animal is
So far we have (please note that I have no idea what I am doing, I am not a biologist or zoologist and I am just grouping animals together from gut feeling :D)
cats (generally all): lynx, Scottish Wildcats, Pallas’s Cats, manuls, cheetahs, tigers
red pandas
foxes and red foxes
snakes: puff adders, hognose snakes
elephants <3
African Pygmy Falcons
dogs (generally): borkies, wolves, maned wolves
grasshopper mice
(baby) pigs
whales: orcas, beluga whales
bears and polar bears
birds: chicken, potoos, emperor tamarins, south american harpy eagles, secretary birds, (barred) owls
Leachie Geckos
bunnies, rabbits, hares
bees and bumble bees
penguins: Adélie penguins
octopus (what is the plural??)
pet rats
silky anteaters
rose chafers 
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lostcoves · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ ft. gonta gokuhara x reader 
+ reader: gn, no pronouns used 
+ genre: fluff
+ wc & warnings : 244 | none
+ request: 🦋 hehe i have another request! perhaps a little something where gonta makes a mistake and calls himself an idiot, and the reader tells him how smart & lovely he is? 👉👈
Tumblr media
“gonta is idiot..”
you paused your work the moment your boyfriend of two years uttered those three words, “what?”
“gonta is idiot,” gonta handed you an opened envelope and hung his head low. you took out the letter and skimmed over it, frowning to yourself.
“your dissertation got rejected?” you questioned your boyfriend. gonta nodded and sniffled, “yes,” he paused, “gonta messed up during his defense of dissertation..”
you offered gonta your hand and once he grabbed yours, you gave his a squeeze. your boyfriend dedicated days and nights to his dissertation on beetle mating patterns and how to boost the tiger beetle population. you knew how much it must have hurt for it to be rejected.
“you’re no idiot, gonta.”
gonta looked up from the ground and his expression softened “gonta not idiot?”
you cupped his cheeks and smiled, “of course not! you’re the smartest man i have ever known! you’re pursuing a doctorate for fuck’s sake!”
gonta sniffled again, “gonta not idiot?”
“you’re not an idiot,” you reassured him, “you’re lovely, as well! the loveliest man i know. you’re gonna get it next time, okay? i believe in you.”
gonta smiled, “gonta thanks you.”
you pressed a kiss to his forehead and hummed to gonta, “no problem, honey. i got your back.”
gonta would get his doctorate, no matter how many times he would have to pick himself up from the ground.
and you would be there, every step of the way.
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narcissawilted · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
black family greenhouse
the greenhouse had always felt the most like home of anywhere in the black manor estate. even her bedroom paled in comparison to the old glass enclosure that housed her most poisonous plants and the bugs. narcissa remembered stumbling onto the old place vividly. she was just a little girl, certainly no older than four years old. her aunt lucretia had taken her out for a walk, and told her that no one had used it since her great grandmother grew asphodel inside. every time cissy managed to evade her mother after that, the greenhouse was the first place she went. the wrought iron framework that held together the opaque glass panes loomed over the enclosure. so much of this place was her. the frosty windows, the gothic steeple, the smell of dirt and metal and dew. with the help of several house elves, it became usable again. so narcissa learned to use it. she grows hemlock, nightshade, peppermint, moondew, snake root, oleander, thistle, belladonna, monkshood, mistletoe, mugwort, and foxglove. she has also created a bug sanctuary inside with luna moths, wolf spiders, tiger beetles, flower crab spiders, rosema lappa, scarab beetles, and several others.
malfoy manor stables
it was an instantaneous sort of love. the moment that narcissa first set foot into the stables, she felt that familiar sense of calm security that her greenhouse had always given her. unlike her greenhouse, the stables were in perfect upkeep. narcissa always had a soft spot for animals. the horses were gentle and patient, and she could spend hours brushing them and plaiting loving braids into their manes. it was a very relaxing habit. the stables became her secondary respite. it was an easy place to disappear. she always thought it best on winter mornings when narcissa could take her books and read all day without disturbance (something she suspected had always been instructed rather than accidental).
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jaynefcrosley · a month ago
Trend Spotlight: Animal Art Is Bringing Joy to Our Walls
A decor trend we’re loving right now? Animal art! It’s such a fun way to add a whimsical element to any space, giving your walls a little extra dose of personality. And we’re not just talking cute animal portraits for a kid’s room! (Though we love it there, too.) There are so many different ways to try out this trend. However you incorporate it into your home, it has a way of bringing personality and joy to your space.
To show you the many ways you can bring this trend to life in your own home, we’re showing off some of our favorite animal art ideas for rooms of all styles, below. Keep reading to get the scoop on a few of our favorite pieces!
Shop This Look
Animal Art for Contemporary Spaces
In a contemporary space, we love the idea of animal art in muted tones—which adds visual interest and personality to your walls but isn’t over-the-top bold. These pieces skew more timeless and sophisticated rather than trendy.
We love the idea of vintage-inspired naturalist prints or watercolors for a contemporary space. Ultimately, look for animal art that compliments the color palette in your space.
See our favorite contemporary picks below!
Blue Dragonflies Bookplate, Antique Curiosities
Dragonfly bookplate, Antique Curiosities
Hummingbird Plate, Antique Curiosities
Moment of Waiting II, Chelsea Art Studio
Flamingos Canvas Wall Décor, SOMA Archive
After Winter III, Chelsea Art studio
Shop This Look
Animal Art for Rustic Rooms
If ever there were a style where animal art felt right at home, it would be in a rustic space! Rustic and Farmhouse design styles offer the perfect backdrop for animal art, since animals are such an integral part of farm life, and rural living naturally inspires these styles.
Look for paintings of farm animals—sheep, horses, and dogs being a few of our favorites. These pieces pair nicely with paintings of barns or landscapes. But you could also opt for animal photography to give you space a more modern edge. Longhorn cows and Scottish Highland cattle are some of our favorite animals to look for in photographs!
See our favorite rustic picks below!
Mugshot I, Chelsea Art Studio
Morning Farm II, Chelsea Art Studio
Cavallo, Chelsea Art Studio
Ride Easy, Chelsea Art Studio
On the Grass, Chelsea Art Studio
Blue and Brown Bird on Vintage French Document, Antique Curiosities
 Shop This Look
Animal Art for Glam Spaces
You might not think that Hollywood Glam and animal art go together—but one of the little known tenets of Hollywood Glam style is that there is almost always a piece of animal print in the room. We’re talking zebra stripes, cheetah print, snake skin, and more. References to animals are quite common in this style—so animal art in the right style is actually a natural for a glam space!
Glam animal art will be more bold than that in rustic or contemporary space, and it might even be abstracted or surprising. Look for pieces with pops of gold or something that’s high-contrast to help bring the drama!
See our favorite glam picks below!
Black and White Butterfly, Antique Curiosities
Golden Butterfly III, Chelsea Art Studio
China Stallion II, Chelsea Art Studio
Vintage P. Ruckmar & Co. by Ernest Montout, Soma Archive
Birds with Magnolias I, Chelsea Art Studio
Birds with Magnolias II, Chelsea Art Studio
Shop This Look
Animal Art for Kid Rooms and Nurseries
When you think of animal art, kids rooms and nurseries might be the first space you’d think these pieces would go. And kids rooms really are a great home for animal art! If your little one loves their furry friends, this is a great way to add charm and personality to their space.
We like to look for pieces with personality—whether that’s portrait-style paintings or prints of animals dressed up like people. But a cute, simple watercolor of a baby animal is a classic pick for nursery art! Look for fun colors and whimsical designs, which will add sweetness to your child’s room.
See our favorite kids picks below!
Watercolor Lion, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Camels, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Lion With Sunglasses, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Bunny with Glasses, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Peacocks, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Piglets, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Blue Skeleton Dinosaur, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Tiger with Striped Shirt, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Orange and Pink Beetle, Antique Curiosities
Bright Yellow Butterfly with Small Black and White Spots, Antique Curiosities
Shop This Look
Animal Art for Color-Enthusiasts
For color-enthusiasts looking for animal art, the bolder the better! A lot of animal art can skew more neutral or muted, which is reflective of the natural world. But there are ways to add major pops of color to animal-inspired art, giving your space a bright and cheerful vibe.
Look to fauna of the jungle—like butterflies or birds of paradise—for your subject matter. These pieces often have a more abstracted look and feel, and a bolder use of color, making them great for modern spaces.
See our favorite bright and cheerful picks below!
Perilous Wings VI, Chelsea Art Studio
Perilous Wings IV, Chelsea Art Studio
Navy Folk Art, Antique Curiosities
Watercolor Parrots, Antique Curiosities
Flamingo by Alicia Bock,Pottery Barn
Proudly a Statmentmen, Chelsea Art Studio
  Try on Animal Art in Your Room
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ketsxeki · a month ago
an arranged affair - chapter 1: the girl of my dreams
Tumblr media
a/n: my very late 100 follower celebration! for every 100 followers, a new chapter will be posted! i hope you enjoy 
word count: 1.1k
pairing(s): pregame!gonta gokuhara x reader
premise: an arranged marriage takes a wild run for young gonta gokuhara, as he deals with love and a chance to be free from his family’s name 
warning(s): none
Tumblr media
the perfect little gentleman.
that was who gonta gokuhara was supposed to be. a perfect little gentleman to appease his parents and be worthy of the gokuhara name. everything he did had to be perfect.
he longed to escape, to flee from his hell and run into the woods. gonta missed the woods dearly. in the woods, he could be himself without fear. he could be happy and free.
yet, life had other plans. 
a plan in the form of a girl named (y/n).
“you’re getting married,” his father informed gonta one tuesday evening in typical blunt fashion. gonta looked up from his book on butterflies and stared at his parents. both parties matched one another with their deadpanned expressions. 
“no, i’m not,” gonta resumed reading his book. his mother gently grabbed the book and snapped it shut. gonta wanted to glare at her but his mother’s cold eyes made him freeze up.
“we have arranged you to marry the eldest daughter of the jaimeson family,” gonta’s mother set the book aside on the table, “their corporation is good friends of our family. it’s only natural that you would marry one of their children.”
“why now?” gonta asked, sitting up from his lounge chair.
“you’re nearing the end of your high school career. you need to start focusing on the future,” his father answered impassively. gonta frowned. that was his destiny, to take over the family business and produce another heir. hopefully, a heir that wasn’t a fuckup like his parents thought gonta was. 
“we’ve arranged the two of you to meet tomorrow,” gonta’s mother handed gonta his book back. gonta grunted and held onto it tightly as a safety blanket. gonta’s father glared at him and continued, “you will be on your best behavior, son.”
“yes, father,” gonta murmured before sticking his nose back into his book.
“tadashi will pick you off from school and take you to see her,” gonta’s mother wrapped her arm around his father’s side, “i wish you the best of luck.”
gonta didn’t need luck, he thought to himself, he needed an escape plan.
if his home life was hell, school was ten times worse. 
attending an international prep school for trust fund brats meant dealing with spoiled assholes with too much money and time on their hands. 
gonta managed to get through his days without people bothering him too much. his size definitely helped with that, a such muscular and tall frame for a seventeen year old boy.
he mainly spent his afternoons reading and watching the clouds roll by while waiting for his personal assistant tadashi to chauffeur around town to his various after school lessons. 
yet, when he went to his usual reading spot, gonta found someone already there. a girl around his age dressed in the prep school uniform sat under the cherry blossom tree, nose deep in a book about beetles. gonta liked beetles, he never met a girl who was interested in beetles before.
“what’s your favorite beetle?” gonta found himself asking the girl. she yelped in surprise and looked up from her book, eyes wide and breath labored. gonta raised his eyebrows at her, “d.. did i scare you?”
“n- no!” the girl replied with a nervous smile, “you just surprised me, that’s all! i didn’t think anyone was out here.”
gonta plopped down on the ground next to her, “i saw the book you were reading. beetles of eastern north america, right? by arthur v. evans? it’s a favorite of mine.”
“really?” the girl looked intrigued, her (e/c) eyes shimmering under the sunlight.
“yes,” gonta attempted to smile. why did he want to smile? that was unusual for him. smiling wasn’t commonplace in the gokuhara family.
“i.. i really like the carolina metallic tiger beetle,” answered gonta. 
“no way!” the girl broke out into a toothy grin, “that’s my favorite, too! besides the hercules beetle- but i mean- who doesn’t like the hercules beetle?”
gonta could feel his cheek heat up when the girl he just met went off on a tangent about beetles. did he just find his soulmate?! this had to be a dream. a cute girl that gonta never met until today talking about beetles? insanity, pure and unadulterated insanity. 
“who are you?”
those words slipped out of gonta’s mouth without warning.
the girl furrowed her brow at gonta and questioned to him, “what do you mean?”
“i mean.. this is the first time i’ve seen you around the school and i don’t know your name..” gonta elaborated to the girl.
the girl merely smiled and answered, “well, i just moved here because of family matters,” she extended a hand to gonta, “and my name is (y/n).”
“that’s a-” gonta pondered on how to reply, “-nice name.”
he stood her hand carefully. (y/n)’s hands were surprisingly soft. did she moisturize? 
“ms. (y/n)!” a woman’s voice called out from afar. (y/n) looked up and sighed at the outline of a woman approaching the two of them, “i got to go.. but i hope to see you again-”
“gonta,” he answered, “my name is gonta.”
“well, i’ll see you around, gonta!” exclaimed (y/n) before running off to the woman who was presumably looking for her. gonta sat there in awe. did he just meet the girl of his dreams?
“mr. gonta?” tadashi approached the young man curiously. gonta looked up and greeted his personal assistant, “hello, tadashi. did i keep you waiting?”
“no, not at all but we should get going,” replied tadashi. gonta nodded in agreement and stood up, walking off with tadashi.
gonta could only hope to see (y/n).
forced into a stuffy tuxedo, gonta found himself dumped outside a five star restaurant. tadashi informed him that his parents set up a reservation inside and that the jamieson girl was waiting inside. 
“is it too late to make a run for it?” gonta asked tadashi with a grumble.
“sadly, no. i do wish you luck,” tadashi reassured gonta. 
gonta took a deep breath and made his charge into the restaurant. immediately, gonta was greeted by violin music and the smell of gourmet food hit his nose. he despised it, every aspect of it was met by hatred. 
“gonta gokuhara?” a waiter greeted him. gonta nodded. the waiter smiled, “ms. jamieson is waiting for you. please follow me.”
gonta followed the waiter up the stairs and to the private floor of the restaurant. only a few tables were there, the floors polished spotlessly and a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. 
“here’s your table, sir.”
gonta stared at the girl standing down at the table.
“gonta?” the girl asked.
there was no doubt about it.
the girl he was arranged to marry.. was the girl he fell in love with.  
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sunnyannotations · a month ago
Sunny, Chapter 1
“Where’s Yokohama?” “I dunno, somewhere ‘round Tokyo?”
And so the annotations begin! I’ll be using the page counts from the collected volumes for reference. 
Page 9 introduces us to Junsuke (older brother to Shosuke) with his trademark harmonica, runny nose, long fingernails, and rosy cheeks, though their color is ironically subdued in this full-color page. 
Also introduced is Makio, the House Master’s grandson, though we don’t see his face.
The poster in the background of panel 2 looks to be Tiger Mask, a manga from the late 60′s to early 70s. 
Tumblr media
Panel 4 also features posters of what I believe is Ultraman, and I’m even less sure about the smaller one below it.  
An opening splash page (pg 10-11) features various characters posed around Sunny, the car. From left to right, we have Sei, Junsuke, and Haruo on the hood, Kenji, Megumu, and Kiko inside, Makio and and Taro in the background, and of course Kurimaru and Blackie on the roof.  
PG 12 introduces us to Haruo, with his bright shock of white hair, wearing Kenji’s cool sunglasses. Also introduced is the Sunny, the manga’s namesake. It’s a Nissan Sunny 1200, model B110 from the early 70s. Here’s a commercial!
PG 16 sees the intro of Sei, the newest kid to be dropped off at Star Kids Home, a kind of foster home/orphanage/care facility. Junsuke compares him to Nobita Nobi from Doraemon; he’s not far off: 
Tumblr media
Asako, Kenji’s sister, speaks up in the 2nd panel, and Mr. Adachi shoos the kids out in the last panel, accompanied by Miss Mitsuko. We also see presumably Sie’s parents... I do believe this is the first and last time. I’ll introduce non-speaking characters as they speak, but the shortest kid in the second panel (on the right, with the widow’s peak) is currently unknown to me...
As Haruo and Junsuke show Sei around, we see a glimpse of the House Master. We never get a name for him. If my assumptions are correct, he has donated his house to this cause, and the day-to-day operations fall to Mr. Adachi and Miss Mitsuko. I am unsure if those two are in a relationship or only work partners, or if they are related to the House Master. 
PG 20 sees Taro singing his trademark song, “Row Row Row Your Boat”. A neurodivergent individual, he’s the only adult under the care of Star Kids Home. At least, I am assuming he is an adult, due to his height. 
PG 22 sees the introduction of Kenji’s porno mags, which I only mention since they are brought up multiple times throughout the series. There was an international adult magazine called Pink but the font on the cover doesn’t match this one. The Sunny serves as a hideout/daydream experience where no adults are allowed. The following page gives us a Godzilla cameo in one such fantasy.  
I am unsure what TV show they are watching on page 28, though it clearly involves a captain dressing up as a gorilla; always a funny premise.
Sei’s fantasy trip in the Sunny back to his home has him recounting things from his home in Yokohama: local business and institutions, types of trees, specific smells, types of cars, his school and teachers, his friends, and then finally the specific streets leading to his home, and in a heartbreaking conclusion, his mom. Dang, what a rough experience. 
Earlier Junsuke says he’ll show Sei where all the big beetles are this summer, and at the end we get a time jump all the way into Autumn. Business is as usual at Star Kids Home with Sei fitting right in, bickering along with the other kids and Haruo daydreaming in the Sunny.  
A couple notes. 
I noticed several round “button” panels in this chapter that I don’t recall in future chapters: PG 9 has one with tadpoles, PG 17 features a stag beetle, PG 25 a city silhouette against the night sky, PG 29 a croaking frog, and PG 41 a frog enjoying the rain. 
PG 18 features two kids playing in the hallway in the last panel, but boy if one of them doesn’t look like a creepy clown. Not sure what’s going on there. 
I love the dreamy quality that the kid’s daydreams take on; it’s a perfect visual indicator of what you’re seeing. 
That’s all for this time, thanks for reading! 
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popculturebuffet · 2 months ago
Amphibia: Ivy on The Run and After the Rain Reviews
Tumblr media
Hello all you happy people! We’re into week two and after far too long we finally get some answers.. well okay not the ones we thought we were getting but hey you take what you get sometimes. Point is it’s a big week, with a fun ivycentric episode that fleshes her and Felcia out and a far more serious episode that finally explains a few things, not saying what things because spoilers. So join me under the cut for some smiles, some tears, and a bit of Muay Thai and Myagi-Do as I break things down. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ivy on the Run:
I was pleased as punch to find out Ivy was getting an episode. While I couldn’t say she was a faviorite of mine, I always found Katie Crowns performance exceptional, and her a delight to watch. The character wasn’t bad.. but EVERY episode up to this one involving her was about her and Sprig’s relationship which while really fucking precious left little room to flesh her out beyond a love of ambushes and being into the same kid stuff Sprig was into. 
This episode not only corrects that but also takes another suprising leap for the series in having Ivy clearly be the main character of the episode. While this isn’t the first episode to spotlight a citzen of wartwood.. it’s the first where the Plantars are side characters in the plot instead of just as important as whoever got focus or usually more important. Here Ivy is the lead of the episode: We open on her waking up for the day (Or rather having been awake for hours to trick her alarm clock), get a sense of her personality.. and of the episodes conflict: Ivy’s desire to be free and explore versus her mothe’rs constnat anal renttientve insistence she do tea related stuff like fold swans properly. IT’s a decent enough conflict that gets elevated by hte twist at the end. 
So she runs out after that to meet up with Sprig, and ambush him because that’s how thier relationship works. And what I really like here is while their relationships still present in the episode it’s thankfully not the focus or even realy lreated. Their clearly together, it’s just not the focus of the episode> Just some nice ranch dressing atop this salad. While they go to hunt for glitter beetles, Anne is teaching Polly, Muay Thai. The martial art of champions.. specifically one eyed ones who like to put tiger in front of their moves. As for why she took it up her mom wanted somewhere to put her energy, as seen in a flashback with a young Anne adorably banging on pans while singing her own version of Wannabe by the Spice Girls. It’s fucking precious. 
So the couple happily go beetle hunting i’ts precious.. but Ivy’s patience with her mother starts to run out as her mother loudly interupts her hunt to return her for tea practice: stirring it, setting tables, folding swans that sorta thing. All things she clearly dosen’t WANT to do or like and gives the impression Felcia is trying to force her daughter to become more like her and less like herself which... no. Just no. 
Ivy eventually hits her limit with this bullshit, tells her mother off and then stomps off to her room whiel her Mom fails ot understand that MAYBE being hypercirtical of your daughter, even if it turns out you have a good reason, might backfire. Ivy is encouraged by her posters, great scene by the way, to run away and leave town, and take Sprig with her.. whose relcutant as he talked himself up as being really well liked and savy out there but was just okay in practice. 
Meanwhile Polly and Anne continue training but Polly can’t get it as she just can’t calm down and focus, and Anne easily blocks her. In constrast Wally shows up, having apparently been watching them. 
Tumblr media
And picks it up instantly. I can see why; Wally seems a bit scatterbrained due to his weird and wonderful nature.. but we’ve seen him be entirely capable when the chips are down, and to be a talented musician. So while he’d SEEM like he’d lack focus, it’s probably way easier to him than the impatient tadpole who just wants to kick ass without getting it takes a few steps. 
Meanwhile Sprig tries to talk his girlfriend out of running away together at 10 only for Sylvia to tail them with those bee phone things she used earlier.. and also be there, as once they clear those out she’s waiting and both end up at the Muay Thai class. Things finally hit their breaking point and Ivy wishes she never had family... and I think this is what finally gets it in Felicia’s head she messed up. She meant well.. but sh’es clearly been so hard on her child that, even if she instnatnly regrets it, she’s willing to disown her own mother if it means getting away from her. 
So Felica gives her a way out: Martial Arts Match. Because nothing says parental love like fighting your daughter for her freedom. Though in her defense things are pretty fair: three matches, and Ivy just needs to win ONE by getting a point on her, like in a martial arts competition. I only know that’s what they were going for because I binged Cobra Kai last month along with the first two Karate Kids. 
And that refrence isn’t for nothing as Felcia easily dominates the first two matches using Miyagi-Do esque moves i.e. pure defense, and with a Miyagi style lesson inside as for the final one.. she has Ivy repeat the various tea things she’d had her do, and just like that amazing fucking scene from Karate Kid, Ivy can now fight and realizes her mother was training her the whole time, as her mom simply wanted her to be readly and as for why Felcia herself is a karate master, she picked it up while gathering tea as naturally it’s incredibly dangerous in amphibia.  
So Felcia let’s her daughte win and expalins she just wanted her to be safe.. which is nice but while her devistaiton earlier clearly shows it, it still dosen’t QUITE justify how hard she was or not telling her why when her daughter is a clear tomboy. I do get the Miyagi-Do training style: it builds muscle memory and means you can defend without thinking, fight without having to plan every punch and kick. It’s brilliant.. but you have to match the training to the student. Daniel hated his traning too.. but Miyagi clearly KNEW he would, knew he’d give out and set it all up that way. Felcia.. nearly pushed her daughter into running away and never apologized. It’s not all terrible as there is the implciation this whole match was Felcia realizing she had to make it clera what she was doing, but it’s still fairly torubling the episode never adresses her behavior outright., even if they make up and Felciia plans to take her along next time. Also Polly punches wally in the face... eh he’l lbe fine. 
Final Thoughts on Ivy on the Run: This one was decent. As said the final part feels a bit... it feels they don’t adress Felicia’s controlling attitude enough.. but it dosen’t detract from a pretty fun episode, especially the Muay Thai stuff. That was an unexpected treat. And let’s face it after recently getting in deep with the franchise thanks to cobra kai, I can’t hate anything that reminds me of  the Karate Kid. In a good way at least. 
Tumblr media
After The Rain:
Well this was both a long time coming and as painful as I expected. And after over a year and a half, we FINALLY get some answers.. not ALL the answers but some. Look you know what this episode is about, I know what this episode is about, let’s get cracking in round 2. 
So Anne’s got a letter, anne’s got a letter I wonder who it’s from. Marcy.. it’s from Marcy. Turns out she’s ready to go to the first temple, and even sent them a check list: weapons, food (check and check) and armor. Hop Pop already thought of that.. but instead of badass and practical armor.. it’s padded sumo suits that they can’t move in because “less mobility means less trouble”. Or you’ll get eaten by a hawk.. which given this show is probably also on fire and can shoot acid out of its’ eyes. Or lasers. Or acid lasers. The point is their gonna die. THey also naturally need the music box... which Hop Pop about craps himself hearing. Gee it’s almost like not getting the box sooner when you knew damn well abotu the temple thing and that they’d need it kinda bit you on the froggy bottom Hopidiah. 
It gets worse for him as while he mentions his ‘contacts” again.. that night he goes to dig it up. Problem is, Anne follows him when she hears footsteps, and while she initially assumes i’ts just him being a weirdo and plans to suprise him... we instead get the gut punch we’ve been anticpating for the last year and a half.  Hop Pop shouts about the box being gone, clearly panicked... and Anne hears him, utterly devistated and rightfully FURIOUS. He confesses the truth, clearly feeling guilty for what he’s done and lying all this time but Anne dosen’t want to hear it and storms off. 
Tumblr media
Yeah as you can tell this is a rough one. So next morning Hop Pop, who clearly hasn’t slept and given his surrogate grandaughter just rightfully walked out on him why would he, confesses to the kids what he did. And while neither like what he did .. they prioritize getting Anne back, sending him to go fix his mess while they find the box. 
The box turns out to not be the only thing missing: various other things around town have been stolen, including a talisman that if Maddie dosen’t get it back will have horrifying consequences. Classic Maddie. As for why Swampy Joe has the answer: the magpie beetle, a beetle that emerges once every 20 years to steal stuff to use as a shell to impress mates. They find the box.. but it’s in a seatle of beatles and soon get swamped.  Meanwhile Anne’s returned to the cave and... okay i’m just going to have to power through or this episodes going to kill me with sadness. After some bits about her and her rock rocky, Hop Pop finds her and she still has nothing to say to him, again for good reaosn, but before he can get to telling her WHY he did it, they hear the others crying for help and Anne tries to rescue them herself, only helping hop pop do so when he points out they NEED to and even if she rightfully dosen’t trust him she needs to for now. THey save the kids.. and Anne STILL wants to leave.
We then get an even bigger gut punch. It turns out Hop Pop didn’t hide the box for some big reveal.. regarding the box. Turns out it’s not the box itself, his book just says it’s dangerous and w’ell likely find out any specifics it had next week. It’s Hop Pop’s lingering trauma. While we don’t find out why the Box is dangerous.. we do find out what hapepned to their parents. And I just want to say before we get into that Bill Farmer’s acting this WHOLE episode is some of hte finest, if not THE finest in his career. HIs guilt, his pain.. it’s all so raw and palpable. Brenda Song’s no slouch either, Anne’s pain and anger is likewise very well done, but Bill is far and away the mvp of the episode.. and this scene is why. 
He reveals he’s been so cautious, so scared for the kids and so overly protective in general.. because of how the kids parents died, something they don’t blame him for but he does: He was out of town on buisness.. when a pair of herons attacked. Sprig and Polly got to the family bunker in time.. their parents... weren’t so lucky. It’s not the big bombastic arc related death we all thought was coming.. but I like it for it’s brutal nightmarish simplicity. They didn’t die some heroic death, they aren’t still here.. they just died like SO MANY background frogs have. Two wild giant animals they coudln’t possibly defend against got em. Nothing could’ve been done no matter what Hop Pop thinks, theirs no way they coudl’ve been saved, and i’ts LUCKY their children didn’t share the same fate. But their gone and it gives a new, awful meaning to Hop Pop’s overproectivness. Before it was mildly justified if a bit strict.. now.. i’ts him trying not to loose what he has left. Trying to hold on tight to his grandkids so he dosen’t loose anyone else.
He hid the box because his trauma and guilt were so severe he did something very stupid, and regretted it ever since and begs anne to forgive him in THE best line read of Bill Farmer’s long and storied career. And she does, hugging her Hop Pop gently, realizing that while he fucked up.. she gets WHY he did.. and that he’s sorry for it. He wasn’t tyring to keep her from going home or any messed up shit.. he just was trying to keep her and his other kids alive. And as Sprig and Polly say it’s not his fault, it never could’ve been.. he can’t help but feel that way. You just feel.. powerless when you loose someone, like you could’ve done something even though 9/10 you couldn’t have and it leaves a hole you never quite fill. So this hit like a truck. But our family is reconclied and the kids get a look at the entry in  Hop Pop’s ancestral book. What does it say besides it bad? what does this mean? We’ll find out next week. For now it’s just good to have them all together again. 
Final Thoughts on After the Rain: This episode is a masterpiece. It’s exepertly crafted, sticks in a few gags for flavor and only has the sprig and polly plot to help keep the main meat of the plot as light as it needs to be.. and it works. The few scenes we get with Anne and Hop Pop are just plain brutal and exactly what’s needed. It’s one of the series best, painful, raw and with a twist I dind’t see coming. I expected, again like most of us for the kdis parents deaths to be tied into it.. but instead.. it’s just trauma. But it’s satisfying enough that it feels like a great payoff, that it wasn’t some big dark secret like misdirected... it was just an old man who didn’t want to loose what family he had left. And that’s fucking brilliant. 
Next Week: THE FIRST TEMPLE BABY! The Plantars and Marcie head into the woods to fight moblins and ggghosts! I mean.. that is what the forest temple is right? 
Until then follow me for more reviews, follow me on my patreon your support would be appricated and see you at the next rainbow. 
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symphonic-scream · 2 months ago
Feral Jocks Kwami Swap Hero Themes
Okay so like- these are the general vibes each of their costumes give off?? Idk it's hard to explain
Chartreux Noire (Cat!Alix) - street art, more punk than goth
Crimson Beetle (Ladybug!Kim) - just a classic super hero, cape, gloves, boots
Kitsune (Fox!Kagami) - she has like, the silent energy of the mysterious masked figure in an anime that once they join the protagonist after revealing their alternate plot they get like 90% less intimidating?? The alternate mask style and the scarf and all that
Shell Shock (Turtle!Max) - protector, the knight in green armour that will be the shield to your sword
Hornet (Bee!Chloe) - the sword to your shield, hits fast and hits hard, all points and intimidating lines, dark eyes to unnerve
Multimouse (Mouse!Marinette) - break dancer vibes, I gotta redo that design for real one of these days...
Hopper (Bunny!Nathaniel) - the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland but coloured like the French Flag
Basilisk Bleu (Snake!Juleka) - the mysterious visitor in the suit that makes the love interest feel intimidated
Wyvern Rouge (Dragon!Luka) - the mysterious Pirate King that will steal your lover if you aren't careful
Wishbone (Dog!Adrien) - the kind of look the best friend in a coming of age story wears in late fall when it's too warm for a jacket but too cold for just a shirt
Mustang Mare (Horse!Sabrina) - greaser from those old movies that "is a bad influence) on the prim and proper protagonist
Tamarin (Monkey!Lila) - the wild monarch of the forest, feral forest dweller with something unsettlingly magical about them...
Bengal (Tiger!Nino) - secret Night club Archer. Yeah that's it-
Capricorn (Goat!Alya) - sweet farm kid is secretly an underground fighting champion
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mothfishing · 3 months ago
Oh goodness I have so so so many favourites uhhh,,,ants also big cool vibe with you there. Moths, particularly tiger moths? Epic. Cockroaches and termites? Severely underrated. Dragonflies and damselflies? Wonderful. Antlions, particularly spoonwings? Epic. So so many spiders but particularly fishing spiders and jumping spiders (particularly in phidippus, maratus, and portia but also specifically bagheera kiplingi and salticus scenicus)? Super. (continued)
So so so so SO many kind of beetles but particularly fond of beetles in scarabidae (favourite is bumble flower beetle), HUGE fan of bees, cuckoo bumble bees freak me out as a concept but I think they're neat (prefer bumblebees outside that group though). I'm a mosquito apologist and particularly fond of elephant mosquitos (the mosquito I market as 'mosquitos for people who hate mosquitos). So many true bugs are so funky, I love lantern flies in particular. Grasshoppers? Epic. (Continued further)
Isopods? LOVE those, but you know what I love even more? Their myriapod lookalikes (pill millipedes). Also just myriapods in general, particularly millipedes. Earwigs get slandered SO bad and they DO NOT deserve it, earwig apologist here. Wasps are also neat, I like sawflies and velvet ants but parasitic wasps neat too. I'm a HUGE huge fan of aphids despite what a nuisance they are, I think wooly aphids look like fairies in certain angles. (Continued, should be my last one)
My favourite arachnids outside of spiders are book scorpions! Super fucking neato, highly recommend just Looking At Them. Friend shaped. I don't know much about crabs but I think they're very cute. Mantis shrimp also fucking rule. Also stonefly larvae are SUCH babies, I saw a video of one and it changed my life tbh. And that's about all on my head rn but like tbh I'm definitely forgetting some and I just. I love all arthropods. Gastropods cute. Worms besides earthworms are on thin ice though.
you have IMPECCABLE taste these are all INCREDIBLE bugs truly
ants are so cool i love how like, their behavior has such an effect on their environments that there’s a whole word just for species that have a positive relationship with them...tho of course several have negative or neutral relationships as well! i just think theyre so cool
you’re RIGHT termites and cockroaches are both so less of a fan of cockroaches bc i do not want them inside -_- but i don’t hold it against them cause i don’t want most bugs inside...i love termites very much though. i just think they’re neat and i remember when i first read about them i thought it was so interesting how they have eusocial behavior but really differently from ants and bees and so on. (actually eusocial behavior is why i like ambrosia beetles, cause they’re the only eusocial beetle!)
YES excellent taste with dragon-/damselflies and antlions...
SPIDERS ARE SO GOOD...i wish i knew more abt them cause i like them too!! my faves are jumping spiders and peacock spiders...
yes yes yes yes bumble flower beetles are so pretty...i honestly love looking at videos of beetles just, walking around, something about how they move makes me go “hehe that’s just a little bug”. (though that’s my reaction to seeing a lot of bugs)
mosquitos are really cool...sometimes i think about their mouthparts and go =o and i’ll definitely have to read more about elephant mosquitos sometime too!! i don’t hate mosquitos but whenever i get bitten im like. you are a incredibly fascinating little creature. but also a very rude one 💔
yes yes yes true bugs and grasshoppers and millipedes and earwigs. also oh my god reading this made me remember i somehow forgot centipedes entirely which are like. not an insect but definitely a Big Fave Bug for me. i think theyre cute =)
i LOVE velvet ants and it’s soooo funny to me how theyre a type of wasp but theyre called ants. oh and i like fairyflies too!! which are...not a fly...but a wasp...very silly name indeed
LOVE aphids (as i said before, most of it is an extension of rlly liking some aphid species’ mutualism with ants but i also rlly like them in general too!!) and woolly aphids are SOOOO cute. if they were a little bigger, like mouse size, i’d want one as a pet...but that would be a nightmare pest i think hsdkhgdfhlghsdkf
I REALLY LIKE SCORPIONS...i just think theyre neat! as is everything else u listed this is a rlly good list
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Tumblr media
#DailyLines #GoTELLTheBEESThatIAmGONE #noitisntfinishedyet #Illtellyouwhenitis #dontworry #youwontmissit #itsratherlarge William found Moira, the cook, in the kitchen garden, pulling spring onions. She was talking to Amaranthus, who had evidently been gathering as well; she carried a trug that held a large mound of grapes and a few pears from the small tree that grew near the cook-house. With an eye for the fruit, he strode up and bade the women good morning. Amaranthus gave him an up and down glance, inhaled as though trying to judge his state of intoxication from his aroma, and with a faint shake of the head, handed him a ripe pear. “Coffee?” he said hopefully to Moira. “Well, I’ll not be saying there isn’t,” she said dubiously. “It’s left from yesterday, though, and strong enough to take the shine off your teeth.” “Perfect,” he assured her, and bit into the pear, closing his eyes as the luscious juice flooded his mouth. He opened them to find Amaranthus, back turned to him, stooping to look at something on the ground among the radishes. She was wearing a thin wrapper over her shift, and the fabric stretched neatly over her very round bottom. She stood up suddenly, turning round and he at once bent toward the ground she’d been looking at, saying, “What is that?”, though he personally saw nothing but dirt and a lot of radish tops. “It’s a dung beetle,” she said, looking at him closely. “Very good for the soil. They roll up small balls of ordure and trundle them away.” “What do they do with them? The, um, balls of ordure, I mean.” “Eat them,” she said, with a slight shrug. “They bury the balls for safekeeping, and then eat them as need requires—or sometimes they breed inside the larger ones.” “How…cozy. Have you had any breakfast?” William asked, raising one brow. “No, it isn’t ready yet.” “Neither have I,” he said, getting to his feet. “Though I’m not quite as hungry as I was before you told me that.” He glanced down at his waistcoat. “Have I any dung beetles in this noble assemblage?” That made her laugh. “No, you haven’t,” she said. “Not nearly colorful enough.” Amaranthus was suddenly standing quite close to him, though he was sure he hadn’t seen her move. She had the odd trick of seeming to apparate suddenly out of thin air; it was disconcerting, but rather intriguing. “That bright green one,” she said, pointing a long, delicate finger at his middle, “is a Dogbane Leaf Beetle, Chrisosuchus auratus.” “Is it, really?” “Yes, and this lovely creature with the long nose is a Billbug.” “A pillbug?” William squinted down his chest. “No, a Billbug,” she said, tapping the bug in question. “It’s a sort of weevil, but it eats cat-tails. And young corn.” “Rather a varied diet.” “Well, unless you’re a dung beetle, you do have some choice in what you eat,” she said, smiling. She touched another of the beetles, and William felt a faint but noticeable jolt at the base of his spine. “Now here,” she said, with small, distinct taps of her finger, “we have an Emerald Ash Borer, a Festive Tiger Beetle, and the False Potato Beetle.” “What does a true Potato Beetle look like?” “Very much the same. This one’s called a False Potato Beetle because while it _wil_l eat potatoes in a pinch, it really prefers horse nettles.” “Ah.” He thought he should express interest in the rest of the little things ornamenting his waistcoat, in hopes that she’d go on tapping them. He was opening his mouth to inquire about a large cream-colored thing with horns, when she stepped back in order to look up into his face. “I heard my father-in-law talking to Lord John about you,” she said. “Oh? Good. I hope they’d a fine day for it,” he said, not really caring. “Speaking of False Potato Beetles, I mean,” she said. He closed his eyes briefly, then opened one and looked at her. She was perfectly solid, not wavering in the slightest. “I know I’m a trifle the worse for drink,” he said politely. “But I don’t _think_ I resemble any sort of Potato Beetle, regardless of my uncle’s opinion.”
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