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anxiousnerdwritings · 16 hours ago
Hi!Can I request a yandere letter from Jason Todd (romantic) where the reader (is his past lover) became a vigilante after he died and started seeing someone else who kinda reminds her of Jason?
Tumblr media
Hey Babe,
Glad to see you’re doing right by kicking some criminal ass. Although, I have to say I was worried when I first found out you took up being a vigilante. But the first time I saw you in action, I couldn’t have been prouder. You were even using moves I showed you before...well, you know.
Speaking of which, I heard you kicked the Clown’s ass pretty hard, good. The bastard deserves that and more. I also heard you would have ended his miserable existence if it weren’t for Bruce. He was always weak when it came to taking care of these lowlifes and their criminal ways, indefinitely.
Especially, that fucking clown.
That’s why I had you. You were mine and vice versa. We always had each other’s backs. Unlike Bruce, you actually kept your word. You never gave up on me. You fought for me, you’re still fighting for me. And I would do the same, tenfold. Always. You’ve already done so right by me, far more than any of those so called “friends” of mine ever could.
But I got to say, I hate that new partner of yours. Don’t get me wrong, Babe, I get it. You needed something, someone after I was gone. But you can’t replace me. No matter how hard you try. And you don’t have to, not anymore.
Believe it or not, your Jaybird’s back and I’m taking back what belongs to me. It’ll be you and me again, Baby, just like old times.
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anxiousnerdwritings · a day ago
My Sweetest Child,
I have watched you grow before my very eyes, from a little baby to the beautiful and splendid person you are today. I think of just how grateful I was to be gifted with such a darling child everyday and how I could not be happier. I could have never asked for anything more then what you already were.
I still remember the very first time I held you. You were so small, so fragile and you felt so right lying there in my arms. I never wanted to let you go and I promised I never would. I became your home from that day on and you became mine.
I could never imagine not being a part of your life. Even if you are not by my side as much as you used to be when you were much younger, I could not fathom not seeing you or holding you in my arms again. The mere thought makes my heart ache painfully in my chest.
I could never bring myself to stop or interfere with you living a life of your own but I would only ask of one thing; Please, do not forget your dear Mother? All I want is to be there for you, to love and support you always. To watch you live and thrive. To see you be happy. That’s all a mother could ever ask for her darling child.
Your Loving Mother,
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anxiousnerdwritings · 3 days ago
You have been the very best to me; kind, loving, supportive, nurturing, everything a mother is and should be. I don’t remember much of my life without you having been a part of it and I never wish to find out. You have never doubted or judged me and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.
You have accepted me for me, encouraging me to be nothing but myself and I wouldn’t be the person I am if it weren’t for your love and support. I know I never have to worry whether you will turn me away or not be there when I need you most.
I know I can be a handful sometimes. Even on my worst days you put up with me, handling me with the same love and care as always. Never skipping a beat. You always talk about how grateful you are to have me when I am just as grateful for you. You are my mother, through and through. And I know I’ll never be without.
Thank you, Mom, for everything. Happy Mother’s Day!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Hi, for marvel love letters, maybe a romantic Peter Parker writing to his obsession that is hesitant toward his love?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen the way you’ve been keeping to yourself even more than before, especially when I’m around. Or how you try to make yourself as small as possible hoping I won’t notice you, I always notice you. Or how you shy away or scurry off whenever I get close to you.
I know my confession came out more jumbled and intense then I wanted but I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sure it overwhelmed you and I’m sorry for that but you could at least be honest with me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. But being able to finally tell you how much you mean to me and how in love I’ve been with you for God knows how long just felt too good.
You don’t need to give me an answer or even return my feelings right now. I just needed to tell you how I felt. If you need time then that’s perfectly fine. I’ve waited this long, I can wait awhile longer. But please don’t shut me out or run from me again. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide or keep anything from. I’m here for you and that’s never going to change.
Call me whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Could we get platonic yandere supernatural love letter? The last one was stunning, maybe one with cas or Sam if you’re comfortable with it!
Tumblr media
Hey (Name),
I know this is the last thing you want right now but given that you haven’t talked to us since we brought you home or acknowledge us whatsoever, I have taken the liberty of writing you this letter.
I get that you’re angry with us, especially Dean, and its completely understandable. You have every right to be upset or even hate us, but could you at least try to understand where Dean and I are coming from? Everyone we have ever loved or cared about has been taken away from us in some way, shape, or form. We don’t want the same to happen to you. We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves if we ever lost you.
I know Dean can be a massive jerk but he means well even when it doesn’t seem like it. Trust me, I would know that better than anyone. He genuinely cares about you all the same and he goes about showing that care with his actions. I can agree that his actions can sometimes be questionable but he’s trying. We both are.
I’m not trying to tell you to like the situation you’ve been put in, that we’ve put you in, but could you try and bare with it. Once everything is said and done things will get better, I promise. Until then please bare with us. We just want to keep you safe.
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hungryheartpotter · 8 days ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, Remus Lupin & James Potter, Remus Lupin & Lily Evans Potter Characters: Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, Lily Evans, James Potter, Peter Pettigrew Additional Tags: deeply questionable logic, POV Remus Lupin, The Prank, i never thought id write a prank fic, but this is mostly prank meta wrapped in pretty metaphors, Remus Lupin & Lily Evans Potter Friendship, Marauders Era (Harry Potter), beware drug content Summary:
Now is the point when Remus is not alone. He started alone. He started sitting on the hills out past Greenhouse Six, the dew-damp hills with all the half-crushed and deeply sodden dandelions, just him and a spliff and the layer of low-hanging, early morning fog turning the sun into an apricot (all fuzz), and now he is not alone because Sirius is standing before him, short and lithe and incandescent, jaw clenched, an earring in the shape of a dagger cutting through the soft meat of his lobe.
“Here,” he says. He is thrusting a bottle of muggle coke at Remus: red label, brown fizz sloshing against the curves.
“This moment is fake,” Remus says.
“Shove over, Descartes,” Sirius says.
or, the aftermath of armageddon
COMMISSION FIC FOR @thebestofallmydays !! YOU’RE A DARLING!!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 days ago
a love letter from yandad! brainwave based on the ask: where readers parents force her to cut the kings out of her life, due to them seeing their unhealthy obsession with reader?
Tumblr media
Those “parents” of yours have no idea what they are doing by trying to cut Henry and I out of your life. Things wouldn’t have to get to the level they are now if those fools just minded their own business.
I knew I should have taken care of them sooner rather than later, but now there is no excuse. I need to step in and set them straight.
Be ready by 6:00 pm, on the dot. Henry will come by your old residence to pick you up and bring you to our home; your new home.
By the end of the night we will finally be a family. No more obstacles left to get in the way.
Your Father
H. K.
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ducavalentinos · 9 days ago
Who was Gonzalvo de Cordova? Thank you.
Gonzalo de Córdoba was a Spanish general who served the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabelle I of Castille. He led sucessful military campaigns for them during the Conquest of Granada, and then during the Italian Wars, which earned him the nickname El Gran Capitán (the Great Captain.) He aided Pope Alexander VI in re-taking Ostia during the French invasion of 1495, against a man called Menaldo Guerra. In five days, Córdoba and his men were able to force to surrender Guerra and his men, taking them as prisoners. For that Alexander VI granted him the Golden Rose. In 1504, after the battle of Garigliano, where the French were defeated by the Spaniards, Córdoba was named Viceroy of Naples, governing it for four years with the full authority of a sovereign. And 1505, he conceded a safe-conduct to Cesare Borgia in Naples, later arresting and sending him to Spain. And here enters controversy. The action of Córdoba was seen as a diplomatic scandal by some contemporaries, since the document of a safe-conduct was regarded as having a significant worth in the world of politics of the time. To violated it was a gross offence and a dishonour to the man’s reputation. A debate started then, which continues to this day, with some trying to justify it, like Spaniard historian Zurita, or one of Córdoba’s own biographers, Manuel José Quintana. And others, like Paolo Giovio and Guicciardini, who absolutely had no sympathy for the Borgia family, much less Cesare himself, therefore had no reason to defend him, accusing Córdoba of bad faith. It is unclear if Córdoba had or not in his mind the intention of honouring the safe-conduct. Some scholars even question if a safe-conduct was indeed offered to Cesare, although today imo there’s more evidence pointing for that than against it. But it’s something we will likely never know for sure. The political conjuncture during this time was turbulent and intense. With different political aims, and lots of political maneuvers by all parties involved. Some modern scholars reasonably see in Córdoba’s safe-conduct a trap, meant to take Cesare to Naples, capture him and then send him over to Spain for the very beginning. Arguing he was seen as a serious menace to the ambitions of Córdoba in Naples, Pope Julius II concerning the Romagna, and the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. King Ferdinand in particular, had always saw the Borgias as a dangerous stronghold for his expansionists plans in Italy. Other scholars offer the possibility Córdoba either acted out on his own deliberate judgement in not honouring the safe-conduct after he allegedly found out Cesare was making plans to take back the Romagna, which needless to say would have incurred the rage of pope Julius II against him and his Sovereigns in Spain, or that he was pressured afterwards not to honour the safe-conduct by his Sovereigns and by the Pope, and to arrest and deliver Cesare to them instead. Whatever the case, this action truly seems to have bothered Córdoba until his final days. To the point that shortly after this happened, he apparently threatened one of Cesare’s men, Baldassare da Scipione, to give him the safe-conduct in question, which Scipione had in his possession, so that he could destroy it. And there’s another anecdote where Córdoba supposedly later admitted, with great regret, to have faltered with his word three times, and one of these times was with Cesare Borgia. As you can see anon, everything I know about him is connected to the Borgia family, more so with Cesare, so that I don’t know if that was what you wanted, but I hope it was somehow helpful. **This same Baldassare da Scipione, one of the men who remained loyal to Cesare until the end, was so outraged by this betrayal of Spain against his Duke, he actually put up a letter in public places, “for all of Christendom”, where he challenged to trial by combat any Spaniard who dared to deny: “Il duca Valentino non essere stato ritenuto in Napoli sopra un salvocondotto del re Ferdinando e della Regina Isabella, con grande infamia e molta mancanza delle fede delle loro Corone.” (“Duke Valentino had been detained a prisoner in Naples in spite of the safe-conduct granted him in the name of Ferdinand and Isabella, with great shame and infamy to their crown”.) No Spaniard seems to have taken up his challenge. Source: a letter by Luigi da Porto, March 16, 1510 in Lettere Storiche.
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sickly-sweet-imagines · 14 days ago
Hello :3!!! Can you write a letter from Lyon to the reader? It can be anything you want to write about! Thank you so much :#>
Oh gladly I love Lyon so very much I am head over heels for that boy-
– – – – –
I truly think I’m getting somewhere with my magic... We were able to save someone, (Y/n), we brought them back from death! You should have seen how grateful they were... I love this feeling, I feel like I’m truly able to help people like this. I’m far from qualified to rule, but if I can do this I can still be doing so much for the people! I won’t be a failure, I would be just as heroic as you and Ephraim and Erika. I only hope this success lasts.
I worry about these endeavors interfering with my royal duties. Or rather, I worry my royal duties may interrupt my work with the stone. I know I am unfit to rule, I do not wish to train myself to do so. I do not feel right for royalty, I would much rather stay with my work and learn to save people that way. I am not brave like all of you are, I would not make a strong ruler... That is why I must keep my conviction strong with unlocking the power of the sacred stone. If I can do this I can help without ruling. That is all I want.
Ah, I suppose I should tell you about what has been happening since I got further progress with the stone... It isn’t as pleasant as I’d hoped, but it is important nonetheless. Truly, we cannot save everyone without a cost, and it seems these side effects are mine.
Things have been... Strange ever since I made the breakthrough that let us save that child... I’ve been getting headaches, and my father... His illness seems to be evolving to something new. I pray I’ll be able to find a way to save him before this worsens.
But I am not losing hope- I feel confident, I feel like I’m truly finding something working with the stone. I’m connecting with it, I know it. And I know you and the others have put a certain degree of faith in me for this to work, so I must push forward with my studies. This must work. I know it will. I am certain it will.
How have your endeavors been, (Y/n)? I’d love to hear them if you wish to tell, I enjoy looking at your letters while I work. It provides me calm to read your script. Please, do not stop writing to me.
I hope the next time we meet I’ll have found a way to save them all.
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metaphoricalsmile · 15 days ago
MCC my beloved. You are finally coming home from the war. I eagerly await your return this summer.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 15 days ago
Red X love letter please
Tumblr media
You should know by now that you can’t leave me. I always have a way of finding you. No matter where you run, or who you run too, I’ll always bring you back home.
I’ll be honest, at first I didn’t care too much for our games of cat and mouse. But now, I love them. I live for seeing where you will go this time. Or who you will run to for protection. I got past those Titans pretty easily. I took you right from under their noses.
Some heroes they are, am I right?
Seriously though, you always find a way to make every single new chase exciting. But nothing gets me going more than when I’m about to pounce on my prize. And what a prize you are.
I shouldn’t indulge myself, not yet. We’ve got a game to play after all.
Ready or not, here I come.
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itscopingtimebabiess · 18 days ago
Postman here, with an letter from your f/o!! 📬
💌Hey y/n,
I just wanted to take minute to remind you how much I love you. I’m so lucky to be able to be by your side, to be able to hold you and be held by you.
You mean so much to me, and I hope you’re doing well. Remember to take care of yourself today, drink some water and make sure to get up and move around a bit. I’ll be by your side every step of the way, always. 💌
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anxiousnerdwritings · 25 days ago
A love letter from yan!Homelander please?😍
Tumblr media
Do you know who I am? I am THE FUCKING Homelander! I can do whatever the fuck I want. I can have whatever the fuck I want. And I want you.
I have always wanted you and I will have you all to myself. I don’t care who I have to go through. Who I have to obliterate to get to you. I would tear apart the whole world if it meant I could have you, completely and utterly mine.
You and I will be together, forever. I can promise you that.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 25 days ago
Can we get a secret admire letter from Tim or Dick? Like “you looked cute sleeping last night” kinda creepy pls?
Sweetest (Name),
Have you ever wondered what you look like while you sleep? Your hair a mess, sticking out every which way. The way you toss and turn, taking up the whole bed. Or how tightly you curl in on yourself, as if you’re trying to keep out the rest of the world. How vulnerable you are? How easily I could slip in and steal you away forever?
You have no idea how close I’ve come to sneaking in your room. Making myself at home, next to you on your bed. It’s where I belong after all. I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold myself back any longer. I’ve gotten addicted to the feeling of your body next to mine, being as close as I can possibly be to you.
The pictures and videos I’ve collected through the months can only keep me at bay for so long. I’m starting to want more and I want it all to myself. I want you all to myself.
We’ll be seeing each other real soon, my sweet Y/n.
- Your Secret Admirer
(I thought I would leave whoever it was from up to your imaginations 😉.)
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anxiousnerdwritings · 25 days ago
Recently I’ve been re-hyperfixating (I believe that’s the correct word?) on the Harry Potter universe and I didn’t realize you wrote for it! Could I request a platonic love letter from Draco Malfoy, maybe for a best friend or sibling figure? Preferably gender-neutral regarding the reader but anything works.
(Who’s your favorite character by the way? Mine’s Luna because she reminds me of my best friend.)
Tumblr media
(My favorite characters are between Fred and George, and Molly Weasley. Molly and I share a birthday so that’s pretty cool☺️)
I know I could be a handful most of the time. Alright, I was a handful all the time but you put up with me. Even when my actions and words were less than savory, you stayed by my side. Unlike Crabbe, Goyle, even Blaise, you had no obligation to be friends with me. Yet you were. 
Your friendship was genuine. It was real. You didn’t care for blood-status or who my family was, you just wanted to be my friend. And you were. You came to be my dearest friend. You still are, even to this day. 
No other could ever take your place. 
I can’t bring myself to comprehend why you stayed by my side, even during the darkest part of my life. You were scared, everyone was once the Dark Lord made a return. Yet you didn’t abandon me.You never turned your back on me. Even when I was much too close to him. You didn’t ever give into the darkness, even when it could have spared your life. No, you were no coward. You weren’t like me, like the rest of us. 
I envied your strength, only to loath it just as much. If it weren’t for it you would still be here. You would still be by my side. You would still be alive. 
I can’t help but blame myself. Blame you. Blame everyone. 
But no matter who I cast my anger to, or how much I hate, none of it will bring you back. Besides, I know you would only chide me for not being able to walk away but how could I walk away from everything that was you. Everything that was my friend. 
You have no idea how many times I have tried to write this letter to you only to tear it up, burn it or whatever else I could possibly manage. This is the first time I have been able to finally let my thoughts, my emotions, everything out on the parchment before me. 
Every other time it was a jumbled mess. Even now it is but at least it's legible compared to the scrawl it had turned into.  
All there is left to say is; I miss you, my dearest friend.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Dear (Name), 
I hope all is well, but could you possibly make a visit to The Burrow sometime soon. Please. Everyone is together, even Bill and Charlie are here! But mum’s been going on, nonstop, about how it doesn’t feel complete without you. We all agree. I think everyone misses you to be honest.
I swear Fred and George are trying to purposely drive me mad with all their bloody antics. I mean it was all in good fun at first but now they have an agenda. And it’s all because I wouldn’t tell them where to send their letters. You were my friend first, they can have their letters sent with mine. You know? Impatient gits. 
Ginny’s fine with it as long as you get her letters. Mum and Dad don’t mind either. Though I think Percy may also have a problem with it but if it weren’t for me none of them would even know you. They could be a little more appreciative. 
Did I mention Bill and Charlie are home for the whole summer? Harry’s here too, though I’m sure Ginny’s told you all about that. Mum would really like it if you came over for a visit, although she would try to get you to stay the whole summer. And we both know she has a way of making it happen. Also, Hermione should be visiting soon enough too.
Can’t wait to see you!
P.S. Hope this makes it to you soon enough, what with Errol and all.
P.P.S. Charlie’s got a lot of new dragon stories to tell. He’s holding some back until you’re here to hear them for yourself. All the more reason to come down to The Burrow!
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anxiousnerdwritings · 28 days ago
Blease give us another platonic love letter from yandad Steve blease
Tumblr media
Dear Y/n,
I don’t even know where to start. I mean running off to go to a party is one thing but running away to get married is something else entirely. I nearly had a heart attack when I found out!
You have no idea how worried I was. How worried your aunt and uncles were. We thought Hydra had gotten to you, only for us to find out the truth. You ran away with some stranger. Someone neither any of us have ever met or heard of. Who was this? Who took my child from me?
It took some digging but we finally got an answer; you had a secret lover. I want to say first and foremost, you know my rules on romantic relationships. We’ve discussed this topic on multiple occasions. But I can see why you kept them a secret. I obviously wouldn’t have approved if they were all too willing to take you away and elope somewhere.
Honestly, do traditions mean nothing anymore?
Anyway, you know I can’t allow this, right? You know I will do anything to bring you home. I just can’t live with myself otherwise. I wouldn’t be a good father if I did.
As I write this letter, we’re halfway to where we tracked the two of you. I’ll be quite honest it’s a quaint little place for a makeshift wedding. If we were here for any other reason it would be a nice place to visit. But we’ll have to do that another time, once you’re home and safe with your family. And once you’ve learned your lesson.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Dear Sugar,
I miss ya so much, my little Sweetface! I can’t wait to get out and see ya again! The guards have been talking about how there’s a protective order in place against me but I know better then to believe garbage like that. Besides, I know you would never do something like that to your Mama Harley.
But because of the whole thing, or so they say, I can’t send you any letters anymore :(. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop writing them though xP. I’ll just save em all up until I see you again!
Anyway, I’m sure ya miss me as much as I miss you, huh! Of course you do! Well, you’re just in luck! Mama Harley, Aunty Ivy and Aunty Selina got a plan that’ll break us out!
We’ll be together again! All four of us! It’ll be great!! We’ll take off and find a place just for us and catch up on all the things we missed!
I better keep this short and sweet! Don’t want anyone trying to catch me writing to ya when I’m “not supposed to”.
See you real soon, Sweetface!
Lots of Love,
Mama Harley <3
P.S. I’m so happy! I can’t wait to give you the macaroni necklace I made just for ya!
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