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#love for writing
bitsfordays · 16 minutes ago
I have a 6K word wip in my google drive that’s all just me and my really really specific Poindexter family headcanons and perhaps this year I will finally rewrite and finish the damn thing
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giltandgrey · 47 minutes ago
Whenever I find myself pining, yearning for true love,
"My Constantinople" love,
"You have bewitched me, body and soul" love,
I wonder of all the lives lived without it.
All those who never penned a love letter, nor read one.
They welcome me with roughened hands that were never taken tenderly by another. They watch me with tired eyes whose sundry colors never haunted any dreams. Every beat of their heavy hearts sets the pace from time immemorial to eternity.
I want to shout that we are all aligned, but I know that dead ears cannot hear even as I hope dead eyes can see.
May they turn like Orpheus to Eurydice.
I lay my head in their lap and I am embraced. I stare out at the ocean of kindred souls and let their waves break over me.
May the world that left and leaves us cold envy the hearth we shall forever stoke together.
We will keep each other warm.
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suztimes · 57 minutes ago
Is a very important driving force in life.
It has the power of changing things upside down.
Appreciate everyone efforts and yes everything around.
You cannot deny the beauty of creations! Isn't it?
A person who is nervous to take a step ahead with what he/she aspires to do because there is no or very less appreciation in comparison to the stress of merit and success.
Appreciating anyone does no harm to you! But maybe it works wonder for other people around you!
Why I am writing this today is because I found lack of appreciation in my earlier years which didn't feel good at all!
Let's take for an instance,Rose has put his 100% efforts as a backstage helper with handling every problem and making the concert absolutely perfect.
Her days and nights of work and attention is not something you can buy with money. It is something worth appreciating.
People stop believing nin goodness when their acts of making this world better are left unappreciated.
Why not tell someone that it was because of you and your efforts did the concert happen so smoothly.Thank god for sending you as an Angel who managed everything!
Why not tell your team player who actually helped your team win that It was because of you we won!You are Fantastic!
Praising people around you helps you get it back to.
Then you also start putting your best efforts to what you do .
Believe me the result will not matter as the satisfaction of putting up the best possible will be!
This is what an environment capable of stimulating growth in people looks like!
Where people help, correct and praise each other!
Do it when you know you should!
Be it anyone. Even your enemy if you call them today!
This makes you nig and helps you become great as a person!
Wishing you all goodluck in whatever you're aspiring to do!
Keep up the good work!
Your acts will one day impact a lot of people and might be the cause of their peace and joy!
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inkykeiji · 58 minutes ago
hiiiiii love ya lots and i just wanted to say all of your twins au lore is BANGING and i can't wait to see the full product of it. ALSO YAAY BMB!BOOK TOMURA'S NAME eee. names are one of the hardest things to give in books i stg. legit changed one of my main character's names 5 times. also i can't believe bmb!tomura is BEEFY. l-like AFO!Shigaraki? omg how powerful. just the thought of him doting on his baby makes me 🥺. gosh ALL of your tomura's make me 🥺 but let's not go there...💖💖take care!!
HELLO SWEET MAY ILY TOO <33333 oh ehehehehe thank you!! i really love them so so so much :((( HEHEHEHEHEHE YES I AM SO EAGER TO SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE but i shall keep quiet for now and restrain myself LMAO eeee but yes i think it’s v cute also v fitting and v strong <33 AND YEAH YES YES YES EXACTLY LIKE AFO!SHIG!!!!!
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pillageddeath · an hour ago
*totally anon* I love you as a writer and you?? Have such an amazing passion for the characters you pick and I can feel the love you have for nesta and the time you’ve put into her development
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iwaasfairy · an hour ago
how do you feel about people liking ur oc? like fuck haikyuu 💀💀 atsuko supremacy 🛐
Pdysysyfigi I have no words to describe how happy it makes me,, like genuinely its so weird but in a good way
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suztimes · an hour ago
It so good to be productive with absolutely genuine characteristics of one's own self. Isn't it?
Tumblr media
A tree has simple life processes it makes its food in the day time ,produces oxygen and when it sleeps at night it respired(takes in oxygen too).
For a fact the oxygen we breathe is waste for them!
So they hold the lifeline of human existence with what is waste for them!😂😂
What are the simple gestures of human that can have a profound impact on people without much external efforts?
The qualities of:
Acts of Supporting each other
Being kind
Giving people another chance
Helping people to grow of you see they're stuck
A simple word of appreciation
An understanding that will melt the anger and hatred of every soul
All this might sound impractical to some people. But this is how you and me are build up. With these emotions. And I am glad we don't have to spend ample amount of money to showcase these.
These are free feelings!
But when you present yourself with these, you create a beautiful atmosphere around you... You not only create better world for yourself but also inspire others to do the same.
All the negativities must have started from somewhere.
Even we can start a good chain from somewhere too!
Its all upto us how we want our life to be!
Get started today!
Do something that makes you feel proud of yourself!
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innocentprattle · an hour ago
more good things
Another list of really good things: Sharpie fine point marker pens that let you write small and precisely and remind you of getting shitty Circle K coffee with your friend Chicago because it’s what we deservedPutting plans into your calendar at the beginning of the month and knowing you have something to look forward to at the end of the monthListening to someone talk and coming up with the…
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apple-grass-and-smiles · an hour ago
Official Summary: In which Malcolm and Dani pine and there are very serious discussions of fate. Unofficial Summary: Please allow me to attempt to soothe the pain of cancellation with a Taylor Swift-inspired story before we get a canon kiss!
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suztimes · an hour ago
Hope and Beilef!
They are always present together.
Hope is your belief that your efforts will turn into miracles someday!
Hope is your plannings and preparation you put in while thinking of meeting the person you love someday!
Hope is putting an alarm at night for tomorrow morning since you definitely hope to wake up tomorrow.
Hope is going to the religious places and friends and sharing your sorrow their since we believe by doing this would lessen the pain!
Hope is your stress about future!
Hope is the cribbing of exams since you know you will have to face it!
Hope is in everything you're doing!
But since it is not an article like cash that you can see sometime feel it's not there!
Hope is there UnTiL You Believe what you do!
You hope to do all this and believe it you really can and you have done already!
Stay confident and strong.
Today and forever!!
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suztimes · an hour ago
Waiting for a day.
That I will be happy and everything around me will be stress free!
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hunters-heathen · 2 hours ago
Also I saw y’all sending in some requests for Hunter stuff, I promise I’m working on them! ❤️ I had a busy day unpacking all my college stuff today so I was only able to get Right as Rain out :)
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thelawofmixingcolors · 2 hours ago
My least favorite trope is the "I'm leaving you because I don't want to hurt you. It's better this way." Or "I can't stay. You'll be in danger if I do." BITCH NO ITS NOT. YOU JUST DON'T WANT TO FIGHT FOR YOUR LOVE. JUST SAY THAT. YOU'RE JUST GOING TO HURT THEM AND YOURSELF MORE BY LEAVING! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! NOOO!
*clears throat* Anyway. Who is in their feels today? Not me-
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gendertoads · 3 hours ago
so my friends have a podcast where they write a self-published young adult vampire novel and it’s really good you should listen to it if you’re into that sort of thing and anyway i wrote them a song
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gendzl · 4 hours ago
If I hadn't switched schools so often and had had to read Vonnegut for the first time in class surrounded by my peers I would NOT have survived the experience.
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lizzieraindrops · 4 hours ago
Chapters: 1/6 Fandom: Destiny (Video Games) Rating: General Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Eris Morn/Ikora Rey Characters: Eris Morn, Ikora Rey Additional Tags: 5+1 Things, Hello destiny sapphics; allow me to introduce myself, Femslash, if nobody is going to write the content i want to see then i will create it myself, listen. it's about perceiving the weak and wounded places in someone you love, and lavishing love and care upon them even when they won't admit they need it, it's about the Mutual Support, it's about being kind to them even when you don't know how to be kind to yourself, Light Angst, Fluff and Angst, Hurt/Comfort, oh and ikora has the most Distinguished Bisexual energy i've ever seen so jot that down, it doesn't come up but you needed to know, this is all just a bunch of softness and tenderness don't @ me okay
Five storms Eris and Ikora weathered and one they didn't need to.
The Shadowkeep weblore lives in my head rent free. Set post-Taken King and mostly during Shadowkeep.
“As I told Asher, there is a storm coming...” “Oryx is dead. We’ve weathered the storm.” Ikora is upset. She has yet to understand the bigger picture. “Yet his sisters would see his will done. There will always be another storm.” “Then let’s weather it together.” -Shadowkeep Narrative Preview #1
Many thanks to @hencegoodfortune for the beta read and of course for the memes.
Chapter: |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  +1  |
Set just after The Taken King.
Eris knows she is not in the Hellmouth. Although the Tower has never felt the same since her ordeal on Luna, she recognizes it easily nonetheless. At every moment, the freshness of the open air reminds her that she is here, she is on Earth. She has been for some time now.
However, she has never forgotten how to move like a ribbon through the darkness, arcing undetected round predator and prey alike. She doubts that she ever will. Sometimes the habit returns of its own accord, and she’ll find her feet and hands floating weightless as she moves. Joints and muscle and sinew flex in careful concert to absorb every sound before it is made. The lines of lightly tensed limbs spiral seamlessly into the coiled core of her, tethering her in perfect silence. At the same time, she remains ever ready to fight, ready to flee. How often has Eris’ last, Lightless life lay along the knife’s edge of a split-second choice, the divergence between action and stillness, vengeance or survival?
Somehow, the smooth stone of the Tower’s level floors is harder to walk quietly on than the rough winding warrens through Luna’s porous rock. There are no edges to test with the edge of her boot, no uneven surface to ease her soles onto by swift and silent increments. There is only the unsubtle strike of heels on a flat, unforgiving surface. She makes the most of it, as every Hunter here does. Still, it leaves her uneasy. Her feet cannot quite keep to the ground.
Consequently, she often finds herself pacing, wandering from her post in the heart of the Tower whenever she grows restless. Every step falls lighter than the last, chasing silence in a meditation on weightlessness. It does not make her feel any better.
After so long underground, she is unaccustomed to the plenitude of open space here. While she has traced much of the Tower’s perimeters, the negative spaces in the centers of broad rooms and vaulted halls she leaves less frequented. She is too exposed there.
Yet maybe she is less affected by the empty space than the sheer number of souls that so often fill it. After so long so alone, they are simply so many, pressing at her survival-sharpened awareness from every angle. Not to mention she attracts too many of their stares in the crowded plazas. Although detection here is not followed by shrieking howls or the lightning strike of boomers, distrustful eyes still make her hunger for shelter. The choice to endure or to withdraw still needs to be be made. And whether well-meaning or ill-intentioned, a close approach still makes her instinctively recoil.
Eris has scraped out a place for herself here, lingering close enough to share with those who will listen the knowledge she has gained at a terrible price. But it has been made clear enough that she does not belong here anymore, not as she once did. If the condemnation of the Speaker and the only begrudging trust of the Vanguard’s Commander were not enough to tell her that, then the wary regard of most of the Tower’s populace would. So she holds herself back, toward the edges of things. It is difficult to do so at her station so near the Hall of Guardians, the greatest locus of Guardian activity on the planet. She draws herself to her full height and stands there proud, but never takes the ground she stands on for granted. When it becomes too much, like now, she paces.
This time, her pacing has led her to the edge of the Tower where her ship was once tethered. With how wary she has grown of exposed spaces, the open sky above that lays bare every courtyard and balcony should send her seeking cover - and yet, it does not. If anything, its incomprehensibly vast expanse calls to her. Strange.
Eris has traversed the spaces between planets with her own fragile body, with only a ship’s hull to keep the cold from swallowing what remains of her. Yet from Earth’s surface, a few mere miles of atmosphere transforms that emptiness, and its beauty holds her spellbound. It scatters sun into prismatic slices of light. The stars’ unblinking gaze softens into a flutter of eyelashes. No longer can she see the narrow spectrum of colors that humans evolved to discern; it has all faded into endless shades of the same hue. But the contrast of such brightnesses against the dark have become sharper than ever. Indeed, daylight has become a blaze to truly blind her. These stolen eyes of hers were made instead for depths and shadows.
Even so, she often finds herself staring out into the searing sky until her head aches. The sensations make her remember. She is no longer buried beneath stone, lost to this cosmos. She is free now, in some ways.
Eventually, her wanderings bring her back to the shaded refuge beneath the stairs just outside the Hall of Guardians. She is glad for this, too. Her station provides some small respite for her sensitive, ever-weeping eyes. And there she stays, until exhaustion drives her to rest, or else grief or fear or restlessness or her ever-smoldering rage drive her to pacing once again.
It’s true that many other eyes pass by that shadowed alcove of hers. Guardians constantly sweep in and out on either side of her, running and jumping and gliding up and down the stairs with urgent reports and important orders and burning questions for the Vanguard. They are so bright. Few of them spare a glance for her, these days, save for startled new Lights.
There are a few, though, who look upon her not with distrust or fear or begrudging tolerance, but with recognition. Once in a great while, cousin Asher will grace her with his inimitable company. It gladdens her heart, even when he merely stops to exchange research notes or brief insults. He cleaves to his research with a passionate vengeance, as does she. Unlike most, he pays more attention to her knowledge and her current work than her past. With the way he helped care for her in the months after her escape from Luna, she has come to hold him in close confidence.
On occasion, her friend the Guardian, who avenged her fireteam upon the very souls of Crota and Oryx, stops to greet her. Sometimes they bring her news from Luna or Mars. Words are few with that one lately, though. These days, their outgoing ghost is the one who relays whatever tidings they carry. The change leaves a cold shadow over Eris’ heart. Therefore, she values their quiet presence all the more. She fears for them.
Of course, Ikora’s is the kind regard she is subject to most often. Eris has never forgotten that Ikora believed her since the beginning. Most met her genuine warnings of inbound danger from the Hive with distrust, dismissal, or fear. Ikora not only listened, but met her with endless kindness. Even now, as the Warlock Vanguard steps into nearer chamber of the Hall for a brief consultation with Lord Shaxx, she spares a moment and a smile for Eris.
Ikora’s smile has always been warm and real and reassuring, a balm on the fibers of frayed nerves. Among the very few who welcomed Eris back to Earth, that smile was a signal of genuine care and safety that she homed in on immediately. The one directed at Eris now is subtle, a mere quirk of the lips. Yet it hints at the vast depths of passion and compassion below the surface, like a ripple that disappears swiftly on the surface of a deep, deep pool.
Ikora’s outward cool composure that obscures that intensity is not a façade. It is more an ingenius piece of architecture, a mighty aqueduct capable of holding and channelling the endless font of her inner immensities. It is an elegant and functional work of art well-kept and expanded over centuries.
The warmth that must be behind such a small yet genuine smile is palpable; it falls on Eris like the creeping warmth of sunlight, sinking in deep even though it scarcely touches her skin. Even the lower half of her face, where her many layers do not shield her from long-lost Sol, is still sallow and nearly as grayed as the dust of Luna. She hadn’t known at first, with the changes to her vision, not until Asher had told her. He never does shy away from the speaking of truth. In those endless years of darkness, the lack of light and loss of Light took something from Eris, sapped something vital, and left something strange in its place.
Yet Eris can feel the sun again, now. She can walk out into the courtyard at any time of day, find a south-facing wall to lean on, and bask in the radiating warmth like an ectothermic reptile.
Even without leaving the cool shadows of her post, another warmth still reaches her. Ikora offers her one more smile as she goes to return to her own station. Eris stands a little taller under the aegis of her regard, her spine the stem of a sunflower lifting her toward its steady kindness.
Eris takes not a single one of these boons for granted. Each one is a precious gift far beyond what she ever expected to experience again, after her descent into the Hellmouth. Yet none of it can quell her restlessness, for it springs from the same source as her gratefulness. It always comes back to what happened to her on Luna.
Each time she returns to her pacing, the Tower feels a little smaller. The scope of the sky distracts her for a shorter time. Now, even after her sworn vengeance upon the Hive has been fulfilled twice over in double deicide, the path of her vow still pulls her feet forward. She does not know where its shrouded course leads, only that there is still a threat yet to be met along it. More and more, she is certain that she cannot wait here to meet it, or it will be too late.
However, she never expected to leave behind wounds when she leaves. After she departs to sight the next storm on the horizon, she is haunted as often by the surprised hurt that she left in Ikora’s eyes as by the memory of her smile.
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