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#love damon but have fallen so hard for June now
qwint · 3 months ago
Here it is, songs that makes me think of June.
It’s nice having different playlists for every character route I’m playing and I’ve already started lists for the other guys too.
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spiritaed-kth · a year ago
❝ Masterlist ❞
Prompt Lists:
Star Wars
Maleficent/:Mistress of Evil
Peter Parker:
❝ Did I Interrupt?  ❞
↳ one-shot (not requested)
With finals approaching with the speed of a freight train, Peter hasn’t been able to cling to your side as often as he would. Fortunately, he finds time from his student (and superhero) duties to visit you during a dance club meeting.
Poe Dameron:
❝ Back To You ❞ 
  ↳ #25 from the Star Wars prompt list
Being in love with a Resistance Wing Commander is not easy, especially since that impetuous, passionate boyfriend of yours is always in such a rush to be where the universe needs him. While that somewhere is not always your side, he always finds his way back to you. At the feeling of his lips against yours, maybe you can find it within yourself to let him off the hook this time around.
Rey of Jakku:
❝ Just This Once ❞
↳ #15, #31, and #45 from the Star Wars prompt list
Your relationship with Rey is quite a unique one. This instance shows just how well you know her. Her rather wild antics, by now, are no surprise. She’s having a difficult time trying to convince you to listen, but she remains hopeful and persistent.
Ben Solo / Kylo Ren:
❝ I Trusted You ❞
↳ #4 from the Star Wars prompt list
With the Resistance taking the upperhand in the war, the last thing Kylo needed was to lose you. When it comes to figuring out that there’s a spy in the First Order, he hadn’t expected that it would be you.
M:MoE characters in a nutshell
↳ Part 1
❝ Early Morning Ecstasy ❞
↳ #38 from the Maleficent/: Mistress of Evil prompt list
It is not a common occurrence that you rise earlier than Conall, and so there is nothing for you to do except trace the shapes on his chest and follow the curves and edges of his body until he stirs. There’s no reason for you to be awake at such an hour, but he might just give you one.
❝ It’s The Simple Things ❞
↳ #25  from the Maleficent/ Mistress of Evil prompt list
Sometimes all you really need is your lover’s hands in your hair and your head in his lap.
❝ Midnight Escapade ❞
↳ #7 from the Maleficent:/Mistress of Evil prompt list
Diaval’s days were typically spent flying above the trees and accompanying Maleficent through the Moors. After Aurora’s wedding, however, Mistress is pre-occupied with handling the groups of dark fey that will make the Moors their home, leaving him with just enough time to escape with you.
When Traveler is unwell...
↳ headcanon (not requested)
Traveler managed to catch some sort of bug! How would theAndromeda Six gang react to having a sick Traveler around?
Calderon / Damon / June / Bash / Ayame / Ryona / Vexx
Zuko w/ an Injured!Reader 
↳ headcanon (not requested)
A series of nfortunate events and miscalculated moves results in the nastiest set of injuries you’ve had yet. Zuko knows nothing about healing, but he’s there every step of the way in your recovery.
Mako w/ Water Bender!Reader
↳ headcanon (not requested)
Being the sibling of the Avatar is not easy, especially when Korra gets too comfortable dragging you along on her wild adventures. However, you have to admit that tagging along to Republic City might not have been too bad. After all, you’d never would’ve met Mako, and he wouldn’t have ever fallen so hard.
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