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snowshinobi · 40 minutes ago
K so in s3e2 ("Primavera") Will's looking around the chapel and says "elegance is more important than suffering. That is his design." Abigail asks if he's talkin bout God or Hannibal and Will deflects
(I think Will was talkin bout both)
In the previous ep, Hannibal's watching Bedelia draw her bath in their luxuriously decked out apartment and he flippantly tells her "ethics become aesthetics"
.... These feel like the same sentiment said different ways. Idk. Can someone smarter than me confirm??
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tophomeguid · 3 hours ago
▶️Core Drills: Top 5 Best Core Drills For 2021 - [ Buying Guide ]
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immortal-green-snom · 3 hours ago
Pinterest is literally the most dangerous thing to ever happen to me
Just endlessly scrolling down and pinning things like “oooh, I’ve gotta draw Oobleck in that! And that, and that, and that, and that-”
I have saved.... so many outfits
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h--iro · 5 hours ago
I wouldn't call this "just being jealous".
Im possessive over you, for a reason. Because you're mine. Do you understand this word? Mine. Like a property, like I literally own you. Your existence.
But don't worry, darling! You own me too. You just don't know any of this. ;)
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thekaramazovsister · 5 hours ago
My faraway friend in China and I are seriously considering dropping out of college and moving to our own Norwegian Fjord to become old spinsters, run a cheese making business, and teach the village children to read books from our enormous library.
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drunkmiraak · 9 hours ago
I have not Mentioned This Here but im OBSESSED with the idea of sethsa getting a boyfriend and he's this ordinary dude. Like.........not a thief, no special Talents, nothing Unique about him at all he's literally Just Some Guy who loves his scary thief Demiprince gf SO fuckin much
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glitteryfairyprincess · 11 hours ago
Cherry blossom vibes
Talking to you feels like laying in the sunny spot on a soft carpet in front of the window. It is the feeling of falling into bed after an exhausting day and cuddling into the blankets. It’s like seeing raindrops on flower petals or leafs that reflect a whole world in them. It’s like the satisfaction of pain wearing off after taking some meds and it’s like the arrival of a long awaited package. It’s seeing snowflakes clinging to hair and holding a warm cup of tea in your frozen hands. It’s getting to pet a fluffy dog or that stray cat cuddling up to you. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. Like cherry blossom vibes.
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smileysuh · 13 hours ago
i have to ask... bc im yr cambaby anon... but yr masterlist says one sided pining and i have to ask... is the reader pining or are some of the idols pining after her (well ik she thinks the world of jin and johnny) - 🍓
the idols all pine for her! thanks for the question bb, look, let me show you, i tried to make all the guys soft for her in ways, some are obvious like Jaehyun, but some are softer and more show it with their actions :) all of these quotes are found in the end of the fics ;)
this is a pretty lengthy analysis lol, but you can see the progression of the series quite well i think :)
Mark Tuan :
When he comes to a stop, you both just kneel there for a few moments, catching your breaths. Then the coin noise interrupts your thoughts and Mark chuckles, pressing a kiss to your shoulder, “say goodnight to your fans and come cuddle.” he tells you, sliding from your cunt and collapsing on his bed, quickly hiding under the covers
This section is in cambaby's perspective so i can't dive into Mark's thoughts, so we have to show his pining in actions.
Mark's very soft and quiet, but the domesticity and comfort in him jus saying 'say goodnight to your fans and come cuddle' like- soft boy, in my experience, fuck buddies aren't HUGE cuddlers you know?
Jaebum :
when your phone is away, you turn to look at Jaebeom. He strokes your face, fingers coming to touch the collar still on your neck. He takes it off gently, putting it on his bedside table.
You like the quiet with Jaebeom, every second needn’t be filled by word
Another section in y/n's perspective means we can't say what Jaebum is thinking so we have to look at his actions
the way he touches her so lovingly- softly touching the collar and gently taking it off, this is soft aftercare and the comfort they have in each other is obvious in the silence im so soft for them
Lucas / Hendery / Johnny :
“What about aftercare?” Hendery’s voice is unsure, wide eyes darting between you and your two big protectors.
Johnny scoffs, “what do you two know about aftercare? Look at Lucas, he’s about to pass out.”
Lucas does look really tired.
Lucas simply shrugs, tugging you to his chest so he can press a kiss to your mouth, his tongue invading your mouth before he bites down on your bottom lip, a smirk on his face, “see you later baby.”
this scene has 4 people in it but is mostly y/n's 2nd person pov, so again, body language of the boys is key
Hendery is whipped and asks about aftercare because he's soft boy
Lucas is tired but he makes sure to say goodbye and use pet names, he's a lazy kind of lover but it works for him i think
Johnny showing up at all to drive them home goes to show how whipped he is for cam baby lol
Jinyoung :
he never falls asleep easier than when you’re with him, and you’re already passed out. But tonight, it takes a while for Jinyoung to get out of his own thoughts, too many anxieties running through his head.
Five orgasms was enough. One for each man you’ve slept with on camera. He’s not sure why that number means something to him, he doubts you’ll even consider it. But for some reason, it calms something bubbling in his chest.
You mumble his name in your sleep, and it’s the last thing he hears before passing out, a smile on his lips, cheek nestled against your forehead
our first scene in the dude's pov so we can see their feelings!
Jinyoung has the domestic watching you sleep trait, and he uses this time to face his anger and jealousy. although he doesn't overtly state he loves the reader, the clues in this scene are enough to hint that he does ;) like what's softer than falling asleep with a smile after kissing the forehead of the girl you just fucked the shit out of-
Taehyung :
“Stay the night.” Taehyung says, kissing your forehead as he cuddles you tighter, “and for breakfast.”
You laugh a little, humming with happiness as you burrow yourself deeper into the embrace. “How could I skip breakfast when I’m your main dish?” you tease.
Taehyung smiles, fuck, he loves-
Oof. He has to reel in his thoughts. Love is not on the table. It never has been.
Then why the hell does he keep feeling this way about you?
He’d met you through Namjoon originally. The entire maknae line had been in awe of you that first night, and you’d closely become friends with them all. Namjoon had told them all later that you were friends with a lot of idols and had worked in the industry for a while. He’d said you were discreet and a great companion, someone who understood what they were going through with work.
Someone who wouldn’t be a risk. Your feelings would never be compromised. Namjoon said you had a handle on your emotions and that friends with benefits with you would never result in any unwanted or sticky feelings.
On your end at least.
The sex is great, you’re a great girl, wonderful to talk to- who wouldn’t fall in love with you?
Taehyung looks down at you, you’re already asleep. He brushes a finger across your cheek, removing a stray lash that was there. He looks at the lash for a moment on the pad of his finger. After a moment of reflection, he blows it away and makes a wish, although he knows it will never come true.
Taehyung's pov really sheds light on a lot of this. it sets y/n as an idol fuck buddy (referred to tae by rm) who's good at not catching any 'sticky/unwanted feelings' so this alludes to the fact that she's probably not catching feels with ANY of her fuck buddies
Tae solidifies 'who wouldn't fall in love with [y/n]' hinting that everyone in the series is in love with her
taehyung knows it's one-sided pining when he makes a wish on a stray eye lash :(
Jaehyun :
They act as if this is the most normal thing in the world, Johnny pulling you to his side so you can taste his cooking. Johnny makes you open your mouth so he can spoon feed you, making an ‘ah’ sound that has Jaehyun’s skin heating with jealousy.
He has to remind himself, you’re not his.
And, from the way you look up at Johnny with stars in your eyes, he realizes you may never be.
our most recent boy Jaehyun, like Jinyoung, also gets his own inner monologue of jealousy :(
this solidifies Jae's pining, but also Johnny's again when he babies y/n and feeds her at the stove, because Johnny is low key the central figure of the series lol
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ajmichalka · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
books read in 2021 - [6/?] Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur ↳ “You’re impossible, you know that?” The laugh bubbled up inside Darcy’s throat unbidden. “Me? I’m the impossible one?” “I dream about impossible things, remember?”
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thetruehentai · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I made a heart bouquet with some leftover roses💛
I hope my neighbours won’t mind me taking pics of their statues
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trashcantasch · a day ago
Tumblr media
Okay I've experienced making a GIF, time to not do it again for forever
A better quality not-gif:
Tumblr media
Because nothing liked the airbrush slight transparency so I had to get rid of it :/
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bitchfitch · a day ago
Tumblr media
im taking a break from the space twink bc im getting hashtag frustrated wif it, so heres Fantasy!space twink and his husband who is not an ai in this universe.
jdjsjs, Everard was originally Boar!Everard instead of half elf!Everard. which is why hes so fuckin big. i was just too lazy to make him smaller
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froggyonmain · a day ago
My Daily Routine
1. wake up late
Tumblr media
2. appreciate nature
Tumblr media
3. be hot
Tumblr media
(from @/anonymous_raboo on instagram x x x)
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tobios-housewife · a day ago
how about babysitting with suna? i personally think that suna with baby/kid is very cute and wholesome. imagine him playfully tease the baby by randomly poking their chubby cheeks then pretend he does not poke the baby when the baby looks at him. brings the baby around and talk with the baby, getting few cooing and gurgles from the baby. cuddle with the baby- sjsjs i'd cry if i see that
Babies and Suna are my jam ok, like, I will die on my death bed the fact Suna likes kids. He’s not that gushing idiot who sees a kid and just has to hold it. Nah man he loves it when kids wanna show him things. Kneels down, makes the best eye contact, waits for kids to articulate what they’re trying to get across, never interrupts them or makes them feel like less of a person. And they pick up on that. All the kids want pictures with the middle blocker from EJP. And what do you think they want? To be lifted on his shoulders of course! Suna always does it too. Doesn’t matter if they grab the tuffs of hair on the top of his middle part either. Of course they’re all kids who love volleyball anyways so Suna will squat there and listen to the positions the kids play, what they’ve learned, what they wanna be when they grow up. He honestly adores it bc he loves seeing how excited they are for volleyball. Reminding how much he truly loves playing it. And get an infant around this man? He’s the perfect size for one arm holds. Tuck that kid in his arm and Suna will pack around a sleeping baby totally forgetting he’s holding them. I just asdfghjkl I love Suna ok-
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