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#love both of them
chicoree · 15 minutes ago
Your Sero x reader x Kaminari fic was so good! Do you think you'll do a part two?
Helloooooooo!!! The goal is to write a full fledged fic for them in the future, but idk if I’ll follow that same premise you know? I do have a little idea for Denki rattling around in my brain rn tho! Just have to wait for it to kind of flesh itself out and then I’ll slam it out!
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I'd say your thing (This is about the ask meme!) is EctoLoader and EdgeJeanist. Really since following your blog, it's been the reason I ship both of those pairs! :D They became otps for me purely because of you and your wonderful art and amazing hcs! :D I hope you're having a great day too and if not, i'm sending hugs via the interwebs to make it a better day.
Ahhh thank you so much!!! (I realised that I put this in my drafts instead of posting it and forgot, I’m sorry)
This means a lot to me, you are incredibly sweet, thank you!! I genuinely couldn’t stop smiling at this amazing compliment, thank you again, it really does mean a lot to me :))
From this thing I reblogged :)
~Eclair ❤️
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deluweil · an hour ago
There is something that bugs me and I have to say this out loud, 
When Buck was injured in 2x18, people reffered to it in fics and in meta posts as an accident or incident, no one called it by name - a bombing! Some kid with a vendetta against Bobby (Firefighter) planted a BOMB underneath the firetruck. 
Also no one referred to Eddie’s trauma here, the man has just returned from active duty, where suicide bombers and IEDs were par for the course. To be subjected to a bombing in downtown LA where these things should not happen is traumatic for a former soldier. - no one talked about that.
Now Eddie’s been shot, and his trauma has been swept under the rug. - He was shot by a SNIPER in the middle of LA on a routine rescue, helping a kid. No one could have seen it coming. - Eddie pointed out, more than once, that doing this, being a fire fighter - “At least no one is shooting at us” - he said something along these lines to both Marjan and Buck.
Eddie who promised to always fight to come home to his family, who didn’t expect to be shot by large caliber bullet (that would definitely leave a scar) who has PTSD issues from before that I’m sure will never completely go away. Has suffered a tremendous trauma. 
And all I see is talk about Buck. How he had to get under the truck, when he was once trapped under it (he wasn’t, his foot was, and it was on it’s side.) and I assure you in the moment he was more worried about the bullets flying around, not the truck that provided cover. That split second descision was a “how do I get to Eddie as fast as possible and get him to safety without both of us getting killed.” not a “Do I have the courage to get under the truck to get to Eddie.”
Granted it may have occurred to him much much later, but I doubt it. There were so many other trauma inducing factors here that this was the last thing on his mind. 
I’m not saying that Buck didn’t suffer a trauma, hell, he’ll be having nightmares for weeks maybe months to come if he bottles it up. He watched his best friend (love of his life) get shot right in front of him, Eddie’s blood literally splattered on his face, and smeared on his clothes when he carried him into the truck, all done under a hail of bullets.
But I don’t see any reference to Eddie’s trauma, who, I will remind you, was conscious for most of it, if not all. 
All I see is talk about Buck’s trauma and how Eddie is soft and comforting, and he will be, but the dude was shot! For the second time in his life (that we see), in a civilian setting where these things should not happen.
The LAFD, according to protocol, does not enter a scene, until it’s been secured! 
Talk about Eddie’s trauma too, this isn’t JUST about Buck. Eddie was checking on Buck as he was bleeding out and wanted to see him upon awakening, I’m sure he understands the love and attention he’s being given.
But that just means that he’s a caregiver, and even caregivers need to be shown love and concern. - So please, don’t dismiss Eddie’s trauma here, talk about it, write about it, he deserves just as much love and concern as Buck is shown.
If only because he loves Buck as much as you do.
So I dare you - to send me Eddie centered prompts to 4x14. - yes it’s a shared trauma, you can’t write about one without the other - but shared! not just Buck’s.
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asleepinawell · 2 hours ago
hi Sarah, idk if I missed it but have you posted your thoughts on pathologic before?
hmm, I don't think I have. it was pathologic 2 specifically that I played. never tried the first one
I generally really liked pathologic 2. the atmosphere and aesthetic were completely on point and I actually bought it without knowing a thing about it after my friend sent me a screenshot of the plague doctor executors. I was just like ah yes a game for me. also playing it during a pandemic was, uh, quite something. but I like the tone of it and the mounting sense of desperation and how random and surreal it is. like the one part where you have to report to the town hall and the whole town freezes and you follow the trail of pointing tragedians was super cool. also the soundtrack was great and that opening where you walk through the doomed town gave me chills. and I loved the bulls! and artemy's snarky dialogue
oh also the mind map as the 'journal' or task page or whatever was a really cool system and I wish other games would try out something similar
on the flip side I had a low tolerance for some of the meta stuff with mark immortell which just felt kinda pretentious. I know a lot of people loved it but not my thing. to add to that I didn't like the very similar tone the actual devs took when they were finally convinced to add difficulty sliders for the game. that said something like 'we understand not everyone wishes to be enlightened by their experience' or something equally pretentious. their whole shtick has been making games so difficult and grueling that most people will never finish them. and no thanks, I will never think that adding accessibility options to games is a bad thing
on a somewhat related note, I had the misfortune to play it on console which I would really strongly advise against. the console versions crash constantly, corrupts your save files (sometimes multiple saves in the stack), has ridiculous load times to....walk down the street and while your game is trying to load the next area and you're frozen in place the rest of the game might start back up and oops you've been stabbed to death or caught the plague before you get control back. considering that each time you die you get a permanent penalty applied retroactively to all your saves, this sucks and makes the game even more miserable to play on top of the intended frustrations. so don't play on the console. (the pc version is much better). but yeah when you die because the game froze up briefly and then have to go listen to mark immortell, who embodies the devs, be condescending to you about your death that was caused by the shitty optimization of the game it's just like...fuck the entire way off my dude
my other sort of complaint was about the endings. I generally prefer the nocturnal ending, but I've done both and it felt kind of lame that there wasn't a middle ground ending. not because I wanted a perfect happy ending or anything like that, but because the conflict that was set up between the kin and the townsfolk mirrors a lot of real stuff in the world and it felt very lazy and unimaginative to be like well you can only ever have one or the other there's no other choice! it felt like it kind of negated some of the themes in the story too.
I've complained a lot in this post but I swear I really did enjoy it a lot and I'll probably play the other two parts if they ever come out (not on console though lol). I'd recommended it if you enjoy very challenging games with immersive narratives and high stakes and love the creepy surreal aesthetic. Also there is absolutely nothing wrong with turning down the difficulty sliders and just enjoying the story with the minimum amount of annoyance because it's (intentionally) hard to experience the full story on the intended difficulty, something I have opinions about that you can probably guess
I also enjoyed the marble nest, the dlc that went with it. it had more of the meta game stuff in it but I found it more tolerable and it was just a cool little game with those same great aesthetics
as a final note, I've seen very mixed opinions on the portrayal of the indigenous people of the steppe, the kin (who I don't believe are based on a real people but I won't swear to that), and I don't feel qualified to sort through that myself especially with only a couple vague tumblr text posts to go off of but I do think it's worth noting that there are some criticisms there and keeping that in mind while playing
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stellocchia · 5 hours ago
Finley and Foolish jr fluff (idk that seems hard as they are babies)
If not them then
Eternal duo crack
I'm gonna go for Eternal Duo, mostly because I've been wanting to write about them for a while now...
Eret got used by now to Foolish calling her up or visiting her to reminisce about a past long forgotten. She doesn't really mind as the stories that come up are always a lot of fun!
There was one time for example where Foolish arrived at their castle, arms still full of sand just because seeing a turtle had reminded him of that time they got scammed by a turtle herder saying that his turtle produced shells made of pure gold, turns out they were just painted over though. They both laughed at the memory even if Eret could not remember
Another time Eret encountered Foolish while out on a walk. The man was building something, as usual, and was just giving his build some finishing touches by planting some roses on the front. Upon seeing Eret, Foolish rushed to give him some flowers with a small smile inviting him to help
Turns out he wanted to reminisce about that time they had to infiltrate the council of the forest nymphs. That's the first time the two of them met Hannah apparently as she was the one who kicked them out with a little smirk and a comment on how they really had to get better with make-up. Eret apparently took it as a challenge and practiced for a few weeks and then went back to the council. That time she was let in. Foolish seemed really proud of her for that
Eret has taken to searching for Foolish more often, because they may not remember those stories, but they all feel so familiar and they definitely give them ideas for fun pranks to do...
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silly-cooki3 · 6 hours ago
kdj and ch/krs reading together while sitting back to back and just overall vibing with each other’s presence
kdj and ch/krs antagonizing their enemies and/or scamming/lying their way to get more money
kdj and ch/krs taking care of each other in every way that matters by always reaffirming their importance to each other with their actions
many other scenarios where they just get to enjoy their life without any troubles because that’s what they deserve
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crybunnybabycry · 8 hours ago
“I wish I had Olivia Rodrigo when I was young” was Electra heart not good enough for u?
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macherielou · 9 hours ago
Imagine being more interested in his sex life than you are in him as a person, like Louis is enough. he is interesting enough on his own. He is kind , he is talented , he is beautiful, he is simply amazing in so many ways. I can listen to him talk , sing and laugh all day. Larry is the least interesting about him.
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nimbus713 · 9 hours ago
yall i went to barnes and noble for the first time in my life today and i am screaming it was such a great experience
i went in with three sticky notes full of books i wanted to buy (basically all of them were lgbtq+) and found a few of them as soon as i walked in
there was a worker who like had gay vibes but i wasn’t actually sure and he helped me find a bunch of the books i was looking for and after he asked why i was so interested in lgbtq+ books (as a genuine question) i told him i was a lesbian his reaction was awesome he like smiled real wide and banged his fist on the desk excitedly and told me that that was awesome and then he and my mom and i had a discussion about being gay and how it was for him in the past vs now and it was awesome
then i got all my books (like 14 of them) and got a barnes and noble membership cause now that i’ve been i’m definitely going back and the cashier was also maybe gay but idk
i didn’t get nearly all the books on my list but that was more cause they were options i was thinking of getting and i saw a bunch more i wanted but i had to like stop myself from grabbing them i was so excited (my mom said my face was bright red the whole time she was apparently worried about me)
anyways that was awesome all the books were only like 180 dollars which is like way less than i thought
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ashidominasimp · 10 hours ago
lesbians do have a type in men, and its extroverted red heads with severe insecurities surrounding not being good enough at what they love to stand out, who also happen to have a gear motif, and a homoerotic friendship with someone who is extremely talented in the same field, and who they support entirely but are also lowkey jealous of.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you either relate to them, or you relate to their best friend and are in love with them.
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vanillawaiver · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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