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#love and light ❤️
brooks-eden · 2 days ago
To the anon who sent me a very serious message:
(TW suicide mention/suicidal ideation)
I can be here for you as much as any stranger on the internet can be, but please consider speaking to a friend or loved one or even someone who can help in a professional capacity if you’re serious about your thoughts and feelings.
Know that you have the support and goodwill of many people on here, but that there is only so much we can do over a computer screen.
Sending you lots of love and light, as well as some possibly helpful links here.
(I tried to find a post with as many options as possible, since I don’t know where you’re located.)
If anyone else wants to help out with good thoughts, information, advice, or help, please feel free.
Just know you’re not alone. ❤️
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nastronde · 5 days ago
that 200k word long mdzs daemon fic is making me feel some kinda way
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straightedgehancock · 8 days ago
Nooooo mom don't make me a margarita haha you'll make it impossible for me to answer my messages...
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ltboy · 11 days ago
loves u so so much *txts your month*
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ncssian · 12 days ago
omg are you muslim? me too! i saw your comment about your eid dress, and i have mine too (it's light blue with gold embroidery :)). it's so cool to learn about muslim fic writers. also: your a favor fic is one of my favorites to binge (i've reread it so many times oof). you're amazing!!! 
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Baby we haven’t talked about Mickey getting choked in so long we officially have no personalities
sweetheart you are absolutely right wtf i feel empty and lost without chokey mickey :(
just think about ian wanting to teach mickey how to swim in the pool and mickey insisting before they can do that he's gonna have to practise being under physical strain while deprived of oxygen if you catch my drift firecrotch 😏
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kaynotfound · 15 days ago
as an ex business-economics major i have literally no idea what ranboo and sam are talking about
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ailichi · 18 days ago
Not you calling jeremy fragrance an aquarius.... I dont even wanna think about the possibility oh my god.... 👀🔪
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Darling, He’s an Aquarius <3 hehehe
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spacetravels · 22 days ago
i am done commuting for now but man. bonkers to realize we may be experiencing very real rolling blackouts cuz of the power issue here in vegas and we’re nearing las vegas summer, where we often have been hitting 120 degrees fahrenheit in temp. and like. idk i love this stupid city and the ppl who live here and non locals aren’t allowed to guess about how much power/water is “wasted” on the strip when working class people are going to be genuinely in danger if these blackouts hit over summer
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sukerroku · 23 days ago
i can put my brain thru the blender for bad gaybait too ori
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justgalactic · 25 days ago
performative cis girls will be doing the MOST to prove they’re not transphobic in the comments of trans people’s posts. “Omg look at them go !! I love them !! They slay !!” girlie it’s literally their post you’re in their comments why the fuck are you referring to them in the third person. shut the fuck up.
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heller-stacey-abrams · 27 days ago
all this discourse over dean, we’ve lost sight of what really matters, which is that their wedding anniversary is tmmr <3
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marv-llous · a month ago
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sunforgrace · a month ago
neways don’t reblog but yesterday I got to get yelled at by my father again wherein he called me a “young woman” by the end of it and cry a little after he left before pulling that shit together and repressing it 😗✌️so legally I can bi trans dean truth all I want. and actually it’s illegal to mock and hate on us for it
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