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#love and hugs
lioness-gr5 hours ago
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Yes you did whispered .... 馃尮鈾ワ笍
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heychan4 days ago
I AM DEVASTATED THAT YOU ARE LEAVING BUT I CANT EVEN BE MAD IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! You go girl omg a MODELLING AGENCY!!!! Ofc I was so excited for the rest of your love actually series but I completely understand. Hopefully you can come back here and post the rest of it some day, Lord knows I'd be waiting :)
Love you lots and hope you prosper !!! 鉂も潳鉂
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馃挒 love love love you bestie !! i hope too that i can post it one day,, it doesn鈥檛 seem like that right now but you never know ! thank you for all your support always and i hope you prosper too 鈽锔
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heychan4 days ago
congratulations, love!! i'm so happy for you and wish you all the very best for everything that you face in the future. thank you for writing on your blog for as long as you have been. you're truly amazing and no one can replace @heychan!!
i hope you thrive in the future, b!! I must say i was looking forward to the other parts of love actually but i understand your reasoning for choosing not to post. i'm new to your anon list* but not to your blog. i hope you achieve success (even more than you already have) and live happily and healthily!! have a good time, bby. until we talk again <//3
- anon
*if you want to give me an anon name- % anon for example- i will use that at the end of my messages if you come back to chat :)
this is amkssllslddj so sweet !! thank you so much anonnie i love you 馃崜鉂わ笍!! i pray i can be successful as well, so maybe i can do super good and better things for a bigger audience through my platform yk?
but yes please stay safe and hydrated forever and always do something a day that make you feel
a l i v e 鈽锔
kisses to you babe !!
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heychan5 days ago
omg!!!! BIG congratulations on signing with a top agency!! I鈥檓 SOOOSOSOSO proud of you (x1000000) 鉂わ笍. cant wait to see you make it big!
thank you honeybun for your support !! 馃槳 you鈥檙e awesome and i鈥檓 so grateful for your life, love you lots !
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heychan6 days ago
YOURE LEAVING WHAT NO. OMG. SHIT. i鈥檓 so happy for you tho omg. good luck<333 thank you for giving me so mang amazing pieces to read. i鈥檝e never actually interacted with you, but i鈥檓 gonna miss you. ly<3
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i love you so much babyyyyy 馃 thank you for all of your support and i鈥檓 so so happy i could make your day somehow !! it鈥檚 ok that you didn鈥檛 interacted that much, this message is more than enough 鈾ワ笍 i鈥檒l miss you more :鈥)
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official-lev-haiba9 days ago
You kept falling over?! So clumsy. *shakes head* the funny part about that is I'm a actually a lifeguard. So i'll keep you safe, honey. But hugging you sounds so nice. Youre always so warm and cozy
u can help me swim! and oh thx hugs r the best! from anyone! even those guys who stand still around town, they never blink tho
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rinreb10 days ago
Abrazos 馃А馃挌
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hellish-cruelty10 days ago
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My Little pumpkin,
I like to think about other girls sometimes,
But the truth is
If you ever left me
I'd tear my heart out,
And never put it back.
There'll never be anyone like you
How embarrassing.
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lioness-gr12 days ago
Tumblr media
Just to love you .... 馃尮
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melisssaaa2213 days ago
I just realized how much I crave hugs because I literally dreamed that Freddie (Skins) was hugging me and it was just beautiful. I really just need a hug from someone.
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