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#love 101
apiscesthing · 11 hours ago
Pisceans are the type of people who can easily become blindsighted in a relationship and they can easily become hurt.
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cyberpunklesbian · 14 hours ago
I think part of the reason I've been so messed up in the past year is that I haven't been on the bus. Yesterday was the first time I've been on a crowded bus on a familiar route in over a year, and it felt... good? Like part of me is coming back. It's the quickest way to do casual, low-stakes human contact, like micr*dosing on face-to-face connections.
Going outside and walking around, shopping even, does wonders for my mental health. It can also be a way to counter some of my negative self-perceptions and anxiety around "passing" and just existing in public as a tr*ns w*m*n. Because you discover that you're not as memorable or perceivable as you might feel sometimes. Not as cl*ckable, even, especially under a face mask. Being on a busy street gives you a sort of invisibility. It lets you observe people, and see that you're probably not the weirdest person out there. It lets you realize that most people aren't paying you much attention at all.
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goddessangelwitch · 2 days ago
🍧 Witchcraft related topics.
🐈 Angel related topics, about Christianity and Christian stuff- I’m part and also kind of whole Christian.
💎Goddess related topics- jk haha that’s all the topics because... I am the Goddess. We are Ours. We are Each Other. I like to say that. But also, other Goddess related topics.
☯️ Spirituality/ other spiritual related topics.
🔫 Just random stuff related topics.
🤍 Ritual related stuff
🌀 Spiritual advice related to any of the topics and advice in general
🌟 Universe and (?) metaphysics related stuff
The Pure Love Devil/ Lucy. 🌈💐🌹🐒🦁🦋🕷☄️🧃🎆🔫🧿🧸🎀🤍
Have a blessed day!!!
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apiscesthing · 2 days ago
Pisces ❤️ Pisces
Poetic souls who will always fulfill each other’s needs and desires.
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obssessive101 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Apollo really called him a whiny bitch ahshshjsjsjhs
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apiscesthing · 4 days ago
Pisces Love
Pisceans needs a partner that will help them to grow, but isn’t too harsh with them.
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shahzadbrat · 5 days ago
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U simping after Eddie Diaz is a mood.
Listen if this man got the love he deserved in this fandom I'd maybe tone it down a bit ( yeah okay that's a lie, I would be like this either way) but he doesn't though.
So I'm gonna give him all the love and recognition he deserves.
Basically I took one look at Eddie Diaz and said:
"Is anyone gonna love that?" then I didn't wait for an answer.
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torororose · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
a Math 101 for Sharks with Ollie-sensei t̵o̵r̵t̵u̵r̵e̵ learning stream would be fun to watch😀
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socratesbutwaycooler · 7 days ago
i think in death we could’ve been beautiful, but on earth we’re just not meant to be
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yarenkrmlk · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
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