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honestlyhappyharry12 minutes ago
Chapter 11
Chapter 10
Sunday mornings were something you were accustomed to spending alone for many years. But now Harry lay next to you and it was the best feeling in the world.
The sun streamed through the shutters and dusted over his face. The early morning rays highlighting those sharp cheekbones people obsessed over. You noticed how his jawline slightly bulged as he clenched his teeth in his sleep. The warmth of the house left him in only boxers, showing off his tan, toned, inked chest which had stayed so similar all this time.
His skin looked flawless and you mindlessly found yourself tracing the inked shapes while he was asleep. His long, black eyelashes rested heavily under his eyes while his perfect curls sat on his forehead, looking blonder in the morning light.
As you continued to admire Harry he stirred and wriggled around so you ducked your head so he wouldn't wake up to your eyes staring at him.
"Knew you were looking at me, ya know?" His rough morning voice came from next to you and made you blush. Even through closed eyes, you could see the smirk on his perfectly pink lips. It was something he did whether you were nervous or embarrassed.
"Was not." You mumbled, voice also rough from the hours you hadn't talked for.
"You were totally checking me out." Harry teased in a sing-song tone, making your cheeks redder.
To cover yourself from the embarrassment you put your hands over your cheeks and eyes.
"S'not my fault you look so gorgeous in the morning sun." You mumbled. knowing if you said it louder his ego would inflate bigger than you were willing to let it be.
Harry placed his hand to your hands and peeled them away from your eyes. "You're not allowed to compliment me until I tell you how beautiful you look." He told you as he held your face.
His face was so close that you were sure if he had a single flaw you'd be able to see it. Still, there was no evidence of that.
"You're still beautiful." You replied before painfully slowly closing the gap and letting your lips fall onto his, slowly.
"Can we have a serious talk about something?" Harry asked after you had spent a few minutes kissing and cuddling.
Your initial reaction was to gulp and pray that he wouldn't be giving you bad news. As you nodded you felt your heart speed up and your breathing fall out of sync. There were a few silent breaths taken to calm yourself down before Harry started talking.
"I know we haven't already gone the right way but I really like where we are now and I just want to be a part of your and Lily's lives every day. You just both mean so much to me. So there are two things I want to say." You felt your nerves rising once he said that. "I don't even know what order to do this in or how to say this." He sighed and you giggled at his adorable nature. He raised a finger to his lips to think. It was honestly so cute when he did that.
"Say it, Haz, it's just me." You weren't sure how much more you could take.
"Iloveyouandwillyoumoveinwithme." He blurted out and your eyes widened but you can feel your lips pulling up into a smile.
"Harry." You say as you place your hands on his cheeks. "I love you so so much and I would love to move in with you." He just smashed his lips onto yours and pulled away while you're both in a grin.
"I'm not sure where we'll move, I only have a bachelor pad but I'll find us the best home money can buy." He promised.
One of his words stopped you. "Hey, you're not a bachelor!" You squealed and rolled his eyes, still grinning. "But I don't need to have the most expensive house, I just want somewhere we can wake up in the morning and cook chocolate chip pancakes together. Somewhere I can get annoyed at you for taking too long in the bathroom and somewhere I'm excited to come home to." You gushed, excited by how exciting the idea of moving in with Harry was.
He just laughed before his jaw dropped. "Wait, we can't move in together. I haven't even met your parents." Harry suddenly said and you had to stifle a giggle.
"Do you have amnesia? Because you have met them before." You joked remembering when you had this conversation with Harry before Lily met his parents. Once again, Harry rolled his eyes.
"Haha, you'd be very sad if I actually had amnesia." He sarcastically laughed and you nodded, in agreement. "What I meant was I haven't seen them in so long and when we saw your mum last she was asking if we'd come to visit them."
You nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure Lily would love to see them again." The last time she had seen them was a while ago. Although your mum said you should all catch up but Harry wasn't there. "Oh, I'll text her." You told Harry and reached for your phone before pulling up your mum's contact number and typing a quick message.
"Let's look for houses!" Harry yelled excitedly before quickly getting out of bed, putting on a pair of pants and going to get his charging laptop downstairs.
Now that your personal heater was gone, you got up and pulled a hoodie over your frame before you followed Harry downstairs.
He had apparently already found a perfect house. "Look at this one!" He said as he pulled up a picture of a massive white house with 9 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms.
It was insanely big and definitely a bit over the top. "Harry, that house is worth 28 million dollars." You said wearily.
"So? I want a nice house and I've got enough money. I just want where we live to be nice." He told you, sincerely and you nodded.
"Alright, but seriously price limit of 15 million." You told him and he nodded slowly, although you were pretty sure he wasn't agreeing. His efforts to find the best house were appreciated but it didn't matter. Any house you got to live in together would be perfect.
Harry continued his search while you sat beside him and checked your emails. Ding. Your text message notification sounded and Harry glanced over at you, unsure of who you could be texting at 8 in the morning.
"It's my mum." You told him and he nodded, swivelling on the kitchen island stool to face you. You briefly read the message before relaying it to Harry. "They're in Hawaii until next weekend." You sighed.
Harry looked a little defeated until his head perked up. "Best idea ever!" He announced, it made you giggle. "We could decide on a house, take a private jet to Hawaii and see them then come back and by the time we're back here they can have everything moved from here to our new house." His suggestion made you laugh. "I'm serious." Your heart dropped at how rushed out it sounded. Clearly, he wasn't used to the lifestyle you were.
Of course, you wanted to move in with Harry but it would be much more convenient if it didn't happen until Lily was on summer break.
"Harry..." How would you phrase this? "If it were just us then I would jump at the idea but we've got Lily and I can't rip her away from school and her life here." You tried to explain. Lily hadn't even been told of this yet.
"I'll drive her over to pre-K every morning." He promised. "And any time she wants to have play dates, I'll bring her." Another promise.
"That's sweet of you, H. But it's so rushed finding a house and getting moved so quickly. Can't we wait until the holidays?" You stuck to your point, maybe because you were stubborn but maybe because you thought it was stronger.
"The holidays are in 4 weeks, that's a whole month. I can have us a house by tomorrow so why wait?" He whined. "What if Lily takes the remaining 4 weeks off pre-K and then we spend some time in Hawaii, or anywhere you like." He bargained.
"I don't know, Haz." You honestly told him. "What about we look for a house and try to get moved in as soon as possible. We'll wait till my parents go home through LA and they can stay in the new place and have dinner." You told him in a tone that he knew meant it was the final plan.
It caused him to pout. "But, baby, I wanted to go on a family holiday." He continued to whine.
"Okay, let's go to Europe in the break then." You suggested and a grin quickly appeared on his face.
"Can I show Lily my hometown?" He cheered and you nodded. "I can't wait to show her where I used to live, the school I used to go to, the park that I used to play in and that one tree I used to snog all the girls under." He said as if it was his glory days.
You scrunched your nose at him. "Maybe skip the tree bit." You suggested and he nodded. "Plus, I don't want to think about you kissing other girls." You knew he had, obviously, you just didn't want to think about it.
"There was really only one girl." His smile widened and you felt bitter jealousy fill you from head to toe.
"Yuck." You rolled your eyes and you knew he could tell it was getting under your skin. "I bet she was like 20 years older than you with kids." You made your own snide comment at him, knowing his type.
"She does have a kid but I'm a little older than her." You felt sick as you talked about it but Harry looked like he was having a lot of fun.
"You kissed someone with a kid?" You asked, you wanted to guess who it was and considering you knew a lot of Harry's friends you thought you had a good chance.
"Well she didn't have one back then, she does now though." He explained and you nodded, your mind still racing as to who it could be.
"Was she with the father when you kissed her?" You asked, this had almost turned into an interrogation.
All he did was grin and the air in the room changed. "Yes."
"So she was cheating on him?"
A bad feeling set into your stomach, twisting it uncomfortably. "So you fathered a child?" All you could feel was shock and you couldn't even breathe.
"Do you have amnesia? Because we have a kid." He started laughing once he could see your panic and mimicked your words from earlier that morning.
Finally, you were able to get a breath back in. "Fuck, Harry. Don't freak me out like that." You managed to get out in between the breaths as it all clicked together. Harry was still cracking himself up and there was no way you could be mad at him after hearing that sound.
"You're too easy to freak out, baby." He told you before going back to his house search.
Harry didn't do anything lightly, by the time Lily was downstairs he had already been on the phone with his real estate agent and had booked some houses to see today while you made breakfast for everyone.
"Morning, Lils." You smiled as you picked her up and hugged her. Once you put her back down she went over to her breakfast stool, next to Harry.
"Hey, where's my hug?" He whined as she smiled at him before sleepily falling back into his arms.
"There." She told him once she sat up again, ready to eat.
"Lily, we have something we wanted to talk to you about." You told her and she nodded, still eating. Harry was paying more attention to her now, desperate for her reaction. "How would you feel about moving into a different house with Harry?"
Her face turned sour and she glared up at you. "No, no, no! I want to live here!" She screamed at you which confused you.
"Lily, don't yell." You warned but she was far past caring about the rules.
"I am not moving house! I like this house and I want to live here forever!" She yelled, loudly as she got out of her chair. "I do not want to move!" That was the last thing she yelled before she got off the stool and stomped away,
Only a minute later you heard a loud door slam. Wow, her teenage years were going to be fun if this is what she was like at 5
"She got your drama queen temper." You joked to Harry, but he was wearing a serious face.
"Y/n, she doesn't want to move. What are we going to do? You can't move her if she doesn't want to." He told you and you shrugged.
"She'll be fine. She's just adjusting, it happened when I asked if she wanted a big girl bed. She had a big tantrum and then begged me to get her one the next hour." You explained and he nodded but still looked concerned.
It had been a good 20 minutes of the two of you eating breakfast and looking at houses until Harry asked about Lily. "Can I go talk to her? And you come?" He asked one question quickly followed by the next. It was cute he wanted you to be there.
"If you want." You shrugged as you got up to go up the stairs. Harry followed but overtook you to get to Lily's room first.
Knock, knock. He gently tapped on the door. "Lily, can we have an adult talk?" He asked. You could tell he was anxious by his clammy hands that were shaking.
"Yes." She sighed and he breathed out before he opened the door.
Once you walked into her room she sat there, on the bed with her arms crossed. Harry sat down at the end of her bed while you hovered in the doorframe.
Harry stalled as he tried to start the conversation, twisting the rings on his fingers. "What's wrong with moving?" He asked her.
"I like this house and I liked my room and I like my school and I like my friends and I like the beach." She listed, briefly looking up at him.
"Okay, what do you like about this house?" He asked and she took a little longer to think of an answer.
She was kicking her legs back and forward. "It's got a pool, a tv, my room and it's where I have always lived." You did understand that it was hard to ask her to move from the only house she knew.
"What if I promised you a pool, tv and new bedroom in a new house?" He asked and she waited while she thought about it. "I know that you only remember this house but I really want us to all live together in a nice, big house. I promise we can make lots of new memories." He promised again but Lily still hadn't answered. "I'll even invite your grandma around." He told her and she immediately looked up.
"And grandpa?" Lily asked hopefully.
"And grandpa." He confirmed. "Maybe we can see some of these houses and then if you hate them so much that you never want to live in them, I'll find a better house for us."
"Yes, please, I want to see them." She agreed and you could feel Harry's smile radiating around the room.
"Thank you." He pulled her in for a hug and you walked over to join them.
"Wanna hear something else cool, Lils?" You asked and she nodded, looking up to break the hug. "We're going to visit your Nana and Pop in the place Harry grew up." You told her and she started grinning widely.
"Oh my gosh! Can I see Auntie Gemma!? Will we go on a plane!?" Her questions came at a million miles an hour as she jumped around on her bed. "Wait." She stopped and sat down. "Where did you grow up?" She asked him.
He stood and walked over to the world map on her wall. "This place right here called Holmes Chapel in England." He told her as he looked at the map and her face turned into a frown as she got up to see the map herself.
"Is England is this one?" She asked as she pointed to Russia.
"Look to your left and it's the islands in the sea." You told her and she ran her finger along until she ended up at England.
Lily looked very curious. "It's tiny. How will we get there?" She was very concerned.
"By plane." You told her before Harry jumped in.
"Private plane."
"We didn't discuss that." You warned but he just shrugged and you glared at him.
"What's a private plane?" She asked and you snapped out of your glaring.
"It's when it's only you and the drivers and the seats are massive and you can play around as much as you want," Harry told her and she grinned. She'd only been on a few planes and it was never in first class.
"Yes, please, can we do that, Mumma?" She asked eagerly. She started to give you the puppy eyes as Harry caught on and copied her actions.
It freaked you out how alike they looked. "Fine." It was all they needed to confirm their victory and hi-five.
The houses you were going to see that afternoon with Harry were more than beautiful. They reminded you of the types of house you and Harry used to party at together all those years ago.
"Lil, we're here." You said as you leant into the back seat to unclip her sear belt so she could get out.
Harry had already raced around to open your door, in his usual gentleman fashion. Every time you looked at him it was like you felt love bursting out of you. His basketball shorts and tank top looked anything but basic on him.
After you got out of the car he opened Lily's door for her and she hopped out, quickly gawking at the massive house in front of her.
"You like it?" Harry asked her.
Her face was quick to change from shock to absolute euphoria. "Is this the house we're moving to?!" She squealed as she ran in circles around his legs. It made both of your giggle and Harry reached his hand out to give you a hi-five.
"Maybe, depends it's right." You told her and she nodded before leading the way inside. You followed with Harry a step ahead, going to the real estate agent to shake hands.
They talked about the houses advanced features while you took Lily to look at the front garden. The real estate agent took a phone call, leaving you three to go explore the house.
Harry led you upstairs to look at the bedroom. "Lily, this could be yours." He said as he opened the door to a massive room that she would struggle to fill if you brought her everything she'd ever wanted.
"Wow!" She cheers as she walked over to the window and looked at the LA skyline. It was a nice view but you knew the master bedroom would have an even nicer one.
"I can see that pretty brain working overtime, what are you thinking?" Harry said into your ear as he snaked his arms around your waist and rest his head on your shoulder. The two of you stood there, by the doorframe, watching your daughter.
You twisted your head so you could smile up at him. "It's really nice." There was a slight pause. "Lily loves it but I think she's going to love any house so that's not really a concern. I'm excited to see what other houses we're going to see. What about you?" You told him honestly.
"I love the kitchen and lounge but I think we need more bedrooms. And the pool isn't that big." He remarked and you looked at him with raise eyebrows.
"6 bedrooms isn't enough?" You questioned and he shook his head. "Lily, you and I only need 2, plus one for visitors. So that's 3, maybe 4." You explained.
He shook his head again. "What about when we have more kids?" He asked and your mouth fell open.
The two of you had never spoken about this before, but you hadn't even spoken about having Lily. At least 5 years ago he had said he wanted a few. As soon as Harry realised what he said he shut his mouth and you could see him thinking about what to say next.
To make it better or to take it away.
Finally, you had to pluck up the courage. "You want more?" Harry was now blushing furiously as he tried to think of something to say.
"Honestly, yes. I want to be there to raise them with you." He admitted. He had spun you around now so he could look into your eyes and have an honest conversation. "But it's not a deal-breaker." He quickly clarified.
It was the best answer you could have heard. "Harry, that's exactly what I want." You watched the huge smile appear on his face and he struggled to not wrap you in his arms.
"So, what are your thoughts?" The real estate agent asked as he walked up the stairs. Lily rushed out of the hidden room she had found with a huge smile on her face.
"I love it." She told him, which made him chuckle.
"It's nice, can we give you a call later once we've seen some others and decided?" Harry asked and the real estate agent nodded before you all left the house.
The rest of the day consisted of looking at 4 other, just as grand, homes, getting lunch and Harry subtly driving past one of the top private schools in the whole country in an attempt to get Lily to see it. Luckily for you she didn't, only because there had been no prior discussion between you and Harry about where she would go.
"So, team. what house do we think?" Harry asked around the dinner table later in the evening, ready for an inaugural family meeting.
"Second one!" Lily quickly yelled. The second house was built with two wings of bedrooms and a kitchen/lounge area in the middle. It was Lily's favourite because in the kid's wing there was a massive rock climbing wall.
"But would you like to be that far away from us every night?" You asked, knowing what problem was going to occur later.
She shook her head reluctantly. "No." She confirmed and Harry crossed that one off his list.
One down, four to go.
"So that means no to the 4th one."
Two down, three to do.
"Okay, now we're going to decide what is most important for us." You said, taking charge and reading over the features of the remaining 3 houses. "Do we want a spa?" You asked and Harry nodded quickly. A bit too quickly. "Not going to ask why." You said as you sent Harry a wink.
That decision crossed another house off. Three down, two to go.
"Okay, so 8 bedrooms and 3 lounges or 7 bedrooms and 4 lounges?" You asked Harry and Lily who looked at you like they were watching an intense sports match.
"7 and 4." They both said at the same time. Four down, one winner.
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louis-louis-louiean hour ago
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e looking at each other聽 馃ズ 馃挄 馃ズ 馃挄
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cocoapopsfortea2 hours ago
Louis: Don't worry, I got a plan.
Liam: Alright.
Louis: TraitorSayWhat?
Harry: Excuse me?
Louis: What?
Louis: No wait-
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fanficlibraryposts3 hours ago
Larry Stylinson(1D) Fic Recs
sleeping on our problems by falsegoodnight
I鈥檓 in love with you, Louis thinks. He feels empty, weighed down by his sadness and the loss of Harry inside him just moments ago before his knot finally went down. There鈥檚 moments where he鈥檚 sure Harry feels the same. Like now, when he鈥檚 gazing down at Louis with so much adoration and tenderness. It鈥檚 like they鈥檙e both on the cusp of something more, but neither of them ever say a word. His confession is on the tip of his tongue ready to slide out like honey, and yet he remains silent. They both do, looking at each other and recognizing the reluctance mirrored in each other鈥檚 eyes. It鈥檚 then that Louis realizes they鈥檙e both scared.
Or Louis sleeps with Harry and they have more than just catching feelings to worry about.
*A/B/O au, so soft and fluffy with just a dash of angst*
Foolishly, Completely Falling by dea_liberty
"Now that he鈥檚 actually gone and done it, there seems to be no way of going back - no rinse and repeat, no ctrl+alt+del, no abort button, no help to be had. He鈥檚 fallen into a black hole and he cannot seem to find a way out. The black hole is also known as Tumblr. More specifically, it鈥檚 known as Tumblr鈥檚 Larry Stylinson tag."
OR: The one where Louis becomes a Larry shipper by accident.
Put It All On Me by LoadedGunn
聽"Yeah, yeah, give it to me, that's it, spread your legs a bit, there you go."
聽The camera follows Louis as he does. Maybe if the modelling thing doesn't work out, he could try the porn industry. Then again, he's a bit too stocky to be twinky and a bit too twinky to be anything else. He likes that about himself, though. Well, directors and photographers like that about him. He could pull off pretty and edgy, could do GQ in the morning and a perfume commercial in the afternoon. Right now he thinks he could pull off anything, because it's Harry fucking Styles directing him.
Or, a Top Model AU where Louis is accidentally there to make friends, not become Britain's Next Top Model. (Also Zayn is the supermodel host.)
Promises We Made by thekindofworld
Its been five years since Harry and Louis broke up; they were seventeen and nineteen and it was messy to say the least. Cue Louis, who is worked off his feet making clothes for celebrities, Harry dropping his debut album, Niall who likes to avoid his insecurities by dragging Louis on Holiday, Zayn and Perrie as Louis' right hand stylists, and Liam who wishes Harry would just tell him about his ex-boyfriends before he contacts them about working for him.
Its either going to be a disaster, or the perfect timing they've all been waiting for.
*I鈥檝e been very into fashion au lately*
but me, i鈥檓 not a gamble by orphan_account
A Posh & Becks AU in which Harry is a star on the stage and Louis is a star on the pitch, but they're both inexplicably terrible at articulating their feelings. In the end, it only takes a season's worth of failed matchmaking schemes, platonic dinner dates, road trip holidays, and one very convenient David Beckham cameo for them to figure it all out. And if Niall knew all along? Well, he at least has the decency not to be too smug about it.
Boys Fall From the Sky by fookinloosah
Superheroes. America is full of them 鈥 complete with masks, nauseating pseudonyms, and neon spandex suits. There鈥檚 none of that nonsense in Britain, thank you very much鈥ntil Harry Styles鈥 X Factor audition takes an unexpected turn, and Britain鈥檚 first hero is born. 聽
Also featuring Louis as a man of many masks, Zayn the rebel comic artist, Liam as Britain鈥檚 counter-attack to Justin Bieber, and Niall the trusty guitarist.
*I adore this fic, one my all time favorites*
The Last Something That Anything by jaded25
"You know my heart - so tell me honestly, did you ever really want this? So I鈥檒l sing this song for every word that comes out wrong But I鈥檒l be okay 鈥 is that what you want me to say?"
In the end, it's neither the fame or the pressure, nor Management or the constant hiding and denying that tears them apart. Or maybe it's a sum of all 聽and so much more on top. In the end, it's Harry.
When Harry leaves the band - leaves Louis - to pursue his dreams of a solo career, he breaks much more 聽than just One Direction. It's a gamble and a new start for each of the boys but while Harry walked away smiling, finally having got everything he apparently dreamt of, Louis is left to pick the pieces up.
Some hearts don't break even, some are simply shattered. So can you really learn to un-love someone?
*So deliciously angsty*
no pressure, no diamonds by karamelised
A life of crime means there is no nine to five, no white picket fence and definitely no happily ever after. In a life where lying gets you everywhere and stealing things becomes a sport, there is no place for romantic endings. Louis knows this, and so does Harry. Problem is, they're both wrong.
Louis is a thief, Harry a grifter. They are thrown together for a huge diamond heist in Paris, where their past soon catches up to them.
Blood Right by Evina1234
鈥淚s that-him?鈥 someone next to Louis asks. 鈥淲ho else would dress in red if not for him today?鈥 Beside Louis, Lady Camellia had her eyes locked on the one in red garbs, as same as many around them. Clearly this must be intended, or why dress in such a way today at first place? 鈥淢y... He looks dashing." the first one licks her lips, eyes darkening in a laced lust. "Who would've known? Thought he'd be in chains, stuck in a dark dungeon." The other scoffs. 鈥淗ave you been under a rock? He's the most privileged Lycan alive. The King's ward, some go so far as to call him his consort. It鈥檚 all hushed, but I have my sources.鈥 she reveals like a dirty secret. In a world where the Vampires have taken over, Humans are just pawns in blood farms, Warlocks are extinct while the King has Lycans under his thumb - eliminating the threat of the lethal bite. The world is falling apart. Louis, nephew to the malistic Vampire King, lives away from it all in blessed ignorance until he gets dragged into the chessboard that traps him in front of a green eyed Prince who is bound to a miserable fate. Or where Louis wants to save Harold, the Prince of Lycans, when Louis' allies want him DEAD聽
*super intense, vampire au with political intrigue mixed in*
the one that leads me on through by colourexplosion
Louis was certain that he was done with his tenuous connection with fellow skater, Harry Styles. But then, you know, the universe throws a wrench in all that when Simon takes Harry on for the next season.
Or, an AU in which the members of one direction are actually figure skaters.
Disclaimer: The fanfiction above were not written by me for I am not nearly as creative. However, I am an avid reader and movie buff so these are some of my favorite fanfiction within the fandom. I politely ask that you read the tags attached the fanfiction beforehand so that you know what you are getting yourself into, there may be crossovers. If you don鈥檛 like it then don鈥檛 read it. In addition, I ask that there be no bashing, the fics are based on my preferences and what I like. Lastly, if there are any specific genre or fandom of fics you want me to get into let me know through my ask box. 聽
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m-s-t-y-l-e-s4 hours ago
Los bloopers de Harry en el comercial de Pepsi (2012)鈾!!!
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heartbreaksunn4 hours ago
hiii, welcome to my blog馃
my name is lia and i've been in tumblr for a long time but now and i want to start posting my opinions, interpretations and just dumb stuff
i'm a larrie (no stunts)
feel free to ask anything i will try to answer the best i can 馃崜
holaa, bienvenidos a mi blog馃
mi nombre es lia y estoy en tumblr hace bastante tiempo pero ahora quiero empezar a publicar mis opiniones, interpretaciones y boludeces
soy larrie (no stunts)
si茅ntase libres de preguntar lo que quieran y voy a tratar de responder lo mejor que pueda 馃崜
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