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#louder for the people in the back
People hear that Piper's canon is racist and they assume its because shes ''too white'' and they draw her darker than Hazel or the same as Leo which NO. JUST NO. im native and while natives are dark, we are nowhere even close to Hazel or Leo. And it feels like because people cant be bothered to make her look native and they dont want the backlash of whitewashing, they'll make her black. Which really hurts because Rick made her solely because he saw that native kids have no representation at all! And while it may be bad rep, at least he tried. Or they'll make Percy black while whitewashing Piper! Like. Its stated several times Percy is just ''tan'' while Piper is native (which therefore means darker) but people would literally rather racebend than draw poc right..and it just hurts so bad. So im on the toilet sobbing about fandom. (Prolly because im on my period)
😖 anon
We needed this vent
Thank you
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i developed a new verbal tic due to stress and i can’t tell whether or not i like it or despise it🤪
anyways sokka has my new tic because i said so (it’s like a tongue clicking kind of thing but in patterns and if i don’t do it the exact way it’s wants to be done then my body goes into panic mode and starts to tense and be jumpy)
#i’m…#idk#like at this point I’m like yeah i have ts and there’s nothing wrong with that !!!#and then i’ll tic when it’s silent and i just get ://#or I’ll try and talk to someone and have to pause because we got a combo of tics#or everyone will sit normally but i can’t even sit in chairs I have to crouch and rock back and forth#and like my three prominent verbal tics are decently quiet but my new one is louder like by a lot#it’s not shouting but it’s enough to make me feel really self-conscious and I have the most stupid reason for being extra self-conscious#right now and that’s that ts awareness month just ended and I posted stuff on my my story every day that im pretty sure no one but#grace (ily) read and like normally everyone I follow posts all this stuff promoting equality and educating about stuff but no one cared#hat it was ts month except for me (and Grace my beloved) and I was just. sure.#it’s so dumb. like so dumb. and so petty of me. maybe it’s because Paul (my period) is here#sorry i get self conscious every time i develop a new tic so this one will be normal to me in a couple days lol just like first tic anxiety😂#anyways I’ll stop now#I’m just nervous because I’m going camping with people for half a week starting tomorrow and none of them have heard most of my tics and#my anxiety is telling me that it’ll annoy them especially my new one hahahhahahahhaha it’s fine#sorry y’all didn’t know where else to rant to lol#grace is the only irl friend allowed to see this haha#my tags got more depressing than I anticipated but Paul is really pushing my emotions this week haha#will probably delete in the morning lol#corey rambles:)
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morcias · 6 days ago
bro why the fuck is this discourse happening on tumblr? all y’all need to take this private or something Jesus Christ. no hate on you or anyone else involved in this bullshit but Jesus Christ. just block each other. obviously neither side of this argument is going to “win” and y’all aren’t receptive. sometimes you just gotta give up on a lost cause.
very true! very true. very true. i didnt want to. i didnt want to have this all on the dash. they all have me blocked! i have no reason to block them. because i dont know them and im not hiding anything from anyone and im not going anywhere lmao. you are RIGHT im right there with you.
i can only speak for myself but i am listening to ever genuine concern and im treating people like people not punching bags which apparently since i dont have any desire to argue they wont listen. im not going to be a dick just because strangers have decided they know my every move and motive despite being literal strangers.
animosity perpetuated by s t r a n g e r s to manipulate their whole ass following into agreeing with everything they say. god forbid anyone be individual and not blindly give in to the hatred, just shitty for the sake of being shitty, vibe that a select group of people encourage in this fandom. im sorry but people deserve better!
god forbid someone put their ass behind what they want to say and come off anon and show me the evidence behind what they want you to believe (guacas that one was @ you)
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octopotacto · 6 days ago
someone quick i'm bisexual and need $400
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couturriere · 8 days ago
[Suzuki]’s a smart kid. He’s able to take situations, make adjustments… and every time we talk to him about little details… he’s adjusting and adapting quick and he keeps scoring and he’s got great potential. I think he can push that even further.
dominique ducharme
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luvofyourlifeliv · 10 days ago
Choose a dad hotch or will?👀
ok 12x3 where JJs traumatized and he stays up and talks her through it and makes her coffee WHAT A GOOD HUSBAND AND HE QUIT HIS JOB TO BE A STAY AT HOME DAD
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hotgirlhockey · 15 days ago
(I'm not the same anon)
I think the technical aspect of hockey is super interesting and I love when I read people's passionate talks about the technical aspect and stuff but I also like when we can have fun and talk about which hockey guys we find hot. sports is also supposed to be fun and enjoyable :)
baby, YES!!!!!! same over here!
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selinakidreams · 18 days ago
you know what? i love hearing about other people's self ships/oc ships. i really love seeing it on my dash :)
ME TOO!! I love when people write about how much they love a character/ what they see each other doing. It comes from a place of comfort & just pure joy- and that makes me happy.
like fuckin GO OFF! tell me about you guys & your relationship!
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ranbootheorist · 20 days ago
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yovibeispretty · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finally got my hands on Esquires BTS issue & though I'd share what Yoongi said.
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cakotopia · 22 days ago
((ooc tags))
ooc; well fuck me gently with a chainsaw
ooc art; Art of Achilles
art by others; now this. this is beautiful
self reblog; want me to do it again
self promo; over here!
promo; check them out
psas; say it louder for the people in the back
prompts & memes; do it for the vine
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whirlybirbs · 22 days ago
Ms. Birbs, you sly devil (affectionate), that last chapter sent me into a whirlwind so intense I swear I had whiplash. (The buildup? The sex? The domesticity of it after everything is JUST CHEF’S KISS)
Vacant Mirrors found me at a time that wasn’t really that great, and to have something to look forward to every end of the week was honestly what kept me going so thanks for putting my heart together and breaking it and putting it back together again :’)
Your writing is phenomenal and incredibly inspiring and god I wish I write like you one day! I’m so so so looking forward to drabbles or other stories you’ll write in the future so respectfully, thank you for your fine work, Ms. Birbs! (Excuse me while i cook up more fanart for this amazing piece of work)
i cannot even begin to express how thankful i am for you, because it really is so amazing to open your inbox and find fanart of a story your writing — like, the sheer idea someone loves it enough to pour their talent and time into something related to vacant mirrors?
thank you so much for your constant support, and your beautiful fan art, you amazing babe.
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