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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
#lost in the sauce
nutsacktorturer · 22 hours ago
what drugs would you buttchug with your bussy
opium and wine admixture
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rosy-sunflower · 22 hours ago
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Lost in the sauce
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pleasantstupidcat · 2 days ago
tbh the most relatable thing about Tolkien is that he got so lost in the worldbuilding sauce that he only finished two stories in 56 years
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alexibeeart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heads-up this furry white goblin is absolutely lost in the sauce of my purse
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impeccablebackside · 14 days ago
I am sure this has been said before, but Demeter 100% has that magic pussy, and that is why Mavacity wants her back. The kind of puss that makes a man go mad. One that haunts dreams.
He wants to be lost in the sauce again. To bad for him, Munk (and Bomba / maybe others) get it now.
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chefpyro · 14 days ago
Hormones be making me feel things and shit
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nerviovago · 15 days ago
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spaceflower-cadet · 15 days ago
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quickly drew fanart for a bird boy’s birthday, good ol’ void cycle member Icarus! love this kiddo, and you should too, he does big parkour- Icarus is an OC who belongs to my good friend @sauceruler! who I also love very much. I care you bud
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titimylove · 24 days ago
me: *gives serenity a vitamin treat, goes back to the sofa*
~some seconds later~
serenity: *loudly calls for me, looking into the hallway and bathroom*
me: *waves*
serenity: ! *trots over, glad to have found me*
me: were you so focused on eating you forgot where i was? booboocats<3
serenity: *happy coiling*
me: yeah i get like that too sometimes
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 27 days ago
when ur too lost in the sauce when ur magical bf is bringing ur dad back after he was kidnapped by ur estranged evil big bro
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cumagic · a month ago
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Rip to all the people that looked way too far into the evil dipper theory and now can’t see anything he does as normal
hey guys uhhh remember when stan stole dippers plate of spaghetti and dipper said ‘this is a dark day’??? tthat ws so fucked up....... i swear his morals have been slipping so much lately.... what if THIS is bills plan... and were supposed to get a major character death in the finale right?? introducing my dipper kills grunkle stan to avenge his spaghetti theory,
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Advice day 107
You can't be lost in the sauce if you have enough parmesan.
I said what I said
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catboykafka · a month ago
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soreandscary · a month ago
Here is my ranking of three sauces.
#1 Pesto
#2 Marinara
#3 Whatever the fuck that white sauce is, screw that sauce I hate it.
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diarmuid-ua-duibhne · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Need more like these
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ak47-fng · a month ago
AYOO!!! Baiscally I been makin supa fiyaa muzic 4 a while and here’s a soundcloud link!!!! Sure 2 make ur brainzzzz EXPLODE!
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discount-komaru · 17 hours ago
Me: *Shares a cool story idea to my friend that then stems into a discussion about Greek Mythology*
My friend: I only know a bit about greek mythology
Me, a Percy Jackson kid who has been lost in the greek mythology sauce since fifth grade: My time has come to pass my knowledge.
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