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#lord of the rings trilogy
sluttyten · a day ago
why am I such a horrible terrible anti-social introvert of a friend
#earlier my best friend asked me if I want to do anything this weekend#and my first thought is no bc I don’t bc this is the first weekend in 3 weeks that I haven’t had to work#so I was planning to take this weekend and marathon the extended editions of the lord of the rings trilogy like the nerd I am#but now she’s asked and I feel obligated to go do something and I know I’ll enjoy myself bc I always do but like I just want to be at home#always which is why I hate when people I work with ask me what my plans are for the weekend or what I’m gonna do after I get off work#bc I’ll say I’m going home I’m gonna do nothing#and then they ask me what I like to do and how tf do I tell them what I like to do without them making fun of me for spending a lot of my#free time buried in kpop watching videos listening to it or writing fic#or I can tell them I read and write and watch movies and Netflix but that’s not too much better is it#anyway I’m very antisocial which is why I believe I’ll be forever alone ✌🏻#oh also the one guy I work with that I think might like me and that other people I work with have said that he likes me#he asked me to go do something this weekend too and I pretty much told him no even though I do want to go do that#but 1. I’m awkward and introverted and antisocial and 2. I’m 5 or 6 years older than him so like I don’t even want to entertain that#but also if he asks me again tomorrow I’m probably going to tell him that depending on the weather me and my best friend might actually be#doing the thing that he was asking me to do or we’ll at least be in the area#not that I’ve mentioned it to her yet bc if I say that a boy I work with asked me to go to this place with him that makes it sound like a#date right? even if he follows it up by saying that he’s just trying to find someone to go with him bc he wants to go and thinks it would#be weird to go alone which I told him it wouldn’t be weird to go alone#anyway though#I wanted to spend my weekend watching lotr and now I might not get to do that
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rohirra · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Théoden Son of Thengel || King of Rohan
'Now lord,' said Gandalf, 'Look upon your land! Breathe the free air again!' [...]
'It is not so dark here,' said Théoden.
'No,' said Gandalf. 'Nor does age lie so heavily on your shoulders as some would have you think. Cast aside your prop!'
From the king's hand the black staff fell clattering on the stones. He drew himself up, slowly, as a man that is stiff from long bending over sone dull toil. Now tall and straight he stood, and his eyes were blue as he looked into the opening sky.
'Dark have been my dreams of late,' he said, 'but I feel as one new-awakened. I would now that you had come before, Gandalf. For I fear that already you have come too late, only to see the last days of my house. Not long now shall stand the high hall which Brego son of Eorl built. Fire shall devour the high seat. What is to be done?'
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Chapter VI: The King of the Golden Hall
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middle-earth-road · 7 days ago
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LotR Mid-1960's Editions - This is one of the editions I own, and the most precious to me.  It was a gift from my parents, and are the same books they read to one another when they were dating.
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misteria247 · 12 days ago
So the other night I'd done something I haven't been able to do in a very long time.
I watched a movie!
But not just any movie, no, no. I watched none other than.....!
The Hobbit!
It was really nice to take some down time to myself and just enjoy a movie! I never realized how much I missed being able to do that when I'd first started doing this whole adulting business. Also side note:
Bilbo Baggins is the biggest fucking mood I'd ever seen in a movie. Like sir, I too get irritated at people who invade my house and clear out my pantry and drag me places that are less than ideal. I too radiate a tired bastard energy, keep being you you beautiful hobbit bastard you.
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cinemafannotes · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Фан-арты трилогии
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[on the phone]
Pippin: Hey, it's Pippin.
Gandalf: What did he do this time?
Pippin: No, it's Pippin. It's actually me.
Gandalf: What did you do this time?
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the-shepherd-of-fire · 16 days ago
Thanks @tinypuppysoul for the tag this is a really nice one
Top 7 Comfort Movies: I may cheat a lil and do movie series as well 
1: Lord of the Rings, always has to be the extended edition, forever my favourite since I was a kid and probably wont change ( the hobbit is okay too)
2: The Mummy 1 + Returns: Fantastic cast, Brendon Fraser is my bae, scary but not too scary 
3: Star Wars 1-6: Not really a fan  of the sequel trilogy and maybe nostalgia carries the prequels up I don’t mind. Also Revenge of the Sith is underrated as fuck as its like the 2nd best of them all apart from Vader screaming at the end.
4: Star Trek: First Contact - They really struggled with Star Trek movies didn’t they? But not this one, Next Gen crew, The Borg and a compelling story its so so good.
5: Indiana Jones 1-3: The Classic Trilogy, similar to the Mummy but with Christianity, India and Nazis, also John Williams <3.
6: The Cornetto Trilogy: Its just a perfect blend of whatever they want to do isnt it? Paul doesn’t count, but The Worlds End does not get the love it deserves, would love a sequel trilogy or just some more films with Edgar, Simon and Nick working together.
7: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny: Its dumb but its meant to be dumb and with a soundtrack that good who cares, so many good cameos and its still funny now. Also tied with School of Rock: Jack Black again at his best but this time more family friendly, bringing rock music and positivity to the masses, just a joy to watch every time.
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theforgottenfandoms · 18 days ago
What happens when the inkheart family is threatened in Ombra (or wants revenge)
Elinor : ok capricorns men are currently roaming through the woods, including basta, whom I still have to teach not to meddle with my books. So (gestures to darius)
Darius: (sets down a bag full of books)
Elinor :prepear
Mo,Meggie,Darius: all grabbing books
(wands, guns, knives, bows and potions lies on the ground.)
Fengolio: (comes in. looks at all the stuff.Glass man are caring spears, fairies wave with wands,niffler filling his pocket with gold,Gandalf chilling in the corner  )
What the fuck have you done to my world!?
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lazynoodlepuff · 26 days ago
It's been years since I read Lord of the Rings so I decided to read it again and guys...? Im tearing up a little...?
The Fellowship of The Ring film made it seem like Merry and Pippin have one shared braincell and while it's funny, the book Merry and Pippin have many more braincells. They're still cheery and probably bit naive but they love their dear friend Frodo so much, guys they care about him so much
Frodo was all sad and angsty because he has to leave Shire, his home and dear friends behind; and he's super anxious because they've been pursued by Black Riders on their way to Buckland so he's worried how could he possibly tell his friends that he has to leave them, and Merry is like "we know Frodo. We know you have to leave and you are heartbroken because of it, and that you are in danger. We know because we are your friends and we know you and we watch you closely so we noticed that you were preparing to leave"
And I am like oh shit chapter 5 slaps, oh my god Merry and Pippin figured out what's going on because they're smart and care about Frodo, and then Merry says this:
Tumblr media
And I'm just
Tumblr media
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Gandalf: Hello, I am Pippin's emergency contact.
Nurse: Oh, are you here to pick him up?
Gandalf: No, I'm here to remove myself as his emergency contact.
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melimelrockswell1204 · a month ago
Okay. So like.
Is there a fandom jail if I were to just... Skip to LOTR: Return of the King?
It's my favorite movie of the trilogy and the infamous BAMF Eowyn line, "I am no man!" scene!
And just. Dude. Not that the other 2 movies are a chore to watch (the best trilogy ever made, fight me), but like...the emotional weight. OMG. The Two Towers is great, but it's so desolate and sad.
The entire trilogy takes up a lot of emotional bandwidth and just... I don't think I'm equipped with my current mental state!
I mean. I'm probably gonna watch it anyway, with or without your permission but I just wanna know if I'm like, thumbing my nose at some weird fandom rule or something.
I ain't following no rule made by The Man™️!
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feyriel · a month ago
i've been re-watching lotr and the hobbit again (sadly the unextended versions) and forcing my cousin to join me; and oh my god i never realised just how many important plot points got cut out????
galadriel giving parting gifts and lembas to the fellowship??? they literally just pull out random elf stuff throughout the story that makes absolutely no sense without that scene!!!!!! (also gimli having his little crush??????????)
the mouth of sauron??? the scene that makes the audience realise the fellowship believe frodo is dead??? you know, the entire reason why aragorn's "for frodo" is so heart wrenching??????
the healing scene with liv tyler's beautiful singing???? eowyn and faramir falling for each other?????
also bofur's song????? the dwarves messing about in the fountain and being judged by lindir???? bilbo accidentally sassing elrond???? ok i get these ones aren't necessarily important to the plot but still </3
conclusion: i have to keep pulling up clips from the extended editions and filling in the gaps for my cousin :')
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sure next gen games may render every sweat bead on a grizzled protagonist or spend seventeen hours installing one landscape but can they make me laugh like 10-year-old lego games do
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smart2000s · a month ago
The Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings
Other 2000s Movies | On a par with The Matrix, this picture is one of the most famous movie trilogies of the zeros. Undoubtedly, these films and John Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings book, have made the most significant contribution to modern fantasy’s popularization. Millions of fans are now reading novels of the genre. An even more significant number of admirers have games and…
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robibub · 2 months ago
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